4.9 (11)
10 MB
Age rating
Current version
Erik Sigth
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sinusoid

4.91 out of 5
11 Ratings
3 months ago, EthanGross
This developer is Legendary.
The creator of the legendary Chords rom for DMGb
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3 years ago, squibcake
Cool tracker but please add horizontal support!
I like this but could really use horizontal support for both iPad and iPhone. Superior to Nanoloop!
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13 years ago, hemanthesmart
I don't normally comment but this guy looks like an aspiring developer of synth apps which is what I want to do. I just wrote my first electronica tune with this app. Great job :D the interface is reminiscent of early trackers but it is deceptively powerful. Only things to add would be an export by email option, and my iPod touch 4G added a tad bit of static to the exported file, but amazing job. Buying shape synth on impulse due to the quality of this app. :)
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12 years ago, HtoTheRescue
A Fun little app
This is a fun little app, and I like it. For the most part it works great, but when recording with the play head, it doesn't matter what octave you're set to, it always snaps back to 0 when it plays through. The only way to get anything above or below is to toggle to "note at", (unless there's a setting I can't find). Because of this, it would be good if there were some way to change the octave of a note after it's been placed. Also, when you flip it into arpeggio mode, tapping on the the options doesn't always work. It's a little wonkey, you have to be really fast and snappy with your selections. Other than these problems, it's a cool 8-bit music app. I tried to contact the developer to let him know instead of writing a review, but this is the only way I could find that he may read it. Providing an email for stuff like this would be a helpful thing to do too. If you do read, this and work on changing it, thanks in advance, Erik! If this stuff does gets fixed, I'll change my review to 5 stars!
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13 years ago, PlanetR
Worth two bucks!!
Over all, it's a really good app. The synths are sweet, the interface is good, and once you figure out all the buttons, it's fun to use. The biggest con is the interface is plain but not as easy to figure out at first. I first thought there were only 16 spots on the sequencer, but you can add more. I gotta say, it's not recording software like nanostudio, but for two bucks, considering how much software usually is, this is pretty good!
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11 years ago, Holgafan120
great app
I've been using it for awhile now, and just wanted to say that it is a great little app with a fun, quirky sound, great interface design, easy to use controls with all the right features, and works great with Audiobus. I especially like that the tracker shows my notes - really helps me double Sinusoid's utility, using him to write down my music to perform later in another app. I like Sinusoid. He's a real trooper.
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13 years ago, tracester
Really dig this app
Very cool for creating 8-bit sounds. I would love the ability to switch the sounds between a saw, sine, or square in each channel on the fly... Then it might be just under nanoloop level. Not as is, though.
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13 years ago, Buddy Lingus
Not really sure what's up here. This is the second genius recommendation I casually picked up for my iPAD that turned out to be an iPHONE app. So buyer beware... I've done this twice now, with the iPad selector enabled... In this case it was a bit less painfully because this app actually scales cleanly when you hit the 2X button... But still has a 1/2+ inch black border. Still locked up on me and copied random data to new tracks (this could be a feature I'm not quite getting)... But a few stars for effort, I dig the clean take on an 8-Bit UI. Apple: I want YOUR 20% cut of this transaction back... YOU need to vet this stuff better. Took me all of 30 seconds to start finding bugs and 3 min to reproduce and verify them. Bad Apple! NO! :-P
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12 years ago, Obis11
The last few updates have been great. Shapesynth and sinusoid together make some really interesting sounds. The arpeggiator and bpm increase was very useful. Can't wait for whatever is coming next.
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10 years ago, Guy South
Highly Recommended
very unique and excellent tracker. definitely has a character of its own. even if you're new to trackers, I'd highly recommend this app.
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8 years ago, HouseOfHomuth
Only 4 sounds? Crashes?
I can't figure out if this app does more than I think it does or if it just has 4 pre-canned voices (one is a drum). Also, plugging in a MIDI keyboard (Korg NanoKey2) plays a single note and then crashes every time. I hear good things about this developer's apps, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Also appears buggy and limited in tonal flexibility.
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13 years ago, SevenStarGod
Thank you.
Excellent update! 1 of the Best tracker in the app store! Great sound and control. Don't hesitate, grab it now.
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12 years ago, Elementalzx14
Hard to understand maybe it's just me or something but it's a nice tracker, the Square sounds weird idk how to make it one sound cuz I hear many
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8 years ago, rcon303
brilliant design,nice added effects
i am sooo glad i came back to this app after a break. i love the smart design on turning ipad to change menus. love the bitcrush and delays.. obvious nanoloop comparison however this sounds different .i have all of devs apps and love elsa,nils,strng and the all revamped shapesynth sounds great.simple yet effective interfaces on each of his apps makes them all classic ios great ios 10 with ipad mini3
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13 years ago, not playable latency
sounds good
latest version is not playble because it has noticeable latency using synthstation25 128buffersize makes noticeable latency i cant play this with my sinusoid i play argon with my synthstation enjoyable but sinusoid has more latency but sounds unique
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13 years ago, Tripinside
Looks good! They fixed the retina display. Thanks! If you like Nanoloop you'll love this because it's better.
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13 years ago, shorton
A great start!
I've wanted a straight forward tracker app for a while! The interface is a tad rough in places and could use slight adjustments. For instance the file menu could have a dot in each square holding a saved sequence. Plus, the control over the sounds could be clearer as to what your changing. More control for the noise channel would be good as well. This is a great start though! Well worth the .99 asking price. Keep improving on it!
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