Side Hustle App

2.7 (135)
76.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
SideHustle App, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10 or later
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User Reviews for Side Hustle App

2.67 out of 5
135 Ratings
5 years ago, Nicolasus87
Reliable App
I start using this and I am new into business.but I start getting leads from very first day.Highly reliable and trusted.High five to team IGoGiG.
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2 years ago, pink happy face
No money
When you download it will give you 5$ but say you need 30$ to download. Once you start referring it will be in the referee section there will be a button saying pending this many refers. After that, you can click on the button and it will say all the refers have been accepted. Then you go to your money and you still only have 5$. Do not download this app it will waste your time, you will refer people and make absolutely no money doing it. I spent an hour referring people and made nothing.
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3 years ago, jadeng224
Fantastic idea for an app with many bugs/ issues
This app is a fantastic way for people with valuable skills to connect with consumers who are willing to pay for those skills. 5/5 for the idea and premise of the app. Unfortunately, there are many bugs and issues with the app. It is pretty slow, hard to make a listing, pictures stretch, etc.
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3 years ago, Haileysspirit
Waste of time
I was so excited for this app that I was signing up late night in bed putting in all of my small business info on here just to be met with a requirement of a LIC number. What I don’t understand is this app is literally called Side Hustle so would the developer understand that most side businesses won’t have one? We’re home based most of us just trying to make it out & aren’t big enough to pay taxes or have insurance & licenses for our business yet. What a shame.
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3 years ago, 18yokid
Not updated and broken
I downloaded it to make money but I can’t even get past the first step, it says I need to verify my number but it won’t let me save my number in the first place. The job listings were the same ones from the first day I listed it. Also it won’t let me change my location, it says in Arkansas but I’ve never been to that state. Can’t change it to my current location. It’s broken and a waste of time
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5 years ago, Peanut butter pixal thing
Not useful
Reading through the other reviews most of them look fake. App mostly just gives you a poorly sorted list of the usual minimum wage stuff, and not much else that I could tell. If you’re looking for that, literally any job search site got you covered better. If you’re a professional/specialist looking for gig work, the app has no apparent way to enter that or advertise yourself.
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5 years ago, Michellexo1
Love this app!
Love it, it was super easy to use. Just made my first $50, definitely looking forward to making more and customer service was incredibly helpful!
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3 years ago, BillH24
I downloaded the app but it won’t open! Now what. Where can I actually reach the app’s help, not the recording or how to use it?
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5 years ago, Outlencer99
Good choice
Good features and good quality. It's as a tool for me to connect with a network of businesses.
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3 years ago, Kjtheonenonlg
Please don’t put your business information on this app. They will take your information and shut you out of the app. They promote the option to refer and earn money and that’s most likely a scam too so do not waste your time with this app.
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3 years ago, NayHoney
Scam alert
They got all my information and phone number then the app force closed several times and would not allow me to use it. Deleting now. And unsubscribing from emails.
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3 years ago, nabz2012222
This is my first time downloading this and I’m signing up with my Facebook account as soon as I do that, the app closes, it’s just keeps crashing and closing
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3 years ago, Jscole02
The app closes itself after being open for longer than 10 seconds.
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3 years ago, misskayy0116
Crashing app
So i’d love to see what this app is all about but ever since I downloaded it I can’t keep it open and it seems to crash every time I try to pull it up
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2 years ago, Kristy_949
Don't waste your time!
This app just took up space and probably extracted personal info and data to sell. I never made any money. I don't know anyone who has.
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3 years ago, Unknoebmanedbd
App won’t stay open
I click on the App and it doesn’t stay open but for two seconds.
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2 years ago, joan patel
This app is so fake can’t believe I just wasted my time on it. Don’t even have an easygoing account creating procedure. It keeps showing us 🇺🇸 while am in Nigeria 🇳🇬 🙄🙄
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3 years ago, wtfdtfgtl
Waste of time.
As soon as I downloaded & went through the process of creating my account. The apps crashes each time I open it. Deleting for good.
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4 years ago, Castr60 on Xbox one
Scam and so are the reviews
I just downloaded the app didn’t even open it up and I decided to go look at the reviews in the apple store and they are mostly fake with the 5stars. All set on April 21st. Deleting this now
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5 years ago, des.04
Can’t see anything
everytime i type anything into the app it doesn’t show up. therefore i am not able to earn money for tasks.
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3 years ago, quiquiX4
Won’t Load
It doesn’t work on my phone I signed up but once I open it the app just close out on its own
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3 years ago, khing kai
App doesn’t open
I tried opening the app as a first time user and it won’t even open at all
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3 years ago, Birdgang 19
App won’t open
I’ve downloaded this app and haven’t been able to open it for 2 days.
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2 years ago, just avoid
Great Idea
Works well.
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3 years ago, RL204
App does not stay open. Closes or fails to open.
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3 years ago, Grooming4less
Not worth it
I download the app. As soon as I pressed the app nothing but glitches. The app is no good
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4 years ago, krtsgrl
I Never got to Work since I couldn’t put in My Location.. I contacted them about it and they blocked me!
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3 years ago, PlantBasedBaker
UI is terrible
I cannot use this app without exploding, it is so difficult to navigate. GL y’all
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5 years ago, Rom1982$
Beware it’s a scandal
Scam beware. Nothing is as it seems the app doesn’t offer customer support so you know it’s a scam.
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5 years ago, Yea, me
Can’t connect to server it says. Says this every time. Uninstalling.
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3 years ago, S4VAGExFRICKx
What a joke
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1 year ago, Lil Riebee
Says my account has been suspended
I downloaded this app and and two hours later it telling me when I visit the help center that my account has been suspended for me to contact my network provider for more information.Tmobile doesn't even know why it is telling me this.please get this fixed
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3 years ago, bakakanakkakana
Horrible. Unable to use properly
If I try to log in with apple or google the app crashes. I try to create an account and am just met with the message (invalid zip code).
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3 years ago, beamerboypeep
Doesn’t work properly
When I try create an account it doesn’t let you register. I got to the last step and it keeps saying user name exists. I don’t have a username. It don’t ask to make one just my fist and last and email. So how is the user name taken? If I try creating with me Facebook same problems user taken or OTP. Or error. It needs fixing
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4 years ago, the drawf boggy
Bad app
It dose not let me sign up it keeps saying wrong zip code and I put the right one I tried to create a account multiple times one star app
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5 years ago, Jhshshsbansba
Does not work
I downloaded the app because I need the money right now and basically I signed up and it kept asking me for a code which I got because you get it through your cell phone And then after that when I try to put my information in so like my first name my last name it just didn’t work at all like it said hi error and then it’s of them multiple times I had a good connection I knew it was in my cellular data my plan is great but it just does not work don’t even get me going I’ve seen the reviews as of this up at work disappointing did not work.
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