ShopLook - Outfit Maker

4.7 (5.2K)
88.3 MB
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Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ShopLook - Outfit Maker

4.74 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
4 years ago, wisebelievermilkshake
I love this app but....
Polyvore was one of my go to apps, I would use it everyday to relieve stress and just have something to do during my free time. I was obviously devastated when the app shutdown, all of my years of hard work and meeting people on the app who love fashion as much as I do was gone and it’s hurt. When I found ShopLook I was excited, now I can continue doing what I love. But this new “premium” feature is just outrageous! $3.99 a month just to upload a picture or use background removers is just down right shameful! With everything that is going on in the world, I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to work during the summer and I’m a full-time college student! I just find it upsetting how I would have to pay $3.99 each month just to use features on this app that were free before. I really love this app but if features like this will be continued to be added I’m afraid I will have to delete the app and look else where for other apps similar to this one. I hope it doesn’t come down to that but Polyvore did not have its users pay to upload pictures from their phone. I will continue to use this app but if I have to pay for features that’s should be free I will be deleting it.
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4 years ago, LeAnn_Edwards
why I didn’t list it 5 stars
I love this app so freaking much, and it’s the greatest thing since Polyvore. So bless whoever made this app! Just a few things!! 1. I hate how much it crashes. 2. It randomly logs me out sometimes and it’s so annoying? 3. I hate how it removes your rank if you haven’t posted in a few days. People can’t be on it 24/7, aha. 4. SO NOW THERES SOME SILLY PREMIUM THING ? Oh no honey, what is you doin’... polyvore wasn’t like this at ALL. I’m not paying for SH*T. Sorry, not sorry. I’m way too poor, and this app is a huge freaking stress reliever for me. But, if things are going to start getting really sucky with not being able to do anything because of this new premium or whatever you’re calling it. I’m going to delete the app, honestly. I hate when really good apps downgrade so hard like this. What’s next? Tons of apps? You have to watch an app each time you search an item? I liked how it was free before to upload pictures from my camera roll onto it, now I’ll have to have the premium thing? Hell no. Edit: thanks for responding to my review! I now understand and sorry for being mean, I wasn’t trying to be one of /those/ types of reviewers. ♥️
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3 years ago, MsChairs
Only 4 stars because….
Im sure you’ve heard that ShopLook is equivalent to the Polyvore app, and in many ways it’s even better. I honestly don’t mind paying the monthly fee to access everything it has to give the best sets if it helps develop the app to perform better in the future. There are 2 things that are extremely frustrating with this app and is the only reasons for the 4 stars. One is that can crash and when it does you lose EVERYTHING you were currently working on. Polyvore would crash, BUT it would automatically save it into your drafts so it wouldn’t be lost. The second gripe I have is, IF you do save something you cannot access it from any of the challenges that you were working on before the crash. So the point to save anything into draft is useless, because you can’t even access it to try and recreate it by glancing at it. You must start completely over. This app is extremely helpful and useful for someone like me with extreme anxiety and PTSD. It’s relaxing in way that makes you focus on whatever you’re working on. It really gets the creative juices flowing. I really love it and hope these things can be added soon. Thank you to everyone that created this app.
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2 months ago, hdduhdhdjdidn
How I feel on ShopLook
ShopLook is an amazing creative game. You can add your own things on there and you can use other peoples things. You can look through stuff to see like outfits and designs that you like and you can like them. It’s just a super fun creative game and I really like how you can make your own things and you can like things, it’s just really fun but the only flaw that I had when I was creating my account is that I couldn’t make my own name well I could but like there were so many people that had the names that I tried to put so if you could maybe fix that because I wouldn’t mind if we had the same names on ShopLook but yeah that’s all I have to say about ShopLook. It’s a great game and to me there’s only one flaw. It was just hard for me to try and get a name on there so I can actually play it but I love it. It’s basically just like a kids version of Instagram it’s amazing yeah, I really like it
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5 years ago, Hellohedgehoggirl
Excited! but ehmm
I used polyvore for more than 7+ years and I was heartbroken when I found out that they simply went behind the users backs, I searched for an app that actually worked, was easy to use and not a total headache and I went through fashmates and so many others and this one was the only one that ACTUALLY worked sort of smoothly and was easy to use. I love that the app is sleek in its design and that even though not many options are available (if you search for Manolo Blahnik only a few will appear) users can use and find others uploads of things (or upload their own) but I have a few complaints that are ruining my whole experience of the app that has so much potential. #1: It crashes like CRAZY and when it does it deletes the progress you’ve made on a ongoing outfit or creation. It’s so annoying and the biggest problem I have with this app, #2: you can’t search for your liked items; there’s simply no search bar for it so you sorta just aimlessly search for the item you want. They should absolutely add that. Overall it’s a app with great potential if they fix those simple problems with a quick upgrade
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7 months ago, YouLostCam
Amazing! Would Recommend! But…
ShopLook is amazing! I use it on a daily basis and it’s just so addicting. The community is amazing and it’s just so fun! so far I have not run into any bugs or glitches which is definitely a plus! I would highly recommend giving the app a try but there has been one issues I have run into while using the app. When creating an outfit you can search up different clothing items and accessories. Recently, I wanted to add my own clothing items but the process is a bit difficult. First it has you choose where your clothing item is from but lots of stores are missing. there is an option to get photos from the web but it almost never works. Other than that The app is great! Although the premium membership Is over priced, I really enjoy using the app!
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5 years ago, Chubbymermaid
Ok, but some complaints
I enjoy how similar it is to polyvore in that there is a platform to make outfits and posts for aesthetics, but there are some issues in searching for items. So far, this app is better for looking at other people’s collections than making your own. First, it’s difficult to search through liked items since you just have to scroll through, there isn’t a way to type in “skirt” and find all your liked skirts or something. There are only a few or one columns/groups on screen at a time depending on if your looking through likes or when creating an outfit, but either way scrolling though takes forever. Second, I wish there separated list to look through liked items and liked collection from other people. I don’t want them lumped together because if I’m looking for collections I don’t want to have to sift through it in the midst of all my liked items. Third, when looking for products it’s hard to get what your looking for specifically. If I’m looking for a medium length black skirt, I’ve found that I can’t just type in “medium” and set the filters to skirts and black, I get one skirt even though I know there are more items than that out there. It would be nice if I could just type in “medium black skirt” and get stuff in the ball park of what I was looking for. So I’d want either the search feature to be improved or the filters to be better, or maybe both. Over all, if finding liked items or products was easier, I’d enjoy the app a lot better.
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6 years ago, CutieBlue32
Mildly Excited
I am so happy this app exists. I loved Polyvore so the fact that there is an app like it is AMAZING!!! HOWEVER, this app isn’t perfect. I have some old polyvore creations that I would love to post on the app, however I am unable to, due to the fact that uploading a picture makes it pretty much public domain. Which I don’t want seeing as I have worked very hard on the outfits I make. Not only that but sometimes I will edit a picture before using it on an app like this. But once again because the pics become open to everyone, multiple people could end up using my pics. Which I really don’t want. The images also look quite pixilated around the edges, giving them a harsh look. If the edges were smoother I would totally give it 4 stars! I’m really hoping that soon I can upload my pics without anybody using them as well, because I love the color scheme, it pretty easy to use and very much like polyvore! And I really want to give this app more stars, but because of the two things I mentioned, I just can’t. Not yet anyway😉
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2 years ago, fake losers
This game is so good and addicting I am obsessed with it I love how you could like other peoples posts and you could follow them but nobody else to see your face and they have a lot of good outfits on there and nothing cost money unless you want to do premium but premium doesn’t really give you a lot other than backgrounds and you could do anything you want you could do outfits you could do rooms you could design other things you could take your own pictures of things to put them in there and I love it and I’m super obsessed with it It’s gets you very lazy but that’s OK because you’re gonna be playing ShopLook you will get obsessed with it because I am obsessed with it and I cannot look away from it it’s taking me away from everything on my phone
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1 month ago, RaysaDawn
Loved the app…
…but had to delete it when a simple search for items to use in my designs would come up with tons of NSFW products. I’m not talking just one or two items, but tons of scrolling through just to find a particular pair of shoes or whatever. I wasn’t even using adult terms - it’d be something basic, like the word for a color or a texture or something. It got to where there were too many and there is no way to either block NSFW stuff, or to easily report it. That was a few months ago, and I have no idea if anything has been done about it since. There were also pictures of little kids on the app, who clearly weren’t models or actors or whatever. They didn’t look happy, either. Made me feel very uneasy about it all. I loved making my own designs with ShopLook, because it really helped to boost my productivity when I was otherwise struggling to keep it up. But I just don’t feel comfortable with the app anymore.
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1 year ago, 123:))))))))
Good start, needs work
I loved polyvore back in the day and was SO excited to have something similar again. However, there are a lot of bugs. I’ve never had success pulling an image from the web (it says it’s saved and then never shows in my uplaods), and the crop/background remover tool leaves a lot to be desired. If it actually removes too much from the background, the slider tool is your only option, and vise versa. I’d love to be able to click on it and adjust manually. The crop tool is strange - if I manually crop, it’ll look perfect but then when i go back to the canvas it’ll be the same shape but slid to the side? i’ve tried multiple times to make it work and it just doesn’t. If you’re using stuff that’s already uploaded/cropped you’re fine, but uploading your own images/cropping them is really difficult and frustrating. I ended up deleting the app, and will try again later. hope to see some growth bc this is a great idea.
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4 years ago, CountryPrincess927
Improving day by day
Slowly the app is getting better. Last year when Polyvore was shut down, I instantly went here, but it was a skeleton of an app. Now it’s so similar to polyvore: upload your own items directly from websites (!!!!!), make collections, browse other peoples’ uploads, etc. it’s becoming a wonderful app. I just wish there was a way to select multiple items to add to a collection instead of just selecting items one by one. It makes things tedious. I also wish you could batch upload things (like if there’s a single t shirt in multiple colors, just batch upload each color). Regardless, it’s becoming a great app and I’m enjoying it a lot.
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5 years ago, hufflepuff-rave
It’s okay
I’ve been looking around for something to replace polyvore and when I found this I was elated! I’ve seen very good outfits and reviews so far and even though this app has its flaws, it has impressed me. However I do have a couple complaints that I’ve seen a lot of people get concerned about. Firstly, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘deactivate account’ or ‘delete account’ button and a lot of people that have wanted to delete their account haven’t been able to. I too am wondering where the button is in case I eventually decide to get rid of my account. The other minor issue is that when you submit your email, you aren’t asked to verify it, which I find a tad bit strange. The app is also very very laggy, which is a but inconvenient, but whatever. Otherwise, pretty good job! I like what you have done so far and look forward for what is to come for the app :)
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4 weeks ago, KayleeTomlin
Pleased with this app. 3.5 stars
This app is pretty good and I enjoy it when I have the free time to curate designs. There are only a couple things I would change. The main one being that the app crashes occasionally in the middle of creating a design and you lose all your progress- it is quite frustrating. At least make sure that a draft saves if the app is going to crash. Also, I have ran into the issue of if you do save a draft that you were working on for a specific challenge, it will not submit to that challenge when you go back and complete the set. Also, I believe there could be more options when you’re looking up items/clothes as a whole, if that makes sense.
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4 years ago, yujlias
Amazing way to release creativity
I’ve been using this app a lot, and it’s just a really good app for me to release my creativity. I like how you can upload your own pictures if you can’t find what you need, and how there’s an option to turn your projects into a drafts so you can save it for later, and how you can do the challenges made by other accounts. This app is good because for me it focuses more on the outfits rather then the likes or followers. It has a good community no toxic people anywhere. Overall a nice app and if you’re looking for a replacement for polyvore, shoplook is the best one.
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4 years ago, gixele17
Extremely Pleased
I, like many others, was extremely upset when Polyvore was taken down and bought by another company. It was the only app and way I could express my creativity and love of fashion. I would upload outfits almost everyday and I loved it so much. So when it was taken down I was very upset and months later, this amazing app comes out. I was happy and excited to finally show my creative abilities. It’s an amazing app for free! What more can you ask for? Very similar to Polyvore and one of the best apps out there to make outfits and show your love and knowledge of fashion. Would highly recommend 🥴🥰
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6 years ago, littletinydot
I love the potential and how relatively easy it to navigate it but its so difficult to find things i like without having to upload pictures and i do hope that eventually they end up having the same clip feature as polyvore did cause it makes things so much easier and i hope they fix the ability to upload your old outfits from polyvore atleast in the app because the pictures of items people upload should be searchable for others to use the item too because someone new who doesn't much know how it works it might be a little discouraging not finding things they actually like or not find anything related to what they look up at all
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4 years ago, @dreamer081230
just a couple things i’d like to change
i was a big polyvore fan and found this app soon after polyvore was shut down. it took a little while to get used to but for the most part it’s the same app. one complaint i have that i would think would be really easy to fix is when u make a collection of items, it shows the option to remove them, but it’s always shown me an error screen and i can’t take items out of a collection. there’s things i just don’t need anymore as well as items i put in accidentally. this would be really helpful because my collections r so big now it’s hard to find things sometimes and the stuff i don’t need is just in the way. also, why is it that when u go to look for an item on the home page, you get different results than when u shop while you’re working on an outfit?? this doesn’t make any sense to me and whenever i’m looking for a specific item, sometimes i look at both, but i usually just use the one on the outfit maker because it always seems to have more results.
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3 years ago, covetfashion19191919
Very Impressed!
As a fashion writer and stylist, Polyvore was a revolutionary tool for my work, research and leisure. Not only is ShopLook a great spiritual successor, but some features are even more well done! I love the ease of being able to Google search for item images within the app especially. A few cleanups here and there might be nice, but before you compare, keep in mind that Polyvore was over a decade old when it went away. They had 11 years to fine-tune. This app is only a few years old and has been making great and steady improvements. Great job, ShopLook (and let me know if you ever need a writer! 😉)
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4 years ago, ashlovess1m5
Love it but one thing
I love this app!! I was really sad when polyvore shutdown, but when I heard ShopLook was out I immediately went to it! I have been a user of ShopLook for a while and I love seeing the improvements on the app. I especially love how y’all added that we could search items instead of having to scroll to our items! I think it would be amazing if y’all could do that for collections in the future. Sometimes I am looking for a specific collection and sometimes it will take me forever to find it. But, this is an amazing app and I will continue to use it for a long time.
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6 months ago, That One Stunna Girly
Best Way To Manifest A New Wardrobe
I’ve been using this app since I was like 10 and it never fails. Whenever I use this app out of nowhere I just start magically finding xtra money and manifesting new clothes like crazy. Not to mention my aesthetic has gotten 1000x better.. maybe it’s my subconscious just buying whatever on automode or maybe the universe is just affirming my desires.. not sure.. anyway, I know I sound delusional but either way I’m never deleting this app, it has become a part of me.
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5 months ago, Macy Sweeny
Why is it only four stars
Well, one of you had it for a little while, you will forget your password so if you accidentally get signed out, you can’t get back in. Two, I love the app, but I’m not paying money for a premium. That’s what I don’t like about the app. Right now there’s a problem going on with it and it signed me out so I lost all of my followers, designs, and hard work and it ticks me off. I want my account back but like I said, I forgot my password so I had to make a new account. When I got back into it, it signed me out again and the little error sign popped up again. 😡
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2 years ago, Whit with Kefi
Love this app but one SMALL request 🙏🏼
First let me start off by saying I have downloaded almost all the apps similar to Polyvore and this is the absolute best working and user friendly app in comparison to the others. Bravo to the developers! 🙌🏼 I have a small request though…is there a way to update the app to have formatting to instagram? Even when I zoom out to post on IG it crops off a portion of my board which is incredibly frustrating. I could move everything up higher and just crop to fit, but if you guys could format the boards to fit Instagram, I think you’d be, bar none, the best.
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2 years ago, p. picasso
Good polyvore replacement but..,
Usability is good. I like it. Problem is all you see are the same 10 users posting like 20 or 30 sets a day. So annoying to be bombarded by the same fashion point of view. I swear I thought there were only four people in the whole app when I looked at the featured page. It’s weird enough that people spend all day in this app making 30 sets but at least the app should mix it up and represent everyone. I am sick of seeing the same users over and over and over. I know there is probably some AI but seriously it’s a boring view.
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5 years ago, MissaLynn_
Keeps logging me out, won’t accept password, and won’t send me password reset link
I’ve had this app for ~a year maybe two and it just won’t let me log in for weeks at a time and a lot of times when I request for a password reset link will not send me the link. Eventually it will accept the password I’ve been typing in a week or so later without reset. I’ve been hoping that this would stop but obviously it’s not going to. I can’t even look for my account with the search bar or even google if I go on the website and try that way (also tried to do the reset request from the website as well and that didn’t work). I’m just getting really annoyed with it and probably will delete the app soon
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6 years ago, Devy Abey
Very fun
It's very similar to polyvore, it's just missing letting me use my own text on sets. Also I would love it to be more search specific because when I type booties nothing comes up, however when I look at the shoes section there are booties on there. I'd like to search for faux fur throws, scarf, vest but nothing shows up. Also this is geared to clothing and styling more then interior decor, so I literally have to load my own images for anything interior design....which I don't mind because it's SUPER easy to load my own images way better than polyvore ever did. I think all in all I love this better than polyvore lol
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4 years ago, maryjaneclara
Needs Some Fixes
I like it because it’s very similar to Polyvore, but I have a couple suggestions that will make it better. (These first couple are about the “collections” section) 1.) There should be a search bar in “collections”. 2.) When click on a “collection”, and then hit the back button, it should take you back to where you found that “collection”, not a random spot. Next, 3.) There should be a more detailed filter tool. Lastly, 4.) When you open the app for the first time, it asks if you to design outfits or homes. I picked outfits, and if I wanted to add a piece of furniture to my set, the only place to find some is in the “collections”.
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1 year ago, SarahGold12
I love expressing my own fashion styles that involves wear every day women and girls that wears so many clothing daily and night to feel empowered but also to feel different that makes them beautiful. That’s what I’m going for by the way my styles are different than other peoples, but in one way, I have a choice to make a difference in peoples different styles and and take them to my own style that I create with a few of peoples amazing designs, but I incorporate that into my own designs.
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6 years ago, bre is sad
Please help
Sooo I wrote a review saying how great this app was but now I’m having problems so I logged out and I went to login and it said my password is wrong and I spent a long time on the stuff I made on my profile but I finally after a lot of effort I went to change my password and it still has not emailed me and I did the right email address😡 so I finally just made a new account and the same thing happen and so I made a 3rd one same thing happened I would love love love to get into my 1st account but it will not let me am I doing something wrong please help my user name is brenzy.😭
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3 years ago, dnhfjfjfj
I loved it but now I hate it
I think shop work is a great app but just now I got on to make an outfit and it wouldn’t let me tap anything because the hot bar was in the way I seriously got so frustrated that I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to delete it. I still love it but I would like them to change that because it’s super Duper annoying and frustrating if anybody feels the same way please find a way to stop it.☹️
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5 years ago, _0bey_princess_
A Request
LOVE THE APP ITS AWESOME🙏🏻 just have a couple requests that I think most ppl would probably agree with. And if I’m able to do any of these already then please lmk how. I think an awesome add would be to be able to search collections by name. Also being able to have more collections cause I filter my clothes through collections and I need more. Also if looking at our collections on our profiles was like looking at it when we are in the create an outfit part of the app where it’s a grid and not a scroll would be awesome saves more time. Just add a + in the corners so we can add it to a collection. Just a few pointers! 😊😊
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5 years ago, stormyrox5
Has potential
I love this app! Nothing else has come this close to filling the void Polyvore left 😉 But there’s a lot of room for improvement. I have two main issues with it. First, I feel like the selection of brands is very narrow. Most of the clothes that aren’t user-submitted either come from top designers or fast-fashion brands with not much in between. Second, there are a few problems with the filters. There are a lot of cases where the results don’t match the filters, and there aren’t many color options. Otherwise this is a great app and lots of fun!
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5 years ago, daily app user 84
App down for maintenance
I would give this app 5 stars, but since the app is down for maintenance and one minute the app works, and the next it won’t is becoming irritating. I love this app, it allows me to be very creative with my styling point of view and the items you can use and upload is a perfect mix! But since I am having issues with the app being down, I am not able to finish my work. Please fix the app!!! I am a daily user and I’m new to this app, but completely in love!!!
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1 year ago, Pupcatbunnyturtle
Former polyvore users NEED this app!
I was obsessed with polyvore in 2014 and used it all the time. Me and my friends all used it and then it vanished out of nowhere and I was so bummed. This app is just like it and I’m so happy I found it! I wish I found it sooner than I did! It gives you a chance to be creative, expressive and it’s a great way to pass time. I’m so happy about it and I hope it never disappears like polyvore did !!! 🫶🏻
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6 years ago, chiquitabonita1
It’s still slow. And the shoes maximum price is $500 so no LV selection. Getting to accessories you have to pass by 5 pages of sunglasses and still not get what you want, because the search by keyword doesn’t work. Maybe Polyvore spoil me with all their choices and easy access. Easy editing where you could cut the clothe in different ways. Bring it forward or back. But it’s still the best of all the other ones around. It’s not saying much but it’s the truth. They contacted me. Which was nice. But I don’t really need anyone contacting me just to fix it so it works as they say a “Polyvore” replacement.
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2 years ago, Kennedy Chic
Deleted all of my drafted designs and likes!
Why did it delete my designs/drafts then log me out?!?!? So I downloaded the app and wanted to get a feel for it before I purchased premium. I created about 6 outfits, spent so long and put in much effort on them, learning to upload and use the items already on the app, then all of a sudden My designs in the drafts disappeared & so did my likes. Then the app logged me out and is saying that I am putting in an incorrect password. Then when I try to recover a password it say “you appear to be offline.” I am extremely frustrated because I was so excited & spent hours creating those looks. This is absurd!
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5 years ago, Frustrated J-Cat
great features
ShopLook is the closest thing to Polyvore, and for that I’m glad. the app is very easy to navigate. the downsides are - very few selections to choose from. I hope in the near future there will be more clothes options without having to upload your own stuff. another downside is the horrible bluffing. you scroll two times and the annoying circling icon starts spinning & bluffing for 4-5 minutes at a time. this makes making sets & outfits very hard if it’ll take me an hour just to find a fitting shirt. this app has major potential with a few tweaks.
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6 years ago, HAVEBKDKEHEHF
Since Polyvore shut down out of the blue I’ve been frantically looking for something to replace it. Although it does have some issues but they’re understandable. I do think it’d be nice to be able to filter items better for example what kind of dress (ie: Prom, Wedding, Cocktail, etc.) and typing anything into the search bar most often brings you to nothing (even when searching for frequently used tags). But other than that it’s still a wonderful app and I’m excited to see what the future holds! ♥️
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2 years ago, Anonymouscomealongpond
Scratches my fashionista itch
I love taking pictures of clothing, accessories, and so much more, and putting them into collages and allowing people to give feedback. I used Polyvore back in my middle school days, (I still have the oldies in a folder on my Pinterest 😂) and I terribly miss having that simple yet fun satisfying feeling of putting outfits together, this app is the best and scratches my fashionista itch!!! Will never delete this app!!!
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2 years ago, fairyelishia03!
Loved, loved, loved this app until I was trying to make a themed vision bored for someone discerning religious life. I typed in the word “nun” and it pulled up a disturbing imagine of a naked man. This should not be on there period but especially not with the “4+” rating. These things need to be taken off immediately. Until then, I will not be using the app nor would I recommend it to anyone. I’d came across other pornographic images previously but usually body parts were covered and it was only eluding to that area. But this was entirely exposed. I beg you to take these things off for everyone but especially the younger generation using this app.
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1 year ago, Ellyana_
•ShopLook is the BEST•
ShopLook helps boost others creativity to create some things other have never been thought of before. I have learned how to create so many different and exiting things in the matter of seconds. You can share your ideas with your friends and family while looking at what they have created as well. This is the best app!
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3 weeks ago, RiDel_W
I’ve missed styling outfits! I only give it 4 stars because you can lose your work if you stay out of the app too long while designing a look. If you need to step away I HIGHLY recommend saving the design and going back to the home page so it is added to your draft. Also, when I like a design or follow a designer, the action will not stay. Other than that, I’ve been enjoying the app very much.
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4 years ago, huà786
I was so upset after Polyvore got deleted, I’ve been trying to find an alternative ever since. When I found this, it gave me the greatest Polyvore vibes ever!! It’s almost identical to Polyvore and that makes me literally so happy. It gives so many great options and I’m so happy I get to upload my own searches if I can’t find something, this is truly the best thing since Polyvore
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5 years ago, Nini-Bun
Great but one thing...
So I love the app it’s really fun and pleasing. But when I get off then back on it later it logs me out of my account then when I try to log in with the same password it won’t let me. I even try to do the email thing but it either won’t send the email or the resetting of the password link says it has expired so I have to make a whole new account. I have had two accounts in three days because of this problem I am going to delete the app because it is very annoying. Other than that though I love the app just please fix that problem!!
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5 years ago, PJPDC
The new buzzer has to go
I appreciate that the in app notifications have been updated so they actually work. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to shut off the sound. Sometimes you’d like to use the app discreetly and the buzzer doesn’t allow for that. That is a MUST fix NOW issue in my opinion. Also when you look at any published set, yours or someone else’s, in full screen the screen will go blank to a black screen.
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4 years ago, yxtzee
Love it but plz fix the bugs
There’s this bug that’s been happening for the past couple days for me where, if I save progress on an outfit and re-enter the project to work on it later, all the items I’ve added are sliced in half and I can’t get them back to normal unless I delete the items and add them again. Love this app to bits but I would appreciate it if this issue could be resolved.
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6 years ago, lisatranlam
I actually like it (a lot)
I’ve been trying to find apps where I can just cut it out and paste it on a white background. I decided to download this app because why not. And it turned out to be really good. Exactly what i was looking for. I can crop it to my liking and it’s on a white background. And all my fits are saved on my profile. I’m actually really impressed. Keep up the good work! - Lisa
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6 years ago, CinGoeh
Personal Shoppers and Designers New Home
ShopLook is quickly taking the place of PolyVore and there is so much more to come! Personal shoppers take note! ShopLook’s iO app is the one place to go for your fashion needs. Whether you shop for yourself or someone else or if you enjoy designing outfits for yourself or others, you can bookmark this app or add it to your desktop because you won’t want to go anywhere else. The staff at ShopLook have worked hard to create a dynamic fashion experience and they aren’t finished. If you don’t see what you want, let them know! You’ll find their staff to be friendly, professional, experts in their business, and most of all, responsive. I’m glad I found my new home in ShopLook!
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6 months ago, Yuara_Queen
This is the best creativity App
This app made me think of new fashion ideas and makes me escape into my creativity! This app is the best for relaxing, something to do when your bored, using your creativity and using your talents and skills! This deserves to be The App of the month and A reward for “Editors Choice” by Apple. Overall this app is the best! thanks! Sincerely, Your #1 fan😊😊
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5 years ago, Livelikelexiy
So far so good!!!
The only complaints I have would be: having to sign in every single time after not being active for a few days...& not having the ability to search for specific items in your likes, instead of having to scroll forever to find something you’ve liked months ago.
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