SimCity BuildIt

3.9 (44.1K)
219.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electronic Arts
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SimCity BuildIt

3.94 out of 5
44.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Incite3
I really enjoy this game however there are some things i believe many players would agree would help if were available: 1. It would be nice you are able to look at your storage items when in another city. Sometimes i am looking for several items and since we are limited on time we cannot so easily go back to our city check what we need then go back to the city to buy any other items that are convenient. 2. I am usually in a hurry especially when it comes to challenges or when there is just too many items at the store i need. Having the option of popping a random bubble in another city really close to their store would save a lot of time. 3. It would also save a lot of time if it would just go straight to the city once it loads instead of slightly rotating around for a bit before you can look around or select anything within the city. 4. It would also be very very nice if there was a way of selecting only the items you need at a time in out factories. For example: I collect 5 items from my factory i need the 5th item but i cannot receive it unless i sell or use something in order to get the 5th item because i only have space for 4 more items when i could maybe for example hold the factory to move, or bulldoze, double tap to collect all items at the same time and tap it once to select the items i need first. I believe many players would agree if these features existed it would make the game more enjoyable!
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3 years ago, Horrifying horror
Suggestions! But good and enjoyable! 😊
I love this game! I also love the creators! I play sims almost every day! This game is great! But, I do have some suggestions... My first suggestion is to make it easier to progress. I always run out of money the first five seconds I start playing the game. My second suggestion is that there should be guides to build better cities. Because when I load up other players cities they look a lot more improved than mine when I come back and look at it. If I had a guide to follow to make something that looks like a city. (You should have a variety of guides to choose from to get the perfect city!) My third suggestion is that it is easier to get the bucks. When I buy some it runs out less than a second. Also I think my money runs out to fast to because I have non at the and of my playtime on this app which usually ranges from 5 minutes to 1 and a half hours. A little bit of other suggestions I have are that you should be able to make cities with your friends. Like having a special friend city world. If this was possible I would love it: In the game you are able to make wooden chairs and I this this city buildings should have a inside apartment where you can put all different furniture and have a sim walk around in there. You should also be able to see what’s wrong in there ( if anything ) like no power or water. About everything else I love in this game!😉
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7 years ago, mancyness
I really like this game and I want to keep playing, but it is so frustrating. Firstly, expanding your land is so difficult. You need certain items and the game rarely gives you these items and you have about a 1% chance of finding them for sale from other players. Then, expanding your city storage is frustrating. The game gives you a ton of those items right up until you almost have enough, and then it just stops giving them to you. The game tries so hard to make you spend real money, and honestly Id feel better if I just never downloaded it. I want to play this game but I cant expand my territory without paying 24 simcash for EACH upgrade item!! Ridiculous!! I actually broke down and paid 2.99 to get 200 simcash, and it was only barely enough for one expansion, including the items I already had. Seriously this game is ridiculous!! Earning money hasnt even been the problem for me at all, like some other reviewers have said. To earn money you just have to produce and sell a lot. That is easy and feasible, and pretty fun as well. But expanding your city is difficult and frustrating. To the developers.. Please make it easier to expand!! Edit: The clubs are a cool idea, but there is no point in having them or the wars if I cant find a club that is active. Every club I join has like one post a week. I would like to participate in the wars, but I have been unable to find an active club that will allow me to do so.
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4 years ago, minor child
I love it... kinda (please read if you want thorough review)
Ok, so I’ve been playing this game for a while now. It’s been really great and a fun way to build a city. However, I have some complaints and suggestions. One thing I really don’t like about the game, is the difficulty to expand cities or certain areas (mountains, beaches). The expandable areas are only gained through the small chance of receiving the materials, or the even smaller chance of them being on sale from other players. This makes the game hard to play because after a while, it takes more and more of these materials, and if you can’t expand and build more, you can’t make money. I think it would be easier to create a cap or limit on the amount of materials needed eventually, as they are hard to get and take up space. Another thing is the Global Trade algorithm. Later in the game, building your city has a heavy reliance on Global Trade and the random availability of items from other players. Whenever I don’t need something, have a lot of something, or have that item on sale currently, the item appears almost excessively on Global Trade. However, when I need a certain item, it filters it out of Global Trade making you waste a good 30 minutes searching until you find a couple of the items. This is vey frustrating and I would recommend an update or change. Otherwise, the game is extremely fun and creative. I love the game and can’t wait for future updates!
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6 years ago, ghjsfujffjoomvxs
Love the game, but some changes can be made.
This is a great game! I love the club wars and the challenges. My city is at level 50 now, and it’s totally fun. You get to build buildings, and you can get other, special limited time buildings from the city challenges and other things too. But to expand now I have to get 20 of each item. It’s hard to get the items, eventually you’ll have to pay real money for them, so it would be nice to make them easier to obtain. Maybe at a certain point it just costs a certain amount to expand every time. It would also be nice if your city could expand more. Also, make it so there are limitless expansions. You would still need the items to expand, but like I said before, maybe stop raising the expansion cost after around maybe 20 of each item. They take up a lot of space along with being hard to obtain. Besides that, I would suggest adding weather to the game. You can see the temperature and the forecast. Maybe you can make holidays for your city to celebrate. Maybe people get injured in the weather, and you can upgrade your hospitals to take more patients. It would be cool to add snowplows that go around your city. Also, add a feature that shows how environmentally considerate your city is and healthy it is too. Maybe the more parks, mountain, beach and entertainment specialization's you have your sims health improves. Those are all my suggestions. I would highly recommend this game, it’s super fun!
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2 years ago, unknown answer
I love it …. But it could be better
Honestly when I first started this game I had no intention on keeping it downloaded because I had lost all my progress after I deleted it and took a break from it. .Initially , I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did . The ONLY MAJOR Problem I had was the coins and dollars . Of course almost all games has to include some sort of currency that’s hard to obtain but wow the dollars are very rare . I’m currently on level 23 and I’ve only obtained maybe around 130 dollars which cannot buy you anything pretty much . Another problem I would suggest looking into is better graphics. I think actually being able to zoom further in and see people walking and driving would be a cool feature not necessary but would be cool . Also a lot of the missions are hard to do … in my opinion specifically the evil doctor ones I’m confused on how it would make sense to purposefully destroy the city then have to collect materials again to build it back up but okay now I’m rambling … download it and I would suggest play it back to back for a couple of days then after that space your days up that way you aren’t spending so many coins at once and another major thing is not to collect your city taxes too soon . The more people you have the more money you collect I now have over 100,000 coins and almost all of it has been from collecting taxes …. thank me later
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2 months ago,
It’s an addicting game, but…
I’ve been playing this game for a while now and it’s pretty fun. I like the fact that you get to upgrade your residencies and build a beautiful bustling city however, on the other hand, there is a few concepts that need to change the main thing that bothers me is that it’s very hard to acquire Simoleons other than the fact of upgrading homes and selling materials. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you know that in order to upgrade homes, you have to wait for the material to finish. this can take up to four hours or more waiting for everything to acquire. this is another problem. I have to wait a very long time since some upgrades require a bunch of materials. I’m only on level 13 and some materials take 30 minutes each and some upgrades require 10 of them. Another thing is that too much things cost Sim Cash. (I don’t know what else to call it.) at the start of the game, they only give you $50, which is obviously not enough plenty of options require a lot more money. I have already spent enough money on Simoleons and cash. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on one game! All I’m asking is for EA and the other game developers to do better and and maybe improve the game a little bit more to where I don’t have to always pay for coins and cash. Maybe add some more quicker ways we can earn money and cash.
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6 years ago, Iluvekats
Good,but frustrating!!!!!
I really enjoyed playing this game, but feel that a few items should be changed about the game. I think that if you put an item for sale you should be able to spend coins or dollars to take the item down and keep the item. I also think it would be nice if we could trade omega items with others. My main issue with this game is when it comes to having a war with another group. There seems to be a new strategy going around, which while brilliant, it’s frustrating and makes me not want to play. Team 1 goes in and bombs team 2 quickly, therefore accumulating a lot of war points quickly. Team 2 retaliates, but maybe they don’t have as many members, so they can’t put up as many war points as quickly. Team 1 is completely bubbled and doesn’t ever unbubble. So team 1 is going to win because they refuse to unbubble, and team too just has to sit there and wait. I understand that it is “war “ but this is happening every time I play, and it’s to the point where I don’t even want to go to war with my group anymore. Can’t you make it so that we either have to pay a penalty if we stay bubbled after a certain amount of time or you automatically have to unbubble after so many hours? Just in the name of fairness this would be a great option. Again I understand it’s a game, and it’s a great strategy, but it’s been used way too much and it’s ruining the game for me.
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4 years ago, André Orlandi De Rezende
It’s a beautiful game... BUT
Well, I really love this game that much is true. However, I have one complaint. Why do construction bubbles exist? Why do they have to pop out? Or even better, why do we have to see them? Could you just create two ways to view your city? One that doesn’t always show bubbles and one that does? Because sometimes, I’d just like to see my city the way visitors would see it, without construction bubbles. Or if you could just deny the construction of a building, so that there can be some building diversities in my city and not just a bunch of skyscrapers. Even though those really look awesome. And if the player doesn’t want to deny that forever then, create a way where we can deny those building upgrades for a while (a long one, at least for a few days). I think that many players who build their cities in a planned way and for looks would agree with this... upgrade thoughts are annoying. And also, just something I was wondering about... why do residence upgrades require food? Can you make it so that those only need construction items? Because then we can use the food we make for economic growth, to earn money from that. Or maybe the food you make could be used to feed the city and keep it happy...? Kinda like those survival shelter games! You gotta have food to supply to your city! The food should also be used for exportation... economy growth!!
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5 years ago, rossco the cat
Ok game, some problems (please read)
I got this game when my mom started talking about how she used to be obsessed with it, and after I saw her playing it. I can spend hours making things to upgrade my buildings, and even longer trying to do challenges and cargo shipments... and, well, you get the point. I use the global trade HQ all the time, and I like how they added export HQs for the other regions so that there’s multiple ways to earn lime simoleons and other currencies like that. However, I do wish there was one other way to earn sim cash. I barely ever spend any, and have been saving them for a while, but I still don’t have that much. I know that there’s already a lot of ways to earn them, but I feel like at least once a couple days there’s a option to earn them by making a bunch of materials in a hour or something like that. Or, at least, make it a little more common to get simcash from watching videos. Speaking of which, there’s something that really bugs me. You see, sometimes when I watch a video, it doesn’t give me a reward. And no, I’m not talking about when one of the three boxes are empty. Sometimes the option to pick from them doesn’t come up, which is frustrating after I’ve spent time watching a ad. I feel like that’s one thing that definitely needs to be fixed.
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3 years ago, achrist3
Fun game but gets boring.
This is a good game, the graphics gameplay and strategy are exciting and different. But after you build your city up, one day you will hit a wall. The game ceases to be fun and becomes tedious and small. I’ve hit the wall, and now barely play the game anymore. The challenges become overwhelming at times only because you are so restricted with supply depot size and city size, both because it becomes almost impossible to find the special items you require to grow either. Eventually, the global trade center will become useless. It will always be full of the same 4-5 high level items that nobody can use in their own city and so become flooded into the market. You are forced to build these same items for some challenge and then find out they are completely useless to you as well. You can’t use them to build any other items, you can’t use them for building homes, and you will have a hard time selling them because it’s the same items everybody sells. They just become a waste of supply space. As you raise your city level, the game really makes it harder and harder to succeed without paying real money for special items or sim cash. I used to really enjoy playing this game but have become bored with sitting endlessly in the global market hoping for an expansion item to pop up so I can finally expand my land or supply. I’d say give it a shot, but keep your city small. The bigger you get, the less enjoyable it becomes.
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4 years ago, ThatDudeNamedRob
Consistently perfect, until recently...
I downloaded the game 2 days after it launched on iOS, not knowing what to expect. To my surprise it instantly became my favorite mobile game app. I've never agreed with the idea of in-app-purchases but Sim City Build It is the only game that I've actually spent money on. The fun factor, and replay value are simply unmatched. This game has been near flawless in my opinion. That is, until recently. I was excited when new city areas were introduced because it allowed me to experience the fun of designing a new layout from scratch. And the addition of seasonal and holiday events seemed promising. But then the game began crashing. CONSTANTLY. It's like the game can't handle all of the stuff that's happening on screen. If I switch to a different area map the game freezes then completely crashes. If I open the game and swipe on the screen before all of the intrusive game notifications pop up, the game freezes then completely crashes. If I try to interact with the game in any way before the intrusive on-screen notifications pop up, the game freezes then completely crashes! I thought it might have something to do with the version of iOS running on my phone but my software is up to date. I update the app as soon as an update is available on iOS. The problem continued even after I upgraded to an iPhone 11 pro max! I still love the game but these constant crashes are wearing on my patience.
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2 years ago, Jishwa W
Money. Money. Money.
All they care about is money. It is very addictive gameplay wise, but it’s very hard to make a substantial amount of in game currency without opening your wallet. Every time I produce items that take longer than 5 minutes to finish production, it asks if I want to watch a video to complete the process. Every. Single. Time. If I declined the offer the first 5 times what makes you think I wanna say yes immediately after that? Expanding the city also becomes increasingly difficult as the parts you need to do so rarely come by, that is if you don’t spend money on the game. Another problem is with the amount of currencies they have. It’s hard to keep up when there are too many different types. Platinum keys, gold keys, Simoleons, NeoSimoleons, Cash, Wave, Cactus, Lime, Fish, and Leaf simoleons. Cash is one of the harder ones to obtain and it’s needed for pretty much everything. You want to be able to mass produce things while you’re away? Spend money or win a contest. You wanna win a contest so you don’t have to spend money to earn cash? Not gonna happen because other players spent enough to win the contests leaving you behind with little to nothing for participating. If you spend $20 you hardly get enough to buy anything because once you spend it on a handful of upgrades, you’ll probably have nothing left for anything else. 2 stars because it is a fun game, but there’s a lot of incentive not to play it simultaneously.
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7 years ago, ring_zero
Algorithm Updates
Success in this game requires heavy use of the Global Trade to find things to buy. SimCity has always used algorithms to determine what is offered to you to buy. For example, if you need specific items to upgrade a building, SimCity will filter these items out of the Global Trade, requiring you to spend even more time trying to find them. Eventually, perhaps after about 30 minutes of searching, the algorithm might allow one or two to appear. On the other hand, if you don't need a particular item, that item is much more likely to appear to buy. If you don't need them and already have several of them in your inventory, they are even more likely to appear. If you have some items, like hamburgers, for example, up for sale yourself, then dozens of them will appear on the Global Trade for you to buy because the algorithm has determined you are unlikely to need them. In this way, the algorithm modifies items on the Global Trade so that high demand always equals low (or nonexistent) supply and low demand always equals high supply. SimCity updates these algorithms in most patches. This latest patch has caused even low demand items to not appear on the Global Trade. I don't know exactly what was done, but now nearly all of the time I am offered about 7 different things. This prevents players from stocking up on items for future demand. Hopefully this gets fixed in the next update.
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1 year ago, Goalie king 02
Somewhat Fun Game But A Broken Game Economy With Greedy Developers
I’ve had this game downloaded for a very long time now and after revisiting it I realized again how pointless and ridiculously broken the game is. It’s a fun game when you first start playing but as you progress it becomes ever more increasingly difficult to simply play the game. The more you level up the more you have to spend in game currency while needing more and more resources just to make a little money. Your progression slows way down and it becomes obvious that the developers only want you to spend real money on in game currency just to play a monotonous game whose in game economy is pathetic and you must wait hours just to collect resources at a novice game level. The game has plenty of ways to earn “rewards” but these rewards simply consist of irrelevant currencies that never include the main coins used in the game. There are infinite ways to lose coins and only a few ways to slowly make them while also losing far more resources than you are compensated for. This game could easily be a 5 star game if the developers were focused on creating a player friendly in game economy but seeing as they obviously are not, and are so obviously only interested in trying to force ads and in game purchases on players, this game remains an aggravating example of a potentially great game ruined by incredibly greedy and terrible developers.
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6 years ago, Avidrailroader57
Good game but some things need to be fixed.
I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and I like seeing all the mew exciting changes. However, I find it so difficult to expand my city and city storage. Especially when I need to collect these items that take forever to get all and take up half of my city storage. Also, please make the Global Trade HQ easier to use by adding a search bar for the thing you need, not having to wait 30 seconds and hope the item you need will appear. Please add an option to stop upgrading buildings. I don’t need a thousand skyscrapers in my city. It doesn’t look realistic. I really like the idea of the regional cities but there are a few things that should be worked out. One: Why is it if I have three regional homes and one regular home, the demand for any service is seven? Shouldn’t it be four like in the capital city. Two: Why can’t we place the other commercial building in out regional city instead of having to travel back and forth to get supplies. The same applies to factories. Three Can we get some sort of city hall or town hall to be able to collect more of the regional currency. Finally, I would like to be able to choose a name for my regional city instead of calling it Cactus Canyon or one of the other names.
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4 years ago, Scroycs
I am getting EXTREMELY tired of the mechanic where an item is in great abundance on the market but takes HOURS to find the second you have a construction that requires it. There is no freaking way it is a coincidence. I know you think it’s smart to make it more difficult to find so your brain releases endorphins when you find it or whatever but TONE IT DOWN!!! The annoyance I suffer far out weighs any relief when I find the item. And when you do and press on it someone has already bought it. I’ve been looking for canned fish for over an HOUR. It wasn’t that hard to find right before I needed it. It’s not like it’s rare at all!!! I’m legitimately considering deleting the game just because it’s become such a time consuming process to upgrade this one building that requires it. Furthermore, they just recently added mandatory advertisements that pop up when you try to make something in your factory and you can’t exit out of them. It’s never beneficial, even it auto completes whatever you’re creating, more times than not you get a mandatory advertisement when you’re creating metal which only takes 60 seconds to complete and the ad is half that long. Or you’ll be trying to plan our resources for the future and suddenly get some items you have no need of until you’re other products are completed in a few hours and it fills up your storage space for a few hours. It’s only inconvenient.
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5 years ago, AFlame101
Ridiculous In-App purchases
Overall I did enjoy some aspects of this app. As an aspiring architect I downloaded this game expecting the whole “you have to pay to get this exclusive building” with a few buildings. But here’s the thing. Almost EVERY nice building/placeable item is expensive. Not to mention the cash in game is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. 50$ for like 2900 cash? Yeah no thanks. Plus, it is almost impossible to gain the larger and more eco friendly factories/power/water etc. Also, in the beginning they do not tell you about any of the fire stations and stuff you need later on, so I went about my game until I realized I had to redesign my entire city to place one fire station in. I ended up redownloading the game and starting all over. I just think it’s extremely dumb to have levels in this game? And have to expand your city land? With items that I almost never get??! It’s insanity! The only good thing about this game is designing a city. But they make it so hard - and the buildings are too expensive for the amount of coins normal players have. I’m not going to spend 500$ to buy a non-pollution power plant. I don’t want to spend money on this game. Maybe if it was better designed and didn’t have levels i would. But until something is done about the cash/coin problem, I don’t recommend this game. However it is a good way to waste 7 hours to upgrade a house that only gives you like 200 coins :)
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5 years ago, Snowstorm9595
Wonderful game!
i really enjoy this game so far. i’ve only had it for around 2 days, but i’m already on level 13! i love how it doesn’t take time for the building upgrades to finish, for it only takes from 5-20 seconds in a stunning time-lapse process. you also don’t have to pay for main road extensions, which is great for players and awfully realistic for this kind of game. i also enjoy the fact that EA took great measure to ensure that their game had an accurate representation of pollution in several of the buildings, such as the Coal Power Plant or the Factories. they also included population, which efficiently helps upgrade your city. i’d also like to point out the Simoleons you obtain from residential upgrades is very realistic, as more people pay taxes for the mayor and the government. i know i’ve been pointing out everything i adore about this game, but truly, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with this game. one more thing- the thought bubbles above the buildings. some will give you efficient store items if clicked, some give you compliments, and some notify you they’re not getting power, water, sewer outflow, etc. i really believe Electronic Arts did an exquisite job with this game. i’d love to see more games as time goes on!
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2 years ago, Yotes#1
Epic Buildings need to go back to 10
I have had this game for a long time on many different accounts and have built a lot of cities. I remember when Omega was first introduced and when the mountain was put in! I also remember when Epic buildings were added to the game. It required 10 epic tokens to make that special building produce bronze tokens. The change you guys made needs to be undone. 40!!!! Really? That’s a bit excessive for a building to produce bronze tokens. That was really crappy of you. PS please for gods sake remove the club wars! This isn’t clash of clans. This game used to be a relaxing game where you can build your own little world and now it’s turn into pay to make your city better than everyone else. One last thing that needs to change is the traffic jams. There will literally be no traffic on the road and people will move out because of traffic jams. Come on that’s dumb, especially because there is a loop hole. Just bulldoze the road and then immediately replace it. The traffic jam complaints disappear and nobody complains and the sims move back in. Other than these issues I have with the game, it’s a great game. The graphics are fantastic and it loads up really fast. Great game it just needs to go back to the simple times. I have never battled that octopus thing and never will!
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3 years ago, KatGames6
Okay I figured it out! 😅😜😜😜😜😜😜😜
So first of all, I'm ten. And this game is amazing because I recently found out that later in this game, the sims start giving you video bubbles which you can get money from. Also later, you get to start a daily chest that can give you money, or materials. Use you're money wisely or you'll run out of it! Also be careful using your coins (I can't spell that other word for the coins). You will need them. I ran into a real challenge when I did not have enough coins at the fire station part. I could not make fire stations, and so some sims left there homes. There is some things I'd like to say. 1. You should not have to pay for more money. Instead, you should be able to go into the money and pay with coins, like you do with coins. You click the add coins, then you can get more coins using your money. 2. You actually have to wait like 20 minutes for materials to finish being made! You should, be able to wait like a minute! 3. When you get the part where you have to fight monsters, you do it once, then you can't get the materials because you don't know how! That's all I have to say. Creators please take my information and add it to the game! (But get this game!)
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1 year ago, Beksterrs
I love this game but I CAN’T PROGRESS
So I would actually give this game a four or five star, but I am SO FRUSTRATED because I can’t make any more progress in the game. Here’s why: 1) Trying to expand land takes waaaaay too long, because the items needed to expand are near impossible to get! At the beginning of the game you get the items a lot, but after your city reaches a certain level, you have like a 1% chance of getting ONE of those items. So I can’t even expand my city any more, which means I can’t build anything more until I can “eventually” get 10-20 of three kinds of impossible-to-get items!! 2) The city storage in this game drives me nuts. I need to stock up on production items, land expansion items, etc. but the items needed to increase storage capacity are ALSO NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to find or buy from other players. Again, the storage items are readily available at the beginning but once you get to a higher city level, good luck ever finding even ONE of the storage upgrade items. PLEASE make the land expansion and storage upgrade items MORE ACCESSIBLE so that people can actually continue to play the game and progress. Sometimes you can buy these items (with real money), but even then it’s not often and it’s overpriced for what you get and how much of the items you need to progress.
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2 years ago, banterranter
Game is really fun! One thing that would make things smooth for club members..
I really enjoy playing this game it almost gives me a Sid Meiers civilization (which I also enjoy playing!) except without the worry of being attacked by barbarians or competing civilizations-unless participating in club wars of course. The only thing I would ask that become available on the next update would be the ability to trade goods or simoleons directly with club members. I joined a trading club in hopes to be able to trade my goods for those that I need to expand and improve my city but the way we have to go about it is a bit difficult. If I’m looking to buy x5 shovels from a member of my club; the other member has to post the items to there trade depot w/out advertising; then let me know it’s posted; am I have to rush over to their depot in hopes the goods haven’t been grabbed by someone else. A way around this that I would suggest is a separate transaction system used between members where goods can be posted in private(so no one else can grab them) and so each party can access it at there availabile time w/out the worry of losing out on the deal. Awesome game you guys got here though I really like it
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5 years ago, I haste in the shower
Enjoy the game...
Been playing now for a year and a half. I enjoy the game every day and look forward to growing my city. However, I would like to see some improvements: please change the statements for my citizens' opinion bubbles(seeing the same ones all the time is boring); I wish there was a comprehensive way to see a breakdown of all my cities' buildings by type, population, latest update date, etc; and although I enjoy the Mayoral Contests, I find it very difficult to finish in the top ten even though I only complete the assignments that have the highest point value. I understand that spending real money to finish higher in the standings is probably necessary(and even rewarded with higher point total assignments) however some mayors' point totals above me seem impossible for me to obtain without some kind of hacking of the game and that possibility makes me question even participating in future Mayoral Contests. Why spend real $$ trying to beat a cheater!!!" So now it is December 2019 and I am having problems after upgrading Mayors Pass Season 3. I cannot get into the game because I’m kicked out before my city appears. I have asked for an explanation and am told that “the team” is working on a solution. 3 days later I’m still waiting. Boiler plate responses and apologies just don’t do the trick. I have completed all updates of iOS, force-quit the app and reinstall the app but still nothing.
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8 months ago, Lmnuorala
Stop the mass transit milestone!
I’ve played for several years. I have a level 99 city & a level 79 city. I spend lots of real money, but I will quit this game if mass transit milestones continue. One of my cities is a beta tester for mass transit, I have a COM milestone assignment for mass transit. The number of hours necessary to complete that assignment are 125. There possibly may be just enough time to complete it providing I am online at 1 am when COM starts, I get the milestone at the beginning of COM & I am available every 2.5 hours to dispatch a train for 5 solid days. Once I’ve dispatched trains 250 times, I should have enough train simoleons to buy a train that carries 30 passengers instead of just 20 so I can reduce that 125 hours to 83 hours. You can use 32 simcash to skip the 2.5 hours, but you still have to wait for passengers. If I were to use simcash to complete the entire assignment, it would cost 1,600. If I took first prize in COM I will have only made 400 simcash; however, if I take 2nd place, I will have lost 600 simcash. I accept that i may be wrong, that possibly I’m missing something about mass transit, but I can’t seem to find information to change my opinion. There are so many other issues that I have with these trains, but my main purpose for playing SimCity is for COM, if I have mass transit milestones, I may as well quit. I’m sure there are plenty of games out there that I can spend my money on!
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6 years ago, Bellocinodeoro
Enjoyable until it asks for things you can’t get
I downloaded this game because it seemed very similar to the DOS version of SimCity I used to play many years ago. The first part of the game was very exiting and I really enjoyed building homes and roads and factories. And getting my city to grow. I was on the phone at any moment I could. The more I did the more requirements kept me pumped up. But it gets to a point when I started to get into Mayor contests and it starts asking for wars between cities. That makes this too complicated for what I am willing to play. Also the building upgrades requests items that I cannot produce or buy like a sweater or bread. Then the upgrades requests things that take 5 or more hours to make turning it hardly impossible to complete the task without being stuck to the phone practically all day. I think a game like this should allow the user to play at leisure. I don’t have time to dedicate only to a game. I would love a game that stays simple and keeps me engaged. Microsoft had a game called Age of empires that kept me going up to the end because tasks where hard but possible. The same i would say for the first version of Starcraft. For that reason I am deleting the app from my phone. I gave it 3 stars because the game is well designed. And it gave me pleasure before it gave me frustrations.
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3 years ago, A. Pollan
Great game, but oh my god, THE SPICES
I only have one gripe about this game. The Spices. For those who are new to playing the game, there is an item called “spices” that can be used for trading, building, and making products, but mostly trading. This gets annoying when you are trying to buy items from the trading depot. Picture this: you are so close to completing a building upgrade. All you need is one item that takes 3 hours to produce on your own, but with some luck, you can just buy 3 of them for about 800 simoleons. You head to the trading depot and the only item you see is spices. All the trading slots are filled with spices. All of them. Every single one. Admittedly, that’s on a bad day. On average, about half of the slots are full of spices. Now, you may be wondering “why is everyone getting rid of spices?”. Well, that’s because nobody needs them. They are only good for making one or two items that aren’t usually needed for construction or trading. Long story short, spices take up far too many trading slots every single time I try to trade and it needs to change. Literally everything else about the game is fine. This is the only issue. Change this, Game Devs. C’mon, this is easy.
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4 years ago, AnnSellers
Not fun after a week, plus annoying forced pop-up ads
I really miss the days when I had a choice to buy a game on my cell that was truly ad-free; it was worth the $10 to just be able to play the game without interuptions. So many games like this say they are free to play, which they are if you enjoy staring at a screen while you wait a long time for things to finish. The first week the game is fun, but soon the game gets boring while you wait for the raw materials, products and buildings to finish. There is nothing to do while waiting. It is all a big ploy to get you to spend money for speed ups. On top of that, this Sim game forces you to watch whole screen pop up ads that you cannot shut off. I really hate being made to watch ads for pirate or goldfish games. From now on I will read reviews, and when I see a game like this, I will not download it. I have deleted this on my tablet and phone and will just continue to play Clash of Clans which is much more fun. I have been playing Clash for 10 years and I have two accounts: my main acct that I have spent money on (because I like the game and wanted to) and the other supporting acct I spent no money on. Both accts are doing well. Unlike this silly Sim game, in Clash of Clans you have plenty to do while you wait for upgrades and training. I do not recommend this Sim game unless you like to waste you money on speed ups and enjoy watching pop up ads on your whole screen.
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6 years ago, Fixthedicerandomization
Predatory App Design
The bottom line is that this game has been engineered so tightly that the only way to advance or accomplish anything is to spend actual money. Any attempt to intellectually feel out the game’s possibilities will only lead to the discovery of a 30ft invisible pay wall firmly constructed at your city’s borders. This pay wall cannot be penetrated, although it can be slowly and meticulously expanded by grinding it out and collecting meager taxes from you citizens. This wouldn’t actually be that bad if there were more freedoms such as terraforming or choosing your climate (such as existed in previous mobile versions). In this game, you start off and continue to tend your city in the same pre fabricated terrain and climate as all of the other thousands of people who downloaded the game. The direction EA has gone is especially sad for SimCity, because the mobile market is where this game really could have survived into the next decade, but with lackluster PC offerings I have a feeling this franchise is just about dead. It looks like they will try to ride the last little wave by providing a cookie cutter sandbox, soft shapes and bright colors and the thinking, or lack thereof, to go along with it. I’m sure I’ll just be overlooked as the “curmudgeon” that likes those old boring “complicated” games in which you have to do ALL that thinking, but this is just disappointing. This game is a one or two week deleter taking up valuable space on my device.
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6 years ago, Tank<>hero_555
Love the game!
I love this game! I re-downloaded it a while ago and have since progressed my city to level 30 and amassed over 505,000 people. It has beautiful graphics, simple gameplay, and its just fun and honestly has almost a calming effect to it :) One feature I wish they would add is a sort of View mode where it would hide all the thought bubbles and construction bubbles and items so you could just view and admire your city as if you were visiting it. Expanding on that idea I think it would be awesome if they also added a ‘street view’ like you might use in Google Maps or something where you could pick a point and then have simple arrow controls to glide around using your streets (and possibly boardwalk for those of us who are level 15+) as a sort of track and you could just look around your city from the perspective of living in it. Also I think it would be neat to have a weather or changing climate based on random selection or that could sync with your local weather (Of course some players might want to be able to toggle this option on and off so probably best to add a toggle button in settings) Again, love the game and thank you for your consideration. 😄
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2 years ago, Chica425
Fabulous Game and requested features
Hello~ I am a long time player (like iPad toddler player) and I think this is a FAB game and would recommend for anyone looking to find great people and a great time killer. By far my favorite game right after roblox and BitLife/DogLife, while it’s a bit older in years it brings back fun memories for me and I can most certainly say that this is a good game if you just got ur first apple device and are looking for a offline/online game! Now time for recommendations for game-play, we should be able to have a huge ‘clan’ just for trading and have it as a sub clan. No war just trade and chat. 2 we should also have the luxury of omega trading ‘cause lord help me, spending like 3 hours just waiting and waiting for a omega item you already have! 4 more updates that change gameplay plz because after level 30 you gotta relay on clans to spice things up along side regions but who has that type of money and patience for ungrateful sims who can’t use google maps?!?!? (Deep breaths) Also it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth to get some storage expansían parts :) That’s all I have and thank you for reading my long novel hope u enjoyed :D
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3 years ago, Maui Star
Great Game . . . . BUT!
I have really enjoyed playing this game, but! I started to notice some of the items I PURCHASED or PRODUCED were not showing up in my inventory. Even AREA EXPANSION items, or INVENTORY INCREASE items, items that increased your inventory by 5. That’s a lot of coins spent, and goods not delivered. I’ve voiced my concerns many times, but the straw that broke the camels back was the response that they were going to give me 6 seeds, 1 textile and 1 fruit & berry, and that was all they could do for me. which is not even close to what items I was shortlisted. The worst is when I was playing “timed events”, you have to rescrounge for items again. I admit this is an issue that is hard to resolve, there is no way for IT to go back into gameplay to see what is the root of the problem. In the end, I’m just giving up playing this game. Don’t need the added stress or handicap of the issue. The only thing they said pertaining to the problem was to play online, use only one device with a strong internet connection. Now if they were trying to troubleshoot the concern, you would think they would have asked me for circumstances of the problem. They’ve only said they’ll look into it, and get back to me. Not asking if I’m only using one device, or if I’m playing online.
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2 years ago, mr05mc
It’s a fun game, a good time waster but it’s annoying and grindy to play for the long term. Everything is expensive and takes forever, the game tries so hard to make you spend money it’s pathetic. You can actually see the game try to slow you down if you progress too fast, usually by selling more “junk” and less of the items you need. Space is always an issue, and I kept getting frustrated trying to fit all those buildings in such a small area because I can’t afford any of the land expansions. Not to mention this games push notifications are exclusively for in game offers (in app purchases) and never actually tells you when your que is done. Not to mention if your not careful if you build one building in the wrong spot it can put you $45k in dept due to building a new hospital, police, fire, waste, power, and water buildings that get more and more expensive and less and less effective as the game goes on. Constantly asking you to watch ads or buy something, it’s actually pathetic. I remember when this game was good and me and my dad would play it together. Now I have to remind myself reasons to not uninstall. Only play it if you have a lot of time to kill, and have no problem with games like clash of clans
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5 years ago, 59,&;'enddjskworkfjcj
SimCity is an alright game, I would easily have given it 5 stars, but there are just too many flaws. The biggest being money. The game tries way too hard to get you to spend money on the game. First, expanding land is nearly impossible the further in the game you get, and can take a solid month just to expand a little bit. Then they try to get you to spend like 20 dollars on expansion equipment that won’t even be enough to expand. It’s ridiculous. Another flaw that just bothers me is how you can’t search for specific items in the shop. They’ll give you challenges where you need a surplus of supplies, nearly all of which you don’t have, and you can’t even find them in the shop. All you can find is the most expensive item from your level that you never need. One last flaw is when you try to upgrade your buildings. It used to be reasonable and still a challenge to upgrade where the first bronze upgrade cost 10 of those stars. They recently changed it to 40, and I have been unable to get it every time and just loose loads of money. To get that you’d need to be on the game 24/7, it’s b.s.. Before I wrote this review I actually had this game at 4 stars, but remembering everything that annoys me actually brought it down. Please fix some of these problems
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3 years ago, Warbooze
Good. Some suggestions
Love simcity. Been playing it since the beginning of the old days back on PC. The app is a nice addition. But I wish we could have curved roads like in the old SimCity games and be able to place buildings diagonally on those roads. Wish we could build a interstate road too that goes above roads. Another thing I wish players could have is different city map designs. I wish we had different layouts to choose from instead of the rectangle shaped map all the time for everyone. Also wish there was a way for me to choose the design of a building when I upgrade it. It’s always random and I’m particular about what I want my city to look like. Some of the designs are good, but some are ugly. I keep bulldozing the buildings until I get one upgraded that I like the design of. I would love to have this feature for epic buildings too and allow me to pick the design I want instead of being random. Also can we make hospitals, police and fire stations upgradable so they cover more area. They can be a pain to place to make sure they cover your residential areas. Don’t like the wars or clubs because no one really helps each other out or chats. Other then that. Keep up the updates and improvements.
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7 years ago, Kimburrr_462
Needs fixes and update
Okay first I’ll say, when producing items for the snowflakes, it’s Extremely frustrating when you spend time buying and making items and then start producing the items for the snowflake, and then all of a sudden the snowflake changes to a different item out of nowhere. Second. There should be a way to add friends, without using Facebook. My Facebook is used for professional use and I do not want to create another just for a game. I have come across other cities through groups I would like to keep as my friend but I can’t because they aren’t my Facebook friends and that is a bummer. Third. There should be a way to access our personal inventory while in someone else’s city, so we know what we have and can compare it to what we need. Besides that I will say this is a very fun and addictive game. I have been playing the sims games since the started on the PC version, I play sim city and free play and enjoy them both a lot. With a few fixes and updates I would easily change to a five star rating. Hope you guys take our feed backs seriously as I have seen others say the same thing I’m saying and then some!
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6 years ago, Mastergeko4
Needs two More Features
I Love this game and the concept of it. I enjoy playing and it’s a good game to play when your bored. There’s only one thing I wish you could add. I remember playing Clash of Clans and you had the option to create 3 different layouts of your built city. For example, I would like to be able to experiment with different city layouts without having to ruin my primary city layout or I would like to be able to build an entirely new city with the stuff I already have. Another feature that I would like to have is the ability to search any item that your looking for on the global trade HQ. It’s incredibly infuriating when I can’t find the things I need and I hope you can change it and add a search bar to search all the listings of the thing you need. Because I noticed that there is this Filtration system that filters out things you need. And it doesn’t play Dumb either. I Mean it will Literally Filter out things that you need to make the ITEMS that you need! I mean seriously?!?! Your making the Global Trade HQ HELL ON EARTH! Please do something about this! These are features that I would love to have and I hope you could consider adding these features in the future!
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1 year ago, friedbolonie
Long time player
I’ve been playing this game since it pretty much came out. Before the snow stuff, before mayor multiplayer, before the advanced houses, before the beach, and before all the extra town unlocks. I’m level 37 with barely 1st town halfway unlocked and been playing that long without hardly spending any money. I don’t think it’s fair to bombard with ads and pay walls and it’s been getting worse and worse as the years go on. Why am I forced to close 6 ads to buy something before I’m able to play? It’s not a good long term business strategy. Studies show that people who stick around with engaging content that’s challenging but achievable will spend money. Put effort into creating an excellent platform that’s possible. Why have electronics needing 6 hours to build and steel with 1 minute. The balance of everything is just unrealistic and it’s gauged towards first time players and compulsive buyers who want to see progress fast. You can still get that, but you need to focus on making the game a little more enjoyable. I would spend money if it was worth it, but I’m not spending money on resources that I can build over the course of the day. There’s nothing in the game that you can’t get with a little patience.
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6 years ago, justlikewildfire
Great time passer
This game is a great way to pass some time and I’m sure it’s enjoyable to casual players, but I play the club wars and am trying to expand what I can as fast as I can and I find it frustrating. I’m not sure what algorithm you use to determine what we see in the global trade hq, but it’s always 80% spices, 19% basic supplies like wood and metal, and 1% what I actually need. Then, by the time I load the city to go buy what I need, it’s already gone! This is frustrating when I am on a time crunch with shipments (especially for war) and the item I am looking for takes 20+ minutes to craft. Additionally, it’s frustrating that you have sewage and power and factories and stuff all making pollution, but you have to go to their individual categories and try to picture the sum total of all the pollution to determine how to build. It would be nice to see an option for a total pollution overlay. I also get annoyed that there is not an easy way to see the inventory (unless you are in your city and go to the storage building) or see what war attacks you have and items you need for them (without going into the war screen, which causes you to leave your city, and then go through two sub menus).
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5 years ago, Hawkeyeboots
Ads are ridiculous!
I love this game but the new update means you get ads constantly when trying to build items in your factories. Since that is a critical part of the game, I am forced to watch ads pretty much every other time I try to build resources. It’s enough to make me want to quit the game altogether because it just isn’t fun anymore. I’m a high level player and have had the game for years. I don’t mind watching ads for bonuses or to speed things up, but this is so ridiculous. ***update*** Ads are still annoying. I think they tried to fix how often they pop up but I really think it’s ruining the game. I don’t want to watch 60 seconds of an ad to speed up something that takes 60 seconds. 🙄 I’ve already lost one of my best club members because of this and I’m seriously thinking of quitting myself until they sort this out. It’s especially frustrating because even if you try to exit the ad, a second one pops up that you aren’t able to close. The other annoying thing is that it is pretty much impossible now to get the resources you need to expand. You used to be able to earn them by watching optional videos, which meant people were regularly selling them in the market. Now it’s basically impossible to earn them without spending money and no one ever has enough of them to sell them off. Such a bad move by the developers.
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3 years ago, fksfmddkss
I loved it for a while, but interest has faded :(
I downloaded this game about a year ago, for some context. Back when I started playing it, I would have given five stars. However, I found some issues that changed my opinion later on. First off, there are a lot of things I like about this game. It’s more freestyle than a lot of other games I’ve played that have similar branding. The graphics are beautiful and I’ve always loved the music and sounds that go with it. 10/10 to that department. Now, keep in mind I play a lot of games that involve currency and building up on what you’re given. Therefore, there are quite a few I find boring after a while. I’m sorry to say this is one of those games. Once you get the basics of a town started, there’s no real way to change it drastically without making the people mad because they don’t have recourses. I’m fine with the coins as well, but sim cash is so hard to get, and is required for a lot of buildings I would love to have in my town. I’m just too poor to get them. I would love to see an update where sim cash is more accessible.
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5 months ago, €loise
This game makes me wanna bash my head on a wall but it’s fun
Let’s start with the positive, It’s low key pretty fun. It allows me to finally pollute the world with my wildest city dreams and populate a tiny area with as many people as I want. Now for the negative, why does it take 30 minutes to make 1 plank of wood I will never know. On that note it also takes 10 minutes or something to make a screw(like hello?). And when someone asks for 6 screws to upgrade their little trailer park, I don’t want to wait an hour just to get the material. That doesn’t sound that bad till you have 8 different houses asking for materials! Like I don’t want to spend my whole day crouched over my iPad like a little mouth breather waiting for a stupid screw icon to appear over the hardware store. Like I have some dignity. I would also recommend to lock your credit card in a vault if you plan to buy this for your child. They will make you go broke on this screws😒. On top of all this, the game doesn’t give you very many options, it take forever just to unlock the school system(like that’s so inaccurate) Moral of the story, you should get this if you want to develop chronic depression and lose touch with all your family and friends.
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5 years ago, no1knowsme
Why am I still playing?
I’ve been a fan of all the “Sim” games for a while and was stoked to find a smart phone version. The game starts off slow and as you race to build your city hoping for more excitement, you’ll find its always just mildly entertaining. My biggest complaint is the cost of some of the content they try and sell you, sometimes a single building can run about $20. If you bought most of the special buildings they offer, you would spend hundreds every year which I think is absolutely outrageous for a free game with little to offer. You might as well spend $50 and buy the computer version, you’ll be much happier and you won’t be constantly pestered to watch ads or buy extremely overpriced content. My second complaint is the new war system. I thought they finally added something of value to this game, but I was very wrong. The club wars are long, tedious and boring, most clubs I’ve faced choose to hide behind shields for most of the 24hr attack phase coming out right at the end to try and just one up your score. During most club wars, I find myself staring at the war lobby for hours on end waiting to attack someone. I’m not sure why they give you 24hrs to attack when most of the excitement takes up maybe an hour. If you’re considering downloading this game in hopes to satisfy some old school sim city action, look elsewhere.
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12 months ago, paigejrichards
Fun but whyyyyy???
This game is fun but I don’t understand why the fire, police and health etc places have such small coverage for sims. It’s annoying that my sims complain about there not being a police station for them when there’s one a square away. I just feel like it’s so hard to increase population when you have to spend thousands to make sure every 4x4 square has a health clinic and fire station. My sim was complaining that there was no school, yet I have a grade school not even 2 squares away from them. It’s so hard because you want to compact all the homes together so you have coverage for fire and police but you lose room for other things your sims want. Right now I need more sims in my city but I can’t build any more residential areas because I don’t have the money to buy more police, fire, and health. And then they also take up space for where I want more houses and they’re ugly. I don’t understand why the giant hospital I have can’t just cover every sim in my city. That’s how it works in the real world, there aren’t hospitals on every corner in the real world. It just seems like a very money hungry game they want you to spend real money but like who can do that? I’m trying so hard.
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4 years ago, fushjdfhjirdfjyd
Good game … but …
When I first got this game I wanted to play nonstop!!!🙂 It was super fun, I got to build roads, building, houses 🏡. I loved it. But after a wile when I used up all my money 💴 and the sad 😢 part about it is you half to pay 💰 for more money! So after I had to pay for the SimCity cash and I was so sad 😭!!!! But there are a lot of options to pay for the money. I only bought a couple of dollars 💵 so I can make a little more houses and buildings. And the weird thing I’ve noticed is that they speak another language!!!!! I don’t think it’s a real language though but it is super weird!! And they look 👀 funny 😆 too!! In conclusion, this is a good app but as you have read there are some frustrating things! Thank you ☺️ for reading 📖 this review! Oh!! A couple of more things. I have had this game since I was 8 and I am 10 now!!! Also the money 💴!! I payed 10 dollars a day for 30 days. That is the maximum days. But the weird thing is that you can buy $250 for 4.00 and for the 10 dollars a day thing you get more than the 4.00 thing and the 10 dollar thing is only .99 !!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪weird!!! Well that I think 💭 this is the last thing I can talk to you guys. Thank you ☺️ for reading 📖 my review!!! This game is pretty fun!! Buy 🤗!!!!
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6 years ago, Jason Thomas Gross
Great game-for a while
This is a neat throwback to SimCity on Windows, which I spent hundreds of hours playing back in the day. So of course I gave this a shot. The gameplay does not disappoint, it’s a very nice system that works. The trading feature is great and it seems that the mechanics (engine?) work very well.. for example, it’s easy to see and address the needs of the city. My issue is that, like most games on the AppStore, when you get to a point, progress seems to slow down unless you start paying real money for things. I’d rather pay $5-$10 for a solid app that has everything you need to play without spending anymore real cash, unless you want an expansion pack or something. I’m sure there are others who swear they can have a huge successful city without spending a dime, but when I’m struggling to get the city running, only to suddenly have to “upgrade the roads”, it’s a bit aggravating. I give it 4 stars because it is truly a great game at its core, but the whole “spending money to play” gimmick is tiring. Remove the IAPs (except for things like expansion packs) and I’m sure people will gladly pay for this addicting and fulfilling game.
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4 years ago, Puhzdestroyerx
Great game, however there is one issue.
I have been playing this game for about three years now, and to call it a great game would be an understatement. However, there is an issue that I kindly request to be fixed. Ever since regions became available, the currencies for the regions are very scarce and mustering enough funds to build even the cheapest thing is a tough challenge. I think this makes it hard for players to be able to grow their cities in different regions and would take forever to do so. Shipment offers require a lot of products in order to get paid, and don’t even pay you their full worth. Even when sale offers are available, the amount of money the salespeople are willing to give you in exchange for goods is ridiculously low. For example, I get offered 2 Leaf Simoleons for a drill in the Green Valley region. Please introduce a tax revenue just like the capital city where you can make money much easier, and specialized trade depots for the specific currencies where you can sell things at a reasonable price based on what they are. I would really appreciate it if you guys took the time to read this and consider it. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Non-of-your-busness
Used to Love It
So I had this game a few years ago. It was fairly easy to get items and build basically whatever you wanted. Everything used to be reasonably priced so you could earn and save simoleons and get basic items fairly quickly. Even if you spent real money, it went far. And maybe I am crazy, but I also thought there was a way to just build unlimited? I remember being able to do a whole futuristic city and having the freedom to do whatever. But maybe there wasn’t a free mode and it used to be that simple and easy to play? Anyway I redownloaded the game because I am going through a phase again where I want to build cities. And wow… Even for basic items it’s crazy expensive. Basic landscape items or buildings sometimes cost 6,000+ simoleons or 200+ simbucks. BASIC. I’m not talking special buildings or anything. Even some roads are ridiculously expensive. You basically have to play for hours every day to grind currency or items OR pay $100 for enough currency to actually do anything. It’s become another cash grab just like most mobile games. I’m better off saving up for a computer again to play on the PC.
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5 years ago, Leighbaum
So fun but the update drives me bonkers
So I have really enjoyed playing this game. However my biggest frustration is the update for ads. I don’t mind the ability to click on ads in order to get stuff. But I highly dislike that in the production setting it automatically starts an add to speed up the process of production. I think it’s a neat feature but I hate that I can’t click out of ads most the time and that it speeds up thinks like metal which only take a min to build and then the ad pops up for 30 seconds. I feel like it’s a waste. I also feel like they pop up too often and it rips me out of the game if I’m trying to produce a lot of metal and other short time items. I like the bubble ads that I can click on and they give me options. So maybe thats a better ideas. Like after you go to click off production, instead of automatically launching an ad, ask if they’d like to speed up production by watching an ad. I would be much more inclined to watch one on the long production items if it was a choice and I wasn’t forced to watch them. But half the time you can’t close the add until it’s basically over anyway.
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4 years ago, freddie mara
Good game but needs some updates
I love this game but some things in it make me not want to play. Here are some suggestions that I think people would like in future updates. 1. I think there should be a filter on the global trade center so you can filter out items to find what items you want. Also whenever you unlock new items they completely take over the trade center 2. Some things are way to expensive to unlock. I am on level 27, and I still have to unlock the Vu Tower, Airport, and 4 stores because I can never save up enough money before a new problem occurres in my city. 3. This kind of overlaps with my other suggestion that I think there should only be three services that your sims need or you should all unlock them all early because the first 20 or so levels of the game are just me trying to get my sims happy. It’s also hard because my city will be filled up and then I have to make place for the health or police services and I have no-where to put my other buildings since it’s so hard to expand. These are just some of my suggestions I think people would like to add into the game in a future update.
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