Shopping Cart Hero 3

4.2 (44)
10.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shopping Cart Hero 3

4.23 out of 5
44 Ratings
5 years ago, owtm
Please update whip
I love this game and it’s really addicting, and I’ve been playing it since I was a kid, but can you PLEASE fix the mechanics when you use the whip to swing on the vines in the jungle, like PLEASE I literally can’t beat the part where he throws a raptor at your vines and I literally latch onto a vine but I don’t attach to it and I always die
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12 years ago, Kirby859
A somewhat fun game.
I like the features they built into this game (new worlds, interesting bosses, etc.), and the controls are fine. I find myself battling Santa involuntarily, to the point of frustration, but I can still sort of tolerate that. The money system is fine; whatever is ridiculously expensive takes a while to get, and whenever you make a good jump, you are rewarded. The first two bosses were no challenge, but of course that is because they belong to the first world. Santa was also no challenge, but the trick battle took me a couple of tries. I have not yet battled the other World 2 boss, and I will likely not update this review accordingly. The raptor was slightly challenging, but once I got the hang of it, he was easy to defeat. Monkey Business was somewhat challenging; I think the hardest part of that boss battle was the vine swinging part before the conclusion of the fight. I liked it because it posed a challenge to me not because it was actually hard, it was just that the mini-raptor biting the rope was stressful. I somewhat like this game's humor (monkeys, unsafe rockets, flying a shopping cart into space), and this game is a satisfying experience. I would recommend this to whoever is willing to get it. As a side note, I run an 8GB iPod Touch 4th Gen. It runs iOS 5.1.1, and the controls are fine for me.
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6 years ago, RickyPCal
Love the game
Really wish you would update your games. I love these games and cannot find anything else like them.
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3 years ago, Sam11126
My childhood.
I’m crying from nostalgia, I miss when I was younger. I want to go back.
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7 years ago, Cleave493
I love the game, Just wish you guys would update!
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4 years ago, jwhbdyevbdfsvsbzg
Make it mobile supported plz
I can play the game, but I cant do the second or third part of the ramp jump. Pls fix.
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7 years ago, geraldgeist
Great game lots of fun gameplay
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7 years ago, SliverPuffle274
Lovin it
Love this game. Well done, well done.
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6 years ago, SRoycroft
This game is horrible
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12 years ago, xDP66x
Good game
It's a good game but some things need to be fixed. Like the bullwhip because I hit the vines with it 5 times sometimes and it still doesn't latch on so the mini raptor destroys the vibe and I has to restart the entire fight which is annoying Also should fix the landing because I'll land barely off at all and still die and lose alot of points and have to restart which really is frustrating and makes me not even want to play it anymore but other then that fun game. Can't figure out some of the bosses though
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12 years ago, Joeym28
Awesome. Period.
This game is GREAT. I totally love it. Rate: 7,665 thousand. Rank of Favorites: 5. I also have a lot of ideas. Here are some. Cart upgrades... 1: Four Wheeler. Makes it 2x easier to land. $50,000 2: Rockets #4. NASA wants this one back. Gives you 8 secs. boost and goes at 175 mph tops. $30,000 3: Platinum Groupies. + 3.0 Style. $125K 4.Dumpster. Maybe needs more power. -0.2 Style and -0.2 Lift. $80,000 5: Helium Balloons. + 0.3 Lift and + 0.1 Style. Player upgrades... 1: Double Bat. Swipe in any direction, and one bat will swing where you swipe, the other goes in the opposite direction. $15,000 2: Firework Hat. Gives you +0.2 style per groupie you have, but kills your guy, making style go down to 1/2 of the current style you have. $25,000 3: Trick Suit. Saves you from getting killed while doing any trick except for a 360, 720, 1,080, etc. $40,000 4: Springs. Gets your cart 250 ft. up on landing. $25,000 Tricks... 1: Throwback. Swipe up, left, then tap. $6,000 2: Groupie Shot. Tap, then swipe in the direction you want to throw a groupie. (Don't worry, it'll come back.) $23,375. 3: Flip-n-Runit. Tap, then swipe up then right. $40,000 4: Groupie Superman: Tap, then swipe left or right to do a superman, along with all of your groupies.
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12 years ago, Uganjasubsb
Great game!
Awesome game I would definitely recommend this to u peeps! Here are some tips for the bosses: Boss#1) (must buy bat first) swipe at some corn to attract boss then swipe corn at him. Boss#2) using a bat tip a cow over then swipe corn and pitchforks at the driver. World 2 Boss#1) Swipe or hit all the reindeer then buy reindeer boost trick. Use trick to attract boss then swipe at the elf's gifts to hit the boss. When he lands to ground tricks to beat him. Boss#2) (buy bullwhip first(u need to defeat raptor first)) whip a penguin then swipe at the stuff the sharks shot at u to kill them. World#3 Boss#1) collect 10 fruits by swiping at the trees then collect 10 monkeys by swiping at the trees. Then wait for raptor to come and jump up on the bolder. Then throw a monkey at him and while he's heating hit him with the bat. Boss#2) whip a monkey tail hanging from a tree. Then swipe at the bananas he throws at u to hit him.(he is extremely hard) And that's all :)
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12 years ago, fr4n0
Fun, but a few messed up things
I've been playing this amazing game nonstop for the past two days. Thing is, there are a few tricks that do not work. Ever. They're ground tricks. They don't work. I tap hard, light, everywhere, it just doesn't work. Fix it?
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12 years ago, Bazynga!
So addictive! I found myself playing this in every spare minute of my day, but it's just not enough. Hard to put this game down sometimes just one more run. The only thing I don't like is the lag time when u finish a trick to touching the ground is a bit off if ur too low and you crash after it shows youve already finished the trick. Still good game though love it
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12 years ago, Sqeezyswag
I love this game it's obsessive but a suggestion to the maker:make more customizations to the shopping cart and the hero should have a cape there should be like rainbow boosts or something and you should be able to like collect different kinds of shopping carts like colors and such😃also get things like hair also where is shopping cart hero 2???;)))))
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12 years ago, TennisPro2021
Highly recommend it!
It's worth having it, considering it's only 6-7 Mega Bytes. Very fun app! But you guys need to continue the game! It eather stops at the jungle part or it's to hard to beat (probably unlikely), because I can't get past it! Otherwise, great game! Just as good as shopping cart hero on the computer! A must have!
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12 years ago, Regular fan number 1!
Read this!!!! Update idea!!
Stop being so negative!!! U guys just don't know how to play. This game is sooo awesome!!! It's hard and fun!! It's challenging so that's why it's so addicting. Now on the next update u should be allowed to equip-unequip baseball bat/bull whip/ power ups. Please do this because I try to use the bull whip but instead it does the baseball bat or a ground trick.
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12 years ago, Jagger551
Great concept
This game is pretty entertaining once you get the hang of it. Could use a better tutorial though. Some times some of the tricks don't work though. When you swipe and hold a direction once you gain more altitude points, it doesn't work at all. The tilt is also rough. A lot of expensive items lack informational descriptions. Could use some work, but overall a decent app.
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12 years ago, 5d0llars
Help i need help! So I was playing the game then all of a sudden it turned white so I pressed my home button two times and restarted the app but when I got back I lost everything I even had the diamond wheels!! Plz plz plz plz plz fix it and give me back my stuff
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12 years ago, Macer1985
I love it
I cant seem to figure out how to beat the third boss but I still love it. I don't know what people are talking about with the controls I'll occasionally spin to mush but that's about it it feels the same as the other in my opinion
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9 years ago, Dr.Awesome1
Great Game! 5/5 stars!
I downloaded this game about 4 or 5 years ago and kept it for maybe 3 years. I eventually decided that I didn't play it as much and deleted it. Now, I downloaded it again and I still love it!
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12 years ago, K Piper
Terribly addicting game - I hate it!
Such a dumb game idea, but I found myself playing it over and over. I couldn't stop myself. Aweewww! Now I've beaten the game and got all the extras including the diamond wheels and I find myself still playing it. Have Fun!
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12 years ago, Omglolpenguin
Love this game
I love this game, I play it whenever I have time to do so. Reading through the other reviews though, I noticed people were talking about beating bosses. Does that mean Crop Duster Cleetus's health is supposed to go down? It never does for me. XD It's stuck at like 70%.
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12 years ago, Mad Macaroni
Amalzing but help
When ever I try to play this it freezes on the loading screen and then returns to the home screen I really think this is amazing because I've played the first one
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12 years ago, Hdkdku
Please Help
Overall I really love this game but how do you get past the farm land I am already on jump 56 and haven't gone anywhere so you have to buy something in order to get to the next level?
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12 years ago, Mitchell Cook
Good but too hard
Far too many touch controls that run together so it makes x10 tricks near impossible. Bosses are way too hard as well. Addicting game though
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12 years ago, The Boulder Man
Always was, always will be.
This was a great game when it was the original, and it still is, I recommend it completely, unless you hate motion controls.
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12 years ago, License2Sell
Fun, but could be better
It's fun for a while. I would have given 4 stars if the airbags didn't double in price every time you used them. After a few crashes you can't afford to buy air bags ever again, at least not if you are still trying to buy other things.
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12 years ago, The rational guy
Such a great improvement over the last ones! The controls, the graphics, the nice, simple, easy upgrade interface and the bosses make this game a great sequel. It is MUCH better than Potty Racer, and less disgusting!
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12 years ago, Gurl01
It's fun, but it keeps getting messed up. The title part is on one side, but when you play the game it's in the other and then the controls are messed up. When I was first playing it was fine but later when I went to level two it was messed up.
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12 years ago, JQwrty
Great game
The game has to have more accessories to add to the cart and the controls have to be easier because you never know when the guy will jump into the cart
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12 years ago, MojoCalin
There is no second one I tried looking it up
They never made the second they only made a third and a first one weird isn't it but still a very awesome game game 👍👍👍👍👍👍.
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12 years ago, Dprinvegas
My game got deleted and you got to put something like saved games that you deleted please do what I said and if this is shopping cart hero3 then weres 2? Or maybe I dont , under stand
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11 years ago, EG Money 24
Great except for two things...
First, I think there should be more worlds, and second, it's not a problem about the game, but more about this: Why isn't there sch2?
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12 years ago, Aiidddaaaannnnn
The bullwhip is SO hard to use. There definitely needs to be a button for it or there needs to be a way to unequip the baseball bat, otherwise the monkey business boss is nearly impossible.
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12 years ago, JonRaemisch
Good but where is the other levels?
I have been playing the first plain level for about 200 jumps now. What do I do?
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12 years ago, ARandomUserName321
I was one of the first ones to play sch1 on my pc and sch2 and now that there's a part three is awsome! Specially cuz it's on iOS devices now! It is really fun once u get into it. I really recommend this game! ***GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE*** Good game! :)
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12 years ago, Mylez514
Very fun game. Ive been playing it non-stop almost. I love it. Also love how you can record it to a video to put in your camera roll.
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12 years ago, gabrielinator
All you noobs who say you can't are just impatient. I just can't find the tractor (I beat all the other bosses) but that's it, when I find it, I'll beat it.
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12 years ago, STRUDELPOTATO
I'm suprised this is still free. Interesting trick controls and hours of gameplay. (dont get the superman trick because it makes you screw up the pole vault, which is my favorite)
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12 years ago, n8gRocks
Brilliantly done.
Great job making an action adventure game out of a side scrolling, ramp-jump game. I love playing through and jnlocking new stuff (if on accident).
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12 years ago, amazazing13
Ugh I love this game but the whip is extremely annoying to use and no one else can say anything unless their on the last boss I've beaten all other 5 but the whip has one malfunction and I lose and have to restart it please fix
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12 years ago, The #1 Tobuscus fan
It's hard to believe that so few people rated this game! It's one of the most amazing games in the app store!
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10 years ago, Bobrocks123;
Great game but pc is better
I love this game SO much but i tried it on my PC and the controls were alot easier but this one has updates and less lag
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12 years ago, Aalyse
I beat the raptor and the monkey but now what? It didn't move into a new world like the last two levels. I'm stuck. Help!!
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12 years ago, Adckfuldkydtjdtjsky
needs to be easier to get money from each run, I have most of the stuff but the rest are just too expensive, it would take hours to even get 1/4 of the money need to get a new hat or trick.
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12 years ago, Croster
Shopping Cart Hero
Please make more levels this is the most addicting game ever thank you for making it
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11 years ago, The Shadow Review
Great! But needs to be upgraded for iPhone 5
It's a really good game, but it needs to be updated to fit the iPhone 5 screen. Also some more worlds would be nice.
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9 years ago, Fisher'sBoy
Yes. And no
Perfect landing? Nope. I'll go ahead and bounce until you fall and lose 7000 points! Not to mension the fun part; the game will not tilt and results in loss of tens of thousands of dollars. My last jump was 2 minutes ago and the game (again) failed to tilt with my phone resulting in death of my airbags, groupies, and fireworks.
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12 years ago, Creative Reviews Inc.
Not what I expected ***
This game is nothing like the other two. I had high expectations for this game, and those were shattered from the first 5 seconds of gameplay. Yes the graphics are good, but the game is confused, controls are 150% terrible, and the experience I would give 0 stars if I could. **** My Opinion **** DONT BUY THIS GAME ! ! ! !
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