SimCity™: Complete Edition

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2048 MB
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Current version
Aspyr Media, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.12.6 or later
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User Reviews for SimCity™: Complete Edition

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7 years ago, takdude7
A lot of glitches
I downloaded this and right off the bat I had a number of problems. First of all, somehow the game music and sounds are somehow able to completely bypass my computer’s volume controls, so even though I tried to mute my computer so as not to bother my roommates, I had to wait until the entire into screen was gone to get the sounds and music in the game to mute, even though I had already muted my entire computer. Similarly, I can’t get the sounds to redirect into my bluetooth or plug-in headphones. Maps are really small and very difficult to play with. The whole game does not work well with the system.
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9 years ago, Nicky6572
The best Sim City game yet!
I don’t know why so many people don’t like this game or why so many people are having problems with it crashing. I have owned this game for a while now and it never crashed once. Maybe their computer is too old or the operating system is too old. I have played all Sim City games and the first one was kinda fun but was horrible to todays standards and the graphics were extremely blocky. Sim City 2000 was a huge improvement and I played that game so much when I was growing up. I will be honest I never played Sim city 3000 but, watched a friend play it and he did not enjoy it at all. He prefered Sim City 2000. When I bought Sim City 4 I thought that game was amazing! the graphics were much better and the game play was much better and for a while I played it just about every day. Now Sim City Complete Eddition is by far the best, even though my version of Sim City 4 won’t work on my new computer and I kinda miss it. It is fairly easy to play but, can get a little complicated at times. My favororite part is building the megatowers. Building the VU Tower and taking normal sims and converting them into criminals is fun. Watching the VU Mobile go by and creating chaos is kinda fun too. I hope this review is helpful for most people
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3 years ago, vissequ
Fantastic game. I love it!
I was surprised by the low score and I gave it a try anyway and I am very happy that I did. I just love this game. I've spent WAY too much time playing it. It's very addicting. I think for an older game the graphics are still really good and I love zooming in and watching people move around my city. I think that while not perfect the tutorial is pretty good and it does a pretty good job of explaining the details of the game. I think there are a good variety of maps. I love the ability to have multiple cities in the same map, because you can share resources and you can make one city more industrial and one more touristy etc. I think the ability to individually customize the buildings after placing them is really cool. I'm used to the old school SimCity where you just plopped it and it was done, but being able to add little things like flags, signs and then the modules is really cool. I'm sure there are many things I've forgotten to mention. My point is that I highly recommend this game. I think it was some of the best $20 I've ever spent. If you like SimCity or city building games then definitely give this a try!
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6 years ago, DrKennz
In some ways better in some ways a failure
Although I admire Aspyr (who no longer supports this game) for the futuristic acolades—they have failed to enable any means of changing the ground (ie: even mildly being able to level out or enchance the ground textures). By disallowing this feature—which goes against basic architectural principles— the game designers have failed to live up to the original game included in the simcity4-Rush Hour. Sadly, all new iMacs after 2012 can not edit or even open SimCity 4 RushHour. One must now use Steam which I am not particularly a fan of (exception: Civ V). Although the Mac has grown in popularity, such developers as Aspyr have all but left Mac users to their fate and instead went with windoz—which I have loathed since came out. As an individual who designed and built two homes, one having won an award in northen Virginia, apparently game designers have little real life expertice in some of the areas they create games for——shame on you Aspyr. Still—it is worth three stars just to attempt to find a means to work around the UNREALISTIC parameters of the game. One accolade: It is actually fun to see the members of the police force chasing down lawbreakers— not bad!
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6 years ago, Trevor Hawkes
Not worth a purchase
I was really excited for this game, and admittedly visually it looks great, but there’s two major problems with the game. The building area for your cities is really small IMO. You’re going to struggle to fit everything into some of these areas in order to get a self sufficient city. Now this version of SimCity has a regional aspect to it where you can build other cities and they specialize in certain things so theoretically that should solve the playing area dilemna. Except it doesn’t. This version of SimCity was stupidely designed around online play and this is where the second problem arises. Interacting with other cities and specializations just doesn’t work in the offline version because while you are working in your city nothing is happening in the other cities which all react to each other. I’ll spend an hour in one city making it perfect, then head over to my first city only to find everyone left and all the residential is vacant because no one was adding services while the other city became desireable.
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3 years ago, cesar🍥
Runs Great!
I was so upset when I found out that my old version of Simcity on Origin no longer worked on MacOS Big Sur, but shelling out $20 was worth it to be able to play. Keep in mind this is an offline version and none of your progress from the old version will be transfered, but the online features were basically useless. It runs great on medium graphics settings even on my 2015 MacBook Pro it seems the developer is keeping it updated so it runs as smoothly as possible even keeping it up to date on the 64 bit which is compatible with anything Catalina and up. Happy to be playing again and hope it continues to be supported into the future.
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4 years ago, shduurjxbc
Amazing masterpiece, but no support?
I'll start off by saying this is a masterpiece in the SimCity franchise. The mechanics the game uses are complex, yet easy to understand, which helps your experience. It's beautiful to see your rural town to evolve into a sprawling urban paradise. The sandbox mode is amazing, and the regular gameplay is a great challenge. When you play this game, you feel a great sense of achievement. It's spectacular. Now why did I rate this with 4 stars instead of 5? While this is a great game, I had to return to an older version of OSX to use it. It isn't major, but is slighlty annoying. However, it's evident this is a great game if I continue to play it years after Aspyr abandoned it. New features that are repeatedly added guarantee a unique experience each time you play. Keep up the great work!
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8 years ago, Asp217
Fun game, but significant limitations
The game is fun, but the map size is really small. If you are accustomed to earlier sim city games, be prepared for a map that is at most something like 10% of the area of a large sim city 4 map. That being said, the gameplay is much better than SC4, and this version comes with lots of expansions (primarily Cities of Tomorrow) that relaly make the game much more enjoyable. The port is not too well optimized. My computer isn’t a monster, but the game bogs down a bit when there is no reason for it. Graphics are pretty good, should be decent on any decent graphics card (my Radeon 4870 and 5870 both were fine). Loading cities actually takes a fair bit of time, shouldn’t be so slow considering that I’m loading off an SSD, but it’s not intolerable.
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9 years ago, Guybrush T.
Beautiful game but low on replayability
After having played this game for a few months, I have to say it’s not that replayable. There are only a few maps and many of the locations are the same, just a big piece of flat land. The most interesting locations are in the Granite Lake maps, but unfortunately it’s the only one with so many interesting locations. Once you figure out how to solve the traffic issue, the game gets pretty boring. — I have been playing SimCity since its very first version. This is by far the most beautiful SimCity ever released, both in terms of graphics and music. I understand that it’s more “simplified” and that’s fine as it was starting to get too complicated for me. My only gripe is that I don’t understand why the maximum resolution is so low. It doesn’t look as great as it could on my 27” iMac. If you want a complex game where you micro-manage everything, this is not for you. But if you want a streamlined, beauitful game, definitely get it. — Update: Since the update, I have noticed more and more bugs. I am not sure if they already exist in the previous version or not but I noticed them recently. I hope they get fixed soon so the game is more playable.
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2 years ago, Nun'ya..Business
Appreciate the update!!
2022 Update: Thank you for the update! I'm happy to be playing again. I'm switching this to 5-stars now. However, I'm afraid to update to Monterey. Any word on that update? Is SimCity compatible? Early 2021 Review (3-stars: "How many times do I have to purchase this!?"): Many years ago I purchased SimCity through EA, and with the 2020 OS update, I lost the ability to access it. Then in 2020 I purchased the aspyr (this one) version through the Apple app store and now I can no longer launch it since my Big Sur update. Please fix this. Dont make me purchase this a 3rd time! I'm begging.
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3 years ago, sweatshopfashionmajor
Constantly Crashes on M1
So disappointed to find that I can not play one of my favorite games on my new computer. I was so excited when I noticed that this version of sim city was (allegedly) compatible with my computer. However, upon downloading, every time I try to play, the app unexpectedly closes and send a report to apple window pops up. I contacted Aspry, and no clear solution. I contacted apple and their trouble shooting steps did not solve the issue. I combed the internet and it seems I am not the only one having this issue. Perhaps they should post this game as incompatible with m1. If i knew this product was not compatible, I probably would have looked at a different mac system and I would have been less likely to get the m1.
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4 years ago, Mememe just me
I've loved Sim City as long as I can think. My old MacBook couln't handle Sim City anymore, so I hadn't played in a couple of years. So finally, last month, I got a new MacBook (with Catalina) for pretty much the sole purpose of playing Sim City. Crazy, right?! I immediately went on Steam, Origin and the App Store just to find out it won|t work on Catalina. I was soooo sad and about to return my MacBook. I'm so happy to see that it does finally work on Catalina and it runs perfectly - been playing for about 2 weeks and have had no issues! I'm in love!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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8 years ago, DedBeatz
Too many glitches
I enjoy the game until the many glitches come into play. Once your city gets to the size of a city the bugs don’t stop; from the trash not being picked up to the trading stopping for no reason and losing millions of dollars in minutes. I don’t think I’ve quit this game in months because the thing just crashes every time. I also got the Sims package and have similar crashing and glitching issues. FYI I’ve got a MAC Pro 2014. I will not invest in another product of theirs until they do a better job of eliminating all these problems. The reviews with complaints were not exaggerations like I had previously suspected. Buyer beware.
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8 years ago, cj0819
Vacant building bug
There is a bug where new construction remains “For Sale” and no one ever moves in. The buildings are not abandoned, they are never lived in. When occupied buildings get replaced with higher density buildings, the new buildings remain vacant, so the population goes down as the buildings grow. Eventually, there is not enough population to provide workers and commercial/industrial become abandonded and the whole city burns down (with all the fire stations closed). Once your city starts behaving this way, there is no correction and the issue spreads to the region. Even buldozing the city entirely and starting over does not fix the problem, so there is no option but to abandon the region. This was a problem in the Windows version back in 2013, but it is not fixed in this version, making the game unplayable.
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3 years ago, John Vesey
Aspyr, please support Sim City!
I realize I am speaking from a purely biased position, but the Sim City franchise is one of the most important games of my adolescence. Having grown up in the 90s, I fondly remember the original Sim City, and all the versions since. I've also appreciated all of the versions, including Sim Tower, which I cannot find anymore. Please support the Complete Edition, as it is your best work in simulated cities, and I spend hours enjoying it in my free time. I would be happy to subscribe to a service, so as to finance the support with my other Sim City Mayors, but as this is not an option today, and I've recently upgraded to Mac OS Big Sur, I am again out of a Sim City option. Please make available for Big Sur, and I'd assuredly increase my rating, and continue to be a loyal supporter.
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8 years ago, bbmccraw
Immediate Crash when Launching Game
Just purchased the game from the MacApp Store and when I tried to launch the game it immediately crashed. I have tried 7 different times. Restarted my computer and tried again. Each attempt results in the SimCity: Competle Edition crashing. I am very disapptointed. I have logged a ticket with ASPYR, which appears to be the company through with SimCity: Complete Edition is offered on the MacApp Store. I should note that I am currently in the macOS beta program, and this may be the cause of the crash. Though if that is in fact the cuase, it is a bug which will need to be fixed very soon. I will review the next edition of this software if I can get it to operate. Otherwise I will seek a refund.
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2 years ago, northernsky81
I love this title.
I'm really enjoying this game throughly. I spend a lot of time wondering how to balance the finances of my city and ensuring that it's residents are happy and healthy. It's easy to get caught up with micromanaging every aspect of your city, but at the same time it's all really beautiful when you sit back and admire your work. So far I think this is the best iteration of the SimCity games. The replay is endless and your only real objective is to have fun.
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4 years ago, living_dead_girl
In most ways, this game is great. I just got it last night. Today, it's been crashing about once an hour. Luckily, I've been hitting save often, but it's really frustrating for the game to just keep shutting itself down. I purposely bought this game on the app store after finding out Apple no longer supports 32-Bit games, otherwise I would be playing on Origin. I never have these issues when I play on Origin. Just feels scummy to pay $20 for a game and have it crash on you this much and this often. I feel ripped off.
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3 years ago, Serena Honey
Game keeps crashing
I was disappointed that Origin still hadn't updated SimCity for 64-bit when I learned a compatible version was available through the App Store. I didn't like that I had to pay for the game again, but, because I love the game so much, I bought this version. However, since buying it through the App Store, it has crashed every single time. I should have looked at the recent reviews before buying. The reviews that report crashing go over four months and it still has not been fixed. There should be a warning for Big Sur users that this version is incompatible with the update. I'll be requesting a refund for this version.
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3 years ago, Sflores91
I always get sucked into this game.
Saw on the app store that they updated this game so that it doesn't crash on startup. Boy am I ever glad they did. Just doing a "quick test" I was completely immersed and sucked into this game for about an hour. The game runs great on M1! As someone whose only owned the base game back when it first came out, I'm really excited to try out all the new stuff in this complete edition!
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11 months ago, tjv17
m2 air display fail
on my m1 i had issues with cropping etc that were relatively easily fixed on my m2 the app doesn't even seem to recognize the display and sits at a fixed screen size of 1024x720 0hz - i've tried everything i have think of to resolve the issue - i even opened a bug with aspyr 10 days ago - no response - it appears that aspyr has abandon this software. If you have an m2 mac air and have this working just fine i'd love to know what you did to get it working - but i've tried everything i can think of to fix the resolution issues to no avail.
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2 years ago, Dane Smith
Great Game, Works Fine on Newer MacBook Pros
This is an excellent game, very fun to play and it works great on the newer MacBook Pros. To enable full screen without it cutting off, find the program in the Applications Folder, Right click it and select "Scale to Fit Below Built In Camera". No more cutoffs. To switch in and out of full screen, Command Control F. Everything else works great even on the M1 computers!
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7 years ago, JohnEldAR
Almost Un-playable
I purcashed this game to have something fun to do on a 10 hour plane ride. The controls were terrible on my macbook pro track pad and the city maps were tiny. There are a ton of maps to choose from, but there is actually no variety that comes from your choices except for the frustration of dealing with steep hills on a small map with no land customization options. There were a lot of flashy details but there was no depth to this game whatsoever and I didn’t end up playing this much and have already unistalled it. Is there a way to get your money back? There should be for games like this.
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3 years ago, Jey12
Screen Issues
I just bought the game recently. It's been giving me issues (like others) with the game only showing in about the top 1/3 of the screen. I can usually get it to go full screen about 20% of the time. I went to Settings - Displays - Scaled - "More Space." After that, when I launch the game, it works about 2/10 times. Not a perfect fix but at least you can play it. Once you get it working, the game works great.
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2 years ago, Cory Puffett
Barely playable
When the game opens in full screen (I have an M1 Macbook Pro), the game works great and is very fun. But if I have to quit the game briefly to access other screens, or if I use my touch bar to switch to another screen briefly, when I come back the game only appears in the upper left quarter of the screen and becomes completely unplayable. Quitting the game, force quitting, putting my laptop to sleep; I've tried everything but it won't run properly again unless I leave the app completely alone for several hours or completely restart my laptop.
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2 years ago, crazyjster
Not worth the money
I love this game and was excited to see it for Mac...the price was ridiculous, considering its under $5 on Steam, but my PC was broken. It constantly crashes, or goes into a timy screen (on a laptop thats pretty small) or just crashes, forcing a restart over and over again which gets very frustrating. The only saving grace is that the computer is fast. I There are other ways to play PC games with an M1 chip that are more stable.
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8 years ago, usa russia
this is a terrible game . these are the reasons why i made a region that all the cities were claimed but one of them is doing a terrible job . every services like fire hospital or police are in the red zone . i have some ideas for sim city to make your city better and to get a lot more money . here are the ideas all of the cities should be on the same year as each other if we were in a world were all of our cities herein different years it would be like this Moscow 5/4 / 16 and pittsburgh pa 3/6/4 all cities should be on the same year and you should be able to buil out side your city limits like we do .
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3 years ago, Unlocking this app
Working well so far - July 2021
Device: 2020 Macbook pro with intel i7 core. I had this game on multiple Windows PCs I owned through out many years. I was very excited when I found out there's MacOS version as well. At first I was bombed by the poor reviews, but I found out they just had an update literally one day ago (when I discovered this Mac version) that fixed issues with Big Sur. So I gave my 20 dollars away trusting the fix, and it's working well so far!! It's being my favorite game for years. I am not sure if the M1 issues if fixed with the update. But if you have a intel version Mac, I would give this game a try :)
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8 years ago, Anyomous DJ
Needs Graphical Update!!!!!
I was expecting this game to run well with high graphical quality, mainly because it was made by Aspyr for the mac version. Sadly however that isnt what i got. I would love to play the game more but for it to run well I am forced to play it on low settings and it still runs slow. I have a Macbook Pro “13” and it runs other games made by Aspyr well such as The Sims 2 Super Collection and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platnium Addition. The game needs to be updated graphically and more optimized for Mac players!!
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3 years ago, bangandwhat
Great until Big Sur
I love Sim City, and I was sad when I started it up and it wouldn't run on either of my updated macs. Please give it a look. If you haven't updated - or don't plan on it - this game allows you to play several cities within something like a county. You can trade between the cities. Its involved, and the perfect way to spend a day off.
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3 years ago, crhowett
Game won't open
Purchased this game back in 2019 and worked for awhile then MacOS went to only 64 bit apps. That broke the program and waited for it to update to a 64 bit app which it finally did. Now that Big Sur has been installed, this app no longer works. Won't open like everyone else is saying. Aspyr did offer to help when I reported it and said I have a choice of a refund (which I had to get through Apple) or just wait till they developed a possible fix. Wan't the game fixed but getting really tired of waiting a SECOND TIME now. Just fix it!!!!
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3 years ago, J8675309H
If you own a MAC with OS Big Sur, or you plan on updating to Big Sur, this game will not work. I purcjased this game a week before updating and it worked fine. After the update, when I push the play button, the app crashes every time. I've attempted to contact Aspyr several times since December and they do not respond. They closed my help ticket and marked the issue as solved, but never solved the issue! After doing some research, I've found that I am not alone in this. Abhorent that they would take my money and not stand behind their product! Shame on you Aspyr!
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3 years ago, Lisa R.
Doesn't Work with Big Sur
I bought this game a while back and really enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, it was the best Sim City game I had ever bought. Unfortunately, since I updated my MacBook to Big Sur, the game won't open. The menu screen will load, but when I click "Play" it crashes. I've sent requests to Aspyr twice, and haven't heard a response so far. I've seen other reviews with the same problem. I don't want a refund; I just want the game to work again. :(
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3 years ago, jeremyrojo
DO NOT BUY if you have a newer Mac with MacOS Big Sur!
This game crashes instantly on opening. I just submitted a request for help through the ASPYR support page, but DO NOT PURCHASE. Although they clearly attempted to make it work for 64-bit systems, it does not work at all, crashes upon opening every single time on two separate Macs. It did open on my old MacBook Air, but I just got a new MacBook Pro this year and there really is no reason it shouldn't run on this system. Very disappointing; all I want to do is be able to play SimCity.
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1 year ago, GGiovani
Works fine this is how to
If you are having the dreaded small square on the top left side of your screen the fix is > Comand control Left or Control F or Comand F. You will also be able to play in a window or full scrren as you prefer just swap between modes using the above comands.
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1 year ago, Qhdjfkdnsbd
Fix for launch issue
When the game launches, the window will automatically appear in full screen mode, but only a portion of the actual game is visible. I was able to fix this by manually dragging the window into my desktop, then quitting and relaunching the game. The quality is still pretty low and now I can't play in fullscreen, but at least this way I can at least see the entire game.
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7 years ago, BK0228
Do not buy this game if you are running High Sierra. Everything was working fine until I updated the OS. Now the game keeps crashing after several minutes of play. I am on a 2016 Macbook Pro. EA Message Boards also show that many others are experiencing this same exact issue and that there is no more support offered for this specific title. What a disappointment, I wish I could get a refund. App Store and developers really should take this down if the product isn’t even going to work, nor be updated for newer OSs.
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1 year ago, Foxular
Was looking forward to this
I was looking forward to this title. Ever since they don't support 64 bit via Origin I've always been disappointed that I cannot play.

I tried purchasing this a week ago and immediately found that I couldn't play due to issues with my M1 Pro chip. Looking online, they are aware of the issue, but as of this moment I'm still waiting. I may just have to ask for my money back because getting a game that I can't play... Well...
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3 years ago, thatfilmnerd
Finally updated for Big Sur
It took over a year to fix the crash-at-launch bug with Big Sur, but it has finally been fixed. I'd rate this game higher, but it's a little ridiiculous that it took so long to resolve that issue. Nevertheless, I'm thankful and just hoping it doesn't occur again once Monteray comes out.
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3 years ago, Qate23
No longer works for Mac Big Sur
Sim City Complete has not been upgraded to work on Big Sur. When you start it up, it crashes immediately. Despite many users sending in crash supports and repeatedly asking Aspyr to work on it so it works with Big Sur, they have been unresponsive and Sim City Complete is still inoperable. Massive disappointment for those of us who love Sim City and would have liked to see it continually upgraded with new features and play, but also who just want to play it in its current state.
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4 years ago, jdjxudixj bhdkd
really good game
i like it because you really feel like a mayor, no glitches. When i started playing it was fun. You could go close up to cars and follow them, and you can send disasters to pretty much destroy your city you can see your fire figthers take out the fire, and police doing there job. it really fun game;)
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9 years ago, Spunkybart
Enough to get a SimCity fix, but can’t play for very long
1) After you’ve played a while, and after your city gets to a certain size, the game will crash periodically. I believe that my iMac more than meets the min requirements, so the game just shouldn’t crash like that. 2) On a 27” iMac, the graphics are a bit pixelated when playing full screen. 3) Graphics look kinda old. I’ve played games lately where the graphics were much more realistic.
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3 years ago, angeljoetyler
Game stopped working & Developer won't respond
I had originally purchased this game on my PC before I got my Mac. I then dowloaded onto my Mac and it started having issues with the cursor not working. I then Paid for the game again and downloaded from the app store and now it crashes every time I try to launch. I've tried reaching out to the developer for support and they don't even bother to respond. So I've now paid for the game twice and still can't play it.
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6 years ago, casware
Great fun
Time flys playing this game. Saw many had issues with crashing and other things but I never had a problem on my Mac. Its a newer Mac tho. The only thing I hate is the size of the cities. They give you only a small space of land to build on and cities fill up fast.
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7 years ago, Armani Man
SimCity : Complete Edition - Overall Aspects
The game has a wide variety of things you can do on it. It is very fun and you should really try it. There are only very few bugs on the system (game), and because of that, I enjoy it very much. You should truly download it. It is worth the 30 dollars.
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4 years ago, amandalh
Very Disappointed
I downloaded this game from the App store and it literally won't even open on my computer. I just upgraded to the new Big Sur OS which could be the problem, but the App store/Apple/Aspyr developers should be more transparent about explaining whether or not this program will work with your OS. It was only after I paid $20 for the game and installed it that I realized it won't even work for me. What a waste and what an annoying process.
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1 year ago, a_dods
Will not work on M2 Mac
I purchased to play SimCity on my M2 Macbook Air and the game is completely unusable. It only displays in the upper right quarter of the screen and I cannot get beyond the tutorial since I have to click a dialog that is out of my viewable area. Really disappointed since the Origin version (which I already bought years ago) is only 32 bit and will not work on modern Macs either. I'm not sure why EA is selling a game that is completely unplayable on modern machines.
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8 years ago, AZinkJr
Great game…when it does’t crash repeatedly.
Gameplay is great….when the application will actually open and stay open. Prior to writing this review, i tried unsuccessfully to play the game. After the 5th consecutive crash, I gave up. Usually, it lets me play to 20 or 30 minutes before it crashes. I’ve loved the SimCity games since the original and was looking forward to playing the complete version on my Mac, but it looks like its a lemon.
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3 years ago, FreMon2010
Pay but Can't Play?!?
I paid for the app and installed, but I can't get the game to load without crashing! I'm running MacOS 11.2.1 and tried to uninstall the app, and then re-install, but still have the same issue. I also tried to reboot my machine, but that doesn't work either. I reached out to Aspyr for support, and they initially responded quickly asking for crash reports and system log info, but now radio silence. I would very much like to play this game or get a refund for my purchase.
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4 years ago, Mrroboto4l
Glad this is 64Bit!
Thank you for the update! Looks and runs great on my iMac and I'm so glad I don't have to have origin installed. The kids and I love playing this game and in hindsight, it's really a shame the always on connection casued such a huge backlash. The core interactions and minute-to-minute play is very fun and relazing.
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