SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition

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1076.5 MB
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Current version
Aspyr Media, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.14.6 or later
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User Reviews for SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition

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9 years ago, china2001red
Good game! I don’t know if it’s worth $20...
I just bought this game today. Played it for like 4 hours so far! Definitly fun and entertaining but for me it just lacks something. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Sims 3/4 where you create a sim and acutally get more personal. You can build a single home and single family. Maybe for me that is just better. However, if you enjoy building an empire or being in charge (there is even a game mode where you are playing as “god”) of a whole city this is probably the game for you. This game is actually very fun once you get used to the controls. At first I was overwhelmed with options but the tutorial will definitly help. Overall if you are debating between sims 2 or simscity it’s really by preference. If you want to build an empire/city then this is the game for you, if you want to get more personal and creative then sims 1,2,3 or even 4 is probably a better route. If you are deciding whether or not to spend the $20 on this game or another game then it really depends on the other game. If money isn’t an issue, I would definitly grab this game anyways! It’s always worth a shot!
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2 days ago, $$$$$$$$M1
Sim City 2003 release not 2000, game play loses fun after a bit
I had the original Sim City 2000. It was great fun with more to do. This remake, I want to say this is the 2003 redo of Sim City 2000, is close, not the same. Every city ends the same: you have profits in the millions of Simoleons until your Sims want more government but not spending on them. You give them what you want and have to alter the budget but unless you leave them without water or power, your city runs breaking even or in the red. The old Sim City 2000 didn't have that game play. I tried this out, really gave it a shot, everything ends the same. I'm happy that any Sim City games are on here. This works really well. Having the actual Sim City 2000, and the old DOS one, would have been the best. I would give this 5 stars if all of the game play weren't so predictable and sad.
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1 year ago, mmorache2012
Very happy with this game
I have been playing this game for nearly two decades now. I love everything about it and have recently started using mods, specifically the NAM. Having switched to Mac, I was happy to see that this version allows the use of Mods, unlike the versions through origin. There are a few glitches, specifically with sound effects from what I have noticed, but otherwise this game plays exactly as I expected. I really enjoy it. Thank you for all of your hard work bringing this to Mac.
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1 year ago, SXL168
Great game that just keeps on going
I've been playing this game off and on for probably close to 20 years. I just discovered Aspyr released an update for this to run on ARM Macs which totally blew my mind and was completely unexpected. Greatly appreciate their efforts to keep this game alive since no other city sim game comes close to the huge regions you can do with this version that I've seen. Also big shoutout to the mod community for keeping this alive all these years also.
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1 year ago, Birdmantt
Finally, a big improvement
I bought the Aspyr version when it first came out. The developers didn't tell us that it would only work in the 600x800 mode. That's why you guys had trouble with the UI. Since the latest update, it works in the 1260x960 mode and looks just fine. The NAM upgrade is almost useless. It makes the game about streets instead of developments. If you want to put in some plugins, put them in the library section of the Aspyr folder.
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1 year ago, T10LawnDart
Terrible Sound
Please fix the sound! I used to love the music and ambient city sounds of sim city games but there is something really off with this version. Regardless of what is going on or what stage of the game you are in, there is a constant old motor sound that doesn't stop unless you completely zoom out and scroll away from any roads. I like the sound of traffic in SC games but this one is terrible, same motor sound and constantly revving
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1 year ago, ilifecomputer
Just bought for M1 Mac - Settings Broken
Hey Team, I set the resolution to highest setting and now some UI elements dont work. For example, from main initial selection page I can no longer select/enter settings. Clicking does nothing. It appears setting to highest resolution broke some button clickability on my system (M1 Macbook Pro). Hoping this can be patched. Since its not limited just to settings. For example, in tutorial i cannot advance because the first instruction to click on God Mode layout button does not actually work.
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1 year ago, Stec
Runs smooth on Apple Silicon
Just got this because I noticed this old game was updated for Apple silicon. Keep in mind max resolution is 1920 x 1080 so if you have a higher res screen, the visuals may not delight. But this is all about the gameplay and true city building and management. With Apple silicon support it's nice to know the game will be around and supported for a long time.
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1 year ago, drumcat
Still unplayable
There's still a huge bug in it. You open it up, set it to 1600x1200, and then you can no longer open options. I'm only putting this in the review because it's been there for ages. You have to reinstall the game. I don't want to play it at 800x600, thanks. Please correct this; it's been long enough. Now they've introduced the inability to click on the Mayor's menu. Renders playing completely useless. Removing second star, and would give 0 if I could.
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1 year ago, Max O Menox
I can't believe it
I used to play SimCity back in the day. I decided to day to play again for fun a little bit of nostalgia. But I am pretty sad to find an annotying bug. The first thing that I did was to adjust the graphics level - the default looks bad. When you start a city there is a panel in the bottom of the screen that supposedly should let you open another menu, change the speed, etc. Well, It doesn't detect clicks if the graphics level is not the default. I had to play again with the options to find this. I don't know if my laptop is connected to multiple monitors, but I tried from any of them. I didn't try to disconnect them to play. I am requesting a refund and I will keep SimCity in my memories only.
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1 year ago, Billish
Overall, Very Good...but doesn't handle the "notch" on new M2 MacBook Airs
Overall, excellent port to Mac. However, they haven't fixed the game to handle the screen "notch" on the new MacBook Air M2. When you go to the mayor menus at the bottom of the screen, some items don't work because they haven't calculated the pixel coordinates correctly when the notch is present. One can overcome this by: 1. Set Macbook Air display settings to "More Space" option, which mimics 1710 X 1112 2. When starting game, choose option to run at full screen. 3. WIthin the game, set graphic option to 1280 X 1024.
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5 months ago, timitche
just like I remembered it!
back in the Day I would like too play SimCity 2000, when was not available Sim City 4 is just as good. and Happy to see it available on my new Macbook M2, Air. its cool I can still buy it and Run it on a newer system.
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1 year ago, tmatch
Works great on a Mac Studio, M1!
This is the fastest SimCity ever, running on a Mac Studio Ultra with 128GB of Ram lol. So far so good, game works flawlessly. Thanks to the developers for keeping this alive and so far it seems pretty bug free. Update: Changed review to 4 stars, game sometimes crashes when saving, lots 5 hours of work.
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11 months ago, 745hh
Technical Issues
Once you are done with the tutorial there is no more support on what needs to happen. I have added sims, but I am not sure how to get them jobs. More importantly I can't navigate around!!! I was able to do that before, but I am not able to that anymore.
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1 year ago, i_Scott
A Classic, Bring to the iPad Please!
Spent many hours playing this game and always enjoy it. Now, even better with Apple Silicon support. Please port to the iPad M1! Would be a great addition.
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1 year ago, JIMbobDAthird
Re-downloaded this old favorite, 2021 MBP16" M1P It's a disaster, but not quite SimCity 2013 bad. Suffers graphics issues: "play in a window" is nogo on the 2 higher settings, full screen on 2nd monitor is nogo. DO NOT recommend as a new buy from app store, until they sort out the graphics... Recommend windows steam for that notalgia itch.
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10 months ago, saynotocrap
Thank you
I had nearly given up on the developer. Thank you for bringing Apple Silicon support to this classic
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1 year ago, Snoopshomes
Love this game!
I remember playing this game as a kid and as far as I can tell, this is the same game. Same graphics and everything. I love it. Super fun.
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3 months ago, Kmoser15
Beyond me
This is really difficult to navigate. I mourn that the original Sim City is unavailable. I have tried to learn this new version and I have finally given up. Waste of money. Waste of time. I do not recommend it.
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1 year ago, LiteraryGenie
Not like Sim City 3
I played Sim City 3 for 10 years and thought this would be an upgrade but somehow the graphics are worse and the interface is cluttered and hard to navigate. I wish I had never bought this :' (
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1 year ago, ZoolanderBOT
I'm so sad
I was really looking forward to playing this game. I starting things up, and decided to set resolution to max. Now most of the UI buttons on the bottom right do not work with the trackpad. I'm so sad!
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12 months ago, Jim Latham
Mouse control issues
Essentially the game is unusable to the point that I need to shut down the computer to exit the game because the option panel does not come upo even when I click on it.
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4 months ago, samuel ..
Riducluously difficult to use. The tutorials are worthless. I can not go from god mode to mayor mode. I can not click anything in the menu area. This is a waste of money. It should be easier to use.
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1 year ago, S-T-W
shockingly poor UI
the UI is very dated and annoying. It looks like something written decades ago and ineptly ported to MacOS. Yes. the game play is ok. fine. But I have quit playing this. It's just not that great.
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1 year ago, ChairmanMeow303
Doesn't work
Graphics are very poor and the UI is quirky. It stopped working once I tried to increase the screen resolution. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, kobyn_w
The game doesnt even launch.
I bought the game on my 2009 iMac and the game launcher opens and then when I select "PLAY" the game just crashes and doesnt even launch.
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6 months ago, mkugszvnm
cant click anything
it use to run just fine, but now when i open i cant do anything once i pick a city. it's frozen! now of the controls are excessable.
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11 months ago, sophia784936
lowkey my fault
i thought it was sims 4,, i know thats my fault but i feel like its made like this for the purpose of tricking poeple
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1 year ago, Jomant
Resolution bug.... sad that EA is not optizize a 2014 game..... Get more Interns I guess
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10 years ago, a_muses
Incredibly Happy! Mods work, too, with some jiggering!
I am so glad to see that Aspyr has dusted off this title. SimCity 4 is now, thanks to more than a decade of fan work in modding the game, the most powerful city simulator available. While the game out of the box has the same problems it had when first released (high-wealth residences grow too easily; pathfinding is bizarre; available building models are limited; etc.), with a few downloads the game is hugely enjoyable. Even best, Aspyr is staying transparent about rolling out patches Windows users have long enjoyed. A word to the wise about mods: the Plugins folder, which previously resided outside the game, is now embedded in the game file itself. Left-click and select "Show Package Contents," then go to GameData. There's your Plugins folder, and most things work fine. (Finding Mac-friendly plugins without installers is as difficult as ever, though! What is it with Windows users and their need for installers? How hard can it be to drag and drop? /rant) Regarding the NAM: The NAM (Network Addon Mod), by far the single most important addition to the game, will need to be carefully extracted with Keka from the .exe and installed manually, starting first with the core files, which seem to work fine for all Mac users. The additional plugins (bridges, roundabouts, ground light rail, etc.) have worked for some and caused crashes for others.
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10 years ago, Four4BYU
Compared to past versions of the game, I was very disappointed. The horrifically awful, mind-numbingly poor, quirky controls aside, the game itself was lacking in a lot of the fun features found in previous versions. Once I fill up my small area of land and build out my city…then what? There’s no cool residential buildings to unlock, building a truly modern city with nuclearn plants, subways, etc. is difficult, if not impossible to do, because of costs. There isn’t room to build a huge city with a giant population to create the tax base that can support the enourmous costs associated with building anything fun and modern. The only thing I can think to do once my city is built out, is tweak it a litle bit with the limited funds I have available, then start a new city completely and run into the same proclems. I have tried multiple new designs to see if I was somehow missing something and there was a “magic formula” to unlock some awesome features. Nothing so far. After just a few days, I was already dreading the same mundane tasks and problems with no hope for something better. Soooo…im done with playing this in less than a week. Such a dissapointment. So much potential, but all the best parts I have always loved are left out . Save your money.
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8 years ago, 1992Bulldogs
Great Game Just Can’t Play :/
I love this game and when I bought it here it ran perfectly and I had no issues even with tons of mods installed but now ever since the update I haven’t been able to even play as for the past month I just click on the SC4 Icon and it doesn’t load up. They’ve had the note saying we’re working on a quick fix but its been a long time and I’m getting aggrivated. RCT3 was like this but fixed in less than a day so what the heck is going on here? UPDATE: The game did the same thing to me again just now (Feb. 2016) and so I did what they said again, reinstall which worked except I LOST ALL CONTENT! ALL OF IT! I am outraged! I lost all my plugins and my maps (which I worked very hard on). I am extremely disapointed and this will definetly be my last purchase from Aspyr.
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6 years ago, Darmok N. Jalad
Runs fine for me
This game was so cheap that I had to give it a try, despite the poor reviews. So far, I’ve had no problems running it on a 5,1 quad core Mac Pro with Radeon 7870, so I’m not sure if some folks just don’t have the power to run this as the developer says (a little odd for a game that I recall playing on single core systems running Windows XP). For those that are complaining about graphical quality, that needs to be adjusted accordingly in game. Despite my more-than-adequate system, the game defaulted to a lesser resolution. Once corrected, my system has no trouble playing the game at 1080P with all the quality settings maxed out. I’ve played it for over an hour with no crashes or slowdowns, and it looks exactly like the Windows version that I wasted absurd amounts of time playing when this game first came out. Game data appears to be saved in your User folder, it’s just hidden a few layers down. Thanks for the memories and another reason not to dual boot!
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10 years ago, John-Robert La Porta
Just what I have been waiting for
After not being able to play the game on my Mac for years, as well as many failed attempts to properly emulate it in Windows via Fusion, Aspyr has come through big time and created this native version. This version is faster than any other than I have played before. You can’t run it with full graphics settings on my 2012 MacBook Air, but my 2012 iMac has no trouble effortlessly running it at full resolution, with full graphics, and absolutely no slowdown. The only issue is a few quirks if you switch between programs, and a few sound glitches, but nothing that can’t be overcome by updates. The biggest positive is this: finally, we have the penultimate version of Sim City to use, unrestricted on our machines, with no nonsense needed internet connection or limited size of the more recently released new EA Sim City game. If you want to make a massive, unrestricted city and region, then this is indeed the verison for you.
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9 years ago, TheFallofTim
Good for light modding, but not nearly as good as the Windows version
I’ve been playing Sim City 4 since it first came out in 2003, and in the last year I started adding user-created buildings to it since it made the game even better. I bought this version expecting to be able to have the same experience as the Windows version, however there are a few catches. It is significantly more stable than the Windows version in that if left completely unmodified and even with a gigabyte or two of user-created content, you don’t experience any Crash-To-Desktop(CTD’s) or having to Force-quit the application. However, unlike the Windows version, you cannot have more than ~2.5GB of user-created content without the game not working at all, which makes me very sad since this is the perfect pick-up-and-go kind of game for when you’re in the airport or goofing of in class. I wish Aspyr would resolve these issues so that Mac users could enjoy the game as much as Windows users can.
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10 years ago, yodeling aodl
Happy to have this again, HATE magic mouse touchiness
It’s great to have this back again, as a few months before this was added to the app store I was looking through support archives to see if it would be possible to get my old disc based versions working. I would like to be able to open my old cities and have not found a way to do so yet. The biggest negative is that there seems to be zero modernization except, perhaps, for larger screen support. All I want is better awareness of hardware like the Magic Mouse. Basically, I would like to disable the “scroll wheel to zoom” feature which is way too sensitive on the Magic Mouse, and it seems like every time I click to do an operation, I also suddenly zoom way in or way out. I always felt that SimCity 4 with the Transit extensions was the best of the SimCity games and - in general - I’m glad to have this running on modern hardware. I just wish it had some new configuration options to deal with some of that hardware.
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9 years ago, vlamp66
great game
finding no issues with game. downloaded onto 2009 macbook. was glad to find this version of simcity and as a download. have read disc authentication error with all the sims disc if i try to play with the disc. if you go to originand register sims3 and sims 4 and the curent simcity games and all their expansions you can download them all and play them without the disc authentication errors. all the sims games crashed on my gateway pc. stopped playing them because of it all. will mention this macbook is running yosamite latest version. 1 terabyte hd and 4gb as well. finding i like my macbook better than any of the pc’s i ever owned. ipod and iPad will play the gams as well. very tempting. been wanting both for long time. seems more user friendly than windows. like that apple provides free xos updates and latest system programs. i pad minis 199 at wally world here. very tempting indeed!
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10 years ago, Civilprotection
The Best Sim City to Date
This has got to be one of the best Sim City games ever created. Ever since switching to a Mac from a Windows PC this is the one game I have been waiting for for a long time to come to Mac. This game is a 5 Star game no doubt, but I had an experince Im not happy with. When I first downloaded this game I played for 4 hours straight, I created a giant metropolis that I was very proud of. However, out of no where the game suddenly crashes and with no auto save feature added to the Mac version, my city was gone, 4 hours wasted with nothing to show for it. That in my opinion is one crash too many. That is why I only give it a 4 Star instead of the 5 it deserves. With that, if you are a Sim City fan you have already downloaded this game. Just make sure you take the time to save your progress every so often because it is not as stable as the PC version right now, in time I know it will get better.
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9 years ago, TroyandJason
Runs perfect! So much better than the first Aspyre port!
I had this originally for Windows, then when I moved to Mac with my G5 I bought it again. Aspyre did a crap job on the port, plus the “update”for Intel Macs was just as bad. So I had given up hope for the Mac version, installed Windows via BootCamp, and played there. Then I saw this newly redone version, and gambled, but WOW does it run beautifully on both my late 2014 MacMini i7 and my 2009 MacBook Pro. I have had no problems at all, and the mods I have (NAM and a couple others) run beautifully once I figured out I had to Show Package Contents on the App to get to the Plug-Ins folder. Now I play it every day, and can once again nerd out creating mega cities. Right now I have one at 1.4 million and one at 3.7 million, have one region filled completely, and have started another today.
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6 years ago, Rotten24
Launching Issues FIX
I was weary to download this because of the price and the repeated reviews saying that the game would not launch. My greatest fear came true when I attempted to launch for the first time and it failed. However, by going into the game settings from the launch window, if you select one of the different aspect ratios for your screen, the game will launch and run just fine. As for the game itself, it is a timeless city running simulation. While the graphics haven’t held up too well to today’s standards, the gameplay is overall intuitive and addicting. SimCity is a classic game that is certainly worth the high price. Additionally, it is worth noting that many of the major glitches I had encountered playing this game as a child seem to be corrected. Overall great game.
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10 years ago, Quadralateral
It works! It really works!
Some ten years ago I bought the first Macintosh release of this game and was quite disapointed with its performance on my then-powerful Dual 1.25 GHz Power Mac G4. The release of the Intel-based Macs brought more powerful computers, but the performance of the game was still hindered by the need to use the Rosetta emulation layer. When I upgraded to Mac OS 10.7 I lost the abiliy to play the game at all. Now Aspyr has re-released the best version (in my opinion) of SimCity ever and all the problems with the original release seem to be resolved. The performance on my Mac Pro (with a GTX 680 Mac Edition card) is fluid and very playable even at 2560x1600 resolution with all graphics quality options at their highest settings. The gameplay is everything I hoped it would be. Great job, Aspyr!
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10 years ago, Koolaid10199
Yes…yes and more yes
So…i go way back with Sim City…back when your zone options were just a square…and homes would build inside of them. I purchesed Sim City 5 on launch day(along with a copy of Windows i could install on my Mac so i could play it)…and we all know how that turned out. When i (finally) got to play SC5…it left me just wishing for SC4….and i kind of thought the book was closed on SC4 being ported to OSX. But one day…there it was in the featured section! I threw my money at it as fast as i could….and i don’t regret it at all. I think it plays perfectly. It is just as i remember…huge maps…teraforming….rivers…lakes…highway systems. (that you can design) If you are on the fence over this or SC5..this…a million times this…you won’t regret it at all!
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10 years ago, Cur5edSn1per
I was hesitant at first because some reviews said there was problems with it, however, I havent had any problems with it. I played the game for 5 hours straight and havent had it freeze or freak out on me. I used the custom tunes and that worked fine along with the window option and that also worked fine. IF you are having problems with the game maybe your Mac doesnt have the right requirements to play this game or you just have bad luck. As for the gameplay, everything is solid. No lag, nothing along that sort and the graphics are what you expect for coming out in 2003 (originally) but that doesnt make it bad at all. If you have played this before then i reccomend you get this.
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8 years ago, nicholas042893
Made me smile`
After having owned and played SimCity 2000, 3000, and 4, I’m quite attached to my SimCity series! I keep a PowerBook G3 around just to play SC 2000 natively. I was about to install Windows on my MBPr, but then I noticed one day SC4 is here in the app store! So, I purchased it and launched it…to find myself immersed in wonderful, original gameplay. Un-aged! It plays flawlessly on my Late 2013 MBPr 15”. It was $20 well spent! I’m so glad they brought this game into the Intel Mac world so gracefully. I haven’t noticed anything to complain about! I spend hours in this game. However, those of you who like trainers to cheat, I’m not sure you’ll have an easy time finding those for this version of SC4 on Intel Macintoshes. I haven’t tried, but it just came to mind.
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9 years ago, Cray47
Great sim game; some tuning would be helpful
I have been a prlayer of “Sim” games for many years, going back to the first (pre PPC) Macs. SimCity 4 continues to be a wonderful app of that type and works without problem on my MacBook Pro. The improvements over previous versions are significant. There is one area that could use attention, that of the conflict between Types of industries (clean and dirty). I have found that, as suggested by other comments, setting taxes at 20% to one type or other forces a uniform and non-conflicting population for that city’s industry. I would prefer that Industry ZONING allow for the segregation of types in the same way the building rules perform; they want to segregate. With that a player could control and locate clean and dirty building specifically, avoiding the probable mix and then abandoned or undesirable neighbors (cells). I’d like to see the ability to bring sub-way traffic to surface but I realize that has conflicts with surface freight. They would have to be separate network types. The interface is a bit awkward but you get used to it, and considering the sofistication of the game it is reasonable.
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10 years ago, Justin92
rated 4-star because of the two crashes
At first, i was thrilled SC4 is available for the macs. It's been one of my top favorite games for years. I had two crashes so far! One was not very serious, the other so disappointing that i haven't played for weeks. It'll take a while to get over it and be a while until I play again. My mac meets all the requirements, system, graphic, memory, processor and everything, that's why I can't figure out why that happened. I filed a bug report already but they couldn't fix it. Instead, they made changes to my city, which made me more upset. Anyway, I'm glad they make this game for the macs. At least, I can play one of my favorite games on the mac now. The other games on the app store are not as appealing to me as SC4.
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10 years ago, Alienated Intelligence
Resurecting Classics
I must say, it’s good to find someone who looks back every now and then to games that had something special. I tried to use the old version on PC (using Windows 7 via bootcamp), but Windows doesn’t seem to be able to run it without several glitches. So, seeing this available for MAC and in perfect working conditions, I must say it was worth it. I like the fact that Rush Hour Expansion was included. ((—Now if I keep my fingers crossed and hope hard enough, maybe Aspyr will be able to procure the other SIM games that are lost in translation including: SimAnt, SimPark, SimSafari, SimTower, SimFarm… among the other games that came out in the 90s (and can no longer be played due to the tech gap))
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8 years ago, TheFlyingZap
Broken mess
I downloaded this app despite the one star reviews because I’ve had this game in the past and loved it and most of the complaints were about how plugins got deleted with the update. I was never really big into mods or plugins and liked to play the game as it was so I didn’t think much of the negative reviews. I wish I hadn’t bought the game, waste of twenty dollars. Since I installed the game, it’s been nothing but one problem after another. I couldn’t zone bigger than a 1x1 area and the city wouldn’t grow even when I gave it a go anyway. On top of that, something in the application made my computer freeze with a manual reset being the only way to get it going again. Even if I wasn’t playing the game, the computer would freeze. As soon as I uninstalled the game, everything went back to normal. Do yourself a favor, save your money and save aggravation and don’t buy this game.
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10 years ago, CraigAndJoe
I’ve been playing SC for-basically-ever. I ran Parallels so I could continue playing SC4 for the longest time, but the original versions of SC4 required a CD to be installed and with the move to a MacBook Air I just put it all away. Last year I jumped ship, only to be disappointed when the new SimCity was released: it sadly doesn't compete with this 10+ year old game. But with the release of SC4 in the App Store I can play again! I moved my original decade-old game folder to the super-secret hiding spot, copied my cheat plugins over and fired it up. My 100+ year old cities are still thriving and dying just like always. I can’t believe the old cheats work. And now I can play on the Acela again! Woot!
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4 years ago, BuCkNuT61412191984
Game Crashes
I downloaded this game a few months ago when COVID-19 began, and it an well, with little to no crashes. In the last few weeks, the game will get through the loading menu, and into the region, but as soon as you start to try a new city, the game crashes and sends you back to the desktop. No matter what I have done, the game will not load now (Aug. 2020) This was an excellent but now all of the crashes and bugs, has rendered this game useless, and now I am out $20 for something that I can no longer enjoy. The developers need to seriously look into this. I have tried to find support on why this version does nothing but crash, but to no avail, I can’t. Please if you love Sim City 4 maybe you will have better luck if you install it with a Hard Disk, but the App Store / Aspyr version has let me down. PLEASE help us with these issues!
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