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Virtual Properties
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shorewest

2.3 out of 5
57 Ratings
6 years ago, llllllmmmmmnnnnooooppppp
Needs iPhone X update
When you do a search and click on a property if you scroll down and open up the map you can do all the satellite features and everything but because the iPhone X has the upper right corner controls you can’t click the done button because it just access the controls. You have to exit the app and start over.
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7 years ago, DaddyLionMode
The best, when it works
This is the best real estate app when it's working. It's the only app that is a combination of up-to-date, allows you to search by school district, and tells you if there is an offer already in the results list. Unfortunately, it only works for me a couple weeks at a time, after which it suddenly shows no results. Ever. Even if there are no filters selected. It has happened to me several times. I'll delete the app and reinstall it a couple weeks later, and suddenly there are results again.
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4 years ago, Robert McCann
Better than other apps on the market
Although it’s not perfect, it’s able to distinguish between active and active with offer. This is HUGE when searching for a home, and other major apps will not do this for some reason. Best realtor app on the market in my opinion.
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2 years ago, DCS92
Something not right
I’m the last few days this site keeps showing sold homes along with the few actives. Yes I did select actives only and even deleted app and added again to see if that would reset it. I sure hope this is fixed soon!
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2 years ago, jackB___________
No way to filter out Active With Offer
Extremely inconvenient to not be able to filter out homes with accepted offers. Would save a massive amount of time to be able to filter out ActiveWO properties, since most of us are not wasting time on properties with accepted offers.
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2 years ago, WI local
App won’t filter
I like looking at houses for sale not sure why the filter would even offer sold and active. But now it doesn’t filter at all. It always shows solds. Who cares about houses that are sold. People looking to move want to see houses available. Please fix it
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3 years ago, Sam(E)
Needs Work
This app would benefit from being able to zoom in on photos and especially being able to sort out ActiveWO properties so as to not waste the users time.
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6 years ago, Ride9282
Really needs update for iPhone X
Like the app, quite a bit actually, but on my iPhone X if I open the map location I can’t close out of the map because the done button is hidden behind the battery and signal icons on the screen. I have to close the app and start over!
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3 years ago, Deisel Man 68
Very inconsistent
It was my favorite real estate app. Now, some days it works great, most days saved searches won’t load on the map if you hit “Run Search”. It is 100% the app. Other apps I’ve had to add work ok.
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6 years ago, Pete Brookfield
Best but needs tweaks
I use this in an iPad more than phone, and it is more useful than any other. That said, a filter for active with offer or multi story versus ranch and a few other common criteria would make it far better for us.
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7 years ago, Thisgameislacking
Don't waste your time
This app used to function but it no longer does. Type in the mls/pin number and it doesn't generate a thing. Map shows absolutely no homes for sale. Use the Zillow app, it's infinitely better than this cr(app). One star because zero stars isn't an option.
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2 years ago, SaraC-T
Needs updating
Constantly get “bad response from server” when searching
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2 years ago, bogjellt
New version
Updated app 2 days ago and now you can’t filter out sold properties. Does not matter not matter if you have active or sold selected it always shows both. Please fix asap
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1 year ago, Scootbabydoll
App keeps logging me out
Why does the app continue to log me out when I close the app? I have to log back in every time I want to save something. This didn’t use to happen. Frustrating. PLEASE fix it soon.
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7 years ago, Milwaukee Vintage Company
Usually freezes up and doesn’t open, stops working leading to much annoyance. The website is better in some ways but that doesn’t list DOM, another annoyance. Basic stuff on app, website, and in emails should all match. Just a tip.
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5 years ago, bunbun123#
There needs to be an option to view only active listings. Only shows active with offers pending.
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5 years ago, CRFRN
Doesn’t work half the time
This app constantly gives error messages related to not being connected to Internet when I am! Very frustrating! It’s great when it does work
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5 years ago, PabloMau11
Filter options?
Maybe I'm missing it but not being able to filter out active with offer is not that cool.
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8 years ago,
Having major issues
The app is usually fine. Not great, fine. But for the past week or two, it's been basically non-functional. I try to run saved searches and it just spins. I deleted it and re downloaded, which did not solve the issue. Updates please!!
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2 years ago, Badger Gary
Filters not working
Filters are not working at all, please fix, this happened with a recent update.
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2 years ago, Greatabcd
Was good. Now it’s not
The app WAS good. Now it blows. Even if I select to see active listings, it still shows the thousands of sold listings… app needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, LakeGirl:)
App doesn’t work
Just updated the app, I can view properties on the map and in a list but when I select one I receive an error.
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7 years ago, SDE636
Don't download
No longer works. Only loads your location and that's it. Doesn't show houses or anything.
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4 years ago, Yuuuuuup12345
Both website and app are awful. Worst in the industry. Can’t do a single, simple thing.
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5 years ago, Lily-cita
Doesn’t work
Ridiculous app that never works
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2 years ago, siding2023
Filters not working
Latest updatrnof the app is terrible.
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15 years ago, Wally J.
Shorewest Realtor
Love my iPhone and boy do I love the iLocate app. It is so easy to use and my Cllients comment all the time about how wonderful it is to instantly have accurate, current information to help them narrow down the list of homes they think they might be interested in. Combine iLocate with the Compass and GPS and Realtors have a wonderful new tool to help them help their Clients. One more example of Shorewest's leadership in technology to help our Clients.
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8 years ago, Klingwoman
I generally like this app, however, in the past two weeks the search function does not work. Now the app won't even launch. Can preferred agent be removed please??? It's negatively affecting the use in inquiring about properties. I asked one agent a question, of which he never responded, and now he's stuck is my preferred agent. He is definitely NOT preferred. Please allow this to be edited. I appreciate the notification on updates for saved homes. I enjoy this app when it's working.
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9 years ago, TosaMeg
Up-To-Date but Terrible Otherwise
The main downfall of this app is that it doesn't keep track of the listings you've already viewed, so each time you open a new session, the map shows the same listings as before with no indication of the listings previously viewed. This is an absolute deal-breaker with a real estate app and, despite Shorewest being more up-to-date than Zillow, the interface here is useless and steers me back to Zillow every time.
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8 years ago, Rachel St. James
Favorites & Property Details
Regarding multiple properties at the same address, simply swipe left or right from the property detail screen (perhaps below the price) and you will see additional listings at that location.
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8 years ago, Jejuan
Good, needs improvement
I honestly don't have anything bad to say about this app except for the location portion. When I click on "current location" it's off by an entire town sometimes. That needs a serious make over, but other than that, I like the app!
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13 years ago, slowgriller
Used to crash constantly but has been fixed. The map search is extremely useful, just wish it showed new listings and open houses like the web version.
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8 years ago, Kasiemarie13
Non functional app
For the last 3+ months this app has been super glitchy but at least it worked. I downloaded the latest update because it said it was a fix for the bugs. Now the app doesn't work at all. Errors out and says not connected to the internet but every other app on my phone works just fine! Not worth the space on your phone.
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12 years ago, Jimmy_78
Great app!
I actually found my house using this app! After buying my houseI still use it often. I love that you can also view sold properties as well.
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11 years ago, taytayfor3v3r
The app is so convenient for searching for houses & I love that you can draw the areas you are interested on the map! But the app keeps freezing & I have to shut it down & reopen it after I look at ANY of my houses on the favorite list. Getting REALLY annoying.
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14 years ago, Chinaski5
Great app, but crashes
The interface and information in this app is excellent and beats Shorewest's website, in terms of ease of use. It's free so give it a try. I just wish it didn't crash constantly. Fortunately, you can save your searches.
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8 years ago, 18wheels28
It's ok
The app is ok I just wish you could eliminate the houses with offers like you can the sold ones it's such a waste of time going through all of them to find out the house has an offer on it fix this and the it could be a 5 star app
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8 years ago, Gjfjjd
Problem with multiple addresses
In this version I can no longer see multiple listings at the same address when searching on the map. Only a single listing comes up and there is no way to scroll between listings.
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13 years ago, kollmanh
Awesome real estate search app
Great mapping feature, fast loading photos and information!
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10 years ago, KBL82photo
Needs more search options
Needs the ability to search lot size. Also would be nice to mark houses or remove houses that you've looked at in search that you are not interested in.
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10 years ago, Alicia Pollnow
Shame on Shorewest
Compared to the competitors -this app has some catching up to do. It is always crashing - is not up to date -and does not offer school districts or searching by sq footage. Shame on shorewest .... They make way too much money for nothing - they should at least have an app that functions and provides the necessary information - huge FAIL
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14 years ago, MuktownDad
Awesome App!
This is by far the best app for searching for a new home in S.E. Wisconsin!!! The mapping feature is awesome! Leave it to Shorewest to introduce such a great app for our local market!
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13 years ago, OppTrader
Good but could be better
Pros: This app has very good fictionality, nice search, map, ... Cons: 1) When you move from location to location the app freezes trying to pull search results. 2) limited to Wisconsin
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8 years ago, boomer1556
Don't waste your time
This app is worthless. Mapping function does not work well. Does not show homes outside of Milwaukee area. Cannot delete previous searches. Also, there are some homes "missing" that show up on other search sites. Some shown here are "sold" when you call.
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9 years ago, ...,..,,
Not the same
For some reason When I open the app it doesn't show me what for sale around me anymore. I'm sad. Please fix
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8 years ago, Dimmy008
Need a read/delete all
I have 174 new search notifications. I don't look at all of them right away. There is no way to delete all except to remove my saved search. No ones likes the little red circle notifications on their phone. Fix this and it's a five star app.
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12 years ago, l024680
Features often don't work
Features such as photos and the "View Details" link don't work most of the time. I only get to see one or two pictures and the rest come up as "No Photo". The "View Details" link doesn't always work so I have go back to using the website.
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11 years ago, Bcs_intocable
Worked good before the last update
It's been crashing lately. Please fix it!
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11 years ago, Lwaf
Doesn't work anymore
I was using this app to search for a home, but it stopped working recently, and even deleting and reinstalling hasn't fixed the problem. Terrible!
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14 years ago, Kiwi82
Does not work. Freezes after listing 3 homes. Can't move the screens nothing works. Needs an update or something. Back to the computer I guess.
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