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LandAirSea System
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10 months ago
Version OS
16.2 or later
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User Reviews for SilverCloud

4.6 out of 5
22.1K Ratings
1 year ago, bskcenkd
Stolen tailgate GPS
I knew I wanted to put a GPS in my tailgate didn’t know which one to go with I saw a review online I contacted customer service who was incredibly helpful in telling me about accessories to hard wire the product I bought the 54 with the wire harness I was easily able to wire it to my license plate light and hide it inside my tailgate even though you can’t conceal The GPS in metal I was able to install a metal box that held the unit and a harness and cover it with a plastic covering if someone steals my new tailgate I will know where it is and they won’t know that there’s a GPS hidden inside of it and going on the app and seeing where my vehicle is within seconds is awesome I bought a second Land Air Sea 54 and put it on my cargo trailer which I store behind my office And three months later that trailer was stolen I was able to get it back within an hour and a half and my neighbors trailer was stolen by the same guy parked at someplace else The police had impounded it and he paid $300 for towing and impound fees I was glad to get back a trailer that I just paid over $9000 for three months earlier a big thank you to Land Air see not only was I able to save the money on the impound cause but I got my trailer back immediately
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3 years ago, TR-I-GBY
Peace of mind at a BARGIN!!
The wife and I do occasionally take groups to all kinds of events, family visits, weddings, visitations and funerals all over the US. Now also on occasion, due to our personal schedule interference we have someone else take the wheel. And just such an occasion prompted the prospect of getting a ‘tracking device’. Not only can we check ‘by-the-minute’ status, but also historical. This is a great tool to see exactly where the ‘puck’ (the physical device closely resembles a hockey puck) is. And as it’s NOT reliant on a cell signal (uses satellites) it records ALL movement. The installation (battery for 36hrs or hardwire to a 12v power source) was as easy as it gets. You ‘could’ just stick it with the magnet anywhere on a steel surface or drop it in a bag and it’s going to track. As for the value… we were expecting nearly 3x-4x the expense out of pocket. The device is less than a dinner for two, the service less than a soda pop per day! Amazing how much better you feel knowing absolutely where ‘it’ is. Peace of mind. Thank you LandSea and air for your solution to our problem at a very reasonable cost.
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10 months ago, Me76542997
To help keep track of my 83 year old mom
My mom will not give up driving, even though she has both a son who lives in the same town and a daughter (me) who lives a 5 minute walk from her house and is now staying with her. She’s beginning to get confused easily. If she were to get lost or disappear, I want to be able to at least see where she’s been. This was very easily to install, other than the cover to the fuse panel not fitting back over, which is not a big deal. It immediately found the car and I was able to easily go back and trace its route. I feel a little better now. Next battle will be taking her keys.
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2 years ago, Drwmstr
Tracking Works Great
Ok, so the tracking side of the APP. It is a five star APP. Over the year I have had this, they have greatly improved it. Been really accurate. the only improvement on the tracking side I would like to see is the ability to see that the fence is still active. Maybe the ability to set the area of the fence, IE: smaller area before alerted. Account side of the APP is where they lost the star. They need to allow you to update the payment you have on file instead of needing to add a new card when your old one expired. New device activation? Good luck there. Updated my info and they cannot get it to go through. Web site same story. 5 star for the tracking side nice map and such, but 3 star for everything else. Plus more user unfriendly issues for account services.
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1 year ago, Countrylovin27
Awesome except
I love this company and their products. The only thing I don’t like is that their devices only work for a short amount of time where you’re forced to buy a new device and send in the old one and then they refurbish that one and then they make money off the old one and you don’t get anything out of it you just wasted money for that and that the thing lags and has never exactly really live GPS it’s it’s really far behind it lags very bad, but I do love the company. Their customer service is amazing.
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3 years ago, JDC72404
Good solution, but...
I’ve had many issues with the device either freezing up, or randomly turning itself off (I’m hoping it was random) and completely go dark. Battery would be fine, but I’ll have to physically turn it back on when this happens. It would be nice if it came with a hardwiring kit included too. The plan is a bit expensive for being only gps data, but it is what it is until I come up with a better solution. My biggest complaint is that the map seems shifted to the west when overplayed onto the Apple Maps by sometimes up to 30 yards, but never less than 15 yards or so. In a highly congested area it can become a needle in the haystack situation when doing covert direct observation.
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10 months ago, Todd Priest
Reliable service BUT….
The customer service is not very good at all. They respond quickly via email but don’t really offer solutions. I wanted to change my plan which would be an upgrade and give them more money but they just wouldn’t help me get there. The website to change plans or upgrade is impossible. It needs to be updated. This app wouldn’t let me upgrade or even renew my present plan which expires tonight so I gave up and will let my service expire. I have signed up with YoGPS. Turns out the app is very up to date, the service is better as far as update frequency per cost. Win-win! Landairsea lost what would have been a premium subscriber today.
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2 years ago, jes' Tom
I don't think i've ever been motivated or excited enough about a product I've bought to write a review about, thinking the creator and seller had simply fulfilled their part of our deal by satisfying my expectations. This thing goes well beyond what I could have even hoped for. How such a technologically sophisticated gizmo could be so simple to use and unerringly accurate--and still sell for around 30 bucks is beyond me. I can't resist sharing the enthusiasm with friends.....and discover most of them are blown away too. Wow! What a contraption!!! Jes' Tom
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1 month ago, tamborjne
Security for Spouse
My husband has short term memory loss but is still able to work and drive with a job that has minimal responsibility. He usually can’t remember however where he has been during the day. I got this tracker as a preventive measure for the possibility that in the future he might get lost or get stranded and not know where he is. This tracker placed in his truck is providing me the assurance that I’ll know where he is at all times while he is still able to drive.
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3 years ago, tffhijdschjk
Good app
It’s a pretty good app. It doesn’t always update as quickly as it should, but good enough to do the job. It will sometimes show the vehicle to be about a half mile from my house, even though it had been sitting in driveway for several hours. I understand there are dead cell spots in any area, but I don’t understand how it goes to sleep so quickly and doesn’t update after the stops moving sometimes. I pay for the plan that updates every minute and there is now way to get half a mile around my neighborhood in 30 seconds.
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3 years ago, Spouse Spy
Unfortunately I did not like the reason I had to use this, because of my husband’s dishonesty. The device is very small and easy to use. You have have minute to minute updates on your cell phone, which you will need to recharge it, but you can extend the time it’s tracked to save on your battery. I kept it under the passenger seat the magnet is very strong. Hopefully you will not need for the same reason as me, so whatever the reason I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Brenden1622
Excellent Application for GPS Tracking
I’ve been using the Land Air & Sea GPS tracker to track and keep tabs on my vehicles for close to a year. I’ve had no issues with my physical device and the applications ability to keep up with the 15 second updates my device sends out. So far so good! The company also gave me a deal when writing a review for them. Very satisfied customer.
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1 year ago, LVLA
Very good but lately not so much
Current issue, app and website are not displaying history even though the vehicle is and has been active. Other than that, I gave it 4 stars because I’ve had this for over 6 months and it’s been pretty good. I had a problem with a unit not charging anymore and it was replaced after I sent it in and it couldn’t be fixed. Please fix app issue. Part of the reason I own this device is the reliability and ease of use of the app.
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1 year ago, Ookie locc
So I purchased and added it to one of my vehicles and it was working fine for a couple weeks until all of a sudden it stopped sending me the location so I assumed it had to have fallen off and I canceled my subscription. The very next morning it started working again. Mind you I paid for a month so why did they cut my signal off and the battery went from 60% to 0% in about 7 to 8 hours. If I paid for a month and regardless of my canceling my subscription should I not still have service for the month I paid for. Do not waste your time especially if you wanted to try it out or only needed it for a short period of time.
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1 year ago, 9-LIVES 78
Disappointed customer
First of all the Monthly cost is a bit steep. On top of that the map leaves a lot to be desired. There is no real time tracking available. The app does not show stops, or denote lengths of time at the stops. The app overlaps multiple lines of travel for a very confusing layout of routes traveled. It will very often show the vehicle has traveled over open land or through buildings instead of following the road or actual path of the vehicle. All and all I would call this app and the device a flop. I’m currently searching for a replacement. Don’t waste $100 getting started just to learn it’s not worth owning.
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1 year ago, Stud muffins
Great product and service with this.
Had it for a year now and like how you can change the way it cost you to use. Every time I need it to be there, it is as long as you remember to keep it charged or you can leave it plugged in. The battery last a good long time if you only ping it once a day. Sticks anywhere you want it and is water resistant to a degree of torture.
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1 year ago, Jharp500
Exceeds my expectations
This tracker and the app on my phone exceed my expectations for ease of use and consistent, accurate and clear mapping. My 87 year old Mom wants us to track her. It makes her feel safer to know we always know where she is. True story: she made a wrong turn on a dark and foggy night and I found her with this app. It was awesome! Thank you so much for a quality product.
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2 years ago, fksilvercloud!
Worst purchase ever.
I bought the tracking device a week ago and I am honestly really disappointed the tracking device doesn’t even work it’s saying to contact for help but the number to contact you guys doesn’t even work. But the worst part is that the device worked as soon as I payed but after a day it stopped working and logged me out my account, I spent 130 something dollars for literally nothing and I just want my money back because it wasn’t even used to 2 days but only for like 12 hrs I wouldn’t recommend people buying this you could end up losing your money.
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3 years ago, bennreuuz
Finding that this is not all that wonderful
I am finding that this device is not as accurate as they claim. Installed the device yesterday, end it takes forever to update sometimes hours to get locations. The app needs more work in my opinion to offer more options. As of right now I am not overly thrilled and might be returning
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2 years ago, jerk checken
Great device
I am truly impressed with this device it work so well and the battery life is so long the only thing is I wish I could see when the target is actually moving not when it gets to one place to another but actually watching it moving .other than that the device is great!!!!!
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3 years ago, CCSMomof2
This device is very bery basic technology. The history is saved as one long continuous drive rather than each drive and you have to watch the route like a slowmo video rather than being able to see a route tracing on the map like many other GPS tracking systems. No options on what kind of notifications to receive. Incredibly basic for the same price as others. Not that effective unless all you want is to be able to open and see where someone is at that moment. Not good as a tracking history.
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3 years ago, Pap1t0
Inaccurate timing
You can track on actual time, however, when you go back to review tracking history it will give you inaccurate times. Needs improvement. It should have a better system for the price you pay for the device and subscription.
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2 years ago, C Easton Travel
Very useful features.
I like the idea of knowing exactly where my car is when I’m not using. Showing satellite view, showing the address, backtracking and knowing when a car leaves a certain area are my favorite features. Trying to start a business soon so this is something I needed.
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2 years ago, LadyHawkHaw
Easy way to protect property
I am not a highly technical person by any means but Silvercloud is easy to set up and easy to use. I have an off grid cabin in the mountains and have had some of my solar system and other equipment stolen. I use the Silvercloud app to monitor my generator and other large items. I just wish I had discovered it sooner.
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2 years ago, championjoe234
Love it
Edit: developer put back the 30 min option - five stars love the app. The 30 min option was recently removed from the app. 1 hour updates are too long for my purposes. If the 30 min updates are put back I will change to 5 stars. Otherwise I love the product
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3 months ago, Ghessian28
I really love this device and the company that runs it the the subscription. The battery life is very nice last one month for me however, it seems to freeze very seldom but it does still like this device. Looks like make up if you put it in a make up bag very discreetly.
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12 months ago, hffbehufdhifihf
Great little gadget
Does everything one would want it to do. Battery life seems to be. About eight or nine days with a lot of movement. However, when it hits fifty %, that means it’ll be dead soon. I still think, fir the money, it’s probably the best on the market. The location map fir the most part is precise.
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2 years ago, DrewPerky
Works Perfect
Bought it to stick onto my SxS when trail riding/camping. Even in the middle of no where I can still find my buggy. Takes a min to get a signal from it sometimes but I think that could be my cell phone signal. Only down fall is the on and off button. Thanks
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2 years ago, Findthetruth2
He is busted
I bought the tracking device because I felt the guy I had been dating for 14 months was cheating. And the device took me right to the address in which he was found with his new found love. The dive is easy to use and very clear and easy to navigate. The best $25 bucks I every spent!!!!
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1 year ago, capazuri
Location is not current
I got the GPS for quite a while already, location is not accurate, we thought the business truck was a a job site and then saw the truck 40 minutes away from that location!! I had to close the app and re opened 3 times for the correct location, unbelievable!! I am paying for the 3 second accuracy location data and pay on time every single month for this to happen. What is going on??? This is not the first time!
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2 years ago, B111111
I’m having a car shipped and was wondering how long it would stay charged without energy saver. Three days and still working. Only thing I didn’t realize was the monthly charge, so know that before you buy. Not cheap but works as advertised.
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3 years ago, alexpolanco
no sharing location on google maps?
A major oversight is the capacity to open and/or share the vehicle location on google maps with someone or yourself. Doesn’t seem to support location sharing on google maps to get directions to the location of the tracker. If I lost something with this tracker how am I suppose to determine how to get there if i can’t share the location for directions? Also no way to turn off the fence feature after activating it.
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2 years ago, tury818
Not satisfied
I bought this for the reason to see my son speed on the streets or freeway because I have heard he likes to speed on my vehicle and I don’t see thatSetting on the app to view the speed and also it is not updating and I also bought a more expensive plan so it could update quicker and it hasn’t done it it’s been sending me a location for my house when the car is that even in the house it’s been about six hours the car left and app says it’s still in the house
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2 years ago, Nickylocation
Expectation failure
This device does not live up to expectations. It seems very cumbersome to try to track the events of the day. Each time you review the history you must start over from when the device first activated. Other devices that I’ve used gives you the opportunity to select the exact time you want to review. This device does not allow you to pick a certain time in the day. Ex: if I log on at 8 pm I can not tell the device to say activity between 6:00-8:00 pm. Disappointing
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3 years ago, Kenlee0906
This device is easy to setup and use. The options of real time and periodic locating lets me decide how I want to track my vehicles. The insta-fence function puts my mind as ease because I don’t need to constantly monitor that vehicle as long as it it stationary. Once it moves, then I will be notified.
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3 years ago, Track guy!
Yep it works
It has a good magnet and appears it will last in a storm. So far so good don’t know when it will need to be charged again, it’s been one day and lost 20% so I’m hoping it will last a week we will see. But it’s spot on tracking. Just wish the battery would last longer without doing energy saver mode.
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1 year ago, A Rafferty Paving
Happy business owner
I am a contractor and I own three vehicles I am very happy that now I can track my trucks know where they’re at at all times and keep a log of where they’ve been a case a driver tries to deny being somewhere you have evidence very nice five stars
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2 years ago, lenniJD
I think the great feature is that you can set up geo fences to help notify you when equipment has moved outside of its zone. Very hand if your stuff tries taking off and it’s not supposed to be. Definitely recommend getting in today’s world….
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3 years ago, Honeys24
Stopped working and froze after few days
The tracker device just stopped working for no reason, stayed frozen even after resetting it. I only got device and its almost brand new, and now its already broken
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2 years ago, Lestin Chrislor
I have a problem with GPS, you take a money every month on my account, I don’t find a service, you see the GPS doesn’t work , still go on to take off the money in my account, I would like you stop ..
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1 year ago, mr.kiyoshi
Good product
Been using this product for over a year. I have it on the outside of a car in the wheel well so it is exposed to harsh conditions. That said, I had to replace it a few times. The price point is so reasonable that it’s well worth replacing.
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2 years ago, gdsjbxyj BBC
Incredibly user friendly app and service
The set up process couldn’t be more simple to do. Once you input your device info and turn it on you’ll be good to go in a few minutes or less. Very impressed.
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3 years ago, ColdHam
Finally a tracking solution that works!
Buy the Two-year plan to get a reasonable price. $240... connect to a power source and forget it. Then when you need it it works reliably. I have installed it on a ebike with USB power and epoxied in place.
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2 months ago, icemanzach
Updating location
This device is handy and the pinpoint location is pretty accurate when the device is stationary, but in my experience the device struggles to update location in the time increments that you set. If you have it set up for 30 second intervals it’s spotty sometimes it works and most of the time it won’t update till it’s stationary again.
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3 years ago, johnny oasis
Hi! I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time so this is nice to be able to do this through the app. I had Spytec prior to this device. Although I do love your device because it is water proof and the size, the interface through your website and app are not as user-friendly. I truly did like the Spytec interface better. I’m actually considering going back due to that. It was easier to track and see the locations.
Show more
3 years ago, AJ__.
The app works just fine. They’ve definitely made improvements in both the apps reliability & features... Although there’s no major bells & whistles, it does it’s job. My personal top 2 requests would be... #1: BRING BACK DARK MODE... #2: allow customization of the tracker icon (red dot) like possible on the Silvercloud tracking website.
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2 years ago, Gamerskater38
Great accuracy!
My son just got his license and so far we allow him to drive back and forth to work until he’s comfortable. This tracking device helps to ensure there are no issues or deviations:)
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3 years ago, chann182736484949
Time zone
The app works. It's tracking like it's supposed to but the time is wrong. When it updates the location it's the wrong time. Like 2 hours off. I'm in the only time zone that I can use. I've already called the company, Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It still giving the wrong time. Please fix.
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11 months ago, Bib5$8&
Tracker keeps freezing..
Continuously freezes up works great in the beginning and then freezes up and it is not accurate at all the more it’s used. This is my fourth one purchased in the same problem. I have emailed customer support. I have replaced them and the fact that you can’t transfer the money from one account to another when you purchase a new one is also a rip off.
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6 months ago, RZR DT
Not so good anymore
It worked great for awhile. I changed the settings and put it in stealth mode. Now I can’t get it to update more than once a day. When it updates it’s location its around 3am to 4:30 am. I’ve tried to reset it, turned it off and restarted it, I let the battery die and it’s still the same. Worked pretty good but now I’m letting my subscription expire and changing companies and the set up.
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