Sikorsky Credit Union

4.8 (3.6K)
45.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sikorsky Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sikorsky Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
5 years ago, AlB235WZ
Software Improvement?
The VISA account site was recently updated after the new cards were issued but I don’t believe the outside contractor who made the changes made it better. The changes that took place displayed your new card along with your old card that was marked as LOST. Transferring money from a Checking or Savings account to be the VISA account was immediately reflected on the VISA account. You now need to wait 24 hours to reflect the payment made. Nobody at my branch seemed to know why it didn’t remain as status quo and why cards were identified as LOST.
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2 years ago, Nikkiseyes84
Mobile Deposit Wonky
I have been unable to deposit checks using the Mobile Deposit feature. The screen on the app that takes photos rotates sideways, instructs you to rotate your phone and then you are unable to take any photos as the app stays stuck on the Rotate Your Phone screen and disables all other functions. Tried again to make a deposit to checking and then checking for some reason became unavailable and I was only able to try to deposit to savings. Same issue. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no improvement. Guess I’ll have to drive to a branch 🙄
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5 years ago, hollywood$
Not up to date
I think the app should be more accurate when you deposit or withdraw from your bank account with the ATM it should be immediate information I notice it’s a little behind and doesn’t show everything that comes out of your account hope this helps
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5 years ago, stardiamondjb
Needs Updating
Started using this app a few days ago and it seemed to work ok until today. Added a credit card but it’s not showing up. Received and email stating a card was added but again, nothing shows up except a screen that looks like the home page of the website you would see is using a browser. Looks like it’s not 100% compatible with iOS 13. Too glitchy.
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3 years ago, Intrigued13
Great Way To Bank
I was with Chase for almost 30 years. I did not love the experience. I did extensive research on the best way to bank. Credit Unions! I switch over about two years ago. So much better. Thank you Sikorsky for making my life so much easier.
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6 years ago, Matt Matejek
Great app except...
Great App overall except you can’t edit your scheduled transfers. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I couldn’t figure out a way to edit them after creating them.
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4 years ago, 20&out
Very pleased to have this app
Great app to have, everything is at my fingertips and so easy to navigate. Very pleased to have this app and to be a member of Sikorsky Credit Union. I have been a member of other credit unions as well as local banks and Sikorsky is without question above them all.
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2 years ago, josephcl2004
Not the greatest
I love the user interface of the app and how it is easy to navigate. However, I do not like that it does not give you an instantaneous notification for a deposit or withdrawals/transactions. Other than that, I am happy with the app. Please add this feature soon.
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4 years ago, donald dezenzo
Visa credit card after making a payment doesn’t show up on ur statement
Needless to be fixed
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5 years ago, YunieYunalesca
Needs better detail!
The one this about this app is that when you pay bills it doesnt show that the bills are in processing and deduct it from your balance. I don’t know how many times it has messed me up and put me negative on my account. I love other banks that kept up with everything that was coming and going from my accounts. This will help people manage their money much better.
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4 years ago, cornfedfred
Really dislike that we can’t see a running balance for the credit card. Also, that transfer aren’t immediate like they were.
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3 years ago, 1955 Belair
The best
I’ve been a member for over 40 years. Never an issue. Thanks.
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5 years ago, JASP67
The app don’t work
Why it doesn’t let you change the password from the app and only call you to give you a temporary password but is said the password to fast and can’t rarely hear it I’m short of hearing and right now I don’t have my home internet for more than three weeks how I supposed to change it I don’t get it that is stupid
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8 months ago, E.Reviewz
Terrible Customer Service
You can call hours prior only to end up having to wait for a call back, and then they’ll only call you back 20 minutes before a branch closes just to tell you that you have to go into a branch
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2 years ago, Angela0822
No transaction details
Card isn’t showing my transaction history. I’ve tried everything I can think of, to no avail.
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6 years ago, YouNotSmart
Being a “new account” at this company is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with banking in my life. After serval deposits being available right away I deposit a paycheck and now have to wait 6-9 days to have my money available to me. UNBELIEVABLE😡😡
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7 months ago, Se la vie
Mobile Deposit Doesn’t work
I have been trying for days to get checks deposited to my account and they get rejected every time. It’s very frustrating. The app itself is glitchy at times as well.
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2 years ago, Babybrother03
They need a better interface
The application is good but they need a better and friendly interface. Eldoctor57
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4 years ago, jwy review
Sikorsky federal credit union online banking
Great online service and system. I would’ve given it five stars if it was easier to look at and access the visa account to.
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6 years ago, Memeber for years
Bank through the app is great and easy to use.
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2 years ago, RangerRob
App Used to Be Great
Ever since the update this app has been awful. I can’t make mobile deposits. Keeps saying I need to rotate phone. You could throw this in the air 1000 x and it doesn’t work. Please fix this or I’ll find a new bank.
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2 years ago, Terryohterry
Unable to deposit
I’m trying to deposit a check, but app keeps telling me to rotate my phone and won’t capture the image. My camera is working fine, so that’s not the problem. Please help.
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6 years ago, hwaters111
Great app
Easy to use and convenient for depositing checks
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3 years ago, Autumngirl1013
This app can be annoying
I hate how it holds my money in pending orders but doesn’t always show that there is something pending. Or it’s not known what the pending purchase is.
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2 years ago, thorrules
Easy to use and very intuitive!!!
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4 years ago, DelosngelesM
The best credit union bank in the world.
The best
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4 years ago, James 4444
No Transfers
Very disappointing you can’t directly transfer money with other major bank institutions
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2 years ago, gp99999999
Mobile check deposit broken
App won’t recognize the phone rotated and as such unable to take the needed photos.
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6 years ago, Ct transpant
check images
I can never see the checks I wrote when I select the option to view the check. There is always an error message.
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4 years ago, Laucken
Pop money
Love pop money!
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4 years ago, Yardconifer
Max daily deposit
I wish there weren’t a max daily deposit.
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2 months ago, LEELEETHEGYPSY
Informative and helpful.
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6 years ago, itsfiveam
Can’t login
I keep getting an error whenever I try to login. But it works fine from the desktop site.
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2 years ago, kosetcase
Restrictive banking
Not being able to make a deposits in excess of $3000 is ludicrous I have to do it over a 2 day period. That’s absurd
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6 years ago, JetsQB69
Great app
Does it all. Nice job Sikorsky.
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4 years ago, ctbellavita
2 Thumbs Down
Won’t deposit checks. Just stays in loop to retake pictures and app support doesn’t load!
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10 years ago, Rev LB
Excellent App
This app is excellent. Even though there are a few minor glitches, once loaded it is a thrill to work with. It is far easier than working with the main website which is a pleasant surprise. One feature that I love is the speed. It allows you to navigate between screens at a much quicker rate than many other apps. Another feature is the ease of use. The icons are simple, pages are clearly laid out, making it easy to use. It works on my iPad with no issues. I may not go back to the website to pay bills. Once I loaded this app, I immediately paid two bills and was done in a matter of two minutes. Great job on this app. Keep it going.
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2 years ago, SexyNerdy
Need more work!! .. you are right path
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8 years ago, ajda
I love this latest update!
I hated the last update with the scroll wheel you had to use to chose an account to transfer funds from, because it was too easy to chose the wrong account. This version is so much better especially on the iPad and looks great too! Thank you
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8 years ago, Icenfs46
Finally! iPhone 6+ Version!
Love the new update. It looks a lot cleaner and it finally takes advantage of the iPhone 6+ real estate, as opposed to having the iPhone 5-scale version.
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10 years ago, Emtinct
Much needed mobile platform. Smooth transitions. Exactly what I need to look up at the tips of my fingers. Not sure if my wife and I can both have same app on our phones because account is linked to one number though.
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10 years ago, James Rossik
Love it just needs one thing
I love this app! Just needs one addition though, photo check depositing
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8 years ago, BModa
What just happened?
With this update my account overview text is huge. It looked better on the previous version. Please revert back to that it's five star -IPhone 6s plus
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10 years ago, 27mojito
So far so good!
I've been waiting for this app from SFCU. Quicker balance check and transfer fund with a secure log in.
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10 years ago, Kali the Kigeon
Easy to use and straightforward, very convenient.
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9 years ago, EMackAttack
Great app! Can view almost everything I need except for eStatements. Can there be an update to include this on the mobile version??
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10 years ago, CUBAN2014
On time Sikorsky CU
Excellent and clean application ...on time ...I was waiting for it like a year and half ago but is here now and very handy .. good details , good work developer and Sikorskycu ...thanks a lot...
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10 years ago, BinaryHackerMan
Great overall
Great app. Simple and MUCH faster than trying to log onto the full site. Two feature requests 1. Mobile check deposit 2. Ability to at least see linked accounts balances and transact funds if authorized by primary member. With those two additions this would be a five star app for me.
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10 years ago, sostuckish
Thank you!
We have waited too long! I am very pleased.
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9 years ago, KingFarouk
Very convenient for me when I'm on the go. So far so good.
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