Sketch Me!

Photo & Video
4.5 (5.8K)
74.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bluebear Technologies Ltd.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sketch Me!

4.54 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
2 years ago, deze noots
Pretty great app
This app is great buuuuut sometimes the buttons don’t click. Maybe it’s just my phone screen though. So I still give it a 5. It also makes me look ugly but that’s just me, un photogenic. Again, not the app. It looks great with other people, and super fun to color the pictures. Cool how you can change the texture too. No bugs so far. Great app, definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, A father 007
Really bad
The app does not follow or use any iOS UI controls. On first launch, the app kept crashing and closing. This happens until you get on the wifi. Why do I need wifi to use the app? The image I tested worked poorly. It did not appear as a sketch, as much as it was a filtered version to highlight the dark edges and lighten the other colors. I can achieve this far better in drawing apps. The app is not iPad friendly. It does not rotate for landscape mode. There might be features that are good, but they are not discoverable. The on screen icons show some options, but again, the lack of iOS controls make them had the use. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to close an option panel. Click the X or close box? Nope, you re-click the icon to close the panel. The app also kept prompting me for a review after only a few minutes. Ok, so after a few minutes, I think this is a really bad app and i give you a thumbs down - 1 star review.
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3 years ago, Stupid HellowKitty
Steve Dunner
Being a new person to the art scene having taking up drawing because of the isolation of the virus situation and the fact that it is going to continue, I found The most time consuming task is putting a layout on the canvas especially since I am currently doing a lot of copying and tracings. This app enables me to take a picture of an item on my cell phone, reverse it into a sketch from your program then make a copy which I can enlarge and place onto the canvas. The most difficult part of a painting for me is that process. By using your app I can cut down on a good 60% of the pre-work also in enabling me to be highly accurate.
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1 year ago, craycrayannlogan
Awesome App!
This is one of my Favorite Apps Why? Because I can turn my favorite YouTuber (ASLmerdith) into A Pop Art Madterpiece any of Meredith’s Fan may not be happy about what I did! But either way If anyone here is deaf Or A POTD (Parents of the deaf) Recommended ASLmerdith to your Kids or Yourself Love This App Deaf people can even play it also deaf People If You Can’t read this here is an ASL Message for you 🤟🏻🖖🏻👍🏻
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3 years ago, Lil One 2004
So far so good
I needed to covert a picture to a lone drawing and this was just what I needed and it did it perfectly!! So far only app that I been able to do this for me without having to pay insane amounts of money for other programs. Thank u so so much!!!
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6 years ago, CreativeMickey
Too new to know
I’m still brand spanking new to this app, I only installed it today. Therefore, I don’t have nearly enough experience with it to compose a fair review. But, like all the countless others apps, I was cornered into writing this review in order to gain access to the apps more desirable features. Imagine that! I’ll be back later on to share a more thoughtful and accurate review. Many thanks!!
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4 weeks ago, jkizet
Amazing app
I love this app, I’ve downloaded quite a few and by far the best free app that can create pencil drawing of any photo just like that . People acknowledge the fact that I have a drawing talent, only if they knew.
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6 years ago, Kim in Indi
Did not work on iPad
Could not get it to work on my new iPad. After opening, a screen that looked like a television screen gone bad appeared with two icons- one that looked like a piece of paper, and another strange looking “spun” piece of paper (which when tapped did nothing). When I tapped the piece of paper icon, a woman’s face would flash quickly on the screen and a box would say, “Sketching,” then that would disappear and the app would close.
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7 years ago, SpongebobHiggy
Pretty Good
See the drawing quality for the photos are amazing! But, I hate that the instructions come on each time you open the app. So maybe if they could update it where just the first time you get the app it shows the instructions.
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3 years ago, Dorr2singapore
Love it!
This is an excellent tool I use when I want to use photos I took for sketches, painting or wood burnings. I use it to simplify the photo so I can then create and improve my own sketches!
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5 years ago, Deanvandamme
Doesn’t work
Opens with a static looking tv screen you can hold to drag a background picture but didn’t work. Old program crashed and deleting and re downloading just reset all my purchased content.
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4 years ago, Ruddy 2
I gave it a 10 it is lots of fun I have a lot Off pass time with it Well worth having I have enjoyed it for about two years now love it
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1 year ago, Hi i really need robux tysm
5 Star⭐️
I rated this app a 5 star because it help me with the layout of the sketch and is free! Most apps like this aren’t free so I was so happy when it let me do it for free. #cheap scapes! Lol
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3 years ago, Beast1911!
Great product
I use the app to transfer portraits to be wood burned. Makes the whole process easier and more accurate.
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1 year ago, sandaddiction
It’s good
Overall it was my favorite app since I was a child… and these years I still love this app a lot 🤗
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5 years ago, Cam & Linds
Great for quick sketch
I use this in construction to give a customer a quick sketch of what their future building will look like. Works perfect for me.
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6 years ago, dancelight12
Love it!!
When I first use it, it was much easy to see the pencil line and draw it in the sketch book from the photo
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3 months ago, DonnaJune19
I think this is an amazing app to use for converting photos into sketch or SVG files. I just learned about this awesome app, and I’ll be sharing it with fellow crafters. Thank you!
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5 years ago, HDLA
Love it
Wow this makes sketching a photo a no brainer. This is something that used to take well honed skills to do. Now it’s a click or two to great art. Bravo!!
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6 years ago, nickolas Santana
Easy to use
I’ve only used this app twice but I do like that I’m able to use the features I downloaded this app to do. So far it is easy to use and I like it.
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6 years ago, Jonezng4moore
Great design tool
This is a great d sign tool to help on remodel project sites to help get quick line drawings in a flash to help clients visualize a blank space without existing colors
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3 months ago, djfjfjss
Sketch me
I love this game because you get to sketch pictures and it’s relaxing
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2 years ago, Kibby RB-66
Learning program
Can’t fully critique program as I’m not fully acquainted with use of program.
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3 years ago, Pickmom12345
It’s actually good
I was looking for something to base my simplistic sketches off of and this a great free app for that
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3 years ago, Yelper me
Fantastic function
Ease of use and great guideline for future art
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6 years ago, sketcher18
Doesn’t work
Just down loaded this after reading such good reviews and was excited to try it. After picking the texture, the app closed down. Tired it multiple times and the same thing kept happening. I’ll be deleting it as soon as I finish this review. VERY DISAPPOINTING!
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6 years ago, SuperCita
New too...
I haven’t used the app yet as I too wanted to access additional features but if it works as advertised and pictured I’ll use it often.
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5 years ago, siri sketch
I liked it
Works best on iPhone. On I pad somehow the options were not visible
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6 years ago, Geraldtr
Sketch Me
Just installed it, haven’t had a chance to use it before it asked for me to rate it. Looks fairly simple
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3 years ago, goes out
Very good 😄😄😄😄
This app is very good i wanted to see what i looked like as a drawing and it worked and its free!!!
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5 years ago, TalynStarburst
I downloaded this app and there was no menu guidance or anything.. I open it up to a picture of a woman. I move it around and the app would crash. After several tries, I deleted the app. Will try another on.
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4 months ago, BCreativeGenius
Loving this app
The best image to sketch app. And I’ve tried lots!
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7 years ago, Budderwarrior877
Two stars
To many ads makes the pictures small and the only thing good about is that the drawings of the photo work
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3 years ago, 11161960
So far so good!
Just tried the app. So far it has done exactly what I wanted.
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4 years ago, very long time subscriber
You get what you pay for.
I downloaded the free app and it is ok for free. It is very insistent on trying to push you to upgrade for the pay for use.
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5 years ago, Endymion9
Does not work on iPad
My experience is identical to the reviewer from four months ago. I have a new 11” iPad Pro, and the issues I see are identical to the ones reported then. It would have been nice to see what this app can do. The positive reviews are intriguing.
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7 years ago, My doggie's mom
Looks Great!
This looks just like what I have been looking for! Can't wait to play with it!
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5 years ago, br.iPod
SketchMe Review
I love this app!! It gives a wrinkle look to it when there are thin shadows an your face but otherwise, I think it’s really cool!!
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6 years ago, gryphyx
I really like it for the variety and its pretty clear whats going on Greg in Seattle
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5 years ago, artdali
Won’t work on iPad :(
I have been using this app for a class project with my students for the past few years but now it doesn’t work on my iPad. It was one of my favorite projects too. So sad about this!!
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6 years ago, pnuemonia
So far so good
Looks like just what I’m after.
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8 years ago, Applestinks219871
Pictures are too small.
It changed a 1920x2430 pic to 320x480. The pics are too small to do much of anything with. I will be looking for a new app.
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5 years ago, Kafs10
Not working on iPad
Screen when you open is fuzzy with colors then you go to texture page. Then the next page was of your model .could not get past that
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5 years ago, Sage Fairfield
Brand new user
Easy to use, very encouraging, I love it!
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3 years ago, Jlid2
Four free colors.....must pay for everything else
So, if you only want to use blue, brown, yellow & green you’re all set! All others are locked. Very disappointed. 😏
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4 years ago, ADDISOSA
Just what I was looking for; however, I wish I could the sketch if I wanted to remove something.
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5 years ago, Tag2bag
What went wrong
The app worked kinda for one day I spent money on a upgrade that would give me full access ... then did nothing more than it did before I paid ... I think I need help here
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6 years ago, TRADS
Crashes unless buying textures
Crashes after opening to a texture selection screen. The only thing that works is purchasing additional textures!
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6 years ago, Sassy artist
Not able to use the app anymore
Not certain what is going on, but I have a rainbow of colors, and cannot use the app anymore. I used to like it, but something is going wrong.
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7 years ago, Duke1127
Fun App
Cool app when you high n feel artistic
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