Shred It!

4.4 (39)
308.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
EM Studios Ltd
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shred It!

4.41 out of 5
39 Ratings
8 years ago, Shibar44
Love this game!!!!
This is great game. I would make it a little harder though. I would also add a night scenery.
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5 years ago, Ashley Hrudowsky
Absolutely Incredible
I think I can say with a large amount of confidence, this is my favorite game on the App Store
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1 year ago, Endymion_m
Used to be great, now, just crashes.
Unfortunately, it’s as simple as the title says. I enjoyed Shred It for a long while, but on the current iteration of iPad, it crashes. I know it’s an older game, but a patch would be much appreciated. Thank you for the positive experience in the past.
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10 years ago, M3ndi3
Adorable but hard game!
First off I want to say how much I love the graphics and music of this game. Everything is so adorable and it is all just so well done. From the UI to the store, to the amount of ads, I think they completely nailed it. So many little details I appreciate and love as a player. I dock 1 star because it's just so hard and I want to unlock the dog but it seems it would take so much time :-/
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7 years ago, Meoooo111
Shred it
Needs work!
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8 years ago, Nixxoplatinum
Great game
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8 years ago, C🌙
My favorite app ❤️
This is such an amazing game. I didn't think it would be as good as this. The artwork and the noises are just so beautiful and pleasant. I can't believe this game isn't on the top charts I could play on it for hours unlike other apps. I also love how it's so easy to control and easy to get points. It's so calming and fun at the same time! If I could rate it higher I defiantly would!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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8 years ago, Coolphoenix2
I really like this 🎮 and I think you should get it
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9 years ago, Thickhair2112
Fantastic overlooked game
This just screams quality. From the SFX to the cool vibe of the music you head down the slopes in what could only be described as "interactive art". Good controls, gorgeous GFX and gets pretty darn challenging. Nice smooth learning curve and two equally fun ways to play. I got the IAP to reward the dev's even though the ads weren't intrusive.
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10 years ago, Dr. Octogonapus123
You know you are doing something right when someone just got your game and is already writing a five star review. This game has such a clever concept and graphics, cute characters, and smooth and fun gameplay. Absolutely love it! Definitely recommend to anyone who loves infinite runners and snowboarding. Great app. :3
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8 years ago, Funky Chunky Munkey
Dearth of stuff to do. Graphics are nice and playful. Gameplay is hit and miss, however. There are no tricks, aside from a few "jump points" that has your character do some predefined trick. Since the camera is directly behind and close to the player you can't move away from obstacles quick enough. This is just a bare bones endless racer. There are better and meatier choices to be had on the App Store.
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9 years ago, GoGadgetGo
Lovely game
The paper craft world in this game is gorgeous, the audio is cool, and playing the game is very fun. It's very peaceful and soothing, but takes a lot of skill too. Controls work very well. Very fair payment model. This is the first endless runner that I haven't gotten bored of quickly.
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8 years ago, Scruffy1998
This game mixes Subway Surfer and Temple Run and adds some snow!
Quite honestly, this is one of the best iOS games I've ever played. I hope everyone at least tries this wonderful conglomeration of the best part of interactive games.
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8 years ago, BigT1097
Great Game!
Also a little thing there is a glitch where it will not load the rest of the level and quits your game after you fall.
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8 years ago, AndM1019
So frustrated
This game is SO glitchy. I was excited about this game. It glitches every time you play. It exits out to the home screen all the time. It's SO ANNOYING. I'm deleting it because it doesn't work. Don't get this game unless you want to be disappointed and frustrated. I hope to see an update soon.
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8 years ago, Dewarsme76
Good fun
Great game you do not have to spend money to compete in the game just invest some time. And best part you do not mind. Controls are easy to learn. Great game
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8 years ago, KaraK I S S
Love this game it's so cute
The characters that you play as are cute the music is awesome and soothing and it's just overall awesome. Ps. Will you add some more girlie characters? Lol.
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8 years ago, BalkanboyMedia
Really cool
Very relaxing gameplay and unique original graphic style, well done developers!
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8 years ago, GolfPro888
My Kind of Game
This is really a lot of fun. The controls work perfectly!
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8 years ago, Old ft
Very good game, fun. I like the art work. One reviewer mentioned there's no lanes like most runners...good. Who needs em? I'm tired of lanes. This game is a pleasant surprise.
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8 years ago, Karsten Fisher
Shred It! is awesome!
I give Shred It! a five stars because it is the best endless running game I have played in a while!
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8 years ago, Michael.jpg
Rip Off
I loved the gameplay in this game so much I spent money to get extra items, but when I opened it back up all of my items and characters were gone, and I found out I had wasted $3. Thanks for nothing.
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8 years ago, Sassy (101)
Fun game
This is so fun when you die you get other life
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10 years ago, John_SPG
Excellent game
Fantastic game, unique graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Perfect for touch devices!
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8 years ago, adtree
So cute~~~~~~
Very good graphics. So cute and peaceful. Easy to play but fun. Good game to kill the time. Thank you.^^
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8 years ago, Mr.bill123
Would gave it 5 stars but no campaign or online to play against others to beat high-scores. Still a great app
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8 years ago, Hanbangirl
Fun Game
This game offers plenty of content! It's worth the download!
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10 years ago, Htfwettr
This is so cool this is going to be the next big thing i know it!
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8 years ago, Simeonsawlight
Simple fun and unique graphics
Having fun. Thank you!
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9 years ago, dbr3nz
Pretty graphics, pleasing sounds & challenging
Very fun to play & challenging.
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8 years ago, Toddhoward
really fun so far
Really great design and fun responsive game play. Well done!
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9 years ago, Freddy7318
Great game
But it's kind of glitchy on iPhone 4
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8 years ago, Kyojoon
Best snowbording app for mobile
Casual riding feel so good
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8 years ago, ClayKemble
1 star
giving it 1 star it is terrible it blacks out on me when I am about to start does this happen to anyone else
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8 years ago, ajfarrar
This game is so fun but it glitches and crashes everytime you play i am very disappointed
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9 years ago, DoNWeeZy187
Fun app.
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8 years ago, Gabrob
Fun game!
So simple yet so much fun. I love the game
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8 years ago, Redrioja
It's their own fault
This app is gorgeous to look at and fun to play, if a bit grindy. I would have given it a hearty four stars, actually. But the CONSTANT bugging for a review is just too much. Why do you even off a "No Thanks" button, if you ask again after EVERY game? So here is your review and your one star. Enjoy,
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8 years ago, Fan :d :d
The app crashes as soon as I touch the play button.
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9 years ago, Dezonly1ofthem
Cool Doggie
The paper art iz awesomely done. Itz a smooth runner
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8 years ago, Hopeful and not giving up!
Girl is pretty on Shred it!
Great game to play! Fun for all ages!
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10 years ago, KhaozVixen
Fun, fun, FUN!!!
Adorable and fun game. Cute graphics and music. Great job!!!
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10 years ago, Snapperkeeper
Snow five
Best snowboard game thus far on App Store.
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8 years ago, Lilegg2
Fun game
Addicting and fun game
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8 years ago, 🔩🍆🔩😋💣😋💣😋💣😋
Not good
Glitches out at the worst times.
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8 years ago, PKTSe7en
Great game.
This is an awesome game.
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9 years ago, Rls817
Very cool
The artwork is nice 👌👌
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10 years ago, Galaron
Hate to say it...
I hate to give a 2-star review to a game clearly made with such affection and skill, but I really do think Shred It! is just a confusing mix of ideas resulting in an unsatisfying mish-mash. Here's what I mean: - The charming paper style and ambient audio suggest a relaxing, zen-like tone - Collect leaves on the ground, grab feathers out of the air, listen to the hooting of cute little owls as you quietly swoosh by - Notice the sun slowly set in front of you and the gorgeous paper clouds drift overhead - Find the bear snoozing in the social media cave! - Every time you start there is a slow countdown and then your character does a little hop to get up speed to begin this backwoods, snowy escape. It's not exactly zippy. Now marry that casual, relaxing tone to an unforgiving gameplay that places a huge demand on the player via controls, orientation, and fail conditions... - Analog/Float controls, not discrete lane-switching like almost all runners have nowadays. It's very easy to slightly clip a tree stump and not realize how near you were to it - Landscape mode only. Forget about playing this with one thumb while holding on to the handgrip on the bus ride home. It's twin-thumb landscape only, so you might as well be holding a gamepad instead of a phone/tablet. - One-and-you're-done fail conditions means that you are constantly anxious about failing at every possible second, which is in complete contrast to the relax-by-the-fire tone of the sound and visuals To be clear, when you get into the groove with this game, and you slalom gracefully around the treestumps scooping up leaves, it's a great experience. This is what they should have focused on. Instead, the devs copied that structure of a Temple Run/JetPack Joyride, but completely missed the holistic design. It's neither relaxing enough nor manic enough. Shred it! is not for me, but I hope there's a next game for this talented group.
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8 years ago, Seven-Deadhorse
Fun game.
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8 years ago, Weremypants
Ya this game is awesome
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