Shortcuts App : QuickLinks

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AppYogi Software
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3 months ago
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10.12 or later
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User Reviews for Shortcuts App : QuickLinks

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6 years ago, HereIsMyReview4U2C
Custom menu with custom keyboard shortcuts
This is a simple program which puts a dropdown menu in the top right of your screen. You fill the menu with files and applications you want to appear in the menu. You can also add a custom keyboard shortcut to open the items instead of using the menu. I like it as having a custom menu with keyboard shortcuts for its items is very useful.
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4 years ago, Caesar1315
This is the first app review I have done. But it just had to be DONE. I have had been tring to find a great way to speed up opening programs, and this is the best answer so far. One other way is using activator, but it is a hassle and too unreliable. Another way is to be use Keyboard Maestro but it is 36 bucks. I would've gladly shelled out more for this haha. I agree with another reviewer with if you guys could find a way to do the same with websites, it would be amazing. Keep it up!
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2 years ago, Hodge Stanson
Works half the time with F function keys
I remapped the F2 key to open Status Menus in System Preferences > Keyboard. The issue is that it only works half the time when I select the down arrow to view my Quicklinks menu until I restart the Mac. It works with the mouse pointer flawlessly, I wish the keyboard shortcut was also this seamless.
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5 years ago, Cotegrez
Great app
Great app, really save time with this puting files and apps that I use the most in there, so I don't have to go through my folders and subfolders to find them. I'd give it 5 starts if you were able to add websites that you visit frequently also, that would be awesome.
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5 years ago, Yiyu Zhou
I really love this app and it works well! I have a few humble suggestions and hope the app all the best! First, is it possible to add Finder to the shrotcuts? I know we can add specific directories, but sometimes it seems more convenient to have just the Finder app added. Second, I can not find a newly installed app in the "quick link add list". I have to reopen QuickLinks to find the newly installed apps, hope this can be fixed. Thank you and have a nice day!
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2 years ago, I A Writer
Use it every day
Extremely useful app that keeps my most-used folders handy in the menu bar and off my desktop.
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2 years ago, trustyourkidspleasw
Nice app until...
I loved the app and spent hours writting shortcuts for all my apps and files until it just automatically quit. Now it just won't open anymore no matter what I do. I tried restarting my computer and everything but nothing happened.
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1 year ago, larrykz
This is a great app. Does everything it says and is very intuitive. I use it every day and have never had any problems.
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2 years ago, marklander
Better then the Classic Apple Menu
QuickLinks has a simple, clean interface. You can add Apps, Folders, or Documents, and even assign keyboard shortcuts to open them. Works great!
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5 years ago, Rick-G.
Use this app all the time to have quick access to folders that I need to get to on the fly.
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1 year ago, Willieh
Nice app but.....
Good and Bad. When I am using Quicklinks to select a folder on my list of links, I get this message: "App needs permission to access file" I takes me to the Security & Privacy on my system preferences, and Quicklinks shows as already allowed permission to access files. It does have a check mark on it. How can we fix this? Everything on my end looks good in terms of setup. I am not getting a response from the developer.
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1 year ago, J27K27272727
Good app. Getting a little annoying with the requests and pop-ups though.
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1 year ago, Unbiased99
Real Handy
Just works. Shortcuts save lots of time and you can make shortcuts for any app or document
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1 week ago, BobRRoh
Extremely Handy & Versitile
This app make life a whole lot easier.
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3 years ago, Diamond agent
why I gave 5 stars!
I woul give 10 stars if I could. I love this makes my life so easy. it's the best!!!
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2 months ago, Sevikha
Saves time
Really increased my productivity. Well done!
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3 years ago, David Xenakis
What's up with Captcha?
I'd like some help, please? but after filling out the form on your website, I'm told that "Captcha failed, please try again.". There is no Captcha stuff for verification on the screen. What's up with that? Can you help me? Or is the feedback page just a spoof?
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1 year ago, BJSmithii
Cant live without it.
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3 years ago, RobinoftheNorth
Convinient app, helps me find what I need quickly
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8 months ago, mpirt
Time Saver
Great tool for having custom shortcuts.
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4 years ago, EduCoCar
Links doesn't stay in order
I'm almost uninstall this app. I put the links in an order, but when I close the settings, the order is completely random!
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7 months ago, J________P
Love it
Functional and durable
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3 years ago, Mext
Can't store links
Unlike other programs, you can't store a website in the quicklinks, making it close to ueless.
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2 months ago, Brandon K. Nobles
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8 months ago, Evaan77
Waste of money
App does nothing except gathering shortcuts. Wasted two hours and $10.
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1 year ago, spaceboy405
It will not stop asking to rate the app!!
It will not stop asking to rate the app everytime I resart my Mac!!
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4 years ago, cp_reviews
Stop asking for review nonstop
Stop please, take me off list
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5 years ago, Jonathan.Ali
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7 years ago, TheeMZA
I previously used HotApp for all my HotKey mods but it is no longer compatible with OS X Sierra. Thank you for a creating a most excellent replacement. I use it constantly.
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7 years ago, in_the_now
Fabulous app!
For those of you who want quick and easy access to apps but don’t have room in the dock or on your screen, search no further! This is the app you need. Sits in the menu bar, you put in the apps you want and BOOM, you’ve got super quick access to exactly what you want. And now that the developer has just added the ability to sort the apps the way you want them sorted, this is a no brainer. Best $2.99 I’ve spent in years!
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7 years ago, weathernight
Great Support
Ask the developer to make changes on the app, it was done in no time…….
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2 years ago, Mr.Wordsmith
This is one GREAT app!
10.7.22: This is one GREAT app, I LOVE it! Saves me tons of mouse clicks and therefore time. A real bargain in my opinion. MJ, Bayside, NY, USA
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5 years ago, #av#$s
how can I add Fidner?
how can I add Fidner? how can I add Fidner? how can I add Fidner?
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2 years ago, Pumasalad
updated May 17 2022
I've had to quit using this app because every time I reboot my machine, it gets corrupted and I have to re do all of my quick links. To buggy to go forward, and it's a shame, because it was handy and useful up until a couple of weeks ago. -------- Pre-May 2022: I like using this app, it's unobtrusive and just hangs around until you need it. The shortcuts from the menu are good, but they all failed when migrating to a new mac (mith migration assistant, no less) and had to be re-set up manually. Also, I use a lot of custom icons on my folders to help me diferentiate them, and none of the items in this app show the custom icons. Other than those two nits, I like what this app does and use it frequently in my day-to-day work.
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