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User Reviews for Shutterfly: Prints Cards Gifts

4.67 out of 5
427.5K Ratings
1 year ago, hodawfuLlllll
Maria is a gem!
I chose Shutterfly because I was given a mug with pictures of my dogs, which was the coolest hostess gift I’d ever seen. So I decided to create Christmas gift mugs with appropriate photos for a few friends. The Shutterfly website nearly defeated me, as I do not own a computer, but do all web work on an iPad. Had it not been for Maria, who had the misfortune to be working customer service both times I called in desperation, I would never have succeeded in placing the first order, let alone the second three, which I placed today. You should promote this woman, give her a large Christmas bonus, and then you would be well advised to work on your website so that it is able to play nicely with iPads. Incidentally, I first ordered the three mugs I am replacing with today’s Shutterfly order from a less expensive vendor, precisely because it had so agonizing to complete the first Shutterfly order. They were so disappointing that I bit the bullet and tried again with Shutterfly. Without Maria’s help, I could not have done it. Several days and two more orders later: I LOVE your products. I LOATHE your website. But I’m getting better at wrestling it into submission: at least I didn’t have to bother your customer service people this time, and instead of 4 hours start to finish, I managed to place an order in about half an hour. Turns out website prefers phone to iPad. Might be a good idea (duh!) to put that info somewhere prominently displayed on the website.
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5 years ago, Easy/fun
My all time favorite, but shipping is costly
I really can’t say enough about Shutterfly. My only negative thing to say is about the price of shipping. It is kind of expensive and usually counts per item. That stops me from ordering more than I would like to! But I have had such a great experience designing, shopping, and ordering with them. I am absolutely pleased 100%. I have never had a bad experience with them. I have been ordering from this company for many years and have bought tons and tons of items. I order from them at least 2x a month and that’s not exaggerating. One time I received the wrong item only because it was around Christmas time. But I got the correct item a week later and never had to worry about keeping track of it. I love all of the promotions they send through my email. It keeps me coming back for more. I have ordered things for almost everyone in my family and given lots of gifts and there is not one that I can shake my head at and say I wish I didn’t order this. I am so very thankful to have found and be part of this company. If you are reading this and have ordered then you know what I am talking about. If you have not ordered then what are you waiting for. Stop reading and go right to Shutterfly and order something right NOW! You will be a happy returning customer for life. Truly amazing and very very happy. Thank you Shutterfly for making my holiday shopping and gift giving so simple and easy. Sincerely, A life long satisfied customer (2018)
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1 year ago, Piemuphin
Love how Shutterfly is always striving to improve
I’ve definitely had some issues in the past with glitches, regarding the app, however, thankfully I also have my laptop and iPad. That being said, last time I created a storybook from the online store which have a series of stories already created and all you have to do is put the face of your little one and they instantly become the protagonist. I loved it, however, was a bit sad that it didn’t have the option of making it into a board book. I could only make the front a hardcover but my niece is a bit aggressive when she gets excited so I left it in my cart until I could figure something out. I did write to Shutterfly and pointed this out. And today for Cyber Monday I decided to buy the book and DIY the pages with some self adhesive laminated paper and guess what I saw! They actually put board books on the desktop website. I was so thrilled, unfortunately there was still no option regarding board book size or the option to make the already-storybooks into board books so I went with my diy plan. I would’ve loved the board book but I couldn’t get passed how excited she would be in seeing herself in a real story. Next time I am definitely taking the time to illustrate a story and upload them into a board-book. My niece is going to turn 5 and is in the spectrum so I am very grateful to have this for presents to come. Thank you
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3 years ago, Speedygirl66
Awesome company
I have been making Shutterfly books since 2010 and I’ve grown over the years making Shutterfly books of my grandchildren‘s life. At first I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I called Shutterfly for help and to this day, the amount of help I received is beyond words. This company has employed people that are knowledgeable, have a lot of experience with computers, patience and most of all, they stay with me on the phone as long as it takes until I understand how to do something. Never once have I thought about going with any other company to make my photo books. This company offers so many items with ongoing sale prices and freebies. I have yet to pay for any of my mailing address stickers or any 4 x 6 pictures. I can’t say enough good about Shutterfly, but what I can say is, this is an amazing company, you won’t find better service anywhere, the prices are always right and I will be forever be grateful for the products that I have always received in a timely manner and best of all, if you’re not satisfied at anytime, Shutterfly is always willing to work with you And every time I’ve called they always before I hang up and say is there anything else they can help me with. I truly feel that as a consumer, this is one company that always makes me happy to have called and receive such great results when all is said and done.
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2 years ago, SunnyD1978
Great but need to step up their game
So over the past few year Shutterfly has been revamping their prices. I normally go through Shutterfly for calendars and Christmas cards. But could not do so this past year. Their calendars used to run right around $15 per calendar, this past Christmas you were lucky to get them at around $27. I understand inflation but they’ve been raising their prices for years. I was ok when they seemed to be around $20 for a few years. But now I have to limit the quantity that I buy(used to buy 13). And the Christmas cards… they lost me on those. Had to go with Walmart and their Hallmark edition. They turned out beautiful and will be using them from now on. Especially when you have to buy 70 plus cards! Shutterfly you’re loosing me to the price game. Love your app. but to be truthful their are other apps out there that will walk you through the calendar process and set you up with pages that you can download to another app to print. And all in you’re looking at $18/calendar, which includes fees and shipping. So somewhere you are going to have to make some pricing choices. Cut back in some division. And the Woke Culture I know personally has turned off a lot of people I know. They know it’s there, they are just tired of it being shoved in their faces. They have turned to other means, that’s how I know about the other apps. Good Luck! People are talking!
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4 years ago, Hczder
Expert and patient tech support staff
I am a novice with Shutterfly and was trying to assemble a photo book from my iPhone. After 3 separate calls to your tech support order was processed to my amazement and satisfaction. I called 3 times because after first problem I had was solved by your team, I felt I was ok to to continue on my own.. unfortunately, I continued to assemble my book only to run into another hurdle. Your patient tech support rep was supportive of me and spoke to me with empowering words that helped my confidence to continue creating my book. I was able to proceed with my assembly until I reached my third roadblock. By this time I was frustrated and gave up, but this book was very important to me to give to my daughter for graduating college with her MBA degree and my granddaughter graduating with her with her Associate’s Degree. I do not want to but it was important for me to call tech-support again. And the person on the other in once again very kind, very helpful, very patient, very reassuring and talked me through and process and my book was ordered. Just want you to know the character and caliber of people you’ve selected to work with your customers. I appreciate your choices. I neglected to get names this time but I need tech-support again I will have names to pass on to you. I am at 5 Star in satisfaction Shutterfly customer.
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2 years ago, Winniero R
Shutterfly Review
The products sold by Shutterfly certainly deserve a 5 star rating; however, the instructions fall flat when it comes to the design a person has to choose for his/her project. Particularly, when it involves a book. Ideally, I would like to understand how to edit out/in pictures initially chosen for a book. I would like to see some direction for replacing a picture from front cover to inside and instruction about inserting captions with pictures. Very recently I ordered 3 books. With the first 2, I was winging it and had no idea what I was doing, so the product was my own making and not that pretty! By the 3rd order, I found a few more instructions and it will be an improvement, but not ideal. Again, I have to blame myself, BUT I hold Shutterfly responsible because directions should NOT be so confusing or absent. It is written as though everyone understands - well, everyone is not as tech savvy as you think. I’m not ignorant, but I certainly feel like it. This is a update. Just ordered my 4th book. Took me long time to complete because I’m still learning, but much easier now. There needs to be something added to screens to say how a person can go back to all uploaded photos and add to your selected group for book. Everything is not perfect, but it’s very good.
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5 years ago, J&L Special NANA
Baby Book
This was my very first attempt on doing a baby book ever. I wanted to do a book for my first grand baby. Of course, I wanted it perfect. I was lost on how to even start the project. So I called Shutterfly, they were so kind, helpful, courteous and very patient with me. They held my hand each step of the way!! I spent many many hours doing the book SO MANY details which meant SO MANY decisions to make. But it was well worth the effort. I had originally planned on making a book every 3 months until 12 mos then start doing one yearly. Well, needless to say Nana never got there , now I have my second grand baby and I need to make one for him as well, but trying to find the time is difficult for me especially having to go through 8900 photos!!! OMG I need to learn how to organize my many photos into their own albums so I can make more books. I am Very electronically challenged!! But Shutterfly has wonderful customer support. I wanted to get some free magnets, but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong so it looks like I am going to miss out on the Special. Keep up the good job Shutterfly. It’s a rare to get any customer service from anywhere theses days, but to get Really Good customer service that is Amazing and Refreshing because that makes Shutterfly stand out ever more!! 👍👍👍
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8 months ago, locolovatic
VERY Difficult To Use
I have over 7,000 on my phone from 2017-now. I need to cut down on storage space, so I decided to make a photo book. I saw you could do a free book once a month through the app. I thought- perfect! I was wrong. This is one of the most difficult, if not the worst editor I’ve ever dealt with. Issue after issue. Can only upload 200 pics at once. If you want to make your book in chronological order, have fun! After adding each photo to the book, the app automatically scrolls all the way to the most recent. So you waste time constantly scrolling back through 200 photos to the beginning. Every. Single. Time. That is while accidentally selecting photos you don’t want and flipping through the book pages accidentally. Because it’s all done so close together on a little screen, it is almost impossible. Are you thinking, “okay. I’ll just do it on the computer then” WRONGO! You can ONLY get this deal if you put up with the app. Which by the way, lacks all of the designing and editing features that the desktop website has. The app also suggests you use the book maker in landscape mode. Complete with a whole little animation telling you to do it! The second you do that, all your photos disappear. Really helpful. It’s not even worth the hassle. I’ve been at this for over 12 hours at this point. I should’ve just paid for the 4x6 photos at Walmart and stuck them in a book on my own. More money, but makes my blood boil about 100% less.
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4 years ago, Handcartwoman
Shutterfly experience
I love the quality of Shutterfly, but want to offer a little of my personal experience. I wanted to order family photo Christmas cards early in December 2019, but after looking at the price I decided against the purchase. Because I had taken the time to design a card, Shutterfly emailed me a week or ten days later to offer me 40% off my order. When I selected the shipping option, I was given a time frame of arrival, 3-4 days before Christmas. I was okay with that, and placed my order thinking I could still get them in the mail by Christmas Eve. While I was notified of where my order was in shipment, I did not receive my cards until January 4, 2020. I mailed my Family Photo Christmas Cards, even though long past Christmas. I wish Shutterfly offered better prices whenever the order is placed, as opposed to offering a deep discount a week to 10 days after a potential order has been created. I wish Shutterfly was more honest about shipping times, and I wish Shutterfly offered more competitive shipping options. I have just ordered a canvas print of my Family Christmas Photo, the least expensive shipping option was $10, and I am not in hurry for this. I will take the time now to look at other companies, or Shutterfly competitors, to compare their form, function and value💜Sincerely, Renée Machado Connelly Berry aka Nanny Renée
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6 years ago, Lauren E.S.
Good App, Nice Products, Horrible Shipping
So I’ve used the app fo a while, made several photo books on it, and it’s ok. I like that I can easily save my photos and access them again. Making the photo books is pretty easy, but don’t make a big mistake, like suddenly changing themes, or all your work will disappear never to be retrieved. Your edits between the website and app don’t communicate nicely either, which is super annoying. My biggest complaint? Their shipping. You’d think you could save some money by ordering two or three books at a time and shipping them at once, but the price to ship nearly doubles or triples with each product of the same kind you add to your cart. And if you’re ordering different kinds of items, like a book and a magnet, well then you’re really gonna pay through the nose. Plus, you’d think it would arrive pretty quick for as much as you paid for it, but you’ve got another think coming; takes nearly two weeks for the thing(s) to arrive, even though you had to sacrifice the child you made the photo book about just to get them shipped. Anyway, I keep using it because I’ve got a lot of pictures in my account and I don’t really want to go through the hassle of transferring them to some other company, so I’ll stick with Shutterfly for a while keep making photo books that sit unordered because I can’t stomach paying $8 for that thin orange envelope.
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2 years ago, theecw
Not What It Used To Be
I’ve been a Shutterfly customer for many years. However, I’ve noticed the quality of both the app and the company’s products trend downward. The app can be a bit finicky to work with. In the latest order I created, the product I receive (two photo prints) just didn’t live up to the quality I’ve come to expect. For starters, Shutterfly should stop using USPS to deliver products such as photo prints that can be easily bent, or develop packaging that protects them better. My order packaging arrived pretty bent as the mail carrier crammed it into my small mailbox that’s a part of my townhome complex’s communal mailbox station. There was no labeling or other indication on the packaging from Shutterfly that these were photos and should not be bent, which could’ve prevented such a thing from happening. At the costly price for shipping at Shutterfly, now, it’s just not worth it. As far as the photos themselves, the bending did partially damage the top of one photo by putting small indentions in the paper. Beyond that, though, the quality of said paper was not as good as previously ordered prints - and I’ve ordered tons through the years - while the overall quality was not completely the best, in my opinion. I primarily used Shutterfly to print photos I submitted for photography exhibitions and contests but, due to the questionable quality and shipping, I would not consider using Shutterfly for this moving forward.
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3 years ago, Silly Bones
Outstanding Photo Items You Design & Create & tons of discounts!
Shutterfly is so versatile allowing you to upload photos or use the ones on your local device to create photos, canvas prints or framed items along with shopping bags, drink ware, dog scarfs, cards for all occasions, and so much more. You are only limited by yourself. Shutterfly offers so many discounts throughout the year that you can save a lot of money while ordering the photos and gifts you desire. I’ve often created different items and them stored them in my “Saved Projects” until I get a coupon to reduce the price. It doesn’t take long and I’ve gotten what I want. They are quick to finish and ship your order too. If there is a downside it would be shipping Shutterfly does charge shipping for each item. But, they allow you to stack coupons so often you can get part of your order shipped at a discount which is a huge help. I love this app. Especially since my photo printer died and I can no longer print decent pictures at home, this is the best place to order pics that time found especially since they offer u limited 4x4 or 4x6 inch pics for free, you just pay shipping to receive your pics. What could be better than that!
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6 years ago, DeltaDawnTamara
Hell on Earth
So...I’m traveling and I needed to order by this morning to get my husband his Father’s Day gift on time. I started trying this morning. I don’t have my password on me since I’m in a different state. So I tried to reset my password and your interface sent me a link to the “Reset your password” button page. When I emailed you you asked for verification of who I was in a way that there is no way I could have done it traveling and I’m not sure I could do it not traveling. All I wanted to do was order a mug for my husband’s father’s day. By the time I get all of this done my phone is at 10% and I am in downtown DC with no charge cable. I spend 24 bucks to get a charge cable so I could use a friends battery. By the time I got a cord the mug will not be there by Father’s Day and I can not get your app to take my credit card. We had to use a backup email my friend had and she created a new account just so I could place the orde, which I could not place until now because the app would not take the credit card information. So now at 10:30 at night the order for a Father’s Day gift went through but will not be there until a week too late. I’m so frustrated, disappointed and upset. What should have been a great experience was horrible. Why do I have to have an account for you to allow me to spend my money. And why are you having a technical glitch that would for me to “prove”who I am. Well I just though you guys should knows
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5 years ago, I dont have rhe time
Shutterfly is easier to use than the other sites I’ve tried but it still is difficult to use. It needs to have prompts or a chart that explains how to solve basic problems and what different symbols mean. For example: As soon as u select ur photos u want to use for ur book the system automatically plugs them into the pages and chooses the layout To change the order the pics are in and to change the layout then is very difficult. Through much time consuming trial and error I finally got the pages limited to one photo per page like I wanted it but I wanted them in order from oldest to newest and without spending many more hours I had to settle for a mixed up order that makes no sense because I couldn’t remove pics easily and replace them with the one I really wanted on that page. The few I managed to change were just luck. I couldn’t do it consistently because I couldn’t figure out what I did that made it possible. Sometimes what I did made it work and the next time it wouldn’t work. I think the app needs some work. The friend that helped me finish my first book transferred my information to our website. She said she never used ur app because it was too difficult. Several others Ive visited with said the same thing about the app. That it made it too hard to make ur own choices.
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5 months ago, Nickname already token taken
Mixed reviews
I ordered on Shutterfly for first time today. My experience I have to say was frustrating. In the first place I had difficulty including the photos I wished in the album I was trying to make. It prompted with only SOME from our trip. After what seemed a very circuitous path, I was able to add more photos to the project but Shutterfly would not allow me to INCLUDE them! I do not know if I reached the limit for a book, but if I did, it did not tell me that. Also at some point I realized that Shutterfly thought I was making an 8x8 book but what I really wanted was an 8x11 book- there appears to be no way to make that change after one has already gone thru the aforementioned tedious photo selection process. Finally I gave in and accepted less than what I wanted, getting a smaller book with incomplete chronology of photos. I am sure my wife will be pleased with the Christmas gift, imperfect though it may be. Like any other piece of technology, there is no doubt a learning curve, and were I to go thru it again, maybe things would go smoother and achieve a better result without the 3 hours of frustration I had today. In theory you have what seems like a real universal photo-multifaceted gift-giving service. For my experience there were just enough bugs to make the process highly irritating. Dave Zagar
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5 years ago, Malysa5301
Beyond Frustrated!
I wanted to love this app. I really did. If it worked right it would be great. Especially because of the deals. I've spent hours making one 8 by 8 photo book because it wouldn't save my project. I started on the app and when I went to order it said "can not connect to Shutterfly check your connection". I had full bars of wifi and everything else was connected and running fast. I finally switched to the laptop. I managed to finish the book despite having to redo most of it. Now I'm still in the process of ordering. 15 minutes later it's still "spinning" I guess verifying my cc. It's "Erky" to say the least. Please Shutterfly fix these bugs and the app will be great! Update! After all my frustrations I’ve used this app several times to send my boyfriend cards, prints, and photo books. He love love love all of them. I can’t tell you how happy he is to get stuff from Shutterfly and always talks about the Orange Package. He gets so many compliments about the photo books and always has me telling other guys gf’s and wives where to get it. So I’ll say all in all I’m satisfied and it was worth it. I was just irritated this day when I was trying to make this book. Since I’ve made several with no issues. Thanks again Shutterfly
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2 months ago, Grace is Free books- John
Great products
If you looking for great designing, and easy to use (App) application to make photo books. I highly recommend Shutterfly. I used the mobileApp for the first time on a big family reunion order. I was really pleased with it. First, I tell my friends this company gotcha covered. The selection of products available are incomparable in the market. No other company I know can compare to shutterfly product base. If you want wedding stuff, they got it. If you want photo books they got it. You want schoolbooks they got it. These folks got everything you need for your memorable moments. Second, the customer service is top of the line. They have agents at your fingertips to change or help you get the order you want. Lastly, they stand behind their product. When you have large wedding or other type of orders. They will walk with you. Heads-up—- Make sure you check the promos for discounts. You want to take advantage of promos for best deals. I call them killer deals. I recently got 50% off deal and a extra 20% for signing up for text alerts. That’s some savings y'all. Just saying. Pardon the candid conversational manner, just keeping it real. Save that money y’all.
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4 months ago, Lisabk
Longtime customer and I wonder why
Customer for over 13 years. Without fail for the last several years I have the same excruciating, time sucking experience with the app to create my family’s holiday card. I installed the update before I began to hopefully save my self grief but this year was by far the most frustrating. Once I selected a theme I tried multiple times to add photos at the mercy of the the app not auto saving my project or randomly restarting with no auto save. I can safely say I added the photos and customized the layout at least seven times over the course of five days with no option to manually save that I could find. I almost gave up entirely but our annual card is one of the primary ways I update my friends and family. I resigned myself to using the website which was way more user friendly then the app though I had to upload my photos from my phone through the app blah blah blah. Long story short, I spent a crazy number of hours and multiple attempts for a double sided photo card that should have taken less than an hour and a half to make with consistent auto save or manual save option. Now that it took so many days I had to expedite shipping which luckily (and perhaps not coincidentally) Shutterfly was offering a reduced expedited shipping rate. I’m extremely disappointed with the process, I always enjoy the card when I receive it but I will not be using Shutterfly again.
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6 years ago, scott333...
Excellent customer service made up for terrible experience
Update: While my first attempt at creating my calendar was really frustrating, and almost all of my pictures were sideways when I double checked my project the morning after I placed my order, the great customer service turned my 1 star review into a 4 star. They were super understanding and cancelled my order so I could correct everything and upgraded my shipping so that I would still be able to get it before Christmas. Original post: Just had a horrible time using the iPad app. Was disappointed that not all of the design options available on desktop were available on the app. After I would finish putting photos into a layout and return to the page later sometimes photos would be missing, certainly hope they are all there when I get my calendar! Also not all photos would drag and drop into all layouts which was extremely frustrating. Even more, when changing the background only the top half of the calendar background would change so it didn’t match the bottom, making it a totally useless feature. Checkout was fine, glad you guys got that working smooth so you can get your money🙄. And excuse me but $8 for shipping after all this was simply infuriating!!!
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5 years ago, Snowboardking9
Best picture service PERIOD
Vast amount of choices! Ease of use/ user friendliness is incredible! Prices and gifts/freebies are unmatched! And their Customer service is second to none! I spent hours creating items and when I got ready to check out I hit the place order button. I did not realize until I got my credit card notification that my order was almost $100 over what I remember putting in my cart!!! I was relieved to see that unlike any other side I’ve ever visited they had a cancel order option that gave you 30 minutes after your purchase to cancel no questions asked, so I took this option and Then went back to try and figure out what went wrong but when I went back to my cart everything was GONE as well as most all of my saved projects. I was heartbroken because I could not find anyway to get back all the stuff I had to bet I was creating. With not much hope I called customer service and after a short wait time I spoke to an amazing representative that was able to restore my car and reload all the items that I thought were lost!! And the whole process took less than 10 minutes thank you Shutterfly representative!! Sorry I did not catch her name :(
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4 months ago, sspaco91
Great app. Has a couple minor kinks to work out
A few changes and this app would be perfect. I wish it wouldn’t save every single thing that I open. Sometimes I click on a style and look at the options with the photo and change my mind. It saves it. I now have pages of saved projects that I don’t want and when I go back to figure out the original one I liked, it’s hard to tell what’s what. If text is printed on a picture, it should say on the order what the text is in italics or in quotes. Somehow a letter got printed on my photo and I don’t know if it was my fault or Shutterfly’s. They were great to work with in fixing it, but I feel like it could of been prevented if I had seen it on my order. The small picture thumbnail you see before ordering isn’t large enough to see if there is a hidden letter somewhere on the photo. Finally when I place an order, I wish it would save it so I know exactly what I did if I want to re-order again. My order history just shows a list, nothing more. I wish I could click on an item and it would take me to my exact design. Other than that, this app was easy to use. I placed a large order fairly easily. Finding promo codes and adding them was simple as well.
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1 year ago, JerandVicP
Excellent App and Amazing Company
Have had a Shutterfly account for over 10 years and this app is a great option for uploading new pix.. Only wish I could download too. Shutterfly is an amazing company. I pay annually for video storage (which is completely private and ad free). I haven't been able to upload my videos to my paid account. Still, I believe Shutterfly to be far superior to all other photo sites online because you can organize files in files. For instance the primary file can be named the current calendar year and all sub photos can be named be children or activities in each annual folder; thus, enabling quick access to the stored photos. If I want to access a memory for one of my children I simply open the file titled for the year and look for the sub-folder with their name or event name to locate a particular photo. Plus, you can create share sites and title them something like "Family Summer Fun" and design a creative web page and decide how to share it (by link or by email invite...). Lastly, I like the fact that you can upload from your electronic device so that your pictures are protected from loss. SHUTTERFLY YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!
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3 years ago, Tractor08
Desktop frame
I really love using Shutterfly. The work is outstanding. The best gifts ever. Everyone loves them. I have been using Shutterfly for several years. I have never been disappointed. I love everything I have received. Shutterfly makes perfect gifts. Love Shutterfly. They keep coming up with great ideas for gifts and for family photos. I have been pleased with everything I have received. I have ordered several things that I had doubts about. As always, I wasn't disappointed. Great way to get gifts for friends. The more I use Shutterfly, the more I like it.i love the things that I have ordered fro Shutterfly. Everyone brags on them. Love the ways you can show off your pictures. Love Shutterfly and the work they do. Shutterfly cannot be beat. Thank you Shutterfly for offering this great work and great offers to us. I am always happy with my products. Send gifts from Shutterfly to friends in Wales, UK. They loved their gifts which I knew they would. The work was awesome. Love Shutterfly. Best way to share pictures and gifts. Great ways to give gifts that everyone loves. Thank you Shutterfly. Love the new items. Thanks Shutterfly. Love getting items for gifts. They are always so awesome.
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3 years ago, LIsMe
I order from them every year for all sorts of occasions because they have high quality merchandise. I’ve purchased photos, bags, calendars, ornaments, large prints and more. It’s all very good. That being said, the THREE stars are for the ease (yeah right!) with which I can even PLACE an order. Since the app crashes constantly, you need to redo all the work you’ve done, and it’s hit or miss what it saves before it crashes. I’ve worked on the site as well, and there’s no easy interface between the app on the phone and the site. You’ll need to make a copy of the work, and even then, you’ll need to reload all the pictures that weren’t saved during the 100 crashes on the app. To put this in perspective, to create a calendar with a maximum of 4 pictures per month, it took me THREE DAYS to finally be able to place the order! I’m technologically savvy, and I’m patient. This app (& site disconnect from said app) tries my patience every single time. Their customer service IS quite terrific, and they are aware they have these (constant) glitches and offer support. I truly love their merchandise, or this would have been a one star review. The three stars are for their merchandise choices, quality, and customer service. However, they are woefully lacking on ease and consistency while creating an order.
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6 years ago, ajleishman
Love Shutterfly!!
This review isn’t as much about the app as much as it is about the company. I have used Shutterfly for several years and haven’t run into any issues until this year. I always order calendars this time of year, two for my in law side and two for my side of the family. There are different events stored in my Shutterfly for each side of the family. Somehow (without me going in and checking to add the events) the calendars for my side of the family came with all events under the calendar section. So my in laws birthdays showed up on the calendar when they shouldn’t have. And I did preview the product. They were not on there when I ordered. I contacted Shutterfly the day they were delivered via email, and they contacted me back within two hours and helped me fix the issue and helped me reorder free of charge with rush shipping. They have been so fantastic to work with, and have wonderful customer service! I will continue to use shutterfly and recommend them always! I do also love the app, it has a few glitches here and there, and I tend to do the majority of my stuff on my computer.. but from what I’ve used the app for, I love it! Thank you Shutterfly!!
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4 years ago, RSVLGIRL916
Convenient but super glitchy
Used the app to make a couple calendars for grandparents. 1. When ordering there was a glitch which I did troubleshooting for over the course of several hours. I called the next day and the customer service person told me to log out and log back in. I asked if my work would be saved, he said “of course, yes,” and come to find out all but one of my projects was recovered after several attempts and his troubleshooting. Service was pleasant but he told me “that’s why you need to use our site on a computer, not an app. There are many issues. Next time only use us on a computer.” 2. When trying to make the calendars and select different layouts often the layout wouldn’t get applied. I would have to click through then go back several times. Often I would go back to pages and pictures would be changed, formatting would be changed, etc. without me knowing it. I’m glad I kept going back over and over. Automatic changes happened about 30% of the time. 3. When trying to apply discounts at checkout each price would increase. For instance, my first total was $75, then after I applied 20% off it was $102, then when I applied free shipping it was $123! I went back, removed the discounts which drew me to this site/app (I could have used another competitor) and paid $75 (ie no discounts, paid for shipping). I love the idea and convenience of this app but the reality is really bad.
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2 years ago, Toby-reading dog
Ordering Prints
I have had lots of trouble ordering prints from you-every time I try- something messes up. When I tried to order at the end of Nov-to get Christmas picts-your order screen had me wanting 73 copies of a fall tree. I called the company & tried to get it all straightened out with one of your employees. To begin with, she didn’t understand why I DIDN’T want 73 copies of a fall tree ☹️ I thought we had FINALLY gotten my order straightened out. So I waited & waited & waited &…… I finally called your company again & found out my order had NOT even been placed!!!! So I ordered my Christmas pictures from a store here in my city & had to pay a lot more than I expected to & the picts & Christmas cards were late getting to my friends 😬 When I indicate which picts I want copies of, the screen won’t show me what I ordered & I figure I have to start over. Then the screen comes up with twice as many picts as I need. Thank goodness, this last time I was able to figure out how to cancel the duplicate order & I’m REALLY hopping my order was right & I will get them when promised! One time, my picts came back with half of the pict cut off on some of them. Another time you didn’t print all the picts I ordered. I’m not good at using my phone order & I may be doing something wrong. But it CERTAINLY is hard for me to order items from you!!
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4 years ago, :::.::::.:::::.
Limited and frustrating
I used to love using Shutterfly to creat my yearly photo calendars, and have been really disappointed in how frustrating and glitchy the website and app have become. I normally create multiple calendars for various family members, and loved the one stop shopping. I was going to create a photo desk calendar, but since you can only create certain projects on the app, it directed me to the website. The website is extremely slow and no longer organized my pictures by month or even in the order I downloaded them, some would come up in order, but others would be randomly placed, making it really difficult to find the photos I needed. When I finally got them downloaded and located the picture, I couldn’t always drag them into my calendar. Saying I was frustrated is an understatement. You also can’t edit projects on the app if you started them online, which is very frustrating when you don’t always have access to a shared computer. The app is very basic and I haven’t figured out if there is a way to share your work with others without giving them your login info. And since I’m making a family calendar, I always share it with the family members before I order. I used to really enjoy making the calendars, and they now have become a giant headache. Will be looking for another platform that will make the process more streamlined and less aggravating.
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5 years ago, Unreliable Ordering System
App has a glitch
The app is easy to use but is unreliable. I placed orders for making 4x6” photos. I needed 5 copies of each print, as I was making photo albums for my family. I had to hit the plus button for each photo 4 times to get up to the total of 5 for each photo. Obnoxious and time consuming. Placed my order and received it yesterday. Problem is I only received 1 copy of each photo. I thought maybe I messed something up because I looked at the order confirmation and it said only 1 print was ordered for each photo. I assumed it was a mistake on my part...until I placed another order. This time, I placed an order for 3 copies of each photo. Set every photo to 3 copies. Had someone else check to make sure I had put each picture to 3. Again, obnoxious and time consuming. Placed the order and immediately checked my order confirmation. On the order confirmation, most photos said that I had selected only 1 print for each. I immediately canceled my order. So long story short, the app works if you only want to order 1 print of each photo. Any more than that and the app messes up your order. I do like the fact that I can get offers for free products through the app (despite expensive shipping). Overall, Shutterfly has great quality products but definitely disappointed in this glitch in the app, as it made the orders unreliable.
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3 years ago, groupon is annoykng
Bad customer service
I ordered prints for a birthday party around 9pm at night Thursday. Ordering through the app it doesn’t ask or confirm the shipping address so I just assumed it would be the last place the order was sent. the next morning on Friday I saw that it had an old address from 6 years ago in a different state. I chatted with a customer service representative who then told me he corrected the address and even expedited the order! Awesome. (The app doesn’t let you choose shipping either). Monday I see the order has shipped but in my old state (NC) so I chatted with customer service again on Monday, and he confirmed the order was being shipped to AZ not NC. Tuesday I see the order was on my old city, so AGAIN I chatted with customer service who told me he didn’t see what the other 2 people saw and then put in a replacement order to AZ. I needed it by Friday and he confirmed it would be there by then. Wednesday I get confirmation my order was received so I chatted with customer service again to make sure I was still going to get my other order and the person told me no replacement had been ordered!!! And he couldn’t guarantee the order getting there when I needed it. Seriously, 3 representatives giving me wrong information?? That’s just too much. And it’s weird the app would automatically choose an old address and not the most recent place shipped to.
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6 years ago, Princess Aurora's mom
Quality products, not always user friendly
Pros: Price is good as long as there’s a sale, (and there are frequently good sales). The picture quality is great, and there are a number of good products to choose from. I can upload directly from Facebook, which helps when using a different device for locating the pictures for upload. Cons: If you are not using the right version (desktop version versus app) with the right device, it’s not going to work right. Trying to make a photo book on a mobile device was useless. Using the app just now, the couple of features that I could not find were the option to save my project as I was working on it and the option to edit the photo itself (beyond sizing) in-app. Not being able to save the project with so many pages was scary. There were some instances where the text or photo seemed to do its own thing, and I could not universally apply the same font and size to all the pages, making the project tedious. I know on the desktop version of the site, I can save as I go, but then changing out pictures doesn’t want to work, at least not while using a tablet. Nonetheless, I managed to put together a great book commemorating a great family vacation , and can’t wait to see the end result in the next couple of weeks!
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1 year ago, Reg Nick
Great Options and Service
I have used Shutterfly for many projects, and I am very pleased with the results and the customer service. One time they had changed their photo book process, and I desperately wanted to use the old way. For one I also wanted to be able to import many pages from a previous book to save me the hours of work doing it again. One lady created a whole new book on her end that not only allowed me to import pages from a previous book, but also allowed me to use the system I was used to and that I also found far superior. Recently, I used their option to allow them to make a book for you after you submit the photos. My project was particularly complicated because it used pictures from all different time periods and random people/events. I was very pleased with how well they organized it trying to fulfill my requests. I had to change some things, but it still saved me tons of work. My only complaint with Shutterfly is some of the pictures they advertise are objectional to me. Otherwise, I am pleased with their products and service.
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1 year ago, OneWayUp
App is insufficient
It’s frustrating that I can no longer create anything on the desktop website in a browser on my phone. The only option is to use the app. I’ve been using Shutterfly for at least 12 years. The app is GREATLY improved from even a few years ago but used to have the option of creating things without the app. The app was frustrating and stole so much of my time. I had to start my calendar over 3-4 times because it wouldn’t allow me to save my work. It was glitchy. I hated the fact that I couldn’t download my photos one time for multiple projects. I had to download them for each new project! It was excruciating having to scroll through the same photos over and over again. You used to me able to create a photo album on the desktop version and then I could use that across the board. If this had been the case, I could have saved the pictures from my phone and then completed the projects on my laptop. My pictures do not sync across electronics. There is something wrong with my laptop but that shouldn’t matter. Please fix this. Otherwise I will use another service in the future because the amount of time this took…it was my entire evening! Five hours!!!!
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1 year ago, hummmmm.....
Review of Shutterfly
It’s cyber Monday and I have been working on photo books, Christmas cards, and photo magnets for hours today. I downloaded the app in order to get some of the extra cyber Monday deals. But when it came time to put in my order, things weren’t as straight forward as I thought they would be. I was dismayed to find out that I couldn’t use several discounts at the same time. I would’ve been fine with that if the site said anywhere that I couldn’t use more than one discount at a time. I was allowed to select several buttons to apply codes for various discounts. All offers said they ‘were applied’ to my account. However, at checkout they weren’t valid. If Shutterfly wants to offer deals, they should explain them clearly. I did seek assistance their website. I was disappointed to be communicating with someone who wasn’t able to explain things clearly. Then I was offered a gift certificate, and before it was applied to my account, the chat online with ended. No gift certificate! After I went through the assist again, asking for the same person, they did apply the gift certificate to my account. I’m thankful for the discount I was given, but I don’t think it should take this much work on my side for Shutterfly to follow through on their ‘good deals.’
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6 years ago, Curlygyrl
Ridiculous shipping prices
I was going to purchase 16 items and 163 prints. I did have five promo codes, three which came directly off the App. Right before I was going to check out I saw “free shipping if you spend $39!” So I went back and made a nice desk top frame and added a notepad to total over $44, to make sure I spent over the $39 for the free shipping. At check out it now cancelled off 2 of my promo codes for some unknown reason and they were still charging me over $36 in shipping. I did read the fine print that said 4x6 photos were not included in that discount, which was fine, but why are you charging me $36 for 10 magnets, a reusable shopping bag, and 163 prints? I then deleted the prints and figured I could print them at Walgreens for 10 cents, because they are on sale all the time. Even after cancelling the prints which were excluded from the free shipping, my shipping cost was still $27! I don’t understand. I love Shutterfly and the promos, coupons, etc... but they need to do something about the shipping. I think customers would rather pay for the “free” 4x6 photos then pay $30 in shipping for them. I ended up spending $8 and deleting all of my other items I spent 2 hours working on, because I wasn’t paying $88 for the few items I was purchasing since all of them were excluded from the “free shipping if you spent $39”.
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6 months ago, Very happy repeat customer
Capture your memories!!!!
The best and most affordable way to capture life long memories that will last for life long Years and years and years. It costs next to nothing to print your memories…and they carry on for generations to come! In todays world there’s NO PICTURES printed anymore…how will our great great grandchildren get to see actual real pictures of us?!? What if we loose our phone or camera that have our images saved digitally? How many times have we lost or damaged our phones with our memories on them to never see them again!?!? PRINT YOUR PICTURES!!! Not only for you, your kids, your grandkids but etc etc etc!!! Shutterfly helps you do that for practically next to nothing as far as cost! These are memories that will last a lifetime for little cost! You pay shipping….that’s all!!! Unless of course you wanted larger prints. Why wouldn’t you print your pics for only shipping cost? I print around 100 pics for about $10….but the memories printed are priceless!!! Thank you Shutterfly for helping me preserve our family pics and memories for many many many years to come.
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5 years ago, mmmmmnnnnooooooppppppppppppp
I have had multiple orders with delivery or print issues (ordered consecutively) This issues are anytime I add text. I have used the app on each order that has been wrong. Customer service has not resolved any issue. In one case I contacted customer service via email, immediately following receiving order confirmation email that indicated that the photo book I ordered was being sent to my billing address and not my shipping address. Although indicated on the app, the address defaulted at the order point. Customer service asked the correct address, I responded with the correction immediately. I received second email asking the same question again, I gave the address again, I was sent an email saying now my item would NOT make it by Christmas because it was now a reorder (even though I paid for rush shipping), I responded with this concern, heard nothing for two days and receive a final email saying that the item was on its way... to the original WRONG ADDRESS! Separately, I have had the app default and print my billing address on envelopes when I have indicated a shipping and return address. I have not had any issues resolved. So, while the products are very nice and image quality in nice when, you could wind up paying much more that you thought and be scrambling to cover up misprinted labeling. !!!BEWARE!!!
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4 years ago, Regina Kantina
Customer of 10 Years - Please Read Before Using Shutterfly
I am not the one to post bad reviews ever, however this one was pretty heartbreaking and I want to help others by sharing this. My grandmother went into the hospital with only 30% of her heart working near Christmas. I ordered from Shutterfly like I always do. This time I ordered a cross with my grandmother's picture with us on there. No warnings showed up so I ordered it. It came in very blurry but I did not have time to contact Shutterfly and get a new one before Christmas, so I gave the blurry one to my dad. He cried and I promised I would get him a new one. I called them the next day, a wonderful woman said that even she had issues with it when she ordered one herself and helped me figure it out. She said that I could contact them again before ordering to ensure the second one would be right which the person said it was perfect. I saved the chat of the person who helped me. It came in blurrier than the first one. I just called for help again when the rep and her manager refused to help me because I accidentally entered in a different email address (same name) on the order than the one on the account. I was heartbroken that after 10 years of many orders, they would not help me with something that means so much to me and my family. I am now on the search for a new company for my future orders. Hope this helps.
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4 months ago, NRCR22
App Issues
I like the products enough to use this company, also because they send discount codes in the mail. However the app is hit or miss. I personally don’t like that I have to download an app to buy something. After surfing the web and finding what I wanted on their website, I tried to customize it but there was no option to do so. I downloaded the app, customized the items I wanted, went to “checkout” and it wouldn’t allow it. I called customer service and they told me to go to the web page to finish the order, which was frustrating because I thought that’s why I downloaded the app. Then when I went back to the app to do a final look-over of everything in my cart (the website did not allow me to review it) a third of the pictures I had on my customized item were no longer there. I had to wait most of the day for the pop up banner saying “try again later” to hopefully go away before I finally removed everything from my cart and resubmitted it. Luckily it saved in my “Projects” section so I did not have to restart anything, I just had to add the list pictures back in. Again, happy with the products, just frustrated with the app situation.
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6 years ago, msmommyfied
Never been disappointed
You're always getting discounts. If you see something in the offer that would be great for a gift, get it then and save it. The discounts are really great. We've gotten a free canvas print twice now. The emails may get annoying, but I just swipe and delete. When one pops up that catches my attention- I look into it. You can have it automatically download your pics, and they’re there. (Kind of nice way to store your pics). 4x6 and 4x4 prints-are free just for using the app. Shipping only. No subscription at all. The shipping was $22 for they’re highest order number-250 photos. I'm not the person who goes crazy and gets picture gifts and prints for myself or others. I printed a lot of pictures in bulk to have print versions from my phone. Then I see something cool. I got the photo book for "grandma." The canvas (shipping only) I got 2 free 8x10’s and ordered my 2 girl’s school pics to send to grandparents for their wall. I take advantage of what they offer at a price that's sometimes hard to pass up. But overall- great app. Took me some time to figure it ALL out. But it is easy to use.
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4 years ago, Paminparis
Photo books need better quality
I’m a wildlife photographer and I’ve been making Shutterfly books for 10 years. I’ve done dozens. I’ll just say that Shutterfly has great customer service. The program for photo books has expanded and improved. However, the cost has gone way up. My average book costs about $175 after applying codes and discounts. I don’t mind paying for a beautiful big photo book. The big problem is in the quality of the printing. I just got my book of Alaska. My original photos were breathtaking. But the printing was dark, grayish, and contrasty. I got a credit for another book but had to retouch almost all the photos to accommodate the Shutterfly printing process before reordering. That was a lot of work, almost 350 photos needed artificial lightening to compensate for the dark printing. I do realize that the printing is set and runs it on a general setting. That’s fair enough. But the settings are too dark, are not close enough to the originals and the quality poor. If I showed you an original photo and then the same in the book, you would not believe the difference. And, yes, I shut off Vividpix, an awful feature in which colors are glow in the dark vibrant. So, conclusion, the quality should be better for the price.
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3 years ago, Ambrose Buckner
Best customer service ever for this type of service
I am a new customer to Shutterfly and to show their appreciation and, I am sure to gain me as a lifelong customer, they showered me with wonderful promotions. Additionally, they went above and beyond to help me with a large (many pages) photo book since I have never used this type of service. They also have a variety of styles, layouts, fonts, etc. and an automated styling service as well as the option to have one of their artists create, style, and organize your book(s). I love that they run regular promotions, as well. My only complaints are: shipping is expensive, once a project is started on the full site, it cannot be edited or deleted on the app or mobile site, third, to experience the full benefits of styling books and other projects one must use the full site. Our laptops are dead, so I created my book, ordered my prints, magnets, and styled a coffee mug on the mobile site with ease. The book just wasn’t elaborately styled as it could have been if created on the full site. I am happy with it, though. I will definitely make more books when we again have a laptop. Takeaway: awesome customer service, expensive shipping.
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4 years ago, Etybo
This app has a lot of glitches.
This app has a lot of glitches. It took me multiple days to get a large photo book put together. The app kept deleting pictures I had inserted into set pages. No where to be found. It also wouldn’t let me delete pictures I decided I didn’t want, to replace with new ones. I needed to use all 200 allotted pictures, so I had to remove what was unwanted. I kept trying to delete the pictures, but would have to restart the app and open my project back up to get them to actually remove. This would cause problems with losing my saved work. Also, the “BACK” arrow button was poorly placed. It was right above the button used to focus in on a specific page or have a broad view of all the pages. I kept hitting it by accident and having to reopen my project, because it had exited me out! 🥴 I finally finished my book at 1am. I started working on it early this morning and had already worked on it other days. I am praying it turns out good... because it cost me about $200 on SALE... and hours on end. It’s a present for my oldest daughter’s 16th Birthday. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but these glitches made what would have already taken a lot of time, so much worse. Hopefully next time I try the app to make another photo book, these things will be resolved!🙏🏼
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4 years ago, Ms. Puggy
Major Flaw
I downloaded the Shutterfly app to make a photo book as a birthday gift. The price was reasonable for 23 pages, and there were plenty of unique and fun formats to organize photos and text. There were unlimited fonts of all different styles (the book themes looked good in the previews but honestly didn’t look great in the book itself; I stuck with a plain white book.) At first it was going great until I added the book to my cart and proceeded to order it. Well, the app said that they couldn’t load the book at the moment and to try again. I tried everything- making the entire book all over again, signing into a different account, even deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing worked. This was very frustrating as I ended up spending several hours on making the same book over and over to no avail. I don’t know what the problem was but we ran out of luck and gave up on Shutterfly. I wouldn’t recommend investing many hours in the app like I did unless you have lots of time to kill and are prepared for the risk of problems with the app. Poor quality- they need to fix this issue in order to gain customer trust. Will not be ordering from Shutterfly ever again- instead I will stick with Snapfish or Walgreens to make photo related gifts. Disappointing.
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11 months ago, jj👉🏻👈🏻
prints aren’t actually free ( but still pretty cheap)
okay so if you go to the home page there will be a “free unlimited prints” which is for 4x4s and 4x6s “for free.” i noticed from the tiktok i watched about this app said it wasn’t completely free because of the shipping fee but i thought i was a conformed set price, which it wasn’t. i started with like ten and thought the shipping fee was a great for the posters i wanted. then i had added more, and noticed the fee went up. i was so confused because the video showed like 5 dollars for the shipping fee and their poster stack was THICC! i was disappointed but wanted to see how much each poster was actually, they are ten cents each. not bad so im not mad that i paid 14 bucks for 100 posters. another thing that i saw was that almost all of my pictures were blurry (even if they didn’t have the yellow caution sign thing in the corner) which was kind of disappointing but im hoping that they don’t end up that blurry anyways, overall this app doesn’t have that bad of prices for posters that you can get to choose what is on them and make them fit for you’re aesthetic or whatever you’re into!
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4 years ago, megbryant89
Free 8x8 photo book from kohl’s order
I ordered some things from kohl’s a couple of weeks ago and when I received it I had a coupon/gift card from Shutterfly for a free 8x8 photo book! I usually don’t use these kinds of coupons I get in the mail but I checked it out and started making my 8x8 photo album and I am impressed so far. There were 20 pages not including the front cover that you could put pictures on. Each page could hold up to 4 photos and some of them you could type a description below it, beside it or between the pictures. I could not believe how many pictures I could use!! It told me if the picture was low resolution so I could change it out and if the size of the letters were too big for the font I chose. There were probably 50+ fonts and colors to choose from for your descriptions. I only hope it turns out as great as it looks!! I lost all of my pictures in a house fire 5 years ago and I’m finally starting to print them out again and this book is really going to help! Thank you Shutterfly and Kohl’s. I greatly appreciate the free photo book gift!!
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11 months ago, Catica OK
I love the app but needs improvement
This review was on my drafts since December! I just realized bcs I was about to write one which pretty much hasn’t changed… December 2022: I LOVE Shutterfly, the quality, variety of products, customer service and the specials that are offered, specially for having the App. The problem is that is my 2nd day trying to finish a looong order (to save on the shipping and putting it all together) but the app: 1- Constantly freezes 2-I have to turn off the cellphone in order to be able to work on the App 3- When this happens, I’ve ended up loosing my project and having to start it all over again!!!😮‍💨😰And also not all of the pics I’ve used in my projects have been automatically saved in Shutterfly so, the project erases and so do the pics, making me literally start everything from scratch! 🥴If it wasn’t bcs is Christmas and some of the offers are only valid until Today, I would’ve ended up giving up and not finishing the projects… I hope this is changed soon. Another thing is that it would be good to know what percentage is being taken off the original price. That would help good sales shoppers like me to expedite my decision☺️
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1 year ago, KayKazoo
can be pretty frustrating
Harder to evaluate the details in the smaller screen. I’d prefer to order prints using my desktop computer but the “deal” I was trying to catch was for the app only. On thanksgiving day, after the family gathering and attendant photos, I feverishly worked on ordering my prints. Halfway through I lost everything I was working on—it just disappeared! Assumed it was because of heavy traffic on the site. I was exhausted but plowed through to earn the pre-Black Friday deal. Imagine my frustration when the credit card screen just froze up! Tried two different cards, but no luck. Midnight (deadline) came and went without success in ordering the pics. Woke next day-payment screen still there, tried again-it seemed to have gone through! Two days later, however, realized I hadn’t received confirmation….sure enough, there was my order, in my cart. At least I didn’t lose my work. Cyber Monday brings a new “deal”. Sad that I lost the free shipping that the previous deal offered—now the shipping is just as much as the items in my cart. I’d made the commitment to order from Shutterfly, but honestly, next time I’ll get my photos from another vendor. Too much of a time investment for the price I ended up paying!
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6 years ago, LuvBunny13
This app is the absolute worst I have ever used? 1st I was working on 2 different photo books, then the app started crashing. Everything was ok at first then I noticed I lost one of the books I was working on. No big deal cause I still had one. I worked with it for 3 weeks because the app kept crashing, then it wouldn't upload any of my pictures. Today I try to go in and finish my saved book only to find out all of my info and my book was lost from the app crashing. I have been trying to start all over without a comolaint, BUT the app has already crashed on me 10 times. I can't even put 1 photo in the book without it freezing or completely shutting off. Now you people want a review and for me to refer my friends? You have to be joking. There is no way I would recommend this app to anyone!! I have lost 3 books and I don't think I want to continue starting and restarting every project that I would like to have. The main reason I have been working so diligently on this book is because I want to give it to my mother. My father passed away a little over a month now and I have been trying to make this book of them for her. Now I can't even get that to work! WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST?!? I am very dissatisfied, disappointed and frustrated. Thanks for NOTHING! I didn't even want to give any stars for this app
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