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Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
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11 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sensi

4.68 out of 5
152K Ratings
7 years ago, JjackRabbit
No problems - set from bed
To the folks who recently complain about multiple furnace screen - I don’t know what you did, but open up settings and it’s simple to correct. User error? We have really enjoyed our new thermostat and this app, installed about 4 years ago. Updates have been good. We've had no connectivity problems, and setting schedules and modifying is straigh simple. It can be set to adjust to outside temps too instead of just time of day. (You can set it to reach the temps you like AT the time you like knowing Sensi will actually turn furnace on sooner and full speed if its really cold out, and closer to the schedule time if it’s only cool out.) I LOVE being able to control our furnace from bed - turning it up early if I wake early, or down if we want to sleep in later than usual. We have even used it from the airport to be sure we returned to a toasty house. I thought our old programable thermostat was fine, but I would never go back now as this system allows much more flexibility for saving energy while you’re sleeping or at work, while still keeping you comfortable. A solid app. We have not tried the beta location app that adjusts temp down 3 degrees if your phone leaves, and turns on as you near home... we keep a pretty predictable schedule and just overuse that if it’s an odd day.
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7 years ago, androticus
Went SO downhill!
When I got my first Sensi about 1-1/2 yrs ago I was thrilled, especially with the app. Sadly, there's very little great in the tech world that psychopathic designers and programmers can't ruin. The app used to be simple and perfect--open it to a full screen view of your thermostat; and control changes stuck. Now, it first opens to a crippled small list view of "all" your thermostats--because most people have five or six right? You can change temperature up or down on the dinky view, but have to press to then get the full screen version for things like on/off heat/cool or fan. I use the app a lot as a remote to change fan on/auto so now have to navigate every time to do this--so damned annoying. Also, it used to solidly accept control changes now those are super flaky and often don't stick. I just tried going up from 68 to 72 and had to try several times because it bounced back to 70 then down again to 71. Many times it doesn't stick and send to device after closing app and you have to go back. I used to praise this device to anyone any everyone. Now it is just another piece of annoying crap tech that barely works and is designed by psychotics with no clue.
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4 years ago, ygres
Works as Advertised
The WiFi functionality was up and running in about 10 minutes. Very easy if the directions are followed. I love all of the advanced settings related to heat cycles, geofencing, and sensitivity of thermostat. Already I notice that my furnace isn’t running nearly as much this winter and my home is still at desired temps. The only issue I have was that when ordering my new thermostat, the Sensi was advertised as one of the few smart thermostats that “doesn’t need a c-wire” to replace older thermostats. This is a tad misleading. Although you don’t need a dedicated c-wire, your wire configuration has to be altered if you don’t have one. The installation walk-through on the app never addresses this. I installed per the app and furnace wouldn’t turn on. After an hour I luckily found a tutorial video on the app that showed how to use the “fan” wire as the c-wire. This worked, but you lose the ability to use the fan to circulate air. All in all, I love the thermostat and app, but wish the c-wire comparability would have been communicated better. Lots of people are replacing older thermostats that do not have more than 4 wires.
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6 years ago, Oblivion shall own me...
Honest review from a rational person.
I’ll start by saying I got my thermostat free from my local municipality. If the thermostat you’re replacing is an old ‘set it and forget it’ wall dial this will be a huge upgrade. I’m not going to get in-depth with its features other than to say you can control this thermostat with your smartphone anywhere on the planet as long as your thermostat has connectivity to your home wi-if. Now with that said, in regards to connectivity issues voiced in other reviews; yes, it will occasionally lose connection to your home wi-fi. I’m not a network expert. I can’t explain why. I can understand how this immediately throws people into a tizzy. It’s been my experience however that if you just let it be it reconnects itself automatically, usually in less than a couple of minutes. Your experience may vary, again I’m not a network expert. It doesn’t happen often enough though for me to warrant immediately panning it (‘one star!!! This things garbage’). I’d say 95% of the time it opens immediately on my phone. It’s a small gripe for me and the specificity you have in setting heating and cooling schedules outweigh it. Now for the big gripe. After you sign up for this app the your junk mailbox will increase by 40+ messages a day. No joke. Nothing is ‘free’ I guess. Be warned.
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4 years ago, JohnnyBCoolKat
Sensi ST55 WiFi Thernostat
This is the second unit I have installed in a separate house. I have had Honeywell and Nest units before. Although the Honeywell models are highly accurate and dependable, I find the Sensi from Emerson to be the best unit I have ever used. It has a very good setup tutorial through the App. It guides you step by step from start to finish. The thermostat is very intuitive and logical in its operation, and this is most likely due to the engineering thought process that was a part of its background. The App is refreshingly simply in its layout. What I have found over time is that technical support by phone is superb, probably one of the best among any company I have ever dealt with. They have always been able to assist me and solve my owner-induced issues. I am happy as well overtime with the fact that they have not made drastic changes to the App-this can be frustrating with other Apps as you have to relearn a system-this is not the case with the Sensi App. If someone were to ask, this is the only thermostat I would recommend. Well done Emerson with your Sensi product!
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3 years ago, LexFlex66
So the thermostat itself is fine, no issues with the wiring or buttons, looks nice, simple design, whatever. but oh my god. the app. talk about a working nightmare. first, it disconnects from the internet spontaneously throughout the day. no network issue, has been reset multiple times. still continues to fail. secondly, don’t even waste your time making day groups and schedules. something called “peak time savings daily energy efficiency optimization” will consistently override them. i understand the thought process behind it, but there should at least be a way to turn that off. why even bother with a schedule when a program will just do whatever it wants. and lastly, we have two of these thermostats for different levels in our home. the first one turns off immediately after the temperature changes to what it’s set at. but the second one will continue to run for 10-15 minutes after it’s been turned off. even with countless tinkering and trying everything, there is a HUGE delay. overall, it’s fine. i guess. edit; i’m changing my review from 2 stars to 1. since the newest update i can no longer keep it connected to our wifi. basically worthless now. should’ve just gotten a nest.
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6 years ago, disgruntled worker!
I think the app and thermostat works great. I can adjust the AC or heat from anywhere; bed, on the way home early from work, on vacation, etc. it has worked flawlessly no matter what situation. It is more reliable than my WiFi. I don’t understand what you people are complaining about having to do an “extra step” to access your’s right there, all you have to do is bump the temp up or down. If you have to switch from AC to heat or to turn the fan on, is it really that big of a deal? It literally takes less than half a second to select your thermostat and go to the next menu. I like having all of the thermostats listed. I have a business that’s 25,000 sqft with 4 ACs....makes it a breeze to see them all on one screen and check the temps on the fly. Lets me know if there are any problems and if they are working correctly. Plus the option to “lock” the thermostats to prevent anyone tampering with them is a major win over the Honeywell thermostats.
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2 years ago, LeslieannF
Really great and easy to use!
I was hesitant to get a thermostat with all of the remote capabilities that the Sensi has…I felt I didn’t need all of the bells and whistles offered by Emerson. I went with the Sensi because the price difference between it and others offered by my HVAC service providers was negligible. I am so pleased with my decision to upgrade to the Sensi! I love the geofencing feature. It really saves energy! I also love the humidity setting capabilities. Living in the Deep South, humidity is intense. I set my humidity kind of high (55%) and I believe the Sensi has had to overcool in only once but it made a huge difference. The other function I love on the Emerson Sensi is the ability to set high and low temps so the thermostat knows when to cool and when to heat! This is a function my husband and I searched for for over 30 years! No more physically switching between heating and cooling; Sensi takes care of that for us! I just love this thermostat!
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3 years ago, Kilovars
Best thermostat. Period.
I’ve used all the major brands. Some at higher price points and some lower. Many have claims of being the best and mostly those are exactly that; claims. I’ve actually used scientific recording devices and data on the last three homes we’ve had. I can honestly say that they are the best. They keep the temperatures very constant and the features of being able to circulate the air without having the heat pump or AC on is great. We also like the geofencing and easy installation and programming (We have friends that I fear for them with a screwdriver, and have been able to use the tutorial and successfully install it themselves without my assistance- helpful as we’re 1000’s of miles away now!). We’ve never had any issues and would never use anything else. I might also add that Emerson is known for their best in class process controls, so this device quality comes as no surprise. (And NO I don’t work for Emerson!) :)
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7 years ago, Hahner2010
Although getting a complete overhaul of our existing Heat/AC unit was a bit pricey, I can tell you that having chosen Sensi was one of the BEST DECISIONS my Husband & I have ever made. It's extremely user friendly & the updates you've recently been doing have only improved the performance & boosted my opinion. The geofencing addition is sooooo helpful in our daily lives where we're so busy it's one less thing to worry about when leaving the house. I thought being able to log in while away from your home was perfect, but now having it automatically update the temperature to your specifications is just brilliant. I'm NOT one to leave comments on the App Store (I think I've only ever done this 2x in all the years I've had my cell) but I wanted to give a big shout out to this company for outstanding customer service & a brilliant working system.
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4 years ago, Mikesindahouse
Needs IFTTT App Interface
I like the Sensi app but here are the ways you can improve it: 1. Please make an IFTTT plugin to allow decisions to be made based in the IFTTT app. For instance: I want to be able to have IFTTT monitor indoor humidity and either turn on a smart plug connected to a humidifier if too low or, if too high, run the AC to dehumidify the air. 2. Please give us access to our temperature and humidity data (all of it) so I can compare it with outside ambient conditions and see how HVAC equipment is responding. If you can’t give use the data then allow IFTTT to collect it (to see and record current set point, temperature, humidity, and usage data from the thermostat). It would be nice if we could download this data along with our set points and runtimes on an hourly basis. This would help people like me make better decisions about what to set my thermostat to given the weather conditions or even the weather forecast, to save energy without sacrificing comfort.
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3 years ago, dzimansk
Difficult and clumsy
Often says it has gotten disconnected when it’s not clear whether it has been or not. Never clear what you need to do to get it cooling again— most times it gets to that point again by itself but who knows how. Often times the house is more than 5 degrees warmer than the temperature to which you have it set— sometimes you get an e-mail or text pointing this out, but not always, and again, without any real remedy. They just ask you to make sure you didn’t leave a door open (No, Sensi, I didn’t). It may be that the Las Vegas simmer heat is too much for even this new, state-of-the art A/C system to keep up with, but often there is no problem, and I can’t tell even or why my thermostat will help me combat the heat successfully or not.
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2 years ago, Sally4444!
So dissatisfied
New to GEXA. This smart thermostat in my home is not cooling it. As we speak it’s 957pm at 80 degrees in my home. It was 86. I do not recommend the Sensi. Nothing is wrong with my system I have it regularly serviced. Just had it serviced right before summer. Everything was fine until they installed the smart meter. There are times a random message pops up that keeps u in energy saving mode during peaks so u don’t overload the grid but u have the option to get out of that mode (which I did because it was 86 in my home). However, I believe the company is still controlling it… I don’t care what they say. I’m new to GEXA.. I was with TXU for 7 yrs & switched because they promised me better service at a better rate. Their marketers also lied about there not being a delivery charge & a base charge because there is and it reflected on my bill. I’m taking off the thermostat & putting my old one back on as well as speaking to them. If it does not resolve I’m terminating my contract due to entering a contract under false pretenses.
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6 years ago, Rlsjh
Update is awful
With the new update, harder to navigate. The app is now slow to respond. Have to redo it over to get it to kick on and run. Hard to get to schedule screen now. Before it was supper easy to click on and do changes. Now since the update take forever to get it to open up on the schedule page and then if you change the times either it does not change or it takes minutes to change. Before it was a couple of clicks and the changes were set up and ready to go. I loved this app and thermostat before this and had it for a year. Now I hate it and am looking into replacing it and going with a different company. Very let down and frustrated. Such a disappointment Change it back so I can love it again quick before I replace it with someone else’s product. .
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5 months ago, PearlyOne
Does Everything Well
This app & the Sensi thermostat are exceptionally well designed and the functionality is excellent. I can’t think of one function that I am lacking. The Sensi app provides extremely flexible scheduling and also a well designed history of your usage, which is very helpful to track and project what your end of the month bill might be as well as a double check against the utility company. Kudos to the designers & project managers who defined and executed the functionality. I’ve never even run across a minor bug or inconvenience. Also a major plus: it doesn’t force you to update every other week like so many other apps do and that drives me insane. Incessant updates both are a deal killer. this app and Sensi Thermostat get a 10+
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6 years ago, NotHappyCruiser
Generally very nice app and thermostat
Have had this thermostat for a couple of years now in our summer home. It is nice to have the place cooled off when we get there. Never had an issue connecting until a couple of weeks ago. Started receiving a message saying that it could not connect to the Sensi cloud. After much digging around and resetting everything, even though everything looked fine, the issue ended up being the app on my iPhone had to be upgraded. I did that and presto-I can again connect to the Sensi cloud. So, this was a useless error message which caused unnecessary poking around and resetting things, when a simple message like ‘upgrade your app’ would have done the trick. Also, as others have mentioned, the cycle time is too short. Otherwise, a nice product.
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3 months ago, Jeff in NH-1
Love it (also C wire work around)
This is my second 5star review. I guess prompted because we got a second Sensi thermostat. I love being able to look back at our monthly fuel usage. I love being able to monitor and adjust the heat from any of our phones. I love how the scheduling can balance the heating load between oil and pellets based on our use of the house and when we are home. My favorite thing is turning up the pellet stove from the car when we are on the way home. This thermostat needs a C wire which means a 24 volt constant power. If you have a 2 wire system like we do then you can provide that with a power supply. I used a 19.5 volt AC power block we had lying around. I now have both thermostats hooked up to it, and it’s working great.
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3 years ago, DNA1965
No problem ... until it goes wild to 60F/15C with a BUG
I have have Sensi installed since last fall. It had been working flawlessly, until it’s summer and I was ready to switch it from heat to cooling. I am now getting a wild ride! Turned on cooling, it adds a “OEP” or “Smart Home Rate” schedule in the cooling section. Inside it, in a few hours it creates a day group for the current day, while all other days in the week are in a separate group. You wouldn’t care about this, except that the single-day group goes to 15c (60f)!!! We woke up at night because the AC is working so hard and it’s getting so cold! I turned off the thermostat, restarted, and deleted the single day group, and overnight the 15c (60f) magic comes back! After multiple tries, now I have to turn off the system before going to bed. What a nightmare! I happen to have two Sensi thermostats for two floor level, and both dance the same tune. How frustrating!
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5 months ago, Rockchick51
Sensi detected wrong size furnace!
We recently purchased a new furnace/A/C to replace our almost 30 year old HVAC. 2 nights ago the outside temp went down to 10 degrees in the middle of the night & my furnace was struggling to keep our house warm! My Sensi App immediately sent me a warning message that my thermostat was 5 or more degrees lower than the programmed temperature & gave me information as to why. After freezing all night, I called our HVAC maintenance company & they immediately determined that I was undersold a furnace with way too small BTU for my house! Fortunately they’re a super honest company & within 24 hours replaced my furnace with double the BTU! We’re nice & warm again! I would never have known without my Sensi’s alert! What an awesome “smart” thermostat!
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1 year ago, Crunner2009
Great App, one enhancement suggestion
I really like the App. It has good functionality and is easy to use. The only suggestion I have is to remove the limit of 8 events. Allow for more events per day….minimum 24. In the hot summer months, I need the air to run 15 min every hour. Currently I need to manage that by switching programs every 4 hours (annoying at night). Or have a program option that allows you to set it to run a set temp for x minutes per hour. Like the circulation program (which is a great feature). My home is older and setting it for a fixed temperature doesn’t work. The air will run for hours on end and then not turn back on for hours. So I need to manage by forcing the thermostat to turn on (extra low temp setting) and then turn off again (high temp setting).
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5 years ago, ScottTardis
UPDATE: Works great if you are not visually disabled.
Well I’ll be darned, 24 hours after writing this review it appears the issues have been fixed! THANK YOU! But still only 4 stars for TAKING SO LONG Original recent review: We bought two of these 1.5 years ago and had high hopes. My wife is blind and uses Apple Products extensively due to Apple OS VoiceOver feature. Unfortunately that relies on app developers testing against the voiceover API, and the Sensi developers apparently paid no heed to that. There are a numbers of quirks but the show stopper is the app refuses to announce the current temp setting. Well no problem I thought I will just report it, which I did... 1.5 years ago. The response was it was “in progress”. Uh huh... still waiting. Methinks it was a smokescreen and there is no intention to address voiceover Interface. We are now looking for a different solution.
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5 years ago, VinylvsCassette
Great thermostat but want stronger UI options
This thermostat delivers. It’s cheaper than the competition - great if you don’t have a c wire. The battery life is incredible as the supplement power source. Made me realize I did not need to waste the extra $$ on a Nest. BUT I feel the Sensi app falls short on delivering options for control in the user interface. The geofence idea is great but I I’d like more manual control. Why doesn’t this app provide a direct “away” button that you preset to the desired away temperature and hit when you’re leaving the house. Then hit it when you’re about to return? Same goes for a “vacation” button. I have set an option as a separate schedule that I use when I leave for vacations but the way to get there within the sensi app takes many steps which is sub par UX. Other thermostats offer that like the Eco Bee and it seems Sensi thermostats have the infrastructure to offer that too.
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4 years ago, Biggd963
Good but needs these enhancements
I’ve had this for years and love that the developers are actively improving this product. Here are a couple of enhancements I’d like to see added to the backlog. Time to Temp: Okay copying this one from Nest but shouldn’t be too hard to calculate with usage history or if you ask about home details sq/ft etc and calculate it that way. Fan Timer: More control over the fan. Being able to turn on for say 30 minutes or 1 hour rather than just on/off/auto would be a really nice to have. I often manually turn it on and forget to turn it off for hours. Usage Reports: One enhancement you could make to the graphs are to scale them for 24 hours per day and then fill in the blue for the hours actually used. That way if the AC is on from 1pm to 3pm I could clearly see that data rather than just a total summary of hours used over the 24 hour period. Cycle Speed Control: I know you can set this to slow medium etc but I rather be able to control the degrees. For example I set to cool 72 it doesn’t need to come on at 72.1 I can allow a 2 degree swing. So wait until 74 before kicking. This allows more control, less wear and tear on the equipment and energy savings. Old Honeywell had this feature so does ecobee.
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2 years ago, DjoColo
First opinion is good
We had the Sensi thermostat installed with a new furnace the day before leaving on a vacation, so we were glad to have a way to check on the status at home. The app is the way to set schedules and initialize the thermostat, so when I first tried to link it I was disappointed that it failed. The furnace installer couldn’t get it to work either, but he had worked 12 hours straight on the furnace installation, so I let him go home. I finally found a setting in the app that allows it to link to local networks. Once it was turned on, everything work well. The instructions left a lot to be desired. Like a lot of electronics, they put the manual on line. That’s fine, but I like a hard copy too.
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2 months ago, dswinnh
Fine but slightly buggy
It’s almost perfect. Sometimes, when I switch between geofencing and my schedule, it doesn’t “stick”. I have found I need to go back to the Home Screen and wait at least 5 seconds to make sure it doesn’t switch me to “No schedule “. Also, I want the schedule to override geofencing. Right now, these 2 options are mutually exclusive. I live in New England and I like a cool bedroom at night. To achieve this, I have a schedule with only daytime and nighttime temps. Every morning, I have to remember to change to geofencing, and once I’m home for the day, I have to remember to turn geofencing off. (I’m retired with no set schedule.) Summer will be easier — I’ll be able to remain on geofencing except for vacations. If the bug is fixed, and the schedule-with-geofencing feature allowed, I’d give this app a 5-star rating.
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4 years ago, 추인님
Cheap smart thermostat
It does what it should and works the big three smart home systems, Homekit, Google and Alexa. However, getting it working with Homekit was WAY more than I'd bargained for. For some reason, homekit support requires it to be hard wired to a power line from your hvac system to work. Strangely, the other smart home systems do not require this. This caused much consternation and me eventually fiddling with rewiring my hvac system slightly to accommodate it. To be fair, I have no idea if competing products may require the same, but somehow I doubt it. Also, I bought a new Wi-Fi router and changed my network name and updating This device also proved more difficult than it should have been. So much so that I tried and gave up for several days before trying again and eventually succeeding with help of laptop instead of my iPhone. If you're technical and cheap, might be OK but be warned.
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2 years ago, ACTVD
Easy to Use with Great Features!
This is our third Sensi thermostat. We looked at other brands, but after comparing the ease of install, the ease-of-use and the great features such as reminders to clean filters, we stayed with Sensi. It is wonderful being able to control the thermostats from anywhere in the world you have Wi-Fi. Which means when we leave to vacation we can verify we’ve set the thermostat at a level that makes sense and adjust it if necessary. Which really means no more wasted, energy, heating or cooling a home that is not in use. It’s also great in our second home because we can have the heat on by the time we get there and not have to wait for the heat up once we arrive. Great job, Emerson!
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11 months ago, fmyap
Love this app and device
I am so happy the apartment complex ran out of heating and AC thermostats when mine broke because I had gotten one from CommEd for $10 after the instant rebate of $100 and all I paid was a dollar for the sensor and nine dollars for shipping and handling. I love this device I can change the heating and air conditioning to so many different settings for different times and if I have severe pain that prevents me from getting out of bed or getting up from the chair. Multiple times I can set the temperature remotely from my cell phone. I just switch our whole complex unit would have these types of controls the only way that would happen is if CommEd would donate 321 devices to our unit or complex.
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3 years ago, Sensi Twins
Sensi Twin’s
Upper and main floor Sensi thermostat’s have been a pleasant addition to our home. During lunch at work I was able to review and alter settings via internet or cellular connection. This led me to discover several cool features like fan circulation, switch from heat to cooling, fan on continuous or system off. This is a very helpful tool during service and or troubleshooting. Case in point was Service Tech arrived before scheduled appointment and I was able to engage a/c units remotely so they could hear the subject noise concerns outside. One on vacation would benefit from Sensi to see real-time HVAC condition within the dwelling to adjust if desired. I would like to offer a suggestion to incorporate humility adjustments via Sensi application. Maybe an upgraded humistat can talk with an upgraded Sensi to make these adjustments. If so, really would have liked to have been educated by salesperson of this option. Cost now would prohibit us being able to afford four (4) additional Sensi and Aprilaire thermo and humidity stats. We are very satisfied with the operation and yields of pleasure from Sensi we have. Thanks
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2 years ago, Upton O Good
Awful aweful
Where do I even start? Forgets password ALL THE TIME. I’m so tired of having to look up and re-enter my pw I’m going to change to a different thermostat for that reason alone. Oh but that’s not all. If you bump the temp up or down it WILL NOT EVER revert back to the programmed schedule. It’s locked at that adjusted number all day. If you’re on a time-of-use program with your electric co, you will overrun that limit immediately. I recently found there is a way to release it back to schedule but it’s very cryptic and not obvious. Not that it matters because if your programmed schedule says to TURN OFF at a certain time because electricity gets expensive at a certain time of day, it WILL NOT turn off until it achieves the PREVIOUS time-temp setting. Totally useless if you’re trying to enforce a blackout period to save money. Fn garbage.
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2 years ago, Lesliemak
Love Hate Relationship
It cost me two pro installers after I tried and failed to install myself (following replacement for a bent connection pin), the wall screen goes dark sometimes for a few minutes unexpectedly, the app won’t take a temp change without bouncing back to the same temp continuously during repeated tries for 5 minutes (the most maddening) BUT I can use the app from my phone which is super convenient and I can get Opt In alerts when the county’s power grid requests reductions so I get a cost savings etc and I can see regular usage reports. It is a perfectly wonderful way to operate a heating and air condition system in the modern age. Perhaps one day they will correct the wonky issues and it will be a super smooth experience.
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1 year ago, Tara&MattsMom
Game changer !!
Sensi is a game changer at my house. Not only can I change the temperature with a click on my phone I can set it on different settings according to when I’m away or home with just a two minute fix. I can set it to what I need. It’s certainly helping with my light bill and was totally free from Arkansas Entergy light company. Usually something free has an added cost somewhere in the fine print but not this time! If you’re like me and like to try to keep cost down and also live comfortably whenever you’re home, this is what you need! Add this to your life and see how much simpler life can be! Definitely 100% changed my life! Thanks sensi!!! You’re the game changer in my eyes!
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2 years ago, efergu
Mrs Ferguson
We had an electrician come out to install our Sensi thermostat and a few days later we realized that the heat didn’t come on. We called the tech support and the young lady, who was very nice and polite and courteous by the way, walked us through programming it. She was patient and very kind and didn’t make us feel like dummies. It was very simple to do and it worked after that. I don’t know if i didn’t read that we had to program it or if it didn’t say but you might put that in your directions. But all in all we love it and had a great experience with your company. Will recommend this company to anyone in the market for a new thermostat. Thank you, very satisfied customer!!!!
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3 years ago, CRT1989
Love this app and thermostat!
My husband and I just moved into a new house and the first upgrade on my list was a wifi thermostat. We had a Nest at our old house and it worked fine, but I didn’t want to spend that much again, especially since we have 2 thermostats in this house. After much deliberation, we decided on the Sensi wifi (not touch screen). I absolutely love it! While the thermostat itself isn’t as eye-catching as the Nest was, I love the app so much more than the Nest app. I love that I can set multiple schedules for each setting (cool, heat, both). I go out of town frequently, so all I have to do is set it to the vacation schedule and I’m good to go! I’m so glad that I chose this thermostat!
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5 months ago, Meredith O.
Best Device App Experience Ever
It’s only day one, but I went out of my way to tell you how good this app is. It is the most installer-friendly and user-friendly app I’ve ever experienced for a home device. The technical writing and photos are the perfect guide. They coach you to take a photo for reference. The device comes with stickers to mark your wires. I’m inspired by the level of thoughtfulness, vision, and execution evident from this app. Everything connected perfectly. I felt completely supported and cared for. (How often can you say that you felt cared for by the people who created a product?!) Cheers to all the people who had a hand in creating this excellent work!
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7 months ago, SmokeEm67
Great Thermostat
We replaced the thermostat in our home several years ago with a Sensi Thermostat and absolutely love it. It’s easy to use both at the thermostat itself and via the app. It was easy to install and although I did have a minor issue with the installation, I called their customer support and they remedied the issue in less than 5 minutes on the phone, it was simply a wiring problem that was not in the installation manual and has been no problem since. I highly recommend Sensi to anyone who wants an easy to use and install thermostat for their home and best of all, it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t require any additional apps to make it work.
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5 years ago, Gino Guacamoolie
Recent Changes Make App Terrible
I used to love this app. This was one of those rare apps you never had a problem or issue with, it just always worked. And it worked perfectly. Since they changed the app in the last 1-2 weeks, now when I open it instead of connecting immediately, it always shows a “Connecting...” message and it can take 10, 20, sometimes 30 seconds to connect. Absolutely nothing has changed on my end, so it had to be changes made to the app. Also, I’ve noticed when my furnace is running now, it’ll show on the app that it’s not. That’s annoying, too. Disappointed considering how well this app worked before they ruined it.
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3 years ago, NotAnEmergency
Terrible bug - Can disable an iPhone
When trying to connect to wifi, this app can prevent you from using your iPhone almost completely. You can’t swipe up to quit the app, and you can’t get past your lock screen or get the exit/Emergency Call (SOS) screen to appear so you can swipe to shut down. However, it WILL allow you to make an Emergency SOS call (unintentionally) with the side power button! Nothing you do with your thermostat including trying to reset the wifi or turning off the ac/furnace or even removing the batteries will be of any help. The only thing you can do is an obscure procedure to restart the iPhone—press volume up briefly, volume down briefly, then hold power button for many (10?) seconds until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. Then delete the Sensi app and reinstall to clear any corrupted settings that might have caused the problem.
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4 years ago, Jrod32190
Thermostat Operation is inconsistent!
Let me start by saying that I don’t take a 2 star review lightly. I’ve pretty much rated all of my purchases at 5 stars due to the fact that I only purchase products after investigating what others say and based on proven performance. When the thermostat is working, I love it! Unfortunately it can’t seem to stay connected to not only my google home account, but also to its own app. I’ve had it for around 4 months now and my monthly reports don’t show for any of them since it is offline so much. When you spend over one hundred dollars on something, it’s very disappointing to have so much trouble from it. I’m an HVAC tech so I’ve done my research and made sure everything is perfect for compatibility. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do that will resolve my problem. If I found a solution I would gladly change my review.
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5 years ago, CaliDani21
Sensi WiFi Thermostat
I have had my Sensi WiFi Thermostat for 3 years now. It worked beautifully without issue up until the last couple months. I can’t keep my thermostat connected to WiFi. I’ve tried everything I can think of and what support pages have suggested. I don’t know if this was triggered by an app update or not but since I haven’t changed things on my end, I have to assume it’s app related. Most of the time my thermostat shows a full connection but the app frequently shows a failed connection or worse yet doesn’t actual do what I’m asking it to do even though the app screen shows it follows the commands. For example turning off my AC from the app only to find it hasn’t actually turned anything off costing me money. I have read the other recent reviews and see I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. Please fix whatever went wrong so we can all get back to loving your product again.
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5 years ago, FitnessMan80
Good Almost Great
Have enjoyed the simplicity and reliability of the thermostat. Recent updates to change from Heat, Cool, or Auto have been very welcomed additions. Now starting to get monthly basic reports on usage. That is where the thermostat could be great..... if the information on usage was more detailed to include breakdown of daily usage with hour detail. I have not used geofencing this far, because I would not want the temperature to change in the house when I leave, if my wife is still at home. Maybe if possible to trigger the geofencing when both our phones move outside the 4 mile range? Some of these ideas might be more than some people need, but would be nice to have the option. Would still highly recommend the thermostat!
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7 years ago, Jacksonmcflynn
Was good until about a year ago
It’s my 3rd winter using this app. The first two were great! Never had any problems, and the app worked as expected. However this winter so far has been dismal! Whatever they did in the updates over the past year has created many bugs. The app is really flaky now w hard to pin down bugs. One recurring issue is the delay that happens sometimes when you manually change the temp. You click the up arrow a few times and you see no change... so you click a few more times, the about 15 seconds later you see the temp went up double if what you wanted. Another issue is the current schedule disappears every once in a while (doesn’t display down at the bottom). I can’t get it to show again, so I just manually set the temp. Then the next morning I find the heat is turned completely off. Another ... if I manually change the temp within 30 or so mins before a scheduled changes, it sometimes skips the scheduled change. Would be great if I could revert back to the app version from last year... I really never had any issues.
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5 years ago, Brian Osborne
Nice. Room for improvement.
I’ve had 2 Sensi thermostats in my lake house for about a year now. They have worked flawlessly except for one minor detail. You can’t have both in the same wireless network. They will connect and appear to work fine, but one would lose connection some time later. I have more than one wireless network, so I was able to fix that issue by connecting to different networks. Since putting on different networks, they have worked flawlessly. Hookup can be complicated depending on your wiring situation, but most DIYers should be able to follow the in app directions. Suggestion to dev. Put humidity on the main screen. I’d like to know what it is at a glance.
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2 years ago, Jim resa
We control two rooftop units for a building with four rooftop units. The senisi stats have performed beyond our expectation. They are easy to navigate, give us good reliable information and allow us to control the units 24 hours a day. The only problem we've had is one of the stats failed in less than two years and had to be replaced. We will be installing two more senisi stats in this building soon. Our campus has several building which are currently on building management systems. Moving foreword we will be looking into expanding our use of senisi stats in other buildings and incorporating the senisi management system.
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3 years ago, scurtis42
Sensi Smart Thermostat
I’m not really sure what to rate it yet because I’m not 100% positive I have it wired or configured correctly. One thing I’m sure of is that the directions leave a lot to be desired and their support is terrible. I’ve sent 2 or 3 emails to their support going back a couple of weeks and have not received anything back yet. I also called and after being on hold for 1 hour and 3 minutes I had to hang up. The person that mans their Twitter site has been very helpful otherwise the support has been horrible. If I’d known that the support was this bad I would have bought something else. So buy at your own risk.
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4 years ago, canook1
When the utility offered to install for free I was not particularly interested , didnt see the need for WiFi thermostat. Now that it’s been in use for a month I really like the convenience if use. I’m truly impressed , not one issue with the install of either the unit or the app. Both installs were simple and worked from startup. The thermostat was included in an inspection of my home to upgrade my energy usage. I didn’t use the programming feature because being retired I’m not on a fixed schedule. Now I simply reach for my phone , even while lying in bed and change the settings. So without much effort I can affect my energy bill in a positive way. Great unit.
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6 years ago, Jakeys gramma
I was excited for update. It promised to fix schedule retention
We were completely satisfied when we first bought this thermostat. It worked beautifully for the first year. Then when the cold came this fall/winter, I realized it wasn’t retaining the schedule edits I would make, so I was manually adjusting temp. The app did help a little since I could make the changes from my warm bed. I was excited when the most recent update claimed to have fixed this issue but nope! It saved the first edit I made to the weekday schedule but when I edited the weekend schedule it appeared to retain the change but when it was time to get up this morning the house was cold. The edit had not actually been saved. We will be buying a different thermostat and will NOT be recommending the Sensi to anyone. Too bad because a couple of years ago, we were completely satisfied.
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7 years ago, Nicholas1836
App works well. Thermostat works well.
We use three Sensi thermostats to control three different buildings on a zoo campus and they all work very well over the Zoo’s Wi-Fi system. We even had a heater that was a little finicky and sometimes would lock out because it’s in a dusty area. By using the app to turn the thermostat off and on we were able to reboot the heaters computer and turn get it to turn on at 2 am in the morning. That saved us a emergency repair call in the next day were able to clean heater. The cloud service been reliable And we are going on our second year of operation in a pretty harsh environment. We have three Sensi‘s and one wifi thermostat of another brand. We will be adding two more Sensi’s thermostats in the future to our account. While the app updated the color scheme, which for me are less pleasant that is a very minor issue as everything is still easy to read and access. If I could ask for a few features, it will be customizable temperature and humidity Alerts and an remote temperature probe.
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5 years ago, Mikpel1962
I can no longer trust it
These last few updates have been a problem for me. Whenever I want to adjust the temperature or simply turn off my furnace, the app only seems to work about 30% of the time. Very frustrating to come back hours later to find none of my settings even took. So much for saving me $. What good is a WiFi thermostat if I can't control it remotely?! Update: The app never works when I want it to. Now probably only about 10% of the time. The other 90% it shows “offline”. My WiFi is 150mbps and I stream to 3 TV’s and 2 laptops simultaneously without issue so no that’s not the problem. If there was an option for zero stars, that would be more appropriate in my case. It’s taking every fiber of my being to keep from ripping the unit off the wall and drop-kicking it into the road for someone to run over. Thankfully I’ll be moving soon and the new owner can deal with it.
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2 years ago, Jpxphxphx
So impressed!
We installed 2 Sensi thermostats yesterday (upstairs and down) and enjoyed it very much. My wife an I like doing projects together, especially when they are fun, educational or involve new technology. Installing 2 Sensi thermostats was all of that in one. Their app was AMAZING, made the step by step install process a breeze. The control we have now of our HVAC over our old thermostats is “carrier pigeons to cell phones”. We set our AC low limits, heat high limits, and we have already set up our Mon-Sun schedule. AWSOME product. Would recommend to others and would definitely buy again. Great product Emerson! Thank you
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