Skateboard Party: 3

4.5 (14.4K)
1397.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Do More Mobile, LLC.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skateboard Party: 3

4.53 out of 5
14.4K Ratings
5 years ago, carolkiki1996
Just a question!
Is there a way you can continue the games you last played on if you decide to transfer your device to another new device? I don’t really wanna starts all over again after I worked so hard completing the tasks and don’t wanna waste my money I paid to get rid of the ads. This game is so fun and awesome. I don’t want to starts all over again after I work so hard! It’s be awesome if you can starts when you were at if you decide to transfer to your another device. Can you guys put more minutes like 04:00 mins in skateboarding is unfair it last only 02:30 it’s less time to achievements!!
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4 years ago, Kgoodrich1982
Very fun game, but.......
I will start out by saying this game is tons of fun and definitely kills quite a bit of my free time for me. The only reason I will not give this game five stars is because of the constant crashing! Every time I finish a run, I watch the ad (yes I’m too cheap to pay for the upgraded version) a black screen pops up. I put my phone down and let it sit for twenty seven, yes 27 minutes!! So the only way to clear the black screen is to close out the game. Having to do that loses all of my accomplishments. At this point, I’m only on the second level or skate area. I cannot move on because I’m not able to log any accomplishments. Why in the hell would I pay for something that may potentially crash and just be a waste of money for me, I understand that by paying I’d eliminate the ad screens. I feel as though there would probably be another issue like this as well. If the devs can fix this issue/problem, I’d be happy to pay for the upgraded version.
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4 years ago, TriosCarrot
you have to pay for things that don’t seem necessarily needed to be payed for, such as “locations”. you have to do so many “objectives” just to not get much exp, and you still won’t be able to unlock a new map. gave me brain damage trying to figure out how to complete the “objectives”. it was just overall confusing to get exp, except for paying for it, or watching an ad for it. It also doesn’t even tell me what achievements i’ve done besides “bailing the session” and going to the career to see that nothing was saved to what i did, and once i exit the game it doesn’t even save my progress, even if i don’t bail. the whole situation on getting exp and achievements was confusing. besides that it was just confusing not gonna lie. the tutorial was good and the tricks you could achieve wasn’t bad at all, and the mobility. either i’m just brain dead and don’t know how to save progress and get exp, but as for the “objectives” there are way too many. ok well that my overall opinion on the game, i just think those this are confusing to me.
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4 years ago, Nef2172
Sick! Just one thing...
This game is awesome! Just what I was looking for. Tricks are very doable but challenging enough to keep it fun. Controls are user-friendly. You can advance in Career mode or just relax and enjoy as long as you want in Free Skate. I only have one complaint: sometimes at the end of a session, it cuts to a video. That’s ok, ya gotta pay the bills. But it cuts back to a black screen and you can’t do anything. I lose the exp points for that session and that’s not cool. Probably not a problem in the full version. I’ll buy that when I can. Definitely worth it. Ok, I just tried twice to complete the daily session. Both times, after I finished the session, it went to an ad and then to the black screen that I can’t return to the game from. This is seriously not cool. Please fix. The black screen just happened again. Since no one cares, I’m taking two stars away from my review.
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5 years ago, PhoePhoe111
I love this game. It’s amazing. But there is one challenge I need help with, It’s “Perform 15 tricks in one session”. I’ve tried this challenge time and time again but have gotten constantly confused as to what the challenge is asking. I’ve done 15 tricks in one match, 15 different tricks in one match, and even 15 different tricks without falling. Is there something I’m doing wrong? But overall I very much enjoy this game so I’m not gonna rate it only 4 stars just because I’m confused about a challenge :)
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3 years ago, 4249
It’s an amazing game but the computer version is a million times better
Get the computer version it’s easier to control the phone version doesn’t do this great game justice. I would sit through an entire class of economics and play this game it’s so much fun when you get over 15k points and can get a new skater. Overall board customization and character customization is awesome great game hope they add more parks though
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4 years ago, ufmdms
This is probably going to be short but It doesn’t matter. When you mess up your trick they say u lose points but then you do to. After it does that u earn points it’s STUPID. This is why I’m only giving 4 stars buts still a good game. The best game actually well, at lest for my opinion.
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6 years ago, haukeye06
Waste of money
The free version of the game is really fun and I enjoyed it so I bought the upgrade or pro version. It set me back 2.99 and it was very underwhelming and totally wasted my money. I literally got nothing out of it but the online mode which sounds fun until I tried to join a match and literally was the only person playing online. I can’t ever join a match because nobody else plays online. If anyone wants to buy the upgraded version and play me please do lol. Wasted my money but still a cool game so I’m not that upset.
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4 years ago, annabelle2005
Mixed feelings
I liked skate party 2 better. The sound track is not as good in skate party 3 but the maps are much better and more fun. I also dislike that there are more ads. Some ads are fine but the problem is sometimes after an ad the screen just turns black and won’t go back to normal so I have to exit the App and reopen it and that means I lose all the points and xp from the session I just played which is very annoying.
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1 year ago, RacerBOi999
Superb game! I have downloaded it many times!
Yes, it is me, PhoePhoe15, back again, and this time I have got the challenge! For the 15 tricks in one session, I went into career, did the 15 tricks in the time limit, and completed the challenge! I still love this game and will never give it up!
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3 years ago, farquadw121
Stay home w me
I love this game because it feels like in back in 2010 agin and feels amazing this game makes me feel like a kid agin when I was happy and having fun w my friends I love this and I wish I could go back in time to feel happy one more time
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4 years ago, Ace@it
This game is fun and as a beginner skater, it helps me learn about the tricks I don’t know about yet. The only thing that frustrates me is that almost every time I beat my highscore or complete a task, it goes blank after I skip the ad and I end up having to close the app and launch it again. So it never saves my progress. This happened to me 3 times in a row and now I’m about to uninstall it cuz what’s the point.
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2 years ago, Best App 2017
Nice One
Game is dope, very fluid game just needs to adjust the way you trick off of ramps can be smoother but it’s a very addicting game just wish the ad unlock was cheaper, for 9.99 I would expect more. Great game overall 7.5/10
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3 years ago, Damonre
Same inconsiderate devs
This game is just like the Tony Hawk version that they reskinned using this series. This game is buggy too, same as all of them. Screen goes black. Doesn’t save progress. Email the devs if you want. Send them multiple friendly emails to try to resolve your problems. They won’t reply. Write a rough review? They don’t care. I wish I never paid for the Tony Hawk version. No wonder his name is no longer attached to that game. I would’ve pulled my name off of it too if I was him.
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5 years ago, reidkdehx
They have no idea what they’re doing
This game crashes as soon as you open about half the time. I had to redownload the app for it to work. It takes forever to load. They called a frontside 180 a Ollie 180. This app clearly isn’t made my people who even know the slightest bit about skateboarding. The physics are literally broken and when you Ollie you have like two seconds of air time. The controls are impossible to get used to. Download download this broken game
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3 years ago, gameplayerJackie
Good game!!!
This game is vary cool its basically skate 3 on mobile but I stoped playing it after I got skate 3. So if u get this game I’m just saying it’s really good the graphics are pretty good for a mobile game and doesn’t take up much space. Best mobile game!!
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4 years ago, baconboy5622
This game is pretty good I would recommend it
Like I said this game is pretty good I think the 2 things that could make it better is if it was easier to get xp and maybe is the graphics were just a bit better but I would recommend it for sure 🤓
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4 years ago, :&;$4&;!&;&
Cosmetics are free?
I like how some cosmetics are free missions are easy for the most part ads are some what annoying but it’s fun and entertaining don’t buy anything it’s better off and you can unlock free maps so their is no point in buying any thing. Just a heads up.
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2 years ago, agent 1569
When you get the app it doesn’t say that you have to be 13 so you should change the form plus it says that you have it 4+ plus and I’m giving you a bad review.
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5 months ago, volreeed
Review upgrade available
On screen advertising along with being forced to watch an advertisement every time the screen changes… greedy much? If you would like to upgrade your review you can subscribe monthly for it after I’m able to play the game for more than 30 seconds without having to watch some lame ad.
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3 years ago, MKJLJTJ
Just one question
Is 540 the highest spin for when you’re on big ramps 🛹 and is the one you have to pay for better then the free one ????????
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5 years ago, lilkido191
Add more stuff.
If you can but this as a online game so we can play with other and with control support you will have more people buy and downloading this game Trust me😂.
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2 years ago, brilliant train
Make it more compatible with an apple computer.
I’m playeng on an apple computer and most of the controls are not available on it. Please make a version for non console devices.
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4 years ago, fiykilfykify
Amazingly perfect
This is amazingly perfect the tricks aren't to hard and the pay to win stuff is surprisingly cheap like 25,000 exp for 99 cents! I defenitly recommend oh and it's super easy to use :) love the game
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1 year ago, djwiisdbwbs
Game is good but controller buttons!?!?
my phone was being autism and accidentally saw in the description it said controller useable and i am using a ps5 controller and all i can do is move around what buttons are to do tricks!?!?!(
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3 years ago, Jgkhfj
Just a Question
Can you guys please make another version of this and just add other tricks to the game. Also you should make a mega ramp park
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3 years ago, person1656
Can’t do objectives
I love the graphics and everything about the game except I can’t do any of the objectives and it doesn’t save my progress but other than that it’s a good game
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4 years ago, jakeisler
Love this gam but it keeps crashing I won’t invest any more money until this is fixed! Keep it up though
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4 years ago, Silver thunder 2019
The ad breaks me out
the adsAre very much sponsored not sponsored and every time it gets a hospital one it takes me off the game I am not happy so fix this problem on my ustall it. But still a good game
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4 years ago, BELLtower44
Bug fixes?
Every time an add happens the screen goes black then I lose the progress I just made on a level, it’s really annoying and needs to be fixed because it happens almost every time after I complete a session and after the add the screen goes black. Not thrilled update this fix this do whatever you have to because I love this game 🤬
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4 years ago, Sabbath6000
Crashes sometimes, and after certain ads it freezes so you lose all your progress from that run. Other than that it an awesome game!
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4 years ago, Litluck
Multiplayer is a need!
If you guys can add a multiplayer where it’s a free roam map with friends that can join the lobby and all skate in the same maps would be so amazing to this game !!!! This game is amazing !
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4 years ago, Henry11222
You fall for the littlest things, for example I tried to Ollie off a one foot flat ledge and fell! Overall a good game. I'm not gonna rate it four stars just because the falling issue. :)
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2 years ago, SquiRez
Please fix controller bug!
Please can you fix the issue where by you cannot perform tricks or grinds when using a Bluetooth controller Great game otherwise! I have tried contacting the app developers but they just ignore me. Why wouldn’t you fix this problem?!?!
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4 years ago, gamer8962
Listen this game is good but
The games or the series are all good but there making you buy a game for 7$ and why can’t the free version have multiplayer? Anyway I would’ve rated a 5 but I don’t think this game is really worth buying when it cost 7$.
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5 years ago, differrent
It’s fun to play but it’s annoying sometimes when I’m trying to do a trick but it slows you down and I did 8/15 challenges on china town but I didn’t unlock sf can you please fix that it’s annoying
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6 years ago, Vazek5
Everything is so great the tricks boards people and locations are awesome but 1 bad thing it would be better with a few more parks like an airport but I know that’s in skateboard party 2 but a theme park would be nice but before you buy its…………………………………………awesome
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4 years ago, iminschoolplayingthis
The levels have trick last but don’t have what parts you have completed and what you have not completed but all in all the game is amazing and it’s a great time killer
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4 years ago, Luminotti57
Screwed out of money for non working app!
I’ve paid for pro version of game before developers decided to change NAME to skateboard party instead of skate party 3. Apple has been no help already contacted developers no response or help. Next point of action is CPA and BBB!!! I can’t believe they can get away with stealing people money like this!!!
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6 years ago, jmboslice
Update and download
It takes way to long to update but the awesome gameplay makes up for it I played skateboard party 1 it was my fav but 3rd its amazing
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4 years ago, icee fred
Can’t do rocket air'!
I’ve been trying to do rocket airs I followed the trick list but that was no help can you PLEASE! Be more specific
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3 years ago, Successful504
I love the game, so much fun. Sometimes it crashes after an Ad though and it’s frustrating because my progress doesn’t save, but for a free version of a fun game, not bad at all
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4 years ago, americanjuice
Hope for stake party 4
This game is really, I hope that they will be more moves in skate party 4, and add some small maps lime the train station map in skate party 2
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4 years ago, Kimkeith
I hope to goodness you do not download this app for your child. I let my 8 year old grandson download it thinking it was a innocent game of kids/people skateboarding. Because it says for 4 and up. NO IT’S NOT! The foul language on the very first song is absolutely unacceptable and disgusting!! I wish everyone would take into account that kids download these apps!
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2 years ago, Hxvtdvhrsbj
This game is really fun and cool there are some things that they could change to make it better but overall it is really fun 😀👍
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3 years ago, babydude544
And ok game
Yes it’s a cool game like tony hawk on mobile but One thing that bothers me is that he keeps on pushing he doesn’t just ride on his it’s really weird, but other than that it fun to play if you don’t have the tony hawk games or skate.
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2 years ago, FunkyPanda223
There’s a problem
I came back for some nostalgia but I entered my age and it said “sorry you’re unable to play”
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4 years ago, Bmiller66
Good game
It’s a great game but after watching a video once my career session ends, my screen blacks out and I have to restart. I never get my exp or completed goals when this happens.
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2 years ago, Getti g annoyed
Annoying adds
Every time you play a game there’s 2-3 pop up adds. It kinda takes away from the game to be honest.
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4 years ago, danksoggyjuice
Please help
I’ve spent over 30 dollars on this game and upgraded to pro but it won’t let me play online like litterly there isn’t a button for it please respond devs and help me
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