4.8 (262)
150 MB
Age rating
Current version
Isar Interactive GmbH & Co. KG
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skat

4.77 out of 5
262 Ratings
5 years ago, SadAtDwDumbdown
Super game!
I’ve wanted to learn Skat for a while, but not knowing anyone who played it, it’s tough for you and two friends to start from ground zero. This app helps you through the learning curve, lets you (optionally) play with all hands visible, and offers (optionally) advice. It’s selectable for German or English and the English coverage is pretty good, with just a few of the advice items being German-only. Even that you can figure out pretty quickly. Skat is a bit complicated to learn, but this app helps you through it. Once you get better, it can play at a high level and offers a myriad of game and rules options. They really did a stellar job with this!
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3 years ago, Chris 1639
Great app
It’s a wonderful app, I enjoy it very much. Initially disappointed by the seeming lack of assistance mode that Lite has. You have to click the lightbulb in play and then click the small Show button to get the same options.
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8 months ago, rjyanco
Separate versions for iPhone and iPad
This isn’t a criticism of the app per se, but the developer makes separate versions for the iPad and iPhone, and charges full price for each. I think there should be the ability to buy one for full price, but both at some discount (rather than $12 for one version, $24 for both, or whatever it is, perhaps $15 for both — it’s the same engine after all.) For that matter, a quantity discount for purchasing Skat and Doppelkopf, or perhaps all the developer’s games, would be welcomed.
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6 years ago, SkaffenAmtiskaw
More English Please
Great app and very addictive once you have the rules figured out. I wish there was more English so I could use the strategy trainer and analysis. The existing minimal English needs some work too (e.g. "plenty points" sounds funny) Thanks!
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5 years ago, Didi 2006
Excellent game!
Very smooth to play. No glitches. Better be than paper cards.
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3 years ago, Jumanjii
Not so good!
I have been using this app for years. Initially, I was hopeful that bugs would be addressed in a timely fashion. But the app’s developers seem to be indifferent to constructive criticism and certainly don’t ever respond to contact requests. If you are considering a Skat app, I suggest you look elsewhere!
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7 years ago, Yellowtennies
Fun game. Good for training. Wish I could turn on more English to understand the scoring better.
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4 years ago, cabu01
Wrong version displayed
Only after I paid 8.99 did the app inform me that I should buy a different version optimized for ipad. Even though I searched for ipad only apps, the iphone version of this app was displayed for purchase, right on top. Not happy to be misled into buying the wrong version.
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6 years ago, dtbscrowder
Great way to learn...
Well configured. Easy to navigate and the training courses are great. Wish my German was better to get a real grasp on the nuances. I live near Altenburg and still the German is tough. A great app.
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3 years ago, xyz2941
Awesome app.
I love playing Skat and this app is a lifesaver here in the US. thx 😀😀
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2 years ago, lobstah1
How to hide opponents hands
How do I do this in the app? Don’t want to see all the cards. KS
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1 year ago, Flippydodo
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3 years ago, AJF352
Great AI and interface !
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13 years ago, sParty2010
The new version is a lot better. However, translating to other languages does not really work. I wish there was a setting to just keep the German words. Also, in the new version, if someone plays an open game, there is the sign of the game title right across the card, which obstructs the view. One more nit picky thing: in the review option it should be shown who held which cards. However, overall this is a tremendous card game app, one of the best values in the entire app store. Now I wish you could do the same for Doppelkopf ...
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10 years ago, Whhg
I like it
I am clearly not a high powered player. But I have known and played the game for close to 70 years with friends and family. The newest iPhone/iPad version has finally got rid of those awful Micky mice. The level of play seems ok with me, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. Sometimes the computer opponents make really dumb plays. That could be deliberate, accidental, or simply odd programming. I can't tell either way.
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9 years ago, Rödiger
A couple of quirks
I am a beginner, so my review may reflect that. I appreciate having an app that helps me learn this game. I know of no one locally that knows how to play. However, there are a few suggestions for you to consider. First, it would be nice if there was a way to forfeit a game rather than being forced to continue playing. Also, would like to be able to play with a human opponent, either using the same device, or via the Internet. Finally, since German is not my first language, I would appreciate knowing the translation of my opponents' comments. They might be put in the section which explains the way the app works.
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14 years ago, gertimn
Fast and constantly improving
This app has good graphics and a very fast game play, only loading is a bit slow. The AI is getting better with each release. It still has some annoying flaws, but with the new feedback system I am sure Peter will analyze and fix those. Overall a well done application, but while like most AIs it is not a serious challenge for experienced players. Still it is good enough for hours of fun.
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15 years ago, thewipp
cures homesickness
as a German expat living in the US, I get my soccer fix via the internet, and finally can play Skat again, thanks to Peter's app. And I am addicted...the app is user friendly, strong graphic, a simple interface. I just wish the players were stronger (lots of boneheaded moves), and you could shut games short, when the outcome is clear.
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15 years ago, treellama
This is definitely worth buying if you like Skat. The graphics are good, and the AI isn't so bad as to make it unplayable. It would be nice to have more English support, though--most of the preferences are in German, and, more importantly, there are no English cards, only French and German! I would also welcome some extra options (such as an option not to double losses). All in all, get this if you like the card game, you won't regret it.
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13 years ago, Ramsch-Eddie
I have played this game since its first PC release more than ten years ago. I think it is the best Skat game out there. The latest iPhone update brought big improvements to handling and speed. However, there are still the same flaws from ten years ago: when teaming against the player, your co-player sacrifices high-value cards unnecessarily. Also, the cards appear to be dealt in a certain pattern and not randomly.
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9 years ago, SchalkeUSA
American playing SKAT
I learned SKAT from my grandfather and his friends when I lived in Germany. I have missed the game as I have moved back to the US. This app is awesome. Sometimes my playing partner misses some obvious plays but that happens when you play with SKAT veterans as well. This is the only SKAT app I could find and I am glad someone put the work in to create it. Prost! MM
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14 years ago, Tom12345678
Halfway decent
As mentioned by other reviews, your team player at times makes really stupid mistakes, as though you are the one playing against the other two. Very frustrating, the AI definitely needs some refinement. It'll give you more appreciation playing with other people. Other than that, it's not too bad of a game with a nice set options to customize the rules.
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13 years ago, Pogo43
Can be addictive
I always wanted to learn Skat and just could not get it from various books. This app allows you to learn the basics and also try out various strategies by depleting the same hand. For example, I have become a much better player of Grand as I was able to try out a hand again.
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10 years ago, KUW1
Some issues
If you play the paid iPhone version on an iPad the settings button on top are hidden behind the clock and iPad status bars. You cannot change settings or go easily to the game stats.
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8 years ago, k234985723
Very good Skat against computer opponents
The graphics and gameplay are well polished. The computer players beat me most the time, but I'm not so experienced. Since the last upgrade, the ai sometimes pauses a bit before selecting a card.
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11 years ago, Lochersclockers
This is a very good app. I like it a lot, however, I am somewhat confused about the rules. Furthermore, it is not possible to change to a contra at all times, but otherwise it is a lot of fun.
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13 years ago, Thebossesightqplw
Lost of fun
This game is fun hard to pick up at first but if it was also in English it would be better. But u can play revolution on it should make a update for it
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10 years ago, Union_Ironworker
Excellent version
The app is wonderfully done. Two little things I wish it had. First, an English translation for instructions. Second the spitz option for scoring. Overall I love the app, and the gameplay is great.
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8 years ago, Jackyblack0
Great app for anybody who likes Skat. Wish there was a version where you could play others online.
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12 years ago, Bierwag3n
Nice work!
Outstanding! Can't find players in America so this is a truly wonderful app to fill the void -- definitely worth every penny!
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13 years ago, J Scooter
Skat review
Really enjoy the game. The players' skills are improved. Will give the game 5 stars when the players are better.
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13 years ago, Mrbtek
One of my Favorites.
Love this App and play it more than any other that I have.
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14 years ago, IMfotograf
Skill level of players is way too low.
Not for serious Skat players. Skill level of the players is way too low. They make stupid mistakes that are quite frustrating.
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12 years ago, flogirt
Shuffle definitely needs improvement, bit more versatility, otherwise a great game.
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10 years ago, Carabaozk
I was a Schafkopf Spieler and learned Skat one evening on a trip to Taiwan. This app helped me learn more and is lots of fun. I like the different strategies from Schafkopf.
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10 years ago, Oberkellner
This app is the next best thing to be playing with your buddies.
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8 years ago, Junko Jones
Great app, nice updates
I like the new simplified scoring system and the German words for the suits. Great app!
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15 years ago, Ulimunich
Great Game
Whoever likes to play Skat, will enjoy this. Nice App.
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12 years ago, Skat noob
It's a fun game that I am just learning. I wish there was an option for English though
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8 years ago, newyorkjin
Best skat game I've found...
Online option would be great!
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15 years ago, Tejass
Good game for learning Skat. Would be better if it had a score keeper. But is a lot of fun!
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9 years ago, TXOrangeblood
5 stars!
Excellent app. Great for beginners through experts.
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8 years ago, Vogtwin
Great Skat App
This is the best online Skat game I have seen.
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8 years ago, Securityjunky
Best ever
I play Skat for decades. This game is just amazing.
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12 years ago, Binsner
Great App
Very good work
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10 years ago, MattiOh
5 stars
Great app!
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11 years ago, D9276
This is a great app for skat.
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11 years ago, Alfrdio
I do enjoy the game
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12 years ago, SibilantS
Great game
Love it
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8 years ago, Ranger1a
Great game.
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