Sky: Children of the Light

4.8 (233.7K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sky: Children of the Light

4.83 out of 5
233.7K Ratings
1 year ago, LJAX🌹
Splendid, but with a few problems
I’ve been playing this game since Season of Dreams, which was about three years ago. This game is absolutely wonderful! You make lots of new friends, the fan base isn’t toxic, the scenery is beautiful, and it’s all free! Mostly. We’ll get to that. There are so many options built into the game to interact with other friendly people, like playing instruments together, flying around and doing shenanigans, or prodding the game for glitches and shooting up into the air at supersonic speeds. It’s very fun, but sooner or later you realize that companies unfortunately have to make money in order to continue to produce free content. They really don’t push in-app purchases at you too much, but I will admit that the game is a lot more fulfilling if you spend money on it. After you’ve kind of done everything, you get into the waiting phase where your friends go inactive and you end up grinding for candles all the time. If you want any of the cool items, you have to grind consistently for about 45ish minutes a day for a couple weeks straight without missing any days. I mean, I’m cool with it, but it’s definitely not for everyone. I stick around for the wacky people you meet and the spectacular art reference tool it can be, as you can pose your lil character and dress them with a very well designed wardrobe. All in all? I’d say get it! Experience the game for yourself, then decide if you really wanna stick around. If so, see you in the clouds!
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4 years ago, pOtaTO_sky :)
Great game!!! I haven't felt so happy playing a game :D
As I'm writing this review it's my first day of playing it. First of all it's easy and simple to play, when I first seen this game I thought it was just going to be a game where you learn and watch. I was really wrong, this game is very calm, fun, and you can make friends! This is the first time I've rated a game 5 stars and I personally think that this is one of the best games I had. I met this one person on here and they were really nice and helped me throughout the game, (yes this is my first day playing) people in here seem really nice and I'm happy that you made this game for people to enjoy. The only downside to this game in MY opinion is, actually NOTHING this game is just so great! Each time I make a review I just write a bit, but for this I can write soooo much about it even tho I've only played for less than an hour. I suggest you to try it (who evers reading this) even if you don't think you'll like it. Just give it a chance and this might turn into one of your favorite games out there. One of my favorite things about this game is that it gives us notifications about when our friend is online instead of waiting, another one of my favorite things is that it's not one of those games where it just tells you what to do. You can explore on your own and the art is great! The sounds also give us a great experience for what we're doing in the game. I hope you also enjoy this game like I am!
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2 years ago, Skylarsenaviev
I absolutely LOVE this game,
This game has been my favorite for a while now, i think its such a great way to make friends and just its so relaxing. And so emotional at times with such spirits or seasons, i joined in Season Of Assembly and i’ve loved everything since, this game is such a piece of art and I absolutely love it. I love going on candle runs with my friends and talking in the discord server. Though i have a few suggestions! It’d be really cool if we had a different guide system, if you play sky you know how often you get adopted by moths or you adopt a moth and help them through! Its just so cute to help them through and become friends! It’d be really cool if we could have a chat in a corner or a bar that pops up when a moth needs guiding, so for ex. Lets say a moth is in the prairie but you know you’re in the vault and in another server also, since often moths can’t find anyone to help this system would pop up on everyone’s screen that a moth or even just a play needs help guiding and anyone can teleport and help them. It would be so great and cool. And of course it could also have the help for opening multiple people doors!! But i thought this would be a good idea. Again this app is amazing and i hope it’s getting the recognition it deserves. I think every season is so unique and cute, such cute and pretty outfits and capes, hairstyles! All of it is just adorable and such fun to collect. Thank you so much TGC for creating such a WONDERFUL game! <3
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3 years ago, sanamai
This game is absolutely stunning..
To any parent looking for a good alternative to the free roblox app or payed for Minecraft game I suggest this.. I have been playing Minecraft since it came out and roblox occasionally when I’m baby sitting a girl who likes to play roblox with me.. I find that in roblox if you want to look cool you have to pay and people pay usually around 100 dollars or there accounts and I find that kind of annoying Minecraft is a one time payment but if you are looking for a absolutely free game with the exception of some candles you can buy then I suggest sky the graphics are absolutely AMAZING this game makes me feel like I’m actually in it actually living in the place and I find myself forgetting I’m even in my room sometimes not even mentioning the fact that it is only a MOBILE game with the graphics of a PC COMPUTER I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference THE PLACES ARE SO PRETTY and if you don’t want your kid talking to people they can’t talk to people unless they get there friend stats up high enough or invite them to play from there contacts.. I CANT FATHOM HOW PRETTY THIS PLACE IS.. my crush asked me out in this game that I knew cuz it’s so pretty in this game it’s amazing if you want a breath taking game stunning graphics and want to feel like you are in the game then get this game and explore you will never run out of places to find with never ending updates so pls give this game a chance cuz it is truly stunning.
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3 years ago, Little psycho wolf
I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this game!!
I spend a large majority of my time while online playing this game, and there are so many reasons because of this! It has beautiful graphics, runs smoother than butter (most of the time) and the players are the nicest you can found out there! I have almost no issues with this game, other than the prices. I’ve spent a lot, and I not kid you, a LOT of money on this game. I don’t mind spending on it because I adore it, but maybe drop the prices slightly? Because, I mean I know I get 115 candles with the beta cape, but 30 bucks is semi expensive! A odd suggestion I would like to make is for a new cape if you have anymore upcoming seasons planned. I know you’ve worked on Journey, and though I haven’t played it (yet) it looks fantastic! But a thing that caught my eye is the travelers robe. I love how it covers their hands, and I know that the basic stance in Sky covers your hands too, but when you walk/run/slide, it just ruins the effect. Maybe have one of the spirits for the next season have a cape that covers your entire body? I mean, you already went the extra mile this season giving us players what we have been wanting; an invisible cape (well, it’s a scarf, but when I wear it I forget that’s it’s actually a cape and that I’m not capeless!) I just think this would be a cool idea to take to consideration! Thanks for taking time to read my review, and keep up your amazing work!
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11 months ago, Itzel<33
Ethereal game
I used to play this game on occasion when I was 14 (around the launch of the game). I didn’t get the meaning and simply had fun playing with my friends while figuring out the puzzles, doing silly emotes, playing the hide and seek game, and ect. We laughed on continuous nights as we tried to get through the final stage of the game together and at least get all the stars before we eventually see “the light”. We unfortunately stopped playing together after a year or so. As we slowly fell out, I seemed to be the only one interested to play Sky in the seasonal events. Eventually, I stopped playing because I didn’t have enough spare time. I am now 18 and heard a familiar melody on social media. I experienced a eureka. I searched the soundtrack for this game immediately. I reminisced the moments we shared in the game while listening. 4 years ago I understood nothing of the game’s concept, however now I can correlate the translation from this game to the theory of life. It’s truly a replicate of how people feel, love, and see while disguising itself as something so simple. It teaches u that you will start a journey on your own, while encountering people and new scenarios. They then show you about their experiences, lessons, and dreams. So that you could have aspirations of your own. We all rise and fall, and when we reach the end, it can be daunting. Yet will be worth it for a memorable time. Truly, a 10/10 game for me.
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11 months ago, thatbeatlesfan
When I was a kid, the world seemed to be brimming with light, color, and happiness. I loved people and the world around me, and was hopeful for a bright future. Now, like everyone, as I got older I learned more of the truths about our world. These things say on my shoulders, but didn’t weight me down. I always saw hope and had faith in people. But, as I started to learn even more, like war, hunger, poverty, and hate, I began to feel the weight of our cruel world. I began experiencing these things too. Discrimination and hate. As I looked around I saw a dimmer version of the world I once knew, more darkness, muted colors. I was in the deepest place of darkness you could be. So when I saw an ad for Sky a year ago, i decided to give it a shot, I was bored. Little did I know this game would become more to me than you could ever imagine. It was a whole new world, a new life. I was surrounded by good people, good art, and true, undying love. This game was my oasis, my therapy. Thank to Sky, the color came back in my life, and I met people who I love very deeply. This game restored my faith in humanity, and I can never repay thatgamecompany for what they did for me. A star rating doesnt do justice, I would give it all the stars in Starlight Desert and more. Today I am deleting the game, for its Tun is over for me, but I could never have asked for anything better. I love you all, and wish you well on your journeys.
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2 years ago, kdhfnvidnfkfhfhvnewofnc
I got this game and it was the first game I ever had on my iPad and then I started getting more games but this is the first game I ever had. Sorry if this is an ongoing sentence and there’s barely any periods. Anyway so I was playing it and I was really having fun when I first got it and then I leveled up I had fun I got spirits and everything and then I got to the eye of Eden and so I went through and it said you will not be able to go home once you enter and I was like OK so I went through because I never went through the Eye of Eden before. So when I went through him I faced a lot of monsters and I went to the end and it said that like restore the people that were lost or something and I was doing that I got to the end and it said you’re being re born And I was like OK I’ll probably just lose the portals and stuff and I didn’t expect it to take everything from me I kept my hairs and I kept my keeps pants instruments and everything but my levels went all the way back to one I was so sad I literally had a meltdown it took me three freaking years three years people three years to get those levels and I was only at level SEVEN! THREEEEEE YESRS PEOPLE!years you can get this game if you want I’m not gonna judge you but I’m just giving you a warning when you go. When you go through the eye of Eden be warrant you will lose all your levels you will keep everything that you have every portal that you unlocked but your levels will drop!
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4 years ago, darkmansmith
Best game
At first I thought it would be bad but it turned out good come but I have one suggestion make a update and add new hairstyles in the new cloak but can I please not cost that much because I do not have that much money for the rest of them I only got one hairstyle so can you probably add update and can you make it to win like you can do a voice thing so that you can talk and they can hear your voice in and they can and you can hear their voice and can you please add like shorts and stuff and different attachments and stuff and like a lot like I’m like I’m talking about like a different lobby like a lobby that you can talk to people in there and you can just run around practice and stuff and can you also add it to when we can fight because that would be fun like super fun I’m not saying it’s not fun i’m just saying that like we wanna fight some of the monsters because we always lose hearts hearts hearts and hearts and it’s kind of getting annoying because on one level these black things they can just hit you and you can’t hit them back only does one way like you have to jump on them and like add some swords and stuff and we can buy different swords like a power sword and you can add different powers like like a power for your sword or nunchucks and stuff or make it when you can punch monsters and like there’s a power fist or something and add power ups and stuff because that’s gonna be fun
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4 years ago, bon appeti
Omg! This game is so fun! Ever since I started playing it! It was so cool to explore worlds! I love that u have season not like life seasons but spirit seasons! It means that there are like 10 spirits and they are cheap! U also get ultimate prizes from the guide of the season! If u complete the challenges tho! And it’s worth it! I love That they added Traveling spirits! That’s means that older seasons the spirits come back for newer players! I love that u can get candles and do tasks to get candles! Love that u can get hearts and exchange it with clothes The game is Online! U can meet sooo many friends! So many of them are nice and help u throughout the game! u can fly! And customize ur capes! U can have unique masks from spirits! And guess what! U get to candle Cr! Which means u collect candles to save up for ur dream items! This game is so fun and relaxing u can find beautiful oob which means like a bug in the game! (I don’t mean by a insect lol) but u should get it for those people who love relaxing! AND ALSO, u can get instruments like ukelele,piano,harmonica, u name it! It’s there! I hope the reader that reading this u can download the game and have fun too! Thanks :) But one thing I would like is every Christmas ONLY one day. we can wear our dream Clothes! All clothes are unlocked for only one day! And u can have fun and feel like a pro! Then when the day ends. U will be back to ur normal Skykid :)
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2 years ago, Capris-
Game that I always come back to!
I’ve been playing sky on and off at first since 2019. I have since played almost everyday since the Prince season and I have to say that even though it’s repetitive, the fact that this game has kept my attention for many year means that it’s a wonderful game. The music and atmosphere is just outstanding and super relaxing. There are some hidden places I enjoy going back to so I can practice music on the instruments or when I just want to relax. They have set times when you can make the most of collecting light in sanctuary or in forest which cuts down on the candle runs through all the realms. And I love seeing moths, the new people getting out there and starting their beautiful journey. To help someone and give them tips for them to learn and pass on the knowledge is always the best! I would have to say that I appreciate this game and the developers for such a calming and enriching experience. Except the KRILLS!!!!! But what fun would that be if you didn’t hone the skills to dodge those long sky lizards that bite lol!! Watch out for the danger noodles that lurk in wasteland and also down in the trenches of the abyss….A lil fun and excitement everywhere. Be careful out there lil moths, don’t be scared to ask for help and always stay safe!! Thank you again Thatgamecompany, this game will always hold a special place in my heart!
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1 week ago, kiviivk
that‘s a good game…but…
The game is done quite well, which is beyond doubt. The art is also good, especially the water surface, which is really realistic. However, there are a few shortcomings that I need to talk aboutFirst of all, this gift package is really expensive for students. Students who don't have money must think carefully before they can buy it. someone can only watch what they like and slowly leaveSecondly, this game is really easy to cross connect, and chatting with friends always leads to cross connections. Moreover, if you encounter strangers with similar interests, they will definitely cross connections when you want to add friends, and it has been almost five years since they were fixed, right? It's easy to explode if you have a really bad mentality, so I hope you can change the string problemFinally, the current gameplay of the game only consists of constantly running graphics, replaying, running graphics, completing tasks, running graphics, and chatting awkwardly. There is nothing else to do, and I hope to add some new gameplay. Moreover, the home system keeps getting bugs. I want to go to my friend's home to play, but it always shows that the friend's location is not working. However, my friend is in the home and he has set it to be open, so I don't know what's going onAnyway, that's all my opinion
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7 months ago, Spicolliman
A world to relax in
I started playing sky the day it came out which was just about four years ago, and I’ve never seen something so amazingly different from the world outside sky. However, there are a few things that might make you stop and hide, and then continue your adventure. It is a beautiful, peaceful place where you can explore the world of sky, and escape the world. It has a calming soundtrack, a beautiful view, friends, a whole new world to explore, breathtakingly close calls, fun, happiness, and beauty. The tree must always see the sunshine, drink the rain, push its roots down into earth, and feel the wind, to finally grow stronger and bloom. And just like the tree, and the seasons, the world of sky must burst out, thrive, die of, gather its energy, and burst again. In sky, there are battles to face, spells to cast, friends to make, outfits to earn, poems to be read, petals to fall, leaves to grow, plays to act in, music to listen to and to play, emotions to be shared with others and ones to be felt with them, friends and an underwater world and a sky full of air and wind, just waiting for you to take your first breath. The world of sky is waiting for you! So take your time and start exploring. We are waiting for you to come and take your place with us in the spotlights. So come and join us! 😉💖💝
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3 years ago, bobatea_danielle
Wow 🤩
Where do I even begin. BEST GAME EVER!!!! I have been playing Sky for a little over a month now, and wow, just wow, this is THE best game I have ever had. First of all, the graphics: AMAZING; the gamers: soooo sooo friendly and nice! It’s honestly almost like the gamers are just CPU characters (but they’re not!), they’re so nice. I’ve made sooo many friends on Sky and already have had many fun memories with some of them ☺️. When I first started out all I could think was: the graphics are so beautiful and the music, mm mm mm, it goes PERFECTLY with everything—honestly I feel like I’m part of the game sometimes. Now let’s get to the Dark Dragons: they look so cool! The first time I saw one I actually jumped 😅🤦‍♀️, they look so legit. Now, some people complain about online games, because some online game aren’t very child friendly, but Sky: Sky is super child friendly, you’re child doesn’t even have to speak to other players, there’s an option to, but the only encounters I’ve had with other players while chatting were good ones. There’s also “Daily Quests” that sometimes allow you to type a message onto a Candle, but the messages are always positive, or they’re just cute emojis 😂. If I had any complaints, I’m not sure what happened to them. Thank you so much for Sky! A beautiful and friendly game for all ages to enjoy! —Amethyst♥️
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3 years ago, CouchPotato🥔
Ok so first thing is that this game is sooo relaxing and it calms me down every time I play it! Second, please make it easier to fly upwards because I was playing with this random person she was very nice. But when me and them were in the “Vault of Knowledge” and we had to get up on that rock thingy, I couldn’t find her, so I made my call and she was up on the rock. And I was trying to get up there but I kept on falling and falling. When I was almost on top it like wouldn’t let me move until I fell 😥. And I think she left me. Because when I got up there no one was up there. And I was crying. Third, when we were doing that 300 dragon thing, I made a random friend so I wouldn’t have to loose all my winged light and be stuck. And RIGHT WHEN WE WERE AT THE END THEY LET GO, and I hate jumping because it’s so hard, and they already made me loose one of my winged light. And I was struggling SO HARD because there were rocks flying at me and the rocks were on the next step thingy and I couldn’t jump and those red things I was touching, and I was getting SO MAD I was on my 14 and then 13 then 12, so I just full out, exited the game. And came here to right this review. Other than that the game is wonderful 🥰! Please developers write back to me please! (I’m also playing on an Ipad if that helps you)
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2 years ago, Hawkfall
Excellent game.
I found Sky about three months ago, and immediately fell in love with it. The graphics style, the gameplay, the music, all of it was beautiful and enchanting. I love the many moments, the beautiful locations, and the story told without words. Unlike many games, I refrained from spoiling myself, and I do not regret it. This game has invoked emotions like no other. I have been happy and joyous in Prarie, felt proud when I got candles, and even been fearful of the krill in Wasteland! I remember literally shaking at the end of Eden. I brought my friends into it not long ago, and I absolutely adore the style of the Skykid. Also, creb. There are so many cool OOBs, and little surprises. I love the seasons system, and enjoy the fact that the game isn’t pay-to-win, but rather, a free game with in-app purchases that don’t really affect gameplay. Another thing I enjoy is candle running, mostly because I personally enjoy grinding in games, but also because it’s optional, and you don’t necessarily have to do it daily. Sky is a beautiful game, and it has taken the spot as my absolute favorite game at the moment. It’s a feel-good experience, and fun while still remaining evocative. The many realms are all so different, and the people in sky have to be some of the nicest I’ve ever met. Just look at all the message candles scattered around!
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9 months ago, enter001
Game singlehandedly taught me patience
It’s a very beautiful game, and the mechanics are easy to understand, and more time is spent playing than learning. But there’s a lot of cutscenes. And while many of them are skippable the second time around, it gets a little annoying. For a few things, you have to rely on other players to help you, and that can take seconds to half an hour. Cosmetics and self expression seem to be a big thing, but they usually cost candles, and lots of them. Candles are all fine and good, till you realize you have to spend one or two hours each day to get about 20 (which is the most you can get efficiently). And I already grind too much on Hypixel Skyblock. I enjoy this game, and it is very beautiful, but it sometimes feel more like a checklist than a game. Seasons and events help break the candle running routine. I have one last complaint, and that is movement. It does not feel consistent, and makes every trial except the fire trial more luck based (to me anyway, might just be a skill issue). Otherwise, I love it. It brings out humanity, and the lack of toxicity is a relief from any bad day. Sometimes you just feel like chilling on a cloud. Sometimes you want to try and tame every krill in wasteland. Sometimes you want to revisit old memories, spirits of time long past.
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1 week ago, My favorite mysteries
Why this game is my fav
I have been playing this game forever and I love it the graphics are so beautiful. This is literally the best game I have ever played it heartfelt it is lightning and I have a feeling and that if you’re going to download this you will love it the game inspired me to be helpful and help your elders, even if they have light bring more light to them because you can never have enough light you might not get past all the levels but you can still explore not to be a spoiler but when you first start the game you give someone light and then you get to choose your haircut if your girl or boy you get a amount of hair you can choose I don’t know what you’re going to rate this game but I know that my rating is five stars and I don’t care if anyone else rates it five stars like me, but this game is literally the best. Please try it. that’s all for now. There’s going to be more updates and minor bug fixes. There’s not a lot of bugs so this game is just the best. Btw if you’re the director that made this game the eye of Eden, I think it’s that map I cannot get past and I keep losing wings souls and I cannot get past it. I try to get a guide, but it’s a no guides here it said that cannot help me because there’s nothing we can do but still please whoever made this game please fix that bug
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1 year ago, El Tedd
Game is good but expensive. (Please read!!)
I love this game! It's so beautiful, and the graphics are stunning. The musical voyage was a great experience, especially since it's interactive. I've been playing this game since late 2020, and I have loved it. However, there is a major issue with it. All of the decent cosmetics either require weeks or even months of grinding to get to. Or, they cost money. I have never seen a single cosmetic in this game that was less than 5$. Besides the starter pack, of course. The wings of Aurora were very pretty, so I pressed on them hoping to see a price of 10$ or less. But no. I was greeted with 25$!! Absolutely insane. You should really make the prices for cosmetics lower. You would make so much more money doing that. Like, for example, make things 10$ or under. But, make more items. If you don't get what I'm saying, heres a more in-depth explanation. So, instead of making only 2 seasonal capes/wings and making them really expensive, make at least 8 and sell them for maybe 3 to 5 dollars each. That way, there is more variety and more people will buy things. Making things cost more will result in less people buying them. If anyone is a new player reading this, don't bother paying any money for cosmetics until TGC decides to make a smarter approach.
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3 years ago, PeachesRkewl
I don’t usually write reviews, but...
Ive had this game for a little over a year and it is definitely one of my all time favorites. It’s fun and easy to join up with friends, and the graphics and environment are amazing. It has a nice storyline ( which is easier to understand once you reach the end) and a beautiful ending. They are constantly adding new updates and seasons to the game, and the majority of the new stuff is unique and creative. Sky might not be for everyone, especially if you like fighting games because there’s not really a lot of violence in there. However, that’s one of my personal favorite things about the game because it’s a nice relaxing change from other games. The one thing I’m not a huge fan of is the amount of in-app purchases. I think that the adventure pass is a good idea but especially in the next season that was just announced, it doesn’t really feel like the ratio of things you have to pay for vs the things you can earn is balanced. I know that it’s nice to support the devs, but even in past seasons it seemed like the number of paid things was only a little more than the available ones. I do like how the people who don’t pay have a chance to get the paid stuff later via traveling spirt, though! Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble about this game. I really do love it!
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4 months ago, Scaryranger
Absolutely wonderful,😊💫except…🫤
I have been playing for about a year and I love this game! Great graphics, I love the design, It’s kind of like social media but a game, and the soundtrack is amazing! My only complaint is that it eats up an incredible amount of storage, and I have had to delete it due to it causing me to not be able to have almost any other apps on my phone, or be able to take photos. This doesn’t affect you if you are playing anywhere else, only if you are playing on your phone. This game is amazing, and I obviously don’t want to discourage people from playing it. This is just a warning to people who are playing this as a mobile game. I would also like to tell people that some of the reviews can be slightly misleading. Yes, the in app purchases are a little bit expensive, but understand that this game is free and took years to make, so the developers have to make money somehow. As for glitches, they do occasionally happen, but the developers are usually alerted and it is fixed within a few days. Overall, this is a great game and you should absolutely play it, just be aware of the storage thing! I have to thank the developers who’s hard work has produced this beautiful game! Thanks for making Sky! You are all lovely people!
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4 years ago, lone wolf by the beach
Ideas for the next update!
SO, people in there reviews have been saying “it doesn’t really direct people of what to do.” Well, if they did that then it wouldn’t be that Adventurous and fun. Plus it directs a little bit not a lot so can’t say they didn’t. Next, I have had this game for a long time for about a year, so I know what to do most of the time and I’m used to the controls. When I first saw it I was like “oooohhh I wanna see this” cause it looked fun, so I tried it. For the past couple of days every time I woke up I got on the game cause it was so fun and cool, now since I have had it for a long time I love it more. However, I think that it would be awesome for in the game there should be more temples like after eye of eden, and in that temple there’s gonna be like clothes you can pick and other cool new things in that temple because you went into eye of eden and that’s a really hard level so those clothes and instruments are basically a prize for going threw eye of eden. And the temple is going to have like clouds that are white and like a big castle that’s white and gold and when you go into the castle there’s gonna be a spirit and she’s gonna let you pick only 3 prizes for free. Then every time you go to eye of eden and after your done with eye of eden you fly to the temple I told you about. So, I think it would be great :).
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11 months ago, Mulbxrry.
I Love It <3
I like to play Sky while listening to music or playing with other friends. Its such a wholesome, fun game to play by yourself or with others. I especially love how when you meet new people, they’re dark, but once you light their candle, the become colorful and bright. Its so adorable and I absolutely live for this game. The music is so calming and the controls are so easy. I also love the designs of the characters and little obstacles down the way. For example, the little crabs, they’re absolutely adorable. I love how they react when the spot you, plus, they’re so easy to defeat. Another thing i’m in love with is the Eye of Eden. Although it’s supposed to be a dark place, it’s still so cool and fun to go through. The only real problem I have with this game is you can’t actually unfriend people which I’ve seen from a lot of people is a big problem. It gives you an option to block or report but no unfriend. So if it’s possible, and I know a lot of people have asked, but could you guys add that? It has become quite a problem. But overall, the game itself is truly amazing and calming. There are a couple obstacles that make it difficult but it’s always fun to have a bit of difficulty involved. Keep up the amazing work! The game is absolutely amazing! 🌸
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4 years ago, chickie nuggie 33
Many Bugs/Issues + Very Difficult to Earn Hearts
This game is addicting and beautiful and I’ve been playing for about a month now. But over that time, I’ve experienced so many issues and bugs. It seems like there’s so many bugs yet nothing is being done about it. For example, I work hard to get to a certain point in the game and get screwed over because of a bug and need to basically start over at a certain point or exit out of the app and redo everything in order to avoid the bug. This should not be happening in a game that has so much potential. Additionally, earning hearts in this game is very hard especially if you don’t have reliable friends to trade with. Even then, earning hearts is too difficult. I guess the difficulty of earning them would not matter as much if the cosmetics didn’t cost so much. For example, the black cape from Golden Wasteland is worth 50 hearts. Are you kidding me? For many of us solo players who rarely play with friends, that’s impossible to achieve unless you want to spend an absurd amount of time on it. And that’s just for ONE item in the game. If you’re going to make an item very hard to earn, you can’t make the respective cosmetics expensive as well. No one is going to want to spend over half a year working towards unlocking one item they want. There needs to be more balance TGC. I mean come on, 50 hearts is ridiculous especially considering how hard it is to get one single heart as a solo player. It’s honestly really frustrating.
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4 years ago, Sjawsome
This game is freaking amazing but could use some slight changes.
Ok so, I love this game, the graphics are AMAZING, when you fly (it takes some getting used to) it breathtaking! I think the characters are adorable! Although I wish there were more immediate options and I also wish that it was a little easier to get outfits and stuff but I guess it helps you to explore every part of the game. The graphics are awesome! I wish you could have your own name instead of having some random person u become friends with name you, or have your own account cause my one sister tries to play it on my old phone but it’s stuck on my account and you can’t log out like you can on say roblox. If having your own name and account is added I’ll change this to 5 stars. I also wish that it could be used on more devices since my sister can’t download it on her phone. Either way the game all in all is incredibly beautiful and breathtaking in every part and level/world. The ending surprised me at how hard it was which made the game so much better cause I thought it was gonna be easy and that you could never die. Boy was I wrong. I love the mysterious feel to the game and the storyline. The storyline is also a bitter sweet one. All in all it’s a wonderful game.
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2 years ago, bubble creek
Major flaws
While this game is visually appealing, it does have a lot of flaws. The repetitive gameplay and day to day farming for candle objective gets boring real quick, quickly turning into a chore to collect items. It really doesn’t help that cutscenes occur every 10 seconds when you need to go around the same areas again and again to farm candles. It’s a massive battery drainer as well. However, the imo the biggest problem are the the controls are clunky and inconsistent, sometimes you jump with too much force and then you slip off the tiny rock that you were given to stand on, and you fall, losing all your progress in whatever you were doing. One time, I was in the Vault trying to guide a spirit. Now, I’m not a fan of guiding spirits, but that one stood out by being terrible. You had to guide an extremely slow floating spirit to its memories whilst doing parkour along 40 rocks. One wrong move and you’re completely done, as if you’re not next to the spirit for a few seconds it despawns and your progress is completely lost. I was a few jumps away from completing the guide when the floating spirit decided to stop floating and fall down between two rocks and fall all the way down to the beginning. Also, to anyone who thinks this game is a fun, relaxing, exploration game you can explore with friends, think again. Eye of Eden and Golden Wasteland make sure that you’re on your toes. I mean, who designed those Krills? No thanks.
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4 years ago, Ntardifrade
Surprisingly Good
This game is pretty good, I haven’t noticed any real flaws. The game controls really well, and is just as good if it was on pc or console. The graphics blew me away, I love the art style, and how clean and fresh everything looked, which is amazing for a mobile game. It’s such a simplistic yet detailed art style. The game play itself is something I really enjoy, there isn’t a combat element, but instead you explore vast open areas, and discover things places to proceed. Though some areas require two people to access, causing you to make friends using candles, kind of forcing you to interact and cooperate with others, which kinda feels like what this game’s about. Working and making friends with strangers in order to make progress. You can unlock things like talking to them without the use of two chairs and a lot candle, and the ability to hug them, high five, and more. The only issue I have with this game is that you need candles to do a lot of things, mainly with other players. Other than that the only other issue I have is how some gameplay things can interrupt cutscenes, like a call out from another player nearby, or two people chatting’s text box. But those are minute things that can be easily over looked for just how truly good this game is. 9/10, would recommend.
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5 months ago, the realll god
Willing to change with action
Recently very poor development with communication. Many bugs reported, and communication of bug acknowledgement comes way too late. Example: players could not gift a limited item (many players use gifting to help those who can’t make their own purchases) meaning a lot of players couldn’t get their hands on it because it never gotten fixed. I have been playing for about 4 years now, and the recent update got released from beta with notable bugs that were reported, and not fixed. They simply released it in it’s current state. Their beta is treated by it’s players mostly as a second account with free IAPS. There is no real quality control, where developers can reset player statuses to test certain features. Extremely disappointed with how the company has been pushing unfinished updates recently, the new season is literally unplayable, with none of the spirits able to be accessed which is the core of what seasons bring to the game. As a live game, the seasons and season passes is what keeps it alive since it is basically a social collectable game. When your main feature isn’t working, and no staff announces or communicates to the players what is being done it tells us you don’t care about releasing a quality product anymore. With notable bugs remaining in the game for over a month to shipping beta builds to live with notable bugs already present with in it.
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3 years ago, A Happy Child of Light
Unbelievable, even for a Mobile Game!
Alright, I know that you are most likely looking at this to see if this game is worth the 1.2G+ download it requires. I don’t blame you as I was doing this as well. Let me just say, that it is worth every byte. It’s hard to come across great Mobile games, especially due to graphics and mobility. The graphics of this game, coming from a handheld device is astonishing, and the mobility is very user friendly. I find the way to make friends really cute as well, but their needs to be an invite system, no rush but you can make it happen devs, I know you can. If this is already a feature by now my apologies. I have never brought a review to the table of millions of apps put into this platform, but I feel like I had to do it now. I’ve only had about less than an hour of play time and it is already my favorite game by far and something I will play for a long time. This “Breath of the Wild” vibe I sense is another reason why I enjoy this game so much. Incorporating a solo story into multiplayer is even better than escapists becoming multiplayer. It just overall is a top quality game that I talk about to EVERYONE, thank you for your time, and if this is read by The Developers of this game, keep up the great work and I will forever be a fan of your work! 🤟👐
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3 months ago, Ways_ray
Greatest game created but with a few glitches
I’ve been playing this game for about 4 or so years now and not a day goes by where I will always decide to play this game everyday! The experience you get with reliving those imaginary world gives it all the more meaningful. I haven’t experienced a game that gives off a unique experience of nostalgia and creativity, it always brightens up my day. Although, since the Season of Aurora came out, it made all the more worth of playing it more frequently rather than just a day-by-day kind of thing. The only thing I wished was fixed is the capes for that season, particularly the Orange translucent cape which was part of the bundles of special gifts. The cape itself looks incredibly unique and beautiful to me, but the cape has its times where it blends in to the character (i.e. the cape starts to merges or goes through the characters back) it didn’t bother me at first, but it started to be more and more noticeable every time I used that cape. It does upset me that it does that, but I try to find other ways to make my character look better. But if possible, I would really like for that cape glitch to be fixed. I love, love, love playing this game and it brings out a lot of joy to me and others especially for those, only now experiencing this game!!!
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3 years ago, ClairaJM
Some low rating views are misleading
I’ve seen a few saying you can’t play with friends but you can! Really easy to add them too so I would look up how if you’re having trouble with that. Some say it’s annoying to get a ton of hearts for a certain cosmetic but that’s what’s fun about sky and gives you a reason to play longer. You have to get through all of these other things to get the cosmetic and you can find seasons you missed that give you hearts, which is always fun !! It feels amazing to finally unlock the item you want <3 Also, please please explore and learn on your own without having people drag you through it. That totally ruins the experience. It’s different when you’ve been stuck on something for a long time and just don’t get it but when you have a friend or someone showing you all the secrets/star-children/spirits, it doesn’t make it as fun. Please be mindful of that for those who do drag their friends every where in excitement! If you’re wondering if you should get the game, do it! It’s extremely fun and addicting (: please know there’s more to it than meets the eye. I’ve been playing for 6 months (though I did stop playing for a big portion which I regret caused I missed so many seasons) and I’m still finding more secrets to the game.
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4 years ago, Clairedoescare
Really fun but short lived
I really like this game, especially since I can play it on my iPhone. But- BUT. It’s really entertaining for a few months, mostly because of the interactions between players. You can emote and talk to each other, which is cool. In general, there’s not much plot OR direction. A fellow player taught me the ropes, which I definitely would not have been able to figure out by myself. The game is pretty subtle with a “go explore” type of feel, but then you get to the wasteland after exploring 4 other areas and suddenly you’re dying at every turn (I’m talking ‘bout the wasteland). Basically it’s deceptively easy and fun... until it throws you into the deep end like a terrible uncle and then you have a personal vendetta to beat it. From what I’ve looked up- there is no completing this game. Spoiler, but eventually you’re supposed to try and go up a mountain that’s really hard to get to and then get up, and then you die. I guess you’re never meant to make it up? And trust me- I went super hard up that mountain. It just left me confused. Like did I beat it? Idk. Not really sure what the experience is supposed to be other than pretty and frustrating. Not a forgiving game, not an easy game, doesn’t give clear direction, and a game that tricks you into a false sense of security. That being said, the physical mechanics are amazing. Very responsive. Play it a little if only for experiencing the cool flying mechanics
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5 years ago, KittyKittyKitCat
Gorgeous, but...
I played this game for two days after I downloaded it. It was beautiful, interesting, and even a bit addictive. I found myself spending as much time as I could looking for secrets and more constellation spirits, but there was a problem. In my opinion, the controls in this game aren’t that great. I felt it the moment I had to try moving the camera, but I thought I’d get used to it so I kept going. However, they somehow only got more frustrating for me... A lot of times, especially while flying, I feel I have no control over where I’m going, and the camera does help. For example, I once found a cave with a cliff inside. I looked down and there were clouds at the bottom, so I tried jumping down to see if there was anything hidden. It turns out, there wasn’t. Instead I got stuck for about 5 minutes, trying to get my character to fly back up and out, but nothing worked. It was super frustrating, and by the time I got out, I’ll admit I was pretty motion sick. In fact, the motion sickness is the deciding factor of deleting this app. Imo there are too many similar controls in this game, which creates moments where you can just mix everything up. The camera is especially affected by this, as it seems to like to fight for control, making you lose control. Idk, I really hate to give such a creative game a low rating, but when you can’t play it, what’s the point of it being a game?
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1 year ago, olive 🥰
Such a lovely game <3
I’ve been playing this game since it came out! The graphics are wonderful, the developers are always attempting to make it better and more fun for all players! I love all the cosmetics and items to receive in game, and the amount of people you can play with is crazy!!! I’ve made so many lovely friends who I have great friendships with to this day. My only issue is the monetization: IAP items are crazy expensive for what you actually receive. Some items are worth the money, but a lot of them really aren’t. I can barely afford any IAP items because of how pricey they are, which is upsetting since a lot of them are really likeable. Another thing is the in game items that you purchase with In Game currency are placed way to closely. To elaborate: every once in a while, a spirit from a previous season with cosmetics, returns with the same items for in game purchase. My issue is, they do not spread these returning spirits apart for players to save up for. The festivals and special events have WAY too many items to purchase (with in game currency or USD.) Items keep being added and none before are removed for rarity. There are too many events and items all at once and it’s become extremely overwhelming. Things are difficult to afford at times and it is really irritating.
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4 years ago, happy_cactus🌵
Highly recommended, amazing game.
This game is absolutely gorgeous. I recommend getting this game so much. It has helped me feel less lonely as well, and even gotten me better interaction skills with new people. The game at first is especially great, and you have such fun exploring and finding spirits. When you have played for a while however, it can get repetitive as you go through the same places everyday, but the seasons add new content that help refresh it. The best thing, in my opinion, is meeting with people all around the world, from different countries, genders, ages, and personalities. I have had amazing experiences with them, that I might always remember. These people are usually friendly, and if you feel uncomfortable you can always leave the bench you chat on, report them, or block them. If you do not want you child using this feature, you can disable chat in the settings. This is being said by someone who has been playing this game since the world launch everyday, and still loves it. You might have to take a few breaks here and there so you don’t get sick if it, however I seriously recommend getting it, and if it is not for you, remember you never spent money. The talented people at ThatGameCompany did a stunning job that you need to see.
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5 years ago, Hadeel.Y
truly an amazing game!
there are so many good things about this game i don't even know when to start. this game has amazing graphics ( especially for a mobile game that’s totally FREE), the movement is fluid, the designs of everything from the player to the spirits and the different areas are so pretty and unique ( i really love the world design in this game , the attention to detail and the overall concepts are so wonderful) , the sounds and music are really great ( i love how walking on different grounds or objects has a different sound) , the feeling you get playing this game is amazing, you really feel like you are the little child of the light going on an adventure and feeling all sorts of different emotions throughout said adventure. getting collectibles is enjoyable and not tedious ( which is always a plus in my opinion). the social component of this game is also really fun, i love how you don’t even need to talk ( you can chat if you want to), there are so many ways to express yourself in the game and you can call out to your companions and just enjoy playing together in a simple way. i absolutely recommend downloading this game, you will not regret it and i’m sure you’ll have a great time playing it. i’ve been obsessed with it ever since i downloaded it a few days ago.
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8 months ago, InkyDinkyDoo333
Simply marvelous
The best game I’ve ever played by far. I thank the devs from the bottom of my heart and intend to make purchases to support them. They must have put in so much work to make this game so good and I’m so grateful it’s free to play. This game just never ceases to amaze me. The art style is cute, the scenes are literally breathtaking, the stories are compelling, the gameplay is fun. It’s so calm and the music totally slaps. Like when I started Nyooming down the mountains and the elegant music comes in I just feel so cool man. I love the storytelling through physical movements and scenes and the ways you make friends by spamming random emotes. There is just so much to say about this game. I mean, whenever I think I’ve seen it all, I discover another hidden areas or a new event. I have a few requests but these small issues don’t take away from how great this is 1. I’ve been trying so hard to progress the storyline in the Halloween area. It seems like there’s more beyond just finding the missing characters but I keep hitting dead ends, and if there’s a solution, I don’t see it. 2. The stickers you made for texting are so so so cool. Could you please convert those to real stickers I can buy from your shop? They’re just so cute! Love this game so much!
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2 years ago, XD_EnderX
光遇怎么玩?我来解答!光遇是一个探险/社交游戏你需要拿到小金人来升级你的翅膀。为什么我过不去一个上面写着数字的屏?其实确实那个屏障上的数字是你所需要的光翼数量。什么是光翼?光翼是地图上的小金人你需要收集这些小金人它们会赐予你光翼。为什么我去暴风眼的时候会损失翅膀?其实呢,暴风眼是必经之路。你需要给暴风眼中的石头人光翼之后不要担心你会损失所有翅膀但是你可以拿到生华蜡烛/红蜡烛并且可以重生小金人可以在找。升华蜡烛是什么/有什么用?升华蜡烛可以兑换更漂亮或更珍贵的东西,你可以从先祖上兑换。你可以给先祖生华后在去暴风眼可以获得永久翼。永久翼是可以永远在你身上的也会叠加。今天就说到这里了,希望对你有帮助。How to play sky? I'll answer it! sky it's just an adventure/social game, you need to get the Children of Light to upgrade your wings. Why can't I get through a barrier with numbers written on it? Actually, the number on that barrier is the number of wings you need. What is the wing? Wings are the Children of Light on the map. You need to collect these Children of light. They will give you wings. Why did I lose my wings when I went to the Eye of the Eden? Actually, the Eye of the Eden is the way you “have” to go. You need to give the stone man in the Eye of the Eden wings but, don't worry that you will lost all your wings, but you can get the Ascended candle and wing buff . What is/what is the use of ascended candles?Ascended candles can be trade for more beautiful or precious things. You can trade them from your spirit and you can get wing buff when you go to the Eye of the Eden after you gave the spirit ascended candles. Wings can be on you forever, and they will be superimposed. That's all for today. I hope it will be helpful to you.
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4 years ago, Runaara
Pretty good in general, but needs to make some adjustments (contains spoilers)
Please please please give us an option to turn off cutscenes, or otherwise have the ability to skip all of them! With the amount of times I have to replay each level, the time it takes to watch each cutscene gets annoying and frustrating REAL quick. In particular, the long scene at the end of the Golden Wasteland (where all the dragons appear at once) has screwed me over many times, because it forces me to remain in place for at least 10-15 seconds, leaving me totally vulnerable to the dragons if they happen to spot me. Considering that many players must grind every level over and over to collect nearly enough candles to acquire cosmetics, the fact that many lengthy cutscenes are unskippable makes the game really frustrating at times. Just a comment, but the game has a pretty good control scheme which allows for relatively free movement, but it can be somewhat jerky at times. I personally think that this game could benefit from being converted into a console game, and the controls would be fairly easy to adjust and would be pleasantly intuitive. Otherwise, great control considering it's a mobile game, but could use some tweaks.
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4 years ago, el floppa
Bitter sweet
This game is absolutely astonishing in its graphics and I’m absolutely addicted!! If I could I would give this 4 1/2 just because my issues with it are very minor. At times it can be very frustrating to fly, and the automatic jumps/ camera turns / slides have made me fall off cliffs more than I would like to admit, but it’s a mobile game! Controls are going to be a bit more difficult than usual and I went into this game fully prepared. My only other issue has to be how incredibly hard it is to earn gear and items from the spirits. I’ve beaten the game twice, and only have 3 hearts. One cape I really want costs a whopping 15, and you can only earn these candles through purchase by 3 candles. To get every heart available, (20 ish) you have to spend over 100 candles. After that you must rely on friends gifting you, which don’t even add up to a full heart. This game is absolutely stunning, and I find myself doodling my little guy every chance a get. Perhaps updates in the future to make hearts easier to obtain and I would rate this 10 stars if I could. Don’t let this discourage you! Everyone has their own opinions, and I recommend you download it and make your own! No adds, and free to download. Why not?
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3 years ago, This will ruin
Fun at the beginning, a chore after...
This game is beautiful, first of all. I think that's enough to fall in love with the charm of this game. It makes you feel like you're in a fever dream ready to soar the sky. The aesthetic is great! Gameplay is fun and interesting at first too. However, since playing at the beginning of the game's release, I find it a chore to play any further. A lot of the goals are repetitious, and for me, not in an addicting way. The value of candles and hearts are what I consider "high price" since they practically take forever to accumulate. I would say that holds the player back from purchasing everything easily, which is fair, but games like Terraria are much more gratuitous and satisfying with their currency, while not letting you get everything at once. I would argue because of that, I have a much better experience playing games like it. The special events in the game are a pleasant plus, but after a while, they get tedious for the same reason that accumulating currency in this game is tedious. It just doesn't hold my attention span. I would play with friends, but my friends hate mobile gaming and tell me they would prefer to play a game like this on pc or playstation, which is another fair point. I would have more fun if I had friends to play it with, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
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5 years ago, Man who types
Magnificent game, unfortunate sales strategy
If your familiar with that game company you know this... that when you sit down to play, you are transported into the lush world of a thinking and feeling artist, swept up on your feet and into the air, carelessly floating about. In the end you sacrifice something and are brought back to the beginning only to start again. The first time through these games are beyond great they elicit such deep feelings and a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the artistry... but here’s the thing about them, the second time through is full of reminiscing and looking for what you missed the first time, but the third time through... the third time comes a year later when you want to show a friend. It’s not like smash bros, or call of duty, or any other fast past type game, it’s closer to a movie, and you can only watch a movie so many times before you go to something else. That game company makes great “Movies” but they don’t lend themselves well to playing through over and over again. They would have been far better charging $3-10 for the base game and going a little lighter on the in game purchases. I’m hopeful for a long run, but I fear lack of replayability might cause financial trouble to That Game Company, and that we’ll see it sooner rather than later. Play it while you can, it truly is wonderful.
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7 days ago, Bree C. Pearce
Friends here are so precious 🫡
I at first played Sky because I thought it was a game that had nice art and graphics, which it does but, when I was what they called moths I went to Eden for the second time a pro player friend requested me somehow, and took me to Eden with her other friend who I couldn’t understand because he didn’t unlock chat with me and it was fun because we talked a lot and got to know about each other more, and after that me and both of them grew our friendship for each other, especially because her friend was online more often, I played with him more and got to know him better and he was a great friend. I left Sky for 10 months after that and that was because I got quite bored, 10 months later, in December I saw he was online and talked to him, and we were calling and bleeping like 😑😝😑 and it was fun, I got to cr with him and all, but then I left again because I got super busy irl, and 5 months later I checked if he was there and he wasn’t, I waited 3 months later and I lost hope, playing Sky alone, using the cry emote a lot 😭😭, but then, the next day, he was there. And I was so happy 😂. My Sky life is a loop, but I love Sky because of the friends, not that much because of gameplay.
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4 years ago, Norah Fillinger
i preordered this game the day it came out and i have to say it is absolutely amazing. The graphics, the music, the story line, everything is just breathtaking. I have completed everything in this game (level wise) and every time i play it i alway find new adventures and things i didn’t see before!! Playing with other and making friends is so fun in this game, it really helps when you are doing certain tasks and i have to say it’s very cute too :) When i played this game the graphics really stuck out to me each place is so uniquely beautiful and has so much detail, playing this game gives me a sense of adventure and calmness. I have played many games in my life but i have to say by far this is a favorite! It is done so well and the story’s tell so much even though they are not told through words. The ending is also done So well (i will not give spoilers) but after the eye of eden me and my friend just started crying once we finished. It had such a big impact on us seeing all of the spirits and restoring them that it brought us to tears. I just want to thank the creators for making a game that brings people together and is overall a very fun game that is a fun and entertaining adventure!!! I will never stop playing this game 😁
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2 years ago, SpoonForkMan22
Amazing and Immersive!
I got this game 2 days ago and have almost spent 8 hours on it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is perfectly balanced. It’s easy enough for nearly anyone to play but still has difficult parts. There are many chill parts of just exploring the beautiful worlds and reliving memories, but it also includes exciting parts like soaring through a seemingly endless sky or sliding down snowy slopes at top speed. The multiplayer features in this game are what really make it unique. You don’t have to directly interact with other players if you don’t want to, but doing so makes everything more fun! Making a friend makes solving the puzzles much easier, and gives light even in the darkest of worlds. Literally and figuratively. There is such a different feeling with the multiplayer, as you make a connection with other players without communicating more than the emotes you can collect. Even once you’ve finished the game (which I haven’t yet) event worlds are added monthly. There’s so much content and inspiration in this game. And it’s FREE! I am very disappointed I hadn’t heard about this game until now. So why are you here, reading a review? Download the game! There’s no reason you shouldn’t!
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2 years ago, Spidergirl0707
Scary, but great graphics
Ok listen up parents or kids… I loved the game at first, great graphics, adventure plot etc etc. But then I figured out there was a chat that popped up during it…. I did not mean to chat at all, I was simply trying to sit on a bench during one of the regions in the game. A person came up sat next to me and asked where I was from and I immediately said I was not telling and blocked them. I did not know that you could do that at all, there is a chance that person was just somebody simply trying to have a conversation with another player (me) but it was also possible that it could’ve been somebody who could figure out where I was. It was really creepy for someone to chat automatically without permission and basically ask where I am. Do not use this game if you want some creep who wants to find out where you live. BE CAREFUL. This was my only problem in this game. Great graphics, story line etc. ect. I would like to add one more thing. Please let the person playing to have the choice to chat only if they know the person or have permission from their parents/guardian and trust that nobody can hack into their account. I just wanted everybody to know, such as myself, Being not allowed to text anybody you do not know on games. This is not being paranoid this is letting parents and others know what people don’t bother, with this piece of “useless info” Thanks.
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4 years ago, JeniPTP
Ok I’m serious I am in love
This game is just... omg. Too much for words, and I KNOW this is cheesy and corny and sappy, but this game has seriously changed my life, ok?! 1st of all, everyone on this game is SO FREAKING NICE AND POLITE, like ok within a couple months I already had over 20 friends, and when you’re starting out, TONS of people will be there for you to support you. I have made several best friends on this game, and just. Omg. Even if you can’t understand a word they say, they’ll be polite and kind and helpful to you. I love it. 2) This game is really deep. Even if it doesn’t say anything, it’s just something about it that makes you THINK and appreciate everything around you, and everything you have, and all of the people in your life. 3) It’s saved me several times. When I’m feeling lonely, empty, sad, and hopeless to the ends of the earth, if I’m panicking at 3AM and crying and shaking, I’ll just come and log in and just sit there at the spawn or go and sit in one of the worlds to calm down. Sometimes the people around you will come check up on you to see if you’re ok, even if they can’t talk. You can just feel their love. It’s seriously kind of life changing, and I love the creators with all of my heart; Thank You.
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5 years ago, Randomized Speech
I can play again!
I really enjoy this game, but the first time I got to “Eye of Eden”, I think there was a problem where I didn’t actually die when I was supposed to. I was just getting pelted with rocks, even when I had no more winged light, and my heartbeat never decreased or anything for a good while. Once I came back to it a few days later after having reloaded the game and getting some advice from older players, I retried Eye of Eden and I found the problem was fixed. I got to experience the ending, which actually made me realize the importance of losing my winged light since before I thought I lost it all for nothing when I didn’t actually activate the ending for some reason. Other than that small issue, I actually really like the game. The friendship mechanic really makes recollecting a lot more fun and I have recommended it to a couple of my out-of-game friends. However, I have noticed that a common complaint is that getting currency, especially hearts, is much more difficult and downright impossible to do as you progress. I don’t really mind too much since I haven’t encountered that problem, but if you really can only buy them once from each spirit or have a friend gift them, you’d have to have a really reliable set of friends and it’d probably still take forever to get each item.
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5 years ago, AmaJeweee
☁️ hearts?
I just wanna day first off that this game is amazing and the amount of detail in it is insane. This game must have taken a long time and it shows. I find myself spending lots of time on it without getting bored, even after clearing it! However, there is one thing. After clearing the game or just during playing, you can buy cosmetics from the spirits. That’s great and all, except they typically cost hearts. The cheapest I’ve seen is two (I think) and the highest so far at 20. I do like the fact that you can buy hearts from the spirits, but it costs three candles for one heart. If you wanted a 20 heart mask, that’s 60 candles. Getting that many candles is kinda tough. I wish there was an easier way to get hearts other than spirits and hoping players spend three candles for you. I understand that the developer really wants to make this a friendly game, but it’s kind of inconvenient to not be able to talk to people during the harder stages without spending seven candles. Maybe after friending someone you can spend one candle in the beginning of the chain to unlock chat. Maybe even a leave a message function too? Overall however, this game is amazing and anyone who wants to play it and isn’t sure, play it right now! It’s so worth it!
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1 year ago, gd bff xfbfdcssc
This game is absolutely beautiful 🤩🤩🤩
Sky is a game where for me it’s just calming and the visuals are AMAZING (in my opinion, anyone else’s is fine with me) I’ve honestly never played a game like this, the creators have a unique way of thinking about how they made this game possible. I know everyone talks about this but I went to eye of Eden thinking about how they might take away my hairs and the constellation levels I had but I was a little bit sad when my levels were taken away and I had to go through Eden twice for The Little Prince quest but honestly it was worth it, I loved the adventures I went to in game when I first discovered the Hidden Forest caves (I forgot what they were called 😅) and the Village of Dreams was great too and all the others were absolutely amazing. I was BLOWN AWAY with the AURORA concert, I love her and her music, her voice in the songs were ethereal and beautiful. I’m sad that it came to an end but it was very fun and honestly it made me cry a little. I highly recommend playing Sky: Children of the Light, it’s a great game for people who love playing calm and relaxing games with amazing visuals (My fav place is the Sanctuary Islands) I hope you guys continue to succeed with your company. I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSS 🤍💙
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