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5 years ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shortcuts

4.22 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
5 years ago, C. Morrell
I like it. I want more.
I like having one button or word set my volume, playlist, and shuffle/repeat, especially when my central nervous system is acting up and this playlist is something that helps. I really like it. I also see why other people are wanting more. You have hooked me and I want more. Right now it is like playing with blocks in a vacuum: limited output nodes and iOS does not let Shortcuts know what is going on outside. I have to make broad assumptions about when most of these shortcuts will fire, my playlist being an exception because it is completely contained in my phone. I understand the desire for privacy and not executing arbitrary programs no matter how small, but Shortcuts is advertised as being able to order your favorite coffee at your favorite cafe. If it is allowed to touch my credit cards, why is it not able to know my location and the viable routes to my destination and the travel time of each route the way some apps can if I go the long route? In other words, if I make the shortcut or give it off of the approved gallery and other apps cannot make shortcuts, what is wrong with making a delayed text message or other shortcuts that do arbitrary things? This a toy, demonstrated by the gallery still only having 50 shortcuts a year later. I request that we be allowed to go deeper, because clever use of websites allows for arbitrary exploitation in a way that is more likely to involve bad actors.
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6 years ago, Bloogybloogy
Shortcuts improves on Workflow app
I had used the Workflow app for a while before they joined apple, and it blew my mind how completely it improved the way I interact with my phone. Now that Workflow has changed to Shortcuts the app is so much faster and seems much more deeply integrated into iOS. Editing shortcuts is much more intuitive now that the actions menu remains available at the bottom of the screen. The visual redesign is also really refreshing. It still amazes me that I can do so much with this app. My only complaints: I have Drafts 4 installed but Shortcuts doesn’t recognize it and continues to redirect me to the app store to download. This is a huge pain as many of my shortcuts are based on that version of Drafts. Additionally, the Drafts actions show the icon for Drafts 5, but the actions themselves refer to Drafts 4 (the “View in App Store” link even directs me to Drafts 4, which I already have installed). My other smaller complaint is that I wish there were more connections to system settings - I would love to be able to turn rotation lock off or on with one click, or access and update my alarms via Shortcuts but neither of these seem to be possible (yet).
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6 years ago, DoomLizard
Let me mark reminders as complete!
Apparently this is the easiest way for me to make a feature request 🙄 Anyway, I’ve been using this app before Apple took it over, and it’s generally really useful. I do have a few complaints though: 1. The new UI flow for creating a shortcut is generally hard to use. I understand why the shortcuts are on a card at the bottom now, b/c it gives more of a feeling of being able to flip back and forth, but you have to pull the card up from the bottom slowly or else you pull up the widget screen, and what’s on the card first is suggestions (not what I want) & I have to tap on the search bar to bring up the actual categories and get over to Favorites (generally what I want to see first). 2. There are still some gaps in terms of actions. For example, the reason I’m writing this review is that I want to change a reminder from checked to unchecked through Shortcuts, but the only option I have is to delete the reminder instead, an action that requires three confirmations before executing. That’s a major slowdown to my script. Plz add this feature.
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6 years ago, prestonmcmillan
“Almost” Perfect App
This app is amazing and I am loving what all this app can do! I enjoy watching videos of people design their own shortcuts and then make one that works for me. A couple of suggestions to make for future versions: Can we have a few instructional videos for new comers to learn to make their own shortcuts? Maybe a few varieties of beginning, intermediate and advanced. Can we have a better way of searching or seeing all of the commands that shortcuts has in its library? Last but not least, can there be a way to set a clock alarm to a specific and not “suggested” enable or disable time? I would love to set a clock alarm based on a variable. See the Set Brightness command where you can change it from a slider to a place where you can input a number or variable. My goal is to have Siri ask me what time I want to get up and have her take my speech input, store it as a variable and pass it to a new clock alarm. Thanks for the great app and I look forward to seeing its improvements.
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5 years ago, just some guy who likes this
Largely Pointless
UPDATE: In the ~10 months since I originally left this review, they’ve made one minor feature update. Still pointless and at this rate it always will be. Reducing to rating from 2 stars to one, as development seems effectively dead. I like where they’re going with this but in its current state it has extremely limited functionality. It’s kind of strange; even really simple, obvious stuff is missing from a lot of the built in apps. For example, you can get an ETA to a destination from Maps but there’s no way to return any information about the route. So I can get it to tell me how long it’s going to take to get to work in the morning but will not get any indication of which of the numerous routes it’s referring to. Ok, no problem, I’ll get directions and parse out some route details... nope, the only map directions-related actions open the Maps app, you can’t just have it return text. I don’t want or need this because I’m not going to navigate a route I drive multiple times a week, I just want “19 mins via Highway 123”. I’ve thought up a dozen different shortcuts I’ve wanted to make but only had one not turn out to be infeasible the apps limitations. Maybe this will be great after a couple years of development. Right now, it’s a novelty.
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6 years ago, mikebrodt
Missing the Performance of Workflow
This is a good app. I am glad to see the ability to create Siri Shortcuts. However, while it has more functionality, it is not as stable as Workflow. Apple Watch functionality has been largely crippled, as it can only run shortcuts that don’t have menu options such as logging caffeine or setting a tea timer. It is great to see some advanced functions like running an script over SSH, but it is missing some of the basics capturing a webpage to Notes (like Evernote can). Shortcuts also needs a training manual to help us learn how these commands work. It is powerful, but that comes with complexity. At the end of the day, Shortcuts is a great idea, but at the end of the day, we need our digital assistants to be simple. They need to understand us. Having to train them this way isn’t going to further our adoption. Automation is great in its own right, but a digital assistant needs to be easy, simple, adaptive to us, able to understand us in context, in tone, etc. Shortcuts is great for automation, but not a true replacement for the work needed to make Siri a serious tool in the digital assistant space.
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5 years ago, a7oha
No baloney, works like it says it does!
Like the title says, it actually works! Not like other apps claiming to be able to change app icons and not work, this one does! You also get to choose what image the app is so thats a plus! Overall I’m very happy with this app and its functionality🤩. It makes customizing your iphone homescreen even more the better while being fairly easy to use. While everything else is good, the only thing that keeps it from a 5☆ review would be its color range/selection when customizing an app. When going for a certain aesthetic in color, the shades are very important and the limited color choice sadly puts a damper over it😔. In the end, i reccommend trying out this app :))))
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7 years ago, Kubisuro
Amazing & powerful
I've already made workflows to mass delete any number of photos from my camera roll and also get latitude & longitude from Apple Maps. I also used it with regex to scrape PDFs that were containerized in JavaScript AJAX stuff which prevented downloading Of said PDFs the normal way. Oh and I created an MPG logger so I can track performance of my vehicles using a CSV text file on Dropbox. I can't wait to develop more useful workflows. I'm so very happy this functionality all takes place CLIENT SIDE and not server side like If This Then That. I use this app to fetch evapotranspiration rate of the day before from a State website using JSON. I also have created a workflow that takes all my Markdown journal entries from Dropbox (filenamed with dates) and puts them into Calendar with an X-Callback-URL. Then I can load journal entries using Calendar and my favorite Markdown app 1Writer side-by-side. Awesome stuff. So happy Apple is still maintaining this app!
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6 years ago, LoDown295
Wow this app is great. I love every bit of it and it is going to make my day operate so much smoother. It’s easy to put together and fun as well (can’t stop making shortcuts). I say just spend some time with it and you will quickly learn the app. I also love the how preset shortcuts are available to give examples and help you learn new tools. You can edit these in any way just as if you made it from scratch. The only thing I would like to see (so far) is when I am making a shortcut to start a playlist in music, I wish I could set up a list of multiple specific playlists to choose from rather than having to make a short cut for each individual playlist. So maybe in the next update you can add this option as well. For example: I have many music playlists but I would like to add my top three to access on the fly. Five gold stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Apple wins again!
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6 years ago, mhoo36
Needs access to more functions
I installed shortcuts and was looking forward to a fun first shortcut/automation to run. So My first step in my project was to simply make it start a screen recording. Option is not available? Needs more features and base functions for my example screen recording features. Adding in “record my steps or clicks” also having the ability of running as a background operation. Some of which can be done inside pythonista scripts but everyday users aren’t going to want to learn python in order to make something useful from shortcuts. I understand apple has left this on the app developers themselves to further integrate apps. So be a step ahead and further the integration on the iPhone base operations so that the users have more control on automation as well. This would not only look great on the shortcuts team but also develop a creative mindset community. Mr. Jobs would have loved to see something like this develop so far, please don’t let this die and further give access to the base operations back to the users.
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5 years ago, X3Booyah
Lacking, but does well for what it currently has
First off, the shortcuts app is amazing for what it can do so far. I, like many others, was hyped out of my mind by the announcement, and was somewhat disappointed with the end result from iOS12. But I've made quite a few shortcuts so far that let me do some stuff I do every once in a while, but it's not an everyday thing as it was advertised, or as I'd hoped. There are so many things such as 'send a notification' that will pioneer the future of this app, but the thing that's really missing is automation and triggers other than pressing a button on my device. Universally, it could start out with 'when I open an app' or 'when I receive a certain notification' and eventually branch out to provide support for devs to add their own triggers. This is really the only thing missing from Shortcuts being an everyday essential. Until then, IFTTT will be one of the only options for iOS users (although limited)
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5 years ago, Piercetheveil <3
Unclear and inconsistent
Some of the shortcuts just don’t work. They don’t have the correct components to make the widget work. The tea timer was adding 180 to the calculator instead of the timer which made no sense at all. The record button will record but won’t save anywhere unless you go in and tell it where to save it to (just recently lost the recording of an important test review because of this). No where in the gallery does it tell you that you have to edit the widgets of course if you want to you can but you HAVE to edit the widgets to be them to work! This isn’t for all of them though some widgets work just fine once you download them from the gallery which gives off the impression that if you download it then it should work without you having to go in a add/change things. SAVE YOUR SELF THE STRESS AND TIME JUST TAKE THE 10 EXTRA SECONDS TO DO THE ACTION YOURSELF. This app makes things more complicated than its worth. Once set up properly it bet it’s great but it’s screwed me over one too many times
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6 years ago, Mason Marchant
Useful But Very Buggy
Shortcuts is a very fun to learn app but has been very buggy. There appears to be several bugs in this app. Here are six bugs you need to fix. 1. The wrong variables are displayed for actions when using Magic Variable feature. This happens every time the Actions page for any of my shortcuts is opened. 2. Actions lag and glitch out or disappear randomly when scrolling through them or after selecting a Magic Variable from an action. 3. The icons disappear from variables or other elements of the app. 4. The search bar always works but sometimes does not reveal the list of actions and is hidden underneath the on screen keyboard. 5. After using the app to add or modify a lot of actions it slows down my device. This happens on both my iPhone X and my very old iPhone 5s (both running iOS 12.1) and after I experience a lot of the bugs starting at number 2, the app crashes. I think whats is happening is the app is using so much of the devices RAM which causes it to slow down my device and crash. 6. THE WORST ONE OF ALL! As of recently after the app crashes and I reopen it, most of the time it says that the Shortcuts Database is Corrupted and give me options, one that resets Shortcuts entirely which could of DESTROYED ALL OF THE SHORTCUTS I HAD CREATED! I simply select exit app and reopen it and it went back to normal like nothing ever happened. There is a lot Apple has to fix with Shortcuts before it becomes a useful app for a lot of people.
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6 years ago, timnussbaumm
Loved it before Apple broke it.
I used workflow everyday!! I build several recipes that were all based around shrinking and cropping photos and doing light color treatment. It was fast and easy. Sending lower sized images on text was faster especially if you have low connectivity. Who needs an 8mb image when a 260k image is perfectly acceptable? Now my recipes still work for resizing thankfully, but why Apple did you remove almost all the photo functions? No more editor only Markup!?! It is at best a poor PDF tool that doesn't work well for that. Please return photo editing functionality. Sometimes I don't want to Take an photo in camera, open it, edit in one of my 15 photo edit tools, save it back only then to run my "shortcut". Shortcut is supposed to save me time!! Now it is all but useless, I will still shrink some photos but now I will just go back to using an editor. Could you not add access to the Photos app and all its tools? Seems like a no brainier to build functionality into all your own apps like settings and photos? Please fix it.
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6 years ago, Bashert2012
Works well except one major bug
I’ve enjoyed making music playlists that launch with one click. I started adding music to my home screen on my IPhone X. I started have major problems with my phone, namely it kept going into black screen when I did basic tasks. I did several restores, one from iCloud backup and another from ITunes but the problem continued. I thought that I had a hardware issue so I got a new iPhone X and loaded all my apps from the App Store. The Apple store ‘genius’ concluded that I probably had a faulty iCloud backup. But I had the same problem on my new iPhone! Fortunately, I was finally able to fix the problem by deleting all the playlists that I had added to my home screen. For some reason, this action of adding playlists to the home screen from within the app caused my IPhone X to constantly freeze. I was very lucky to find this fix because all the experts couldn’t figure out what the problem was.
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6 years ago, GoneSideways
Took Me Some Time
I loaded this app some time ago and failed to come up with any useful workflows. Social media workflows I found did nothing for me personally. Finally. I created a workflow that pushes to IFTTT and the world is my oyster. While testing I found a bug. I submitted an email and it took the devs a long time to respond but they acknowledged the bug and are working on it. I use this app every day, several times per day to track my time and mileage on various consulting gigs. Everything pushes to google sheets where formulas finish the heavy lifting. The time vested to create and test the workflows has paid off and I wish I had done it sooner. Spend the time on this app, you won't be disappointed. Update for the change to Shortcuts. The IFTTT functionality has been removed. While I found a workaround using the share sheet, it requires I intervene and make selections while the shortcut runs. This has not “shortcut” the workflow, it added extra steps that are prone to my error. Please add IFTTT back.
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6 years ago, RandomNickname00
Crashes on Open
Deleted this garbage today after almost two weeks of it crashing on open 100% of the time. Absolutely worthless abandonware. Original review: Is it supposed to crash on open 100% of the time? Just checking to make sure. It’s strange to see a crash-on-open app billed as an efficiency app of any sort. Not sure what’s so efficient about an app whose sole purpose, 100% of the time, is to crash on open. Why would an app (whose sole purpose is to crash on open 100% of the time) even be offered in the App Store? Not sure what sort of function such an app fulfills, but then again, I’m not a software engineer. Were I a software engineer, I would certainly put my efforts toward creating and maintaining an app that does not crash fully 100% of the time on open. But then again, if my job was to create an app whose sole purpose WAS to crash 100% of the time on open, I suppose I’d have done my job and done it well, concerning this app. So “Shortcuts” is short for “Shortcuts to crashing on open 100% of the time,” then. Understood.
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6 years ago, Kingstinkypants
Needs work to be great
Pretty good, but needs some more work from Apple to be great. For instance, you can have it open Find my Friends, but you can’t have it pull a friends location to do something simple like “ETA to Friend.” ETA home is nice, but I’d rather have it pull ETA to wife to send her since I sometime meet her out. When you add in the Home app the issues really start to show. For instance I have a “goodnight” setting that turns of the TV, turns off my patio lights and dims my living room and kitchen lights to 75%, it then waits 30 seconds and dims more and repeats that until everything is off. The problem is that it doesn’t ignore an unnecessary command, it just fails. If the TV is already off the whole string stops, the same with any lights. The convenience is lost when I can’t have it be a universal command for every time I go to bed. Hopefully they’ll continue to improve it and more third party apps will add support.
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5 years ago, dougc84
Still has a way to go
While I use it every day, this app suffers from Apple’s UI oversimplification and attempts to integrate Siri actions with their iOS version of Automator. As a result, you don’t always know which icon to push to do a thing. Certain workflows are unintuitive to build (e.g. I shouldn’t need two steps to ping a URL). And getting workflows from other applications needs a lot of work - the whole “you have to perform an action in the app to make it appear” thing makes Shortcuts feel limited, not powerful. And the widget... woof. The buttons are ever-so-slightly too small. I don’t mis-tap, but I wish the tap areas were larger. And using workflows that have interactivity (alerts or inputs) often makes them flat out freeze up, requiring me to open up the app just to run them, especially if I trigger a second workflow while a first is just... hanging. But, hey, it’s not bad for what it is. But it could be a lot better.
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5 years ago, Knight Fowl
Miss Apple Watch Features
Workflow was the #1 app for me on my Apple Watch, beside activity. With it, I could easily log information (like caffeine or water) directly into the health app merely by tapping a complication on the watch face. I used it to track notes and requests I would get throughout the day. However, with Shortcuts, those capabilities are severely limited, and if I would like to do the same things, I have to speak directly to Siri to execute them, something that is not normally convenient for me. Please add a Shortcuts app to the Apple Watch, or at least allow Shortcut complications on the Watch. Beyond that complaint, I truly love Shortcuts. The ability to link with so many different apps is amazing, and I do appreciate its simplicity and capability. I just don’t use it nearly as much as I would (or as much as I used Workflow) merely because it is not easily accessible through the Watch.
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6 years ago, Gliding shiv
Don't know what happened
I mainly liked workflow becuase it was a quick and convenient way to make PDFs out of pictures, which is often how handwritten papers are submitted. The problem is all of a sudden it became useless for that a while ago. Now I take the pictures run the routine to select them and turn them into a PDF and it spits them back out in a random order. It didn't used to do that, but now it does for whatever reason. It's incredibly frustrating to have to go and look through 20 pages of a PDF to make sure they're all in the right order only to do it all over again when I find one or two of them are just in some random spot for no reason. I'm not giving it 1 star because that's not all the app can do or all I use it for, but its 90% of the reason I use it and it's become a huge hassle everytime.
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6 years ago, Why a nickname??????
So far, this app is worse than Workflow. I am not getting any syncing between my iPhone shortcuts and my iPad shortcuts. If I create a shortcut on one, it does not show up on the other and vice versa. Aren’t Siri shortcuts supposed to sync when iOS devices that are logged into the same iCloud account? Worthless system if they don’t. Also, it appears that if you delete a shortcut, it does NOT delete the corresponding voice command. For example, if you assign the voice command of “Open ABC” to a shortcut and then delete that shortcut, then create another shortcut that you would like to assign that same voice command too, you’re presented with an error message saying that that voice phrase is already in use and to pick something else (even though that other shortcut has been deleted). Ugh! Better be very careful with your selection of voice commands. The app and the whole system seems like an alpha and not even ready for the beta phase to me.
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5 years ago, J-Wood reviews
Here is how to fix this...
I love the capabilities this enables including how it works with Siri to build a list of simple commands. The problem is, whenever I do one of these shortcuts I am left tapping away the shortcut menu or tapping to confirm the commands. In the same amount of taps it is sometimes easier to carry out an action on my own that I specifically made the shortcut for which defeats the purpose of this whole thing. There needs to be scripting commands to automatically close the app and/or bring me to the homescreen or lock the phone. Maybe an option to carry out a command without confirmation or leaving me in an app I have to close. If I tap a shortcut button from my home screen and it carries out a command why would I want to be left in the shortcut menu main page? Shortcuts are supposed to save time/taps.
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6 years ago, Austin_C.
This is a pretty stupid app. It’s pointless because you need to open this app in order to then be redirected into opening other apps when you could just open one app in the first place.... If those apps could run with this app then this app would be useful and a “shortcut”. At the moment this app is the anti-shortcut.... The real shortcut is still going straight to the apps that this app will open anyways. Totally useless because of this. Inefficient waste of space and battery by default as well. None of the shortcuts are realistically useful yet either. The most useful “shortcuts” I found are that it’ll tell me how far away I am from home and when I should leave for work if I want to have a 5 minute walk once I arrive at my parking destination. Again though, in order for these “shortcuts” to work it has to open other apps too. Pointless at the moment. Maybe they’ll figure it out in a few years...
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5 years ago, JustinOring
Fun, but needs more
Im a basic user and I love shortcuts. I got this after wanting an easier way to add shortcuts to Siri that the “Siri and search” did not offer. You can add more complex shortcuts, but a little hard unless you understand how scripting works. It’s easiest to just use ones others have created. I feel the shortcut features could be better/easier to understand for the basic user. I also feel not enough apps support this feature. When they do it’s just one command and not enough to work with. Once other apps start adding more ability to use shortcuts in their apps this will be great. Here is to hoping....for now it only does a few needed things, but nothing too wow crazy. Lol
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6 years ago, Extrone
It’s really cool and powerful, but
I am really enjoying the experience, as a programmer I like how I can put together things this easily, but just one request, when you use Siri to activate the shortcuts, for certain tasks it opens the shortcuts app, it would be better if it just did the task right at the Siri interface. Also, it would be really cool to have Siri ask the questions for the ‘ask for input’ option so that we don’t have to type in the answer, just say it to Siri. I know there is dictation but it takes you away from Siri to the dictation menu and its not that intuitive. But overall I am really happy that this app exists, Thank you Apple.
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6 years ago, Travisdw1999
This is the future of iOS
This is the thing that can make your phone do all your needs. For everyone that loves Apple this can potentially be the next big thing and change smartphones forever. Apple needs to give this app more access so it runs in background and have it able to control system settings so you can truly program your phone to do the things unique to your personal experience. This is a way for Apple to give the user way more power but still control the software for Optimum performance! I hope Apple sees this potential soon before someone else takes the idea and builds on it. Will be 5 stars when they unlock full power!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, TravyBaby
Hopefully It Becomes More Powerful
At the time of this writing, the app has just been introduced, and I find it underwhelming. However, Apple has a track record of adding valuable features and capabilities over time, so I hope that occurs. Right now it is not quite as broad in its capabilities as existing players like IFTTT, and it’s surprising that out of the gate Shortcuts isn’t compatible with more of Apple’s own basic apps like Weather. A plus is that its automations are native to the operating system rather than beholden to a 3rd party app like IFTTT that must remain open in the background. I’m just getting started with Shortcuts but so far I don’t see many of the built-in workflows or DIY workflows that bring much value to me right now, so hopefully new capabilities are added.
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6 years ago, ShimmyMac
Disclaimer: I’m a huge fan of Apple Products and this one is free and awesome! I just found this APP and after looking at other solutions, and I chose this one because it’s owned by Apple. No extra sign ups and garbage in email. I prefer native apps when I can get the functionality that I need. I work for a large corporation and on my PC(yuck!) IT Dept has my Chrome browser locked down 🙄, and you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, I have a ton of repetitive tasks that I do each day. I have saved myself tremendous time, limited mistakes, and provided myself a bit more confidence on my making my corporate goals just by incorporating workflow into my productivity scheme. I’m still learning how best to use it, but it has me excited. I use it with Todoist(unfortunately Reminders is lacking), Camera, Calender, standard file manipulations, and other native iOS apps. Now that Apple owns this app I’m truly hoping that their is support for other native apps, like numbers, keynote, etc. I’d easily pay for this App once that is accomplished.
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6 years ago, pianodude9122
The idea behind it is great.
I think that the idea behind Shortcuts is genius. The ability to have your phone accomplish multiple tasks for you with the click of a button is a dream come true. But, if someone is wanting to create their own shortcut or edit a pre-made one, the process is complicated and not very easy to understand. Granted, Apple provides the user with a step by step guide on their website, but not everyone has the time or the patience to read through it and understand all the complexities involved. Again, the idea behind Shortcuts is brilliant, but as a technology enthusiast I would’ve hoped it would be easier to understand and experiment with.
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6 years ago, MGLechner
Annoying glitch.
I installed this app as soon as I updated to iOS 12. While I think the app shows promise, there is an annoying glitch that not even Apple has a solution for! I created two playlist shortcuts. When I prompted Siri to play one of my playlists she said: “Running playlist” the first few seconds of the first track started playing, but then Siri interrupted and exclaimed, “Done!” which interfered with the flow of the music! After her exclamation the music resumed playing. I paused the music and prompted Siri to play the other playlist, and the same thing happened again! Because of this I was only able to give this app three stars! I want to give it four or five stars, but not until this issue is resolved!
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6 years ago, Jessiegray88
Great potential but very buggy
There is so much that can be done with this, but bugs make it hard to figure out which shortcuts could work and which ones will end up being more frustrating to use than manually doing some actions. Some examples: The “Get Current Song” action can sometimes either get stuck on one song and won’t change the value given even if you change the song, or it takes running the shortcut twice before it recognizes what song is actually playing. Any shortcuts that give directions will not work from the widgets if you access them from the lock screen or by swiping down to the Notification Center and then to the right to show the widgets. It will only work if you are at your home screen and swipe right from there. It’s hit or miss whether or not your shortcuts will work in a normal every-day use case. The app could benefit greatly from having an option on every action in the app to report an issue. Currently there’s no good way to report a problem with an action or show other users that the action doesn’t work correctly.
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5 years ago, ScottByrns
Desperately need to be able to organize shortcuts into folders
I have maybe 50 shortcuts now and the number grows constantly. It’s becoming a management nightmare! Loops that repeat a variable number of times would be very very very useful. Siri needs to be able to handle selecting from a list without opening the shortcuts app and we need a way to stop her from shouting “done” when switching to shortcuts to continue execution. Also a way to change the confirmation from “running shortcut” to “ok”. These changes would polish the execution of a work flow and elevate the magical effect of talking to Siri to something uncanny.
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6 years ago, iPhone Chief
Missing Watch complications
This would have been a really nice upgrade to Workflow except that it killed the Watch App and complications that I used regularly. I was also disappointed to find out that I could not access the travel time to family members in Find Friends so I could quickly send a message to let them know how long it would be before I pick them up. The missing watch app was really a surprise because it worked before and now it’s just gone. All it do was allow me to trigger Workflows I had already created. It feels like Apple removing Time Travel from watchOS 5. It used to work and it got taken away with no explanation. The only good thing I can see right now is that it has the Siri integration and better access to built-in functions.
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6 years ago, Durazi_11
Can you fix this issue ?
I cant give a real rate because I have just downloaded this application and tried to do some stuff in it. Then I went to “add widgets” to put the shortcuts application with the other applications in the first page. Then I went back to the first page to see the result, it appears there but when I pressed “show more” that related to this application, the section that is for the application became stuttering and doesn’t show anything. I tried to reinstall the application, remove it from “add widget” and re-add it and nothing happens. I hope you fix this problem.
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6 years ago, simu_ro
3 stars for now
I made a shortcut for my Apple music in order for when I say “Hey Siri - play my selection” to shuffle & repeat all songs from 3 different playlists I have in the cloud but it can’t be done, the app crashes and kicks me out if I use the widget, or if I give the command to my home pod Siri replies back with “something’s wrong with the shortcut app”, something like that. I can’t wait for a fix so that I can finally shuffle & repeat all songs from multiple playlists. P.S. For now, I guess, the only way around would be to make 1 playlist with all the content of the playlists you would like them shuffled in which case there would be no need for the shortcuts app.., hmm.., so.., yeah! Please have this fixed a.s.a.p., thank you.
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5 years ago, pop-ups
Brilliant, Powerful and Loads of Potential
Send email issue: “Show Compose Sheet” option is not visible without first logging into an email account. This is a problem now with Google blocking the Shortcuts app. Since the Mail app will be opened and I have my Google accounts available with it, I feel like logging into an email in Shortcuts is redundant and makes sharing scripts more difficult. Feature Requests: Please allow scheduling Shortcuts to automatically run at certain times. Please do not require a separate in-app email login for email accounts that are already linked Apple Mail on my smart device. Let it work like calendars where subscribed calendars are already accessible in Shortcuts. Also I need to be able to search and find email messages like I can find calendars events. Please add Google Drive as an option for working with storage related actions. Original Review: I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of all that this app can do, it is one of a kind and pure genius. I didn't know how much I needed an app like this until I started using it.
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6 years ago, R.Eoghan
Useless for me
Used to be happy with the app. Didn’t really use it for much except to create tasks I could use on my Apple Watch 3. The watch should be a extension of the iPhone and allow me to do more than it currently does. That’s where this app came in when it was “Workflows”. Since the update and removal from the Apple Watch, I no longer have any use for the app. I can’t set a task as a complication like I had it before to quickly run an operation so I didn’t need to get out my phone. For example, getting directions home while diving. I don’t need to fumble with my phone, just press the complication and I immediately have directions home while barely taking my eyes off the road. If I wanted to listen to a playlist in my car since I do not have CarPlay, I just choose the complication to play the playlist I want. Again, without needing to use my phone or distract myself from the road. My watch is now just used for time and for viewing notifications. Literally, this app made the cost of the device worth it. Now I have a watch I don’t even care to bother with because I can just use my phone instead. Brilliant!
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6 years ago, sexymacman
This app is awesome, such a great purchase by Apple
I have been using workflow for years so when apple bought workflow and said they would be integrating it into ios 12 as Siri shortcuts I was so excited. This app changes the way you can use your iphone. Not sure why the one dude said you cant do email to a todo list. You actually can shortcuts makes doing everyday activities much easier. I use shortcuts everyday. From creating a script to map a location to creating a complicated script to create a whole website from input data. Programmers will have a blast with shortcuts.
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6 years ago, Tandy626
Straight forward
Love the app, glad to finally have some automation. I have been able to write shortcuts to be more productive, but due to lack of examples and intuitive ways to see what for example the “scripting” section actually is capable of I am somewhat limited. I have put shortcuts on hold expecting desired features need to be added only to realize that there was another way Apple expected you to go about writing your shortcut. Knowing how programmers function, this becomes a road block when there are almost infinite ways To accomplish the same thing. This becomes a “your holding your phone the wrong way” all over again(to those of us who remember the iPhone 4 bumper cases...
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5 years ago, Ipodtouch4lifeeeeee
Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t completely broken.
While this app was complicated to figure out and had many bugs, I figured the development team was pressured to release the app too early from overhead. And so I figured the bugs would be resolved with future updates. I was wrong. Apple’s development team has completely ignored feedback and seems to have given up on the app altogether. I only write this review because of the incredible potential this app has if it’s development team could get out of their own way. It’s completely broken now and does not register my Siri commands. Instead, it responds with: “I’m sorry, there was a problem” ...and does not run the shortcut. I used to rely on this app, in tandem with my HomePod, Hue lights and coffee maker to have my morning routine be an All-in-One stop. Coffee brewed. Lights on 50%. Today’s calendar events and reminders read. Then morning meditation played. All while laying in bed with one “Morning” command. The idea captures where SmartHomes are inevitably heading. I just hope Apple gives this app the time and effort it needs to make this a useable product. Until then, an app with this many major and minor bugs is just unprofessional.
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5 years ago, FaZe_123456789 Jimmyboltz
Put location always on in the app
So I made a emergency app the if you click it from your home screen, it gets you your location, but it doesn’t work because the location only works while in the app, can you make it so it’s always on? Because then when I’m in trouble, I can’t just click my app, I have to go search for shortcuts, find my app, click it then it sends the text with my location to my parents or someone who can help me. Please add a always on feature to the location because that would be a huge help.
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6 years ago, shawsome.brian
Keep Going!
This is going to push iOS forward in meaningful, time-saving ways we can’t even imagine right now. I encourage EVERYONE to at least tinker around with this. The more that use it, the more developers will support it, and soon you’ll be asking Siri to just give you the result you want, not all the *work* that comes with producing it. Congrats, Apple & Workflow team! I already got it to control Pocket Casts, and I have next to no idea what I’m doing! I’m excited by the possibilities, and can’t wait to see many more developers offer shortcuts over the coming months.
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6 years ago, Fr33 ch1ps
Sooo buggy
I’m a technical guy and have years of experience in the tech industry, but trying to use this has been a nightmare. Some basic examples that make me find navigating this app more troublesome than the time it would save: Set the body of a text message to pass shortcut input and share a picture...instead of creating a new text with the picture I was looking at, I get the string literal text ‘image’ Set the body of a text message to a variable defined earlier on, I get the expected text in the a .txt, .html, etc file attachment with duplicated text that has to be manually removed Get recent photos and share....output just reads ‘image’ again This one is fun. Use the contact prompt to select a contact for dynamic use in a text message: 1. If you put the contact automatically created contacts variable in the recipient field, it opens a new text with the recipient field empty, but adds a shared contact attachment to the message body 2. Save the selected contact to a variable and use the variable to identify the opens a message with the selected contacts.....but still adds a contact card into the message body for each contact
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6 years ago, TinyHair
Love the update for weather!
First of all, I’m in love with this app! I’ve been playing around with all the function in the app. This recent update is also amazing. Only one problem, even though it gives the option to enter custom location, I still need to enable location services in order to do so. It kinda contradicts with the purpose of entering my own custom address. Location service is a battery drainer and I only turn it on when it’s absolutely necessary. Could you please update it so we could just enter the location without enable the location service?
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6 years ago, boe_dye
I want to believe its useful
The problems are that it doesn't seem to do anything effectively. A simple function such as sharing my location with my wife results in an app crash, and when it does share my location, it sends a google maps url, rather than being fully integrated into the system. Perhaps I am just using it wrong, but a lot of these shortcuts I feel should simply be integrated into Siri. I can ask Siri "whats song is playing", and she'll automatically listen and take me to iTunes or Music, however to simply share my location needs a seperate system? Not only that, but it takes a solid 10-15 seconds for any percievable result. I am on an 8 Plus running the latest update.
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6 years ago, Syd.j
What happened!??
Was working fine when it first launched with shortcuts I’ve created a couple months ago when it first launched. All of a sudden a week ago it stopped working with Siri and won’t process ETA’s or directions either even though I didn’t change anything in my shortcuts, it just quit working and Siri doesn’t recognize the voice commands. I relied on shortcuts heavily during my commute so I can drive without needing to text or handle my phone. For a week I’ve tried deleting the shortcut and recreating and re-recording the Siri commands and nothing is working. It’s a super awesome concept, when it works, that’s why I’m still at 2 stars, otherwise it would be a 1 star because it barely works at all.
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5 years ago, [ this_username_sucks ]
Very Nice!
I use this a lot, not only for fun, but to make things easier. I feel like I may want to make something like an image (or video) that pops on the screen for some time, then goes away. Here are my suggestions. 1. Show Image Shows an image for 5 seconds (or time chosen) with the option of a “Done” button. - Settings: Optional “Done” button, [time input] (like the “Wait” option.), optional run in background. 2. Show Video Kind of like “Show Image”, but you can customize it more. - Settings: Optional “Done” button, [time input], view time (example: automatically at 0:00 to [end of video]. You can choose the start position and end position.), optional run in background. 3. Show Presentation More like show video, but with slides. - Settings: Optional “Done” button, start frame, optional run in background. I would really appreciate if these were added in. Thanks.
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6 years ago, YourMomHasNicknames
Only does what Siri already does
Buggy AF. On first launch: app force closes when I click add shortcut. 2nd launch: Tried setting a home screen button to call a contact. Setting a pic for the icon shortcut doesn’t work. Went through the rest of the setup, it crashed again. 3rd launch: Gave it one more try. Saved and added to home screen, it failed and then I had a blank extra screen on the right with no shortcut (I keep one home screen with all apps in folders so it was EASY to tell the shortcut wasn’t there). I removed the Siri Shortcuts app, then the next morning I found the shortcut on a newly created 2nd screen. I reinstalled the app and the shortcut worked, albeit much more cumbersome than setting up favorites in the contacts favorites widget.
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6 years ago, DustinPr
Disappointed it doesn’t have Apple Watch complications
I’m extremely disappointed that they removed Watch complications to quickly run shortcuts. I’m guessing they assumed people would just want to use Siri with them but sometimes you don’t want to blurt out something to Siri to run your shortcuts. I’m mean what if you wanted to use in a meeting? I sure miss this functionality that was available with Workflows. I do like the new look but was hoping since Apple acquired this app they would have added more functionality not taken some away to push the use of Siri, which by the way is very slow and not nearly as smooth as I’ve come to expect from Apple.
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