4.2 (624)
225.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Malcolm Arcand Laliberte
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shredsauce

4.15 out of 5
624 Ratings
2 years ago, IplayRobox
Great game needs fixes
I love this game got it today and fell in love with it. The mechanics in this game are cool and the customization is even better. I am impressed by games with not the best graphics that can still be fun and still feel good despite the graphics. I loved this game so much and the ads were annoying me so i bought the ad remover and there are still adds when I go into single player mode and hit settings please fix this bug and the many other cosmetic bugs in game because it makes it very frustrating when these things happen. Overall i would recommend this game and Grand Mountain for any ski/snowboard game enthousiaste as myself because of the features it has. Please fix the bugs :)
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1 year ago, Dltiyrwqofgreyqlfg
Love the game but things take a long time to load, or doesn’t load
This has to be my favorite game i saw other reviews complaining about the awkward placement of the controls, I don’t have those problems. The only issues are that trying to butter on mobile is difficult with a small screen the other issue is loading maps, grabs, clothing, ect. I always have full bars of Wi-Fi no problems with my internet. Not a big problem but it can get annoying. I did notice that when the game had an update, there was a note talking about all the new players, so I’m assuming that the game just can’t handle as much players
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2 years ago, Caleb_d92
Can’t log log in and takes forever to load
This game used to be great, but with the new update it takes forever to sign into my account and it takes just as long to load into a map. It’s a great game but when it takes 10 minutes just to get into the map, it tends to drive people away from the game. Please fix this I really want to be able to play without too much hassle
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6 years ago, DopeBro
5 stars, but needs some love
The game is great and I am hooked, but the iPhone version could use some love. For example, setting grabs is next to impossible. The controls could use some explanation and also an independent button to use poles would be great. I find myself doing front flips while trying to use poles while going downhill, and swiping up to use poles is awkward for my fingers. There are other little things such as loading back into the game after an ad sometimes makes the chat unusable. I gave 5 stars because the game is great and I want to see it get better. Thanks!
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2 years ago, noahcg200
Probably the best mobile freeskiing game
As a freeskier in real life, I was looking for a fun mobile freeskiing game and I found this amazing thing. At first it may seem boring but once you find all the fun maps to play and how to customize your gear and grabs it becomes so much fun. On the multiplayer lobbies you can find some really nice people and disclaimer for this game: It is uncensored and no chat filters but that is a warning. I’m fine with no chat filters and if you get this game, I would definitely recommend logging in with your email
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6 years ago, soccer,skiing,lax
Selecting new grab issue
I love this game its what gets me through summer with no snow! I can’t tell you how many times teachers have taken my iPad away in class from playing it so much I truly love it! I’m not sure if it’s just my iPad but I am having an issue selecting new grabs it says “hit the key or move the right thumbstick in the direction you wish to select the grab to” and on my device there is no “key” or “thumbstick” so then it says “no grab input detected try again”. Is it something with the app or my device? Once again love the game!
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4 years ago, meme47474
Two things
This game is great and I love the fact that the developer is still active. 2/3 bugs I have though. The mobile version, playing on my iPhone X, doesn’t allow you to save new grabs. It’s also not allowing me to save levels. Lastly I think it’s be really nice to be able to edit someone else’s grab to use for yourself. Also what’s the point of trying someone’s grabs if you can’t then copy them over permanently? These are nitpicky things but other than that it’s really good.
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10 months ago, SmokeyMcBongwater420!!!
needs a lot of work
The idea of skiing or snowboarding in a park or going of ramps is cool and all but the controls are really wack. when i try to do a flip i spin way too fast. when I’m speeding down the mountain trying to go off a ramp, I'm pushing the joystick up to tuck and get speed, and i go off a bump that gets me at most 3 inches off the ground and my guy does a flip and i land on my back and i have to restart my run. i try to jump on a rail to do a board slide or 50/50, my character glitches into the rail and i either get launched into the air or glitches through the ground.
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4 years ago, stan0760
Fun game last two updates have issues
Very fun game to play the the last two updates have had issues. First, I did pay to have the ads removed however everyone I open the app I have to restore the purchase. After restoring the purchase, I still see ads. Next, I used to be able to turn the volume off and that setting would save. Now I have to turn the volume down manually, within the settings, every time I open the app. These two issues are annoying and what to rate at 5 stars but won’t until these get fixed and runs how the app did before.
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2 years ago, The best player, wheat
Malcolm why would you make the menu button bigger on mobile? I can’t use the Lincoln button whatsoever now because I just hit the menu button every time, why wouldn’t you give us the option to adjust the size like every other button on the screen. It’s wheat, I play religiously, I can’t play this tho, Lincoln buttons been bugged forever now and you can’t change the opacity, it’s just invisible always. Maybe if I could see the Lincoln button I could avoid hitting the, now giant, menu button.
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2 years ago, Bremuh
One of my favorite games but the park editor needs updates
Shredsauce is easily one of my favorite games and one of my favorite things about games like these is making your own parks and levels. I just wish there was a grid of some sort and snapping that you could enable. I think that adding grouping of objects is probably one of the biggest things that could be added.
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2 years ago, please fix this minor are
Great game but,
This is a great game but there is one major thing that needs to be added. As a mobile and computer player I have noticed on computer you are able to get so much more speed by using your poles and crouching but on mobile the only way to get speed is by crouching if Shredsauce would fix this minor mistake by adding another way to get speed on mobile this would be an amazing game.
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4 years ago, hfbende
Better than most console games...
At first I saw this game and thought that it would be a poorly made game that no one truly wants to play that often, but it was a skiing game so I downloaded it. When I first loaded up the game I knew I was in for a blast. Custom gear, grabs, and snow parks, even online multiplayer. The game is one of the best games I’ve played in a while and it shows what a little bit of time and dedication can really do.
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5 years ago, Jinx802
Best skiing game with some minor bugs
Since the last update, I’ve had a bug where when you enter spectate mode in multiplayer, there is no option to restart the level after you crash. You have to exit to main menu and try to get back in, which sometimes gives another bug where it thinks you’re still in that room so won’t let you join. iPhone XR, iOS 12.3.1
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4 years ago, Amllcar
Need some offline modes and guest modes
The game is all so fun just make it where we can create are skins offline and wear them. Also create a level offline. For the guests can we also create because it randomly logs me out of my account so I can’t build anything in create level. Those would be some major things for this game thanks and keep doing whats right for this game.🤘👍
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5 years ago, Spencer Harader
Best skiing game out there
This is the overall best skiing game in the AppStore! The only thing bad is setting the grabs, but even that isn’t that bad. I especially like how you can pick what grab you like, and design your character. You can even make grabs and characters! You can also pick which mountain you want to shred at, and you can even design a mountain! Love the game, keep up the good work!🤙
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1 year ago, Guuuuuuummmmbbbbbaaaalllllll
This game is fun but the connections are terrible
Sometimes when I get onto Shredsauce I have to log in for my account, but sometimes and it at least lasts two days, It won’t let me onto Shredsauce because my connection has failed. But when I go onto other apps my connection is just fine. Just wanted to put this out there.
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1 year ago, adrian aka ben dover
Solid game, a little buggy
There’s a steep learning curve to the game, especially since there’s no tutorial, but once you get over that curve it’s a pretty enjoyable game. Some of the bugs and glitches get annoying and the menus/interface are a bit finicky but otherwise I have no complaints.
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5 years ago, Jaxnson
Fun game but tons of bugs
The sheer amount of different bugs I run into whenever I play this game has made it the quarter of the fun it should be. I always seem to do front flips whenever I try to speed up for example. Lately I have been automatically logged out of the game and then I can’t log back into the game or even play as a Guest. It won’t let me load into a game or find any multiplayer games. Please fix this game. It could be great but the amount of bugs really takes a lot away from it.
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2 years ago, tinicro
The best ski game on mobile!
This game is litterally the best! No ads,you can change grabs and your character at no extra cost, build your own gear, create your own grabs and even make your own park for free. No lie. Game has amazing physics that do not disappoint, and it’s super fun to play with friends, get this game if you like skiing!
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3 months ago, Rickydicky😤
I’ve been apart of the community for a long time. It’s is not only a game to where I can express my creativity and enthusiasm for snowboarding there is an active community. Also it is just like ski/snowboarding in real life where people can always become better.
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5 years ago, TheYeetGamer11
Love it
I love this game. It is One of the only skiing games that you don’t have to earn some random currency and collect millions of it to actually get items. Love how the community can create different items. This is also one of the only games who’s developer actually plays it. I think it helps a lot
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11 months ago, ybhhybubhbugvvtggt
5 stars needs fixes
I love this game it’s super fun and addictive but there’s a bug when I open it the Shredsauce logo appears white my character and when I press a round something opens but when customize opens the same thing happens pls fix
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2 years ago, walker armfiedl
Fix u r game
So I’m playing this game everyday and I snowboarded on it so when I switched back to skiing it said I was a skiier but I still had a board and and all the moves are the same on the board I litterally go sideways I tried powering off my phone I tried logging out too and I tried waiting a long time pls fix ur game
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1 year ago, thegoosers
Nothing even works
I cant sign in or make an account, I cant even load into any maps. When I go to solos theres nothing there. And even on the rare occasion there is something there it takes forever to load in and then on top of that when I finally load in I cant even see my character. Plus you cant pick up any sorts of speed so that doesn’t help either. This game used to be so good I don’t know how it’s possible to mess a game up this bad.
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4 years ago, ryanjid
Snowboarding needs to come back
I have been playing Shredsauce since I was just a little boy, and as a snowboarder I could express myself and find joy while playing the game. As you know it is pride month🏳️‍🌈 and as you know I am a snowboarder🏳️‍🌈( aka homosexual). In the most recent update the snowboarding option was taken out of the game. I have had no way to express my homosexual feelings now that the Shredsauce snowboarding is gone. Please bring back the snowboarding I am in desperate need to express my homosexuality🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 please, thank you Mr. Shredsauce❤️❤️
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7 years ago, KILLERKOW63
Grab issues
great game, but still a few issues. this game is super fun, but a super frustrating thing is the grab selector and creator. every time i go to select a grab, it says “invalid grab id “ and when i try to save a created grab, the game says “there was an error trying to save your grab” please fix this
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2 years ago, N_ckName
Best ski game ever
I great ski game where everything is free to use, could use better graphics, but Im going to complain. There are ads that you have to pay to get rid off but they are very short. Other that that, I only have positive things to say.
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1 year ago, mac/c
I love this game but
yo malcom how come every time i try to log in now it freezes and says login error or invalid username/password it’s been happening for a while and playing as a default or resetting grabs every time just makes the game so much less fun. thanks BïgMäc
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2 years ago, jonahthatmeditates
Love this game but you gotta keep givin it some work
Close to perfection. Love all the graphics and stuff. But find myself overshooting every single jump. Ever. In the game. Also if u ever find urself bored maybe try to throw some better physics in for the stuff
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2 years ago, biggie pooppa
Must Own
I have been playing this game from PC to Mobile for over 8 years. Do your self a favor and download it: from the customization to the community there’s nothing you will need
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2 years ago, jfn bxkrkdnx
Still don’t understand
I play this on my school chromebook and I know how to play it but I want to also be able to play it at different places so I downloaded the app but I still don’t know how to move or like get speed so I love the game but don’t understand the phone controls and would like more details
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3 years ago, terreria roblox
Great game! One issue..
I enjoy playing this game in my free time or sometimes in zoom class with my camera off and playing with friends, but one thing I’m upset about is that snowboarding was removed, when will it be back if it ever returns
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2 years ago, g a yyy
1 last thing to be perfect
Need to have first person view option for mobile and computer
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2 years ago, The epic astronaut
This game is too underrated
the tile says just that,this game is perfect and although it does have some cons,the pros highly outweigh it and i understand this game has some bugs,it’s still amazing Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, goathuh
Half of the buttons won’t work
I have an iPhone 12 and the sign in button, restore purchase button, and plenty others will not work. I have already paid for no adds and tried to re-install the game to fix the sign in button not working, and now I have adds and can’t restore the purchase.
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3 years ago, Youmom6372873823
Setting grabs and falling through the map
Setting grabs is one of the hardest things in this game and there’s a glitch if you don’t land straight on your skis you fall into the void and have to restart you line but overall this game is good but it would be amazing if they fixed those glitches,
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2 years ago, Ouqzo
New Update makes it slow
After this update the app is running so slow and it takes forever for me to login plesse fix it
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4 years ago, perrgar
Some bugs
Great app, I play it all the time. Recently I haven’t been able to butter and I have to restore purchases to get rid of ads every time I open the app even though I emailed Malcolm to fix it. Small annoyances but still annoying nonetheless. Fix please! Easily back to 5 stars once these bugs are taken out.
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6 years ago, John Reltso
Last update
The last update is great except for now you can’t speed up without pressing the menu/settings button. I’ve had to stop playing because I don’t ever have enough speed for features. Please move the speed up swipe feature back to where it was!
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5 years ago, Victory_💯_Royale#1
Can’t go forward without flipping
I’ve been trying to deal with this, and I don’t think I’m the only one. I try to move forward and it just flips. Seriously. This game needs some work before I give it anything higher than 3 stars. And giving a 3 star is being kind. Fix this and it’s IMMEDIATELY a greater game.
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6 years ago, disoxnska
The Perfect Game for Skiiers
This is what every park/ freestyle skier dreamed of. No more having to unlock tricks or paying to get what merch or grabs they want. It allows the user to have complete control over how their skier looks, rides, and even where they ride.
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2 years ago, railchamp
Remote play for shred sauce
If you had remote play so many other people would get shred sauce and it would be more fun because you’d have more options to play.
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7 years ago, The postetis
Level Editor
This is a fantastic game but the only flaw that the level editor will only let you play the level you created once. It also won’t let you save that level
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6 years ago, herbswervvv
The best
Super sick game. Wish I could program grabs better. Only allows me to change the grab in 12 o clock position. So I basically get one custom grab. Only complaint about iPhone version.
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5 years ago, superb_deluxe
Where tf are the controls
Malcolm please hook it up with a controls guide on mobile it’s nonexistent in the game I get it you put it up on NS I’m an old man and don’t go on that site anymore and don’t know the thread.
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1 year ago, chommemaurizi
It’s great game highly recommend but the grabs keep breaking and you stay in the grab while going regular and the grabs are default not whatever you set
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7 years ago, joeli Cannoli
Best game 10/10
This game has so much high octane shredding you won't believe your playing a game graphics are stunning better than any game I have ever played. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, Awesomeinidaho
Best game
This is honestly one of the greatest games on the App Store. There is so much customization settings and creativeness you can have. They listen to the people that play it, keep up the great work😃💪🏽💪🏽🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
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6 years ago, kyanandmike
All right game
I like the game but there are some bad things . One , every time you try to turn around it takes like a minute or more to get straight. Two , it is almost impossible to not fail the half pipe . So I like the game but can be improved
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