Shooting Times Magazine

4.2 (86)
14.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Outdoor Sportsman Group
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shooting Times Magazine

4.2 out of 5
86 Ratings
6 years ago, ImNRA
Digital app site
The online renewal was easy, and the app works well. Thanks!
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7 months ago, Digitally Frustrated
This digital subscription never works
I have Beren a long time subscriber to shooting times and Game and fish magazine. Both subscriptions include the digital version of the magazine and yet EVERY SINGLE time I try to access the digital version I am asked to subscribe to the magazine again. On several occasions I have been charged and had to process a refund. I view almost all of my subscriptions in a digital format - why do these two magazines continue to employ the worse digital access I have ever encountered. This is almost enough to make me cancel the subscription - but I enjoy the magazines too much so I I will just read the paper version, but if you are going to offer a digital subscription you should probably make sure it actually works.
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6 years ago, Gunr0331
Awful! Don’t subscribe! Scam!
The entire company is awful from the digital side. When subscribing never received the confirmation email they said I would receive for both Shooting Times and Guns & Ammo. This email was supposed to contain info for setting up access to digital subscriptions. Finally stumbled on the apps, and have had no success at all in viewing my subscriptions that I paid for. Just continue to receive error message that the app is having server issues. Overall I am extremely dissatisfied and would HIGHLY recommend staying away from this subscription service. At this point it feels like this may be a scam service.
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5 years ago, timusmcman
Good and not so good.
Great magazine and great content. Navigation is very awkward. Please figure a different way to get to the menus. Currently any time the screen is touched briefly the screen moved down making reading difficult and shows the menu. Maybe consider a longer press or maybe some sort of downward motion to access the menus. Also, and this is a big one...PLEASE figure a way to have the app RESUME where I left off reading instead of just starting at the cover screen. Super annoying.
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3 years ago, JCW71
Digital use to work great, only previews are available even though I have upgraded the app, digital being included with subscription is a joke. Never works but they are willing to sell you an extension to your subscription, stick with the printed version.
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7 years ago, Disappointed Enthusiast
Makes You Want To Go Back To Paper
The original app worked so much better. Not sure why this app was put into production. Does not appear to have been tested well and requires multiple re-installs to get it to work partially. Would give this 1/10th of a star if possible.
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11 years ago, Laura5568
Great app!
Was happy to finally see this on the iPad. No major problems. Had a small problem, but contacted their support and they answered very quickly and resolved my problem. Images are very clear!
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7 years ago, Bbwv
Really miss the last version
There is no comparison to the older version. Have to play games to get each issue to download. Some of us are not always connected. Please address these problems
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7 years ago, thicard
Doesn’t work with iOS 11.1.2
Love the magazine. The latest app update doesn’t work with the recent iOS update. Trying to download a magazine gets you the eternal spinning icon of doom.
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8 years ago, Wixxiawe
Poor APP - Avoid This One
Constantly having to email Intermedia to have them fix my account. Every other month it tells me I have to buy the next issue, when I have a subscription which is current. I have 4 different magazines through them and all 4 have this issue at some random month. It has happened now 6 or 7 times now and I wait 1 to 2 weeks to get it resolved. I am currently waiting for 2 weeks again.....It seems their attention to these issues is also failing....Avoid this APP/Company and find other means of getting online magazines.
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9 years ago, Chadillac44
Still can't download magazines that I've been billed for.
I don't know what's been going on for so long. I have not been able to download shooting times, guns & ammo and other subscription paid for from this company. I understand some delay with iOS update but it's been 3 month now and several subscriptions. I've emailed, no response, deleted and re downloaded many times and cannot get any mags paid for. Someone out there must be reading these, please help.
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10 years ago, Darknetone
Dead in iOS 8
Great magazine but it looks like we are back to paper. I had been reading it in my iPad but since iOS 8 I can't read any of my past or current issues, nothing. Guys I have paid for my subscription and I would like to receive my issues as well as access to those issues I have paid for. I say stay away until they release a update to this app. an email I have indicates that they need to update the app so it is comparable with iOS 8.
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9 years ago, Ratter58
Guns & Ammo and Shooting Times..same company.
I paid for both digital only and even though paid up for a year, started getting I have to buy next 'paid' issue. Get run around from the company. I cancelled both and got like $3 back. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing in the co. I was told by one person who worked there, there is no digital magazines available??? WHAT? Join the NRA they have better digital flawless app.
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11 years ago, CDean16
Horrible Service
I signed up for a year of the digital version of Shooting Times. I received an email stating it is immediately available. After not being able to sign in, I contacted the customer support which said it takes a week to activate. After a week, their website says I’m activated but now it says I won’t have access until the May issue (it’s currently January). This is just not worth the aggravation.
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9 years ago, dwoozle
Pretty disappointing so far
I downloaded the app, paid the subscription and got one issue. Now it wants me to buy the next issue! There is no access for setting up your personal settings or notifications that I can find. I went to the company website and emailed them. We'll see if I have any better luck. All I wanted to do is go digital... Too much hassle unless they fix this.
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10 years ago, BeProactiveMaybe
No iOS 8 Support
What has the publisher been doing all these months with Apple iOS 8 scheduled for official release and download? It's inexcusable to not have a thoroughly tested and updated Shooting Times App ready for the iOS 8 launch. How about the publisher being proactive and notifying their current subscribers of this fact as well as _WHEN_ a fix will be ready so that we can read our digital subscription???
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11 years ago, Riclujan
This is crap
Stay away this application does not work and customer service is horrible. I would consider this people scam artist. I would not be surprise if they are faking the good reviews. Stay away it does not load correctly, forgets your password and subscriptions and customer service requires 3 to 4 emails to respond.
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10 years ago, jawpc
Shooting Times BUG
The App has a major bug. I purchased a 1 yr subscription, but could not download from the App. I deleted and reinstalled the App. I could then download the issue and view. But as soon as I scrolled to page 2, the App bombed. I repeated the process all over again and it bombed the 2nd time.
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10 years ago, Abourrouj415
Crashed and burned!
The App crashes when you turn to page 2 of the magazine after you download and try to view it. From there, it's back to square one and the same thing happens every time. An update is badly needed!
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10 years ago, AMjag
iOS 8
iOS 8 has apparently rendered your app useless. You need to get your compatibility act together. This should never have become an issue!
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11 years ago, G50b
Will not load on iPad
The $4.99 issue partially loaded and the subscription issue will not load at all. Pretty useless in this beta state.
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10 years ago, MagicA4
Not being able to fix the app to work with IOS8 is ridiculous!! Worst service ever!
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10 years ago, Sonic SA
Please fix
I can't download my magazines since IOS 8, please fix!
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11 years ago, Yuckxxx
I can't stop the automatic renewal! What a great way to make money.
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