Sid Meier's Civilization® VI

3.8 (218)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aspyr Media, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sid Meier's Civilization® VI

3.76 out of 5
218 Ratings
1 month ago, PyotrPetrovich
Great when it’s working
I love this game and is the game I play the most on iPad. Only issue is I dread updates either from Aspyr or Apple. One of their older updates would cause the game to start crashing after a certain number of turns. That took about 6 months to fix. More recent one with iOS 17.4 would error out on launch screen but they just updated and seems to be working again. I paid a lot for this game when it first released and all in-app purchases as they released, just wished they did better debugging.
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2 months ago, Zusu15
I love this game again with new update!
UPDATE: Aspyr released an update, and the game is working again! Yay! Thank you!!! Now I can give the review I really wanted to give, which is: this is a great strategy game. I’ve been a Civilization fan since Civ IV, and I think Civ VI does a great job of being both accessible and complex. The iOS port is very successful—truly just as good as playing it on desktop. I have spent way too many hours playing this game, but I do not regret it! Thank you, devs, for letting me play again! I LOVE this game! I play it all the time. It’s great. BUT! I just updated my iPad to iOS 17.4.1, and now the game cannot launch at all! I just get an “Abnormal exit” notification and the game gets stuck on the launch screen. I did some research, and people have been having this bug for months! Aspyr finally acknowledged the issue about a month ago, but they say there is no ETA on when it will be resolved. As a person who spent a decent amount of money on this game and is a devoted Civ fan, it feels crappy that they don’t seem to treat fixing this issue as a priority. I’d love to give the game the 5 star review it deserves, but until this issue is resolved, I can’t!
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3 weeks ago, PeterVinograd
Still has problems. Bad port.
It's a great game, but user interface was simply not considered when this was made for mobile platforms. All they did was make troops movable and reduced graphics and simulation to make the game run better, which it does. I does not, however, feel like it was play tested at all, as some things are very hard to do on smaller mobile screens (tile yields, city micromanaging, and placing tacks for district planning). Also, screen froze for 7 minutes and then crashed on my free turn 51. Last time I saved was on turn 30. Definitely would not consider buying anything on mobile. It's a great computer game, though, even for laptop.
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1 month ago, Co_Figure
So, I’ve been play Civ6 on PC for along time. I actually didn’t know an iOS version even existed until yesterday lol. Seeing some of the past reviews, and comparing to some of the most recent ones saying they fixed issues, I was a bit hesitant. I do have to admit I am beyond so happy with this product. It has worked flawlessly on both my iPhone and iPad and the ability to play anywhere without lugging around my laptop is amazing. The ONLY thing I wish for is cloud saving, but honestly at this point it’s not even a worry.
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2 months ago, VAZT
Devs fixed it, working once again
Civ player long enough across enough platforms and game versions: glad iOS Civ6 fixed May2024. Props. Could Bork again, as too may versions have too regularly. Glad working again after months of not without updates. Glad. Proper respects. ..until it borks again..
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2 months ago, Beholdason
Hours of micromanaging small dopamine hits
Update fixed the crash issue, thank you for responding developers! Many hours of organizing and exploring and losing and winning have been spent. Religion conquest is a little OP for duel games, but very difficult for multiple larger aggressive nation games. Honestly, I just like exploring, expanding and capturing resources before other nations get there. Don’t care about the fighting, but can’t be avoided when borders class, just like life.
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1 month ago, Brianrodsf
Thanks for fixing the start up bug
Moving my rating to 5 stars. If possible please work on the load times when loading from a saved game. I love the voice of the narrator, is it Sean Bean?, but I don’t need it every time I. Load a game and wait 4-5 minutes. Much thanks to the dev team who identified and fixed the bug. I look forward to your next creations for Civ 7 and beyond. Thank you for your hard work.
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2 months ago, BryceDJones
It was great while it lasted, it’s still alive!
This was my favorite way to play civilization bought it at full price here. But a random error now pops up when trying to load the game and I’m stuck on the title screen, uninstalled reinstalled it restarted my device, factory reset my device, just won’t load. It’s really sad. RIP. They updated it 2 moths later
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1 month ago, polevaultking
Doesn’t work on iOS 17.4
I had been absolutely loving Civ6 since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. Last night I updated my iPad to iOS 17.4 and now I get an “Abnormal Exit” error when I attempt to open the game. Others have reported the same issue and there is no communication from the Developer regarding a patch. Disappointing. — They released a patch for the issue above, it took about three months but they got it done. Game works again.
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2 months ago,
Play with hesitation
When this game works, it works incredibly well- but seems to be reaching the tail end of its development support. Truly game breaking problems, including ones that prevent it from launching entirely, have persisted for months after they first appear- let alone smaller issues that have also been slow to fix. It’s a very impressive port of the game and includes full functionality, but over the past year or two it’s been unplayable more often than not.
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2 months ago, I hate aspyr
Update fixed game, but purchases won’t restore
I’ve been playing this game for years and bought all the DLC. For the past 3 months it’s been completely unplayable due to neglect from developers. Was excited when I heard that it finally works, only to find out my purchases won’t restore. Aspyr are scam artists. Love the game, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t play it. Also, I notice that aspyr got rid of all the negative reviews on this game from months of their own neglect, as if they didn’t cause that issue themselves.
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2 months ago, Lightning4564
Amazing port, fixed now!
Almost never do reviews, but I just wanted to say that this game is amazing! There was a bug for the longest time that was the cause of a very poor rating. This app is amazing because it’s exactly like the PC version, which lets you sync your cloud saves so you can play on the go and at home!
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2 months ago, Preppydevildog
FINALLY!! The Devs finally released a patch that made one of the best selling franchise games playable again on IOS. And while I am extremely, thoroughly pleased with this, this action took way way way too long. I literally had withdrawal symptoms guys. Please don’t ever take this long again to patch the game. Im literally on my knees begging you.
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3 weeks ago, ObeseTurtle1
Fun game, when it works
As an avid Civ player on my PC, I mainly play the iPad version with those who don’t own a computer but have the app. However, multiplayer has heaps of issues, with constant connection issues and multiplayer content compatibility not actually functioning as compatible. I would love for the game to be more functional (fully aware it’ll never match the specs of the PC version), but I’m afraid that will not happen in this iteration of the Civ franchise.
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1 week ago, no just why😐
It’s pretty good except one thing
I wanted this game because I knew it was fun so I waited eagerly for the 3gb download to end but what I was greater with after the loading screen was the option to buy it fully fo 10$ so why not make it 10$ on the App Store 2k
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2 months ago, Hungry Pilgrim
Just downloaded the latest update and it seems to work. It starts up fine on my iPad Air 3 with 17.4.1. Looks like we’re back in business! My favorite game. 5 stars. Unless there is some new bug that they’ve introduced. We’ll just have to play and see.
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2 months ago, Crazyraven
Aspyr = thieves no more
I think a class action lawsuit for breach of contract is in order. No redress from Apple or Aspyr. Options for refund do not include this game. A tragic turn for the father of the 4X genre. Sid. You should be ashamed. Update. Thank you to the developers for the hard work fixing it before things got out of hand
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4 weeks ago, StillDigging
Super glitchy!
The app shuts down if you switch too quickly from an archer to your city wall attack. If you’re changing from a trader unit to a city wall attack it also shuts down. Basically it shuts down all the time and the makers don’t have an avenue for people like me who purchased the game to contact them so I’m leaving this review here. Don’t buy this game until they fix the bugs, it was amazing for years but not anymore. It’s like they’re phasing it out and don’t care how bad it’s gotten.
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1 month ago, becmgs1
How can the ratings be reset?
This app didn’t work from March until mid May because of the update of the iOS to 17.4. The star rating went down to less than two but now has been reset? How does Apple allow this? The Support for this game is abysmal. They should have been proactive to be ready for the iOS update or at least fix the problem quickly and not leave the customers without a product for two months. Buyer beware
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2 months ago, Skyler1661
Reviews Reset - Why?
As many others have said , the reviews for this were reset after the app didn’t work for over a month after iOS/iPadOS 17.4 and customers were basically ignored that entire time. The app dropped to 1.9 stars last I saw before it was fixed. That to me warrants a 1 star rating for terrible ongoing support. The game itself is okay if a bit repetitive and the expansions are wildly expensive. There are better options out there.
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2 months ago, jedimobslayer
The error has been resolved.
After some weeks they finally fixed the 14.7 error. Now I am confident in saying you should buy this game. It’s a great game and now that it… actually works… I can get back to praising it!
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2 months ago, MikeHersh
Update! Civ VI works again!
iPad users, good news! Cvi VI works again! It seems to have a different feel to it, but I like the changes. Complex and engaging strategy game with different ways to win: conquest, religion, or science. No two games are alike. Very highly recommended!
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2 months ago, Enzyblox
Fix the game I spent over 100 dollars on
It’s been over 2 weeks since you said your fix was almost ready and nothing since! Update! They finally fixed it!
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2 months ago, chickenlip
Love This Game on All Platforms
Thank you for finally fixing the launch error on iOS. Now…how about the constant crashes on PS5 that I report every 5 minutes of play? Other than that, Civ 6 is a fantastic game.
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3 weeks ago, specialk192
Purchases won’t restore
I used to love this game, and spent hours upon hours playing it. Then the issues that many others have mentioned started happening. After deleting the game and reinstalling it almost 2 months ago, I lost all my content. It just says “downloading, 0%” on all DLCs. I uninstall and reinstall the game at least once a week to see if anything has changed, but I know it won’t.
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2 months ago, SCBrain
Fixed again
After a few months of non-functionality, this app works again. When it works, it’s great.
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2 months ago, Mdim7
Finally Fixed 🎉
I am so excited to be back playing this game on iOS. I have paid for this game and all the expansions many times over the years on different platforms. It is an excellent game and I love playing it on every device I have. This game was broken on iOS for an unacceptable amount of time. I had gotten used to playing on iPhone and iPad over the years and it was a bummer to see it break like this. Like nine months to fix the game on the most popular device in America?!? C’mon!
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4 weeks ago, ZiggyGoom
App Does Not Work
I can’t play the game, tried deleting and downloading the game. I want a full refund or at least an update to make the game playable Edit: changes to four stats because an update makes the game work nos
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2 months ago, T.Bahama
Love the game - HATE IT ON IOS
I bought all the DLC’s like almost $100 of stuff about 2 years ago and it didn’t work. Followed all the tips from forums and videos online and still doesn’t work. Now the whole app doesn’t work. I really wish this worked on iPad/iPhone - it’s a great game on other platforms. Unfortunately it has been a waste of money. Find an alternative for a fun strategy game on iOS.
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1 month ago, Albertschwytzle
Getting better but still problematic
The game finally launches again (low bar… I know). Still super glitchy. It will frequently freeze when I attack with a ranged unit. I keep having to back out and even change strategies because my game keeps glitching.
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2 months ago, rts pro 420
They finally fixed it for iOS!!!
It took a long time but they’ve finally found a solution to the game not running on iOS 17. Better late than never. I’ve adjusted my review score accordingly.
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2 months ago, Blahblahbajdj
No abnormal exit, but can’t restore purchase
After a month or so of not being able to play due to “abnormal exit” message, now it gives me option to unlock full game or play tutorial. I’ve already bought the game and multiple expansions. When I press restore purchases, it take me back to “purchase full game or play tutorial” so yea. STILL UNPLAYABLE. unbelievable troll job smh
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3 weeks ago, Makin It Fancy
Please allow the option for high framerates
Loooove this game so much. Only update I’d like to see is an option to unlock the framerate or at least allow a bump to 60fps.
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1 month ago, pizda73
Working again
Thankfully aspyr finally fixed the abnormal exit bug. I can once again enjoy my life with civ on mobile.
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2 months ago, skds1433
Bad controls
I forgot how garbage the controls are on this game. You try to drag the map to queue up some moves for your warrior to move it away from barbarians and it moves the warriors closer to the barbarians. You try to drag to map to make your holy site visible so you can move a prophet to it, and it deselects the prophet. This game is FULL of bugs.
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4 days ago, Bastingleech
In Civ six on the iPad if you switch from a city to a unit or unit to unit to fast your game freezes but it’s not a problem on mobile The devs are focused on the new Civ 7 game so they work to little on Civ 6 hopefully when 7 comes out it has a good mobile version
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2 months ago, Wolfpack Steve
It’s back!
Looks like the bugs have been fixed and if game play is as it was, they have re-earned their 5 stars.
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1 month ago, Semajeyd
Game works great, bug fixed
Update - abnormal exit bug fixed. Well done. Thank you. Game works great. I love it. Changed to 5 stars. Original was 1 star. I revised my review.
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1 month ago, Crf-84
Fixed no launch bug. Still crashes
They recently fixed the bug so now the game will launch. But I just had the first hard lock crash of the game after owning it for more than a year. Out of the frying pan and into the fryer. The usability of this app is still dubious.
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2 months ago, Tim D'Annecy
This app was broken for a few months, but they finally fixed it. Fun to play on iPad!
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1 month ago, Robyn :))
I can’t access my in app purchases
When the game was fixed, none of my in app purchases will load. I have deleted the app, and re-downloaded it, but my in app purchases will not load. I am using a device that is compatible with the game.
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2 months ago, Twansolo3
Thanks, plz not again tho
I appreciate you all fixing the game, please let’s not go through this again though
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2 months ago, Emperor Sadrax
Thank you so much
I’m so happy the update came through! So many of us were waiting for this!
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1 month ago, Southman64
Game Functions Now
Came to update my review and say the game finally functions and is playable. Only to discover all the reviews were wiped! Considering the silence from support while it was unplayable that’s a disgrace. People should know what they could potentially be getting into when getting this game!
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4 weeks ago, richardcarbonite090909
Now compatible with iOS 17.4 update
It is a great option as a mobile version of the game, and I have played for 20+ hours. It has had issues with iOS updates recently.
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2 months ago, JmWillm
Game is awesome again
Thank you for fixing this fantastic game. It is working again, and definitely deserves 5 stars.
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2 months ago, Ak42787
Bug fixed
As of May 2 they finally have fixed the bug that was causing the massive review bomb related to iOS 17.4. That’s nice.
Show more
1 month ago, 9600 Baud
Good game
I’ve updated my rating since the developer did fix a recent bug where the game wouldn’t launch.
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1 month ago, Retail Pleb
Finally fixed
After weeks they patched it
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1 month ago, iossucks420567
Fixed, but took a long time
They let the app remain broken for far too long
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