Sheet Music Direct

4.7 (2.1K)
35.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hal Leonard Corporation
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sheet Music Direct

4.69 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Mesh43567875437
Works for me.
I’m a guitar player expanding my skill set by learning the piano. I used Yousician to get a basic knowledge of piano nomenclature then turned to this. As a novice. i find it helpful to find several versions from simple to complex of many songs. Also. The few songs I’ve searched for I was able to find at least some version. The play the song feature helps. (If you’re thinking it would make a good backing track. No. But for an idea of how the song should sound. It’s good) I bought the pro (whatever they call it) version. Already favorited enough songs to make it worth it.
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2 years ago, smallbiznj
Good app, annoying interface
I do like this app. The music selection is good and the prices are reasonable. But I really don’t like the interface. For instance it doesn’t remember my search history so I have to retype the entire search string/phrase every time I want to find a song. And when I favorite a song, the sample page is saved to my wish list. Cool, but there is no way to get back to the purchase page from my wish list; I have to go back to search and start all over, again typing the entire search string, and then dig to find the one I favorited. I have not purchased more than once because I found the process so annoying that I gave up. And about support. I want to request support for something like this rather than write a review, but it requires an email session and since I don’t have email on my iPad I can’t request support. That’s also annoying because I’m already logged in, they should know something about my account, so let me contact support from my account.
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1 year ago, North end commuter
Some annoying bugs
Wondering if anyone at the company uses this on iPad. Music library is great but it has a few very frustrating bugs. One example: if you pull up a song in a set list and go into the settings to change the key (transposition), then you can’t use the X in the top left to close the sheet music. Doing that results in a blank white screen (closes the music, but you’re stuck in the screen and can’t go back to the set list, etc). I found a way around that which doesn’t involve closing and reopening the app. You have to use the set list quick menu dropdown in the top right corner and select a different song. It will then change songs, and you can close out the music and go back to the set list. It’s stupid and annoying, but I keep hoping they’ll fix it with each update. till waiting. Great app overall though.
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3 months ago, itesr
Most of the time no sound
I’m in my first week of the trial. I want to subscribe for the year, however, sometimes I get sound and most of the time I don’t. Sometimes the sound goes away halfway through a song. I’ve tried everything to fix it: deleting the app, then reinstalling restarting my iPhone, logging out logging in. Sometimes these things work, sometimes they don’t. The sound on the website seems to work OK though. There is nothing wrong with my phone because all my other apps and stuff work just fine. Update: In spite of the issue with the sound, I wanted to change my subscription from monthly to annual, And to do so, the instructions tell you that you have to contact customer service. But customer service never gets back to you.
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7 months ago, MKB58
Very Good app
I am just starting to play guitar in my retirement. For the interactive songs, the ability to have it play, change tempo, have tabs and notes on lines directly under each other are very helpful to me as a beginner. I wish they were all interactive. I know that I am supposed to know this, but until I learn more, I wish they would allow the specific sharps and flats to show up throughout the score rather than just in the key signature at the beginning of the line. For us newbies, it is hard to keep track of which notes to sharp or flat. Still, when I am shopping for a specific song, I definitely look for the interactive ones. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Carolxxx
Worthwhile option
I got this app to get chords to play tunes on my guitar. Unfortunately, my very first $4 purchase of an obscure song turned out to inaccurate, and I was quite disappointed. The reason I am giving this app 5 stars is that the developer worked with me for an acceptable solution. I do not fault the developer that the only published copy of my tune was not the one that a favorite singer used. Clearly the singer made artistic changes. I look forward to finding more music through this app. Also, friends tell me they have been quite happy with it.
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2 years ago, gktopological
Love this app but please make it universal
As many have noted, this app is more good than not. And I hope it keeps getting better. It sure beats having to carry all the books around, even though I still keep those around my main practice space. I can give the elusive 5th star if this app becomes a universal one that can run on M1-powered Macs, too. It’s not officially supported, so this makes me uncomfortable to bother trying. This is precisely the kind of app that makes for a good desktop option, too. If it is known to work, perhaps someone on the development team can follow up. Thanks!
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2 years ago, darylthebassplayer
I hate the app
I have a 5th generation iPad Pro 12.9” and it takes 45 seconds (I timed it) from the time I hit the icon on my iPad till it finishes loading the app where I can start using it. Unfortunately loading the app is something I have to do over and over and over again because the app keeps crashing. Unless I pay extra for every song I can’t print the sheet music so I’m forced to use the app. I’m about to cancel my membership. Update: I’ve been in contact with the help desk at Sheet Music Direct. Sam is trying to help me get the problems fixed. I am hopeful that their developers will be able to fix the problem with their app, so I changed my rating from 1 star to 2 stars.
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1 year ago, Dep96
Good and I hope it will keep improving
I use this app for most of the musice I'm looking for. Prices are far and downloads work well. I had one issue with a song and they fixed it quickly and without a lot of back and forth. I wish the play along voicing sounded less computer and more like the real instrument but such is life.
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4 years ago, photogrl13
Decent app, but some bugs still...
There is a decent selection of songs for downloading, but I also wanted to use the app to organize the converted to PDF piano books I have had for years. I got a few songs to update the metadata properly, but once I try to fix the rest, they revert back to the PDF name with PDF for artist and PDF for arrangement. It is frustrating trying to re-input the information repeatedly only to have it not save. I also wish there was a way to get to a specific page of a song quickly like for repeats and codas. For now I have to swipe repeatedly to get to the right page and this is time consuming.
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2 years ago, Gbffhhf
Love the service - and the app is finally usable
Love the service but the app is sooooo slow to load. The web page works better, but there the full screen button only appears sometimes. Also, needs to load the song I was just in - not reload all of the ‘trending’ items that are always the same anyway. We get it - Hallelujah and Imagine are selling well. It’s finally fixed - the app now loads quickly and remembers where you were! Thank you.
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5 years ago, Denise is a Blazer
More good than bad but missing some features
First the good. You can transpose to any key, which you can’t do with another sheet music app. Easy to buy new charts from the app. The bad. In older versions you could also choose the steps you want to transpose to, not just the key. So if I needed it to jump a full octave, you could do that. Now you have to go to the website and do that which is a major pain. Second, You can’t write notes, like from your iPAD pro and pencil. That’s huge. I make lots of notes on my music.
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1 year ago, ladyfractal
My go to for sheet music (with one minor complaint)
I’ve been using Sheet Music Direct for five years now and absolutely love it! It makes it easy to keep all my music together instead of using binders. The selection is wonderful. I’ve been able to find a lot of the music I’ve wanted over the years. I have one complaint and that is that you can’t annotate the music. I’d love to be able to make notes in the sheet music.
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2 years ago, Seqouyah
Needs two more features!
Please add a looping feature, and a pre-count. It would be nice if you could slow the tempo down more as well. Going down to 20% as opposed to 40% would be a great practice, and learning feature. It has been months and still no looping feature added! This is sad. Please honor my request. If Musicnotes can have this feature; then I know SheetMusDirect can surely do it. Please reply to me developer.
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3 years ago, A Bejeweled Lover
Just What I Wanted
I play piano or keyboard now mostly for myself, but I love the access to all forms of music. I can listen to the song first if I choose, and play along with it to learn the selection, or just play myself. The song selections are endless, with every musical category you can think of. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank You
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1 year ago, Anonymous 57
Great for working musicians
The PASS feature is awesome. Being able to find lead sheets, chord charts, lyrics, vocals, and put them into set lists without having to buy all of the music you don’t need on a regular basis is ideal! Note to the company….How about an annual subscription option instead of the monthly payment? That would make it perfect.
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3 years ago, Chas-k
Has potential, but...
When the app is working, it elegantly provides access to the million+ songs available with membership. It is missing is the ability to mark a section of the score for repeated play, which limits use as a practice tool. Publisher should just copy the first-rate interface/functioning of their PlayAlong app. Worked for 2 days, then stopped working on my 2020-model iPad. Remains stuck on the splash screen. Reinstalling didn’t solve the problem. When I installed on another iPad the app booted up but behavior was erratic. Some songs played at 2x, 3x, even 5x the correct speed. Additionally, all songs are show as 120BBM in the settings regardless of actual speed. I would give 5 stars if developer fixes bugs and adds selective passage repeat mode.
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1 year ago, ChrisJ79
Easy to use and great library
Great selection of sheet music for piano, guitar, and ukulele. Most songs have versions with a variety of levels. Lyrics are often in the ‘easy piano’ version. You will need to buy a pager turner to really take full advantage of this app. I got the AirTurn Duo BT-500 and it works perfectly with it right out of the box.
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2 years ago, BL600
Good selection but not very versatile
Overall the best selection of digital sheet music I’ve found. However only being able to use on an iPad vs other devices or larger format tablets is very limiting. Also, I like to annotate my sheet music, and not being able to manually add freeform notes is a big step down from traditional sheet music. An app “by musicians for musicians” should be much more versatile! Received a wholly unsatisfying response from the developer, not addressing the problem but making excuses for why these pretty simple features aren’t available. Also dropped my rating further since you can’t preview the whole song, very disappointing when the arrangements are weak! Really a shame because a relatively good app could easily be made a whole lot better if the developer were only willing!
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6 months ago, Guitarra Pacifica
So many arrangement options
If a piece is contained in the library, this is a terrific app for looking at multiple arrangements. Though it’s not often available, I really like the transposition feature. Playback is great too! 2 Requests: a.) more classical guitar pieces b.) more Latin music options — especially with a ‘Mariachi’ genre tag
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3 years ago, Szolnokred
Overall Great
Overall I really like the app and the ease with which you can find and locate music. There are still some items missing that I found on Scribd but very happy. It would be nice after you put a piece to give recommendations on other similar pieces. Really like the set lists even better than Scribd day the ease with which you can add and remove songs.
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1 year ago, Chicken JoJo
This site is amazing! Don’t pass it up!
Sheet Music is a site of never ending opportunities. The ease and availability of the music is endless. I use the site on my iPad and can play as I scroll through the thousands of selections. If I could give it more stars I would ! Every day is a new musical adventure with Sheet Music Direct!
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6 years ago, Haydini1
Need LIST VIEW of Library songs
Love the app, but please make it possible to view every song I have purchased in a list view rather than seeing the thumbnail images of each song. It’s a waste of space and nice as an alternative, but it would be much more practical to just have a list of the songs alphabetically as in the previous version of this app.
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2 years ago, Criminal defense lawyer
Absolutely essential
I play classical, blues and contemporary music on harmonica, diatonic and chromatic. This app is and has been my accompanist for years! Never complains, no demands, payment is low and always ready and available for practice and rehearsal. Can't ask for anything more! Thx
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5 years ago, AlanK51
Loss of important functionality
The new app has dropped some important features like a list view that provides direct alphabetic access to the music and, especially, the page numbers at the bottom that permitted random access to any page. This was critical in longer pieces with repeats in the middle of the piece. It is amazing that a feature this useful was dropped. Because of these losses the new version feels cumbersome and slow.
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6 years ago, Big Brodee
Almost a Home Run
I like & Use the App A lot ... It's GREAT for any Beginner or Experienced Artist Covering any type (Piano, Guitar, Flute etc). whether you're trying to Learn a Song for a gig or just doing it as a hobby ...Wide Range in Song selection from ( Need to Add to the R&B/Soul Catalog but Not Bad... My Only Issue is with the Price ... I Can Buy a Whole Sheet Music Book for the Cost of Two Songs but it's Still Worth It ... Thanks
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5 years ago, Gtroates
I really like the update
I like the ease of reading and the newer update’s features like the ability to change note sizes in the settings. The wishlist button is helping me to save time by not having to search for a song more than once.
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2 years ago, mrramos1991
Now pointless
I have an iPad, I brought the pass subscription which the app no longer let’s you play pass songs in the app so what is the point of the subscription. Will be canceling terrible app and service subscription.
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4 years ago, homerZ
Needs Update
This app is in need of an update. It doesn’t support PASS subscriptions, and seems to be missing other features from the website as well. I’ll be sticking to the website instead. An updated app would be welcome though.
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3 years ago, Roxiegirl01
This is amazing
All the songs I want are there. I love how I can make the notes bigger, transpose the Keys, that is has the lyrics, that the songs have many arrangements and instruments. My only wish is that I can make notes on the sheets.
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1 year ago, big boy time 117
This may ruin it for me
I like the amount of music on this app but the fact that I can’t scroll the bar back or forward wherever I need it to be to play over certain notes may be why I don’t use it again. I don’t like that if I need to go back a few notes I either have to go back to the very beginning or it only takes me back a little.
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3 years ago, PoetGoddess
Great app for this music beginner
Since I started teaching myself to play the Kalimba I have purchased numerous pieces of sheet music from Sheet Music Direct. I love that they have this great free app! It is nice to have my music all in one place and to have the ability to import PDFs of music obtained from other sources. Kudos to the developers.
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1 year ago, that_musickid
Very affordable!
I’m a music student with 4 instruments and I this music is so much more affordable then other websites just make sure you buy each piece separately Bc if you don’t then they will show up as the same PDF
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5 years ago, MikePer58
Great App
Most songs has the play through option. If I'm having problems playing the song up to speed I slow the playback option down until I want move it back to normal speed.
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1 year ago, JD Piano-man
Very good app.
I am currently learning "The Christmas Song" and found this app helpful tremendously. However, I am unable to set up a loop for PlayAlong. If a PlayAlong feature was available, I feel that I would learn and master this song quicker. Please, make this a great app by developing a PlayAlong feature.
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3 years ago, Flipper116
PASS now in the app!
I can finally access my PASS subscription in the app, which is amazing. You can also keep a list of bookmarked Favorites and download them for offline use.
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6 years ago, E3932
Better Before
I have a built a library of music over the past several years. I wish they hadn't made recent changes to the app. Overall, I liked it better before.
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2 years ago, gladf7
2 long to load
Maybe I gear issues but this thing drops out often and takes a 2-3 minutes to reload
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2 years ago, CTgreatreviews
Grey app
The app is great but one thing is that you have to have an app purchases to be able to get any of the music and some of the music is not available but it’s really it’s a really great app
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12 months ago, Nor'easter
Bad business
This is Hal Leonard’s app and I expected much more of them. Mot of the music is not guitar tab or written for the solo guitarist who can play read music. It’s a lot of chords, and more chords. But that’s not my main complaint. I purchased the sheet music for a song and now my library says it is no longer available (I Dig a Pony, Beatles). Well, you have to refund my money back then but of course they won’t. Bad business.
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2 years ago, Ken Rimple
Almost perfect if...
a) we could write annotations with Apple Pencil so we could truly treat it as sheet music we use on the road. b) we could print a page from the saved sheet music in our monthly plan. Otherwise, tremendously useful app.
Show more
2 months ago, Sclnyc
Great app
I can find most of the music I am looking for. Would be great if we could download to PDF or print so don’t have to look at this only online.
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8 months ago, phsycodelic gecko
I like this because I can find the music that I love as a drummer
I love this app because there’s some really cool music it’s hard to find anywhere else especially as a drummer
Show more
2 years ago, Adam Matthew
Incredibly easy to use and educational!!
This app was a real delight. Fast, easy to use and it had all the top songs I’ve been wanting to play! Fantastic!
Show more
3 years ago, Pinkben29
I wish I hadn’t spent so much time trying to find sheet music elsewhere, I’m happy to pay for quality content, and the attention to detail and UX focus of this app are top notch.
Show more
4 years ago, Copperiloveyou
Not working
This app says it’s compatible with my iPad but when I try opening it and with my PASS account it doesn’t recognize I have PASS so it only shows a one page preview of the song. And if I’m logged onto just one device it will always says I’m linked to 5 devices, which is the max. So I contact their support which they only offer by email and it’s been almost a week with no response.
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2 years ago, K_a_s_p_e_r
Have A Little Faith .. John Hyatt
Not sure what’s going on with this one. I’m sure the selected key is technically correct, but it’s not the same key as the recorded song, which starts out with C. and F in the right hand. I love the idea of this app, but I’m wondering if it will work, if the key doesn’t match the recorded track.
Show more
7 months ago, Benjammin4699547
It’s great to have this resource. Now one can download anything virtually for free. Good to have it! Together with MUSEScore it is a great resource to download and play free music. Overall App—Running smoothly now!
Show more
5 years ago, Djb88keys
Tap to turn page
While playing, it's tough to swipe for page turn. Would be awesome if you could tap, and the animation were super fast. The animation on swipe is slow enough that I lose momentum in the song.
Show more
3 years ago, Sam0246
Simple to use and good library. Update to include annotation?
Love this app and how easy it is to find, buy, and read sheet music off my iPad. However, it would be nice to have the ability to mark up/annotate the sheet music. Next update?
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