Serato Remote

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Serato Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Serato Remote

3 out of 5
18 Ratings
5 years ago, Dj Mista Cham
Great app but really needs an update
This app is great... but it needs updates and bug fixes... like why do I have to connect to my computer every time I jump out of the app.... why don’t I have 4deck control... I have to be physically behind the controller to switch from 1/3 and 2/4... You guys can do so much more if you gave it some effort.
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4 years ago, Djshark1200
Please update
So I have all the Serato dj products and have been doing with Serato since 2007. I would love to see the ability to prepare my sets without a controller and have my crates. The second is update the app to support iPad pros full screen. Right now it looks like I’m on the 9.7 vs the 11
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5 years ago, Trazy2003
Would be really good if
I wish I could see my crates and music on the app and load them from my app.
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5 years ago, Bhaveshk75
Does not work
I have the Serato DJ pro software installed on my Windows OS and I have the Serato Remote software installed on my iPad for months now. It simply does not connect. I have tried connecting using the charging cable from iPad to the laptop as well as tried wireless set up. Is there a way I can get reimbursed back for the $20 that I paid for this software that just does not work?
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4 months ago, WILLxLOVE
Silly since you need another controller to make it work
You can’t simply use this app with your laptop + Serato. You need a serato compatible device aka a controller or a mixer Serato certified. If you have that, why in the world would you use an iPad? To do a worse job at DJING?
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4 years ago, MaxPower720
Not worth Buying
You don't have full control. All you can do is control the effects and hit your cue points. It's not really worth it. I thought this would be fun to take to house parties... Short answer its not!
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6 years ago, hawns0l0
It’s begging to be updated!
Still only 6 sample pads? Hopefully now that Serato DJ Pro is out we will see an update to Remote! Or even a remote 2.0?
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5 years ago, DjwillieM
Happy with the Serato ipad App
Just Bought it & Works so Perfectly. Now Will Allow Me Freely Around the Ballrooms & Dance Floor. Thanks Serato
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10 years ago, Albqbob
Good but needs more
Please add a play/que to this. I have seen many people request the same thing. I am in the mobile dj business (weddings) and it would be amazing if I could que up and play a track while out on the dance floor. I purchased this hoping there'd be a way to do it but there isn't. Other iPad dj apps allow you to, so it can be done. Please make this happen on the next update. I think you'll get a lot more sales if this happens
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4 years ago, Djromance1
Updates needed
My serato doesn’t recognize my device anymore...due to iOS update and the Latest update of serato 2020 doesn’t communicate anymore please update it’s been 2 years
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6 years ago, Dj Alibi
Pitch play?
Works great with the AKAI AMX and DVS setup. Would be great if you could use it for pitch play
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8 months ago, Dion Velasquez
No longer connects to Serato
This app no longer connects to serato
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11 years ago, ManderCommander510
The app is a disappointment
As a dj that has been using serato since it came out i have always been a fan of the software. But i am disappointed in this app. On a positive note, the app is probably the best midi controller for the software. All it does is controls cue points, loops, effects, and your sampler. It would be better if you can fully work it with internal mode. It does not have a play/pause feature. You do not have vinyl control in order to beat match. You can not run the app unless you are connected to the computer and your computer HAS to be connected to Serato. It would be awesome if you could actually use it to search and find tracks. Also, they should implement a tempo control and be able to reach into the wave form and set cues through the iPad. Maybe even an offline use to set cues and automatically load the cues up once its connected. I am very disappointed in the app and kind of wish I would have not spent my money on it. It isn't worth the $20.
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9 years ago, djdrewsie
Amazing supplemental controller. Must have Dj tool!
I have been using the serato remote for two years now and I never run serato without it. This is a wonderful tool at a very affordable price. Companies will try to sell supplemental controllers at an expensive price but this tops them all. It's got a great layout and is great for dark venues. It adds a slicer and loop rolling features for controllers that don't have the serato performance pads and it allows you to not have to hit a shift button on your controller to get use of some of the secondary functions. As long as you keep iTunes up to date you can use a cable and there is no latency whatsoever. I only recommend that they add video features in future updates. Awesome app.
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10 years ago, EuroTrainer408
Does not work!
I love Serato DJ, along with their other products except for this app! I few months ago, it worked fine. And now it does not recognize my PC. It seems that there is known issue with PCs and not Macs. So, if you have a PC, then do not waste your time. You're better off getting a DJ controller that already has these features built into it. Your other option would be to get a MacBook. They said they are going to resolve the issue with an update, but there's no ETA at this time. Is there a way to refund me back for this purchase?
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10 years ago, earnestdotcom
Great modular control
I'm guessing that you have an iPad already, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at this. If you're a Serato deejay using DVS or a smaller controller, or even a controller that was made for Itch instead of DJ, this app is $20 well spent. Let me be clear, this app is not a discrete music player. It only controls functions within the (compatible) Serato software on your computer, but it does that very well. It's a great addition to your current control scheme and it makes cues, loops and effects easier to access.
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11 years ago, Gee NyC
So far so good .. Easy to use ..really like it ... My onlllly suggestion would be to add an option in the QFX to toggle the effect on and off instead of the volume ... That way you can trigger say a sample and echo out a song or whatever effect your using .. Instead of holding the volume button ... But other then that I love it so far .. Please look into that option ! Thanks
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10 years ago, iMediafx
I love Serato and everything they do, except this. I use a Pioneer DDJ-SX and I can do everything this app can do on my controller. EXCEPT the app will not start or stop a track. When you call something "remote" it should offer the same or basic functionality as the controller itself. So I purchased this (for $20) assuming I would be able to at least start a track, stop a track and load a track...remotely. The basics. There are times when you are playing an event where having a remote I would be incredibly handy. My bad, I read the app description and while there was no mention of starting and stopping a track, I just assumed that something so simple would be included. This app should have been named Serato Loop and Sample Controller. It would be a great app for DJs that don't have the Pioneer or Numark controller.
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11 years ago, DjBillyBee
Would get 5 stars if it had a play/pause button.
It works very well and was pretty simple to hookup. I just wish they would have included a play/pause button & a Cue button. It would be awesome for mobile gigs. Hopefully down the road they will add it.
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7 years ago, Reeguez
Read description thoroughly before buying. This is not the "on the go" thing you're looking for.
Thought this would have been a side controller to use, but I can't use it without it being connected to my decks at home. I travel a lot and being able to practice spinning on the train would have been nice. Definitely read the fine print. Got too excited on this and thought I found just what I was looking for. It has everything I already have, so, not needed.
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11 years ago, enfxunltd
I was planning on buying a midi controller to map for sample control, etc. but with this app.......I don't need it! Very nice! I'm sure ill have more to say after I've used it on a few gigs. Not seeing how to control the multi effects yet- is that not available?But, it's great so far!
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7 years ago, GSTRIB5
Nice App, Needs A Update
I ❤️ this application because it gives me further control of serato DJ that my controller does not provide. However, is is great need of a update. The serato DJ software has been update and includes a lot of new features that are not available within the app and I am hoping the serato HQ is working on update.
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11 years ago, DJ Sorted
Thank you!
This is exactly what I've been looking for in a Serato controller. I've been running a Midifighter for the past 2 years but found the mappings lacking. I've used this at multiple gigs now and the stability is 100%. Worth the $20.
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10 years ago, DJ-BUSHIDO
I run turntables and I use my Pioneer DJM400. This has not MIDI support. So I bought the SL-Video and with no control it is much harder. I can use the my cursor, but would like to have this feature added to the next update. Looking forward to getting this added soon. Dave Ross -Las Vegas
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7 years ago, Bishopeli
Review of the Serato App
The added functions it gave my set up were quite cool, however I was a little disappointed I can't use it off line to program cues and loops. I don't always wanted them connected to my hardware. Offline updates would be appreciated.
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10 years ago, Remind what?
Reloop button
Love the product saved my life in Mexico :-) the only thing I was missing was a reloop button the ddj-sr doesn't have one and serato remote didn't either so I was with out. Still rocked the party but would have been great to have the comfort of that button located on serato remote.
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10 years ago, MIXMASTERZ
It does what it's supposed to do it helps you Dj a little bit better For $20 it was well worth it.. Some people go out spend 100 dollars on a box that does the same thing if you already have an iPad just do it...
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11 years ago, Thetransientvendor
Tested on SSL both wired & wifi. Easy setup, easy to learn. For those using a midi controller already, this is way sexier than yours, you can roam around the room & browsing is better on this app than any controller I've used. $20 is fair. Buy it.
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10 years ago, OldCharon
Good if you use turntables, crap otherwise
While the app works, you cannot control so many things with it. The main reason I got it was to control stored loops since my controller can't. Guess what? No control for that here either. No library view as others have mentioned. Basically this app can control auto loops, samples, and in a limited fashion, effects. If you want more than that, look elsewhere.
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11 years ago, Douglasjones33
Won't work w/ Windows
My computer will not recognize this app. All requirements are up to date and it still does not work. I have opened up a support ticket with serato and apparently this app does not work with windows. I was told that they are working on fixing this issue. I am upset that there was no requirement documentation stating that this app does not work with Windows's. I would have never made the purchase.
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10 years ago, JoshuaJMusic
Pleased and Disappointed
Overall I like the app. I would have given it 5/5 but not being able to see the playlist from ssl in the app interface is a deal breaker for me. I would like to see this fixed in a future update. I was really hoping I'd be able to close the lid on my MacBook and use the app's visual space to view the playlist and crates in ssl. My Dj table is already overcrowded and adding adding another piece of hardware make it more cluttered. Fix my request please!
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11 years ago, Ejtwrx
Works OK
No problem setting it up, connection via adhoc wifi has a bit of a lag. Wish it had playback and song selection controls though, then I would easily give more stars.
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10 years ago, Little tonny
Great app
I use it for my loops and samples banks and makes more easy for me than use laptop keyboard, if you have an ipad then is a great app but if you don't then don't buy the ipad for this app
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10 years ago, dj_deadbeat
Its a good start...
Awesome, but theres still plenty of room for functionality. Like display library while scrolling, internal mode controls, and a way to adjust cue points, loop rolls, etc while offline.
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11 years ago, knen
Great app!
It does what it's supposed to! I tried it with serato DJ(over wifi) and it performed surprisingly well. I'm gonna test it with scratch live soon. If there's any noticeable difference, I'll update my review.
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9 years ago, Cweekes
Not seeing all the features
Now seeing the play button and I'm using the latest version
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11 years ago, Krash9764
Serato won't find my iPad
I've followed all three connection methods to a "T", ill gladly rerate the app if I can get it to work, but so far I've had no luck.. If anyone has any advice or troubleshooting methods please let me know, currently Serato's support page has no answer for my problem! Love serato and love that they made an app, just wish I could get it to work
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9 years ago, åkre
20 buck disappointment
Wow. I can't believe people, suckers like me, are buying this app. This is not even close to being useful. No stop, no start. You have to be right up on your controller and computer screen to use this. So why. U still have to multi button loops. No dedicated loops. No jog scroll. Thank you Serato for performing cashecomy on my wallet.
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11 years ago, ALACRANMIX
I love it!!!
Very nice. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time now. Finally something to add and use my iPad at my gigs, I can finally interact more with my crowd with the freedom of wireless.
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10 years ago, joermx
Works great!
Serato just simply never seizes to amaze. Another great integration to their already superior dj software. Works great with my setup. Easy connectivity.
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11 years ago, HardworkDj
serato remote
This is the best! Work perfectly, full functions at your fingertips!!
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10 years ago, mysoulishome
They should call it Serato Sample Control or something. It isn't a remote for Serato. Would it kill you to put a play button in so it could be used to control Serato...remotely? Some of us don't use records for everything.
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10 years ago, DjVuaz
Great App!
Only choosing 4 stars because I know they can and will do better things with this app! Worth the $20!
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9 years ago, DJTonyDub
Waste of Money
Complete waste of money. I can't actually DJ from remote with this app. I can't see my library and therefore I have to be looking at my computer when using the app. That means I might as well be at my deck. Totally useless.
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7 years ago, Kaosthirteen
Read the description carefully. This will not work on its own. You must have your controller or other setup is connected to the computer, making this app a pointless, waste of money.
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10 years ago, dj cush
Doesn't work
When I connect my iPad and computer it still says that in have no computer? Is it because I have a windows or just because the app doesn't work ?
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11 years ago, Bobutah
Does exactly what you want it to. Makes Serato even better!!! Thanks!!!
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11 years ago, Negative $53 Mil
A great addition to my Technics Turntables and SL-DZ1200
A great tool for all Serato Users to add to your DJ set up. A full effects to add to your mixing.
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11 years ago, TTench
Awesome app
Great addition to my Serato setup. Basically eliminates any need for external midi controllers. Works great on my iPad mini.
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11 years ago, nardclupe
Big up ya self
Wagwan bredren. Dis here be numba one ting fi selecta. Big up da only fake patois dj live ina de worst clubs in Kingston. All respect to king of kings haile selassie, and him da king of forehead. All massiv, reeeewiiiiind!
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