Signeasy - Sign and Send Docs

4.9 (32.5K)
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Current version
Glykka LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Signeasy - Sign and Send Docs

4.86 out of 5
32.5K Ratings
3 years ago, podisc
The most versatile and it always works!
Have been using this since they started. Signing on the go all of the time and found this easiest to use app. Needed help and the support team was there every step of the way.. Bought the unlimited yearly sigs and have never had it easier. It’s totally worth the money. You can save all kinds of personalized info and with a click it’s automatically filled in without having g to hand type the info. Have signed all kinds of docs. I have tried 3 others and have found that this one works the best.... Yearly is def worth the bucks..
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2 years ago, BusinessBoss 290
Great app but hard to change settings
This is a super convenient app in all ways. But I was unable to change my registered email when I was unable to use the email account that I signed up with the app with. So I could not sign documents I sent to me because the app was not recognizing the name field, but the email field as the signee. And there was no way to sign the document directly within the app when I used a different email address for myself. I had to go back to using an old email I did not want to use anymore to be able to sign the document. This was important because I find I am unable to sign the document by following the email link. I can only sign within the app. The link opens the document from my email, but once I signed the document the program did not allow me to press the dialog button “finish signing,” located in blue in the upper left corner. I was working on a tablet, and spend an hour attempting to get it to work, trying repeatedly, and allowing load times, checking my internet speed etc.
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2 years ago, RayHays
Ray Hays
Well I have been using for years now and have enjoyed it. However, recently the company has done some updates that have completely messed the entire platform up. The web platform can’t change the settings for your style, color default. The iOS app has all but crashed. Tons of glitches. I have lost so many drafts by trying to save them then the app crashes. Same with the web version. You can’t contact them from your account. You have to go on the web to look up customer service contact info. If this keeps up, I will cancel my entire account with them and use something that is more user friendly. I have a lot of ideas that would make the app better, like auto save draft. If I’m in the middle of filling out a long form and try to save it at the end, it crashes and I have to start all over. Try to learn something from Google!!!
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1 year ago, SC Badger Fan
Absolutely Horrible Tech Service
I have been having a serious problem with Signeasy. They wiped out my history of documents (even though I have an active, paid, subscription). The first document I received, after they deleted my history, required me to download their app and start a new account, without providing any link to my already paid account. I used their web system to log a service request and received only questions. Every time I answered the question (hoping for a resolution), they would respond with more questions. I finally got Arunn Mohandas, Product Support Specialist, to direct me to his calendar and asked me to select a time and date for him to call me. The time selected came and went without Arunn calling. Signeasy works most of the time, but if you have a problem, don’t expect them to even try to provide a solution. These guys stink.
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5 years ago, KatWalk65
Works but could be more
The ease of use for signing, initialing and dating documents is top notch. The cloud integrations are solid. I just don't see a lot of people using this so I must default to docusign, etc. Payroll, invoice, banking integrations would be helpful and make the premium subscription worth it. More communication from developers on new features/integrations, corporate partners, why use this over other platforms? would be nice. And security updates are crucial for identity - invoice - payment tracking- a digital identity app with signed documents stored in this app which can be cut off if you don't subscribe. I think these companies owe more forward thinking due to their subscription fee (quietly renews at maximum rate) - blockchain, identity management, services that make sense to add to your digital signature files.
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5 years ago, M937123965
Great until the constant upgrade now messages started
I’m already paying 119/yr for the app which to this point has been justifiable. Now every time I send a document to the app I get an upgrade now message and have to send the document a second time so I can sign it. At this point I’m looking for a new application as this has become quite annoying, you already made your sale, badgering customers for an up sale every time they open the application is unacceptable, especially when it impedes functionality.
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1 year ago, BodyByDavePersonalTraining
I would have given this 5 stars, but pretty upset about shady upgrade tactics!
I have been using this service for several years now. While I’ve have limited issues minus a few issues when they have rolled out new updates over the years it’s been pretty good overall. They recently asked if I would like to upgrade from my monthly package I’ve had for years to a year subscription. I agreed and paid for the year. Once I did this, they immediately blocked me from using the document signature and requiring I pay for an additional year of their pro service for $179 on top of the $99 I just paid for a year of the service I had been using for years. This is very shady business tactic and is going to cause me to switch providers along with I just reported it to Apple.
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6 years ago, Wild bill321
Changed Billing Plan
This app used to be everything I needed. I could sign documents on the fly and simply pay as I go. This was all I needed because there would be some months when I wouldn’t need the service at all so pay as you go is the perfect plan for me. Well, then this app decides that they are going to now only work if you pay for their monthly or yearly plans. I don’t need those because I don’t use the services monthly. So now instead of just paying as I go at like $5 for 5 signatures, they want to charge $12 a month for no real logical reason other than the fact they want to quote “make money”. Yes, that’s exactly what I was told when I complained about this. There is another app that doesn’t cost a thing and does the exact same thing as this called DocuSign. I’d recommend them for the occasional user like myself
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5 years ago, Qui 022293
Fast free sign and go
I just discovered this app today and I used it because I needed it to submit an paper about my transcript from a college that required a signature and I do not have a printer at my house so I use this app and it was amazing absolutely love it and will be using it from now on I don’t usually need signatures like this so once the three free trials is over if I ever need something like this from now on I’ll pay the fee. I wish there wasn’t a fee though but overall this app is smooth and easy to follow.
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3 years ago, rmst60
If only they have support
The app is pretty streamlined and clean. However, communicating with support is turning out to be impossible. The app on the phone doesn’t even provide the portal to support or continue providing input on a ticket once created. The interface thru the browser suggest that they are waiting for a reply but conveniently do not provide any means to actually type the reply. You can’t select the reply box and type anything. Sort of sets you up for a question, their canned response to that type of question and then they can merrily go about their day thinking they helped when in fact you have no means of responding. Sadness!
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3 years ago, Greg of TX
Great app
Does exactly as requested. A few minor adjustments have been asked and they are working on them but over all a great tool for business and personal use. Thou it keeps asking you every update to review the app, I personal as a paying customer think I should have the option to opt out completely. If I am going to advertise or review for them with out having the right to opt out then they should be paying me to advertise for them.
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3 years ago, Brandy37
Easiest and fastest way to sign & send any document!
We all at some point need to have documents signed in a very big hurry and of course never at a convenient time or place. SignEasy lets me sign anytime, anywhere, day or night! I also like that my clients can sign on my phone or tablet too. And then send my documents with great ease and confidence they will arrive quickly. Thank you SignEasy. You’re one of my best tools! Brandy 🦋California Homes Network
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3 years ago, 12/12/45
I just upgraded to “Pro”. Normally if my wife wants or needs to sign, Sign Easy has always given her the opportunity to do so. This time my choices were much more convoluted. If this is “Pro”, I don’t want it. PS - Sign Easy has always worked great! Keep your programmers away from your app. Every great app thinks they are improving their service BUT instead they make it more complicated and less desirable with every “improvement “. Steve Simon
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3 years ago, ABZR613
Great! Easy to use!
It's unbelievably easy robust on the fly. You can sign documents with multiple pages switching between initials and signatures. I highly recommend it for anyone doing things on the fly. There is an issue viewing multiple-page tiff files but you can work around by opening up in a tiff viewer first and sending it to signeasy. I hope they update this in a future version. It's an awesome tool.
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5 years ago, Muff_Diver
Great for order forms
I use this all the time for order forms. It works great but it is rather slow and doesn’t memorize words that I constantly use. Also it needs to be upgraded to copy entries like the number 1. I give it 4 stars because it works great but needs some updating and it’s rather slow compared to quick books or Kazoo. Another thing is that an email heads up would be nice before charging my yearly renewal and maybe a questionnaire to determine what upgrades people would like might show more professionalism.
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6 years ago, wolf7794
Kelly in support was AMAZING!!
Let me say first that I have never submitted a review of any app. This is the first but with a bonus! The App and the support service is incredible! I had a major issue with a disconnected account from years ago that affected my subscription. Kelly walked me through a solution that was not simple. She showed the patience and attention all customers wish to experience with any service oriented business. Both Kelly in support and the APP get A+ rating.
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4 years ago, BTM Clinic
App doesn’t work after iOS update, don’t buy!
I just bought this app to use in our clinic due to the COVID outbreak. It worked fine yesterday, made a video presentation to train our staff on it, went to present to the staff and owner, and it doesn’t work anymore! Was made a fool in front of everyone because the developers can’t keep up! Here is the problem: you tap a document and insert a signature. If you scroll down a few pages to insert another signature, it will only put it on the original page you put the first signature on! This includes text, checkboxes, etc! Contacted support and their only suggestion didn’t work! Highly unimpressed, not worth the money the app asks you for premium. Will be looking for a more professional and reliable app and company I can count on for business needs. Edit: UPDATE FOR 11/07 App has update and has made my tokens invalid even though I’ve already paid for them! This company NEVER tests their updates and in the end if you use this for business you will be screwed!
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2 years ago, Mississippi Lawyer
I am an attorney, I need to review and sign everything. Been on vacation for over a week and work is flowing from my office as if I am there thanks to this app. My paralegal prepares documents and emails them to me, I open the PDF in sign easy and review and date and sign in blue as I normally do then email back to him. We use email stream as proof it was sent to me and I sent it back to him signed. Wonderful!!!!
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4 years ago, De Dam Dave
Why make it harder?
When I try to scroll through the document, it suddenly and seemingly randomly disappears. When I finally manage to sign it and send to my email account, it doesn’t show up in my inbox anymore. Same issue repeatedly. I’ve been using SignEasy for years for lots of documents without problems. Now it’s unusable. Not sure what’s happened.
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4 years ago, Redvines13
Too Expensive
OUTRAGEOUS- Unless you’re a corporation or other larger entity, this is not practically priced for an individual that needs to sign legal documents. Absolutely nosebleed high at $119 year- Gee- only $10 a month you say? 3 free signatures! Wow! What a deal- if I had to sign 4 signatures I would be paying an arm and a leg. My cloud coverage (which is vitally more important) costs me less. Try coming up with a plan for maybe 20 SignEasy signatures or a reasonable price per signature. One plan does NOT fit all, but it’s sad because this could be a great app otherwise. I’m sure that SOMEBODY who is excellent with coding could easily make a competitive app for the normal person to satisfy their needs. Rethink your price!
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4 years ago, E85meBaby
Other times I've used this app, and Fantastic
Today through an email I opened the app to do all on the app as share with as I automatically log into it as connection. 2 times as I've been typing the app restarted and blanked out my work, 5 minutes of work yet it is was work. 3rd time, ps I also turned off my VPN this time 5 star again, I updated the app and the app worked with me and all Completed. Great!
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4 years ago, scruck
Used to love SignEasy, I don’t agree with the price to be used sparingly
I used to really enjoy SignEasy for being so easy to use the 2-3 times I needed it a year to sign bout agreements and corner license paperwork for athletic commissions to the states. It now wants to charge a monthly fee, or annual fee to use. I can understand the cost if it was something I used constantly (if I was a realtor), and I would even pay per document ($1 or so) to pay for the service, but I do not use it enough to have a subscription. I’m very disappointed there is not a reasonable payment level for people like me who only need it very sparingly.
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5 years ago, His princess2
I have been using this amazing app for about 3 years. It is awesome as often I need to review, sign and return a document immediately. With this app I am able to do so. Today I went to use this app but my subscription had expired, but I was extended a courtesy extension to return the document needed immediately. If you are in business and work with/or as a contractor you need this.
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4 years ago, mumbolia
Works great when it does but when it goes down customer service is horrible
This app was working Great for me until the whole system crashed and they had to reboot it. I work for a hospital and we have spent 4 hours trying to resolve the issue. I upgraded to a plus subscription and the app will now not recognize this and allow me utilize its features. The fixes they recommend with the online chat aren’t working. I have been begging them to call me and help me resolve this issue they created with no success. I work for a hospital in the middle of a corona virus outbreak and this hampers us
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6 years ago, Bounce Whit Mee
Great App, but subscription required after trial
I loved using this app for the free trial and would have been happy to pay for credits or pay on a per signature basis. However, they use an expensive subscription model which doesn’t fit for someone like me who uses the app only occasionally. I would have considered a subscription if there was a low use version, but the only options I saw seemed to be geared toward the more frequent users. Time to go back to the App Store and try the next digital signature app.
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5 years ago, R1 Indoor karting
the best ever before updates! do not update!
using it for almost 7 years ! just looks like after every upgrade it gets worse , long downloading, keeps on hanging quite often at latest upgrade (i use an iPhone X ) and less user friendly than before old versions I am on a paid version but not the latest ($120 a year) maybe that the problem🤪 if you update to 8.4.2 your app is not working properly anymore i have it on 2 devices version 8.2.0 works ok !
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6 years ago, JoVarg
Not using default email app any more.
The app works well and have been using it for some time. Not happy with the recent change on how the emails are sent now. Earlier it used my mail app on iPhone to send the documents, but now it sends documents through some internal email, that does not show my contacts properly and also does not show emails in my Sent Items. I know I can copy myself but, as user I should have the option to choose which mode is preferable.
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6 years ago, octavioperez
Best app EVER!
I am a person that is constantly on the GO! And this app saves me so much time by making it so convenient to add signatures to documents on the go! I have been able to keep things running efficiently at work by always replying immediately to urgent items that need my signature. No need to have printer/scanner/PDF software to do this. Just love it and highly recommend it!!!
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3 years ago, EclecticAzn
The most versatile app on the planet for productivity!
I really love this app. This has been the most helpful and useful app that I've ever used from the App Store. I don't know what I would've done without it. Thank you so much creators of app. just don't get too greedy and carried away with the extra features in the plus version. The basic Pete version suffices and should not be costing more.
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7 years ago, Babatoll
Not for the occasional user
Why do you claim in the description that the top in app purchase is 10 signatures for 4.99 when that option is no longer offered? Have been a happy customer of this app since 2012 but since you stopped offering the in-app purchase of 10 signatures for $4.99 and moved to the $10/month subscription model I will now use Adobe Fill and Sign Easy. I just don't need to remotely sign enough documents per month to make it worth paying $10 for the service. I guess Signeasy doesn't find it worth their while to offer their services to lower volume users.
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6 years ago, Rrosbo
Best signature app out there
I have downloaded tons of signature apps through the years and have now stuck with this one. This is absolutely the easiest and best quality signature app you can get. I even switched to the Surface pro for a while and ended up going back to my IPad because there wasn't anything better out there on any platform.
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6 years ago, JLuvv
Really need to fix the auto fill when emailing & there should be a one time fee, NOT an annual fee
The app works great & I purchase the annual every. However, I have suggested for the email to not be auto populated with their content. It’s very annoying to have to go in to the email every time and delete their advertisement in my professional email that I’m sending to a client. I don’t feel I should have to advertise for the app especially when I pay for it every year. Also, there needs to be a one time fee as opposed to an annual fee.
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5 years ago, adoomee
Charged for 2 subscriptions
Hey I did a year subscription and the app didn’t work. So I had gotten the monthly subscription as well, the app is user friendly but has been glitching on me and now I’m paying for 2 subscriptions where the year subscription wasn’t applying for some reason. I’m pretty disappointed at how this app has been treating me lately and I have a need to use it all the time. I’ll be canceling my subscription for good, the customer service is terrible.
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5 years ago, Realtor Gus
Terrible . No not buy this . I’m trying to delete it and get my money back . Total scam.... When you send. Document to be sign into their cell phone it can’t be done unless they have a desktop or iPad on hand . On docusign you’re able to sign any document right from your cell phone no matter what part of the world you’re at
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4 years ago, Mamtu Mirchandani
Brilliant App!
Just used the free version for a document. It’s the best app I have use so far as compared to the very other famous ones. Give this a try. If it was a one time price I would have purchased it but because I don’t require to sign documents often the monthly fees doesn’t make sense for me. Highly recommend the interface and usability
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1 year ago, Agdjdnzhavabsvsbbsbhs
Why doesn’t it email my doc????
…it used to!!! I’ve paid for the essential plan and I have never had so many issues with an app trying to send a signed document back to my own email forget about somebody else’s… I can’t take the risk of just sending it to them hoping they got it. I’ve sent now the same document over 10 times to my own email and I’m still yet to get it and it’s been over six hours Not good Seems it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to and perhaps it was an operator error! 🤦‍♂️ It’s a great app…I guess I better get more with technology forst before shooting my mouth off LOL Thanks
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4 years ago, SouluvinU
Such an easy way to sign documents!
My sister recommended this app to me during the covid pandemic because I was worried I couldn’t get my documents signed when my printer/scanner was down and my “go to” Staples wasn’t open... THIS APP WAS SOOOO HELPFUL! Thank you! I’m about to upgrade! Great App! Easy to use for someone who isn’t as tech savvy as myself!
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3 years ago, Jens Gad Enigma
perfect pdf signer / filler!
Great tool for nerve wrecking signing and filling of agreements and contracts. easy to use, flexible and the biggest feature: it looks very official with the confirmation emails for both sender and receiver. every company has accepted my signed documents so far. EVERYBODY'S HAPPY!! perfect app! part of what makes me prefer my ipad over my macbook:)
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5 years ago, BensFam
Absolute BEST mobile signing app
By FAR & AWAY the absolute BEST mobile signing app I've tried and I've tried THEM ALL!!! I love how easy Signeasy is to use; it's so very intuitive. And the process to get your docs from point A to point B without making A MILLION stops in between is just priceless!! I will most definitely continue using Signeasy for ALL my form filling needs!!
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2 years ago, cwjsykes
Excellent App
This is my go-to document signing app and I’ve used it since it was first launched. It’s actually my most useful business productivity tool. In fact the quality is better than using a scanner. You can insert full signatures, initials, dates and text. This app rates five stars easily.
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6 years ago, JesusBenNazareth
Bad joke. Unprofessional! Docusign instead?
I get an email from someone who wants me as a client. I open it on my iPhone and get this message: To complete the signature request, open the email link on a desktop and sign the document.* *We are going to improve this feature soon to enable a more seamless experience for non-SignEasy users. Stay tuned. 1. How about they do some basic usability testing and fixes before launching the service? And, According to another review , even up prices?!? Months ago, I was asked to sign some things with docusign and did and I don’t remember running into these types of problems. And another reviewer says it’s free?! 2. How consistent! There is bad grammar in the opening sentence of the app description! 3. And this site is telling me I’ve successfully changed my password, But the app won’t let me login with it. (Yes exact same email-I use cut and paste!)
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4 years ago, Zyah_😀😀😀😀😀😀
Love it
I am a very big fane of this app and I bet trees 🌳 are to you see by singing papers and documents online saves paper thus less trees are getting cut down meaning more fresh air for humans and animals. This app not only benefits our business but humans, animals, and trees in general. If that didn’t convince you to download this app I don’t know what will😄😄😄😁😁😁😆😆😆
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7 years ago, csbeau
Update made it worse
It used to allow multiple signatures, which was great to save signatures for both my wife and I. Now it only saves one - less functionality, what gives?! In addition, functionality has been removed and can be added back in for additional cost. If you want to incur additional revenue, actually add more functionality. Don't charge more from the same or lesser functionality.
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6 years ago, laisa schwalbach
Love this app!
This app helped me out so much! I was on the road and I had applied to rent a home and needed certain documents submitted today! I was no where near a computer or fax machine but this app just made it so much easier!! I was able to upload the documents to the app and digitally sign them! Saved me time, money, and the hassle! So thank you to whoever made this app available for free!
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7 years ago, Frisini
Occasional users pushed out
I sign probably 5-6 documents a year. The 10 signatures for $4.99 worked great for me. That option is no longer available. I understand that developers have costs, too. Unfortunately I don’t need to sign things enough to warrant the $120 yearly subscription, which is the cheapest option available now. I’ll be happy to use this app again if something like the 10 for $5 becomes available in the future. Until then, it was easy and a very good app; but it is too expensive for occasional users.
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6 years ago, OCO PA
Not for occasional user
I use to like this app when you can use it occasionally. Now you have to pay $10 a month, not worth it when you only need it a few times a year. I use it with respect to housing homeless veterans and we do not have the resources to pay this kind of fee on a monthly basis.
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7 years ago, DangRabbit
Pretty disappointed it's so expensive
I mean seriously, it's way more expensive than it should be. It's disappointing there's no longer a pay-as-you-need option. $9.99 per month is the cost of Photoshop and Lightroom! For something I'll use to sign 4-5 documents per month $9.99 is way too steep. Maybe $2.99 or $3.99 per month would be more reasonable... or for $120 it should be unlimited/forever, not just for a year. It seems a great program it's just insanely over priced.
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5 years ago, annablmt
Long time user feeling ripped off!!
I’ve been using SignEasy for years. I just purchased 10 credits to sign a single document. I added the signature, date and time, as I’ve always done. I sent it to the agent waiting for the signed paperwork. He tells me there’s no signature. I go back to the app and my “signed document” is no longer signed, yet the credit was taken from my account. I’ve NEVER had this happen in all of the years I’ve been using this app. What a ripoff!!! Can’t even find a way to contact the company to complain.
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6 years ago, Suz Inverness
I love the app but....
It does not correctly track my document credits (I use the option of buying blocks of 10). Every time I sign on and desperately need to use it, it tells me I have 0 documents and I have to buy another 10 to get my document signed. I now have 48 document credits and they will not refund me for the 40 I purchased unnecessarily. Rip off!!!! But for all you people who think you have to pay for a yearly subscription you CAN buy 10 documents for $5.99 - just swipe til you get to that option
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2 years ago, arthor fnzoreli
No stars given
Sign easy is the most frustrating and annoying app I haven had the displeasure of using. It should be call Sign complicated & hard. If you hit the wrong button, it erases everything you have done. Even after you are done and it says all docs are signed, it would not let me continue to next step. Trying to figure out why by going back to see what I did wrong, bam! Everything is erased. I hate this app & I want to disconnect it but I’m not sure how.
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