Sentinels of the Multiverse

4.4 (166)
386.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Handelabra Studio LLC
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.7 or later
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User Reviews for Sentinels of the Multiverse

4.36 out of 5
166 Ratings
6 years ago, MidwestHero
My thoughts
I like the game and the app itself works great with only one glitch that I have experienced and it was something I could fix without shutting down. If you are experienced with this game it removes the hassle of the physical game, and handles all of the numbers for you. This is probably the best tool for teaching the younglings the game as well. If you are new to the game it has a pretty good tutorial that explains how to play well. Now, the reason it got 4 stars instead of 5. The season pass. It is not this great money saver, and the fact they keep referring to it as such is annoying. I did the math and if you want everything in the first season pass then by purchasing said pass you will save a dollar..... That’s it..... 1 dollar..... On the other hand if one of the 3 mini packs does not look interesting buy everything else expect that one and you will save one dollar by NOT buying the season pass..... The choice is yours
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6 years ago, Pete Legacy
Actually better than the physical version
For those who are new to the game think of Sentinels of the multiverse as a card game where DC and Marvel characters and storylines are combined. Many of the characters and stories will immediately remind you of someone or something from those two companies. This is not to say that this game is some cheap imitation. Like a parent and child though they are traits that can be seen in both this game also has it’s own heart and soul! Now, for those of you who might be familiar with the game I use to own the physical boardgame and the shattered timeline expansion. The card game was fun but keeping track of the modifiers was a chore. Sometimes I would forget to factor in an effect from the villain or enemy card and I would have to go back an undo damage or add damage or apply some specific effect. The app is the preferred version that I play now since this fiddly element is completely automated. This game is really something special and the developers are quick to fix issues and provide new content. This is a game that has legs and you will come back to it in the long run. For the great support and fun experience the cost of admission is well worth it! Again to the developers and producers thank you once again for this gaming gem!
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7 years ago, Rockette3r
The Definitive Sentinels Experience
Sentinels of the Multiverse was the board game that got me into hobby gaming. Now that I have a young child at home, I find it harder and harder to have the time to set up and play the physical game. However, the Sentinels app has been quite an addition to my digital library. I can speed through a game in my spare time, and come back to the same setup if I don’t have time to finish it in one play session. The base game has some of my favorite characters in the whole game, and the community for this game in friendly, and helpful in finding out the secrets to beating some of the harder villains, as well the multitudes of variants that are available. Also, the developer is faithful in catching bugs and updating everything, to make the game functional on phones to tablets, even allowing players with different content to still join games and determine together what content to play. I’ve bought all of the additional content and plan on supporting this developer and game well into the future. Do yourself a favor and grab this game as soon as you can.
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6 years ago, criticusmaior
Excellent value, great game
Sentinels of the Multiverse is one of my favorite board/card games out there, and I love this digital version. At least one reviewer has complained about the price of the app, but I’m glad the developers have the conviction to ask a fair price. The base game allows lots of replayability, and the expansions allow for far more variations on the game than I could ever have time to play. I own the Season 1 expansion and intend to buy Season 2, but I still have lots of variants to unlock from Season 1, so I’m not rushing. I also have and love the analog version of the game, but I think I prefer playing the digital version, which has certainly made me understand the game better. One thing I do wish the developers could somehow add, to assist them in the claim that this version is the “ultimate rules lawyer,” is a kind of sandbox mode. I’d like to be able to set up a situation in the game — put certain heroes and villains into play with particular cards active — to see how it plays out and whether cards will affect each other as I believe they should. That would be handy.
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5 years ago, Ishtarru
One of the Best
Absolutely fantastic. With all the variables brought on by different heroes, villains, and environments, the amount of unique combinations of play styles is colossal. There are a few things that could be better, however. The app does occasionally crash, and though it always saves your progress, it’s still pretty annoying when it happens. I would also like it if I could somehow save which expansions I’ve already purchased online so that I won’t have to buy them all over again if I ever switch to the Steam version.
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6 years ago, Julioromiet
Please let me buy mini-pack 4!
First off this game is fan-freaking-tastic, honestly is reasonably priced for all the DLCs and stuff, TONS of replay value. anywho there’s only one thing devs I find imperfect with the app, and that is I can’t buy mini-pack 4 (has chokepoint) I don’t buy the season passes for all the content at once, I buy the expansions one at a time as I the get the money for them, and well by now I have all the expansions, except for mini-pack 4, and there’s no option for me to buy it like there is for the other mini-pack expansions. I would really like to not have to buy season pass 2 for it (or if i have to at least give me some sort of discount since i already purchased the other expansions in season 2) anywho, wasn’t sure if you devs were aware of that tiny little flaw in your DLCs there or not, regardless the game is perfect, Its my absolute favourite game on my phone I play.
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6 years ago, JDBurrfoot
Season pass a scam
I love this game! I bought both season passes but now it has been over 11 months since the last content release and there is no mention of any of the rest of the expansions being released. I feel like i was scammed and would not have bought the season 2 pass if I knew it would take them at least 12 months (possibly longer) to release the next part of the season 2 expansions let alone the next two. Villains released June of 2017 and it is now July 2018 with still no new expansions. I'm worried it will be 2020 before I get what I paid for, IF I get what I paid for at all. So all in all it gets 1 star for poor customer service by not ever mentioning when the next product is coming out and taking money and not providing the product promised. Also there was a kickstarter project set up specifically for the season 2 expansions. So why is it when people fund the product and buy the season pass that there is no season pass products?
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5 years ago, Tarsus
Love this more than original card game
Surprised I binge played this so much when I first got it. Didn’t love original card game but for 99 cents had to give it a try. It keeps track of things I tend to forget round-to-round like bonuses and... other things. Very fun! Only complaint is text is hard to read on my iphoneX especially on villain cards. Would be nice if there was a way to blow it up to read. Have actually taken screenshots and zoomed in that way to read some villain text. Small suggestion: Defeating the villain feels like such an accomplishment sometimes, I wish there was some simple ‘end of game’ victory animation/dialogue similar to what starts off the game. A little something for the “job” well-done. Otherwise, love it!!!
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6 years ago, 99asians
Games fun, expansions not competitively priced
I enjoy playing the base game, however for an iOS game the expansions should only cost two dollars apiece at most for what they give.
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6 years ago, GameNightBoss
Wow, Best Thing I’ve Come Across in a Long While!
I came upon this by chance, looking for TCG games, and I decided to try it on a whim. It was love at first sight! As a Magic: The Gathering player, this was easy to pick up and learn. But that’s just scratching the surface. Everything about this is amazing! I love the comic book atmosphere, the heroes, the villains, everything. Love the lore associated with this as well, and I can’t wait to see more updates and new characters.
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4 years ago, EaseyEase
Replaces Physical Game
Issue - app now backs out to main menu every time I move out of it. Used to stay in the active game. This becomes annoying and almost makes me feel like I can only play when I can devote my full time to a game. Starts to feel like I am spending more time loading in each time then playing. Love the app otherwise! Great game. Due to all the stuff you have to try to keep track of, I much prefer playing this game digitally than the actual physical version. Not many games I would say that about.
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1 year ago, fiddletwix
barrier to entry is high
I play a fair amount of fiddly games and Sentinels of the Multiverse is one of the fiddliest games I’ve ever played. Balance is dictated by min max players, and makes it hard for new players to ramp up easily. Don’t even think about trying to play with a random set unless you figure it out all the different min max capabilities of all carts. However, once you figure out all the different cards, it’s a pretty fun game. It’s just difficult to get to the fun part.
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3 years ago, Playerzzbabe
The only game I wrote a review for
This game is the most robust, non p2win card game period (when the servers are working). It is totally unique, you can set up your own difficulty because you can face different villains with different combinations of heros, environments, synergies, Ect Ect. The funniest multiplayer I’ve ever had other than the cat pizza card game (totally different genres) anyways, buy this game!
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5 years ago, @philliamwillas
Steam compatible?
Love the game, play it on my computer through Steam all the time. Wish there was a way to make my purchases through the steam account work for this app. I purchased it without looking at how little was in the base back compared to everything I bought on steam. Just an idea to get some more people to enjoy the game on this platform
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7 years ago, Jonaboy110
Great app but
It's an excellent app as far as it goes. But it's insanely overpriced, because you only get like four or five villains, four or five environments, and 8 heroes to work with. That's not a lot to work with, especially considering the apps base price. I got this app when it was on sale for 99 cents.... it's barely worth that much. imho this app is NOT worth the full price of 6.99 or whatever it is... *maybe* if they at least included season one expansion pack with it but as is this app is not worth full price.
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5 years ago, Rosco2324
Best IOS Game Gets Just One Star?
SotM is a superb translation of the card game, replicating the physical game experience near perfectly. The artwork is amazing. This app replaces the physical game for me in all ways. So why do I give it one star? The game crashes more than a bind person going the wrong way on the interstate. Sure, it’s annoying, but as a person who has bought both Season 1 and 2 with all expansions, I should expect a game that’s stable. So long as this game crashes minimally 4 times per game, it can only get one star till it’s stability is fixed.
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7 years ago, TheDukeCanti
(edit: Fixed!) Save feature does not work
Edit: this has been fixed! Thanks dev team. Would really enjoy this game if I could actually continue a game after suspending it...only seems to work if the app hasn't gone into the background.
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5 years ago, jingai
Type impossible to read 😑
I don’t know what is happening, when I had an iPhone 7 I never felt like this. But now that I have an iPhone XR, almost half the games I try or buy the type is too impossibly small to read. This screen is huge, but you cram 5pt high type into tiny little boxes. Are you trying to damage my eyesight on purpose? It is impossible to enjoy a comic format game if I can’t read anything!!!!!! Design ON A DEVICE not on a monitor. This is UI design 101!
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4 years ago, matrimcauth
DLC Glitching
In spite of all the fixed bug promises, this game is glitchier than ever. The newest bug? Opening a fresh multiplayer lobby and having none of the DLC available. Am I supposed to redownload both full seasons every time I want to play? Come on. CONSTANT UNFIXED server issues aside, at least before the latest update I was able to access all my content whenever I opened the app.
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4 years ago, HellzVenator
Constant disconnects and makes you buy content for each family member.
I bought all expansions on this game and cant use any of my expansion characters when playing with my wife. Also the game kicks her out when we are on the same wifi network... i have never been more disappointed with a game before. DON’T SPEND MONEY ON THIS!!
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4 years ago, MadVader30
Just love this game
This is the one game that I keep coming back to since it was released. Thank you for all your hard work .
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7 years ago, Nevajas
I wish it weren't so
Sentinels of the Multiverse is one of my favorite card games ever. This app could be a four star, pushing five star. But it's insanely prone to crashing on previous generation iPads. Once per game is a minimum, and I am not exaggerating. How can I rate it higher when i can never finish a game without reloading after a crash?
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6 years ago, BLACKROSE789
Love it!!!
I love this game, it would be really cool if those weekly one shots actually let players who unlock em read the tale. Doesn’t have to be long.
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6 months ago, Ray4rail
I want my money back…
Every time I play this game I lose. It’s not that easy to figure out, the heroes are very weak and the villains are super strong and every time I play through it I can’t figure out why when I play a hero card, my hero takes damage. What a stupid game, don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, Jorune2112
THE Superhero card game
Well done, AAA app. Solo play, multiplayer, challenges, achievements. And so many heroes, villains and environments to choose from. Great interface on the iPhone.
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2 years ago, Appstore analisis 7492
Major security risks
Several links from your multiplayer system have a severe risk of sending users to risky sites, and it scares me immensely to even use your app now. Please fix if able, ‘cause it is extremely unnecessary and avoidable.
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5 years ago, ZevKesef
Phenomenal Port, But Too Buggy
5 star game and 5 star adaptation of the physical game - absolutely LOVE the weekly challenges and all the DLC. *EXCEPT* lately I can’t make it through a whole game without the app crashing half a dozen times. Once the crashing is fixed, 5 stars from me.
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6 years ago, Thyme71
Stuntman incapacitated powers are incapacitated
In current patch, Stuntman’s incapacitated powers are not functioning.
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4 years ago, Hinchja
Fun but too difficult
Played a few games and could barely win the tutorial. Second game I got slaughtered. It’s fun, but the games are 30+ minutes and very frustrating. I have deleted it. It’s just not for me.
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4 years ago, stubalstearns
An absolutely superb game
Cool heroes and diabolical villains each with distinctive play styles, intriguing environments that range from the comical (Studios) to the malevolent (Rook City), endless combinations of battles AND all offline?? Yes please!
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6 years ago, McKitty81
Don’t Buy Expansions
This could easily be a 5 star game but because of the bugs I can only give it a 2. Specifically, I spent 7.99 for the expansion Villains of the Multiverse and it never downloaded (stopped at 80%). Tech support responded fast which was great unfortunately they only gave me obvious suggestions have enough space? (8 GB) strong internet signal? (very) possible delayed downloading (waiting for hours) I want a refund so I can buy a SOTU that works
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3 years ago, Mrmurdock722
10/10 my favourite game
Great port. I prefer it over the tabletop game now.
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6 years ago, jasondeng123
Dlc are trash
I recently bought the vengeance expansion but every single time a try download the files it crashes. I even tried eliminating the game and downloading it again but it still doesn’t work.
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5 years ago, g0omba
No full screen support??
This is one of the most expensive games I’ve paid for, yet no full screen support for current devices?
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4 years ago, Wardenusa
Don’t buy now!
This would be a great app, but it won’t d/l the season packs. It’s stuck at 0%. In the past this was a 5 star app/game
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10 years ago, Abmumper
Great! When it doesn't crash....
I've been a big fan of the card game for a while now, and play it whenever I can. When I heard this video game version was in production, I was supper excited, and wanted to buy it immediately. Now that it's here, it's everything I'd hoped it would be! And I can't wait for expansions to come out! My biggest, and really only, gripe is the crashing issue. During the first game I played, the game crashed about 10 times. I was able to immediately go back into the game right where I left off, but the number of times it crashed just seemed ridiculous! Once would have been bad enough, but 10? In my first game? If not for that, I would give this 5 stars.
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5 years ago, alicelouise58
Great game
Exceeded expectations
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8 years ago, SadCoolWhip
Fantastic digital version of a fantastic card game
The physical version of Sentinels of the Multiverse quickly became a favorite amongst my gamer friends. It is one of the few card games that really nails it's theme and can hold our attention week after week. There are enough variables built in to keep the games fresh and unique each time we play. I had my doubts about the digital version being able to keep track of all of the strange interactions of the various powers and buffs. But they managed to pack it all in. The developers of this gem did a fantastic job of translating the live experience on to my tablet. In fact, I've learned a few nuances playing the digital version that I had been playing wrong in the physical game. I can't recommend this game enough. It provides a wonderful way to learn new heroes and try out different team combinations. It's wonderful to play a quick game when my group can't get together. The presentation is all top notch (I love the golden age look of the illustrations). There is a lot going on under the covers here but the game interface handles it all spectacularly. If you aren't sure give the free learning mode a try. I plan on playing this for a very long time and I'll be purchasing every season pass they release.
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10 years ago, Nephster
Extremely well done adaptation
I was skeptical that the "Sentinels of the Multiverse" game could be effectively brought to tablet form without it being cumbersome or having to curb some of the different powers, but I am happy to report that skepticism was not warranted. This is an excellent adaptation, and it works exceedingly well. All the tedium of bookkeeping from the tabletop game is elegantly handled for you, which lets you focus on the gameplay. But by far...BY favorite feature is the utter lack of IAP. The developers could easily have nickel and dined us for all the villains and heroes, but they resisted that and just stood behind their app being worth the price. And it is. Kudos to the developers for that, allowing us to just enjoy without having to nag us for a dollar here, a dollar there throughout gameplay. If you at all enjoy the tabletop game or want a deeper, strategic superhero game, this is a game that deserves a spot in your library.
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9 years ago, SolidStateEntity
Phenomenal adaptation = Best card game on iPad
Sentinels of the multiverse always interested me as a board game. Each of an entirely original group of superheroes is represented by a different deck of cards, which operate along principles based conceptually on the power set and thematic elements of the heroes. Villains are decks and character cards played according to precise rules, and act as an enemy to the group of hero decks. The fundamental problem with the board game was the complexity that made the game interesting also resulted in endless tracking of modifiers, hit points, abilities, etc. This game, by automating the tracking elements while preserving the genius of the numerous hero and villain deck mechanics, transforms a strong card game on cardboard to a super-hero of a computer card game. You owe it to yourself to give this a try if you like computer card games at all. The game has continuous new materials as the physical card game continues to develop and support further expansion, and the developers are amazingly responsive and dedicated. The price is very reasonable when you consider that it is single purchase for all content, and then substantial expansions modeled directly on the physical card game expansions as they were sold. A solid 5 stars, and I think by far the best solo computer card game on any platform. Did I mention multiplayer is already in Beta?
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8 years ago, Supaupaupagoat
Amazing adaptation to iPhone
There's a lot going on in this game and I'm sure it was really difficult for them to design it to work well on the iPhone but they've done an incredible job. The UI for playing is perfectly done and you have access to everything you need all the time. This game also works so well as a phone game that can be picked up any and played for a bit any time. My only quibble is that you can't get enough info when you're setting up a game - if you haven't memorized which picture goes with which variant then you need to go back to the multiverse screen to look it up and then set up a new game all over again because when you leave the setup screen it starts the game. Annoying, but I can get over it.
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8 years ago, slimtrimkid
It would take forever to give a proper review for a game of this magnitude. If you want to know and understand the complexities of this game, go online and read about it. If you're into card battlers with heroes fighting seemingly overpowered villains, then you'll want to own this game. This is more of a review of the iPhone port. I really appreciate that the devs didn't just port over the iPad version. They designed it around the iPhone screen. They never cease to amaze me. The digital version of this game has so much spit and polish and has been created with so much care. I really appreciate this company. Thanks for making a great game and for being so passionate about what you love to do. It truly shows.
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8 years ago, TekChef
Exactly like the card version
I have the actual card game and was hesitant to buy the IOS version after reading a few bad reviews. I am glad I did not listen! This plays just like the card game, it's that simple. Except you do not have to do the book keeping and hit point tracking, which is realllllly nice. For this who are new, this is a super hero combat game against a super villain in a not so friendly environment. Every hero plays differently as does every villain and environment, so you have lots of replayability. The expansions add more of everything, so it gives you even more variety. Now if they could get the Vengeance expansion digital, so I can get two of my favorite heroes in the game!
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8 years ago, ZanaLyrander
Fantastic Game, But With Issues
While I love the new content added with the current patch, there are still some serious issues with the game. Most noticeable, the villain select screen lags so much that selecting a villain to face is a challenge in and of itself (double taping on a villain to see their character card or difficulty is essentially impossible, the lag will not register the second tap). In addition the game crashes reasonably often. This isn't a *huge* problem, because the game autosaves constantly, so nothing is lost, but it is still a pain. That being said, the game is still excellent and incredibly fun. Fix these issues and I'd give it a solid 5/5.
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10 years ago, DundyO
How Much Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Sentinels is a great card game. As popular as it is in the board game universe, the one slight complaint against it is the fiddly nature of it. Keeping track of hits points, ongoing cards, increased or decreased damage which lasts for a certain amount of time, etc. But the immersive nature of it, as well as the fantastic combos you can unleash during play keeps people coming back. The magic of the game is the amazing world Greater Than Games and designer Chris Badell has created with this title. This could be a movie, t.v. Series or magazine serial. Buy this. Even if you don't normally play physical card/board games, this may wake you up to a new hobby. It's plain out FUN!
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10 years ago, Happy Thoughts VA
Fantastic Adaptation
This app recreates the tabletop Sentinels of the Multiverse card game very, very well. The art and sound effects capture the flavor of the game, and the game engine handles the rules and card interactions perfectly, even when complex interactions between numerous cards are involved. I've been beta testing the app for a few months, and have put the game through all sorts of contortions; it's pretty solid about handling things properly. In short, it's a wonderfully accurate electronic version of the card game. If you're a fan of Sentinels of the Multiverse, or even if you've never played it but enjoy cooperative games, superheroes, and tons of replayability, I recommend this app without question.
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8 years ago, Ranccor
Great game.
If you like super hero games or card games and especially if you like both, give this game a shot. Simple to understand, but very deep strategy. Interesting/unique play for every hero and villain. And most importantly…Super Heroes, lots and lots of Super Heroes. It is just fun to engage in an epic brawl against an arch nemesis. Very smooth game play even on my ancient machine (iPad 3) with no graphic hiccups. Although some of the effect could happen faster, I don’t know if that is my machine going slow or that is the speed they are programed to go (I can tap on the screen to move the action along much more quickly). Had this on my radar for a while and finally bought it during the Christmas sale ($6.99). I’ve played about 10 games now and will be buying the expansions in the very near future (expecting some iTunes gift cards incoming). It seems like a high price for an iOS game, but I have found this one to be totally worth it. Will update this review after I’ve got the expansions and have played a bit more.
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10 years ago, jovial1
A great adaptation of an amazing game
I can't emphasize how much I love this game, but I rarely get the chance to play. With this app, I can play the base game at any time. Sentinels of the Multiverse is a card game about superheroes teaming up to fight a threat to the world. They have characters to fill many of the superhero archetypes, and the way they play reflects the archetype of the character. Tachyon, the speedster, blows through her deck quickly with some cards gaining strength based on the number of cards she has in the trash. Legacy, like Superman, is tough and powerful in the way he inspires the other heroes to be better allowing them to do more damage or recover hit points. Similarly the villain decks have different win conditions. If the heroes don't stop Baron Blade quickly he pulls the moon into the Earth. While Grand Warlord Voss will overrun the Earth with his armies if he gets enough minions in play. If you like superheroes or board/card games you owe it to yourself to check this game out. I can't wait until they make the expansion content available.
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9 years ago, Kalii1114
Fantastic iOS version
This is a tremendous version of my favorite cooperative tabletop card game/boardgame. All of the original feel is captured, with streamlined bookkeeping and cool sound/animations. If you haven't played the original game, this is an excellent superhero team-up with original characters that plays quick and varied. Each hero, villain and environment has a completely different and thematic feel. This version definitely replaces my solo-play of the card game. I would say I'd like an asynch, multiplayer of this game, but that is what the tabletop version excels at. Can't wait for more expansions as I already purchased the "Season 1" in-game expansion.
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7 years ago, sockfoot2000
Got it. Loved it. Got it all.
This game is well written. The play is enjoyable. It takes a lot of thinking and the variety of possibilities is amazing. I am amazed that they could accomplish so many card interactions with so few bugs. If you ever find one, they are responsive and will likely send you emails when the fix is released. The whole thing was written to stay true to the heart of the card game and not to nickel and dime you. It can crash at times but rarely looses your spot. Trust me, I have put many, many hours on this game. The multiplayer works but I usually play on the bus and therefore don't use it much.
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