Singing Machine Karaoke

4.5 (2.3K)
81.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stingray Group Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for Singing Machine Karaoke

4.51 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
5 months ago, SMKaraoke
I love it!!!
I don’t want to take up too ugh of your time by you reading this but if your about to get the app consider subscribing because you have like 7 songs unless you subscribe and when you do it’s awesome it connects to your Kate one machine and you have a awesome time singing your favorite or just a good song and you can even connect the words to your tv or just use it on your device, but anyway I love this app so much it’s a little spendy with your money but it’s worth it the first day I sang 20 songs!!!
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2 years ago, Terrible i hate this game
Only recommend to very rich people
First of all, it said nothing about paying to listen to songs. Second of all, if you didn't want to pay you can use the THREE songs it gives you. Third of all, you can only connect it to a smart tv, which is very stupid. You should be able to connect to any tv that you own. There is only a few good things about this app like, they have really good songs for any ages but like I already say before, you have to buy them. Fourth of all, you can only do a 20 second preview of these songs 🙄😑. Anyways, I only recommend this app if you have a lot of money you want to spend on karaoke.
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3 years ago, JShearer
Ok I’m 8 years old and hate the app but I just love the machine
I hate it but can you put more effort in the app no stuff I hate about the machine I spend most of my time playing with the machine but more songs everything I search up it costs sooo much money because my dad said if you wanna buy it then you need to get $99 and 99 cents I have $66 and 48 cents
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4 years ago, chermeeks
Not bad at all.. actually pretty fun!
I think this was a great idea! I’m 38 and I enjoy it with my children and friends! The only problem or thing we wish was improved is how we use Bluetooth but it’s only on my iPhone. We’d Like to see the words on the screen on the TV! Instead, everybody must use my phone for the words which is a bummer. We have no cds, no usb and if I’m playing $15 a month then we are going to use the app. So it needs to accessible to the tv as well. Otherwise its hours of fun! We had no problems with the song selection as everyone from ages 8-45 found plenty of songs to sing!
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11 months ago, peace_is_good
Good app, a little challenging
SM Karaoke is an OK app. The machine is a little challenging to use, but it has great songs and the sound projects alright. I like how easy it is to access great songs. It’s good for large events, and it has holiday songs, but I wouldn’t recommend for at-home use, because it takes a little while to set up. The actual karaoke machine is not easy to set up, but the app is great and can be used on devices like iPads. I recommend for large events but if you want to use it regularly it may be a bit of a hassle.
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4 years ago, stevieraelove
Waste of money
We were so excited about this product . No where does it mention the extra 15 bucks a month or 9.99 a week for the songs . Also I couldn’t get the picture on my tv . Not sure if it’s only compatible with a smart tv which I don’t have , or if it’s something I’m doing . I paired the machine with my phone and a blue screen came up on my tv that said paired but when I downloaded AND bought the app , the lyrics only played on my phone and not the tv. Needless to say I had to hook my laptop up to my tv to display lyrics for my daughter to sing a long with . Don’t waste your money. Just buy a microphone and an amp .
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2 years ago, 𝔹𝔼𝕊𝕋 𝔾𝔸𝕄𝔼 𝔼𝕍𝔼ℝ
So I downloaded this app and you may be saying “it can’t be that bad” ohhhhh it is. So I was in this app and you only have 5 song that you can sing the whole way through without having to pay 10 dollars weekly or 15 dollars monthly. You don’t get many songs and the other songs that you sing are like 20 seconds of them. I do not recommend this app unless you want to pay the price. I gave it at least two stars because they have good songs BUT I CANT EVEN LISEN TO THEM!!! Anyways hope you have a great day
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3 years ago, Jtrain201
Too expensive
I was more than shocked to discover the fees tied to the app. Ten bucks a week or $15 a month falls on the greedy side of things in my opinion. Especially considering the many options people have to enjoy karaoke for less money. That said one alternative idea might be to charge a one-time fee for the app and that would give access to older songs that cost less and then charge another fee for access to the new hits etc. at the end of the day, spending this kind of money is not worth it.
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4 years ago, pragnya k 2012
I love singing machine!
I Love singing machine I mean it is so fun I love to listen to songs and sing them and do karaoke on on this app it’s just super fun I love singing karaoke because like I like I like singing machine so much it is like super Duper super super super Duper super super awesome I don’t wanna be a singer when I grow up but I just love this app it is super Duper Duper Duper fun .
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3 years ago, singerbree
Love the machine, just a couple concerns about app
The machine is cool. I like it, super cool!! 😁But the app is my concern. You only get a couple of free songs, I only got five basic Christmas songs like Silent Night and Deck The Halls. I wanted to just do a week of subscription to see if I liked it but the price for each week is pretty expensive, more than a dollar per day. I just wish there way a one time purchase available. Keep up the good work stingray group inc! 👍🎤
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4 years ago, benny_blev
Scam artists
Bought their karaoke machine for a party. You can’t even display the lyrics on screen unless you already have an apple tv or you buy their CDs. Downloaded the app. You can’t even play a full song unless you agree to pay them. Then your subscription auto-renews and they don’t give refunds. I requested a refund for the auto-renew payments because I’m tight on cash and I didn’t want to use their awful machine or app after the failed attempt to use it at a party. No refunds. What a sick way to prey on people who want to sing with friends. Also their app is badly designed with no regard to UX, and I would know. Their architecture is laughable, and their ridiculous notifications will pop up during mid day and suggest you sing karaoke. YEAH, SURE. Clueless money hungry people over at Singing Machine. Give me my refund.
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8 months ago, Cris Colbert
Needs more songs from bigger artist
Huge song selection. A little bit upset that there isn’t a. It selection on popular artist like Michael Jackson or Weezer im pretty sure there are more artist that need a bit more attention but I’ve only had the app for a couple of days
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3 years ago, PineForest08
Pretty good
I really enjoy this. I just feel that it annoying we have to pay to sing a whole song. We should be able to and pay a 3 dollar fee each month. I really like it though. I think it is fun singing on this app. I just hope that my suggestions are taken to account. Thanks
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4 years ago, LissaWest
Total waste of money
We purchased the karaoke machine for our daughter, not knowing we have to pay $15 a month just to use it?! App description says you get five free songs a month. The box says you get a “bonus” five songs. So I downloaded the app thinking we could live with five songs a month, but nope. No five songs. Not even one song. All you get are useless 30 second clips of songs horribly sung by someone else. Looks like we will be retiring the karaoke machine because this is a scam.
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2 years ago, FarmerSav
Singing Machine
I think that it is fun but I think that if you have the app you should be able to see the word on the screen.
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7 months ago, Scraps99
Doesn’t support family sharing
Our physical machine broke so we decided to use this app. It’s great except that it doesn’t support family sharing. The notes say it does for subscriptions longer than 7 days, but in reality it doesn’t. So I bought an app intending to pass it off to my kids … and I can’t. Hugely frustrating to have to give them my device for the next 30 days. Bad enough I have to hear singing all day long 😂
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5 years ago, FuntimeFoxy641
When I tried playing the song on the karaoke machine it only played when I pressed the play button for the example and it only played for 30 seconds and not the full song played. Other than that, it’s alright
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5 years ago, Jeffwarr
Limited selection
The song selection is very limited especially since you have to pay $10 / week or $15 / month. iTunes store has way more Karaoke songs, so clearly they are out there. Would be good to have a way to play other other Karaoke songs. Would also be good to be able to purchase individual songs versus subscription.
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2 years ago, 3sistimeswww000
Hate and Love relationship
So I download the app By the way I took a long time but after I opened it up there’s so many things you had to do and agree and it didn’t say that I had to pay hate and love relationship.
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8 months ago, GummyRedGummyBears
Super easy to use!! Yes i paid for the songs for one month but I've already gotten my money's worth in one weekend. So many songs and very easy to use
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4 years ago, coco toto fofo lolo
All should be free
All the song should be free because not a lot of people have engh money to pay for it like me my parent work so hard to get me and my sister wait we need but not all the time they get a raise. But other then that I really like your music P.s can you up grade your songs because their a little old
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3 years ago, TynkerGirl
The app is good but a few things wrong
I like the app but why does it only give you 30 second samples of the song and for the free songs u get the whole song to sing? Is it because you need to subscribe to get every song free?
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3 years ago, coogirl18
I want to give this a 5 star review because...
I wan to give this a 5 star review because 1. It's not letting me sing on my karaoke machine me and my family don't know how to use this app. 2.i am very new to this app 3.i am not happy with this app at all. I am confused ❓ with this my and my brother are lettering ✉️ you of this app so hope you fix 🔧 this app because I know I'm getting mad 😡 at you. Hope you have a nice day/ night. BYE 👋 ~Unknown~ ~-~
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4 years ago, sophiwed
Not good
I do not love the app because their is only 3-4 songs that are not just 30 second samples. And also it is hard to pair with my karaoke machine it takes hours out of my day trying to do it. When it pairs to Apple Music it is also bad because not all of the songs work.
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10 months ago, Jeff P E
Lyrics don’t load!
Paid for the subscription, downloaded 5 songs with lyrics loaded them onto a usb drive, and get about 1/2 of each song worth of lyrics! Have spoken with help desk multiple times with no resolution and they keep marking the problem as solved! Would have given a zero if able . Don’t give them your money!
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1 year ago, グリーンノリ
I love it !! I like to sing a song!!
But One thing, I hope have more Japanese song. I know here is US. But Karaoke is originally from Japan. I want to sing a song more Japanese.
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4 years ago, BRYNN🤪
Your amazing speech!
It’s an amazing app to stream on your karaoke machine or anything else people have it’s helped me stream on the karaoke machine and with the talent show. Thx for making the app with all my kindness goes to you thank you BYE! 😜
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3 years ago, unicornlover221199
I like the app and i see people are having hard times but I think you can have fun on it you can also get the karaoke machine which I have.
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2 years ago, funny pig 32
Not that great
I got the karaoke machine and thought I should get the app. The instructions told me I could a membership and get “the full version of the song” but I didn’t want to. Then I opened the app and tried to play a song. It gave me a 30 second sample of the song. So it turned out that I had to get a membership to use the app.😒😡😢
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2 years ago, TheElephant1011
Ok. I usually don’t rate apps but I thought I should do this one because I have a question and a request. So, how do you know if a song is free?? And, can you make a section for free songs?? Thanks!
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5 years ago, galexy magic 101
Love the songs
I love the songs that they have but I am a little disappointed that they don’t have ALL the songs I love like drowning but overall it’s a really fun app to get and love that it’s free.
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4 years ago, KillerSanctom23
It’s good for what it is but the song variety are some of the older hits. Love that type of music but was wondering if you could add artists like Nathan sharp (NateWantsToBattle) and set it off. I’d love to see where this app will go in the future
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3 years ago, A vila do matt
My happiness maker
Love this app has amazing pre mixes for parties and you can save lists from a while ago. Use it everyday while cooking and to get a positive atmosphere at home!
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5 years ago, Unicorn_Que3n
So I got it for my birthday and I have a lot of fun with it. This is perfect when I have a karaoke party, when something is wrong with the other box I own... keep up the good work
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3 years ago, kikiflipps
This app is so great it has a lot of the songs that I like to sing but it didn’t have all of the songs that really like but in the end it is a great app.
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3 years ago, Alex1982.
Amazing time...during quarantine!
They freed every song and now is so amazing!!!!thank you for making our family time amazing.
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3 years ago, mndghff
It’s good
I like it a lot i can get all the songs i like but have to pay to get full songs sometimes you can only get 30 second samples because you sometimes have to pay for them
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4 years ago, 🤪GRACE
So recommend this
This is the most addicting app ever I can not stop 🛑 playing and singing on it this app has mad me not stop singing so it made me more confident in my singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, meet i love you
Singing machine is great
Singing machine is great because it goes from the karaoke and I’ve been wanting karaoke since I was at a birthday party
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2 years ago, sofie😀🙂😃
How good is this app?
In my opinion, I think this app is outstanding!!!! I absolutely love it! It is so great and helpful. I am so glad I downloaded it.
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3 years ago, SkiilsRhonda
I love it
Hours and Hours of fun and I love the way the lyrics are perfectly timed, the song selections are awesome as well I’ve been singing for days lol!
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5 years ago, Jaden MN
Very Limited Songs
Like how the service works and options. Do Not Like the Very Limited amount of Songs available - especially for Spanish - though songs are limited for Spanish and English.
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2 years ago, hrace1234!!?
How much I like this machine
This machine has been so good and I love the way I can practice my songs so clearly
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5 years ago, vhvjcgj,
Is great
Me and my friends is at the sleepover so it was really fun the years me and my brother like to play on it a lot so thank you for putting this app on the App Store . Thanks , Haley
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3 years ago, good votes
Nice bet needs more
I like the app but I would love it if they had more songs that we can listen to That is all I ask for thanks for reading
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9 months ago, riyah poo
It’s very interesting to my kids and me they are learning new songs😄😁
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7 months ago, SM Travel
Subscription scam
Be warned that at some point this app will charge you $9.99 a week. This happened and I didn’t realize it until wasting a lot of money on an app that did not make it clear that this was their subscription model when I signed up.
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2 years ago, Torsionsubgroup
Singing Machine
This thing is so awesome!!!! I got it for my daughter for Christmas and she can’t get her hands off it. Great choice. Love it!
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3 years ago, whdhbfgn
This app is very nice but I like it
I don’t love this out because there’s not many free songs but it is a very cool app for you to do karaoke on
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2 years ago, bashfulbanana
It’s crazy to me that when you purchase a singing machine for $80 at target that it doesn’t come with music to sing a lot with. The app asks for an additional paid subscription to access music for the machine. Very greedy. What a shame. I’m returning the machine. Don’t not get this!
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