Sheet Music Scanner

4.5 (5.2K)
46.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
David Zemsky
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sheet Music Scanner

4.54 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
7 months ago, RandomRaccoon
Fantastic app
I am no expert at playing piano, but I love learning songs that I enjoy listening to. I have several songbooks that have multiple songs I don’t recognize by title or sheet music alone but would probably recognize if I heard them. Other songs I might recognize but not totally understand how that particular arrangement sounds. This app solves both issues, and speeds my learning time by giving me an easy way to hear what my fingers aspire to create. Just take a few pictures, let the app process it, and my sheet music plays out loud while tracking the place on the pages. The one gripe I have is that not all imports are perfect. They are usually spot on, even catching codas by going back to the correct measure. However, sometimes an error occurs that splits the parts. For example, it will play only the treble clef for a line, then repeat the same measures again with only the the bass clef. I’ve fixed it by taking a new picture and reimporting, but that does waste a couple minutes. Overall, though, the accuracy is so high that it seems magical. Fantastic app, highly recommend.
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2 years ago, I am so sick of all of you
Not capable of what I need it to do
I’m a music teacher who is constantly coming into possession of old/obscure sheet music, many of which have no online records of their existence. The only way for me to hear how they’re supposed to sound is by tediously transcribing them into a music notation software. I was hoping that this app would be able to reduce that time and let me hear it straight away, and to say I was disappointed was an understatement. Let’s get one thing out of the way. All the music I inputted was scanned beforehand, so legibility issues were not the problem. The problem is that the app doesn’t know how to read what it’s given. Timing was god-awful, notes were completely passed on, and it can’t distinguish between separate lines and voices to save its life. When I tried to put in a clarinet/piano duet, it sounded awful. Because there’s no way to tell the app that it was not looking at a piano piece with three staves, and therefore no way to transpose the clarinet properly. And even if it COULD distinguish, transposing only affects the whole piece, not the individual instruments, so don’t even try imputing an orchestra/concert band piece into here. If you’re an instrumentalist who just wants to hear what your own part sounds like, maybe this app will work better for you. But even still, I’m not so sure if the price makes it worth it. Definitely not an app I would recommend. Guess that’s 5 dollars down the drain…and on a teacher’s salary no less!
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11 months ago, Cyon01
Amazing app that I hope will continue to improve
This app really stands out to me compared to a lot of the other ones in the App Store. The fact I can use it to practice my part accurately and adjust the tempo or instrument as needed is a great feature, though I hope we will eventually be able to select which parts we want to play versus the one or all approach you currently get. Not a deal breaker by any means, just something for the future. If there were two areas I think could use some improvement then first it’s the ability of the app to recognize multiple staves/staffs in a group. Sometimes it does this really well and I have no issues, and sometimes it will seemingly ignore the bottom stave in a group and treat it as an additional line instead of part of the entire ensemble. This is especially apparent in instances where a song might have just two staves in the ensemble and expand to three or four later on, though I have seen this in music that is consistent as well. The only other feature would be for the app to recognize Coda’s, it I recognize that’s a complex ask you don’t see too often and so I won’t complain that much. Other than these two issues the app suites my needs at a very affordable price.
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4 months ago, AertoneFX
Brilliant Learning Tool
Sheet Music Scanner is an indispensable tool for learning how to play musical pieces. After importing sheet music into the app, Sheet Music Scanner will analyze the sheet music, find musical notes from it, and then show you your sheet music in the app. And here’s where things get interesting: you can play the imported sheet music— this is extremely helpful when trying to learn a new song, as you can get a general idea of how the song is supposed to sound while you are learning to play the song yourself. You can adjust the song’s pitch and tempo to make it match what the music artist originally intended for the song, and the sheet music playback will adjust how it plays the sheet music accordingly. Any imported sheet music can be saved for future use, which can be super helpful for relearning previously learned music. Overall, a fantastic app for those wanting to learn how to play their favorite songs on a variety of instruments.
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6 years ago, GreenGablesFan
Improvements for voiceover users
As someone who primarily with music broil and listen to music but yeah, it is very helpful for me to understand how something sounds when I come out look at the picture, also having an app that will allow someone who completely blind to read print music is a good tool. There are some things that are not perfect, but technology is never perfect. I would like to subtract a form of camera guidance similar to what is found in the Microsoft’s seeing AI app and KNFB Reader app. For example, when you hold the phone in the position to take a picture, it would be helpful to know whether or not the page is filling the screen. When voiceover tells you something Mark, left bottom corner not visible, you know you have to either raise the phone a little bit or move the phone slightly in the direction it in the cakes. Of course, one could just take a picture using Seeing AI and then export those photos into the app HealthTap but, ideally this would be a lot of problems with that having this place would be very useful.
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1 year ago, Spelltastiv
Fantastic app! Where have you been all my musical life?!
I never do reviews but this app impressed me so much that I had to give my two sense! This app is worth EVERY penny. You can buy music scanning apps for 10 times the price and won’t get near the quality product that this is. This app is going to save me tons of time! I still can’t believe how accurate it is and with multiple voicing too! I’m not saying that it is perfect but it is really good! The only thing I have noticed is that It has an issue recognizing triplets and it missed a treble clef inserted halfway through the page but for just a scanning app it is fantastic! Understand, you are not getting a music editing app. I use Finale to do that but you can export what you scan on the app to finale as an xlm file. Get the app... you won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, Zazuki!
This app is a waste of money!
I hadn’t been able to listen to my pieces for a while, as my piano was broken, and I couldn’t fix it. So I thought, why don’t I try to use this app to scan my handwritten sheet music to hear what it sounds like? Well, upon using this application, I was very disappointed to find that this app does not recognize PERFECTLY CLEAR to read sheet music written in pencil. It only recognized some notes, and in the wrong clef. I figured this app would be more convenient than any composing softwares that require “premium,” and that I could just pay and get it over with. I paid money for an app that doesn’t recognize clefs, time signatures and so on. If I ever use this app again, I will use it once it’s recognition software works better, and it has an actual editing software you can use if it gets it wrong. I tried multiple times for it to work, but the only thing it recognizes is computer generated sheet music. I will give it 3 stars, only because it did KIND OF work, but not at all the way I intended it to.
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7 years ago, RoccocoJoe
Overall very good
Overall this is very good. So far I used it on classical guitar pdfs. It is very close but can use some improvements. I'm noticing some notes being skipped ... some notes from a chord or a bass note ignored. I'm also noticing some timing issues within measures, so notes not being held for the correct duration. But I am trying this on some advanced classical guitar sheet music. It would probably be far more accurate on more basic or intermediate sheet music. This software appears to be excellent for beginners and players of all levels. So far I just started trying it out and I am impressed. I will be challenging this further, as I have some music with some very difficult timing. I am hoping this can help me. I am willing to share with you any inconsistencies or bugs I discover, to help you improve this app. For the price and capability, I don't know of anything better. Excellent job on this. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Sphinx711
Absolutely incredible!
Saw this as part of Apple’s music promotion. It looked good and had some good reviews so I decided to give it a try. I am absolutely blown away at how seamless it works! I saw that different instruments can be selected. I thought this was just for book keeping. I didn’t expect that playback uses different synthesized sound for these. I tested flute and clarinet and it sounds surprisingly realistic. A few suggestions for improvement: if I add several sheets that are part of a bigger piece, it would be nice if tempo could be set separately for each segment. It would be nice, if in addition to bpm, the there were support for common tempi such as largo, andante, allegretto, presto, etc. When importing from a photo, it would be nice if the app would allow me to crop prior to import. This is not a big problem, I just take photo first, crop it, and then import.
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5 years ago, GrammaR
Works well for me to learn my part
I use this app to learn my voice part for solos and choir because I do not play any instrument. As a soprano I am fortunate to have the melody most of the time but I use Sheet Music Scanner when I have descants or harmonizing non-melody. I often photograph and crop to only my staff then add each line as additional pages to have it play continuously. Some of the music today, especially choral music, changes what voice/instrument is the top line so that will confuse the app when you tell it to only play line 1. I crop out anything that is not my line in the photo before I input it for practice. There are times when the soprano and alto lines are impossible to separate, but at least I can follow my music score and still have the notes that I need. Overall, I am very happy with the app and it works for the way our use it. I have it on my iPad Air and iPhone 8+. My only suggestion would be to have an option to Not have the whole page faded out to highlight the notes being played with another color perhaps, but to keep the page normal contrast. With the way I use it I would like to be able to see the words so I can sing along with the music. That is difficult on my iPhone8+ & not great on my iPad Air.
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1 year ago, FundamentalForce
Phenomenal app
I don’t know what I was expecting, but this app definitely surpassed any expectations. It’s pretty crazy how accurately it manages to interpret notes — be it through .PDF files or photos of printed music. It’s not 100% correct, but it is impressively close. I’m not really sure what kind of use-case would require flawless accuracy from something such as this, regardless. It’s not going to be able to run flawlessly through Schönberg, but it makes a valiant effort nonetheless. It can nail simpler music pretty consistently, with minor hiccups here and there. Repeats seem to throw it off occasionally; it doesn’t always know whether it’s the start or the end sign for the measures to-be-repeated. If you ask me, the price is well worth it for such a neat little tool.
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4 years ago, Pastel-O
Works well with some limitations
This app is actually pretty darn good with two major/minor caveats. First, you need to take a really clear photo. I’ve gotten my best results from taking a photo of a single unbound page in good lighting with my camera’s flash on. Second, this app is not comprehensive so certain symbols go unread and the developer(s) explain as much in their description so this point is only a minor gripe. Unfortunately, bound sheet music is harder to get a clear photo of because one side of the page typically curves towards the spine of the book and a flat page is necessary for this to really be effective. All things considered, this is a good affordable option for giving one a pretty solid idea of how the music should sound (provided you tale really good photos); it may take a few tries before you get a scan that is acceptable but hang in there!
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2 years ago, Dubinvero
Outstanding Job on Complex Classical Guitar PDF
I used Sheet Music Scanner (SMS) on a purchased complex Classical Guitar tune on PDF. I then exported the XML to the Guitar Pro App which I use for editing and guitar practice. SMS did a fantastic job. I only needed to do small edits to about 10 out of the 140 bars. Most of the edits were required because the software missed slap symbols. The music contained numerous tied notes which SMS handled perfectly. SMS did a significantly better job than the better known PlayScore 2 which necessitated me editing 95% of the bars. In fact most of the bars had so many errors that I would have had to manually input all of the notes. SMS is now my go-to music scanner software. It did an outstanding job. It is also sold at a bargain price.
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4 years ago, Play!
Amazing and really helpful
This app works great! I play piano but don’t sight read well so this app really helps me figure out what the songs sound like from the sheet music before I start to play. It’s really easy to use and can export the files to midi and other formats that’s your thing. It doesn’t always get every note correct - probably depends on the quality of the image - but it does a great job. It’s even very good when you take a picture of a bowed page from a book and the staffs aren’t straight (which blows me away). There are a lot of instrument sounds you can choose from for the playback but they’re a little lackluster - but that’s not really why you buy this program. I’m amazed at what this app can do and really appreciate the creators hard work.
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6 years ago, Negrami
Magic Program!
I have just discovered this wonderful program which almost makes up for all the times I have said “I hate computers”. What it claims to do seems improbable, yet it lives up to the advertalk. It will read sheet music - - and then play it! My iPad computer with Sheet Music Scanner can sight read music as well as I can, only faster. That is an impressive feat. Now when I pick up a new piece I can hear it before I try to sight read it. How cool is that! I discovered a problem when importing pdf’s so wrote to the developer, who quickly responded. We exchanged a few emails and within a few hours had a solution. His customer service is as good as his program. If you are looking at this app and wondering - don’t hesitate, buy it now. Well worth the price.
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4 years ago, Old Hornplayer
Trouble with 1/8 note with curved flags
First, I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful program. I was surprised at how well the software works with modern printed scores. I am in the process of learning to read sheet music and find the software similar to sitting in with a band. I am starting to make the connection between the written notes and the sounds and rhythms. My issue is with older, printed scores. I was trying to listen to some very old Dixieland scores written over 100 years ago, but the software was having trouble recognizing 1/8 notes with curved flags within the score. These are very clearly printed, but I think this written note is not in it’s database. Some times these notes would be treated like a 1/4, other times it was just ignored. I get enough information out of the analysis to figure out the song.
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5 years ago, GitrGuy
I’m a public school music teacher and I teach guitar and piano classes. I’ve recommended this app to my students. It’s simple to use and it works very well. I’ve taken guitar ensemble scores and scanned them and it played back perfectly. The score was four 4 parts. I’ve also used it to have students listen to classical guitar music which was quite complex. It played them back perfectly too. I like being able to export the scans in multiple formats. I’ve exported music as xml files and imported them into Sibelius to write my own arrangements. It saved a lot of time entering notes manually. It’s not 100 percent perfect, but it works perfectly about 95 percent of time. The only issue is it can’t playback drum set music yet. For my purposes it gets 5 stars.
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1 year ago, AnjaCeleste
Amazing Resource for the Vintage Book Collector
I collect older books. Mostly children’s books. There was an era where the author would include a song to go with their book. Of course, I can’t find these songs and my sight reading isn’t that great. This app has been perfect for scanning in songs I find in books so I can learn them and enjoy a piece of history! There are a few times it will glitch and play a note too fast or something won’t sound right (who knows, it may be a typo from the book…). Most songs come through perfectly though and if you are dealing with typed or cleanly handwritten songs (a few vintage books were hand written) this app will work for you.
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1 month ago, KewpiPurdue
First Impression
this app is a dream come true. For a totally blind person like me, I have always wanted instant access to music notation, especially with piano and choral scores. Usually, it has taken me a very long time to learn music, because I had to get someone to play the piano part, record it, and learn it the best way I could. Now with this app, I can isolate the voices, isolate the left and right hand, and learn music note perfect. I hope that you will be able to keep the high standard of accessibility with this app despite ongoing design changes and upgrades which must surely come. Thank you very much for creating this app. I hope it stays around for a long, long time.
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1 year ago, Perrin Family
Super Helpful for Beginner Sight Readers
I’m taking piano lessons and I struggle a little with sight reading new songs. When we were doing lessons in person my teacher would play new songs for me and I would record it on my phone. But since COVID we switched permanently to remote lessons and we do it on FaceTime, which doesn’t allow you to record. This app is amazing because I just take a picture of the sheet music and it “plays” it for me on my phone. It highlights each measure as it’s played so you can follow along. It’s very easy to scan, name, and play back songs. You can also adjust the tempo and change instruments. Love this app! Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, jefferis
not worth it.
The problem is not that it did not recognize notes, but it plays and exports the wrong notes that can’t be corrected by Finale. I.e., it failed to recognize the key signature, but when I added the key signature, some measures still play in the wrong key. There was something in the XML export that could not be corrected. Aside from that, inside the application, it recognized the right placement of the notes on the staff but without applying the key signature, it was all wrong. Basically it was no help at all ***update. Developer was helpful and responsive and offered to refund money, although the process is unclear. I wrote this review before being contacted by developer. the scan was high resolution but of a printout that was done on an older printer. Revised to 3 stars however would not work for my needs of older sheet music.
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1 year ago, Paladinjay
Such A Lifesaver, And Super Affordable
I had a score for an old original piece of mine that I wanted to convert back to Finale for edits. If you know anything about pdf to music notation conversion software, you know your options are pretty expensive, ranging from $65 to $400. I don’t have that right now lol. I tried this app out, and was able to get my pdf converted into an xml! Playback with the xml file was pretty finicky and there were some formatting issues, but I made fixes, copied and pasted the entire score into a fresh new Finale doc, and it was perfect. The fixes took me about 20 minutes, and for paying $5 instead of $200, that extra 20 minutes is a paltry fee.
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2 years ago, Night Guy
Game. Changer!
I’m not a sight reader. I can’t hear it in my head and predict intervals to save my life. But if I hear it once, I can memorize it. This was recommended to me by a high school choir director because I needed to learn a few pieces quickly. I am very impressed with how this app can isolate the base line in complicated choral scores. If only I could make it stop playing the baritone part at the same time, but I guess we can’t have everything just handed to us. No seriously, this has totally changed how I will learn my music moving forward. And I love that I can download the isolated part as an MP3 and follow along while it plays off the pictures.
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2 years ago,
Accurate reading
I need an app to help on my new practice. I tried those “major“ apps in computer and on iPhone . I identified those major by review websites and ad in App Store. I used the same pictures I took by my phone to test. This is the only one that recognize all of them. I did this one last because it doesn’t have a test version, I am afraid I may purchase a bad app. After no satisfaction on other apps. I purchased this one for its high rating. And I satisfied immediately after it reads the least recognized picture and play it correctly. It’s a good app that doesn’t ask you to “subscribe “
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6 years ago, iceicelady
Great tool, decent accuracy
Worth the price, and a big help to me in practicing choral music at home (no piano in my apartment). * Better accuracy than other scanner apps I’ve tried so far. * Works best, naturally, when you import or scan ‘clean’ music, without markings – but it also does a pretty good job ignoring extraneous markings. * New version can isolate and play one or more lines (when the sheet music clearly separates them)...awesome! ISSUES: Sometimes gets confused by single accidentals (not part of the staff), failing to realize that they should end after one measure. Does not recognize the ‘breve’ (double whole note) – these notes are just skipped and not played at all.
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8 months ago, NatMT12
Good app!
It’s got some tiny glitches now and then, but every other app that reads and plays sheet music makes you pay to get even the most basic features. The rhythm isn’t always perfect (particularly when there are 6-8 busy staves), and sometimes it misses a flat/sharp if the music isn’t very clearly printed/copied… but overall, it gets the job done, and for FREE. I’m a choral singer who’s piano skills don’t match the difficulty of music I’m singing, so having a software that can play my part for me to learn is invaluable. I always double check things on the piano if they sound off, but this saves me so many hours of fumbling on the piano to learn it. Thank you!!
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7 years ago, Markiecmarkiedo
Does what it does very well
This app has saved me so much time. Getting PDF charts into Finale has been a stumbling block for me, and this app solves the problem. I haven't tried snapping a picture yet. I've just imported PDFs from Dropbox or Google Drive, so I can't speak to that functionality. I do have some trouble with the playback but that's because I work with scores that have staves that transpose. The app doesn't seem to be able to understand multiple key signatures on the same chart. It assumes concert key so the notes play wrong. The app does have the ability to play one line at a time if you want to isolate a part, in which case you can manipulate the key signature. But that's OK. I didn't get it to play scores. I have other apps that do that or I could have paid a whole lot more money for functionality I didn't need in a different app. This app is clean, straightforward, and it works. I imagine it will grow in its own complexity in future iterations, but for now, I am happy to support an app that does a few things well.
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7 years ago, Bikkus
It is hard to believe that this App works as well as it does. After quickly taking a picture of a passage in a book, or importing a picture from the web, it will often do a beautiful job of playing the music, even with three part sheet music. Unfortunately, there is more work to be done, as things like triplets and grace notes are ignored, and there is no way to edit they timing errors that slip though. I'm giving it five stars to encourage the author to continue embellishing the App. If you buy it now, you won't have to pay again when the bugs get worked out, or have to keep checking for new versions.
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4 years ago, JoConn4
Great app—useful improvements could be made!
Fantastic app!!! Very helpful. A few things that I noticed could be improved: If there was a way to set tempos for different sections, that would be amazing. Also, if you could play multiple voices but not the vocal line (so everything the piano plays instead of just bass or treble). There’s a bit of a glitch with slurs—notes that are marked flat in one measure and “slurred” to the next, are played as natural in the next measure. I’m not positive, but I also think it doesn’t recognize repeats. Finally, if there was a way to set that the play-through would make certain cuts (so it could skip over measures or pick up at a later section), this app would be perfect!
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5 years ago, Kon Krypton
Very Impressed
Updated review: Now that I have been using this for a while, I see an improvement that it could use. Please add iCloud storage and syncing of your imported sheet music. I have the app on my phone and iPad and it’s a pain to have to re-import something because it was originally on the other device. This would be a great help! This is the app I was searching for! I have recently joined a chorus and was without the ability to play the score (I’m “hunt & peck” on a keyboard at best). This app has been great at reading the sheet music and playing it. But the best part is being able to export a MIDI file to GarageBand so I can turn off the tenors or the baritones to hear my track. For $4 this is the best music app in the App Store!
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3 years ago, Gyrojeff
Almost perfect
Wanted something to scan and play my Elizabethan recorder music. Exactly what I was looking for, simple and accurate. Had a few bumps at first but didn't take long to figure it out. Hints were very helpful. Plus the playback was very pleasant. Will be completely perfect once repeats and codas are added. For the price you have nothing to lose. Very happy with this app. UPDATE: Latest upgrade includes repeat recognition which works very well. Had a couple of problems with a few scans but was able to solve them with a little creative cutting and pasting. Even more happy now!
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6 years ago, Lbking911
Great start! Could use some improvement
Updated use to the app....... The updates have continuously increased the accuracy of the reading and now it totally rocks! I love the new features and the new layout! This is one app that every musician or singer should have. No question! Hands down the best app! Previous review....... This is an immensely helpful tool for those of us that need help in sight reading. I would hope that some features in the future could develop into a tool that allows you to make corrections in the app reading extra notes or missing reading notes. Instead of relying on only the app to be a perfect reader, the developer could allow the users to make corrections as well. Kind of integrating the users into the whole experience. I would also like to see the interface a bit cleaned up or refined to make navigating the app a bit more intuitive. Like a button to see your saved projects instead of just the back button. Otherwise a fantastic app.
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5 years ago, ASC429
Pretty great but needs improvement
This app was definitely worth the money and it helps me hear the music that I have to play so I can get a good sense of it. The only thing really missing in the key signature. I wish there was a function where you could put in the right key because the scanner does not pick up on the key signature at all and it sounds terrible. There also needs to be improvement on the scanner sensing wether there are two lines being played together, as when I’m listening to my piano pieces I want to be able to hear the left and right hands together, same with a duet piece. I have just read some other reviews and it seems like there is a way to change the key signature, does anybody know how to do that?
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6 months ago, 24 Cats
Very good, but could be better
So far this is the best app for what it does. I haven’t found another app that recognizes sheet music and plays it as well as this one and without intrusive ads. Options to change speed at different parts should be added. Many times it doesn’t recognize crowded notation. It commonly misses sharps or flats within the notation. Multi-instrument should be added, music with a top vocal staff is confused with a treble and bass, so it ignores the bass and plays it like a separate staff. Hopefully the creators of this app keeps improving it because it could be a great app with added function and recognition improvements.
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6 years ago, shazzbot
Amazingly Accurate!
I took a chance and bought this app hoping it would work as advertised. To my surprise and relief, it worked like a charm. For best results use the built-in scanner in daylight conditions or brightly lit indoor settings to get a clear scan of your sheet music. I scanned in some classical piano sheets, and the app was able to render a flawless rendition. As of this writing in 2017 it does not yet recognize Coda signs and repeats, but it does provide a way to hear the piece before you tackle it on your instrument. The app also has the option of adjusting the tempo during playback. Highly recommended!
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4 years ago, Patches_McMatt
Great for hearing how a piece should sound (more or less)
This is a great app for beginners who are trying to learn to play music and would like to be able to hear how a particular arrangement sounds. I have noticed that the app skips over repeat signs so if you are scanning an entire piece and playing it back, it’ll just play from beginning to end without any repeats. I haven’t noticed the app being able to adjust tempo based on tempo markings either. Actually, it doesn’t seem to pick up any of the markings; tempo, dynamics, or pedaling. Still a great app in my opinion and one I feel was worth the cost. Maybe these missing features will be added someday.
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2 months ago, Jbilixim
Just amazing
I picked up my trombone after a 40 year break. I joined our community band and enjoyed playing for a year and a half now. I realized it was taking me much longer than I needed to get my part down so I started searching for an app that would help me. This app is absolutely amazing. Not only is it accelerating my ability to get my part down but it’s also like having an on-call partner to practice with. I putting my headphones on and playing my part and having the app in my ear really has improved my playing
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6 years ago, Richard In Abuquerque
Beats Photo Scan!
I use Sibelius 7 for editing piano scores. Photo Scan is included to input sheet music (PDFs) into Sibelius...which is tedious and time-consuming to use. This app creates an XML file (using the camera) which is opened directly by Sibelius. All scanning app will have errors (reading triplets, etc.) but this app is much more accurate than PS and, being easily exported into Sibelius, it is much more efficient and effective. I’ve used it on about a dozen scores, and love it! You can also use this app to organize music on your iPad for gigs. I won’t use it for that because I use ForScore.
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5 years ago, Cz12140987654321247805321
Good but needs work
Overall, I love the app. It is extremely easy to use and gives great results. However, there are a couple things that would be great if added. First of all, unless a high quality pdf is used, there are bound to be notes missed. I have found that it can miss bass clefs very frequently as well. It would be great if there were a way for us to add missing notes. Additionally, this is a small thing, but it would be nice if the temp could be adjusted via keyboard instead of slider as the slider is a pain to use. Yet, if you are looking for a relatively cheap app to scan music with, this app is definitely for you!
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6 years ago, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww snap.
Needs the ability to manually place in notes
Fairly good app, and it’s super convenient to have something like this. However when you can’t get a good enough image quality it is unusable, since some of the notes are missing. If we had the feature to put in certain notes that would be great. Most of the time a lot of the notes are placed in, but some of them aren’t so it would fix this problem if we could put these notes in manually. In addition, the rhythms for some types of notes (i.e. triplets, sextuplets, etc.) seem to be off, and are played slower than they should be. Overall decent app, with some improvements it could be amazing.
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5 years ago, Mxavier123
This app is perfect, it is so simple and easy to use you just take a picture of the sheet music and you can choose from a variety of voices. But two things I would recommend for this app is one. The main piano voice could be improved, it sounds a little like a harpsichord. And secondly, when you have multiple pages it would be helpful to be able to move the pages in what ever order you would like and not only in the order you scanned them in. But amazing app, and definitely worth its price.
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4 years ago, chai chapino 4578843 Awesome
Great!! but help!!
I just downloaded this app and it’s amazing I would really appreciate it if you added a feature where it only reads the bass clef. I also would love it if you added an option where we can edit the parts where the program reads the sheet music incorrectly. And if you could add a feature where it reads only the top note of the treble clef and only the bottom note of the treble clef to find the soprano and alto voice I’m sure so many choirs would benefit from this option and make your app more wanted. If you could also do the same for the bass clef for bass and tenor voice. Thank you so much
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6 years ago, wkrasl
Very Good App, Great Support
I’m a choral singer but haven’t learned how to sight read yet, so I need something affordable to help me rehearse new music on my own. I keep ALL my data files on OneDrive for home or remote iPhone access, so I had already scanned all my scores on my PC into PDFs. This app did a very good job finding those PDFs where I had saved them on OneDrive, scanned them, played them with surprisingly great sound, and easily exported them back onto OneDrive in XML, MIDI, and MP3 formats. You can then send the MIDI files to equipped instruments, or load the MP3 into iTunes playlists. Lo As a singer I now open the XML files in MuseScore to add the lyrics (so I didn’t need the original score PDF anymore), changed instruments from default piano to flute for that staff and choir voice for SA and TB staves, and boosted the volume for the TB staff for rehearsing my part. Throughout the process David provided excellent support, so overall this app gets a well-deserved 5 stars.
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6 years ago, docgarner
Absolutely Amazed
I’m not going to lie. I’m tough to impress, and especially jaded about programs the claim that they can work with sheet music. Nonetheless, I ponied up the four dollars for this and could not be happier. It reads off of bad photocopies, it reads off of my laptop screen, and of course it reads on well printed sheet music. It reads images, it uses the camera, and the only thing I wish I could do that it doesn’t is read straight out of a PDF and do multiple pages. Bravo to the author. Add PDF support and multipage support and you can have another $10 of my money!
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4 years ago, mhoman
Great for helping with transposing lead sheets.
Singers are forever changing keys which renders lead sheets useless unless you are gifted with the ability to transpose in your head. I had used a $400 software on Mac called Smart Score c2 Pro but that stoped working when I upgraded to Catalina. I had exported. PDF out of ForeScore on iPad, emailed it to myself. The went to Mac and downloaded and the imported it to Smart Score and edited and emailed it back for import back to iPad app. With this app I just export pdf from foreScore to Music Scanner and the to Notion for transpose and then back to foreScore. No need for Mac and I save time.
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5 years ago, Jsong123
It works foe me
It works pretty much the way I thought it worked. One of the scores that I scan ended up sounding separate on the right hand then the left-hand. In other words, it played the right hand for about four measures and then it played the left hand after that but that was only for for the first line. All the rest of the score got played with the right hand in the left-hand sounding at the same time. I think that might’ve been the way that it was scanned so I should try to re-scan it and try it out.
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5 years ago, Traveler11
Updating my previous review
I originally gave this app a very critical review (comparing it to high end scanners) but have since used it a number of times with excellent results, hence changing to 5 stars. I do a lot of music scanning and this app has saved me hundreds of hours. Very easy to use and extremely helpful with pdf scores. I don’t even try very complicated modern music scores as it’s not intended for highly complex notation. That’s what expensive laptop programs are for. This app is a great, inexpensive way to get basic scores digitized quickly and accurately.
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7 years ago, iTunesfool
The best that I have found on the App store. Highly Recommended!
I have tried several apps like this, and this one is hands-down the best of them all. Scanning with the built-in camera on my iPad Pro gave me about 95% recognition, but scanning with my desktop printer/scanner to a 600 dpi png file was 100% accurate. Haven't tried the XML export, but if it is as good as the rest of the app then this is a home run! Edit - Even more accurate since last update. Multi-page PDF works very well, and XML export works well with Notion, and others that accept xml.
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4 years ago, Kal_El-665
Great Music Scanner
If you need a good sheet music scanner this is the way to go. This app is great! So far it has worked flawlessly compared to my free scanner. The accuracy is amazing and the possibilities are endless, you are able to have more than one page on your music. You are able to transpose, you are able to listen to it with accurate sounds for your own instrument. As a Tenor Sax player this app is very important to me, from musician to musician, I can tell you that there’s no better app than this one.
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10 months ago, HShayne5411
Almost There
This app is a life saver (and time saver)! It occasionally, though, has a hard time reading certain things because it grays out anything it thinks are notes for the reader. This means it doesn’t detect tempo markings, occasionally though rarely thinks the three for a triplet is just notes for the reader, and multi-bar rests are played as about one second of silence, which isn’t ideal if you need to export the MIDI audio (though you can export as MIDI and edit in a DAW if desired). My only three complaints are: 1.) Shouldn’t have glitches like above (a given) 2.) Should detect tempo markings 3.) Should turn your scan to a built-in editable score, rather than using an image of your picture or PDF upload (though you can export as MusicXML and edit in any other compatible composition software of your choosing) Definitely 100% worth the $5 though. Overall a very versatile app.
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