Simple Radio – Live AM FM App

4.7 (450.9K)
61.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Streema, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Simple Radio – Live AM FM App

4.72 out of 5
450.9K Ratings
2 months ago, morseman1
Always reliable
I have been using this radio player for several years now and have enjoyed using it even outside of the U.S. where I live. A few years ago, while on holiday in Europe, listened to local radio stations back home for news on the hurricane that was affecting our home town. Its super easy to use, and most importantly, extremely reliable. I’ve found this player to be far more reliable than ones you would pay for and it continues to get better if that’s possible. I was especially surprised to find that the maker of this app is also very responsive and if ever correspondence, a quick reply. Who could ask for more? I like it. I’m very thankful for this app.
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2 years ago, Sanantoniodawn
Recent problems
I have used this app for a long time and enjoyed it very much. However, of late I have NOT enjoyed it. Recently the app has started ad pop ups about every 4 or 5 minutes, interrupting the program I was on (I enjoy old time crime and science fiction dramas). I used to be able to open it, start one I wanted to listed to, and it played in the background while I did other things on my phone. Now, its adds stop the program, forcing me to stop whatever I was doing, and go to it to fix. Or, it will just stop playing as soon as I minimize it. Or it will start a garbling of the sound as I minimize it and open something else. I would have to close the app and reopen to get it to stop, but shortly it would start again. I have deleted it from my phone. I will try one more time with it, and if it just doesn’t stop, I will delete it and never use it again. (Which, I know, is no big deal to you; there are plenty of other users, but I just thought you ought to know that it’s really irritating and frustrating to lose part of the show I was listening to just because of ads!). Thanks anyway, though, for the enjoyment I did get.)
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6 years ago, erbug
Alarm please!!!
Unless you just need a bedtime timer to shut the thing off stick with the free version. The ads aren't really that big of deal. I bought the app, $3.99, stupidly thinking that "timer" meant alarm. Wrong. You are basically paying for no ads and a bedtime shutoff timer. Where's the alarm? Was hoping to can my bedside alarm clock for this app. Urghhh. I'm going to look for an app that does what this app does but has an alarm. Sound quality is great. Never lost a station. The app even cast to my Google home easily. Felt the app was a little limited on local stations but I found every station in the Dallas area that I listen to 95% of the time. Did I mention the app has no alarm!?! Below is the developers reply. Thank you. After reading I’ve found out that an alarm won’t do much since Apple has not opened the alarm app to developers. This may or may not be true. Is so the feature is useless as I discovered from another app. Used the app all day never lost signal with station. Easy to use and loving it more each day. Changing star rating from three to four.
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9 months ago, CloudRebel
I give 2 stars, here is why
I paid for premium years ago when it was a 1 time fee for life. Now it seems they are trying to get out of that agreement. I constantly have to hit “renew subscription” which appears to work but the app certainly does not act like a premium version. I have an iPhone X. The app does not reconnect on its own if the connection is dropped. This is especially dangerous when driving. I cannot recommend this app to anyone who wants to use it in their car while driving. You may wind up trying to reconnect to what you are listening several times while driving which I have experience. The app does not reconnect automatically to what I am listening to if connection is lost at home. Are they still honoring premium prescriptions for people like me who were sold the 1 time deal or has a bait and switch been pulled and now that’s why it doesn’t keep connection when driving and requires manual reconnection?
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6 years ago, CentralORCoast
With respect:
I appreciate this app, but it does have things that are really annoying. I understand the need for ads, if we don’t want to pay the membership fee. But, if I reject an ad from Facebook, Audible, etc., I have to continue to reject it multiple times in one single program, for days or even weeks. Evidently they just don’t get it: I’m not interested in that product. Furthermore, because of their badgering, I am more determined that I will never be interested. On another issue, The signal keeps dropping out constantly, and will not automatically reset. I have to go into the phone and re-start it every couple minutes. Literally — every couple minutes. It doesn’t matter what Wi-Fi I use at home or at work. We have a lot of high quality Wi-Fi, and my Wi-Fi at home is very good too. I end up having to use data on two new smart phones. Thank you for making this available, but a lot of times I think about switching to some other app.
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2 years ago, b-5678
It was great
No longer simple. The free app no longer plays when app is not displayed on the screen. Also now stops playing if the screen is not on (burning through your battery) showing add. Both issues can be fixed by paying their subscription. There are still breaks (disconnects) in music play back even with paying and commercials. Further disappointment in undocumented fact that each on my devices have to pay subscription. Looking for replacement app. Response to developer: I have been using app for weeks at a time for 6 months. The app did work without any issues AND NO subscription. The prior versions played with screen off and if I used another app. I have only updated app and NOT iOS. The subscription does seem to work across multiple iOS devices but app still shows incorrectly that it wants you to subscribe.
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5 years ago, esmith512
Works very well, but a few suggestions...
This is a wonderful app! Fast, responsive, easy to use. Some annoyances, on the free version, some of the ads were videos, which is a contending audio source which sometimes disables the radio feed, then leaves it off. Make sure the ads don't make their own audio outputs. And the timer feature on the paid version is nice, but one nicer idea is a scheduling timer, something that selects favorite station at a given time, and allows the user to create a schedule of what audio streams automatically start. TVs have this feature, this app would benefit also. Great app, love it. Thank you for your great work over there.
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6 years ago, WolfStyle
Simple as can be
Very simple app. I bought the commercial free version because it lasts forever (unlike TuneIn that thinks that free radio streams rate a monthly fee). I appreciate the simplicity because when I want to listen to a radio station I don’t want to have to sort through menus. Not a bug free experience though. For some reason, the status bar will occasionally fail to appear when a station starts to play. Not a problem if listening on your phone but a showstopper if you are trying to cast to your home/car stereo. I actually came here to give a 1-star review and complain but at the last minute realized that if I tap the favorites button the status bar will appear. So... four-stars and a bug-report because I do like this very simple app and the developer seems responsive to feedback.
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4 years ago, Czernobog82
What happened
Hello, I have had simple radio for about 2 yrs now. up until now the app has been fine, ever since the latest update(either on your end or iPhones updated end)the app WAS great, now every time I have an alarm go off simple radio completely stops playing and DOES NOT start playing again after I turn alarm off(it used to just start playing automatically again) not only that but when I enter simple radio I have to switch stations and switch back to the one I was listening too in order for it to continue playing. Also, on the lock screen there used to be the play/pause button as well as next station, that no longer exists(I now have to unlock phone and go into simple radio for everything). I don’t know what the hell happened, but the interface for simple radio is completely jacked now.
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4 years ago, Amygirl434
Reliable performance and good selection
This is a very good app for people who like to listen to actual radio stations from around the world. The selection of stations is very broad and the performance is reliable with zero crashes so far (unlike a competitor app). Why not a 5 star rating? 1.) No podcasts. 2.) Certain big-time stations (like 890 WLS) are not available (maybe a conflict with iHeart?). 3.) Annoying ads that pop up at the beginning of most streams, but they're easy enough to close and I realize they have to get revenue from somewhere. 4.) Some of the streams don't have the best audio quality, but they're still quite listenable for those of us used to the quality of actual AM radio. 5.) Some of the streams just don't work. Not sure why. But, all in all, still a pretty good app.
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5 years ago, green space leprechaun
Doesn’t really broadcast what the station broadcasts
So I very much like this app for when I want to listen to music, but all too often I find that when there is a commercial break, the app broadcasts its own adds. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but whenever I open the app, it takes the liberty of playing an ad segment, and then cuts into the middle of a song that was already playing during this so called commercial break. Another big disappointment is that if I want to tune into a baseball game on the radio, the app won’t be broadcast the game that I know is playing on that station. It just plays music that would normally be on the station. I understand that this would likely require extra deals with radio stations, but all I’m saying is that this app is not so versatile, and it doesn’t really do its job well. And if this bad review gets deleted again, I’ll be upset.
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1 year ago, JuanIrlandés
Cannot listen to a reliable or consistent stream
Simple Radio is the only way to listen to a local AM station. However, I cannot listen to a reliable or consistent stream. I try to listen on an apple iPhone 11 Pro and an apple iPhone iPhone 14 Pro with the latest software. My home Wi-Fi is extremely strong and my cellular connection typically has three or four bars, so that’s not an issue. I understand the need for ads in the free version, but the only reason I need to use this app is to stream one local radio station. I would not mind paying a small fee to upgrade if the app worked, but I am not going to pay for an app that cannot give me a reliable stream to a radio station that’s 2 miles from my home. Please tell me why the stream constantly stops. Please tell me why I need to constantly pause, start, restart, the app and listen to dead silence. I can already do that with a dead phone. Why should I use Simple Radio to do the same thing? I look forward to your response, and potentially using your consistent streaming app in the future.
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6 years ago, MarcusJerrell
Love ! But ...
Absolutely love this app! The ads weren’t a major deal but I still paid extra just because I love the app so much. I’ve told a lot of people on my campus about downloading the app cuz we have a campus radio show, Simple radio makes it easy for my friends that are outta state and not in town at the moment to still catch the show! So major game changer( we will do a commercial for you guys is you wanna sponsor 😌😂) BUT It would be dope to have timer/reminder for radio stations. Like if our. Show starts at 7pm then a reminder 30 min before( that the user can set) would send a notification that your favorite show is coming on soon. That’s all I can think of right now ! But love the app keep it up!
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6 years ago, Maggiemay97
Wanted to love it
I hate this app more and more every day. I listen to KTSA pretty much all day, but this makes it hard. It keeps cutting out for no reason, or dumb reasons like adjusting the volume on my iPhone. It also makes multi-tasking difficult. With IHeartRadio I can go into my email, Google, Facebook, etc. and the radio keeps playing as long as I don’t go into a video. This one now cuts out if I just go into Google! It is better now that you don’t have to listen to that annoying Kinetico ad that came on when you opened the app, but it’s annoying that when you tap to open the app you have to wait until an ad comes on screen and you have to then manually close that ad before the radio plays. I guess I’m just so used to things moving rapidly and don’t like that I can’t tap to open and walk away.
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3 years ago, MamaHawk69
Almost there..
What a gr8 App! The only way to listen to a world wide variety of music! What ever the mood you will be able to find something really great to listen to! I think it’s awesome that you can listen to stations from so many countries and as hear their news and happenings which is very interesting! Maybe even make new friends in other countries when you communicate with the DJs! I also have to say when I was having trouble getting a British station to connect-the simple radio customer service guy was so helpful! He collaborated with me and zeroed in on the issue and worked on it until it was fixed! Yay! That’s worth 5 stars!
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7 months ago, Oregon Michael
Radio Review
I Have Really Enjoyed Curtin FM in Perth, Australia, Since I Discovered it about a Year Ago, on The Internet! I’m an American who lives in Oregon. I Listen as Often as I Can. Despite a Huge Time Difference! They Play The Music That I Grew Up with in the 1960’s and 1970’s. And Still Love to Hear, Today! What is Special is that unlike most Oldies Stations, they Don’t Just play The Familiar Hits by The Artists. But they Play Many Lesser Known Songs that I have Never Even Heard Before! Everyone There is to Nice to Talk to and does a Great Job. Especially My Friend Tom! I Hope to Visit Perth and Tom, Someday and Say Hello in Person! Keep Up The Great Work! One of Your American Listeners, Michael 😊
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1 year ago, Big Daddy Cool10
Battery hog.
This app keeps on killing my battery -- per my battery usage in iOS settings. It's worse than Instagram or Facebook!!! If this keeps on happening I'll be uninstalling this app and never using it again at this had happened before over a year ago and the developer allegedly addressed the issue. Response to developer regarding video ads interrupting live audio stream and asking for example: Play a WhatsApp voice note as the simple radio stream doesn't replay automatically after the video ad unless you switch back to the simple radio app and interfere which is very annoying abd not the typical behavior of other streaming apps. Please test and fix VIDEO ADS Please get rid of the annoying ads interrupting VIDEO ads. They interrupt live music streams FIXED 6.1.3 update is messed up. With this updates the app doesn't open, crashes immediately. iOS 15.5
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3 months ago, Dix99
Don’t bother
March 19th, great job on customer support & it’s good to know that they are still active & listening to customers. I had deleted the app, but after their reply, redownloaded it & it’s now working again. Ads are not an issue, as I listen to the radio & only check the app, when I change station. March 12th, 2024. This was a good app & worked well with CarPlay, but after an update, unless you subscribe, or agree to allow advertisers to snoop on everything you do & have access to your phone, it won’t work. It just goes back to the ‘Ad Preferences’ screen & wont proceed to stations. After having this app for many years, I’ll be hoping over to another one from now on.
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1 month ago, Italybobby7737
Ridiculous app that plays games with user
Why does this app have to make it a game in order to close ads? Bad enough that an add comes up each time you try to change stations but it won’t place the ad close icon in the same place. It could be an X at the top left or top right or bottom middle. The X can be very small or non existent. It could be a close button. Sometimes a video will play with a skip button that will send you to the app store. Very dangerous if you are driving or riding a bike or scooter. An unnecessary game. Play the ad put the close in the same place. If not I suggest users switch apps. Too bad because it is one of the better radio apps. I only use it when not doing anything else. I use other radio apps when I don’t want to play games to listen to radio stations.
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1 year ago, Cliffdiverz
Audio not playing like it used to
It seems like either a Simple Radio update, or an iOS update (16.3) has changed a couple of things which impair its usefulness. - radio stops playing when you switch to Home Screen or a different app or put the screen to sleep. My primary purpose for radio is to listen to it while doing something else. - audio does not play if phone is set on mute / vibrate (used to not matter) - some advertisements have audio, conflicting with the radio station - app now seems to cache audio (if I switch out briefly, then back, it continues played at that time delay, not catching up to the “live” broadcast), which is more bizarre than useful…
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4 years ago, Grifftrain
Simple radio
This app is quickly becoming my “go to” app for listening to internet radio. As it’s title suggests, it’s very simple to use. If you already know the name of your favorite station, just search for it. If you just want to browse, then pick one of the many genres and browse till you find what you want. The only drawback so far is no listing of the song being played or the artist. Sometimes you hear a song you love, but don’t don’t the name of the song or the performer. Would be nice if it was listed somewhere. Small detail, but it’s one I miss. Other than that, a great app.
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6 years ago, ReaderGeek
A Great App with One Major Gap
This is one of the best of the radio apps. Very easy to use, uncluttered, responsive and stable. There are others with more features, but none are easier or more reliable than this one. The gap is that it lacks a way to skip back. For listening to spoken word (NPR, Fox, news, talk radio), this is extremely vexing. A bit of noise, someone want to talk in person, a phone call, and the thread is lost. Nearly every other audio app offers 15s or 30s skip back and forward (within a limited buffer), but not this one. In consequence, as much as I love the simplicity of this one, for daily use I struggle with the complexity of TuneIn, because the skip back function is too valuable to live without.
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2 years ago, Vfctrkjh
Why still ads?
I am a paying subscriber. I joined on the promise, as I understood it, that this paid membership would eliminate the ads ADDED by Simple Radio. But those ads still come in. Here is a scenario. I am listening to a talk show on my car radio. I arrive at my destination. To keep listening as I exit the car I launch the Simple Radio app tuned to the same radio station. I don't want to miss a word. But Simple Radio plays an ad first - an ad not playing on the car radio. I know this ad is not from the broadcast radio station because when the ad ends the talk show comes in mid-sentence. I tried to contact Simple Radio with this complaint but I couldn't get past their defenses against contact with an actual human.
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5 years ago, medicinemsn101
Salvation an be found in a song
I cannot thank God enough for leading me to SOS radio. The songs the words of encouragement bring happiness and the light of Jesus Christ into my life everyday. I honestly believe that without the witness and testimony the staff and partners share in this ministry I would have never found the joy and happiness that only a close relationship with Jesus Christ can provide. Thank you and praise Jesus for all you do. By supporting this ministry with prayer and giving when I can I feel like the one leper looking for the other nine. I may not know you personally just know each staff member in this station has a special place in my heart.
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3 months ago, Sandy20191
I love Simple Radio!
I can listen to my favorite stations wherever I am (as long as I have aces to wi-fi I think).. I like to listen mostly to talk radio so am happy to have so many choices from all over the country (even international). I search by keyword for talk radio subjects that I like to listen to and have found Animal Radio, a couple of science radio, classical music, classical guitar, CSPAN, and my local talk station NPR. so I am very happy to have found Simple Radio. I listen when I go to sleep, set a sleep timer on the program, and am usually asleep before the timer shuts off.
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6 years ago, love this app in BIG D!
Great App!
This app is AWESOME! You can listen to your favorite station across town or Elvis, the Beatles or the Stones from Moscow. All three are outstanding stations. If you want an ALARM, get the clock/alarm app. which has all the features you need to wake up. I don’t need a radio app to wake me up. Set your alarm, hit snooze and touch the screen for radio. If the goal is to wake up, being conscious enough to hit snooze and click on the radio is a good start. Of course, if this app would make coffee and set out my shoes, it would be perfect. I can listen to any station on earth (almost) and sync to the radio in my vehicle and listen to anything I want. Who needs Sirius XM? This is Satellite radio as it was meant to be.
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5 years ago, cchfgytjnggu
Disappointed now
Used to live this app, any radio station I wanted. But 2 days ago and after the last update it won’t connect and tells me that these stations are no longer available. I guess it’s time to move to another app. Update: Just tried it again and it’s back and I’m super happy about it. But not sure if it’s you it sends the reports to but when it says we will let you know when it’s back up and running then you should make that happen. Don’t know if it’s my phone or you just have no way of sending it but it’s just something that would be nice. Thank you for a great simple app. Not a whole lot of bells and whistles to deal with.
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12 months ago, Cindytrax
Thank You, for all you do❣️🙏🏼✝️🦋🙂
Thank you all, ~for sharing what The Lord God Almighty, would have you to share!! Thank you for all you do!! I believe The Lord is using this radio to host the radio stations, ~that He would have you all to share, in The Light of His Holy, Wonderful, Mighty, and So Precious Name, and all for His Honor, Praises, and Glory, for His dear children, ~wherever they may be!! **I hope and pray that He will continue to keep it going, and to proclaim for The King of kings, and Lord of lords, and all for His Glory, not mine, as we go through our daily lives, in His Holy Name, Hallelujah, Amen❣️🙏🏼✝️🙂🦋
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6 years ago, Cc21157
Captain c
Got the free app and was disappointed. The way they display the ads is what ticks me off. With my car radio not working, I'm using this app. As you're listening, out of the blue it cuts off. So I reach for the phone and what's there? An ad. So you click the "X", or the "no thanks" to close the ad and continue listening, 10 minutes later, repeat... Very annoying when trying to drive and have to close all the ads just to listen to this app. In an hour drive this happens 3 to 5 times, always right before the part you want to hear it seems. Other apps the ads are there, but doesn't cut off what you are listening to just so you will acknowledge the ad! I'm deleting this one. It's not a "hands free" while driving friendly app. Someone is going to crash their car while acknowledging the ads.
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7 years ago, prof hf
Love it. Want to love it more.
Great app--easy to use, and it works well!! Sometimes, a station loads, but cuts out once or several times in the first few minutes, sometimes for more than a minute. But once that's over, the connection with the station is pretty secure. Why 4 stars, then, and not 5? I wish there were more stations available. I love news, classical music, bluegrass, and baseball (to start). Baseball is or seems to be completely unavailable. Really sad. More broadly, if you don't know the. CAll numbers of a station you're out of luck; they're not listed by offerings. Drat. Keep working on it, guys---this is a keeper. Just needs tweaking.
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3 years ago, lissi cortes
You bring me hone to my roots
Been in Florida for 35 years, Bronx made, born and native. Loud n proud of my Bronx and all we are about, Cocola y orgullosa, oh your station brings me back to my child hood days, fire escape hot summer nights, hand ball hustle for my $ to pay my way in to clubs n salsa all night. All the way back to salsa on roller skates, Yessss I love every second of tuning in. From Leesburg Florida living lake side in the country surrounded by RED NECKS, yes Red Necks, I tune in , crank up the volume n get to fishing, trimming, weeding and enjoy my neighbors shaking their butts to your tunes n my roots. Love life n love you all. God bless
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3 years ago, SoundMan87
I left TuneIn forever.
Simple Radio beats TuneIn hands-down. No ads, no shoving a subscription down your throat, just an intuitive app. Search could be improved to zero in on an exact call sign or zipcocde, but either way the design is great for channel-surfing. Perhaps the app’s biggest caveat is it’s greatest strength: no Iheart or Cumulus stations. You don’t get the corporate stations that sound exactly the same nationwide, but you also don’t get their annoying and repetitive stop sets which detract from the local flavor of the station. This is a really great app.
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1 year ago, Drchadwick2011
Best radio
It does not cut out, search, etc. You can download a radio station from anywhere. The app has great sound volume. You can set up your own amplifier whatever you need to do. The only thing is when you’re listening to the weather you have to remember what station you’re listening to or you might scare ya lol. I plug my Bluetooth speaker into my phone and listen to it all day long! If a station is playing a song, I don’t necessarily care for then I just choose a different station.
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5 months ago, ArcaneWolf826
Simple Radio is FANTASTIC!!!
Simple Radio is FANTASTIC!!! It allows me to have all my favorite radio stations on one app-with surprisingly minimal ads!!!(and whilst using MUCH less storage space) The ONLY thing I have an issue with is that EVERY TIME I change the radio station, (to see what else there is playing, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about here;) it INSTANTLY plays an ad, EVERY STATION! Don’t get me wrong, it does it VERY cleverly, with no audio, just the ads video, but still an annoyance when I want to flip thru stations to see what else there is on at that time… Other than that, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!
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11 months ago, Booki🌹
I love it
Praise The Lord for this App; BUT OBVI it surely is ¡ Have to pay 💰 for NO 👎 advertisements 🤷🏻‍♀️ BUT there’s some that are Learnable clap & interesting 🧐 so don’t mind ONLY when they get stuck AND can’t get off my screen 📺 😆 I see there’s not much you could do about it but thank you 🙏🏼 Thanking the Lord for another day of Life especially for the air 🌬️we breath 🙇🏻‍♀️ I would like to thank this ministry so much because I can hear you all the way in New York 🗽 that I’m in may the blessings ✨🪽continue thank you sincerely a sister in Christ Damaris
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5 years ago, Gruoihrrchihbfdd
Development ideas...
App seemed fine in the five minutes (or less) I had it on my phone. Didn’t bother to keep it as it doesn’t have any but like 3 local channels. I would’ve thought about keeping it had it had 104.1 on in NE Ohio. Also, the UI was funky on my phone (iPhone XR). The three tabs on the bottom were squished for some reason. And the search results could be organized better. It’s annoying to look through the whole list to see if a local station is there if there isn’t a way for it to be organized. Didn’t notice any ads as other people complained about, but that’s probably because I only had it for a few minutes.
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4 years ago, Denseht
Superb rating
I have a favorite radio station for music. When I drive out of range during a particular song, or want to walk away from the radio, I con continue listening to it through this phone application. I love having the mobility! I initially found this application looking for an old time mystery and suspense channel. I have shared this site with coworkers and clients that might want to find music or programs they didn’t know might still be broadcasted. Thank you for making this available.
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4 years ago, Nantche
My morning coffee and my evening relaxation tea
Through this app I listen daily to NPR (National Public Radio) en general and to WFDD in particular for my region. That the first thing I start my day with, the last thing I do before "closing" my mind for the day. This app holds throughout the day. I observe from time to time some freezes and some sudden stops but nothing "insurmountable ". I even suspect those glitches may be due to my devices rather than to the application (in use all day long). I love the access to music stations as well. I'm very pleased with this app. Kudos! 😊
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7 years ago, PeterHinSF
Good, but ads make the free version unusable
Others have pointed out many good aspects of this app. I will only add this: The free version is not usable unless you're okay with ads popping up every time you change stations or every few taps as you search for new ones. Nothing is free, and I'm happy to pay for apps whether it's with reasonable ads or via an upgrade fee. But wow! As I explored this app the same ad kept popping up over and over and over and over, and I got more and more ticked off. I'd rather upgrade because I love the app and I want to support the app developer, not because the ads harass me into it, a la Pandora. That just makes me leave. My 2 cents.
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7 years ago, jeffb!!
Actually Does What It Says (and does it well)
I normally put up with ads on free apps and rarely rate apps. While Simple Radio's free version is more obnoxiouly aggessive with its ads than most free apps, it does perform exceptionally well. On many apps (even the NPR Public Radio Tuner), my favorite (and sometimes obscure) stations aren't even listed. For a while I was using an Indian app that allowed me to enter the URL and port # of the streaming service, but these data were often hard to find. Everything I want is in this app's database and so far works as advertised.
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5 years ago, NorthFloridaMan
Easy to use & versatile
I use This app daily at the office and to listen to National Public Radio, Jazz, reggae, and a host of other radio station feeds from around the world. Standard radio signals are limited but using this app with my phone I am able to get uninterrupted radio! Handy and easy to use. The only issue I see, and it is a minor one, is that NPR tends to cycle through the same few shows repeatedly. And this differs from the NPR feed I get when in my car. I would highly recommend Simple Radio, especially those who live or work in concrete or other type structures that can block radio waves.
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7 months ago, #400player
Fallen Fast
I have this app now for yrs now and app has changed from when I first used it. Some of my radio stations are no longer available or just gone. This app is charging a monthly fee for upgrades but no new music station. You can get radio stations that are on Internet with out app. This app just makes it easy to put them together as you do for music play list. I’ll keep using it for music & sports till the free is gone then I will be gone also. Try it free first !
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4 months ago, rrhbuy4
Well designed app with lots of choices. Persistently annoying ads on free version.
I really like the app overall for its design and large list of stations. Unfortunately, the ads on the free version are annoying beyond belief. It seems every time you switch a station you get a pop-up ad that obliterates the menu it won’t let you opt out of it until it’s finished playing. I don’t mind short ads, but this stuff is over the top. If there were shorter ads, I would certainly give this a five star rating. And please get rid of the full screen video ads that won’t let you opt out.
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7 years ago, jon's mobile device
Good alt to tune-in radio
ads that take over screen at each new station are how free version is supported. If a user gets a free online service the advertisers are the real customer and the users are actually a targeted audience. First found Simple Radio after driving through SW Virginia Oct 2015 and hearing WVTF 1260 am NPR affiliate over the air. Now I can listen with ISP as I haven't been in terrestrial reception range since. Good alternative to I heart radio too except for stations I heart media(Clear Channel Media) owns and monopolizes internet streaming of their stations.
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6 years ago, Enterprise018
Last morning with radio DJ - wouldn’t connect
I am so sorry to be that person but I was really disappointed this morning when the station wouldn’t connect. After nearly 50 years, the morning show DJ of 92.1 wdla is retiring after his show today. I was so excited when I saw you streamed the show, but after multiple attempts in the app and browser versions, it won’t connect. I was really looking forward to hearing his last show today. I know you are very busy, I was just disappointed today, especially after seeing all the great reviews it has. I also tried another station, and while it connected, nothing came through. This definitely could have been the station itself but it was frustrating.
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7 years ago, xgh
This is an app you'll pay for rather than put up with their obnoxious approach at shoving ads in your face. It's pretty much the same across all radio apps which appear to exist solely to collect on clicks. Compounding it for me was the ads were from ambulance chasing lawyers. They make me puke. I trashed the app after 3 ads got served up within less than my first 2 minutes with the app. Just a thought: Make sure you're paying because you want to use the app rather than get rid of the obnoxious ads. I've found with radio apps the basic app is nothing special and not worth any money (it's free in the music app and that one has a better interface and more functionality).
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7 years ago, Walker-Person5922
Very nice app!
On my car radio I was having trouble with my reception in regard to a jazz station I had found recently. As I got closer to home the reception got worse. So I decided to do a search on this station with the idea that Instead of depending on my automobile receiver to listen to this station, maybe I could just stream it directly from the station via my phone. But when I did the search and went to the jazz station website, they recommended this app for streaming. And I'm glad they did!
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5 years ago, t7hoang
app lost the ability to run in the background
I have been using this app for a while now, and I like it that I can listen to music around the world on it. Another reason I like is because I can play this app on the background while I browse the net or facebook. I also often lets music play on this app while I work. Today, it lost this capability. If i let my ipad idle and the screen goes black, the music shuts off; or if I use another app, the music also shuts off. This app demands the screen to be on all the time to work, which destroys the purpose of "radio" for me. I guess it is time to go back to Pandora or find another radio app. It is a pity since I really like this app.
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6 years ago, Mil_Mascaras
PLEASE auto-dismiss the Ads!
The app works exactly as hoped, easy to find stations, Favorite them, and re-arrange them in custom list order. BUT!.... The Ads NEVER auto-dismiss! PLEASE AUTO-DISMISS THEM AFTER 1 MINUTE! The Ad will stay up for hours unless you tap a tiny "X" in the top corner. If a full screen ad pops up and takes up 100% of the display, it will stay up snd never never leave, unless you take your eyes off the road when driving, and tap your finger on the tiniest "X" imaginable. And careful, if your finger touches any other part of the ad, you will probably inadvertently launch the advertisers website. The Developer claims that is part of their "ad experience".. I doubt advertisers specifically request that their ad never disappears for over an hour unless a driver takes eyes off road to touch screen. WATCH OUT! I almost crashed into a Big Truck because I neededto touch a popup ad that hijacked my screen! CRASH BOOM AHHHHHH!
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7 years ago, Dayjahvou12
My opinion
You guys are doing a great job making our Yoruba language and songs to be heard where I am, I am about 5300 mikes away from home but I still feel I’m home. Thank you once again for this. But I have a suggestion. You play more of Sunny Ade’s song and even it is very repetitive, which makes me turn off the app at times when I’ve heard a song over and over again. You do Fela’s songs and some other ones, I will commend you on that. But Please also play music from other legends like Orlando Owoh, Ebenezer Obey etc. Thank you so much. God bless you all.
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