Simple Roster

4.8 (727)
28.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Purple Development
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Simple Roster

4.79 out of 5
727 Ratings
3 years ago, arlene2021
Data sync to iPhone
I purchase this app and downloaded in my iPad but Unable to sync data to iPhone after installing this app on my iPhone
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7 years ago, JacobsGiGi
Travel Schedule at a Glance
I use this app to keep track of what city I'll be in. I travel across 3 counties for work and it's great to glance at it and see where I'll be each day of a month. Love it!
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2 years ago, Tree_2_u
Simple and effective. I work a rotating shift so this is the perfect app for what I needed. The ads are small enough to not cause issues.
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7 years ago, Ketabouillia
Easy to add days, very easy to use, makes planning things around my work schedule a breeze!
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7 years ago, Joe some 212121
Perfect shift roster!
This app has been exactly what I was looking for. The layout is clean and clear to look at. It is also very easy to use!
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7 years ago, Ahsan11345
Great app
I m working in shifts and was eagerly waiting for this type of app. It's nice and recently update of date selection is really nice addition
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4 years ago, tovanic
This is one of our favorite apps. It is user friendly even for someone who is not tech savvy. I use it on a daily bases.
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7 years ago, Jverno
Great for the wife of a shift worker
Love having a schedule a month at a glance. Easy to make plans and appointments with this on my phone. Easy to add shifts.
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7 years ago, Investor9
SimpleRoster App
Very Happy with the app. It lets me see my rotating schedule well in advance. Thanks
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7 years ago, Jdlajo1
Keeps me organized
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6 years ago, Himo-Alshukri
Great app been using it for almost 3 years and recommend it to my colleagues and friends 👌
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1 week ago, HenionJD
Simple and effective.
M Wee
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10 years ago, Private2U
It works great for keeping track of multiple shift schedule workers. Was the best before and is still the best. Wouldn't want to be without it for being able to schedule work and personal appointments. Could not imagine anyone being disappointed, although there might be fancier apps, this takes care of business.
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4 years ago, i cant Breath 8:46mins
George Floyd
I can’t Breath: 8:46 mins. Band choke hold
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7 years ago, Onetwotheeefour
Great App
I love the app and use it for my work schedule. The only downside, which is really only a downside because of the work I am in, is that you can't put more than one event on a date unless you use a different "person's" calendar. I was able to mend this by creating a schedule for work, and then a second schedule for overtime, and even a third for extra events pertaining to work. Overall the app helps me greatly it's balancing my busy schedule and I recommend it to anyone!
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9 years ago, Dena85
I love this app. My husband and sons work different shifts. It is impossible to plan a family event without this app. I love that data can be transferred from one user to another. Their shifts are complicated and that ability makes entering it so much easier. I recommend it to everyone with a busy family.
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12 years ago, SpokaneMatt
Great app
My only complaint being the inability to really customize - I work numerous supplemental and on call shifts making my schedule hard to follow. Only allowing one letter to identify a shift makes it difficult if I work more than one location in a day. The ability to add notes to established shifts ("come in an hour early"...etc) would also be helpful. Can't wait for an update - love the app.
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10 years ago, mrleno2000
Simple and Nice!
I've had this app for a year now and it's been great. I'm able to put almost everything on there for my shift schedule. Just wish you can add more than just 6 options to date. But other than that it's been great. I even put this app on my wife's phone. She was always asking if I was working nights, days, or if I was off. Now she can just look on this app LOL!
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7 years ago, WYOutdoorGuy
Exactly Fitting!
My buddy from work uses the lite version of this app and he showed it to me. I started using it until my schedule change and became more complicated. The easy upgrade to the pro version solved all my scheduling needs. I couldn't be happier!
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8 years ago, JDoe#1
This is the best work calendar.
This is the best work calendar. The only improvements I would suggest is a quick way to edit all things and although this app is user friendly. I would suggest making it the greatest best work calendar ever by making it even more simple and user friendly.
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10 years ago, Moped mafia
Exactly what I was looking for!! Simple as could be!! I made my whole work schedule for the next 2 years in minutes.. I work 8 on and 6 off, now I can thumb thru the months and and know if I have that day off in just seconds!!
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9 years ago, YoungMedic23
This app is soo easy and convenient to use! I have all my RN coworkers turned into it. One even has hers and her friends scheduled plugged in. For somebody like me who works two jobs and picks up overtime this app is a must for keeping up for a busy schedule!
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8 years ago, Guarddog41
Good App
Really enjoy this app. Only thing I wish was better and offered free is the ability to transfer schedules from year to year. Also haven't been able to share app as noted in app instructions.
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12 years ago, gimme_a_martini
Lives up to its name
It literally is simple. Can track irregular schedules. I work a lot of call so my schedule is always different. Best of all it's free! I tried another paid app amd was greatly disapointed because I couldn't customize my shifts.
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9 years ago, Klaussmith
Simple Efficient Roster App
Simply laid out. Works very well. I have a 4 weeks pattern which it easily duplicated. Wish it had a today button to return to today's date, rather than swiping
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12 years ago, smervfy
Great Apps!
Intuitive user interface. Serves basic purpose. Hope that future refinements can include invites for group meeting and adding public holiday info. All in all, great work! Thanks!
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9 years ago, fristanto
Just Perfect.
I was thinking of making a roster app but when searching, there are loads already. Oh well... This app is very helpful, easy, and quick to edit. Thanks.
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11 years ago, exLoyal Customer
Simple roster
An simple but excellent app that allows you to see what you are working at a glance if you work and also your partner. I have recommended this app to many of my colleagues.
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8 years ago, Campercj
Great App (Love it)
The app is great , I like the fact that you can create and look a your schedule years in advance just a little hard to figure out how to create it.
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9 years ago, LeEm20707
Couldn't live without it
This app is fantastic. It's clear and easy to use. I share my work dates with my partner so he can arrange activities around my schedule.
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11 years ago, Jnspransy
Use very few apps
This is the perfect snapshot of my schedule that changes from early to mid to late each week.
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9 years ago, Jd8098
This is just what I needed. It tells me when i'm on and when i'm off and it even has alarm before my shift starts!
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9 years ago, Raedee
Love it
I love this app... I work swing shifts and can see when I work and can use day or n for nights. One problem now I can't open the app
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12 years ago, Darth Palmer
Great App
Great app only bad thing is fat thumbed people can delete their calendars on accident when trying to advance forward in their schedule
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8 years ago, WI shift worker
Great for shift workers
If you work shifts this is a must have app. Helps you keep your work schedule handy so you can plan your life.
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11 years ago, AuroraPHI
Perfect Simplicity
This is perfect for what I need it for...keeping track of changing shifts. I simply use my start time as my label. It's so easy to use.
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7 years ago, DickC
Great app
So easy,flexible,and friendly Wish could put more than one event on a day
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8 years ago, B.wheazy
Great app.
Easy app to use, very informative remembering my schedule is a whole lot easier.
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8 years ago, Lwilsonjx
I like it!
Simple quick, easy to use. Great for scheduling the whole month.
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8 years ago, Rgiroir
Perfect for shift workers. I use it all the time to see if I'm off or working for scheduling appointments and what ever may be coming in the future.
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10 years ago, Reyna910
Easy, simple, and handy
Perfect way to write down my days of work not hours.
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12 years ago, A shifter
Luv it
I work a rotating 12 hour shift and this really helps me see my schedule quickly .
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8 years ago, Haregewoin
Perfect app.
I am so happy I got this app. It keeps all my work day organized. I work different shifts every week.
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12 years ago, Retired_Guy
Simple Roster = Simple
Works as stated. Easy to input data. Simple interface.
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9 years ago, Halletuss1
I have tried numerous of apps before I found this great app so easy to use. Thank you!
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9 years ago, Marwan amoudi
very useful
I liked this app, it's very useful and I can organise my days-off and calculate it
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8 years ago, $!@adam7998
Worked once
Got it to work once after days of trying to figure out the poor instructions and help me info. Changed shifts now can not make it repeat them. Poor app
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11 years ago, Sexynurse123
A must have app
So easy to use to keep up with my busy schedule!
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11 years ago, Jodieandlinh
Great app
Simple to use! Highly recommend. However, wish the week started on a Sunday.
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11 years ago, Can't Hold Me 522
Love this App!!!!!
This is so easy to use very user friendly it's so easy a caveman can use it.
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