Skrill - Pay & Transfer Money

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Skrill Ltd.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Skrill - Pay & Transfer Money

4.47 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
4 years ago, derekradmad
Does not notify me about verification
I am frustrated with Skrill because the app did not notify me or remind me to verify my bank account in order to withdraw my balance I receive from a monthly work payment. The first month I withdrew money without issue. The second time I received errors that didn’t specify what my issue was, forcing me to call in only for them to tell me I had to verify my bank account. If they had told me this earlier, I’d have been happy. But because they told me as I tried to withdraw my funds, now I’m waiting 24-48 hours for verification without being able to access my funds. Edit: spoke with a Megan who helped me verify my card and up my limit. Changing my review from 3 to 4 stars
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6 months ago, Babylyn J
Skrill/neteller fraud
Apple sir/ma, we are on our knees pleading to you to please tell skrill and neteller to unlock all our account so we can get all our money out including the prize we won because it is ours. All our accounts was closed permanently on the 4 of January immediately after calling them to claim the prize as instructed by them so we wouldn’t receive the prize we won in our account without stating the reasons for such action and now they are trying to accuse us of doing fraud so they can feel good about themselves and what they are trying to do with our money. I have been sending and receiving payment on my skrill and neteller account for months but they didn’t restrict it permanently and say the decision is final or accuse me of doing fraud until I won and called to claim it. I have uploaded proof to show them that I am not a criminal so they have no right to close my account without notice and without stating what we did wrong! Why are they trying to take what does not belong to them anymore by restricting our accounts permanently and saying the decision is final so we won’t receive it. Does this not look like a fraud to you? Skrill and neteller are trying to steal from us because they think they can accuse us of fraud or do whatever they want. Please Apple sir/ma, you really have to do something about this!! Tell them to unlock all our accounts because we are not criminals at all
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11 months ago, ImSeriouslyNotABot
Worst Experience Ever
I tried to create a new account only to find out I already had an account, sweet. Tried logging into said account and get error messages, not sweet. I message support and a person named Stanislav tells me the issue is my personal VPN and that because I tried to log in to my account too many times with it they permanently closed the account. He said not to worry and to just make a new account under a separate email with the VPN turned off. I did exactly that and get an error message when I tried to log in saying I have multiple accounts. So I replied to Stanislav’s email asking if I needed to wait for the previous account to close or if he could advise me what to do further. I got a reply from a person named Evgeni saying that the NEW account has been permanently closed for “security reasons” with no further explanation and not to make any more accounts. Obviously I’m confused as I was only following the advice of the previous help team member and when I replied to his email I got a reply from someone else named Valeriya basically telling me to go screw myself with again no further explanation. I’ve never seen a support team conduct themselves in such bad faith before and wouldn’t use Skrill’s services if they paid me to. I’ll take the higher fees on PayPal if it means I never have to go near such incompetent customer service again.
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3 years ago, Uljhahua
ComingCompany with full uneducated people. Don’t use this company service.
For every issue you will get standard not satisfactory answer from their team. My last 4 transactions company deducted money from my account and did not get any money in recipient account. In every follow up they said check with your recipient bank they are not accepting money. I made simple request , please share failed transactions number with my bank then they said we can’t share with you. Simple think they need understand that without proper failed reference number how can I contact my bank. Before starting service for end user please educate your staff enough to understand customer queries then respond. One more issue I would like to share with other customers. I am not able to recent transactions using web browser neither at dashboard nor at transactions history page. Share snapshots couple times with them and received standard answer is please use transactions history page to check your all transactions. I can confidently say that their staff is uneducated. Request all other customers don’t waste your time and money using this company service. Hope my experience will help other customers.
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3 years ago, 2019scammed
I was trying to get registered including giving my social security number which has told never to give online for security sake. Then it says on the next page to scan my drivers license . It says to can the front and place inside the four lines. Well, my drivers license is too big to fit inside the lines. So it would not any way I tried and then went dark. No way to contact to let them know it wouldn’t fit, or ask could I take a screenshot of the license that has vital information. So I can’t get into a place to complete any transactions. At the bottom of each page, there should be a way to let you know to text you the problem. Also what do you mean by “front” Front on license facing down or up. Now am I still in to complete my transaction. If not I want your assurance that all of my private information deleted and prove to me that it is. This review is temporary dependent on your response. Penny P
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4 years ago, Justgood1
The worst ever( please run from this app)
You guys are just bunch of jerks toiling with people and their money.. after creating the account you never asked for personal information.. it was after I had put money and all this info became necessary which I uploaded and yet for the third time you’ve asked me to resend the utility bill which I have done and you keep rejecting.. I can’t even contact the customer care in the help section because you’ve made a reoccurring program that says the url is unsupported. What kind of crap is that?why didn’t you ask for all this information to be confirmed before money is being credited ? It’s after there’s money then you bring up all of this delay cos you know there’s no other way to get the money back.. I’ve read other reviews from people and it seems this is just a scheme to collect money from people.. bad app.. y’all are fake .. no customer care contact number .. y’all are terrible people and I know y’all won’t do anything to fix it cos you’re just there to make money for yourselves .. idiots ..
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8 months ago, MystikMindIII
Stay away!!
Like many other reviewers have said, this place is a JOKE! And makes it pretty much impossible, to get any help. Most places like PayPal,Venmo etc ASK FOR INFORMATION Before making the account, and make sure to verify everything before letting someone go ahead and letting the account be created, add $ , then block you every way possible after requesting your info. I’ve never had a issue verifying an account ANYWHERE! From Crypto accounts, to other $ apps/ site’s. This place is full of excuses. CS is horrible/ pretty much cause it’s non existent!! Do yourself a favor, and use another LONG TIME TRUSTED APP! I’ve read some of their reply’s to reviews left, and it’s clear the ppl are complaining of technical issues, The reply’s sound just like a Generic answer giving for everything. This App/company is TRASH! Customer support (what little their is) are incompetent. Do not fool with this place!
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3 years ago, Lord Question
Was going to use Skrill until...
I was all set to open an account with them. One of the apps I use has them as a cheaper option to withdraw earnings. I went to their website and everything looked good. So then I came here to the App Store, downloaded the app and then started to read the reviews...! It seemed really REALLY odd that there are so many 5⭐️ & 1🌟reviews. Every time I see that it always turns out to be the 1st sign of a scammer app. So I clicked on “Most Recent” reviews and read, many Many times over, just how horrible this App & “Company”/Organization really is. All of the 5⭐️ reviews are all short, a few words long, postings. Plus there’s usually a grouping of them, all done at the same time/day, all vaguely written & short... I’m going to head the advice and multiple warnings that the real customers have stated in their reviews.. I pray you do the same and avoid this disgusting app..
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5 months ago, THIEVES DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!
I wish I could give this app zero stars I should of known something was off when my credit card payment wouldn’t work so I used debit and set it up with my account info they debited my account but as of yet the money was not deposited into my Skrill account I called customer service and was given a standardized response of it takes 2_3 days to be credited to my account which would be fine if it wasn’t already taken out of my bank account. So there what borrowing My money for 2-3days? What they r doing is out right theft under fl law theft it’s defined by denying some one access to there property if even temporarily….the 2-3 day thing is only if it is not withdrawn from my account once the money is withdrawn from my account it should then be immediately available on the other account…. DO NOT fall victim to there wrong doing…..
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3 years ago, imswain
Is it a scam???
This app requires all the details like SSN, driver license, passport, your location and facial ID to register (never seen these many requirements with other money transfer services like Xoom). I got carried away seeing their ad for best exchange rate and no fee. After doing all these they approved my account to transfer money. When you actually go to transfer the money they will ask other details like bank statements, your more pictures along side with your ID. To use a debit/credit card you need to send them your bank statements(never seen this with other services). Then I started reading reviews and it seems lot of people are facing similar issues and sending additional information may not resolve your issue. So I stopped here and thought of sharing my experience. I hope this will help other people to not waste their time to use this service. ☹️☹️☹️
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1 year ago, mitchell8833
This app is not good for anything except holding money they hold it from everyone including you and it’s not for just 24 or 48 hours. Then they say they will contact u via email with in 48 hours well that’s not true! I haven’t heard from them at all after calling them from a land line. Because they don’t let u call them after they hold your money at all. Just DO NOT USE THIS APP IT IS TRASH AMD NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF OF THE APPSTORE!! It’s been over 48 hours and still can’t get ahold of anyone at skrill any way at all and still have not heard a word from them and they still have my money and I really need my money!!! Please I’m asking you don’t use this app!! I wish I could give them a -5 star but I have to give them one to leave this review so -5⭐️🫢😞badbadbad!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Emxo13
Keep away from this app at all costs.
I sent my bank statement. I sent my debit card transactions. They continue to send me an automated message saying to verify through bank transfer. I go to bank transfer on both mobile and desktop. Neither worked. I clicked complete verification for my bank account and nothing happens. This is a disaster. I have a bunch of money in this skrill because of my employer I have no choice other wise please you all STICK TO PAYPAL OR VENMO OR CASH APP. no one from customer service helps. Seems like they might only have one customer service rep with the way my case is being held. It took 3hrs on hold to finally get someone to answer and when he did... he didn't help. He said to wait till they verify my bank statement YET they closed the case. Lol seems like this is a big scam.
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3 years ago, Sabu Bose
One of the THE best
I am using almost most of the apps including, Remitly, MoneyGram, Xoom, etc. This is THE best app for highest exchange rate, I have been happy with the completion timeline compare to other apps. Yes, you need to be patient with the enrolment process as they go through a every detailed verification process first time. The best part is the exchange rate changes real time. The only recommendation is checking the limit which is not an easy option, including the timeline for new limit to show up. I have recommended to at-least 10 friends by now.
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1 year ago, daniciog
Scam!!!! Beware
I’ve been asking for updates on $500 I had sent to this bank. Let me tell y’all they keep pushing me back and telling me to give it more time. Now initially I was ok but a bank to bank transfer when the bank is connected to Skrill should not take 5 days. To make matters worse after getting the multiple not helpful responses I did I came to the reviews. Y’all they can’t just keep your money!!!!!! Report them to your bank, dispute the charge!!!!!!!! That’s what I did and will also get the fdic involved. Stop complaining in the review section and do something so they stop doing it!!!!!! I’m not the customer to do this to. Skrill be prepared
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4 years ago, Nyoma
This is a very terrible app service. I have tried to get in contact with someone about my account not being about to transfer my money to my bank account but no one will help me. I’ve created a claim and I’ve even tried to send an email but both times I’m not given any information. The site is very sketchy in that I constantly get “unsupported URL” notifications whenever I try to use it on a computer and it constantly glitches. I have over $200 in the account and everything is verified, my phone my ID my email EVERYTHING has been verified and yet it keeps giving me an error that it can’t process my transaction with that stupid YETI graphic. I’ve talked to my bank and there’s no problem on there end so I want my money NOW.
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3 years ago, -QueenCKK
A scam save yourself headaches don’t download
App is straight up scam after a whole of trying to get my account to work because of this weird vertification they want to constantly send documents of your address. Then when you try to add money to the account some work then mysteriously one do then when you try to withdraw the money back or try to pay for something online or they app they constantly block you from doing so. Then after constantly trying reach out to there terrible customer service to fix your account because nothing works these disgusting individuals stole or should I say scam the account balance from my account . This app needs to be removed from the App Store because this is clearly a scam !
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3 years ago, Tamegravity
Slow, doesn’t work and expensive.
I used their “verified” service to make sure my deposit was seemless. The money came out of my account in two business days. That’s typical. Two business days later they SHOULD post the money in the account. After a little over week and a complaint to support, they finally posted my money in my balance. So it’s been two weeks already, now I want to spend the money... Transaction failed. Ok, you win, I give up, deposits take weeks and I can’t spend the money using my balance which is the point of the service. Give me my money back. $5.50 to put your money back into your account. An overall terrible experience. Good luck to you all, as this didn’t work for me.
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3 years ago, Veer741
Worst service
Skrill is by far worst service I have ever seen. I provided all the required information for verification in order to transfer money abroad. I could only transfer $2000 in 2 transactions last month. Ever since then I have only seen ‘transaction failed’ due to “security reasons”. I tried contacting customer service but it’s of no use. Troubleshooting steps are useless. They make you wait 24/48hrs. to initiate new transfer after a failed transaction. Skrill should address so called ‘security reasons’ but they follow same useless troubleshooting steps. Be aware: They get all of your information: SSN, ID, Bank details, debit card details at start. I will suggest to use Western Union/ Remitly instead of this useless service.
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4 months ago, Dustin9776
“Skrill Help Team”? More like “Skrill Worthless Team”
By far the worst money app ever. Apparently this was the only app to withdraw money from a wagering site (which was pretty bad itself). I went back and forth with them for months. Constantly going in circles with them. They tried saying that I opened my account while underage, I’m almost 40! I had to prove my age multiple times and they still wouldn’t let me withdraw my money and then lock my account. And then while it was locked, charged me $5 a month for inactivity! Are you kidding me?!?! I was finally able to get my money out about a year later (with a $5 withdrawal fee of course. What a joke. STAY AWAY!
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4 years ago, Krised10
Don’t use!! They’re thieves and only care about them.
To begin I had the worst time setting this account up. Nothing verified. It was aweful! When I was able to deposit funds and finally seem to get things set up I sent a payment to someone whom I later found out was a scammer. I reported this to Skrill and their response was “all payments are final” and they were not going to do anything. Even if they couldn’t a bit of kindness would have gone a long way. After reading the reviews and experience this. It is of my opinion that Skrill is in the business of scamming people of their money as well. I’m glad the money I lost was only $30 but potential users beware. Don’t trust them!!
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2 years ago, brittbritt1992
This app is horrible!!
I’ve been waiting well over 5 days for a direct deposit from my bank go go through and it’s not even pending! I’ve never had this issue. My bank is always on top of any transaction so I know it’s not on their end. I tried to make multiple withdrawals with two different credit cards that are approved and all were denied. If you try to use your debit card to gamble online there are only about 8 approved sites that you can put money on to gamble. So basically to sum it up I’ve had my account for almost two weeks now and haven’t been able to use it for anything! Absolutely horrible.
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3 months ago, wwwSHOCKPROOFXcom
Skrill is a SCAM App! Be careful!
Skrill is a SCAM App! They have people on instagram (I’m sure every social media app) pretending to be interested in someone’s service, but they require you to download the Skrill app. In my case, this person wants me to create him/her an original artwork. This person is willing to pay 50% more compared to average rates, but part of the deal I need to open a Skrill account. I immediately know it’s a scam! The account has a profile photo from a clothing company ad and it was recently posted early this month (July 2023). Anyway, be careful guy these are bad people! Ignore the fake reviews, read the real reviews! I already reported this App to Apple! Again, SKRILL is a SCAM APP!!!
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2 years ago, demps75
Scam. Lies
Skrill is a bunch of lying greedy cheats. They’ll accept money from anywhere without verification but when you try to get your money they want verification. I am using the same id and my face that was good enough to open the account but it’s not good enough to get my money. As if I totally transformed my face . I’ve been dealing with this for about a week and my money just sits there while they laugh and make up more excuses why I can’t verify who I am . I’ve done everything possible except show up on their front porch with my mom and the doctor who delivered me. It’s so pathetic. Save yourself the drama go somewhere else. Like an American company
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3 years ago, J R G S
Can’t do a deposit
I have tried with multiple cards added them and none work. It keeps saying server error. Everything works up until the moment to finalize the deposit. And to use a bank you need to have a paper statement to take a picture of it with no printer and being on e-statements, that’s apparently not an option for me. They will not take a screen shot of the statement and the process takes almost 5 days. So i tried cards, atm cards, credit cards, but same error. Sent an email for help it’s been over a day and haven’t heard back. Tried on a computer, same issue. If only it worked as smooth as Venmo.
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3 years ago, caitiebing
I’m actually stunned at how horrible their customer service is in regards to MY MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT BEING UNACCESSIBLE. They requested I provide certain documents to access my funds and it’s been DAYS and they refuse to answer my messages or phone calls. Endless to say I have decided to cancel my account with them once my money is GIVEN BACK TO ME THAT THEY REFUSE TO PROVIDE. Again, I did all steps to verify my account and every other stupid step I had to take and hoops I had to jump through just to get my own money back to me and I’m still unable to receive any kind of assistance or speak with a competent person to properly resolve a problem created on their end. DONT USE SKRILL
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4 years ago, Skittlez108
App keeps saying update, Website shows a white screen
Every time I try to login the app says to update. I have deleted the app and re-downloaded it, I’ve updated it, I’ve reset my phone. I tried to login to skrill through the website and it just shows as a white screen. I can’t get support to answer me about these issues or an issue with my account (my 2FA isn’t working and I need to reset it).
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2 years ago, briuanna1
I don’t understand why it takes so long after clearing my bank to receive a bank wire transfer? I made 3 deposits within 24 hours and that was on the 22nd going into the 23rd I finally received access to one of those deposits earlier today the 26th and going into the 27th now I still have yet to receive the other two deposits. When I tried contacting them via messaging, I didn’t get a response the ticket was just marked as resolved until I addressed that as well and then I was still told after 5 days then reach back out to them. That is ridiculous..
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4 years ago, J1g2a3
Total scam
I transferred $100 from my bank account to my skrill balance. The money was removed from my bank account over 3 days ago and it says it’s still pending on the skrill website even though skrill emailed me today telling me the transaction has cleared and the money should be available to use now. I’ve made multiple cases, called multiple times and only managed to get through to somebody earlier today who told me to wait a few hours for the money to show in my skrill balance. That was almost 10 hours ago, now. I’m reporting this as a fraudulent charge to my bank in hopes of getting my money back from this scam of a website.
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3 years ago, Jenellybean133
Save yourself the trouble DONT USE SKRILL
I had an issue transferring money into my card so I contacted support to get help as it is their JOB TO HELP. They closed my Ticket without even resolving my problem. They insisted it was my card being declined to have money transferred into my account which makes ZERO SENSE. Your card can’t decline having money entered into an account. Also the app itself said it was a GENERAL SERVER ERROR . I repeat SERVER ERROR. Not declining card . They did nothing WHAT SO EVER to help me get my money. WORST SERVICE EVER WORST APP EVER DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME . At one point the app worked I used it previously a couple years ago and now It seems like a huge scam. Please save yourself the trouble DONT EVER USE THIS APP!!!!!
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3 years ago, sidhhhesh
Unable to transfer using mobile app and website
I have used multiple apps for international transfers however no other app asks as much info as Skrill does which is okay if their app or website worked. Transfer fails and the application shows something is wrong at their end and when I call customer care they say issue is with my machine. So I tried what they suggested but no use. Same error over and over again. Though they probably provide the best rate out of the other apps I use and transfer in short time but it’s of no use if it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, ksassypantz
STOLE $200
I accidentally withdrew money from my bank account instead of depositing money that had been sent to my Skrill account. I know, silly. BUT then I tried to correct my mistake my correctly sending the money to my bank. Skrill took out $100 from my bank account and $100 that I had in my Skrill account and both are NO WHERE to be found. I’ve emailed several times and gotten an automated response. This was a WEEK ago. I’m going to try and report this as a fraudulent charge in hopes of getting my money back. Do NOT use this website, they are AWFUL! I will update this review if the funds EVER transfer.
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4 years ago, The Real Idgie
Tried for 48 hours to make a credit card deposit. Unable to deposit funds, received error “Sorry something went wrong please try again. Error: General server error. OK” Contacted support via the in-app messaging on a Friday morning during (USA) business hours, 48 hours later still no response or resolution. Called during Skrill business hours got recording saying had reached during non-business hours. What?? For the fees charged service should be better, or at least make an effort. The help section doesn’t give any clues either on this cryptic error.
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2 years ago, NSHRFF
Very unreliable. Ineffective Support. Good rates.
I have used quite a few money transfer services. Their rates are relatively better. However extremely unreliable service, meaning you are never sure transaction is going to go through or not. Dashboard updates your transaction after hours and sometimes days (unheard of). Also their customer service is quick to close your ticket without resolving your issue. Lot of their response in summary is try this try that, if it dies not work tough luck. I will not recommend this service despite their relatively higher rates.
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3 years ago, kra2t0s
This app is a scam don’t download
Have been send and deposit money is this app but the I deposit $500 that is the day they remember that I need to verify my account and increase my limit modasuckers, have sent all requested document and they rejected it what de hell. Do u guy know hard I work to get that money. Now there is nothing I can do, if I don’t collect my now here on this earth I will collect it the hereafter insha Allah
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3 years ago, HorridExperience
Horrible user experience
Strange that the transactions start failing only when the conversion rate is high. Is anyone even thoroughly testing the app before releasing the updates? Registration went fine. But first transfer fails, mobile app login fails, face id login fails, pin login fails, nothing in the mobile app seems to be working for me. I’ve been asked to reset my password three times in the last 5 mins even though I entered all the details right. Mobile app is unable to handle the 2 factor authentication. It just goes into an infinite loop of trying to authenticate, then fail and back to authentication.
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1 year ago, SliceofSly
Absolutely the worst Fintech ever!
This is the most useless Fintech service company that’s ever existed. They don’t even have their developers reply any of the reviews their customers leave on here. That’s exactly how they treat customers trying to contact them. They’ve been keeping my money for over a year and even made a huge charge to my account last December for “breaching an agreement” which I never did! I’m one to read all Terms and Conditions before signing up on a website and I ensured I kept to it all. That’s just another excuse to rip me off. Well, I won’t back down.
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12 months ago, Skrill Is Trash
I never rate apps on the AppStore but after what happened to me, I felt obligated to warn as many people as I can. I used this app for a week and it was fine but then randomly, Skrill permanently closed my account with over $350 still in it and they won’t send my money to my bank account or even answer the calls when I call their support line. When I emailed them for help, they said since my account was closed, the matter is closed to discussion…so what, they can just decide to close my account and not give me any of MY money? DO NOT USE THIS APP PLZ, I am warning you.
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1 year ago, ExtrrakkTTOr
Outstandingly Creditable!!!
This Money Transmitter Platform is absolutely remarkable. It's unique features let's you send and recieve funds Internationally without having any concerns of lost wages/funds within your accounts. It's reliable and it provides a support staff that's dedicated in solving problems/issues within the customer/client request in a timely fashion.
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2 years ago, Spanishkid21
Amazing app!
Absolutely love this app! Would say in my personal opinion that it is the best app when it comes to transferring money in between accounts or in different currencies. It’s easy fast and simple to use, and very self explanatory and the best thing is you receive everything in minutes there is no delay.
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1 year ago, Saumen Prasad
Very good transfer rates and turnaround
No charge for any amount of funds sent to India. Takes around 2 hrs to credit to bank account in India. Transfer rates better than remitly and xoom. Moneygram gives slightly better rates but there is a $1.99 fee. So I use this and Moneygram depending on amount sent. For higher amount Moneygram works better
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3 years ago, Belarussianbear
Got all my personal information and still doesn’t work!
They got all my information name, email, address, social security, uploaded my driver license for confirmation then they said not enough upload ur passport so I did. Then I added a MasterCard, deposit can’t work then added vista card still can’t deposit, now they want my bank account number. TOO much personal info! I’m just trying to send $150 for the image editing to a guy in Europe. Don’t feel safe now that they got some much info. Will be looking for a services to freeze my credit so I can sleep at night.
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4 years ago, Mahatasin
Beware of the service
Current I have my account restricted with over $1000 in my account with no way to access that money. I have been trying to contact them for 9 days now, without luck. The app is good/responsive, but stay away from this service if you have any other alternative. Note, I was given absolutely no reason for having my account restricted. When opening the account I provided them all the documents that was requested as part of verification. My case still shows open status, with no change since I opened it.
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4 years ago, psxiloveyou731
Long deposit wait
I have been waiting 3 days now for my money to be deposited into my bank account and i have bills I need to pay. They cannot tell me when the money will be deposited just that it is processing. Having to pay $5 to withdraw money to then have to wait 5 days is ridiculous. No other money apps charge that much nor does it take this long to receive it. I only used this app because it works internationally. But am on the lookout for a more efficient international money transfer app.
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11 months ago, stevo_412
Amazing team.
Company worked together to expedite my issue when I explained my issue clearly. Very caring workers. I gave them a hard time and they replied with great customer service. Any Americans trying to do global transfers, they are very safe and have good protective measures to make sure your money is handled well.
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2 years ago, LazerAJ
Worst financial app ever 😡😡
When I open the account u didn’t even mention about verification and then when money was sent to the account now u are bringing up verification which I already did since the past 4 days and still yet no response about been verified now I have to withdraw my money and u restricted my account just because my verification has not been approved how could a setup like u shouldn’t have verify an account since this while u just annoying cus u are causing a lot of inconvenience for everyone
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3 years ago, Phekat
I made a transfer and waited for 2 days to contact a”live” person and when I contacted them, I mentioned that this was an urgent transfer as my mom is hospitalized and my dad needs this money for her! And yet..... after 2 days when my dad went to get the money, pppoooofffff... nothing!! So, I called in the morning and they said they will fix it and now when I CALLED.... I am informed that the money has been refunded!! Really, who is going to take responsibility if anything happens to my mom due to lack of treatment as the money was withheld by SKRILL?????
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4 months ago, Bodie Blue Label
Be careful with this out of the country service! Take it from me! If any mishaps for some reason occur during a transaction, Skrills ability to take care of you during their “Investigation Process” is horrendous!! Made a purchase on May 9th, it was immediately taken from my Skrill account! But denied payment from the merchant.. it is June 3rd and nobody has any answers! It’s absolutely unheard of! They have horrible customer service because you can barely understand them! 1/10 service ! Do Not Use This! Stick to PayPal!
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2 years ago, AlmaEmpp
Horrible app for money transfers
This app is completely useless for transferring money it says instant transfers but there’s nothing instant about it also it declines every transaction I’ve tried to make that’s not to a bank or takes 3-5 business days, I’ve ran around in circles trying to move my money or even JUST USE IT , I’ve tried Apple Pay , google wallet, PayPal, cashapp , even paying at the register, I don’t see the point of having a virtual card if I can’t use it virtually…. Or in person at the register.
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2 years ago, monday2222
You all allowed me to send 208$ to my skrill you didn’t ask for verification it’s till I sent money to the account you restricted and I provided all the necessary document but you keep rejecting And now you permanently closed the account meaning I can’t get my money back go will punish you guys you are just theives nothing but thieves no flexibility at all I ensure nobody download this app for their safety now I am left with nothing all are thieves I wish I never rated but I will to get my message to you
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4 years ago, From the city of LosT aNgels
Message and contact Info
Since they make it hard to find out where to contact them with a question on their app and website and only keep directing you to frequently asked questions, I’ll have to send my question here with a bad review. The message section when sending a payment doesn’t work. You click “send message” and write the message but there’s no place to click to send the message. You’re just stuck reading your own message and end up having to send the $ without a message.
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