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User Reviews for Skeepers Creators

3.26 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
2 years ago, supleni11
Love Octoly, but…
I LOVE Octoly, the concept of it, but as a consumer who loves to try and leave honest reviews on new products or actual ones I must say that from all the different sites I’ve tried to receive and leave my reviews on new products Octoly needs a few improvements, I know it’s basically hirientes for influencers with a big audience or lot of followers, but we consumers that really go to stores like Sephora and buy products after trying them they need to leave us a change to be able to get some of them to try them too, why Insag this? Because every day I get in the app several times a day and I see they post new products and they are Always sold out in seconds,some times I wonder if they just posted there already sold out,we need more opportunities to be able to really get some of the products they are offering to try so we can leave a review, also we notifications get to me and I go in app immediately guess what? Sold out 😫 so basically we receiving notifications after they are nk products available, Octoly you need to improve on those things so we all have a change to try the products,not only the ones with huge audiences, but thank you 🙏🏽 I still love your apps , hope you can actually read this review and improve somehow
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6 years ago, I'll tell you
Not good
Not good company they do not work well with creators and won’t help at all when you can for sure help with the simple issue I personally had. Also when advising them because of this issue I couldn’t do anything on there platform anymore so I wanted to delete account of course because there is no point staying if I can’t review any longer. They ignored my request and talked around it a few times. They dont want to delete prob because this way it looks like they have more members then they actually do for brands tricking them to work with them making themselves look more appealing however there unaware that some members (I’m sure there plenty) cannot actually help there brand or spread the word for them because they cannot review any longer. This is a scummy business tactic and I do not like platforms that do such things. I also find it ridiculous we have to say it’s an ad it’s not it’s not sponsored and one thing everyone should know is if your not getting paid for your review it’s not sponsored your not obligated to review it and you don’t have to disclose this to the FTC like this platform claims. Another issue I have and I know many of my pairs also have is once the products shop they start the countdown for your review which to me is ridiculous and takes away from the actual days of testing to give an honest review and if there’s a problem good luck tying to fix it! The countdown should take place once received and you confirm you got it however it’s not.
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6 years ago, litedikt
decent but not great
Octoly has been fun to use but their product selection is poor IMO. I have 10k+ followers with a 20% engagement rate and most of the brands available to me are drugstore brands. Even after ordering products & posting - the selection doesn’t update itself or improve. Quite disappointed. I waited a long time to join octoly and was really looking forward to reviewing some diptyque, herbivore, AMOREPACIFIC, etc (luxury brands) but most of what I’ve seen has been BIORE pore strips, sheet masks, etc. I’d say their brand selection is forgettable & cheap - not to mention very unphotogenic. As a photographer & content creator I rely on decent packaging to capture the attention of my audience. While packaging isn’t all that matters, it’s the first thing people see, so it should at least be “ok”. Some of the ugliest packaging I’ve ever seen has been on octoly and I’m disappointed. The concept of the app is brilliant, but I wish they were more careful when selecting brands and products. :/ I’m not using this service very much right now but I would have been on the app daily had they offered a better product selection. I hope they improve because I’d love to make octoly work for me!
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1 year ago, Teenie8908
I used to love, now the app is a mess.
I’ve been using Octoly for 3 years. Slowly less and less till I barely even order anything anymore. I have completed 106 reviews and always been happy with the products and how easy it was to complete the review. I have 10 credits that I’ve earned. Everything was fine until a year ago when the app started getting glitchy and won’t load the products or let you apply your credits. Constantly is down for maintenance but they never address the issues. I applied for a product over a year ago (it didn’t come with tracking) it never arrived, I actually kind of panicked. I reached out to support and it told me they’d be in touch in 24/48 hours. I never heard back for months. I kept writing new help tickets, finally someone reached out saying they’d resend the product, it never came again. That was over 6 months ago. I have been writing every month asking if they will give me back my credit as it’s just tied up on a product that isn’t arriving. I just received a generic message telling me to try submitting my review through a desktop. SMH. They don’t read your help messages. I’d love to complete the review but I don’t have the product. Maybe in another year I’ll get it resolved. Customer service is joke. It’s sad because I’ve worked with a lot of brands that I love and have done collaborations with outside the Octoly app.
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3 years ago, Wow, this is amazing!
Not good anymore
I’m really disappointed. A few years ago I worked with them all the time and loved their product selection. My account has only grown and the app selection has gone downhill. I thought it was me until I spoke to some friends and the same thing happened to them. Last year they started doing story only post option which was great for smaller items. But now it seems mostly everything is to post and not to sound rude, but I have a great engagement rate and almost 30k followers, I’m not going to post for a $6 hand sanitizer. It’s almost a slap in the face considering all the work that goes into it. I gave 3 stars because they used to be good and hope there’s potential there to get better.
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2 years ago, Bekka75
Tech support is non existent
*update - customer service is actually worse now. I currently have three products that I ordered over two months ago and none of them have left the “processing” status. I’ve opened multiple tickets and contacted the company on IG and through the app. Nobody ever responds. If you aren’t an influencer, you only get two precious credits. You use up a credit when you claim a product and you get it back after you have reviewed the product. When Octoly’s site and app work it’s ok. You have to move quickly to claim item drops. However, the app crashes or won’t load often, and the push notification alerts for product drops rarely work. Worst of all is their tech support. I received a product that I claimed over 6 weeks ago and I still am unable to review it and get my Octoly credit back. The item is stuck in “processing” status in my account. I filed multiple support tickets and received a canned response each time that tells me to click an option that doesn’t exist. I have even reached out to Octoly on Twitter and received no reply. So I currently have one credit that I may never get back because Octoly refuses to assist with their website/app.
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7 months ago, Bho7361
No more Help or contact us?!
Desperately trying to get attention of the ***Skeepers IT team*****. They have removed their contact us section and close down there help email and their chat is only automated and cannot give technical support. They have a massive coding issue on their app that does not allow creators to fulfill their text reviews and attach pictures. It has been like this for over a week and I have tried every day to reach out to Skeepers with no help. I just tried emailing them and it seems they have closed down their support email address too. This is left their craters with no way to contact them, which is extremely frustrating when we have brand deals, active and no support and the app threatens to remove us from the app if we do not fulfill our Reviews on time. Please fix these up issues and give your creators a way to contact you so we do not have to leave one star reviews. This is embarrassing for me as well as I am a professional on do not wish to do this.
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1 month ago, Daghebjufx
I would say don’t waste your time with this
Literally had to wait like a month to see if I could get chosen to be an “influencer” and I wasn’t even allowed. I emailed them because they did give me 1 credit for a free campaign and I turned on my notifications…. I noticed that new campaigns were coming up but I wasn’t being notified for any. I emailed them and they told me that they only send notifications for the campaign for influencers. Not the other ones. So basically the only way I could get a campaign it’s by checking the app every 5 seconds to see if anything new dropped so I could have first access to it. This is so stupid, it does not even tell you that when you go to turn on notifications (the fact that only the campaign for the influencers are the ones that get notified) If you can’t be notified, why is there a notify button… this app is stupid I’ve had it for a couple months and i still haven’t gotten any single product since I wasn’t chosen as an influencer.
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1 year ago, RedefinedShanice
I NEVER write reviews
But I thought it would give people the ability to get an honest review. I downloaded this app years before UGC/ Influencing was a “thing”. I would say back in 2015. I have gotten 2 items so far from this app. The whole point of it is to be able to get free items in exchange for reviews but because of their “notifications” system, all the items are sold out before you can even get a chance to look at the item. Now, I’ve spoken to their CS about this and they come back with the crappy excuse of “this is how the system works” well instead of using that as an excuse GET A BETTER SYSTEM! All the items go to the same people all the time because of this “system” and those who want items don’t get anything! Also, there are notification groups on Telegram and Reddit so those members get “drop” notifications and are able to go in and get items before the next “wave” of people even get a chance. HONESTLY … same your time with this app.
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6 years ago, rluke1
No longer with Octoly :(
I joined Octoly in early 2017 before they were super big and it was incredible! Everything ran super smooth and I created content for them for over a year. As they gained popularity, they created more rules. Which, I completely understand! However, I contacted them when I was out of the country this Summer and unable to meet the deadlines for a few posts, and whoever the representative was who emailed me back was OUTRAGEOUSLY horrendous. So unprofessional and came off completely rude. Basically, even after a beneficial partnership for over a year, they were happy to let the door hit me on the way out over my travel plans. I could easily have been granted an extension and continued to generate sponsored posts and beautiful content, but they did not even act interested in salvaging my account. My posts have been reposted and shared by these brands that Octoly works with, and my account has literally doubled in the past year (over 40k) but unfortunately Octoly does not value their creators. Very unfortunate.
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2 years ago, ripalexa2021
Works well
Ok I’m actually going to take my time and write a review for the app. I absolutely love it and it’s extremely user friendly. For reference I have 11k on tiktok and 6k on instagram. I’ve worked with; Bumble & Bumble, Living Proof, Kopari, FRESH, Drybar, etc. They ship extremely fast and doing the reviews/posts are not difficult. They give you a lot of time to post the content. Once the product is reviewed, you gain your credit back to order more stuff. I currently am allowed 8 products at a time and I’ve only been on the app for about a month. I’m only knocking down one star because I get notifications that brands released a product then I may not be able to find it. I’m not sure if that’s due to it “selling out” or not but it can get frustrating.
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1 year ago, molly_hannon
Customer service and app need work.
I used to love this app as a micro influencer (when it was Octoly it seemed to operate much better). I’ve gotten several great brand deals through this app, but it has always been glitchy and since they switched from Octoly to Skeepers, their customer service is literally nonexistent. I received a couple products from a brand I’ve worked with before and would love to continue a relationship with.. uploaded my reviews on Instagram, but Skeepers *will not* load my most recent feed posts in order to submit my reviews. I put in several tickets, disconnected / reconnected my IG account, redownloaded the app.. everything you can think of, and the credits just expired. It looks awful to the brand like you’re not holding your end of the deal and it’s damaging for a micro influencer who is trying to grow. Wouldn’t recommend this app at all.
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1 year ago, Theinstagrammer201576
Unfathomably Bad
I’ve been with different iterations if this app since 2020. At first it was exciting to have access to so many incredible brands. That is until I needed help from customer support. Getting someone to help you with your problem seems like an impossibility. There will be times when your item never arrives or when the app doesn’t work so you can’t leave a review. I’ve lost three credits due to this teams lack of response. Oh, and good luck ever getting them back. Additionally, the app is SUPER GLITCHY. It will shut down, not allow you to leave reviews, tell you something is in stock that isn’t. All of these things I could excuse if there was someone to help when their creators are having a problem. But there isn’t. Just look at all the complaints under their Instagram posts. Brands, please choose somewhere else until this company decides to treat their creators better!!!
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3 years ago, MHS34567
Had high hopes ...
I have had this app for a little over a year! I love anything & everything beauty! Unfortunately I had really high hopes for this app.. Every time I open it, there is NOTHING available. Recently anytime something becomes available (very rarely) and I push the ‘order now’ button it completely closes the app... The app is up to date and I have even deleted it & re-download it, still does the same thing! Definitely needs to be fixed! Such a bummer. Almost pointless to keep checking as 99.9% of the time the campaigns/products are unavailable/sold out or the app closes anytime I click order now on the ones that are available. I understand the ambassador/influencer part of this app, especially because it’s requirements aren’t outrageous... But it’s not even worth the trouble it seems like. This app could definitely use some (A LOT) of improvements!
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5 years ago, Loomingwithlolo
No help at all
I run an Instagram account that’s got over 100k followers, an average of a 9% engagement rate (which is very good for Instagram), and to be completely honest I thought I would be accepted. I don’t mean to sound like an entitled brat, the problem was not at all that I wasn’t accepted into the app. The problem was that once I wasn’t accepted, I got no help at all. I reached out multiple different ways to try and understand why I wasn’t accepted, and I never heard back. They do nothing to explain why you weren’t accepted therefore hindering you from improving your account and making any necessary changes. They say that care so much about helping influencers, but their support system is awful. They provide one way of contact (email) which I never got a response from. I just wish they would say specifically why you were denied so that you could take that and use it to make your page better and improve it.
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3 years ago, belelekenshskaldnfnf
Okay- great idea not good customer support
Everything will always get sold out after a couple months I was added to the Influenster program I met all the requirements for posting and only after two months they removed me for it and I received an email for not following the posting requirements which is incorrect I don’t understand why they just give a random reason and I actually give me the real reason why and he said they’ll reactivate my account but it’s been two weeks so far and nothing has happened all the brands that I want to receive from always get sold out or they deny my order their customer service is horrible I’ve emailed them several times and the one time and the one time they responded they responded rudely and cold I just wish they could be better at that this is an OK app very hard to receive anything from
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12 months ago, bubblejanee
It’s eh now
I’ve been using skeepers, formally known as octoly since 2017. Back then as an influencer in exchange for posting a review, you would get your coin back, but you could also accumulate towards receiving gift cards for whatever store you’d like from their options. They then took this option off, which was really a bummer because I feel like people are more motivated to post and use the app when this was an option. It was a way to also get an opportunity to earn money while posting reviews. Fast forward, now the app is always glitching. The customer service never respond after making a ticket. It’s hard to add a new social account because it always has maintenance going on or doesn’t work. All in all it used to be a fun app to try new products which is why I thought it was worth the hassle but not anymore tbh.
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3 years ago, lj_fierce
Very lame compared to others
I work with a few companies that send products for review. So far I haven’t even been able get an item from this one. First off I’m signed up for notifications when a new product is available- I’ve gotten 1 whole notification to date even though new products are marked as sold out almost daily. IF you’re lucky enough to “get” an item before it sells out they will more than likely STILL cancel it. I get roughly 3+ products monthly from other companies usually mid to high end with values from $30-$200+ and I can’t even solidify the first product with Octoly. The products aren’t even high end enough to even bother with the headache of the app. I suggest you don’t waste your time here unfortunately. I have read nothing but somewhat similar reviews across the board. Stop being so exclusive when you’re not even bidding in the top dog tier.
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4 months ago, Georgia lulu
The best app for influencers or UGC
I love this app I have about 1600 followers on Instagram and I’ve been able to work with so many amazing brands through the Skeepers network. I definitely recommended to anyone that needs the requirements. It’s also great that you only have to meet the requirements from one of the social platforms. Many of the brands just require you to post either an Instagram real or Instagram post. They are also gifted reviews where you get the product for free and just have to write a review on the website giving your honest opinion like I said, I definitely 10 out of 10 recommend
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5 months ago, deedorthy
The customer service needs work
I am not sure if this a small company but I can’t seems to ever get a response or help when I need it. I was going back and forth with a rep and sending them proof that I was having issues with my post though i posted 6 times. I send multiple screen shots and I the end just to get no help and lost a credit. It was a waist of my time . Not only that but it was a Labor Day post so there where not taking the brand into consideration either. Thankfully I still posted and let the brand know . I communicated with them and it allowed me to still have a relationship with them . The platform isn’t bad it just need customer service reps to help out .
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12 months ago, domoniquesacco
One of my favorites!
I’ve been using this app since before when it was still Octoly…I think I’ve been a member for 3-4 years now. I got one of my absolute favorite serums ever from them over 2 years ago and I’ve been a loyal fan since then. I went a good 25 months without being able to claim any products fast enough but I believe that perseverance is the most rewarding thing in life and it almost always pays off! Last month I was able to claim two products to test out and review and I just claimed another one today! Don’t give up even if it seems useless!
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4 years ago, srobi007
App crashes
I would give 5 stars to Octoly itself, but the app is problematic, especially recently. For example, today I received a notification a product was available and I immediately clicked the notification to go to the app. The app then said “Octoly is in maintenance.” I closed it and tried again, but the app crashed twice. Fourth time was the charm, but when I tried to send my order, the spinning wheel just stopped and it never directed me to the confirmation page. I tried again and the product was sold out. I’m guessing all the trouble is due to high traffic at those moments, so upgrades need to be done.
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2 years ago, lexiei
Needs too many improvements
I am a content creator, I love working with brands, I don’t mind if it’s in exchange for products. I completed every single thing in a timely manner. Time after time, my reviews would not be accepted. Not due to error—due to the inability to fix their app. I’ve submitted 5+ reviews that weren’t marked as finished. Now, if I could reach out and get it rectified, that would be one thing. However, I end up reaching out to customer service over and over with no response. I end up losing credits, and it’s eventually going to force them to close my account since I won’t be able to review things. It’s just way too problematic to be worthwhile. It makes it look like I’m stealing free products and Octoly/Skeepers is not doing anything about it. And if they were, they surely aren’t letting us know!
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6 years ago, Skye_isapanda
After struggling between a constantly crashing app and a slow running webpage I finally got to sign up and register my instagram. After following the process and waiting for over a MONTH for any form of notice of confirmation I’ve received nothing. I attempted to email and ask questions to when I would know but was told the sending address didn’t exist to send my email. Horrible HORRIBLE impression of what their calling customer service. Mind you I have a very active account on instagram with nearly 13k followers and at least a hundred likes per post, so I follow the requirements but yet no contact? I’m very disappointed in this. And this app has no positive influence to me. If you want to struggle for no contact or update with how things are or whether you’re good enough for them I’d recommend it. Otherwise it’s a waste of time.
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5 months ago, sam11215
Customer Support is terrible
I absolutely love this app but the response time from support is awful. I had a problem with two of my orders and submitted a help request through the app and they sent me an automated email the following day saying “if more help is needed respond back to this email” so I did. Then, I got a follow up email the next day saying my ticket was closed because no additional email was recieved. They asked me to try to contact the brands and neither responded and when I emailed them about it, I got no response after a month and had to email a fourth time. I finally got a response back two days ago where they told me to get in contact with the brands themselves yet again, and after telling them I tried, I have gotten no response. Incredibly frustrating.
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6 years ago, AmandaSmith1793
Great For Influencers to Work With Brands
Although you don’t get paid for these posts, it’s a great way to work with big brands and get your foot in the door. Many times the brands will feature your product on their socials and you gain new followers and engagement that way. The app is easy to use and the customer service support team is easy + quick to contact. You have 5 coins on rotation you use in exchange for pitches and the brand has the choice to accept or decline your pitch. Once they accept you can track the shipping and it’s usually to you by a week or a week and a half. 😊
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2 years ago, tokiohotelgurl
Had a great experience
I’ve been able to work with brands as a small influencer that I probably wouldn’t be able to work with just reaching out. It’s great for starting out with gifted products and build a portfolio to help start working with paid Collabs. You gotta be patient and wait for good brands to drop but it’s been a great experience. I’ve been gifted products from brands like Murad, briogeo, living proof, Sunday Riley and more. It took me some time to get accepted to the app but worth the wait and its now the only app I use to get gifted Collabs to help build my portfolio.
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5 years ago, scmr1994
This company overall is the worst I’ve come across, their customer service is trash. I’ve exchanged emails with Monica Kariwala and she was so rude and unprofessional, apparently she believed I did not meet the requirements I’m unsure why since I post my own content, have 48k followers, good engagement and post well over 5 times a week. She decided I didn’t qualify and blocked my account somehow to never be able to qualify (?) I was never rude all I did was email them to let them know my account was on wait for a couple of months. Now I’m not kidding the 2 times I’ve tried to add my account in the past 2 years i automatically get told I don’t meet the requirements. Overall they’re a joke and if you’re looking for another better more professional platform I’d suggest AspireIQ, they’re amazing unlike Octoly.
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1 year ago, PPECATTA
Was great. Not now.
This app was so great for working with brands and products until they switched to skeepers then it all went down hill. Before they would Email you back and help with any issues. Now they can’t even send legitimate emails you email them and it fails to even send to them… half the campaigns glitch to where you apply, agree to terms get to the end and it says “can not access campaign” all the time now. It’s frustrating when brands want to work with you but you can’t access their campaigns and you can’t even contact or get a legitimate response from the skeepers team. Unprofessional. Fix these issues and maybe the app would be great again.
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2 years ago, Fjtgvj
Awesome platform for influencers!
The app itself is horrible and freezes often, but if you use Octoly on desktop it’s works fine…Because of Octoly I got to test out and review over 50+ luxury beauty products since I joined last year and work with various brands! It’s super easy to use and after you apply for a product you want to receive/ create content for, it’s up to the brands to accept your offer or not. So keep a professional looking social media platform with decent engagement so that brands would want to work with you :) Overall, I highly recommend!
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9 months ago, mdoubrava
I’ve been with this app/company for many years and have done hundreds of reviews/campaigns. I loved being able to try new products before they hit the shelf and sharing my honest opinion. Within the last year the app is awful. You can’t load products or it takes upwards of 10 minutes to load, the selection is the same thing over and over. How many face serums can you really use/review? I feel like it is leading to over consumption of the same products especially if you apply to all of them. There are many better options if you’re wanting to test/review or UGC/influencer. I don’t know if they grew too fast and things started to fail or what happened but I’m walking away from it.
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1 year ago, Anjellicaaaa
Terrible customer service
I got 2 credits taken away that shouldn’t have been. The first one, I was trying to publish the content in the app and it said it wouldn’t because there was “copyright” music on my post. But there wasn’t it was my voiceover. So that should have been accepted. Reached out to them about it since they took my credit and never heard back. Then I ended up getting sick the week another post was due and they would usually give my extra time if something like that happens. I made the video and everything and they still took another credit away. STILL HAVENT HEARD BACK. It’s been weeks. Now 2 credits taken away which makes me look bad to brands that I apply for. For no reason! Give me my credits back
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2 weeks ago, CarolynH21
I have been a long time user of Skeepers (used to be Octly) And I ran into an issue with 2 campaigns I did where I posted my content, with all pre approved links and hashtags and their system would recognize my content. I reached out to the brands directly via the platform who also tried to reach out to Skeepers and NOTHING. I also submitted several tickets and the support was not helpful. Months later I follow back up and receive the worst support from agent Gahlia. Who you can tell clear doesn’t read my responses and information provided. I tried submitted another ticket and that agent closed my ticket and merged it with my request to them, but put that messaging in another language I’m assuming thinking that I wouldn’t know how to translate what they wrote. As a creator to another creator, I would not recommend this app due to the lack of support and long response times from Skeepers. As a creator to a brand, I would caution when using this platform as they do not support its creators when they have issues on their platform which in turn effects your campaigns with us.
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1 year ago, Failed server
Notifications don’t work
I’ve heard great things about this app, and was impressed when I saw the quality products they feature. I love trying new products and giving my honest feedback, so I was excited to join. However, the notification function of the app doesn’t work…at all. I never get notified of new product drops, so I’ve never successfully ordered a product in the 5-6 months I’ve had the app. The literal *one* time I happened to open the app and see available product, Skeepers cancelled my order because of a mistake on their end. Unnecessarily frustrating. How hard is it to ensure your notifications are functioning on the backend?
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2 years ago, SamAtwenty21
How can I get my credits back?
I have been an influencer for Octoly for a long time ,but since they changed to Skeepers I have not been able to post reviews! I do the review ,but I never receive my credit back! I was able to do it on their web browser ,but now they have changed their log in ,and it is saying my password is incorrect! I have reached out multiple times ,and nothing! I am afraid they will shut down my account ,and I have done countless reviews over the years! Its a great app for products ,but customer service is lacking ,and the overall is lacking! The app crashes every time a product is posted! Please fix these issues!
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3 years ago, Immaculate deception
Great way to try new items
I signed up with Octoly in December and have been able to claim some really nice items. Like others have said, you have to get “lucky” and be on the app at the right time since items sell out within minutes or even seconds. For the regular account it does not matter how many followers you have. The products are “first come, first serve” and like previously stated, you’ll have to be on the app at the right time in order to claim the product.
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1 year ago, Limahulu
Hit or miss
I love the free products and I’m actually grateful. Using this app has helped me SAVE cash personally. I don’t like when I open the app and there is a highly desirable product there that I want but the site or app magically crashes each and every time a high demand product is up. It’s really really annoying. I wish they would fix that or give out more product because it’s not fair. I feel like I have to open the app a few times an hour to catch the things I want and I don’t like that nor do I have the time.
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3 years ago, Kelsi L
Amazing products to review
I love Octoly! As long as you have a decent social media following or a blog, this app is perfect! The only frustration is when the app goes into maintenance mode when products are released because people try to snatch them up so fast (everything runs out really fast because it’s ALL good stuff, and there are SO many influencers) ... it’s definitely a saturated market but octoly is fun and I have learned about so many great brands and products through this app’s samplings. It’s always full sized product, too. Amazing.
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7 months ago, Alyssa--15
Used to be a good app
This used to be such a good app for smaller content creators looking to work with brands. I used to suggest it to all of my friends but recently it has changed and not for the better. Even though my tiktok meets all the criteria, I keep receiving emails saying it doesn’t and I’m now allowed to apply for anything else, it keeps saying they’re “sold out” when that’s not the case. Also when I go to get “help” on the app, it’s in French even though my language is set to English. It seems like there’s suddenly a lot of bugs that need fixed. And their customer service team that emails back assures that’s not the case. It’s sad to see these apps have a down fall like this.
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5 months ago, Not a great app at all.
Not a good app anymore.
I used to genuinely love this app. Out of all of the “influencer apps” this app approved me to received PR just at 1000 followers which I appreciate. Currently I have a way bigger social media following on all social media accounts and the app NOW refuses to work with me. Anytime I go on the app everything is taken, so it says. Items show available and when I click to receive them it then says item is no longer available. I’ve tried to reach out to them regarding many problems and nothing is in English. There’s no translation neither. When this app was Octoly is was AMAZING, the new owners have definitely ruined the experience for many people. You can tell from the reviews.
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2 years ago, Sxydiva247
Good but 0 communication with customers service.
Octoly is a good app to try product that you can also review via video or text. The app however is VERY slow and customer service is unresponsive when issue arises. I submitted a deadline for a review but for whatever mysterious reason, the app was not acceping it. I reached out to customer service but absolutely 0 response nor acknowledgement till the deadline passed. Fortunately the brand in itself I was working with was very responsive in the app and was still able to tag them in my post. So they knew I met the deadline. Octoly does NOT give you your point back so you can use it the get more products. So it was marked as pending for over a month with no reply from customer service with all the sent emails trying to contact them. Going on 2 months. Still no response! Very slow app, not intuitive, and a non existent customer service. Please improve in these things.
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1 month ago, stephag1990
Hardly ever receive notifications & have no chance at getting anything!
This would be a great app & a chance for people to get to test products & give their honest opinions on but the issue is that notifications don’t work at all. It’s almost impossible to catch a product when it’s available unless you are on the app all day every day. Anytime I do get a notification which is hardly ever, I go straight into the app right away but nothing is even available. The whole point of signing up for notifications is to actually receive notifications as soon as any and all products are available so people actually have a chance to get something.
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6 years ago, Pinning like crazy
App crashes
The app keeps crashing when I open the reviewed and archive tab in the apple all. I get a spinning screen like the tab will open then the screen turns black and the whole Octoly app closes. I’ve been dealing with this for weeks now and have reached out numerous times and always get a response there is no issue to be found. I have backed away from using this platform because it’s bugs have caused me a headache. I love Octoly and Hope this gets resolved because I want to keep influencing using this platform. I only use the app because I don’t have access to a laptop/desktop
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2 months ago, mawmaanb
the worst !
they release 'Influencer' product on the 'creators' side of the platform and then don't allow creators to claim the product(s) or say it is 'sold out' while it is literally available for hours before magically disappearing completely from the creators side . they also sent me a product and will not release the hold so I can review the product even though IT HAS SHIPPED , I HAVE HAD IT ! emailed them and nothing . their chat bot is ridiculous and just sends you in circles asking the same cycled through questions . now I am out a credit because they will not release the hold so I can review product . this program and platform is very flawed and needs a lot of fixing .
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3 years ago, Hmary69
Have the app about 3 months, never ever saw a gift so I would have claimed. The free gifts are always out of stock. If I come early or at night, doesn’t matter, everything is gone. When I contacted the customer service, I was told that I have to be fast and keep my eyes on the app. I don’t get it, why the beginner have less chance to be lucky? When I asked a person who was daily posting her new claimed stuff from Octoly, what am I doing wrong, she said that I have to be patient and stick with it. For 3 months nothing, how long I have to wait? I’m about to delete the app, but first I wanted to let everyone know that it’s a piece of crap and don’t even bother to install this app. Won’t get anything.
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5 months ago, deadheadmakeup
Idk , not the best
I used to love skeepers as a small creator. I got a lot of opportunities… now I get declined on literally every application I put in. I’m so confused on it. I know my content is good and I get plenty of likes and follows for a small creator so it can’t be the quality of content, I’m not sure if my account is in bad standing for some reason? I can’t think to what that would be about but I’ve tried emailing skeepers multiple times to ask and I’ve messaged companies and asked why I keep getting declined and literally no one will get back with me. So at this point I think I’m just done with the app. It’s just making me feel terrible when I get that enough online I don’t need it on here too.
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10 months ago, Huntd0
I really enjoy this app & I’ve received some awesome products to try! Is this app perfect no but it’s perfect for me. The only negative if I had to pin point a negative is the influencers requirement of having 1000 followers but I’ve worked hard & I’m almost there. Thank you Skeeper/Octoly for the opportunity to allow everyone a chance to test some amazing products. I was able to find some awesome products that I will continue purchasing!!
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1 year ago, makeup_obsessed_katie88
It’s ok
I love being a part of Octoly ( sleepers) but I rarely ever get any products, it seems like they only drop them when I’m not checking, also even when I had over 7000 followers and up to 200 likes and comments on my posts I was still never accepted into their influenser program which says you need 1000 followers and a 2% engagement rate . The site is down for maintenance all the time , if they drop a product, more than likely the site will crash right afterwards. But when you do get something it’s really exciting
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2 weeks ago, teamteer
Be Patient
I’m eager to get involved with Skeepers, but I have yet to meet their requirements as an Influencer. It can be difficult if you have a complex medical condition, but this is what keeps my mind off of that. I really appreciate that they offer consumer testing too. This means if you don’t qualify as an Influencer, you can still participate in picking free gifts and writing quality reviews. I don’t know of any other site that allows this and it means a lot to me!
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3 years ago, Tomatoessss
Good but a lot of glitches
For what it is it's great however there are a lot of glitches. None to completely deter me from using but still annoying: 1. The notifications don't work correctly. I'll get updates/notifications 5x in a row in my phone Notification center. Some of them are incorrect. Sometimes I don't receive notifications for the specific brands that I have them turned on for. 2.There is a lag for products that go out of stock quickly. A lot of the time the product will stay up as available and then when you apply it's not available. 3. I don't know if the app is formatted correctly for the pro sized phones because some of the dimensions are off. Overall I like the app for its uses and the team is super kind and helpful when you reach out with questions.
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