Shazam: Find Music & Concerts

4.9 (7.7M)
52.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shazam: Find Music & Concerts

4.9 out of 5
7.7M Ratings
8 months ago, J.Kasozi
Technology is beautiful
As a lover of both technology and music, Shazam is one of the best apps I’ve come across. Often times I will hear a beautiful piece of composition that catches my ear and don’t know the artist, song title or variant of it and can’t find it - but with Shazam, that’s a thing of the past. I’ve been using this program for some years now and one thing that has amazed me is the quickness in which Shazam can identify the music piece in question, currently watching “The Creator” (great Sci-Fi film btw) and it had a japanese or asian song that caught my ear (during the scene where the police raid the apartment to recapture Alpha) and I started the program up to capture the song on a part where it was just instrumentation under sounds and dialogue and within in less than 2 seconds Shazam picked up on what the song was and that is what motivated me to write this review. With the advent of A.I. I can only wonder what amazing benefits and new advancements can be made with Shazam. If you’re ever in search of a song artist, title or variant you hear in any media, THIS IS THE APP YOU WANT! Thank you Shazam devs for creating, maintaining and keeping this amazing application up to date. Keep up the great work!
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3 weeks ago, justsomeone2579
Utterly disappointing failure unfortunately
Just downloaded it and tried something like this for the first time in my life. It failed to recognize a very common piece of freaking classical music because it was used in an informational video with someone talking over it. The volume of the music was fine, it wasn’t hard to hear at all and something like famous classical pieces should be one of the easiest things to identify and an easy measure of success for such an app. It was very disappointing that this app couldn’t solve a simple problem I would think would be very common. That basically tells me that this app doesn’t function except in the most ideal of circumstances. What hope does this have of working in other realistic everyday circumstances like hearing music at a bar or in a tv show or at any other event you encounter in life. Really what is the point and utility in such an app then. It isn’t practical at all, it’s far far too limited. I don’t know who this benefits or how the business model could possibly be successful. Especially in this day and age, you guys should really invest in using AI or something to improve the success. I hope you read these reviews to improve the app because I don’t know how else to send feedback, and I hope it improves because I wouldn’t have a purpose in using it again until/if it does, but I would love if it could help me do what I’d like and what I thought its very intended purpose is. Please do something to make it better.
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2 years ago, AndrewPaul89
Love it- but needs quicker access
So this app has been extremely helpful in the past. I HATE when I can’t remember the name of a song, or figure out who is singing when it’s on the tip of my tongue. This app has helped cut those moments down. But I usually run into the issue of not getting to it fast enough. By the time I remember to use it and go to open it on my phone and then press the button, it’s often been too late and the song is over 😫. If it could be listening in the background or as soon as I open it could fix that. Also I understand the complexity involved, but a lot of times I want to look up or listen to a song but can’t remember enough lyrics or anything, just a tune. I wish there was an app that didn’t rely on exact recordings but you could hum or sing parts you remember and it could guess a few options..?! 😆 I know that’s a tall order, but someone will be able to do it sometime in the future I guarantee it! Go for it Shazam! Start now! Lol. Anyway I had it at 3 stars for those 2 reasons. But given the amount of songs it recognizes (it’s never not recognized one that I’ve tried), and how it only needs about 2-5 seconds of ANY PIECE of ANY SONG, I evened it out to a 4 ⭐️. It’s really a 5 for what it does, but a 3 for its potential to expand. So bam, you get 4. Kbye.
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3 years ago, K.HokamaDrama
Shaquille O’Kneel down to the king, Shazam.
I would like to put things into perspective by simply saying that if you are like me and have an acute fear of certain social interactions. One of those social underwear in school style nightmares is when I hear a song that just slaps my eyebrows off(in the best way possible) or that feeling you get when you hear a song that you haven’t heard since back when everyone discovered music via the radio. Each of those is a prime juicy example of how SHAZAM integrates its awesome self into your heart and phone haha I don’t want to boast too much but I have SHAZAM as a MF widget on my home screen... just saying all I do is click on the S-wait like 4 seconds-the BLAM- Shazam is all “here’s the exact song for you sir”- “would you like to add it to your playlist that you already had straight from here?”- I’m like “shhiii you already know” and it’s as simple as that folks...Shazam is a lifesaver/uniquely personalized playlist making/anxiety saving app god. If you are reading this then you have made a mistake.. you should have downloaded it first and then read all my app-praising whilst the downloadeth finished. Duh
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1 year ago, BlondieTJG
Major iCloud SYNC problem with Apple
I have used Shazam since it came out in 2002 and I love it!!! I’ve purchased countless Apple products from their 1st iPod to present iPhones & iPads. I run the latest iOS on all my devices; however there is a minor problem with iCloud sync. When you turn on iCould Sync for SHAZAM, it DOES NOT SYNC properly. I had thousands of songs from over the years and after turning on iCloud Sync I was left with ONLY 16 songs. (And if you’re wondering…I tried restoring my devices from my iCloud and iTunes backup, but neither worked since it’s not a separate category, and the songs were gone for good.) I contacted Apple support immediately and they didn’t even know they owned the app since 2018 (it’s now October 2022) and refused to help. Said “it’s not their problem.” I spent a week calling Apple everyday and every Support Person was horrible and rude. Over a 4 hour period, I was transferred to 25+ Senior Advisors & countless departments and each said it’s not their app and transferred me to the next Rep. I finally gave up! If you search Shazam on the Internet…all of this is public knowledge that Apple owns it, it’s not considered a third party app, & it states to contact Apple for support. To sum up…Shazam is great, Apple products are great, but APPLE SUPPORT IS HORRIBLE!
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3 years ago, DatboiMemesOnEnd
Well Earned 5 Star!!
Okay, so-I happen to decide to see what songs this app recognizes by playing random songs on my TV and seeing which ones it happens to guess! First, I tried Mario Kart Menu Theme, which it guessed, then I tried Broly Vs Gogeta (Epic song, btw), which it guessed, Rip & Tear, BFG Division, Blue Sizzle, you get the point! Well, I was thinking....No way it’ll guess Learn 2 Fly’s techno theme, right!? Riiiight! Well!!! That blew up in my face because it guessed it!! At first I was skeptical, thinking, “No way this is actually it! It must be confusing it for another song, right!?” NOPE!! It actually put a name to a song I had been wishing for the possibility to have on my playlist and I found it ON ITUNES and bought it!! Not the second that happened, I *SCRAMBLED* to the app store to give this app a 5 Star review!! You legends basically just reunited my child gaming spirit with its gaming music SOULMATE!!! I cannot thank you guys enough for making an app that can actually put names to songs that nobody else seems to know the proper names of! Seriously! You guys are awesome!!! Im gonna continue to use this app so I can expand my playlist from now on! You guys have a *SPARKING* day!!! Sincerely & With Thanks, 5aiy4n-G0d
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4 years ago, Rocky33Now
There used to be a time in my younger years, it was a simple matter of identifying every single piece of music played on the radio. Now we’re in the 21st Century; radios have become practically obsolete, devices for playing music media beyond number. Each device having the capacity upwards of 100,000 songs. The average person needs some help knowing every song being played in a room within hearing range. Through the past ten years or more I’ve drifted back, and forth to Shazam. As my tool for telling me the name of the song I’m listening to. I’ve always never failed to notice, whenever there’s a song I need to know something about. Someone in the room has Shazam on the cell phone to help me out. Finally after a very long absence of getting by without Shazam on my phone. I downloaded the Shazam app on my phone for a long awaited reunion. The nicest feature about Shazam, it automatically connects me to my Apple Music. Then I can add the music I so quickly get identified added to my music collection on ITunes. Download the Shazam app, and give the music collection, and knowledge base a huge lift.
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3 years ago, NoLife Fenix
I’d be so lost without this app
Ever hate when you hear a song out in public but you don’t know what the title is/who is singing it? Then you find it after spending spend hours searching for it through all the songs that have the same or similar lyrics? Yeah let’s just say this song helps cut that process down to mere a minute on average. As a note, sometimes (very rarely/really depends on your device) it may take closer to two minutes or may need you to activate it a couple times but most of the time once you activate it the first time you will find the song you’re hearing (granted if it is loud enough, but it can pick it up fairly well even if it’s barely in the background). So in conclusion, I would recommend this app 100% for any music lovers, and/or for those who find themselves in a similar position as mentioned above. It has saved me a lot of time/headache trying to remember lyrics and find a song. Just one press of the button and you could have your favorite song saved/recognized
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2 years ago, Mattystrat
Surfrider, The Lively Ones
I’ve always appreciated the Shazam app but somehow using it just a few moments ago I appreciate it more than ever. I’m a musician and have a great ear for music but on occasion I hear a song I like and don’t know who it is. Thats when Shazam shines. A little while ago I finished watching Pulp Fiction uncut and uninterrupted for probably the 50th time since it’s debut. I love the soundtrack and as the movie ended while credits were rolling, the song thats playing really caught my ear. I immediately thought who is this? And for a moment I got discouraged because in that moment I knew I need to learn that song on guitar but didn’t know who the band was or what song was playing. Then I thought of Shazam. Shazam instantly told me it was The Lively Ones playing their hit song Surfrider. I’ll sit down tomorrow with my Fender Stratocaster and learn Surfrider. Then within the next month or so my band is gonna bust out Surfrider live at a gig! Thank you Shazam!!! Sincerely, Tyler
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4 months ago, Maeve712
Can this app get any better?
This app is perfect. We tested this app trying to find difficult/uncommon songs. Within seconds, Shazam has found every single one. However, this amazing app has more to offer as well. Once it finds the song from the clip you record, it gives you the opportunity to listen to the full version! It also gives you the link to find it on Apple Music. Forget the song title again? Well good thing Shazam saves your history! Though my favorite part about Shazam is that it has NO ADS and COMPLETELY FREE! The only struggle with this app I had personally was the fact that I would need to search a song that was playing in one of my TikTok’s or reels. If you come across this problem too, I recommend recording it on a seperate device and then play it on that device as you record for Shazam. Works like a charm! Overall, I believe that this is the best song finder app and I would 10/10 recommend!
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2 years ago, No Jokes Jake
Money Well Spent
I don’t usually pay for iOS apps if there’s a free subscriber tier. I just download them, use them for free and suffer the ads… I’m into music and musicians in a big way. I play and make guitars, have played in bands on and off for decades, etc... I’ve been surrounded by and involved on some level with music of all kinds from my earliest memories as a child. My wife and I also watch a LOT of shows on streaming TV. I’m 67 and retired so I’ve got the time and there’s plenty to watch. When I hear songs in the soundtracks, I often get “triggered”; who is that? who does that? who did it first? where have I heard that song before?… You get the idea. I bought this app. I didn’t even think twice about it. “Sold, American!” (Well, don’t quote me on the provenance of the developers. Doesn’t matter, does it?) This app touches my soul. This app eases my troubled mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious about “Who does that song?” This app is well worth the dime!
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5 months ago, HeadHunter
Shazam just fell from 5 stars to 4
March 2024: I’m back on Shazam as my primary. SoundHound cannot find many of my eclectic finds. Shazam finds em all. 2015: This app continues to be my most used. Sound hound started off with more candy. But, Shazam continues to provide enhancements and quality of search results. I'm not affiliated in any way with the developers. I'm just a guy that wants to know, "What the name of that song!" First review. Shazam was my first song ID app. Liked it a lot. Then came SoundHound on my iPad. Wow, what a difference! Put it on my iPhones. Last year, I saw something about Shazam. Put it back on. I was surprised and happy for me that it exceeded SoundHound. Back to SoundHound. Deleting all copies of Shazam off of 8 iPads/iPhones. I can no longer try to tag a song & get it right away. The Netflix knot heads must have joined the team. Got me interested and happy them put the screws to me. Garbage app, folks. Especially the free version. SoundHound is much better.
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2 years ago, Missyoujerry
Shazam Is Simply the Best App Ever Created!
My favorite app of all time. Hands down, no question. Both the function and the accuracy make it my favorite and most used app. I’m not sure what year Shazam was introduced but I know I had it early on was simply blown away that this technology now existed. Seriously, to me- a huge music fan- it was like going to the moon. I’m old - 47- so before the power of Google (let alone Shazam) I might hear a song in a movie or on the radio and not know what it was for weeks or months….or maybe never. And I get it FREE. I recall getting a message that because I was one of the early users I would get it free for life but they were now going to apply a minimum fee for new users. I think that is literally the coolest thing in the world and unheard of today. I’m very grateful. Shazam is the best app of all time. If you’re reading this review trying to decide if you should get it….stop reading and download it now.
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1 year ago, Whimsy Collective
Automatic adding Shazam tracks is broken, no signifier or option resync new tracks
There's not way to compare and no signifier like a checkmark to indicate the identified song was added to Apple Music My Shazam Track. Manually add the selection doesn't put in the order the song was identified in the playlist. There's not resync option when Shazam compared and updates the order and adds the songs in the order they're identified. I want to spend hours manually resorting the songs to the id'ed order I have in Shazam. Also the visually comparing my Shazam music to Apple Playlist is in reverse order in Shazam where as my Apple Music playlist is in the order they're added to the playlist. The whole music experience is frustrating to me. Why can't I options to fix things myself and indicators that it was synced up to my Apple Music playlist. I had several songs I liked not appear in my Apple Music playlist. I know the song is in Apple Music because it has the Apple Music black pill shape icon on the song. Till this day I still don't know if my identified song in My Shazam Track in Apple Music is missing some of the tracks. It's a total mindfudge if you ask me.
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2 years ago, Sweet Face99
I love your Shazam App, but there's one minor gripe I've with it!
While I love getting '80s & some of the current downloaded songs that comes on from my alarm clock radio everyday when I get up 1st thing in the morning, but after an few and/or several weeks later on down the road, the songs are COMPLETELY different compared than to ones they once when I had 1st Shazammed it afterwards….!! I'm quite disappointed how your Shazam App DOESN'T even retained the original songs, music, and/or lyrics properly after few to several weeks later on down the road long after Shazammed it onto your Shazam App…!! I wanna keep your Shazam App on both of my iPhone & iPad, but if isn't neither fixed up properly and/or dealt within the near future by retaining all of the OG songs, musics and/or lyrics , I'm delete both of my Shazam App on both of my iPhone and iPad and I REALLY don't wanna go there when push comes to shove at that time….!!
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2 years ago, ILUV8NAL
My only problem
Do you guys even look at the reviews??? My only problem is with the app’s widget. Shazam creates an unavoidable and seemingly impossible obstacle to get around. It’s SUPER annoying that the app can’t identify my Apple membership. After shazamming a song, the song result appears, and if you want to listen to the full song or find it in Apple Music, it displays a screen that gives you two options; subscribe to Apple Music or ‘already a subscriber?’. Even after choosing already a subscriber, it takes you to another screen that makes you choose a plan. No way around it other than remembering the song name and artist and manually going into Apple Music and searching it up which isn’t a hard task at all but then what’s the point of offering a service or option that doesn’t work? I don’t have the app just the widget. Could that be why? This seems like a bug. Please fix! Id give you 5 stars but then I don’t think you’d look at the review when it’s 5 stars! Lol
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7 months ago, Kat_r_m
Customer for life
This story really starts about 10 years ago - I was at a concert and heard this really great song playing with no idea who it was. I got about 4 seconds of it on video and that was it. I had been looking for this song forever, I even posted the video on reddit in an attempt to find it. No luck. Then one day, I’m watching a hockey game and hear the song playing in the background while the announcers are talking. I kinda freak out, grab my phone and try to Shazam it. They couldn’t find the song, which made sense because there was so much sound happening over it, but still such a bummer. This is where it gets good. Like 3 months later I get a notification from Shazam that they identified a song I had been looking for. I didn’t even know they did that - they had finally found THE song! So now it’s on my workout playlist, I listen to it all the time, and I swear by Shazam. Truly a great app.
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3 weeks ago, BeBe. 🐝🐝
❤️‍🔥I Love SHAZAM!! I found this App several years ago and downloaded it while walking into a store (I was able to pick up their wi-fi. Immediately after I downloaded Shazam I was able to use it to identify a song that I liked while shopping. I first loaded Shazam on my iPod; then, when I finally purchased an iPhone, I downloaded Shazam immediately!!(I didn’t want to miss anything!!😆). Doing this cut down the number of devices that I had to juggle😁!! I have ALWAYS kept Shazam ON in the background of my iPhone. I love music and it is amazing how much music is played on TV, movies, videos and advertisements that I would have missed. I find new music all of the time 💕!! Having Shazam (on Auto-Shazam) almost constantly lets me know Shazam has an ‘ear’ paying attention and listening for music for me all of the time! I don’t know what I would do without my Shazam😍!! Hopefully I will never have to!!🤞🏻🫶🏻🎶
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3 years ago, memeske
Love the app, miss the global map
Perfect app for many reason that have been stated by the many users you have. Love it and could picture a normal life without it, given my admiration and passion for music and musicians. Over the many updates, my favorite new artist and try explorer “secret weapon” was the global map navigation. Yes, it was tedious to expand at times, but this really a (admittedly skewed) idea of what any town were listening to, that could be pulled on that. Hope that map makes a come back, otherwise, superb essential app. Not sure how long ago that was...I have grown and I went to ups and downs!! Music is appeases the soul and spirit, and being able to always capture that “song”, and even do a bit of Karaoke with it...hope it leads to less wars..but also hope you are adding privacy respect to your mission. It’s a modern world and you must find a way to survive and be profitable. Just stopping by to say THANK YOU to you all AGAIN!!
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1 year ago, kitty lover 4829
💯love it !!!!
I love how this app allows me to know what songs are called when my other electronics will not tell me what it it called they expect me to guess and I love how this app allows me to know what the song is called right away and I love how it’s so easy all you have to do is tap the button it listens and it tells you the song and even if it doesn’t get it right away it’ll get it soon. That’s what I love about the app and for all those people who are reading this? I think you should definitely download this and thank you to the developers who made this this has helped me in so many situations. If I didn’t know the songs called and I wanted to know this helped me so thank you guys for creating this. This is a huge help. I personally think that this idea it was great. For all those people who are looking for a good app to help them know what the song is called. I definitely think you should get this.🙂💯👍
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1 year ago, C.Lovelace
Known of Shazam and I'm super sad that I haven't used this beautiful app more often. This app set the bar high for all and every other music app available.... whomever behind the development, the tedious process of making an app go live and it's like I've just scratched the surface of all Shazam has to offer me and all musically inclined people, bitten willingly with the need to dig into all the escape portals, out of the "reality of a world void of music as a whole. The vast world with credit and privileged material that moves the energies inside the soul of the party and only 3% of the world's population has the abilities to tap into such a world. Thank you Shazam. Thank you overqualified underappreciated artists in (🎙📻🎤🔈💿🎶🎶🎶) "thee "(IN)(DUST)(TRY) love to the pain for the vain gain...the extremely addicted to the "noise" to most people not bitten for a reason. We hear beyond and have evolved into something impenetrable. Kudos. Love. Please don't stop the music. (RI-Ri)
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6 years ago, handmethefrench
Not dependable
This app only needs to do one thing: tell me what the name of the present song is. It’s not that difficult. Songs don’t last forever, and by the time you realize you like the song, you probably only have a few moments to capture the song with an app, as you juggle with driving your car and getting away from any background noise. Yet, this app cannot the only thing it needs to do. It struggles to load every time, before eventually the button doesn’t respond at all to the touch. If you think updating the app might make it work, you’d be wrong. Admittedly, this might not normally merit the time to draft a negative review, but there’s nothing quite so annoying as having precious few seconds to capture a song and then having your dedicated app fail at its only job. If anyone from the Shazam bureaucracy is reading this, please make whatever simplifications are necessary to this app to make it work.
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5 years ago, Colorado0so
Too many changes, too much Greed $$’s
When Shazam app first came out, IT was a fantastic product!! and you could Shazam a song on radio, in a car, on TV... and listen to it “”all”” later & see lyrics, share complete song/video with family & friends.... it was a 5-star App... after it was sold... purchased and changed & compromised by ? Apple ... ? ?new ownership.. the immediate Greed for money appeared and then extra music fees, purchases, memberships tainted this once useful App... greed, yes, greed... absolutely destroyed the once marvelous features and freedom of use and listen to songs, many saved & shared.. & CD’s purchased at retailers... Family & friends tell me they seldom use it since all the changes and restrictions and new, greedy charges imposed/required to ‘checkout a song’. I’d have to say... that’s what killed its once, highly rated popularity... Apple Music and Spotfy biggest issues I hear about...$$$’s Good luck !
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8 months ago, W.Richie-Barrie
Great!!! But….
Every few months, I have to delete the app and reinstall it. There is no hint that it is going to stop working, and the app will “pretend” that it’s going to work. I’ll tap the Shazam icon and my phone will “jitter“ as if it is listening to the song, but the app keeps stopping and shutting off. What’s REALLY annoying is that when it suddenly stops working, I also have to pause whatever I’m watching on TV, or rewind it, as I try to catch the song. Obviously, it’s more annoying to other people with me who are watching whatever I’m watching, but otherwise, I do love the app and the fact that I can sync it up with all of my other Apple Music. However, I recently learned that if I’m not always subscribed to Apple Music, all of my playlists from Shazam / Apple music synch up will disappear. That’s not Shazam‘s fault, though; it’s an Apple thing. So what I’ve started doing more is buying a song if I really like it after Shazam has identified it.
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2 years ago, artgrrrl
Works like crap on Apple Watch
I Shazam using my Apple Watch, EXPECTING the tracks to show up on the Shazam app on my iPhone so I can then add those tracks to my Apple Music library. RARELY do any of the tracks show up in the phone version of the app. My settings are all correct, there’s nothing I’ve neglected to do and I often check to make sure the settings are still correct, and they are. The problem lies with the Apple Watch version of the app, there are whole chunks of missing music, spanning weeks and sometimes months. I will purposely Shazam tracks by artists I know just to see if it’s working, NOPE, not one King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards track has EVER shown up in my list of Shazams, not one Ty Segall, not one Fuzz, and I’ve Shazamed at least 10 to 15 tracks of each of these artists. What’s the point of creating an Apple Watch app if it’s going to work like crap?! I’ll update my review if the developers ever DO make it work, but at this point I think it’s better to find a different music identification app, one that actually works on my watch, one that actually DESERVES to be on my watch face, cause Shazam isn’t it.
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3 years ago, jordane1
Thought It Was Good...But
Had been using this app on and off in combination with SoundHound. One feature I like about this app is that you can “search a song” and it will save it to a history log Same As SoundHound but unfortunately this history isn’t “device transferable” unlike SoundHound and also I did I a series of searches from the control center (panel) which is a extremely useful feature that I don’t think SoundHound has but it was to my surprise after (falling default) to this method that these “searches” weren’t being saved only the ones that were searched when the app was visible on screen which as mentioned before is device specific and I can’t view on a different device 4/5 stars if this app saved history from the beginning of time as SoundHound did it would get the 5 stars as even if you logged in later after searching a series they would simply get added to you me account history with location(SoundHound) A+ App though I will say
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2 years ago, kslisle
a compass for my soundtrack of life
certain songs have always popped up at special times in my life, adding to a soundtrack of my life that brings back those memories. One very dark day in a surreal phase in my life, I spontaneously decided to ride to the coast to revisit a renovated historic inn for breakfast, something I always wanted to do since the last time I was there way back in my youth. As I walked thru the inn decorated with an eclectic assortment of odds & ends and sat down in the dining area, one of those high quality portable speakers was streaming this very haunting vintage-like song that caught my ear so I pulled out my iPhone & Shazam’d it, quickly identifying it as Song of the Highest Tower by Cut Worms. The song turned my attitude around, almost like a slap in the face returning me back to reality. Now I have a nice collection of music by Cut Worms but that song especially awakens my soul thanks to Shazam.
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2 years ago, PachuniJ
Pretty Good for Lyrical Songs, but…
I love using Shazam when I’m out in public and hear a good song I wanna add to my playlists. My one issue with the app I’ve experienced so far is that it isn’t too good at recognizing songs without lyrics. Most songs in genres like dubstep or classical struggle to get any result at all, or end up with a result that is incorrect. At least with songs that have lyrics, I have a chance to look them up myself to find results if the app can’t. Unfortunately, songs without lyrics are near impossible to find unless it is one you might already know. I hope in a future update, more non-lyrical songs can be added to the database to help Shazam those songs. To end on a positive note, I appreciate the app’s ability to find songs in languages other than English! It helped me find a song I was looking for after years of failed searching myself! Thank you! :)
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3 years ago, Saitama2020
Great app but weak connection
I always loved Shazam it serves as a great tool when discovering and exploring new music genres especially when you don’t know the name of the song. Just one problem, every time I try Shazamming every song it doesn’t work like at all. It’s always worked well no matter the location so bad service or internet connection is not an excuse. Yet every time I reinstall it, it starts to work again but sometimes or even most of the time it still doesn’t work. This is really becoming dumb and annoying because not only am I unable to discover music that I really begin to like and find interest in, but I don’t seem to understand why the app is now acting like this piece of junk to where it doesn’t seem to want to work anymore. Overall, great app and hopefully this is just some undiscovered bug.
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3 years ago, rmorgan7868
When I need the right words...
Ever had a song stuck in your head. Regardless if it’s the latest top 40 hit or an old favorite from twenty years ago. Desperately wanting to put a little kick in your step or re-live a special moment, and you can’t because the words just are not there. The toon or the melody keeps playing over and over inside your head, but disappointed as the mood is shattered trying to piece together a few key words and make up a couple words that don’t even belong, left to hum a few bars then fizzle out. It absolutely kills the moment. Shazam affords the ability to locate that special song regardless of genre, artist, style or age of the hit. I am empowered to sing along with the tune, pull up the right lyrics and now that the frustration is over! You have helped me complete my day. Thank you Shazam!
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4 years ago, DJ Kobayashi Maru
Very Impressed. Amazed, really.
I've spent my lockdown time ripping my cd collection to FLAC, and I came across one of my electronic mix cd's from around 2002. No song listing, no CD-Text, not even a label. I spent about an hour looking through my computer files to see if I had any notes or playlists or cd-burning files that would help me identify the unfamiliar music on the disc. I tried listening to it to see if I could figure out the songs, but no luck at all. I was thinking there was no way Shazam would be even remotely helpful for this kind of stuff. I was dead wrong. Shazam nailed every single song, even the remixes. It identified one song as "The Sheriff" by Fila Brazilla, but the times didn't match up when I double checked AllMusic. My version was longer than the listed time. I did a little more research to see if there was a longer version. When there wasn't, I decided to check to see if that song ripped with extra silence at the head or tail in error on my CD. Sure enough, Shazam was right, and my disc was wrong: 30 seconds of silence at the end of the track. I am seriously stunned at what a great job Shazam did with such an eclectic disc of music. I knew it was good at the popular stuff, but most of these songs didn't have lyrics (and in some cases, melodies.) Anyway, highly recommended and highly grateful.
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1 year ago, PainfulNicknameProcess
Control Center support is not great
First off, know that Shazam delivers the best song recognition you can ask for, hands down. My issue with the app for the last few months is that support for their iOS control center integration is not great, specifically the saving of the song you just got info on. It will listen, it will send you a push notification with the song info, and if you click on that notification it will bring up the app with the info BUT it will not save that information to your saved Shazams. So if you don’t immediately search up the info and glance away from the app until your phone goes to sleep, the information is gone. Tl;Dr: The iOS Control Center Shazam tool doesn’t save the information it collects in the app, so if you use you’ll lose all the songs you tried to collect.
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5 years ago, tyraandmom
Songs while offline
This app is very useful for finding songs you may not know the name of or new songs that you've never heard before. I only have a few problems with this app. When you shazam a song while your offline it says that it'll tell you the song when you have connection. I travel a lot and am a lover of all music genres so I have quite a majority of songs from around the world, and I might not always have wi-fi to connect to. I'm currently abroad for a wedding and my carrier doesn't support data outside of my country, so at the after party they played loads of songs I liked; I went to shazam them and waited till I got back to my hotel to open the app, and there was no sign of them. Another problem I have is Auto-Shazam. I turn it on and when I go listen to a song on a video and it doesn't react. Overall this app is useful, but there are some features that claim to work, but don't.
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11 months ago, Daschu1
I Love Shazam!
I’ve had this app for a while now and it’s never failed me. As a senior citizen whose memory isn’t what it was years ago, I’m constantly checking out old favorites from the rock n roll era, but I like the new stuff too, so Shazam is really helping out in that category in which I’m not so familiar. For grins, I just checked out a Broadway show song, and Shazam nailed it almost instantly! Granted it was a well known song, but it was from a Broadway show, and Shazam even tells you the actor from the show singing it. While writing this review, I thought I’d Shazam on a different category. I played a song from the mid 70’s by a Christian singer who’s known within that category, but not outside of it, and Shazam identified it in about 5 seconds. For a guy like me, and anyone trying to figure out what they’re listening to, Shazam is THE APP!
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4 years ago, Pattycakeb19
Special songs I like.
I like to purchase music to play in my car. I do not usually want to buy full albums, but specific songs that I like. What I love about Shazam is that there may be a commercial with a song I like or a movie will feature a certain song. I may not know the correct name or who sings it. All I have do is Shazam it and there it is. I have used it so many times. My playlist for my car is unbelievable. All good songs. Not 30% or 70%, but 100% songs I like. The only bummer is that I used to be able to press purchase And it took me right to the place where I could purchase the song. I can’t do that now or if I can I do not know how. I am not interested in paying a monthly fee for all the music in the world. I want only specific songs and sometimes I might not be able to remember the name. Purchasing is the best option for me!
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4 years ago, Kokubu
Not nearly as accurate or useful as claimed
I really don’t get the appeal of Shazam. It usually doesn’t work. If it’s a top-40 song, it works pretty well. Anything else, and most of the time it says “No result”. Or it picks a song seemingly at random. Then if you try again, it picks a different random song. It has no concept of “I’m not sure what this is so here’s a couple guesses”. The wrong answers are never even from the right genre. It’s like talking to a smart-but-dumb computer on a 1960’s sci-fi movie. There isn’t a way to train it, either. It’s even difficult to remove an incorrectly Shazam’d song from the history — it takes about 6 taps, which is about 5 too many for something I want to do half the time I hit the Shazam button. The other case where it’s good but not useful is classical music. Its accuracy with classical music is excellent. Unfortunately, again, it snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, this time by displaying only the title and *performer* (usually conductor), but not the composer. “String quartet #7”? I guess that narrows it down but it really wasn’t what I was looking for. I wish Shazam worked well, and provided results in a useful format. Right now, it’s a novelty when it works at all. UPDATE: Now it’s started nagging me about “cloud backup” and a bunch of other useless stuff. Please stop. You have one useful feature. Make it better. Don’t go trying to make me integrate my life or some garbage like that.
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6 years ago, allen enriquez
Shazaman! Searchin!
I’ve been using Shazam for over 10 years I barely thought about giving it a review. Not that it really needs it, because many people already know about the app globally. It’s the best app to see what artist/tv/movie/radio is playing! I remembered when I first used it when 3G was barely the next gen with it at these speeds it made it so much better to search for the details without any needs to going the the webpage or anything else it is at your fingertips just one click their is a way to say “Shazam” to start the searching. I am not to sure if it works with everything. Most o the type I find my self just using Siri to do most of my stuff while moving around. It’s a very useful app because you may what to know what movie someone is watching or a friend my want to know without interrupting the movie they can search seamlessly!
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1 month ago, GOTCHA#6
As a DJ I’m always searching for the newest and best music so when it comes to finding that music it’s extremely difficult to pinpoint a new song I hear regardless if it’s on the radio, TV, in an elevator, etc….i use this app to hunt down the new music and so far it hasn’t let me down and is honestly an absolute life saver!!! I love this app because not only does it find the songs I’m hunting for but it also introduces me to other new and old music that I’ve either been looking for or never heard before infact this app has introduced several new songs that the radio has never even played before and I ended up introducing to the people dancing and then had the radio stations in the city I live in start to play them after I introduced them so this app is the bees knees and I highly recommend it to everyone
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6 years ago, Harvey Kongsgaard
Classical and Modern Serious Music.
I absolutely love Shazam. I also love all types of music but especially classical music and especially of the modern genre. I play keyboards and was brought up playing an antique Harmonium (a pedal reed organ) and in a short time became accomplished enough to be the Assistant Organist for a large Presbyterian Church in the Twin City suburb town of Hastings MN. We had a small seven rank but very powerful Pipe Organ which was absolutely a GAS to play full organ even tho I had to sort of wing it on the full 32 note pedal keyboard. Now getting back to my review of Shazam. I think your App comes up short in identifying classical musical tracks and albums. Most serious music lovers prefer to know the Composer first before they know who are the Artists or Artist. I do wish Shazam would provide much more Info on the Classical Music tracks (PLEASE) but thanx a whole lot for what you do do.
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10 months ago, Jsp123057
I'd be lost without Shazam...
I LOVE this app...for so many reasons! I'll mention a few... Love driving, hearing a song... Shazam! In a brick and mortar, hearing a fav...Shazam! Watching ANYTHING, on whatever form of entertainment I'm fancying, hear a fav or new song I'm feeling...Shazam! It's even able to pick up the music, over the dialogue being spoken...Shazam,! Amazing! When you Shazam tune-age, it gives you a quick view of the artist's "Top Songs/Albums", the album from which that particular song is from, AND the year that album, and the other top albums, were released...Shazam!! It displays the video of the song Shazam-ed... and gives video clips of that artist and clips from artists popular that same era...Shazam! I still have several more "Perks" featured in this app, but I think y'all get the idea...!?!? Right...?!👍🏾💖✊🏾Peace Out...!
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3 years ago, Rosemom64
Too bad that Shazam joined Apple
It used to be wonderful you could catch a tune and then sing along with the lyrics . I was HAPPY Now hours later you realize that it didn’t record and the magic of the mood is gone plus you got home and it is dark cold and lonely and you have to cook dinner instead of singing in the car on the way home. Now I can’t even find the Shazam’s where do they go on Apple and when I get home I don’t want to be scrolling around looking for music anyhow With the old Shazam I could pull up a huge long list of my Shazam’s and play them easily and move them to Apple playlists easily Now the software engineers screwed up and it is a mess Also my phone broke and I have a new phone I am afraid of losing my songs if I log in it is confusing how to move things to Apple
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4 years ago, TxSage17
What Have You DONE?!?
This was my favorite app. I loved it. The only ‘improvement’ it needed was to recognize more songs. It did not need changing! I checked over the new look & it starts playing even though I hit Not Now. I am not usually in a place where sound can just start up!! On top of that I cannot find a way to delete anything in this ‘playlist’ that I did not want. Sometimes I Shazam things for reasons other than I like it. Like on a bet. Or to see who is really that bad & annoying. (Not eating there again). I cannot find a way to delete these hideous sounds & artists. Is there a way I can go back to an older version? I will change back to 5 stars if I can get rid of this. I am NOT interested in Apple Music at all. I guess this is to make me subscribe. Not happening. Especially now.
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2 weeks ago, rocknrollmamacita
Awesome way to Name That Tune!!
I can’t remember who turned me onto this app years ago, but it’s always been a handy tool. The app is much improved since I first started using it. Most of the music I listen to is from the 60’s through the early 2000’s. Sometimes I use it if I hear something I know, but haven’t heard it in years and am drawing a blank. Other times, I will hear something on a TV show I like but have no clue who the current artist is. Shazam let’s you open the song in Apple Music and other options. You can save it, make a playlist and I’m sure some other tricks I haven’t figured out yet. It’s picked up titles within a couple seconds. In the past, If there was any dialog I would try to find a break in whatever show I was watching to find the song. Not the case anymore!
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1 year ago, M. in Philly
Glitch..:and ZERO user support
Hi. A while back I was getting annoyed frequently with Shazam: Sometimes it would come back with “no result” for very well-known songs. I contacted you guys many times, never got a response (because respect for the users without whom you wouldn’t exist isn’t really something your industry does, is it?)…. Eventually I discovered on my own that going into the Shazam settings in my iPhone, and turning the microphone off briefly and back on, would fix it. That, I can live with. But I’ve had to do that three times in hand an hour this morning; I can’t ever remember that happening before. Went to Shazam in the App Store to find a support link, and there IS an “app support” section, but it leads ONLY to Apple physical products like iPhone. FIX YOUR APP AND MAKE **SOME** SUPPORT AVAILABLE, PLEASE!
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2 years ago, blue I am
I love this app
I use this app so often. When I’m in the car and song comes on the radio that I want to learn about, or one I love and want to remember, I open Shazam and capture the song. It is really a wonderful tool. I even captured a song off a tv show we were watching last night! There was so much voice noise on top of the song I wasn’t sure it was going to work, and it took a couple of try’s rewinding the tv show and trying again, but bingo Shazam caught the song! I love that I can look at the list of “My Music”, songs that I’ve captured, and the option to listen in iTunes or to purchase. My song list stays, I guess till I delete something?, because they’re all there. This is one of the best apps available. And for sure one of my favorites. Thank you Shazam!
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6 years ago, CeceLady
I’ve Been Shazam—otized !!!!
This is the bestest app ever PEOPLE! If you want to know the name of a song and artist this is the app you want. It is so accurate and on point. I always keep Shazam open in the background because I love any kind of music that sounds good to me since I don’t have a preference in music my playlist varies and this is how I use it .......when I am listening to the radio and a new song comes on and I have never heard that song....BAAM! I SHAZAM IT RIGHT AWAY!!!! when a car goes by with a good song that I like, or when I go into any business to shop and they’re playing some nice song I immediately SHAZAM IT......I love the fact that I it also finds latin music not only English music and the app is able to find both languages, and even classical music, well the list goes on. I love it and use it basically everyday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
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11 months ago, BUCK333
Shazam is great
Shazam is an exceptional app that revolutionizes the way we discover and enjoy music. Its intuitive interface and impressive audio recognition technology allow users to identify songs playing around them with remarkable accuracy and speed. Whether it's a catchy tune in a restaurant, a captivating melody on the radio, or a captivating track in a movie, Shazam effortlessly provides users with the song title, artist, and even lyrics, instantly connecting them to their favorite music. Moreover, Shazam goes beyond identification, offering a seamless integration with popular streaming platforms, enabling users to effortlessly listen to and explore the vast catalog of music. With its sleek design, comprehensive features, and unparalleled convenience, Shazam remains an indispensable companion for music enthusiasts, making it a truly great app.
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2 years ago, Kmottodragon
The most important app in the history of the internet!
Shazam! When I was young I would spend a third of my meager pay check that I earned working at an ice cream shop situated on University hill in Boulder CO by walking across the street to “Album’s on the Hill” on my breaks and buying music. I seldom came across a CD that had more than one or two good songs on it and so I prayed. I prayed for the music gods to give me the power to identify, sample, and explore an artist’s catalogue without committing my hard earned cash to the proverbial crap shoot that was the new and used CD bins at the local record shop. Shazam you heard my prayer and you answered. It’s like you’re always listening and you have all the answers… wait Shazam are you…no you can’t be…but perhaps to an old skeptic like me you’re pretty much God.
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2 years ago, Cody3246485736
Very helpful
Love finding songs that I want to listen to later that I’m currently listening to wherever. Unless I’m offline in no service it saves it but if I accidentally exit out of the app, it will delete it and not find out what it was. And you have to open the app once your back in wifi/service for that offline one to be found, it won’t do it on its own so I usually forget to do so which is unfortunate.. or if your at the end of the song, sometimes it’s not enough time for it to figure out the song which is disappointing. Sometimes if it’s not a famous enough song or an unusual one, it can’t find it at all or sometimes it gets it wrong. That is probably the worst situation that happens with it but overall it’s helpful and definitely helps me find new music that I want to continue to listen to later..
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7 years ago, Aste Spumante
Not as smart as you’d think
Shazam (at least for me) takes a long time to open to the point where it’s possible to press the Shazam button. Then, it takes a while to recognize the song. Often, a song ends before it can do all that. What usually happens is that I hear a song, then decide in the course of listening that I want to identify it. Then, the above happens and the song ends without being identified. I feel like I’m supposed to start Shazam-ing as soon as the song starts. That doesn’t seem realistic since I need to hear at least some of the song to know that I want to know more about it. Also, it’s not as smart as a human. It seems to recognize data embedded in the song rather than the actual characteristics of the music. If you Shazam a live performance of a well-known song—say, a performance on an NPR show—it will not recognize it.
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