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User Reviews for SharkClean

4.76 out of 5
272.9K Ratings
3 months ago, Porch-dog
Best Floor Robot Vacuum I have owned.
I have owned several other brands of robot vacuums. The others constantly banged up the baseboards of my walls, needed constant supervision, and were a jumble with no specific method for complete coverage in floor cleaning. I had walked out on robots for the floor, and then along came the Sharp Matrix Robot Vacuum with its fantastic technology 📱 that left the others at the starting gates. This machine cleans 🛀 the house 🏠 effortlessly and effectively. It also created a beautiful map on the Sharp app on my iPhone or iPad so you can control all functions of the robot right from your cell phone or pad. You can clean the entire home regularly or have it clean a specific room. You can even tell it to avoid certain areas of your bungalow ( computer wires, etc,) and it will remember what is off limits 🚫. I found this product on an introductory sale at my local Costco. This Sharp Matrix Vacuum robot is an excellent product at a great price. In my opinion., it beats all the others, hands down. I would buy another one today if I did not already have this one. James Hailey
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3 years ago, Sasuke12346065
Great so far
I’ve had the robot for about 4 days now and so far it’s been great. I had a hiccup the first day because the bin got clogged and had to be manually removed. However I gave it the benefit of doubt simply because my floors at the time were atrocious. The vacuum mapped the house on the second go which I found to be great and now with scheduling I’ll be able to keep the floors clean enough so it doesn’t get clogged again. I rate for 4 stars because there are some features on the app that I’d really like to see. First I’d like see the scheduling be more flexible as far as being able to choose which rooms are to be cleaned. I know this issue has been brought up so hopefully the developers are listening in this one. The second thing I’d like to see is permanent choices such as vacuum strength always being on max. I shouldn’t have to always go into the app to change the vacuum settings it should be something that’s done automatically based on user preference otherwise that defeats the purpose of setting a schedule and being done with it. I just feel the robot does a much better job picking up the finer material on the ground when on max and battery life shouldn’t be an excuse on a robot that can charge and resume. I really hope the developers take these request seriously because so far I’m loving it and I know it can be so much better!
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3 years ago, MomOf2+twins
This app and map feature is HORRIBLE!!!
I have had “Alice” for almost a week. She had a map that was almost accurate but every time I was prompted to accept or delete the map, I would click on “Approve” but the app was repeatedly non-responsive. I could find nothing on the FAQ, manual or online to help problem solve the issue. I tried to email customer service but the app kept telling me I needed to first enter my personal email in my phone, even though it is stored in both my phone and through my registration of the app/ linked product. I finally found where you could reset Alice to factory settings so I did that, uninstalled/reinstalled app. The online video shows that the robot will first “Explore” your home to get an initial map and includes screenshots. Neither time during set up did this part happen for me. It went straight to prompts for WiFi set up, explained briefly that mapping will take several cleans and then it prompts you to click “Clean”. I keep doing this but whenever I click “Clean” after it has docked, it starts again with my master bedroom and rarely gets to areas yet to be “cleaned.” I am happy with Shark vacuum quality having the stick vacuum, but if I have to spend so much time problem solving the app so I can create rooms to vacuum more frequently where my dogs are, then it’s not worth the high cost, right? I’ll return to change my app rating if/when it gets better, which I hope is SOONER rather than never.
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3 years ago, Renee_7319
I find it extremely hard to believe that this app has nearly 5 stars. This app is trash. It rarely controls my vacuum like it’s supposed to. The map feature and being able to instruct the vacuum to clean a specific area does not work. It literally never works. The app will show that the vacuum is docked when it’s actually cleaning. If it begins it’s second clean and I feel like it doesn’t need to I hit the dock on the app to end the clean but the vacuum just keeps going. The new feature where you’re supposed to be able to get more cleaning time out of your battery doesn’t even show up on this app. I have repeatedly tried to update the profile on this app and always get the message “something went wrong”. I have have the RV1001AE robot. My vacuum is pretty great. A little dumb sometimes like heading to the opposite end of the house when it’s dock light is flashing. And cleaning specific spaces repeatedly and other spaces halfway or only one time. Kind weird but it does the job no matter how oddly I think it gets it done. But the app to control just doesn’t work. I generally just press the button on the vacuum itself to get it started because the cleaning schedule doesn’t work on here either. People please stop writing your reviews for the vacuum on here! Your review of the vacuum goes on the shark website. Review the actual app on here….this isn’t that hard. I really like Shark products but this app needs an overhaul.
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3 years ago, Kmusic1
Make sure it works before release!
My Shark was FINALLY performing pretty much as it should, after receiving the latest firmware. Then it began doing things never before experienced, and not doing others, such as providing the history of each (daily) operation. This is very inconvenient and annoying as it is not possible to see where the vacuum swept during the routine. Also, we have it set to recharge and resume due to the large area to be cleaned. Just before the app update and after the firmware update, the unit would sweep until the battery level was well below 50% before returning to the base. Now, it stops at one hour, usually with 80 - 85% remaining, recharges, then cleans for another hour and stops, no matter how much area is covered. Lately it seems to resweep many places and completely skip others, but never the same from one day to another. Again, it’s hard to be sure without the history. This is by observation and by any debris remaining on the floor. (If it sweeps an area it gets the debris!) When this unit works correctly it is a joy, however I have had to contact customer service so often recently that I’m about to throw in the towel and switch brands. It would be a shame if it were due to poor programming of an app that completely destroyed the usefulness of the product! Check these out BEFORE release rather than trying to clean up the mistakes after upsetting your customers!
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3 years ago, !Dane!
This vacuum has been amazing. I have a LOT of corners and crevices that it gets into and surprisingly gets back out! My main floor is about 2000sq ft of all hardwood floors and the vacuum runs for 75min to do the whole main floor. Against what I thought was my better judgement (because I knew there would be an impossible amount of hair to keep up with), I allowed my son to rescue a Husky. She is one of the sweetest rescues we’ve ever got to live with and because of this vacuum, I almost never see her hair around the house. It’s just amazing! During that 75min period, SharkBaitOhAhAh empties herself midway, but keeps them on going to get the rest. And the holding container holds enough that I only have to empty it every other full cycle. The only downside of these disc vacuums is the sound and why I rated 4 stars. They are a little loud so if I’m on a phone call, it’s a small inconvenience, but I will have to pause the session because the person on the other end can hear the motor going, similarly as you would if using any upright or handheld. Not a huge deal but would be a nice improvement on future models. I also have a Rumba disc vacuum for carpets that we use in the basement but it doesn’t hold a candle to the Shark brand. I will often have to pull out my Shark upright to finish what the Rumba missed. Shark Brand is the BEST!
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3 years ago, Rydaddy33
Works but could be better
So far the vacuum is OK. The app needs some major work. I would like to see the ability to schedule certain rooms for certain days or times, and the ability to do multiple maps and floors. I wish I could tell it to vacuum in certain directions as well. I created a ‘room’ for a certain area within a room so that I could tell it to go clean that area specifically. We have birds and they are messy, which is why I got the vacuum. Being able to label areas within rooms or ‘go zones’ would be helpful but I guess the room layering will work for now. Have only run the vacuum twice and it mapped pretty well. It took a while for the map and the option to clean certain rooms to show up though. One worry I had was that it would just push seed shells and feathers around rather than pick them up. So far it has done a pretty good job, although there is some air output that makes really loose feathers fly away. Definitely glad for the empty bin as she picks up a lot of stuff. It’s good at resuming after emptying, but not after returning to charge. I assumed it would just automatically go clean once it was charged but it hasn’t. I think if you tell it to clean it will go back to where it stopped though. Time will tell if this is a worthwhile investment.
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4 years ago, MandyC523
PLEASE UPDATE THE APP FOR 5 STARS.... to have more than one schedule time!! We love Bruce!!!
We have had Bruce Shark IQ Self Emptiing... (Shark’s name from Nemo...”hi Bruce”) since May 2020 and it took a little while to map the house but once it was set he was golden. He can be a little loud but it’s a vacuum so who cares. Only issue I have is we have a Lab who sheds 2 more of herself a day. It says it doesn’t clog but nearly every time it goes to empty it’s clogged and we have to cut the hairs off of the roll. My main issue is we groom her (brush her daily and bathe her weekly) but she still leaves a whole new lab on our hardwood floors (we have dark floors and she is a yellow lab) I mean that is good so we can see if it’s being picked up and not having guests coming over and us thinking it’s clean when it’s not... so as far as Bruce goes he does his job. As far as the App goes it drives me bonkers you can only set one schedule... I personally would like one in the morning afternoon and at night or at least in the late morning or evening... please add this option to the app please. Thanks so much! The only reason I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is due to the app being behind. Other robots have more than one scheduled time you can place on your robot for when you just don’t want to have to think about it which is the point. I don’t think it would clog if it was cleaning more than once a day.
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4 years ago, Saonas
Hire new programmers!!!
First it took several tries to get this device to connect to the app even though there was a pop up to join the Shark device Wi-Fi. Then it didn’t want to join the Wi-Fi at home. Finally got past that. Whew. Then I went to register the device. What a challenge. I work in IT and was finally able to find a work around. When you go to register it sends you an email to confirm the email address and account. Should be pretty simple but this link took you back to the App Store. When you click open in the app stairs it takes you to the app but doesn’t take the account verification, instead it won’t let you log in because you have to register your account. This sends you another email so you just get an endless loop (the first thing they teach you to avoid when you learn programming). The work around was to register the account on their website. Of course when verified it said the password was wrong so then it sent an email to reset the password. Seriously guys, get new programmers. So my next step was to enable the Alexa skill. Hahahaha. Good luck with that. You get the log in and enter your information only to get a bad gateway error. There is no way to get past this. The partnership with Alexa was one of my reasons for purchasing this device. PLEASE GET NEW PROGRAMMERS!!!! I haven’t used the device yet but this review is for the App.
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3 years ago, Dtgoodwin
Needs some improvements
This app works well in a basic way, but there are several areas that need improvement. First, notifications are broken. I often get notified of old notifications. I clear them, but then they come back. The app will show notifications when none are present. Second, scheduling is not very advanced. All you can do is set one time for all days, and it assumes you will clean the whole area. This could be improved by allowing schedules for certain rooms, different times on different days, multiple times per day (to allow for individual room cleaning at different times). I would also like to set suction power. I want to clean my high traffic areas every day and on high suction with other rooms being cleaned at different times and at different suction. Third, it seems to start over as far as the progress indicator if it encounters any error. Fixing the error should just resume the progress. Fourth the map needs a lot of work. Being able to only create box’s for rooms and no go zones is very inflexible. I’d love to be able to draw a line for no-go, and being able to create shapes by stretching corners or even free-forming a design would be very helpful. Finally, create a suggestion option within the app so it could be improved.
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4 years ago, Kolonel1
Helen Keller
We love our shark but it does at times lie to us. The history map sometimes does not reflect what she had actually done during a cleaning cycle. Sometimes she acts lost and has difficulty finding the docking station. The docking is positioned according to the instructions and we have never moved it, but she will eventually find the docking station. We have a complete map and named the various rooms. I did not over tax the program by naming every single room. Instead I have four areas that were names, master bedroom (bedroom and bathroom), kitchen (kitchen and dining room), living room (living room and foyer)and den (den and extra bedroom). If I indicate to have the master cleaned, the shark will head to the dining room. It’s as if she disregards the cleaning instructions. Because of her actions we have named her Helen Keller (Helen for short). Aside from that we are happy with Helen’s performance. It actually cleans the floors and carpeted areas. I have run my upright Shark vacuum over areas Helen had just cleaned just to see what she missed. To my surprise she misses very little. Very impressive considering her size and being completely blind at times. I’m looking forward to any and all updates. Hopefully Helen will do better and rid herself of the dark colored shades and cane.
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4 years ago, Chris D....
Awful mapping. Terrible support.
We’ve run our Shark IQ 33 times over 21 hours and the map of our house is still not finished and has been getting worse. The main problem is the robot goes to the same side of the house EVERY TIME. Not once has it went to the other side of the house first. The battery (even on eco mode) runs low before it makes it to the other side (all but 3-5 times) so the rooms that we need to clean the most never get mapped. I’ve gone as far as to remove most of the furniture in the side it goes to every time to help speed up the process, but still nothing. I’m not a programmer, but it baffles me as to why it doesn’t alternate the direction it searches in while mapping. Seems like common sense to me. I called Shark and the only option they gave me was to reset the map. 6 days of constantly baby sitting and having all the lights on in our house, running as often as possible, for nothing. I’d return immediately if I could, but we used gift cards and we don’t need $400 in store credit at bed bath and beyond. I can’t even tell if it cleans well because we have to run it in the lowest power mode so that it can attempt to map the house! So the actual cleaning may not be up to par, but I don’t know. I should’ve listened to all the negative reviews online. The software of this robot is excessively poor. The Roomba self emptying robots can’t possibly be this bad.
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3 years ago, jon1061
Great vac!
We recently installed luxury vinyl plank on our entire first floor. We have 2 cats and a dog. Between pet hair, cat litter, and every day dirt, the Shark does a great job keeping up on the vacuuming. I have it scheduled to clean the entire first floor at 8am every day and then just the room with the litter box at 4pm. Mapping took 2 days and is working good for me. I’ve had about one month now. I’ve been too curious to wait and see if it can go 30 days without emptying. I empty it about once a week but will probably let it go longer once curiosity subsides. 2 minors for me so far. 1 - twice now I’ve found the shark turned off next to a doorstop attached to baseboard. I’m not sure why there’s a power switch that could be pressed so easily. 2 - the Alexa integration needs some work. It took a while for me to figure out how to create an Alexa routine to automatically clean a specific room. It seems like it always wants to ask you which robot to use. After much searching online, I found how to do it. There’s an action called “custom”. I then write “alexa, tell {robot name} to clean laundry room”.
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3 years ago, 70Boss
First days with Shark IQ
The first cleaning is a bit trying as we learn the capabilities of this robot. We have many pets, so the initial clean was full of many alerts as the sensors would get obstructed or the roller would jam. The second full clean went much better and with the third, we had a good map that allowed us to choose rooms. Very nice feature. Challenges for us: The bin fills pretty quickly and fur tends to resist being evacuated by the canister vacuum. I’ve been tracking customer feedback and have seen the firmware in the robot has improved greatly over this past year. That says a lot for this company. Additional future recommendations for Shark IQ Development would be: 1) Allow more time sections for returning for emptying. 30 minutes may not be often enough for our home. 2) The ability to schedule rooms for cleaning. Some rooms need daily cleaning, others do not. It would also help with the collecting too much debris. 3) Mapped “keep out” locations. The mapped rooms work well so perhaps there may be enough resolution of this as well. Overall pleased with product and hopeful of additional software updates.
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6 years ago, connected99
mine connected initially, dropped and then would not reconnect no matter what i did. then i called tech support and the following got me connected and it has worked perfectly ever since...(1) made sure my phone was using the latest ios (2) turned off my cellular data (3) selected “forget” on my wifi connection on my phone...then reconnected (4) presses doc and spot to put vac into setup mode (5) clicked on the vac in my wifi setting to connect to it (6) when redirected to the yellow colored screen in the app clicked “done” not select the wifi at this point - this is where the problem is- you have to click “done” and select the wifi connection and enter your password later. (7) clicked add robot in app (8) selected the wifi to connect to (9) walked through the rest of the setup steps and named the vac (10) waited on the app to connect and....Presto, it was connected and has not lost its connection since. Of course, you can turn your cellular data back on after this. So, try this or call tech support. They were awesome, very nice, knowledgeable and patient.
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6 months ago, cckttapley
Waste of Time and Money
I purchased the Shark Ion Robot V750 series back in March ‘23, and there have been so many wrong things with this robot. First, I’ve spent hours of my life just trying to get the Robot to connect to the WiFi. The initial setup was a nightmare. The instructions didn’t match the version I purchased. Then when I FINALLY figured out how to activate the WiFi function, it wouldn’t connect to the WiFi. I had to call customer support and it took them DAYS to get my Shark connected to my online account. I couldn’t do this through the app. There was also a “mapping” feature advertised on the box, but that’s not a feature I can access. My Robot doesn’t map out anything. It slowly moves randomly around the house bumping into things hoping to sweep up the debris. I can’t fully register in the app because there isn’t a “United States” option so I can’t enter my address or phone number. Finally, we recently changed WiFi providers and when I went to connect my Shark to the new network and nothing I do works. The app goes through the motions and says the Shark is connected successfully, but when the whole process is over, there still isn’t a connection. I’ve only had the Robot 9 months and, needless to say, both the vacuum and app are garbage. Don’t waste your time or money!!!
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4 years ago, Mississippi Musician
Pretty darn good
It’s amazing because I don’t have to pull the “real” vacuum out of the closet very often. It is amazing because I get to see how much dirt and dog hair it cleans up when I empty the container (which is super satisfying). I will say that it seems to have no rhyme or reason to the rooms it chooses or the vacuum pattern that it takes, but it seems to do a pretty good job. Overall it is definitely worth the money. The battery life isn’t super great (about 1-1-1/2 hrs) but for anyone in a single story home it’s fine and after charging for a couple of hours, it picks right back up. I wish it had a setting where you could take it upstairs and map that area of your home, but it doesn’t. You would have to buy another unit. We have two Australian Shepard dogs and they shed constantly. Our home is much less “crunchy” and “fuzzy” since we bought the Shark. My favorite part is probably the app. I can map out my downstairs and remotely tell it what specific rooms need cleaning. Pretty awesome. Good job Shark. Maybe work on the level of suction and add options for how it cleans the room. Example: diagonal, horizontal, multi-pass mode, deep clean mode, etc. I’m a happy customer. Thanks y’all
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5 years ago, serickjr
Bad WiFi Connectivity
We bought our Shark Ion Robot RV750 just over a year ago. I tried several times every day for about 3 months to get it connected to WiFi with no luck. I gave up and one day it connected on its own, finally... Then the newest update came out, disconnected it and again I can not get it to reconnect! We really love our little Rosie, she does a fantastic job in our farm house. She has no problem at all cleaning up after our dirty feet, dogs and 4 grandsons running in and out of the house from playing in the fields around us, but this WiFi issue is a big problem. We love and use the schedule option, but can’t without WiFi. It is also supposed to be voice controlled through our Google Home, but that doesn’t work either. It’s not a problem bending down to turn it on, but it’s a huge inconvenience with our busy schedule. I’ve performed all of the trouble shooting suggestions in the help section more times than I can count. I’ve searched and searched for a fix for these connectivity problems but nothing comes up and from what I’ve read in these reviews calling customer service is completely useless. If Shark see’s this review I would really appreciate some actual help and a fix for this long time on going problem!!
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6 months ago, My Sharky
My shark experience
I absolutely love my Shark robot vacuum. It is the third brand I tried. I was unhappy with the first two brands and I returned them both within a few weeks. One was cheaper and the other was more expensive thank my current one. This Shark vacuum is so much better than either. It accurately mapped my house and thoroughly covers all areas every time I run it. It returns to the docking station to empty and goes right back to pick up where it left off. When the battery is low it returns to recharge (about 3 hours) and again returns to finish the job. The other two had difficulty finding the docking station. The Shark always goes straight to it. The noise level is similar to the other two. Not too loud but noticeable. We can comfortably talk over it while it is running. The noise it makes when it empties is much louder but only lasts for a few seconds. There are a lot of features on the app, however, I haven’t had an opportunity to use most of them yet. My floors have never been cleaner and with no effort from me.
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3 years ago, vengebrit
Horrid App!
The shark robot itself seems fine, but occasionally won’t connect. I still can’t get SharkClean to connect with Google Home or Google Assistant. It appears to link but every time the assistant turns it over to SharkClean, it says there is an error connecting. The fact that my house is one level and 2900 sf makes it a challenge. We setup in the middle of the house. So far, it’s done well over 25 routines in six days but I have yet to see the ability to use the map to designate rooms. The videos they show are ridiculously banal and vague. No where does it tell you that it takes return trips to empty and recharge then starts over. It has yet to do my entire house and usually starts in the same pattern so there are places yet to be seen. I’m such a neat vacuumer myself that I’m annoyed at how it misses corners and around large furniture that it can clearly go under! If you have a sleep number bed - BEWARE! It will try to go over your hoses under the bed. Use something to block it from going near them. 34 runs in 2900 sf in six days a no still no usable app. So I’ve had it a week and find it does a great job in high traffic areas and getting up dog hair and dust but I’m getting so frustrated over the app that it’s spoiling my enjoyment. PLEASE IMPROVE THIS BAD APP!!!!
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3 years ago, Dman21211212
Cleans really well, but app could be so much better so easily
The mapping is a great idea, but it’s executed poorly. You are not able to edit the perimeter of the map at all. You can delete interior walls, but once you do, you can only add rectangular rooms. You can use the merge feature to add 90 degree turns, but once you merge them, it will enlarge the room by like 2x for no reason so you have to stretch it back to where it was… every time you want to make a wall turn. It’s practically unusable unless the robot runs the scan for the 20th time and actually does it close to perfect, because you are not going to be able to edit it. We ran the scan twice so far and the map had so many easily fixable mistakes that I wasn’t able to fix because it’s impossible to use the editing feature. This also ruins pretty much all the other features like setting zones and spot clean if you want to spot clean outside the map since the app won’t let you add that area unless you also scan the rest of your house again. All that being said, this thing cleaned our floors so well we could eat off them. Great robot design; bad app design.
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5 years ago, ScottMac123
Shark IQ Self-Empty is nothing more than a glorified random pattern robot
Shark IQ Self-Empty is nothing more than a glorified random pattern robot due to the lack of robot/app connectivity. We have strong WiFi signal throughout our house. When the robot is running, the WiFi indicator on the robot indicates it is receiving strong signal. However, the app constantly loses connectivity with the Shark IQ and is therefore impossible to monitor and control. What good is the schedule feature if the app can’t communicate with the robot? Every time the robot returns to the dock (if it can even find it) connectivity is lost with the app shortly thereafter- even if I have the phone directly beside it! In addition, the robot has NEVER been able to navigate to a selected room as advertised. Until the app is able to maintain connection with the robot, the Shark IQ falls way short of expectations. Updates have not improved connectivity issues. WiFi light on robot still shuts off while charging and connectivity with app is lost - rendering the the robot useless. We cannot schedule anything nor can we start the robot from another location. The only way we can reconnect with the robot is to remove it from the dock/shut off/replace on dock. What’s the point? Robot falls way short of advertised capabilities. I see no alternative but to return the Shark.
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2 weeks ago, Dahiya Das Family
Its a miracle and a blessing
We are a working couple, and weekend is packed with cleaning, washing, arranging and scheduling. It used to get overwhelming. We were a bit apprehensive before investing in shark cleaning and mopping robot but we were advised by some friends to buy the robot since they had a great experience. Fortunately, we could get a $200 off deal and we decided to take the risk. Surprisingly, Shark gives you satisfaction guarantee, meaning, you can use the Shark 2-in-1 matrix clean robot for three months and return it if not satisfied. I am glad that I invested in the Shark 2-in-1 matrix clean, I am completely satisfied. It keeps its promise, what is even better is that there are different modes that you could use, it also cleans the corners. When you use matrix clean or spot clean, its amusing to see how it goes above and beyond to make sure that area is absolutely clean. Now our house gets cleaned every day and I reserve my weekends for family activities and for some deep cleaning projects. I would recommend this product without a doubt.
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6 months ago, Dexvargas
Shark Matrix
I recently bought the shark matrix and it has been a little over 2 weeks, and I’m amazed at how well it’s keeping my house clean. I have a corgi who sheds like crazy and was tired of having to vacuum up myself every day which is what pushed me to buy a shark robot vacuum. After watching many reviews, and it being on sale I finally bought one. For the price I paid it is perfect. I also love that it comes with a bag less self emptying base which was another factor in choosing this model. The house mapping feature could use a little more work though, but it’s pretty accurate for the most part. I like that I can designate certain no go points to avoid certain obstacles that would otherwise make the vacuum get stuck or mess something up around the house. I also wish I could map out another floor in the house. Maybe in a future update they will allow that, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. I highly recommend this model to anyone looking to keep their home free or dust and pet hair.
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2 years ago, Spod4521
want to love it.
The latest update broke it!!!! Keeps asking me to approve my map and it says disconnected. Can’t get past approving my map. PLEASE FIX. The app now shows it has cleaned my entire house when all it is doing is going around the perimeter of rooms and returning to the base thinking it is done. Come on for this much money this thing needs to be better. Since the update I can’t ever connect to my robot. Constantly restarting. Please fix. Update: now the robot totally dies before even getting close to the room the dock is in. I have deleted my maps a second time and it just keeps cleaning the same room repeatedly. The app says the robot is at 100% but after cleaning doe 40 min that is completely inaccurate. So far not impressed with the mapping at all. It does 3 passes in a room and then goes into the next room and does about the same. It keeps going over the edge of my stairs and getting stuck. It also NEVER cleans and resumes in fact half the time it stops with 40% battery. Yes ALL the lights are on in my house and I have cleaned the sensors and gotten 0 help from support. Where it does vacuum it does great and gets under places that never get vacuumed. This needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, 1Runner123456
App has some issues
The app works okay most of the time but it does have some issues that are annoying. It would be nice if you could set the mode (vacuum power level) and keep it instead of having to reset it to your preferred mode on every cleaning cycle. It kind of takes away from the convenience of having a cleaning schedule. The other issue I see with the app is with the notifications. First of all I have them turned off, and they still come through, which is a problem. Second, I delete and/or clear there notifications and they continually pop up, for days to weeks after I have already cleared them. I should not be receiving notifications from last week telling me that the Shark can’t clean because the dust bin has been removed. I delete them and they continually pop up while the Shark is actively cleaning. The vacuum itself is great, works really well for my needs, and I have 2 hairy dogs. The mapping seems to work well and the history feature on the app is nice so you can see what areas the Shark may have missed each day. I would rate the app a lot higher if it weren’t for the annoyances I noted, that seem like they should be easily corrected.
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6 years ago, KelliVH
Not connecting?!?!!
I love the robot itself. But I bought this one in particular because if it’s good reviews and app control. I set it to clean on the days that I would like for it to clean. It’s cleaning on those days but the app says that it’s not connected. But it still cleaning on the correct days/times. But I can’t check the status of my robot because the app says it’s not connected. So when It got stuck the other day I did not know. Because according to my app didn’t even clean. My husband was home and said it did.. I have deleted and reinstalled the app & the robot multiple times. Only to find out an hour later it says it’s lost connectivity. So my vacuum leaves the dock to clean at scheduled times but never turns back to the dock. It’s a little annoying that it says it’s not connected yet the Wi-Fi signal on my vacuum is lit up and my Wi-Fi around my house is very strong. But the app says there’s no connectivity??! The shark can’t clean on the schedule if there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity. So I’m a little confused as to why the app says there’s no connectivity but my vac is still cleaning on schedule. I get no updates or status on my robot because the app says it’s not connected yet it’s moving on my house cleaning as I write this review.
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6 years ago, Texan Grandmom
Shark vacuums
I have several Shark vacuums, the Rocket when I had carpet, the new Duo Clean which I got when we recently had hardwood floors installed, and now the Ion Robot, which my husband got me for Mother’s Day. I have been so impressed with the quality and affordability of all my Shark vacuums. Over the years I have had a number of more expensive vacuums and none of them measure up to the Shark vacuums I have back problems now and love the light weight and ease of use of the Shark vacuums. The Ion Robot has been especially helpful for me and does a very good job of cleaning my hardwood and tile floors. I only have to use my Duo Clean occasionally to get the few areas the robot can’t get to such as under the couch and large arm chairs. The Ion Robot cleans under my tables and even my beds! The Duo Clean is wonderful for tile and hardwood and I have been impressed how well it picks stuff up, down to even the dust on the floors. You can actually see where the vacuum has been run as you’re vacuuming because the dust is gone. I’m a Shark customer for life!
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3 years ago, A Random User #
Great Vacuum, Excellent App Features, Map Needs Work
This vacuum does well in a large 2000 sq ft/ level house. We've purchased a second for the other floor. The empty and resume is excellent, but like charge and resume is a bit buggy. Our floor plan is not standard, and it is 75/25 on going back to the right place. The map feature needs a serious update. The fact that you can build in rooms is great. I went through and measured each room, and overlaid it on the map. Once you do that, however, it decreases those rooms to the map it has vice adjusting its map to account for the missed areas. For us this includes the hallway which leads back to the dock. So, every fifth run or so it gets lost in the master bedroom on the opposite side of the wall dock from the foyer and can't find it. I could not leave the robot alone cleaning during the months we are not here. Also, it's not really a "foyer," but you can't name rooms. There is quite a limited selection to pick from so the names that we have standardized throughout our smart home cannot be employed as used over our Alexa and mesh networks. Hopefully the next update solves these, then it would be a 4.5 star review.
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2 years ago, Siffster
Mixed review on latest app update
The user interface on the new update 4.0 (40) is ugly and looks way different than the previous version. It’s just not pretty. Some data on the cleaning history has been wiped out and is not displayed (run time and area cleaned). If I tell it to go clean a specific room on the map instead of the whole house, it takes about 5 minutes after it launches from the dock to go into that specific room. It cleans the floor in the room where it’s docked for a few minutes before it heads into the room you asked it to go clean. But with the ugly comes some control fixes. The robot seems to communicate better and faster with the app whereas before the update some control buttons on the app were useless. I had to push the button on top of the robot if I wanted it to return to the dock before it finished its cleaning run. Also the “find robot” feature is now working in the updated version but didn’t in the previous version. Hopefully the developers will fine tune this version with a nicer looking interface while maintaining functionality.
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4 years ago, Not Weak
Good robot, terrible app
The functionality of the app is awful. We purchased for the ability to schedule rooms to clean daily. After more than 30 full house cleanings, it hadn’t mapped our home. Per support, we deleted the map and did a factory reset. We then did an additional 10 cleanings, but the robot was completely missing rooms of our home. We couldn’t schedule, cleanings, etc. Per support, another factory reset. Additional cleanings mapped the house within a handful of cleanings, but even when it would clean the whole house, it didn’t map some of the rooms. We decided to move forward with the map, hoping it would work itself out. We built out rooms, but still can’t schedule anything but an entire house cleaning. We can choose ad hoc cleaning to specific rooms (supports only resolution, which I think is crap) but it still ends up cleaning the entire house. We have another brand with comparable functionality and it far surpasses what Shark has been able to put out to date. But I love how the robot itself cleans. Emails to support do not get a response, and aside from recommending a factory reset, we are told our tickets are being escalated, but then there is never a response or resolution. I usually love Shark products, but this one needs a lot of work.
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4 years ago, SEF60
Cheaper than the Roomba I7
We had the Shark IQ robot for nearly one year with more than 200 cleanings of our 2100SF main floor. We’re not convinced its cheaper price over the Roomba makes it a better choice, mainly because it requires constant attention in order to get reasonably thorough cleaning. We’ve worked closely with Shark support in dozens of calls for help troubleshooting, and several firmware and App revisions later, the robot behaves differently but still has the same fundamental problems. For example, it frequently cannot find its way back to dock. It can’t create an accurate map. It is extremely inefficient doing a small area of one room, leaving to vacuum another room, returning to the previous room to vacuum more, etc. Having said that, the only reason we don’t rate it with only one star is because it does clean and we’ve appreciated the help it provides, but when we compare it to the Roomba I7 (a friend has the I7 and they don’t have the problems we see with this Shark), if we had the chance to start over and choose, we would probably spend the extra to get the Roomba.
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5 years ago, Jonathan Musk
Great App; some issues, needs stronger features
The app works great, besides my maps looking like I drew them when I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of puppies and kittens. The app definitely needs stronger features, such as running devices on the same mode each time they run. Say if I wanted to run the vacuum on ECO at all times; especially since it runs daily and works amazingly (thank you shark IQ AutoEmpty). Wish that we had the availability to schedule the vacuum to run up to multiple times per day. The biggest drawback I’ve found with the app is that the features lack commonplace things that would be extremely easy to implement, such as it letting me know that it’s on an Evacuate and Resume/Recharge and Resume mode. Something to let you know that it’s going to finish the job, since the app doesn’t let you know. Biggest fear is that my dogs would happen to defecate on the floor and I think my vacuum won’t be on while I’m at work, then it makes a bigger mess than encouraged through Shark’s advertising; since Roomba already has that against them in multiple memes.
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1 year ago, JWhite1089
There’s no way these aren’t paid reviews
For such a huge company, this app is absolutely pathetic. The map constantly just disappears, re-arranges rooms, and freezes into a state where nothing can be edited, and the robot itself follows the most illogical paths, cleans the same areas multiple times, and gets lost finding its way back home. To make it worse, if you are lucky enough to get to a point where you actually have an accurate map and tell it to clean only specific rooms, it seems to just do it’s own thing most of the time and clean wherever it wants. Ours has started to clean multiple times in the middle of the night (12-2AM) without being told to do so. We have factory reset it, cleared the map, etc. We’ve tried everything. In theory, this is an excellent machine for the price with the scheduling, mapping, and self-emptying features but without a decent app it’s all meaningless. DO. BETTER. I want to like it, but I also want to not have to think about it. That’s what makes a tool like this actually useful and convenient. That iRobot at Costco looks like a better deal every time I see it….
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1 month ago, MisterE87
Love Shark, Hate This App
I have a VAC mop. The idea of it is great – a robot vacuum that also mops for you. The concept of the app seems great too, it creates a map of your home, you add areas that should stay away from, and can tell the robot to go clean whatever room needs it. in practice, the execution is terrible. Half the time the map will just delete for no reason. Other times the app and the robot have no idea what the other is doing. I will send the robot home, and it will talk itself. The app says that the robot is paused, so I can’t start a job until I tell the app to send the robot home again, at which point the robot removes itself from the dock where it just parked itself, does a one minute lap around my living room before docking again. often the app will bring up “let’s get started mopping!“ As it’s the first time I’ve ever opened the app. It then wants me to run a carpet Verification, even though I have no carpet. I have to exit out of the screens every time I open the app, unless I want to run the carpet Verification. The app, or the robot, or a combination of both are so buggy that I find myself troubleshooting longer than it would have taken me to vacuum and mop.
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1 year ago, angelbite95
The best robot shark vacuum!
I used to work for a cleaning company and we used shark vacuums. I was always AMAZED by the dirt the vacuum would pick up out of a rug and it would make it look BRAND NEW again!! I’ve never seen a vacuum do that before. So when it came to keeping my house clean of course I got Shark. Haven’t been disappointed at all! 5 Stars all the way around. Noise is sometimes irritating so I go upstairs while it cleans my downstairs but I don’t mind the noise if it means it’s using that powerful suction to get everything! It does an amazing job with cat hair. Never gets caught up in it and always gets sucked into the vacuum canister container when it’s done vacuuming which doesn’t need emptied except every 2-3 months. I’m honestly so impressed with the ability it has to clean the cat hair up considering I have a long haired cat that sheds a lot. All the time. I have mine set on a timer every night while I’m in bed so I don’t have to work around it. It’s amazing!
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6 years ago, Rehtwol
Surprisingly good!
I’ve held off getting one these because I was skeptical, and it’s a lot of money if you guess wrong. I finally got an opportunity to get this one for free, though, so it was time to find out the truth. (I chose it as my “20 years with the company” gift.) While it’s obviously not as smart as YOU are, and sometimes rolls over things (and gets stuck) that you would know to avoid, by and large it has been fantastic. I honestly thought we kept a pretty clean house... until this little gizmo found all the stuff we weren’t getting (including TONS of pet hair). Our floors, especially the low-pile, dark rugs, have never looked so good. It runs at night while we sleep (not too noisy; hasn’t really bothered us, anyway), and in the morning I remove it’s little collection bin and dump it out. Couldn’t be easier, unless it could empty itself! We absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone we know.
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2 years ago, pgdmed
I can’t understand
I don’t understand how in the world this app is very so many positive reviews. Everyone I have met in person who owns a shark robot vacuum absolutely hate Shark. I have owned two. Shark IQ XL self emptying, that one I paid for. The second, was the same model but a replacement from Shark because the first one failed within a week of owning it. The second one worked well for the first two months and now it’s at it again. Either the robot or the app combination is completely crap! These robots can’t seem to hold on to a wifi signal. The robots are constantly falling off the signal rendering it completely dumb. These robots can’t follow app directions if not connected. I have done multiple reset and called customer support, which are HORRIBLE, that’s a different review! When I call them I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a “engineer” to call me back. Took them 3 weeks and me calling twice a day to get a return call. It defeats the purpose buying one of these is you have to baby sit it since it won’t respond to my commands. I might as well use my upright (non Shark brand, thank goodness) stay away from these things, they are so poorly made, at least the software.
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3 years ago, Dismaysrddddd
Power Level?
Why can’t you set it to always be at max power level? I have a small house and don’t need to worry about the battery. I have it set to clean while I sleep but it’s always just set to normal power. Only way I can get it to go to max is when it’s cleaning I have to open the app and manually switch it. It wouldn’t be hard to have a setting in the app so you can always have it clean at max power. There are plenty other bugs with this app I don’t feel like listing but it’s actually really bad. 90% of the time I can’t even hit the button to stop or start it I have to do it manually because when it’s not docked it says it is and when it’s cleaning it says it’s docked. This whole app is crap and so is the $200 vacuum it’s constantly getting stuck on imaginary stuff and gets tons of errors. It’s almost a daily thing I’ll wake up and have to search the house to find it and put it back on the charger because it got “stuck” on something and then the battery died. I would never ever buy another shark again it’s been a horrible experience for my first robo vac that I’ve been wanting for years and finally splurged on…
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6 days ago, Jimboree
Budget, friendly, some problems
I like this vacuum so far. I’ve only been on day two. I had an Ecovac And I really enjoyed it. I ran it into the ground having so many cats. I bought the shark because I could not afford it. I was hoping maybe I could find something economic and useful for what I needed. This filled satisfied. The only issue I think I have with it is the ease of getting out the debris. There’s a little bit of a lip that cleans the brush (which is a plus!) And it’s hard to get the debris over the top of it with cat hair holding it in place. But oh Lord, that’s nice to have. The main issue I have is with the software. Just like other robot it creates a map. This one is not so user-friendly. It doesn’t satisfy its own borders, you have to create them. And if you’re off by a little bit, it will go from one room to another room to try to continue cleaning to where you said, even though you may not want that room, cleaned at that time. I do like the matrix function. Make sure you get every single inch of your room. That was lacking it even in my other robot the materials flimsy, but flimsy. Seems like they were satisfying weight requirements and I believe they succeeded Battery life is a little short. Just from vacuuming you could jump down 30 to 40% on one room. Don’t expect clean a large area of a home and all one take like you would with other robot vacuums. Other than that good choice.
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6 years ago, Makanamaikalani
Impressed with Sara
Got for my wife for Christmas and quite pleased. Sara does amazing job getting the hair left behind by 2 active Boxers and equally active cat who spends time wrestling with our male Boxer. They pay little attention to her now they know she doesn’t eat their food. Dust bin is near full every day she works. Gave up trying to get her to keep schedule on local time as she constantly reverted to default, so just adjusted schedule based on default time zone. Although programmed to clean 7 days, she sometimes doesn’t. Guessing it may be lost Wi-Fi connection? This is reason for loss of star. Also wish Notifications were pushed via email or text instead of having to check the app. We have lots of obstacles and I am amazed how seldom she gets stuck as long as we remember to pickup a couple of lightweight rugs at doorways. Would love to see a mapping feature to see exactly where and how she goes. I can envision getting more units as they improve to work other areas as our rooms aren’t connected via halls.
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3 years ago, Stuart Feichtinger
Good but not great yet. (Having to rebuild your house map with new app updates is frustrating)
The app and vacuum are 80% of the way there and overall I’m pretty satisfied with them. However, my biggest frustration is having to remake the house map from scratch frequently with new app updates. The vacuum works great for a month or two but then all a sudden when I try to have the vacuum go clean the kitchen, all of a sudden the house map is gone and it has to do the whole house again once or twice to rebuild the map. Other than that, it’s pretty great. Deals with pet hair like a champ. Navigation is good. I have some larger than average lips to the floors in different rooms and even though it can have a hard time getting over them, it still manages to get over them after a try or two and doesn’t just think they’re walls and give up like a previous vacuum we had. Like I said, a whole lot to like. Losing the house map frequently is really my only big complaint.
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3 years ago, bratschs
Vacuum is great, App and Customer Service not so much
Love this vacuum! I’m constantly disturbed by how much dirt/dust it picks up on every trip. The app, however, has major flaws! You can’t schedule rooms to be cleaned, has to be the entire house. It’s takes forever to map the home and can take several tries (even days due to draining the battery) to get it right. I’ve had the app randomly delete rooms which force me to go through the painful re-map process. The recent app update not only deleted rooms, but also has created an issue with selecting/cleaning rooms. I used to be able to select multiple rooms to clean in one trip. Now that does nothing, it just gets stuck on “communicating”. I now can only tell it to clean one room at a time. I called to report these issues and the girl was quick to pass me off to someone else (instead of hearing me out fully) then I got stuck on hold. I hung up and am posting this review instead. Buyer beware, the vacuum is great but comes with a lot of frustrations.
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1 year ago, Pinkweaver
Needs improvements
This review is for the app not the mop vac robot that I have. The app needs improvement. It logs me out all of the time. It doesn’t show where the robot has cleaned and is currently at which a lesser machine from a different company does and I expected this to be at least that or better. It also needs to tell me when it’s charging and will resume cleaning verses just charging and I get mad thinking it finished when it really didn’t. Also when it goes back to dock and hasn’t finished cleaning (which again you cannot tell this when you look in the app) if you tell it to go somewhere else assuming it had finished it previous job it sets out to what I thought was it just being lost. Turns out it set out to finish the job I thought it previously finished. I then have to send to back to doc clearing it’s instructions. There has to be a way for us to know what the robot is doing. Finished cleaning, where it’s cleaned, charging and will resume cleaning and for the live stop signing me out I use my robot multiple times daily!
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4 years ago, JoeJackson31
App/vacuum issues
With this being a “smart vacuum” and paying a pretty penny I feel that it’s lacking some of the smart features and I’m paying for a really cool looking vacuum! I love this vacuum to say the least, but the app I am rarely ever able to control the vacuum from my phone(the start clean, head to dock, and suction type). Not sure as to why that is an issue, also the mapping it doesn’t seem to be the vacuum having the issues. Seems as if the app and the software are just not on the same level. Also I do not understand and actually I laugh sometimes when the vacuum is banging against the dock like it’s not there. This app needs some serious work over! With time I do feel it will get better, love the vacuum but the app and the software is terrible. The mapping is another issue, again I’m beating a dead horse, example of this issue; vacuum is mapping out my apartment vacuum goes into the bathroom daily, vacuum does not show there is a bathroom, I also don’t want to waste my time trying to erase and redo the map because it will take more than 4 weeks to get an apartment of 645sqft to redo.
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4 weeks ago, Hunternator19
It’s great but….
So let me start by saying I love my little robot vacuum (which I have named rover) He leaves really nice stripes in the carpet and picks up a ton of doggie hair. BUT…. I really wish they would work on the usability. I feel like it would be great if I could explore just a single room after things have been moved around or something of that nature. Also I wish you could schedule to clean specific rooms on specific days so over the course of the week he would clean everything. Also it would be amazing if while cleaning he would use his sensors to see if there’s a new object in his path or if an object is gone so he would know he can or cannot clean there. With these things being said I love my little vacuum and he does a great job keeping the house up between periodic manual cleanings. I really hope someone at shark reads this review and updates the app and the robots accordingly as that would make me love mine that much more!!
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4 days ago, Steezerelly
Good but needs improvement
Would be great if you could : submit feedback about the app from within the app - if you could choose what order you want the robot to vacuum each room when it vacuums the whole house - if you could see the real time location of the robot if you can’t hear it anymore to make sure it is running and not stuck - if the actual model number was somewhere easy to obtain - seems like it’s nested within a larger more encompassing model. I would figure more updates would come down for the robot to get smarter as time went on, but I have not seen any. Why not? What about a “quiet mode” where it’s not so loudly bumping into walls and what not, in addition to quiet motor/suction? Bugs where I have to select spot, then rooms then spot then rooms before I can select anything other than the default room. Why not more options for scheduling different rooms for different times?
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3 years ago, NO_LIFE312
Good, but a long way to go
The app is missing too many features. To begin with a digital alarm clock has more features for scheduling than this app. Zone/room scheduling is a must and needs to be implemented not only for the obvious benefits, but I have noticed that when scheduled, and since scheduling only allows the entire floor plan, the robot gets confused if part of the floor plan is blocked off, i.e. a door is closed, this creates major issues as the robot can do just about do anything once it’s confused, entering no go zones, not leaving areas, and even kicking its own dock around. Scheduling needs to be fixed ASAP, that’s the biggest issue I have. Please see Roborock if needed. Mapping is fairly accurate and it took a few runs to map the floor plan like I wanted to and the cleaning ability of the rv1000 is wonderful. Please provided the option to allow the map to continue evolving and add new areas. For now it’s a bit annoying to delete a well established map and redo it all over again just to add one other room. Luckily the mapping is good, but it still shouldn’t be the case. It’s also unfortunate that high traffic area zones aren’t available for the rv1000 model. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be. Also to have the options to increase suction in rooms and not just high traffic areas. The robot definitely has potential and does great work processing data to cover the entire floor plan, but serious work is still needed in the app to add options and features.
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3 years ago, dmein1995
Shark review
What to understand is that this product will not completely take over the occasional use of a typical vacuum. It will clean the general floor plan of your home but will not be able to completely replace your typical vacuum to get a more “deep clean”. For general convenience, this product is a great tool to just press a button and have it tidy up a bit. The complaints I have with this product is that you must take apart and clean the parts of the product pretty often for the vacuum to work efficiently. I would say I clean mine every 3 to 4 times it runs through my home. Fail to do so clumps up the motor and it just gathers hair and dust and drops it off in one spot for you to pick up. Secondly, the mapping on the app does not seem to work well with the controls of the unit. For example, the vacuum’s hub is in our bedroom. If I were to tell it to clean the living room and dining room, it would take 20-30 min of it wondering in our bedroom before it made it into the living room/dining room.
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2 years ago, Dellstor
Poor Software, Mediocre Robot
We bought our Shark IQ self empty at COSTCO in January 2022. The software is a by far the worst part of this setup. Why? Because it doesn’t work. The app doesn’t connect to the Robot at all. It tries, but then drops the connection. It doesn’t matter if I place the Robot right in front of our router and sit my phone right in front of the robot. When I called customer service, the representative made it obviously clear that Shark vacuums with Model codes starting “UR…..” seem to be the biggest problem case. He claimed he escalated it to the “UR-Team” and we would get a call back within 24-48 hours. But here we are 14-days later and still no call back. Needless to say, Sharks customer service is poor at best. The vacuum robot itself is OK. It is equal to our old and outdated roomba from 2010. We have three dogs and the shark iq self-empty will pickup about 95% of pet hair and dirt on hardwood floors. Same as our old roomba. But since this is a 2021 model, it should greatly outperform our old and trusty roomba. Unfortunately it is just equal. Since the app doesn’t work, it is not any better than a old roomba.
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