4.6 (2.6K)
340.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jundroo, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SimplePlanes

4.62 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
4 years ago, cool-link-dude
There needs to be online modes
So, as a player that has been playing this game for well over a year now I think this game is great. The physics and other things are amazing. As I was scrolling through the reviews of this game a few minutes ago I noticed that a lot of people where asking for crazing things like grappling hooks or bomb bays. If you play enough you could know how to make your own bomb bay or grabbing hook. But one thing that I did not see too much but I full heartedly think the devs need to add is online, so you could race people or show off cool planes. The other day I built a giant XB-71 Valkyrie, one of the first big super fast bombers that the US built. The Valkyrie has some cool features like how the wings can fold in when fly fast and high. I also am building a SU-51 a Russian multirole attack, defense, and fighter jet. This is also the first jet that I’m trying to add custom landing gear and a custom decked out cockpit. I would love to show these off to people online. All the other very few reviews that I saw that did want online mode also wanted to show off their planes and go on big WWII B 29 bombing runs. So in conclusion the game does not need to many upgrades just a online mode. :)
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1 year ago, Creesupbruh
I miss this game
I play this game from time to time, and I’m having fun with making my own machines, from planes to helicopters to cars to even things that aren’t even real yet such as flying cars! I’ve had fun with both this game and SimpleRockets, but one thing I’m suspicious about is that you haven’t updated this game for a whole year. It seems like you have been focusing on Simple Rockets, it’s now called Juno new origins, but I always played this more than the rockets game because of just how unlimited you are in SimplePlanes, besides the sky, there’s no limit to what you can make, you could make literally anything you want! The only limit in this game is your imagination, but while I still can play this game, I play it much more frequently than Juno: new origins because in that game, things are slightly more fragile than in this game. It seems like you have abandoned this game because of that space game with rockets. I really prefer SimplePlanes over SimpleRockets because of the difference of limits! Please just update this game at least one more time. 5 star rating for this game because I love it, so much more than Simplerockets. That’s all I have to say!
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4 years ago, Epic McChillington
My favorite mobile game, but one thing you could add
Now this is a great game. You can build (almost) anything you want, download anything you want, and publish your builds to the site for others to download, upvote, and comment on. What I do think would make this game 10 times better is adding underwater visibility. Now I know this is a mod on the website and all, but mobile devices do not support mods for this game, so I think that it would be pretty cool for that to just be a default feature for the game. It would also be cool if you supported the Maywar island on mobile. I know it’s too big and would probably crash the game. I just think that if you could find a way to add it, then that would be pretty cool. These are all just suggestions and probably aren’t possible, but it would be cool if mods as well as Maywar were supported on mobile.
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2 years ago, flymaster666
Great game really fun but can be improved
I am always having fun building my creations although when I pt comes to sea and land craft your options can be limited at times, for example when I’m building tanks I have to use wheels and it’s not very visually appealing. Also it would be nice to have a easy way to change the cannons damage, oh speaking of cannon some more projectile types and muzzle brake designs would be neat. When it comes to boats, I feel like we don’t have a proper type of propulsion for it so boat motors would be useful. Also we have parts, cockpit interior, and other block categories but some decorative pieces like railings, image displays, flags and other stuff would be really neat and if not just out right fun to play with. When it comes to tracks I feel like just adding a mesh feature to wheels might be the easiest option. Speaking of features I think it’s time for a better auto-pilot that allows you to select from boat plane or car driving methods. Although all of these are just suggestions for the game that I have come up with for the long time I’ve been playing. Sincerely Pophead Industries
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7 years ago, Ccbbxhcvxbc
Excellent airplane sandbox!
I've had SimplePlanes for ages it seems, and am thoroughly impressed with every new update the game offers! While being similar to games like Kerbal Space Program, it has plenty of terrain to fly over, lots of challenges, and literally anything can be created in this game with enough practice. You can make jets, helicopters, seaplanes, passenger aircraft, boats, cars, and even trains if you feel like it! With over 300 hours of playtime, and over a year since downloading this, I would definately say I've gotten my money's worth. The website adds tons of downloadable aircraft if you're not an expert plane builder. My only possible complaints might be with the low quality of the water, but it isn't much to complain about. To anyone on the fence about getting a game like this, I think it's sure to be well worth it for any aviation enthusiasts, and fans of plane engineering!
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6 years ago, Dllama4
Awesome Game!
Well, I got this game over a year ago and Your very impressed. SP is a very fun sandbox game that you can build almost anything in. The editor is very easy to use and the game comes with a wide variety of parts, weapons, and other gadgets like parachutes and countermeasure dispensers. You may start off not building very well in the beginning, but you will eventually get the hang of things. For more help, you could also join the online community. On the website, there are literally a million planes that you could download and play with for free! The other thing I would like to note is the variety of things you could build or download. You can build planes, tanks, cars, motorcycles, rockets, ships, and a lot more. Overall, O would say that this game is well worth the $5.
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4 years ago, tdyxrsttdsrttet
You should make it so there’s a mod that you can download to make it in style all your downloads and be able to join multiplayer please do this because I am a great world war two fans and I love the B 29‘s and I’ve always wanted to play with other people and simple planes to show off the B 29 and feed the Cracken with it so please do this my regrets regards from Florida is Orlando and please do that because from my best regards I bless your wife during this hard times but it can also be good for new updates like adding them on that what you do multiplayer I don’t want to show off I just want to play with other people because I’ve tried with my sis Just so you know I want it to actually be in the game like one of those mods like the build the planes mods OK my best regards from Florida Orlando I really hope you survive as I bless you for creating the best game I love besides Minecraft bless your heart during these hard times
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5 years ago, Ashton_H.
Great game, except...
Ive had this game for about a week on iOS. It’s amazing overall, but I’ve noticed that building the planes can be very tedious. One thing I really hope gets added in the future for this game is the feature of being able to select one piece of the build at a time, and move it individually. It’s very frustrating to attach a fuselage part to your aircraft, and try to move it once more after it’s touched the aircraft. It won’t move that single part alone. It moves the entire plane. The only way to redo it is by clicking the undo button multiple times. Also, you can’t individually delete a piece of a build once it’s attached because of that same issue. It would be nice to have a feature that allows you to move pieces into one another, so that there’s no small gaps in your build. It would also allow for custom cockpit builds, like you would see on pc. (If there’s a part of the game I missed which allows you to do these things, I apologize for writing a useless review.) Other than that, this is an extremely good game and I’m really into it. Keep up the good work and thanks for putting in so much effort for your audience. Not a lot of developers are willing to do that today, so it’s nice to be reminded that there’s still some good people out there who care for their buyers.
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4 years ago, AustRook
One little problem with the gyroscope
This is a very small and big problem at the same time the gyroscope with the little joystick that is still onscreen is always all the way to the right and it makes it so that when you takeoff using the gyroscope you always do a barrel role to the right if there’s a way to fix this that doesn’t need an update please let me know also it would be great if the handling of the aircraft and the camera angle were better and there should be a setting that you turn on or keep off that makes the camera angle a set position and not a gyroscopic camera when you drag because not a lot of people are good at flying if the camera can’t quickly snap back into a position were you can avoid something
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4 years ago, THE LIT BEAST 2887
Great game with lots of potential
I love this game, but there are still many things that you may want to consider adding. I think a couple of new islands would be great. Can you please make at least 1 huge island. I think you should also add a full military base on an island. It would be cool if you had fighters land and take off of aircraft carriers. That is the next thing. I think there should be more ships. Maybe even a naval port with lots of ships that launch off of it, go on missions, and return. Please update the graphics as well. Also needs to work on mobile. There are many more ideas I can think of. Those are just a few things that will make the game 100% better. P.s. when I mean huge Islands I mean like double the size of the current ones
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6 years ago, DEATH2REVIVE
Very Great Game
Well I have been playing this game for like 3 years or so and I have seen this game evolve. I am amazed how you gave so many people a platform where they can show their imagination in so many ways. I would like to give a few suggestions. First can you guys give us the amount of force given for each engine. Also in the editor can you show us the direction of propulsion when every engine is in or when this and that engines are on. Lastly can you show us the amount of force given by the engine or a certain group of engines like the Blasto J15 gives 100 lbs of force at 100% and at 99% blah blah blah. Stuff like that would truly help everyone in making more accurate designs especially when it comes to hovering featuresThank you for listening.
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5 years ago, Sergio G.T.
Simply Amazing!
I absolutely love this game, as it gives you the power to create whatever your heart desires! A beautiful prop fighter? A jet? A car? A boat? All of those at once? Or something that's out of this world? You decide! One thing I would say it lacks is how much potential is locked behind the IOS barrier, however i believe that parts of the overload mod should be included, including resizing, advanced part modification, etc. I know you people have already included a few parts of such mods, which allows for parts to be rotated, moved perfectly, etc, and that is "simply amazing" Edit: the wizards at Jundroo have added quite a lot of these functions already. This is why I love this company. They put their heart into their projects. Keep up the good work Jundroo!
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2 years ago, hsudhdbsjbshe d
Update idea
Hey Garrison do you think you can add a update where when you are 5.0mi away from the USS Beast there is a red button and the bottom right which will be in the shape of a rectangle (my thinking) where it will say emergency land then when you press it, it disappears, and a net will start to set itself up so when you are 2.0mi from the USS Beast the net is ready so when you land it catches you like what real Carriers do when an aircraft comes in for a emergency landing on a carrier, where the crew on the carrier steps up a big black net to catch to aircraft coming in for the emergency landing. That’s all I have to say and I hope you see this, thank you for reading this idea (if you read it)-by a fan
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4 years ago, gamerboy144590
Add more
Please add more stuff like trains, more weapons, and a way for me to have mods like the fleet and the laser mod. I can’t find a way to get it on my iPhone so can you please just add them that would be great. I can’t get any maps or anything. So please just add them. I also cannot put things inside others on my phone which is a bummer so please you get the point just add them for me. But other than that I love this game and I think it is really cool and one of a kind. For a while I hadn’t seen a game like this but when I did I downloaded it. Thank you for the freedom of making this game a fantastic one. I hope you understand. Can you also make another game called simple trains or simple weapons, that would be great.
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4 years ago, hdhdbxirbsc
For the downloads.......
So I’ve been using this for a year or so now (on iOS) and all of a sudden I go on today and on the website to download planes when I enter it it says this website may be stealing information from people this connection is not private or something like that so now I can’t download Any planes/cars etc till I get my pc which I am getting on Christmas so if you guys could look over that that would be great. It’s a awesome great game no hate towards you guys but just idk if it’s my phone that’s messed up or it’s liek a mess up on your end but I know you guys aren’t actually trying to steal our information so plz try to fix it respond to me telling me that your website is all good and it’s a problem on my end
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3 years ago, Aiden8 09
Make exploration on mobile equal to PCs exploration
I love simple planes but I wish mods would work on mobile and I want to have all the challenges for the desert island and the desert island added to mobile and I think there should be a setting that you can decide to have the desert island or not so people who are trying to explore the desert island who are on mobile they have a choice to remove the island or add it at any time in the main menu. I would love to explore the desert island and see which challenges there Are and I found every single island and discoverable thing So I want the desert island to be added to Mobil and from Mods to work correctly for Mobile
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6 years ago, alxsam
The Perfect Game, One Major Issue
Now before you get the wrong idea, I love this game more than most other games on my iPad, the mechanics, the building and the overall Kerbal Space Program-y vibe just warms my heart. However there is one major issue I have to address, nothing will load. It started a while ago as a small problem where the loading times were extended slightly but it quickly evolved into what it is now. I’m not sure if it is just my first gen iPad Pro or what but I’ve been having this problem for about two years and thus my use of the app has dwindled, and before you ask yourself, yes, I did download the most recent update in hopes that it would fix this but it hasn’t. I would rate five stars hands down if this complication was resolved.
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3 years ago, Pilotjm789
My #1 Fav in the History of the App Store
I absolutely love this game. I play SimplePlanes like my mom plays Bejeweled. I have one request: fuselage turbofans for VTOL, like the F-35 has. But my god what a great game. I'm a real-world pilot and, believe it or not, of all the simulators I've used, these are arguably the most realistic physics of all of them. X-Plane lost my respect when I dropped 10° of flaps and lost 50kts. Keep it up fam, and give me a turbofan. Would also be nice to have one enormous Island. Maybe even a city, something Manhattan-esq. I've seen a couple other reviews suggesting an online mode. I realize that'd take quite a bit of work to make happen, but that's a fantastic idea and I'm sure we'd all be eternally grateful.
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4 years ago, packleaderomega
The best mobile sandbox game, but ideas
SimplePlanes is a great game, that I’ve had for nigh on three years across my different devices, and I love it. Only, somethings are not very realistic. When a plane accelerates past the speed of sound, a cloak of air forms around it due to the pressure. The sheer speed prevents air from moving out of the way quickly enough, creating the cloud that we can see at air shows. The air exploding out of the way is the iconic “sonic boom”. There is no hint of this in game. Also, players should b have access to readily available iconic weapons, such as he hellfire missile, the tomahawk LACM, the AIM 120 sidewinder, and the AGM 60. I believe this would allow players a much wider range of destruction, instead of having to make their own weapons, causing much lag
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1 month ago, Husky2919
Thanks to Jundroo, the great game studio behind simpleplanes
When I was a child, I cherished the memories of designing planes. Thanks to SimplePlanes, I had the opportunity to bring my dream planes to life. It provided me with a unique platform to express my ideas, showcased through this remarkable game. In those days, I even won first place in the national airplane design contest’s youth category. Presently, although I major in architecture due to my aptitude for mathematics, I can’t help but reminisce about the time spent playing SimplePlanes,it served as a magical key that unlocked my passion for design. Ultimately, I hope this incredible game continues to inspire more and more people who harbor dreams of reaching for the skies.
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3 years ago, A1C Aardvark
Engine Ignition and idle for aircraft
Ive played this game for a good while now and Ive gotten the hang of building vehicles, air and land but one thing I really wished this game had was an engine ignition and idle function. When you throttle up ever so slightly the plane would move even though the props haven't starting spinning enough to produce thrust to push. Another thing is that the engines make noise even though the Props are not moving. Ignition and idle could be great for ground effects without having to turn off the engine every time you lower the throttle to zero. Overall SP is a great game. My physics teacher uses it in class to show us aerodynamics
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4 years ago, TROLOLOL..TLORELO
If you’re wondering why I said DONT get THIS... it’s because I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years and well I’m 21 now and it said I’m permanently BAND from this app!! I even got a picture of it and I’d love to talk to the person who was the inventor of this app...not going to lie it was an amazing game!! But after a while.. it kinda started to become a cyber bullying and I know that because I saw a person who Been playing for a month now and he’s been downloading other people’s planes and uploading it on his profile and you may say “thats not cyber bullying” but I’m not finished, when I looked on his comments..geez... I’m not going to repeat what they said especially one user name... I just wish that I can get unbanned or in PERMANENTLY unbanned that is... if you took your time to read this.. thank you because this has been bothering me for a WHILE
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5 years ago, Clubbeddread31
It’s amazing
I love SimplePlanes. I just wish there were more starter planes. I also wish that the graphics were better and there were more planes and more realistic crash damage. I wish there were trees and there was grass. It needs more weapons, and realistic weapons like guided missiles that you can fly. And the explosions need to be better like the ones in simple rockets 2. I also wish you could download planes from the app and not from a browser. And when you crash into the ground there needs to be dirt trails and bomb craters for bombs. There needs to be a underwater camera. I also wish there were bomb sights and I want to be able to get mods on mobile.
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1 year ago, VJR86
Been playing since release
I probably sunk over 100 hours into this game is the most addictive mobile game I've ever played. If you like airplane games and you like sandbox games or you like games rebuild stuff this game is fantastically entertaining. Update: still 5 stars. Over 5 years I have been playing this game. I cannot even tell you how long I’ve been playing this game for I pretty much got this game at Release and I still play it to this day. It’s kind of sad that they stopped updating it but I really do hope they come out with a updated version of the game because it is a staple of my gaming.
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7 years ago, Schwartz_
Great Game, sparked my interest in aviation
At first I got this game cause it looked fun with downloading all of these different planes, but when you actually start to make planes you can learn a lot about real physics that is used to keep planes flying. It lives up to its name, it is very simple and you won't learn a whole lot, but it is also super fun and great for beginners trying to learn about planes, as well as those who are experienced. Not to mention is this game is just all around fun because you can do a number of things, like joyride in a plane, dogfight, go on a hike in a vehicle, or explore the seas in a boat. There is so much to this game I am surprised it is only $6.
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5 years ago, A2967
Difficult controls
This game is amazing, you can create your plane, car etc it’s all here. The biggest thing I’m seeing and I don’t know if this for everyone or just me but the controls are so weird cause I can’t even turn. This game was made for a computer not a mobile device. Every time I try to turn it counts it as a spin and then I end up spinning around in circles when it’s nearly impossible to control. I’ve tried this with downloaded planes and I ALWAYS fly in a straight line or crash when I turn its and it’s SO ANNOYING. I paid a lot for this game and I was always so excited to create my own planes but now I can’t even use them to see if they turn please fix this if you can
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6 years ago, EJirv
COOLEST!!! Just a tiny issue...
This game has been #1 on my favorites list for a SUUUPER long time. The building mechanics are really smart as well. I love how free it is. It is really awesome that you can download planes that other people have built too (which are WAY cooler than mine 😅). The only problem is that it still hasn’t been updated for the iPhone X. So it’s screen doesn’t fit on my phone which is kind of annoying. It would be cool if you could install mods somehow on Mobile too, but I’m sure that is a big if. Overall the app is one of the best games I’ve ever played and it’s my favorite in the “simple” series. Thanks for making a free sandbox game!
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2 years ago, Meme app
A few quirks, but loads of fun.
I have only done builds. That part of the app is a lot of fun. There’s a part or two I’d like to add but you can build a giant variety of vehicles with the available parts. It’s also really enlightening on the complexities of vehicle design. Build jet powered boats (I’ve even added foils), cars including giant articulated land trains, jets, prop planes, and helicopters. Add weapons from mini guns to long range fire and forget missiles. Build vehicles that deploy from other vehicles. You can replicate todays modern marvels from Ferrari to the F-18 or invent you own brands and models. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on this app and I don’t even do half the activities you can participate in.
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2 years ago, rileytrombino
Lost aircraft?
I came back to the app today and found none of my built aircraft left, and i have accomplished a lot building those, and it makes me sad to see them gone. But i will keep building more aircraft to see what i can accomplish more. Im thinking its my fault this happened since i recently deleted some files and not thinking what would happen. but i Definitely recommend this 5 star app because it allows you to be free, to build whatever you want, you can even make your own maps! This game is so good and definitely worth the money. So buy this!!!
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6 years ago, game tester21
I would like to start of by saying that this is a amazing game but there are some minor bugs. Like when I spawn like one or two AI planes in the game starts to lag a lot. The graphics are ok but could be better. Also add a underwater view because every time I go underwater the view changes. Add more parts like maybe a customizable engine and propeller. Add helium too. Also a smoke machine to. Also make it so spoilers can go on wing. Add a customizable landing gear too. Also add a nuke as a new weapon. Add proper sails too. Add a customizable cockpit to the game. The fog effect in the game when you set it to be fog is not very good. Also make a metric system also and add knots too.
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12 months ago, Panzer king
SimplePlanes is a great sandbox game which is great for me building craft i could only dream of. The game is great, the parts allow for creating some real working aircraft. Updates were great and added things that greatly improved the way we build stuff. But after about a year of nothing new it is hard staying with nothing really to do except build something new. The game is ok with everything in it but after completing them all there is nothing more to do. How i would help this give the game some more attention. It is bad when an April fools joke now is that there is a new update under development. So i have to say really it gets to a point where i get bored and play a different game. Who knows someone may see this but what can I convince
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4 years ago, thanks creators
More games that works with mini 3-1
Hello your games are great but I got my hopes up simple rockets 2 but it wasn’t compatible with my min 2 so I got sad that I couldn’t get it. But please make it compatible with my mini. And for simple planes can you add sirens like the Stuka one and more like a air raid siren. And another thing at fire like you could put out fires. And ad Stuka preset that has the siren that I recommend earlier but over all I love this game keep up the great works yay. And for mobile simple planes please return mods for tablets and make them simple downloads like there a download button and bring you to the game and go to mods and boom simple
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2 years ago, Idka name
Good work but I think the price is a little bit too high
I’m a kid and don’t know how to properly write a review by I spent seven or six dollars on the game and I was expecting not great gameplay because well I don’t need such great graphics and stuff and also I’m playing it on mobile but I barely understood anything and the physics were also terrible and I feel like it was a waste of my money kind of I haven’t played it as much as other people and I probably am not used to games like this but I did not like the graphics physics the way it works placements of and I’m not sure how paying for mobile game works and if you can get a refund or not but if I could I wish I could find a way how to IRL I am not frustrated I’m just kind of upset and I am not saying this in a mad tone in real life thank you.
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7 years ago, Hegsgdhudbehsiabscgs
Great game but I have some suggestions
The game is great and I enjoy every aspect of it but it would be cool to either have smart bombs, a large scale dumb bomb (MOAB or Hiroshima nuke sized) to add to the arsenal. This in my personal opinion would make the game much more interesting because you could then do whole bombing runs on an island or decimate a large force with one bomb although you should make it heavy so you can't have a bush plane with a nuke strapped to it. Another suggestion would be to add some sort of lights such as flood lights or rotatable beacons so you could have a helicopter or plane that is able to search for targets in darkness.
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3 years ago, arinkat
Please add more levels
Ok I think SimplePlanes is a great sandbox game I just wish there were more levels I mean I’ve been playing this for two and a half years and I think this is a great game but in that time I also realized that there aren’t many levels grand it’d I’ve Ben play on mobile but still I think that there should be more combat levels and sense I’m playing on mobile I also can’t use mods but I don’t think that really matters I just think that the mobile version of SimplePlanes should have more combat missions then five or six but I mean apart from that a believe SimplePlanes is a great plane building sandbox game and I hope to see what it will be in the future.
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4 years ago, RRRREEEEEEEkid
More features
I love this game and have played for like 4 years. It is amazing, but there is a few things you could add to improve it. First I would bomb bays so you can like open a bay and rain hell on the enemy, also a missile where you point where you want it to go and it will fire there. Or more advanced wings that actually look like the airfoils instead of having to put fuselage around the wing to get a cool look out of it. Also you should add SAM missiles, I know you can just use air to air on the ground but it would much cool to have a SAM missile. So you could have a truck and shoot planes out of the sky while not flying In the process. Other wise this game is awesome.
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2 years ago, luketrain6
Amazing game but 2 things
Ok so this game is amazing and I am kinda garbage at making aircraft. I like the download planes thing because that way I can actually fly good aircraft. Just two things, ONE: THE AI NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Today when I played I had to make an emergency landing and I was taxiing out and a tanker decided to come and Kamikazi me. TWO: THERE NEEDS TO BE MULIPLAYER. so sometimes I just want to dog fight. I know there is a dog fighting section but sometimes the ai just gets boring. Sometimes the ai isn’t just boring but sometimes I just want to battle “more experienced players” I hope this helped!
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2 years ago, Lukey1234567
Totally Recommend!
I kept looking and looking for a good airplane game and just couldn’t find one. Until I found SimplePlanes. How cool is it that you don’t just fly planes, you build them to! And with the new update that brought cockpit interior gadgets and gages to the game, you came make extremely detailed creations which I love. The only downside is that there is no multiplayer. I would really like to see multiplayer in SimplePlanes, especially because of the awesome air battles you could have. But yeah, I totally recommend the game if you like airplanes and building.
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3 months ago, jcjdhdydugirhfjrudu
i dont even know how to use it bro
this game is very hard to move the camera and it is hard to even place on block and the pyshics are trash, the controls are really trash, this game is bad and should not download, it looks like some type of goofy cheap looking on the buttons and i just really don’t like this game. I spent actual money on this game and it scammed me now im back to being the same old person with 2 dollars in my account i spent my whole life trying to just get only 15 dollars and you had to ruin it. this is why i never buy games that cost money off the app store becuase everytime i try i get scammed and then i get so mad that lava starts erupting out of my butthole and then i pee on my floor!! dont buy this game unless you want lava to erupt out your cheeks man!
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2 years ago, Rockzilla2020
Hands down the most easy create your own aircraft, car, boat, etc, kinda game
I really do not have any complaints, well, except for one. This game I’ve been plying for a long time and when I first got it, I loved it. The only thing that’s got me bugged (no pun intended), is that the control sticks that make the aircraft move around snap back into place, probably a new bug that i how that can be fixed. Now, onto improvements, a lot of people have been asking for this and I think we all are waiting for the day multiplayer comes to simpleplanes, I think we have a enough content as it is. Idea for multiplayer: To make a private server or something, it would be cool to add the certain amount of parts in order to join, not 300 parts only, that’s how you get money quickly. I’d like to make a cinematic video with me, my buddy, and my brother fly our helicopters in formation. That’s all from me.
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2 years ago, mattyGk
Just two things
So, I just started playing (actually just yesterday) and I love the game, but, I tried to change the cockpit, and it didn’t work. It wouldn’t delete. I hope you can make so I can delete cockpits if there is another one on the plane. Also, it would be nice if I had bomb bay doors. I saw a review saying that you figure out how to make your own eventually, but I’m new, and I can’t make them myself, so it would be really cool to have some already built for me. Thank you for reading this! Also, THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME!!!
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7 years ago, Boeing Worker 747
An awesome sim!
The only thing I would add is a gear indicator so if one gear fails to fully extend or retract, we know. I once was flying BaconAircraft’s VTOL Airliner and one of my gear failed to deploy (due to a previous hard landing) the only hint I had to know this was an internal fire. I immediately diverted to wright north isle runway but landed with a non fully extended nose gear. It could be added under the artificial horizon and however many gear are on the aircraft is how many dots there should be. All green dots mean all gear have successfully extended. Any red dots mean the gear is not fully extended. This would make cockpit flying a tad more realistic.
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1 year ago, ,PW,
Love this game but needs to have for mobile
This game is fun but it is not fun enough without new maps and mods installed, this game needs mobile support for mods and mod maps and It can’t seem to work when I put them in the SimplePlanes mod settings and I can’t just get a PC, it’s still gonna cost me money to get the game still and the only thing I need in the game are mobile mods support and it’s not only 2 installed and I can’t get over with the mods I want to get and the graphics are good when I put them high but mods make it more realistic… I have more to say but I can’t right now.
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Please add mods back to mobile!
I love this game already and I just got it maybe 4 days ago, and I’ve had fun flying tons of different varieties of planes, but I also want to be able to download mods. I have an iPhone that actually runs the game incredibly well, and I have almost never lagged, but I saw that when going into the mods section, all the mods were only available for pc and that was kind of a bummer. I still really enjoy the game, but to make the experience even better, please devs, add mods back to mobile.
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1 year ago, KINGMJM00
Seems like the game is starting to crash more
The game used to run smoothly, but now I get lag spikes and it randomly crashes constantly, it didn’t use to do that, it used to run super smooth. It seems like other people have this issue as well. I’m not gonna give you one star though, no need to, this game is awesome other than it’s couple of issues. :( update, it’s still crashing, now it’s lagging all the time even when loading in small aircraft, it runs super slow, very 10 seconds the game freezes and then unfreezes when in the builder, please fix this, the game is starting to become unplayable.
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5 years ago, Schneid310
Undo Glitch
WARNING! I have discovered a glitch that I have named the undo glitch. This is happening to me whenever I undo something when making a plane. Everything starts to glitch out. For example: The enter plane copies, everything on the bottom stars getting brighter. All I now is that its only happening to me on my ipad. So if the creator of simple planes is reading this here's a thing to look into for the next update. I really like this game, but the undo glitch is really annoying me. P.S. I would love to see a new ww2 boomer cockpit added!
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1 year ago, happy emoo 27
Great game, decent website
Great game, the only thing is the online community, when downloading planes, on mobile it often says that the craft is too big to run, letting you only download it if you create an account and sign it(it often signs you out, or you have to try a few times) but with the advancement of more powerful phones, like the iPhone 14 pro it would be nice to be able to download larger planes, because what a phone could once handle is different now
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6 years ago, TheBigFinger
Worth the $5
When I bought it, I had no understanding of physics, but now, my planes (and other creations) work perfectly. Unless I get massive planes (700+ parts), there is almost no lag, and if there is, I could just lower the quality. I would advise always keeping physics on high(for obvious reasons.) It is the worst on iOS though, with lower part tolerance and Apple doesn’t tolerate any modding whatsoever, it is still fun. Even if you are like me when I first got it, all you need to do is get on the website, and check out the planes there.
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7 years ago, MetallurgyGaming
Great game, a few ideas
As a liver of aviation, this game is a dream come true. I can build my own planes, test other people’s creations, and have fun. Now, on to the ideas, a smart bomb where I can drop a bomb and not have to have pinpoint precision. (or add bombsights at the very least) Second, a guide on how to use the gyroscope, it’s really hard and I am way too lazy to go on a ton of forums and chats. Finally, and idea I have is to add a sort of “timing chain” to the propellers so they won’t be shot off by the mini gun. Thanks for listening, can’t wait for Simple Rockets 2!
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3 years ago, isdfkjejdvo
Great game has bugs though
First off I want to say I love this game, I have played it for months now and I have loved all the parts of it. I do have a few problems though that started a few days ago and have me ripping my hair out in anger. 1st. My plane I built is having an invisible collision problem where every time I try to load it to fly it the plane launches itself into in air like a rabbit trying to jump to the moon. 2ed. The planes fuel is not showing up on the indicator or is anywhere on the map apparently. No matter what I try I always seem to have no fuel (and yes I checked to see if I added fuel in the first place). 3rd. There is a mass calculating problem where it says that my plane of many many parts that should be well over the measly 551 pounds the game says it is. Overall this is a wonderful game but some of the bugs it has been having as of late make me want to delete it, I would still recommend it to a friend though.
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