Sierra Central Mobile Banking

4.7 (3.6K)
36.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sierra Central Credit Union
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sierra Central Mobile Banking

4.67 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
9 months ago, peggy Rickman
I have always liked the staffs experience and knowledge of what you need and how they can get it for you. I also like my bill pay because I can look and see what’s been paid and what hasn’t and if I have any questions, you always know the answer. The only thing that I didn’t like in the mini mini years that I’ve been with the bank when my husband had asked me for a divorce, he got to go in and close my account on my credit card without my knowledge, and I was under the assumption when I first got this banking account that I was the town and no one could do anything without my knowledge. But he closed my credit card. And I think he took I think he took money out of my savings to. But anyway, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.
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1 month ago, On one two
To Sierra Central
This is a little bit more than what I just went through what I just had done on the app went well. I have been in to the bank two times and information that I need. Cost me $32 to pay the bank for information I needed about my account, I feel if you go paperless, we shouldn’t be charged for this. So now. I want all my statements, mailed to me, which I understand that will cost me two dollars per time. That is why I had to pay $32 for information about my account four dollars for each month. It’s sad that I have banked with Sierra Central for over 15 years. I have a limited income I’m on Social Security and this is the way you treat a customer.
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1 year ago, SC Please Read
I’m a longtime customer sharing my positive experience when the opportunity presented itself. (Always 5 stars) Unfortunately when they upgraded their online system in early October it has been a disaster. The information given when trying to solve online issues was not consistent. Apparently the mortgage is through them but administered elsewhere so I’m no longer connected with my banking app. I will either need to pay at a SierraCentral location or set up an online account separately. During this process all ACH payments had to be entered manually as well. My car at first was declined then entered and paid twice. My direct deposit now stays in a pending status until it is manually approved. I’m hoping they work out the issues soon but it has been almost a month now. I hate too change our bank so will give it a couple more weeks. On a positive- the people that work at SC are great.
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2 years ago, rnca gople
The recent update has made the website usable at last!
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1 year ago, fed-up95968
New update October 2022
I hate the new update. I have my own account and am also secondary on my husbands account. They have now put those two accounts together and makes it incredibly difficult to not make the mistake of withdrawing or transferring from the wrong account. We have separate accounts for a reason. We tried to call and speak to someone about it but no one returned our call. It’s been a week now. Unless this gets resolved, I will more than likely close my account. I’m very disappointed with the customer service we have received.
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1 year ago, lasmall3
Worst upgrade ever
Since the last upgrade, the system has been a nightmare, I have sent messages on the mobile app and have never received a response, my Face ID won't work now, it asks for my password then when I enter it the app says it's wrong🤦🏻‍♀️ also, after the update the bank rejected my 2 auto deposits from my military retirement and from social security, I had to call and have them fix it, then they charged me $25 overdraft fee, then didn't refund that back, it's so bad I'm thinking of leaving and going to Golden 1,
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3 years ago, HK875
I am not a fan of the new SierraCentral update. It no longer shows a total of my savings and checking account funds. I realize this is something cosmetic, but it makes life easier to just quickly look at the total of all your funds rather than having to get out of Calculator.
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1 year ago, jljj1
Online upgrades
The upgrade creates so many problems for me. I can’t get an answer from anyone when I text the problem. I was finally able to get touch ID and it still has to verify with a text message. The bill pay is terribly complicated and sent 3 payments to the same company in one month. I’m still dealing with a late Macy’s bill they say they never received….I’m ready to close my account
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10 months ago, Richard FieldTech
Only one improvement desired.
Works nicely. Only wish face recognition access worked for more than one account. A little tedious entering complex password for other account. Works well but a little complex to set up.
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6 months ago, jrgejfmfn
Monthly updates would be great !!!
Just daily or monthly updates would be great and if you guys could update app to send message to phone when transaction occurs that would be great to !!!! they have the option to set it up but it never works !
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1 year ago, r danner
Made it more difficult
Made it harder to keep track of my credit card balances had to go to another page to see the transactions and what happened to the pay entire balance option why upgrade the system and make it less user friendly it was actually a very good format before messing with it
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12 months ago, Mofthman
Managed to set face ID before international travel so I could change my phone number later. Still am prompted to be called or texted at the US phone number afterward, which I am trying to change, later found which also is formatted for US numbers only. I have an email to be contacted too...
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2 years ago, Grateful Seniors
Our GREAT Sierra Central Bank!
You’ ve helped us so very much, personal tutoring so we could learn the on line banking, help with all our banking needs and with such kindness and patience…..We have never thanked you properly, so this is a great big hug from a Grandma and Grandpa💐🌺🌸🌼🌻🥀
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2 months ago, Relocating with Ease
Happy New member!
Just moved to NorCal and this bank was recommended to me and so happy I joined. It was super easy and the staff was very friendly. And I haven’t skipped a beat with their online banking.
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3 years ago, relleom yag
OK, but sometimes, for days at a time, the photo part of depositing checks won’t work for both sides. Called to ask about that and they told me I needed the latest app. Didn’t make a difference.
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2 years ago, kaydeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Cannot use my finger print to access my password.
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1 year ago, W.S.R. 1952
New system
Your new system is terrible. No one seems to know how to correct issues.
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1 year ago, Chris0196_25-s
Very user friendly!
This app is a huge step up from my other credit union golden one.
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10 months ago, leggedbarbed69
External accounts, bill pay
You have to open a account to pay for a loan, the app doesn’t allow it, but the online website does??? Explain that to me, it just sounds like a bunch of extra steps just so we’re forced to open a checkings account with them to make paying OUR bills easier
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3 months ago, iphone67-
I am so happy you have Zelle. Next all you need is the chip in the debit card, and you truly will be the perfect bank. Honestly love banking here.
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5 months ago, HB4evr
I wish I could make my car payment also through this app. Seems like a pain to get set up.
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1 year ago, knunkie
Online banking review
Absolutely a step in the right direction. User friendly is an understatement.
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4 months ago, rubwig
Been with them many yrs very fair and friendly. Glad there my union
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2 years ago, soulrocker2
Mobile deposits
When taking pics of check for mobile deposits, it always is challenging. Lots of times, it will not take pic of back of check. Always an issue with this. This feature is terribly! Needs fixed!
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2 years ago, 1135948
Account balance
I can never see my account balance or transactions unless I log in and out of the app multiple times. It will randomly then show my account balance. Very frustrating.
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2 months ago, t3collins
Sierra central oroville
Emma is the best!! Couldn’t have had a better teller. Her and her crew are so amazing, so thankful to be banking here!
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3 months ago, RandallTV
App needs fixing
App seems to be very buggy, can’t use face sign in and doesn’t seem to save my sign in name and some times doesn’t accept my password. I know my password, app shouldn’t say I don’t have a good password.
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3 years ago, Name taken every time -_-
Too many incident when I have to call the agent To have my password change. After 6 attempt if changing password and Unlocking my account. Now I’m having issues with face ID/ fingerprint recognition… There’s never an option to set up on the app.
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1 year ago, chrystalice60
Love Sierra central
The tellers are friendly and knowledgeable and willing to the bank is always so clean and fresh. I recommend them to everyone.
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4 months ago, JwMaputo
Always have hard time logging in, sister says the same. Hate to call for assistance for being felt like you’re-can’t think of adjective, but not welcome on more than one occasion that have felt like closing accounts
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2 years ago, Most Scary Game Ever!!!
Works good, fast and efficient.
It’s very convenient.
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1 year ago, Early Bird 1960
Getting better all the time!
Latest version is great! Quick, easy, convenient and secure. Love it! Please get Zelle up and running!!!!
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3 years ago, jsbonn001
Happy customer
Easy to use app.
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4 months ago, Jpachanga
Simple but great
The app is really simple to use.
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1 year ago, Diggie Dan
Thank you
Love you girls. Best smiles and warm hearts. Everyone is the best.
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4 months ago, franticles
Glitchy, crappy, and barely useable
Even this review is a joke, because the writing for the body is in white- so you can’t see what you’re writing. Indicative of the rest of the app’s usability
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1 year ago, i also need a new bank
Horrible, non productive lack of service. Every single element of this new system has caused grief, extra charges and frustration. I would love to end my banking relationship with this lack luster entity
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1 year ago, @#$&!&$#@
Not good
The Sierra app is useless. Accounts are displayed but I can’t open them up individually and view transactions anymore. Called to get help and they were unable to assist. @@#&!€£¥
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8 months ago, godder gib
Hi first time
If this works I’ll be very happy thank you
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1 year ago, frankfarna
Would give a zero if we could
This upgrade is the stupidest thing ever. All the accounts are messed up
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3 years ago, tesslyn97
Best app ever!
Easy, fast, secure…love it!
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1 year ago, Ryuojgdtjk
I don’t like that my husband’s accounts r on there.
Don’t like that my husband’s accounts on here
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2 years ago, dannyafaye
I love this credit union Danny dannyafaye
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2 years ago, kimstjohn
User name
How can you get your user name if you forgot ? No customer service on weekends
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2 years ago, krusty1952
No face ID login on new app
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1 week ago, Thisisnothetime
What is going on with my Zelle this is getting ridiculous
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2 years ago, Kdk95982
Love them
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1 year ago, dalelori
i done like that you took zelle away
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1 year ago, monkegghead
Your bank lacks innovation youe tellers are clueless and I’m sorry I ever joined youe bank
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3 years ago, PremiereHo
Worst of Worse
I have been working with App people at Sierra Central for the previous two hours. It is impossible for the tech people to understand their own App. During the virus days, one would expect Sierra Central to focus upon its App and online banking site. But, mostly both tech people and online site people failed miserably. Each person is very nice. And try assiduously to get the problem resolved; so, no problems there. The fact remains that the App is a failed product. I am looking at the people who designed and run the App. They are the scam people. One final point: Each person blames the customer. In the age of obvious user friendly oriented developers, Sierra Central contracted the worst of the worst developers. Probably App developers offered a low-ball price for an inferior product. And the leaders in charge at Sierra Central fell for it. Why? I suspect a pay-off in the form of several dinners or a week-end trip for Sierra Central leaders or a significant contribution toward some function sponsored by Sierra Central. 99% of the time that fact explains the monumental failure at an App - of the sort of Apps that are easy for other banks even to the point of almost taking for granted the user friendly product. Wells Fargo has the best online banking App that I have experienced. I would bank with Wells Fargo, but, I prefer to support local people. If one is with Golden Valley, dump that mess and come to Sierra Credit Union.
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