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User Reviews for Serve

4.7 out of 5
23.5K Ratings
5 years ago, csgoldy
Transfer main to reserve
So here the scoop, transferring money with iPhone XS max phone with software 12.2 is the problem. I have iOS 12.2 on my iPad it transfers no problem. I totally agree that calling customer service at serve is somewhat impossible. I could only wish it was like Amex Plat customer service is the best. The people that work in customer service are like from an unknown planet. They sound like foreigners from another country. It is upsetting when there is know one that can help you. You can’t just call and press “0” for a rep and someone picks up because that feature doesn’t work. It is a total disaster at serve headquarters. The developer that developed this app needs to get things changed around. I am personally looking for a different solution if things don’t change. I just ordered bluebird today. But this has to be an easy fix. I had a conversation with Apple today and they believe it is a security issue with XS Max. I have iPhone X and iPad and it works perfectly fine transferring money from main to reserve or anything else
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2 years ago, DontGiveServeYourBusiness
Fake card
I wish I could give 0 stars. Please, I implore you not to waste your time with this joke of a “service”. They”ll just steal your money. I had my 2021 tax refund done with TaxAct. They gave me an option to get my refund directly deposited, sent via paper check or a prepaid card that will be sent in the mail. Turns out the joke of a card sent in the mail after filing out all the paperwork on their website was Serve. Don’t be fooled. Just because it has the American Express logo on the card does not mean it’s a legit pre paid card. They scammed me. When I checked the official IRS website it said that my refund has been sent on the 18th of May, two days ago. I got my Serve card sent to me about two weeks prior which perplexes me because they sent me an email saying that I’ve been denied a card. How, if I already have my card, it was already mailed to me with my name on it and even chose a pin upon signing up for the card. I keep trying to check my balance (which the IRS website already notified me my refund amount) on their automated machines over phone, their online website and this horrible app but it’s to no avail. I keep getting error messages and the card is never recognized. What’s worse is you cannot contact their support no matter what. They listed the number on the card but the second you call it, it hangs up on you. Stay away from TaxAct and Serve.
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5 years ago, Rhonda Carmichael
The most horrible prepaid company and customer service I ever dealt with
My American Express Serve account was compromised and I waited patiently for the Amex Serve fraud team to resolve the issue . They failed big time and protected the fraudulent merchant instead of my account. The company that appeared in the statement is no where to be found on google. So how could they have done their due diligence. Now I’ve waited over 10 business days for a replacement card in which I have not received to get the small amount of funds on it to be able to get food and gas and have no received it missing days from work and having to get food from the state due to Amex Serve’s fraud team failed to return my provisional credit. They could. Not provide me any proof of my signature on any document that I authorized the transaction or who obtained access to my account. Amex serve is the WORST company pertaining to customer service and fraud protection . The representatives are in located in other countries doing horrible service by constantly hanging up on you and constantly transferring you to other departments and refuse to allow you to speak to a supervisor . Now I’m having to go through the courts the theft of my funds by Amex Serve and allowing a fraudulent merchant to keep. And I look forward to seeing them in court and sharing my bad experience with the masses on every social media account.
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1 year ago, Americanvln1
Serve American Express
I have used two loadable debit card for about 5 years. I have been able to work with the team at Serve to make purchases online, transfer money to my child, my mother, and my niece. This card has helped me online with questionable sites. The help desk has been patient with me. My child has even been able to withdraw money from an ATM. Unfortunately, I lost one of my accounts due to questionable charges which could not be resolved due to the fact that I did not realize a fraud was being perpetrated and didn’t respond in time to their inquiries. Overall, when in doubt now, I request a new card with a new account number. This is a group which has evolved over the years with upgrades to security and, continues to work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction. A bumpy start getting going and, changes in management but overall not too shabby.
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4 months ago, Stihlmanthrunthru
I used to love this app it was my go to and wish it still was with 0 load charge 0 spend doesn't cost next to nothing to use.... With that said something went wrong somewhere because I have been hacked 3 times now and not happy with it especially when it comes to customer service it has to be the worst mostly in part that I don't know what they are saying half the time and they act like you hacked your own account somehow when clearly there is a whole new email address on my account that has never been there before and do you think they deleted it even when I told them that was the hackers email address not once nor twice not even 3 times which again I was told that it was deleted again so I am going to keep minimum balance in the account until I know that it is safe to use again! Not sure what the issue is with hiring English speaking employees God knows there is enough people out of work in the USA an don't understand why it is outsourced to other countries especially something as important as your money hard earned money!
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4 years ago, ❤️Blak❤️
Bad experience 2020
This year I decided to have my tax return direct deposited to the American Express serve card. Customer service tells you to go to a money pass ATM where it’s “free” to take out your money. That’s a lie. The website and representatives say you can transfer money from your American serve to your personal back account. You can but it won’t go all the way through so that’s a lie ... I requested money to be transferred. Through the app I was told to give my personal routing and account number. To verify my personal account and continue with my transfer they would make two small deposits into my bank, (which I noticed). Then afterwards within 3-5 business days my transfer would be complete as well free of charge. After the two deposits I waited and received nothing. I called customer service, however this representative couldn’t explain anything, saying they never seen where I put in a request for a transfer. The representative that I spoke with prior told me my money would be in my account the Friday of that week around 10:40 am. This brought me to drawing my money off the card COMPLETELY. Each transaction was a 3 dollar charge. I will NEVER again use this card.
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3 years ago, Redhd05
So Sad…
I used to love the Amex Serve card and the app was very straight forward, intuitive, easy to use and stable. Unfortunately, the new app is horrendous! I can’t even log in, and believe me I have quadruple checked my password. I use a password manager and I’m able to log in on my laptop, but I get an error 9 out of 10 times I try to login on my phone. I have a sub account for my father and he has to call me to check on his balance and I am unable to check his balance unless I’m on my computer. That makes this app worthless, which in turn makes the card worthless. Unfortunately, I may have to look at other card options. Update-I thought perhaps Amex sold the serve card, since the card/logo/app changed. Sure enough, just read something that said Amex sold Serve to another company. That is why the service and support has taken a nose dive.
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3 years ago, olearyl3
Risk vs Benefit
This card is amazing to use for direct deposits, especially if you want your deposit early! That is the positive! The negatives are much longer. It is a “prepaid card” therefore many places do not accept it as a form of payment because it isn’t debit or credit. Although your paycheck goes on there and there’s a touring and account number, it’s still considered prepaid. You can not connect it to PLAID. American Express can be connected but not Serve. They should really fix this glitch as a lot of things use app to securely link your bank account. And this being my main account for deposits, it is important that the companies accessing my account see my payroll deposits. It is impossible to contact customer service. There is no chat feature, no email, only a phone number. When you call, it takes forever to get connected. The customer service is foreign and hard to understand. A lot of the times, they can’t help you with what you need either! There is no “pending deposit” notification. I can never tell if my deposit actually went to my account until it’s available, which is annoying. This is NOT accepted in Canada. Like…anywhere! I found that out when I went to get a hotel and they refused the card. I went to the ATM and it refused the card as well. I was then stuck in Canada without money! All of this needs attention and fixing from American Express if they’re going to continue to have their name and logo representing this card.
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3 years ago, G Money 702
Customer service will hangup on you if they can’t fix the problem
I’m trying to download a bot of a statement to complete my PPP loan. First there’s a non functioning download button that only opens the statement and no matter Joe hard or how many ways you try and hit it just right, hero no download. I contacted customer service and they have basic instructions of things I had already tried and when that failed the representative said hold on one moment let me take a look at something......... yep if you’ve ever dealt with this company you guessed it he hung up on me. Once I get this document downloaded I’m closing my account and moving to someone who appreciates my business enough to actually try and resolve my issues not hangup on me and hide when I need support.
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6 years ago, JaRuck19
-5 stars.
The app works fine however, I had an issue with the bill pay. I submitted two bill pays to a company from my serve account. I waited and waited and the “delivery” date past and the company I was trying to pay still had not received the payments. When I looked at the details of the transactions on the serve app, the account numbers listed were not the ones I sent the payments to. I called the serve number on the back of the card and was told they would transfer me to the dispute department. Someone picked up on the line and then disconnected it. So I called back. Went through the process again and was put on eternal hold. Hung up and called the company which I was trying to pay and conference called it. Finally got a person in the dispute department and he stated that they would put stop payments on both of the bill pay transactions and my money would show back up in my account in one business day. That was 2 days ago and still no money back in my account. I am afraid they scammed me. I am going to call the Attorney General’s office and see what they have to say.
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3 years ago, browngirl50
This new version does not live up to the hype. Plenty of bugs and kinks that should have been worked out prior to them going live with this. This new version is not user friendly and gives you all of these little stupid error messages (worded to patronize you) making it difficult to fully setup your account. For example, I was unable to set up notifications/ alerts. Also did not see an option to access your balance with the quick swipe tool so you don’t have to log into your account every time. If these bugs are not worked out I will cancel this card , not worth the hassle. It’s a prepaid card, the app should make accessing your funds easier not more difficult!
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5 years ago, Anvibbard
What an utter disappointment
I used to work for American Express, and when I did, we had a strong emphasis on customer service. They hold their charge card holders in such high regard, and they pushed the Serve card to their employees very hard. I will say, when everything is good with the account, the card is spectacular. The app is very easy to use and the card itself is really good. But once something goes wrong, all hell breaks loose. I had a few fraudulent charges on my account, and boooooy let me tell you. First, it’s so hard to get an American based employee now. They will NEVER let you speak with a manager, and will do the bare bones minimum for you. These fraud charges were nearly a year ago and I STILL have not had them resolved. They wouldn’t even close my account when I requested it. If it’s your only option, then go ahead and go for it, it technically does what it’s supposed to do. But if you can get ANY other card, do that. I recommend Chime, have not had any issues and they will take care of you if something comes up.
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1 year ago, Nikoh8
Do not get this card!!! Beware!
I have been with Amex serve for years. When it’s good it’s good. But when it’s bad it’s HORRIBLE! Any time I’ve ran into an issue with this card be it locked for some bogus security reason, or just any RIDICULOUS matter, if you have to call customer service you might end up with a headache from frustration from the unbelievably INCOMPETENT service reps based overseas. They barely speak English and when they can’t solve a simple problem they immediately give you some false rule of why they can’t resolve it. And I mean making up bogus rules as they go. The moment you challenge it with FACTS you’re hung up on or placed in a ridiculously long hold until the call just ends. I’m clearing my funds today, February 9, 2023 and closing this account. Also, they’re not really a part of American Express. They are like an affiliate. Forget using overseas. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Like it’s better to just use a different prepaid account. Do NOT USE AMEX SERVE!
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3 years ago, Quick thinking jimmy
New app is GARBAGE!
I’d like to know who gets paid the big bucks to make these stupid decisions. New logo and color are horrible complete crap and relate in No way what so ever to the app. Wasted at least 30 minutes of my time doing password resets to no avail. The moment I receive the link to reset my password with 50 seconds I click it. Every time it tells me it’s timed out for security reasons. So I can no longer get into my account. American 🇺🇸 Express I’m James Wiechec 👀 ⬆️ my account using your time. And then call me so we can streamline this process. As of now you stole about an hour of my time and I’m letting you know about it.I think I deserve that hour of time back from you!
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6 years ago, Revtrin
Great concept but unreliable-updated review
UPDATE: The latest issue of not being able to load money “due to technical difficulties” was apparently because of an expired card for my primary bank account. But the app did not give that information. I had to login on the Amex Serve website. It would be helpful if the app could tell you a specific error message. This is something that could have been fixed immediately if I knew the exact problem. Updating the expiration date on my new card immediately fixed the problem. I love Amex Serve and I love how easy it is to load cash on the card, transfer funds and monitor your balance and recent purchases. That said, time after time, I’ll go to reload my card and I get an error message that funds cannot be added “due to technical difficulties.” When this occurs, it usually lasts for days and I have to switch credit cards on my accounts because I can’t pay or add money to my Serve card. This is happening more and more frequently. It will work for a couple of months without incident, but then be down for at minimum a couple of days or more. It’s a great idea, great concept, excellent app, and most of all easy to use, but the lack of reliability is a real issue. My hope is they do some technical upgrades that will cause this to not happen anymore.
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7 years ago, JJ Wrightz
Misleading Company
Been with these guys for 4 years. I Never had a problem up until the last 8 months where they fail to tell you that the same ATMs you use now have a fee to them. Do not lose or damage the card. When I first opened this card it took2 months to get the card. Now I need a new card 4 years later and they are charging me $20 to expedite when I’m already waited 10 business days like they asked. On top of that they closed my card to MAIL me a check. How are you going to mail me a check and also wait another 10 business days and I haven’t received the REPLACEMENT CARD. Asked them to refund it. Have to wait another 10 business days. Don’t trust these people. Don’t do business with them. Good for direct deposit but charge you for everything now. Use to be able to go into Wells Fargo do do Cash Advances. Nope. Not anymore. If you want fast direct deposits. This is the card but anything else you’re better with another one. Smh
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2 years ago, Moonrocks233
Can’t use mobile deposit
I have been with serve for more than 4 years. I used it for my direct deposit. Recently I got a new job and instead direct deposit the company sent me a paycheck. I tried to do mobile deposit on the app and when I click the mobile deposit option it gives me error with a message “we are sorry we are having technical difficulties please try again later” this has been happening for 4 days. Then I called a customer service and the customer service told it was Ingo that handle the check processing so they transferred me to Ingo and then after speaking to Ingo they told me it was the serve app that was having the problem and they cannot do anything on that. I got back again to serve customer serve and they are again telling me that it was Ingo. So frustrating! I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and yet I am still having the same problem.
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6 years ago, J Zo
Paid Earlier & Impossible to Overdraw
*GET REAL COMPLAINERS! This card and account is awesome for all ages: your young kids or son in college, a place to put cash if you’re saving, pay bills, in store purchases, people with credit struggles and great for people (me) that get into their overdraft too much, too often, when it comes to a checking account from an institution. Card- came personalized and quickly. I used the card that came with sign-up until mine arrived. Direct Deposit- I get paid late Wed. night while coworkers get paid Friday. App- user friendly and informative. Cash Deposit- run in CVS and deposit cash at no charge....guess what: CVS is open MORE days and LONGER HOURS than banks.
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3 years ago, serve user
The new app update have too many glitches
I’ve been a serve customer for over five years now. There’s been a couple of things I don’t care for but still stuck around. I don’t like that there is a limit on how much you can withdraw. But I do like the fact that I get paid three days early which was one of the reasons I stayed. Recently they’ve made a change with the app and it’s terrible. Too many glitches, a lot of the time I can’t log in. There’s been plenty of times my husband and I have a hard time transferring money serve to serve to one another. I really wish they would’ve left the original app alone. There’s still a couple of things serve can do to make this a overall good debit card. I still have hope but I dont know how long I’ll stick around.
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3 years ago, BHipp7
Update unusable 6 week’s. Unacceptable
I’ve been a serve card user managed through iOS apps for 9 years. Until this update, app worked as expected with only minor outages. The most recent update has kept me from logging in via iOS app completely. The “oops something went wrong message” follows every login attempt from 3 different iOS devices (including iPad os). I’ve tried all the usual fixes, uninstall/reinstall, network changes, OS updates etc. Nothing. After 6 weeks of widespread outages for many, many users, no acknowledgement or messages from American Express as you’d expect from a large financial institution. Luckily I've successfully used a work around: logging in through web browsers. The controls through web login is terrible but usable with lots of patients. Unacceptable American Express! Unfortunately this situation has me looking for a replacement service.
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6 years ago, pyho
Needs to be better
Why is it that some of you app developers are not smart enough to make an app that doesn't delete my login credentials every time you push an update????? Whats the point of having touch access if your crap app isn't going to save my login credentials???? I don't want to hear that its for my security because that’s just an excuse when you don’t know what you’re doing! I also don’t want to hear that it can’t be done because I know better! I have NO ISSUES with my Bank of America, Home Depot, etc. apps when they update. My info is saved so I don’t have to be inconvenienced at an inappropriate time trying to login. Maybe if Amex cared more for their customers and spent some money (or got smarter app developers who care) on their app development the customer would have a better experience!
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1 year ago, Rex_TM
Excellent Serve-ice! 😉
I got my first Serve Card through FarmVille many years ago. I also got cows or hay bales or something FarmVille related. It was a great offer because it was fee-free and it still is after a decade. I like the convenience of going to CVS to load funds (no fee) into my Serve Card, then transfer it to my bank which has no brick and mortar branches then to my other accounts. There is a process but it beats having to deal with long lines at the bank. Even though it is a prepaid account, people’s opinion and tone changes drastically when they see the Amex logo, 😂 small minds. 🙄
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2 months ago, Possibility Person
I’ve just had my 3rd disappointing conversation with a Serve rep since I bought the “Temporary Card” 3 days ago. The card says on the front “start making purchases immediately”. This is not true. I cannot make online bill payments or purchases because the card I got at CVS is a “temporary card”. I have to wait to get the “permanent card” in the mail within 7-10 business days to do any online transactions. When I tried to do the online transactions they got declined and was told by Serve Customer Service this is done on purpose by “the network” because I have to wait for the “permanent card”. Most transactions in the 21sr century are done online. I bought a prepaid card on purpose to do online purchases to avoid using my bank issued debit card as a security precaution. It does not make sense that a prepaid card has LIMITED FEATURES. Most people do bill pay & shopping online. Limiting the payment options on the Serve card only confuses the customer. I intended to pay a bill online today and the “temporary” Serve card was declined. Now I have to use a different payment method, which is inconvenient. Years ago, I had a Serve card and had a good experience. What happened?
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5 years ago, Hotspuruey
Does not work with XS Max
I’ve reported the major bug involving the “Drag to Submit” functionality — meaning you can’t transfer money between the main account and subaccounts — several times to AmEx. Their reps claim no bugs have been no reported and the app is just perfect. They suggest I reinstall it, and when I tell them I’ve done that nine times and that it doesn’t do anything, they robotically say, “You should reinstall it.” Judging by the slew of recent reviews mentioning this specific bug, I think they’re sticking their heads in the sand. So, stay well away from this app if you own an XS. Bizarre behavior on the part of AmEx. Update: A new version came out last week (April). Don’t bother trying it if you have an iPhone XS. *Still* have not fixed the Drag to Submit function — after three months. I’m kind of shaking my head in disbelief with these developers and American Express.
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3 years ago, Bear in waiting
Very Basic
You get what you pay for and if they charge you zero dollars then you can’t expect much service. As proof, their customer service is off-shore who are disinterested at best and clueless at worst. So don’t expect anything besides the very basic function of housing your funds and withdrawing them from an authorized ATM. But other stuff like sending them a stimulus check for deposit they will return it. You can try their InGo service for digital deposits but that sometimes doesn’t work either. I linked my Serve card to Apple Pay and it would decline every transaction even though swiping would work every time. Not the kind of experience you would expect from AMEX but I suppose this is their unwashed masses product. It’s ok but full of disappointment.
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3 years ago, Clarisse Lough
It is impossible to get through to a competent person associated with this company. Over a span of MONTHS I have been waiting to be issued a replacement card. I call and every time they say I have to validate my address. I ask to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor is of no assistance and hangs up on me. I call back and the associates say they can’t locate my account or it doesn’t exist. They keep me on hold for up to ten minutes and continue to have no answers. It is completely ridiculous to not be able to get any information from anyone in this company. I have my money stuck in an account that I can’t even access because it requires someone FROM the company to either send me a card, or give me online access. Completely pathetic. Do not recommend for a second. Do not waste your time.
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4 months ago, Elvis dingle
Don’t use this at all. It scams you of your money. Registration is so buggy and bad. It couldn’t allow me to make an account despite all accurate information and the fact that I’m older than 18. When I reput in the user that i wanted to use 5 mins later. It says that there’s account with that user. Like HOW I COULD USE THAT USER A MINUTE AGO AND NOW ITS TAKEN? I checked my email if I actually created an account and no notifications. This app is a scam. Their service is so bad with no actually support (automated voicemails and no actually 24 hour service). If I were you I get a debit card from a actually bank instead of these. Out of all of my times experiencing and looking into apps that can provide debit cards. This is genuinely one of the worst app I have encountered in my life. Don’t use unless you want to get scammed.
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1 year ago, BunnyViolet3
Services /Reviews
I had this card when it first came out. It wasn’t as easy as it is to do now I like how it’s immediately accessible, and that you don’t have to talk to somebody on the phone for a long period of time. And spending a lot of time giving all your information over the phone to a representative. I like that you can do it through the Internet /cell phone and it’s very self-explanatory and simple to follow the steps. Also, the card came very quickly in the mail.
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1 year ago, RealPerson501
Swipe Only Card
Bought this card because it had the cheapest purchase fee, but it will only work on small instore purchases. Will NOT work in ATM and cannot purchase money orders! Took forever to find a way to talk to a real person from customer service but they were no help at all. The website to register the card is horrible. I tried to “activate” my 2 cards and both said “error”. Called customer service and they said I could only swipe the cards till I activate them. I tried 5 more times and no luck. I wish there was a way to remove my money without just spending it. That’s the whole point of getting a prepaid card to be able to use it as a debit, (money orders and ATM) but this card is horrible and is only good for gas stations and McDonald’s.
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3 years ago, thisguyhaslittledollarz
Fix your new app please!
The old Serve app was fine. Everything necessary, everything worked. I’ve had nothing but problems with the new app and no customer service team to talk to about it. Here are some of the issues I’ve had so far..... -Failure to load whatsoever -Loading, then crashing during thumbprint scanning and not loading again for hours -Loading long enough to see my balance, then crashing and not loading again for hours -Loading, but no buttons work and the blue circle just keeps spinnin’ -Closing and re-opening the app does nothing, or makes the loading issue worse next time -I’ll give up trying, come back 30 mins or a couple hours later, and will still have issues with the app Overall, the new app has only worked correctly maybe 35-40% of the time I’ve had it. I do like the new look of things, but c’mon guys. I know I have an old phone (iPhone 6S+), but c’mon... I may close my AmEx account because of this. I can understand glitches in games and other entertainment apps, but money is a more serious subject and now I’m nervous about this app and my account. Please fix, and thanks in advance!
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6 years ago, David10381
Lies lies and more lies
Now that serve has been bought by another company they are no longer posting direct deposits the same way. A coworker has rushcard and gets paid at 8pm. Serve on the other hand doesn’t pay you until 12am and sometimes it’s later. Their reps lie and say they post direct deposits when they get them. If that were actually the case I’d be getting my direct deposit much earlier as my coworker and I share the same employer and payroll. So effectively you are only getting paid 1 day early, when they advertise up to 2 days. The major problem, is that I don’t like being LIED to when it comes to finances. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. Representatives saying deposits post when they come in is an absolute lie as evidenced by my coworker getting his deposit 12 hours before me. The company that purchased serve also operated a failed prepaid card called myvanilla. I actually had this card and encountered direct deposit issues and closed the account. Serve’s support is non existent. And their customer service drones repeat the same information over and over. Do yourself a favor and open a real bank account so you don’t have to deal with the headaches.
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2 months ago, T1R9I9P9P
They give you a virtual card to use until your actual card comes in the mail… except they don’t send the actual card and suspend your access to your virtual card. When you call to find out what’s going on, 1 will tell you to hold while they confirm your card’s in the mail but when they get back on the line 2 minutes later they forget they were even talking to you, like you’re a new caller and make you verify everything again, eventually they tell you it’s in the mail and access reinstated for the virtual card, but it’s not. You call again, same line, but it’s not. 3rd time they just tell you too bad and wait for your card in the mail. No reason, just an oh well.
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7 months ago, best unicorns12344372🦄🦄
Serve card
I love that it’s free to add money any time at the dollar store and if you don’t have a balance when the monthly fee is due it will just waive it or take what you have left. The only negatives are if you get a refund from anywhere it takes 7 days to go back to your card and if your information is stolen and your card is used by a scammer they don’t refund like a bank does. Thankfully that hasn’t happened to me but it did to my grandma and she lost $200 because of it. They sent her a new card but refused to refund the money which is ridiculous in my opinion. She closed her account and I don’t blame her.
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3 years ago, LJ Elevias
Updated to new version June 2021 - it works
After reading the newest reviews, I got concerned about updating to the new version, but it works fine on my iphone 8 plus with ios 13.4.1 (not the latest ios) I had to re enter my login info after upgrade, however, it remembered my bank info and was able to load my card. I use it mainly for subscription services in case something funky goes on with a sudden up-charge on monthly package. 😊
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3 years ago, Fratutis2
What Happened???
You took a app that was easy, had great eye appeal and turned it into a Minimalist looking app. Which is ok... the minimal performance is terrible . It has become useless to me. I find myself having to use the website for everything. Besides the inconvenience of one time codes... never knowing how long the smallest actions , that use to take seconds to do will take. The old app I could literally be standing at the register and be able to move money add money, whatever without missing a beat ( holding up the cashier or the customer behind me ) something that never happened, into me having to step out of line... ok that said , I love my card. I hate your new app!!! Oh and a viable compensation would be wonderful... thank you . Ms. Sandra Mc Peters
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3 years ago, azn4mcali
Get it right Amex
I have used this app for almost 2 years and now it’s giving me problems just like everyone is saying. Every time I put my password which I know is correct cause I can log in on the web sight …on the app it gives me the same saying that everyone is getting. Come on American Express get it right doesn’t anyone read these reviews by their customers??? We are saying the same things for the last few weeks FIX YOUR APP for your customers. The point of having an app is for the convenient for your customers! I get my pay check direct deposited into serve but if they can’t get their app fixed it’s fine I guess I will take my financial payments deposited into pay pal atleast their app is working lol
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6 years ago, 91keys
The worst sign a angry customer
I have been a card holder for about four months now I must say that I will be canceling my services however I don’t understand why you don’t have a opinion on the phone services to be transferred to a agent about general question are to discuss a transaction not only is this company backwards I am having issues with the app and website to view my account and it is showing no recent transactions this a billion dollar company not once did I receive a email are phone call letting me know I will be experiencing this issue getting to close to the holidays to be experiencing issues I know I have deposited over 6,000 in the past three months to be a major credit card company I am very disappointed and dissatisfied
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3 years ago, Aymles
App Stopped Working
I have been a Serve customer for years. Love the card. Prefer to use cash over credit. Loved the app before. Recently they upgraded. Worked great for a few months then I couldn’t log in. I thought it was me. Right? Stupid user? No. I can log in from my PC just fine. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve restarted my phone. Everything. Still can’t log in. Serve doesn’t have any tech support so now I have no app. So really - don’t bother. You can use it from your desktop. Which is still great. But you can’t check your balance on the run or transfer funds when you need it. I feel like I’ve gone backwards 10 years. Definitely will be getting a different solution.
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1 year ago, Thebigsmata
Worse card ever
I will never get my refund or anything else that has to do with this lousy card or it’s platform, can’t use it anywhere , can’t make car payment for Honda or anything else and I tried to transfer fund to my bank account, of course that didn’t work waiting 30 mins for customer service to help me and worthless no help at all, if Jackson Hewitt uses this same card next year, I will go somewhere else and everyone I referred to Jackson Hewitt will do the same and the people they referred will too, the majority of my Saturday was wasted on hold waiting for them to help me, I’m locked out of my account now from trying transfer funds , I’m just so frustrated with this crap
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10 months ago, think im cute
I actually like this service
I got the Amex serv card through doing my taxes. I can honestly say it’s not a bad service. If I have a problem customer service is helpful. And if there’s any issues with fraud, they don’t just keep your money, they do their due diligence in returning any moneys and you do have to file the proper paperwork. Not like cash app who just keeps your money under a clause that you don’t even know you’re signing up for.
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1 year ago, EzSale4U
Good app
This app is super accurate and very accessible the only problem is there no live number to call for help. I had a deposit made yesterday & while it is the weekend I understand it may delayed but I have a feeling this is going to be an issue if this don’t work out. I will never use this again. However , if it does work out then this will be my new week direct deposit account!! Big test for serve lol.
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5 years ago, JiddieBiddiez
Happy Camper
I very much enjoy this card. My friends and family have this card and we all love it. The money transfer option is very helpful. Family and friends with the card out of state need a little help? No problem I’m able to send them money with no charge. I believe the bank transfer is great too. I’ve had this serve card for about 6-7 years now. I love this prepaid card. I recently upgraded my card to the cash back one and it’s been great to me so far.
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2 years ago, Nick from Boston
American Express serve
I have been using this card for many years now I enjoy using it although some places do not except American Express which is a bummer but overall a enjoy the easy access to whatever I need to do with my card whether it’s to link it to a bank account grab another card for my daughter and transfer funds yeah it’s a great card for my uses
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5 years ago, chargerace300
Almost perfect
I’ve been using my AmEx Serve now for about 4 years and have never had any issues. I use it almost daily and I load my card daily with the app. If for some reason I am not able to use the app to load, I can simply just walk in to my nearest 7-Eleven and reload my card at the counter. I love having full control. I feel comfortable handing over my card at restaurants without fear of anyone recording my card digits due to only keeping funds active when I need it. FYI I use an iPhone 8 with the latest update.
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3 years ago, Regretful Costomer from OH
Horrible New App Update
This new software update doesn’t work for Apple IPhone Pro running recent 14.2 Apple update. I can’t access my account from the app or online I had to call customer service to transfer money to my main account. I’m so done with SERVE, every two weeks it’s some kind of glitch in their system. Last time I in line looking stupid at Pets Mart trying to pay for my dogs grooming services but the transaction kept declining while taking three times money out my account. Worst part about it while all this is going on SERVE customer service wasn’t taking calls the recording would just hang up on you. They did fix it two days later without any communication with me.
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3 years ago, SERVE APP USER
Hello SERVE App Developer, The updated IOS version of this application hasn’t been as desirable as the previous version when factoring one issue in particular. Although seemingly more modern in appearance and options, the present version of the SERVE app apparently has a bug that causes it to randomly redirect to the login screen when attempting to carry out particular tasks. (Ex: Transferring funds from one SERVE account to another.) There have been occasions where I’ve been repeatedly prompted to log back in due to the app randomly closing itself out. (Yes, the app has been uninstalled and reinstalled on 3 separate occasions as a troubleshooting method.) Overall, the app itself functions reasonably when I’m not being prompted to log-in on (3) separate occasions in one session. Hopefully this glitch can be addressed so that the user experience may become a more streamlined experience. SERVE APP USER
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3 years ago, Lady_gemini1
Unable to Access Account through newly launched App
I continue to receive a error message that something went wrong try back later every time I try to log in through the app. My account works fine through a browser and was working fine in the app prior to this so called enhancement/improvement to the app now it doesn’t work at all. On another note, customer service has been no help because supposedly this is a issue for the technical team who is always busy and they dont have a call back feature. So we are supposed to keep calling and wait on hold. I guess it’s time to find another service that works and has better customer service.
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3 years ago, liciaannee
It really should be zero stars. Thousands of people haven’t been able to use their cards since yesterday morning. Then because of so many declines from trying to use your card, they lock your account. But because of the stimulus they’re not taking calls for ANYTHING for 2 days now. Even if your card is stolen, you can’t get through because they’re just not taking calls. Hope their customer service reps are enjoying their vacation while everyone is unable to use their cards to pay bills, buy food etc. I’d never expect this level of I professionalism from American Express, even if it’s just a branch of it and not directly related.
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2 years ago, anajashadai
Extremely Useless and poor customer service!!
My issue is with customer service I have had to order two cards from serve. Why because the agent didn’t put my apartment number on there when I ordered my permanent card.I’m still waiting to see if my card will arrive this is my second time having to wait 7-10 business days for a new card. They are useless and don’t try to help resolve any issue I will never file my taxes again through Jackson Hewitt!! Now that I know this is what you have to deal with to get your money.I’m pretty sure if I’m having this problem other people are as well never again!!
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3 years ago, Coastalwave
Cannot log into app for WEEKS
For this garbage we pay $5.95 a month?! Not anymore, I’m switching to the free Cash App even though I despise Jack Dorsey!!! It has a free physical card associated with your account, by the way. The new Serve app is horrible. Every time I try to log in it gives the singularly unhelpful response ‘oops, something went wrong, try again later.’ I could log in on the app two weeks ago. There is no problem with my account as I can log in just fine on Safari. IT’S THE BLASTED APP!!! How on earth does Amex, one of the most respected credit-card companies on the planet, allow such colossal incompetence for so long? If I could I’d give it -5 stars.
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