Shell FCU Mobile

4.9 (27K)
31.1 MB
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Shell Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shell FCU Mobile

4.89 out of 5
27K Ratings
1 year ago, Ms. Athena J
Best There Is❤️
Shell FCU is the best local banking and savings Institution by far. I had previously banked with the bigger banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America for years, but over the years the service became questionable and I began to look for a smaller, more friendly and professional banking experience. That’s what I have with Shell FCU and so much more! I love the service and I’m absolutely pleased with the banking opportunities that are available with them. I tell everyone about them and suggest they check them out. They have the most up to date, modern, convenient services when it comes to the drive thru or atm service. My favorite is the mobile banking and when I do have to go into the bank the staff make me feel like family, they are genuine and professional. They are helpful and kind. They are all you can asked for in banking reps and so much more!
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2 years ago, ethic60
My review for Shell Federal Credit Union
Shell representative’s are always helpful in all my transactions. I f something is wrong or something went wrong with my account they work on it immediately. They are kind and courteous at all times. If something personal is going on in their lives you never know. In my book that is a big plus for business! Thank you! March 24, 2022: From the first text to this one , this company haven’t changed. I was able to get a credit card with the limit I requested. I’m so happy that I’m part of this Credit Union. The hospitality when you physically walk into the facility is so welcoming. Don’t matter what she’s doing you are her utmost priority at that moment. A great good morning and goodbye! 😊
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2 years ago, Upset user2019
I absolutely love banking with Shell so I was ecstatic when they rolled out their banking app. No longer having to go onsite to deposit checks, easy to communicate with a representative via the message center if you aren’t able to call and also helps with card control. I love being able to just turn my card off if I think I’ve misplaced it or it’s been stolen. The app also allows you to easily transfer money to different accounts. I have a car loan and a credit card with them and it’s awesome that I can just transfer my payments out of my checking account.I hate bill paying so this makes it super simple. Thank you Shell, for always taking care of my needs.
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3 years ago, Moosicans
Mario Gonzalez Review on SFCU
Honestly I never knew to much about interest rates and banking and financing in general ; the first bank I ever had I got simply because a family member had it , knowing nothing. After 6 years of only banking with them , I realizing it was time for change. When i asked and asked around and finally SFCU was the choice. After only being a member for more then 6+ months . With no hesitation I recommend you all to everyone . Right away I was taken in explained credit , how I can improve it ; what I owe where and who. Refinance car benifits , credit card benifits . All that great stuff. Great bank and thank y’all so much for the love and support ! ~Mario Gonzalez
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7 years ago, Cjcuzzz
Best decision I ever made
This company has helped me so much. Very easy to work with. Approved me for everything I needed. They will now get all of my business. I have a credit card with them, personal loan, auto loan, checking and savings, and one credit card that I used to pay off all of my other cards. I don’t have the best credit. But my credit is not terrible. I have 0 late payments on my credit. No one else would approve me for all of this but they did. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Dude322
Great improvement
This is the easiest app to date, I really like the color that was added it makes it easier to read. There are several really good improvements. I hate change after I get used to using something but this Change was definitely worth it.
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3 years ago, just trying to submit!
Better, but...
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now. The latest major change, which streamlined everything, was great! However, now mortgages and checking account ads pop up when loading the app and interrupt the login. These ads should load AFTER one is successfully logged in, not before. When this is fixed and the touch login isn’t interrupted anymore, I would be happy to give it the last star.
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2 years ago, Hambonappetit
The Best!
Member since I was born! My Dad worked (and retired from) She’ll Refinery in Deer Park. He and Mom had four children. Each of us were given an account as we were born and taught to work … and save. She’ll has always been there for us … helping us along the way. Credit Unions are wonderful institutions … and She’ll is a shining example! Diane
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4 years ago, kkrkrrkkrkrr
New customer
Beware! Opened a new account. Deposited my paycheck on that Sunday. Since it wasn’t a work day I assumed I could have access to my money at least by Tuesday. Local chase bank check. Nope I called and it will be 10 business days no exceptions. No one ever told me that. I could have just deposited to my Wells Fargo acct had anyone told me.
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3 years ago, Phanagriff
Bill pay could be better.
In the old program, you could go thru the list and input the amounts. Then click approve with one click. Also could print a copy of transactions. Would love to see that option available again.
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7 months ago, Pissedoff01010
Outstanding service!
Shell Federal has the best service ever. Every interaction is polite, succinct, professional and most important, productive. I’ve never had a wasted trip to either of the three branches I visit; La Porte, Deer Park, or Pasadena, including getting a refund fraudulent charges. I will bank with Shell for the rest of my life if it is an option.
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3 years ago, Cake-Time Productions
Quick, Fast, Easy
Setting up the app is quick fast and easy. Finding what you need, the app is user-friendly. The layout is functional and you do not have to search for what you’re looking for everything is face value.
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5 years ago, vincenzo.fehring
Such a Great Experience
I’m brand new to Shell FCU, and the experience has been fantastic so far! Everyone at the branch is extremely helpful, and the app makes managing my accounts so much easier! I love the indication icons for pending transactions versus posted transactions. Makes glancing at my account so easy. Totally recommend this for everyone!
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4 years ago, Najee Johnson
Warm and Very welcoming, I will be switching all of my things over to my Credit union. My first credit union at that. I love this Company. ONLY THING IS, CAN WE GET A MORE UP TO DATE MOBILE APP, LOOKS KIND OF OUT DATED ON THE NEWER IOS. PLEWSE CAN WE GET A NEW MOBILE APP LOOK? But still in all I love it. Everything works correctly no complaints what’s so Ever. Best Credit Union to start with.
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3 years ago, gregbrutsche2
Mobile deposit needs some work
Since the revamp of the app, the mobile deposit feature has really lacked. I’m not sure how much clearer I need to write the words ‘For Mobile Deposit Only’ for a deposit to be accepted. Especially in the covid times, it’s important to myself to deposit checks via mobile app. And I simply cannot get this done. Otherwise the app is great.
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3 years ago, lev4451
Love everything about it. EXCEPT the fact that sometimes it takes forever to charge up something. So me being approved for overdraft the app says I’ll still have money, but things & literally the next day owe $200 of overdraft fees because they took too long (days long) to process a payment. They usually work with me on those but it’s a big headache !
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5 years ago, jes eng
Love the App Love My Credit Union!
Love the features on the app! I can disable my debit cards, and search most transactions. I especially love Shell FCU the customer service is amazing, and they treat me like a person. I can actually talk to someone that understands me, and might even live in my city. I recommend Shell to all my family and friends.
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4 years ago, ThyStaff
What A Surprise!
The online banking displays a very professional setup in my view. What really caught my attention is the ability to send gift checks and donations. This application on Shell FCU’s online banking will allow ThyStaff Foundation, LLC to operate our extended nonprofit in Puerto Rico and help those in need during these tough times. Thank you! Bendiciones/Blessings
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2 years ago, EN2017
Best of the best to bank with!
Never switching to a reg financial institution. They have been amazing and always very professional and nice staff. I have many accounts with Shell FCU and on doing business with this awesome bank. Zelle could use some updates on adding new contacts.
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2 years ago, sheff2376
Getting better and better
All aspects are good and continuously improving. I have seen tremendous increase in app quality in the last 4 years. I recommend to my friends and family.
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6 years ago, statement noted
The app is not user friendly for 2018
I mean this in the most positive way but the biometric fingerprint scan is almost obsolete now with most phones be able to do facial recognition. I wish the app had the option for both the fingerprint in the facial recognition. I don’t like the “ send money “ task. My other financial institutions BOA and NFCU and friends all use Zelle. But I am happier with the app. I hate trying to go to the location.
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6 years ago, Gwen L.
Great Service
I like this app much more than the previous big bank chains I’ve used in the past. I like being able to turn my card off/on as needed. I also like the alerts that I can set up to receive on multiple accounts.
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4 years ago, jstme152
My bank
You guys are a great bank I have tried so many banks and none were great as sfcu this bank has been the best I have had you guys back in the nineties and close my account secessfully reopen in 2019 and I find it amazing at my age couldn’t have it any better you guys are GREAT!!!
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1 year ago, Brandon pharmD
Very convenient, but..
Works well and it’s a necessary app for me, but please show the same amount of history as the website! The app doesn’t go back far enough for my needs
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3 years ago, Brockspradamama
Not working
App isn’t working properly even though we can no longer use the previous app to check account information.
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2 years ago, KittyRanch
Great service. I enjoy working with the Shell FCU. People are so nice and work like do but don’t
Ryan’s service was outstanding. He was very patient with me since I am recovering from the flu and my head is a little fuzzy. I wish to thank him very much. Louise Mercer
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6 years ago, Tundrabasser
Great credit union
I’ve been a member 25 years , the only issue I’ve ever had was they haven’t verified boat insurance on a loan 2x and charged me a large sum of money that I had to fight to get taken off. Used to they would have called me to verify but I guess companies are all just getting too big and miss things that are important to members but other than that they do a good job.
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7 years ago, Scurlolg
Life Time Member
My father signed me up as a member in 1963 when SCFU was located on Ivy street. I have been associated with them since, and have no regrets. They have helped me through good and tough times and I am forever grateful to them. I recommend them as a financial institution for anyone who just needs someone to listen and understand their financial needs.
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7 years ago, Andrea Wiget
When it works, it's great!
Half the time when I try to access my account either by the quick balance or full access, it times out and can't connect and my phone has either 5 full bars of service or connected to wifi. When it does work it is a time saver but it's annoying when it doesn't work and I have to find other means to access my account balances.
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3 years ago, deann alissa
Y’all are awesome
Thank you for all of your help and how nice y’all are and when I go to the Baytown locations office the lady at the front has the best attitude and she definitely deserves to be the first person you see in there
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6 years ago, Valpall8679
Love it
This app is really user friendly. I can check my balance, see all my pending transactions and even transfer money quickly. I love this app. You can even transfer money from member to member within the app.
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4 years ago, Berto, The Creator
Needs extra support
I love how easy and convenient it is, but wish the app supported Rooted/Jailbroken devices. I know it’s a “security” reason but that’s why you have Face ID and Touch ID or 2 step authentication. Don’t let the competitors have this available and approve the able to run the app on a jailbroken/rooted device please.
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12 months ago, Mrcook
Great mobile banking app
The Shell app is very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and easy to transfer between accounts and pay loans through.
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2 years ago, texasgirlcharlotte
Love this credit union. Love how I can transfer between accounts as many times as I need at no additional cost to me. The app itself is so easy to use.
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7 years ago, birdiefly
Simply the best!
Shell FCU symbolizes the essence of customer satisfaction while maintaining simple, easy to understand technology. I'm third generation in my family to use Shell FCU for all of our banking needs and have just introduced the fourth generation to this financial institution as well!
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6 years ago, Andileigh 1
Great banking
We have been members for almost 20 years. We have had car loans and personal loans, have a safe deposit box and several checking and savings accounts. The people are great, too.
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6 years ago, Pmash1
Great Mobile Banking
This app allows me to make all of the mobile banking transactions I need to do without overwhelming me with unnecessary options and useless design accents. It is a very well thought out and designed application
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7 years ago, Lrmenta
Love the new update it's much easier to manage and I'm sure I'm not the only one who loved it thanks shell for making the app more convenient for the members especially the transfers see what's in store later in the future 🙂
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3 years ago, CocoIcing
Easy to navigate. Convenient. Accurate account information. Rarely down. Makes my life much easier and that’s what counts.
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4 years ago, Clsmith766
Well done
It is EXTREMELY efficient. I always track my transactions with convenience and speed. I never have any problem or unnecessary fees like I would with conventional banks. I am very pleased.
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11 months ago, Jorgito 64
Transport business
working with Shell Federal Credit Union is the best thing that has happened to me in all these years, they have very well trained bankers who help you in all areas
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7 years ago, running weav
All I need
The app allows me to do all my banking on line. I live mobile deposits and the quick check. I've been a member of SFCU for over 40 years and really like the way you've kept up with technology.
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3 years ago, SpiralHD
Bad update
Can you guys hurry and fix the app so I can view my account balance. This new update is terrible. The UI is not very user friendly and looks worse than the old one, and half the time I can’t even log on to see my money when I need it. Trust me simple is better when having an application about finances and you guys are moving backwards.
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2 years ago, Cnichols$
Amazing bank
Beat bank that I have ever had the pleasure of being with. They really understand hardships and customers needs thank you She’ll FCU. Also they staff is amazing!!!
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7 years ago, Grod82
Great Platform
This app is now current with the big banks. Very easy to use. The only thing that I dislike is that you still can't see your credit card transactions on it. If that was fixed it would get 5 stars
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6 years ago, Spiritace
Best Credit Union!
I joined Shell FCU when it was offered at work. Great decision. I’ve been with them for about 6 years. They are so responsive. And even though I don’t often go in the lobby, they always know my name. Impressive!
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7 years ago, Skylar183
Even better with upgrade!
User friendly, convenient. Quick and Easy to view balances, pay bills, and transfer money between my own Accts and other members. Great job ShellFCU! Love it!
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6 years ago, JGD1991
Awesome app.
Great app. So much improvement from the previous version. The only thing missing is being able to transfer funds (receive and send). Maybe a partnership with Zelle?
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1 month ago, Michael 🦍
Shell Federal Credit Union Really Is Good
I love this credit union. I went from not caring about money to taking care of business simply because of this bank.
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2 years ago, smileitsdanielle
User friendly for all ages
I love how simple the app is and how easy it is to navigate. I have other apps like chase and Texas Bay Area that are cluttered with too much stuff.
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