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Skylight Frame
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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skylight App

4.84 out of 5
38.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Bhoelle1809
So easy!
There are surely tons of reviews praising how great this digital frame is, so I’ll keep this brief and just say how incredibly easy it is to use. It’s a breeze to set up, with simple, concise explanations in the instructions. Anyone could do it (at ANY age). Transferring photos is a breeze. I love that you can simply email the photos and they’ll show up on the frame. It may seem a bit archaic, but it really is the best way. I was expecting to have to download the app, grant various permissions, disable superfluous notifications, upload digital media, then get blocked because I didn’t log in first, get redirected to a webpage to create a separate account, go through two-factor authentic——- You get it. Everyone forces this crap upon us these days. But not Skylight! I feel very confident getting this product for my parents - or even grandparents - and letting them figure it out. They aren’t technology illiterate, but many companies and products have so many steps, involving many different applications, that it can be confusing for people not entirely used to this sort of thing. And that’s why I praise Skylight for the ability to simply email photos and be done with it. Obviously there is an app, and there is the option to upload directly from your phone, but the fact that it’s possible to simply email them is a huge PRO in my opinion. I like it when companies remember that sometimes simple really is the best way forward.
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2 years ago, Ready and Abel
Keeps us connected
We have given a Skylight frame to our grandma’s and the whole family shares photos effortlessly that they enjoy. We live far away from them and their health is poor so it keeps us connected. They love to see photos and videos of their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids on a regular basis. I purchased the upgrade in the app so we have more control and they can also receive short videos. That purchase applied to both frames which is nice. The grandma’s absolutely love their Skylight Frames and we love the ease of sharing and managing from afar. The only thing required was getting assistance connecting the frame to their internet wifi, which was easy to talk our helpers through. I was able to create the account and do everything else from 2000 miles away. People sharing have the option of emailing photos/short video clips or downloading the app (which is very user friendly and intuitive). After setup, I was able to share the information with other family members via a brief text to get them started. Bottom line- all parties involved love this device and sharing service. It is simple, doesn’t take much time, and brings so much joy. We haven’t experienced any negatives yet and have been using for over 6 months.
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2 years ago, Dose_of_UAT_Reality
Great device but app needs work
Like many others’ situation, we got the Skylight to easily share photos with my Mom from afar because traveling to see her is not easy. Great way to stay connected, and she loves having fresh content show up without her having to do anything. The concept is nice. The app thus far works fairly well but needs enhancements. First of all, one cannot really (in our experience) load anywhere near 50 photos at a time from the app; uploads choke or become crawlingly slow for batches larger than 5-6 photos. While the “progress bar” concept for each photo as it’s uploading is nice, it’s also deceptive because it is hard to tell when each photo is actually complete. (A 99% bar looks just like a 100% done bar, but it’s not DONE.) A small check or tick mark as each photo completes would help. It’s also frankly annoying to bait the user with features such as “say something about this photo” - features that take up a substantial fraction of the screen viewing area, when it would be nice to just see the actual PHOTOS a little larger - only to redirect the user to the Skylight Plus subscription screen when those “extras” are clicked. I’d prefer that the service just be clear about what is a “premium” vs. a standard feature, design cleanly around each set of capabilities, and not try to constantly slam users into paying more. Not everyone wants or need the Plus features.
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2 years ago, Marta-BoBo
Love this “best gift ever!”
My Skylight was a birthday gift from my sister. She had purchased one for herself to keep photographs of her young grandchildren close and refreshed. Her gift of one to me was one of the best gifts ever! It is so easy to share images of our grandchildren and family. Children grow so quickly and living far apart doesn’t help keeping up, but Skylight is the perfect interchange to keep images coming! I absolutely love using this frame. Recently, my 3+ year old frame began acting up. I contacted Skylight tech support. Wow! Talk about customer service that was over the top! My service tech and I worked together to resolve my issue. I am NOT a tech person, but my representative told me no worries. He had to walk me through the process. He promised me it would be resolved and I would not lose a single image! He was so helpful and went beyond expectations to get me up and running again. When I see the “tap for new photos” pop up in the screen, my heart begins to smile! I can’t wait to see what pops up. BTW: I have put a lot of my travel images on my screen so I can relive those special travel moments. This device is user-friendly and backed up by a wonderful tech support system. I absolutely love my Skylight!
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3 years ago, Nathan's Grammie
Love love love
We absolutely love our Skylight! My son and DIL gave it to us for Christmas and we enjoy it every single day. I love that I can see my kids and grandson and all their animals every day, at any time. The photos scroll thru all day and sometimes I find myself just going into the living room to have a look and a smile 🥰🥰. I recently went out of town to take care of my MIL as she was sick with Covid at 98. My husband (who also was getting over Covid and couldn’t go) doesn’t have a smart phone so sending him pics is a pain for him to get. So I sent him pics of his mom and her last days to our Skylight and he was able to “see” her and I was able to send him a video of a priceless conversation that mom and I had about what he was like when he was a kid ❤️. This truly was one of the best gifts ever. So easy to set up and use and it truly is the gift that keeps on giving, everyday if you want it to. Our kids live thousands of miles away and I feel like this keeps us more connected. You won’t regret this purchase. It’s way worth the money for all the smiles you’ll get or give.
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1 year ago, brighamsbabe
Works great, kids love it, but the app is slightly underdeveloped
Skylight has got a great thing going on! The kids are loving their chore charts. For the price of the service, the app is slightly underdeveloped. I’m guessing it’s a relatively new company and as they grow, more and more features will be offered, so I’ll wait patiently :-) We are just *dying* for a drag and drop sorting feature! Chores appear in alphabetical order right now, and the kids naturally tend to work in order top to bottom, so it’d be great if I could change the order myself. Other things we would love to see is the ability to add/edit chores in a category that is not one of the five selected to actively appear on the frame. Would love to see sub lists, so we can label the category with our child’s name and give them a morning list, an after school list, and a bedtime list. And if we’re going crazy, I’d love to be able to select the terminology used (some households avoid words like “chores” and opt for things like “jobs” or “responsibilities”.) Little things like that would send us over the moon!! But overall we are happy with it the way it is as well :-) Great product, I think we’re in it for the long haul.
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3 years ago, Its only $$
I am so NOT tech savvy! This was a Christmas gift from 2 of my girls and my son in law set it up fir me while we were all together. They started sending pic’s to me right away! So simple to use that I am able to do this all by myself now. The option of videos and pictures! It is amazing to feel like I am part of the family interactions now. I don’t use social media, it’s just not my thing, yet I wasn’t getting to enjoy all the interaction between family events. Well? This fixed that! I am setting in my room watching the pics right now as they scroll by! So cool. One feature that is fun for me is I have an e-mail set up specifically for this and anyone can send photos or video to that address and a prompt appears on the screen to view new photos!! At a touch of the screen they start loading. I don’t have to turn it on or off because there is a timer to have it sleep and wake up! This is one of the best gifts I have received from my kids; except the grandkids!
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1 month ago, TiredNewMom
The App’s tech isn’t easy and streamlined for Apple (Using Calendar). Still worth using though.
I will start by saying I LOVE the Skylight Calendar, and it’s made my family’s life a lot easier overall. However, using the app (and you HAVE to use the app for some things vs. desktop site), is TERRIBLE. At least for Apple products. It’s confusing, with too many steps, and often, when you get where you need, (like finding an “upload calendar” button) it’s just a set of directions for what to do yourself on your phone. The app could really use an overhaul to match how wonderful the calendar product is. Once everything is set up though, it’s not the worst. However, let’s talk about the list functions, like making a grocery list, or a to do list, which could streamline across your home calendar, and any family member’s device with the app. Sounds amazing! However, because the app is not at all user friendly, it really doesn’t get used, which is extremely disappointing. I also really wish they’d come out with an Apple Watch app, if only for the LIST functions! All in all, buy the calendar, but be prepared for subpar app of you're a part of the Apple family.
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2 years ago, EMans247
Can’t view my own history?! Terrible gift.
Seriously??? We got this frame as gift and were really excited about it. Everything works great and it looks great. However, over time as we’ve added more photos we recently noticed you have to pay a subscription fee to view your own photo history? Are you kidding me? Like they actually blur out your own photos after like 20 in the app and you can’t see past that. Extremely annoying and therefore massively disappointing. I understand paying for other features, but that’s just ridiculous. “Hey, here’s this neat digital frame I got for you.” “Awesome thanks, can’t wait to use it!” “Well, to do so you’ll have to pay monthly.” “………………. Oh… cool.” And then you lock all the settings, ALL THE SETTINGS?!, behind a pay wall? I would never gift this frame to someone or recommend it as a gift with so many pay locked features. Very user-unfriendly. I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually ends up unplugged and thrown in a storage box. If you’re willing to pay for the expensive frame and then a subscription service on top to use the dang thing and think this is a great product, I’m not sure how clearly you’re thinking.
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3 years ago, Rae Chel
Nice gift
I bought this for my 82 year old mom for Mother’s Day. She does not like technology and is very frugal & I have a really hard time buying for her anything she likes. I set this up & loaded pictures beforehand. I could tell when she opened the gift that she didn’t like it, but she brought it home. It was funny after her first complete round of pictures she calls me and says “how do I shut this off? I’m done looking at the pictures.” I tell her just to leave it on, I have a sleep mode set up. The next several days afterward she calls me to tell me how it’s growing on her and that she feels like she has company over, then how comforting she finds it. Needless to say she is very happy. I am also happy with the gift, the set up & how my siblings & nieces & nephews can email pictures in at anytime. My mom doesn’t have internet, so I’m going over once a week to hot spot the unit to download. A very nice unit
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6 months ago, Zhenkitty
Lots of bugs…
Just got the calendar a couple of weeks ago and it has so much potential! I am really trying to convert the family to this rather than google calendar because of the all-in-one family aspect. However…. so far the bugs are relentless. For the last 24 hours I haven’t been able to add events on my phone. As soon as I tap a date the app closes. Last night, I was unable to access or add to my lists on the frame. The iPad version is only portrait (the frame is landscape, why shouldn’t the iPad version look just like it?!?) so I can’t use my keyboard cover with it. Also, when I access the weekly calendar tab on the iPad the dates glitch and appear at the end of the week covering up the assigned categories. Also, when I send items to the calendar via the specific email they are not reliable syncing to the calendar. Honestly this is starting to look like an expensive mistake. I hope the bugs get fixed— even though it has the potential to be highly functional even without some aspects that would make it truly great— it is unreliable and buggy at the moment.
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2 years ago, deluca fun
Family Connected
I bought a Skylight for my parents 3 years ago and they love their frame. Now my grown kids and my sister’s family are able to send photos and videos to the grandparents. We live on opposite sides of the country so it helps us to stay connected as a family. I asked my kids to buy me a Skylight frame as a Mother’s Day gift two years ago. I absolutely love the frame - especially now that I have my first Grandchild. It is so exciting to see the notice on the frame saying there is a new photo! I installed the Skylight App on my phone and it has made it so much easier to share photos. I can send photos to my own frame and/or to my parents’ frame. And then I can also see what I sent to them so I don’t double send photos. The App is very simple to use and was quite easy to install on our devices. We are very happy with the Skylight frame and App!
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4 years ago, Grocery1789
Love My Skylight
A very good friend got me this frame last year for Christmas! I absolutely love it! I had another digital frame (it was nice, too) but I’m not very tech savvy, & I had to wait for someone to help me get pics on it. But with my new skylight frame, I can send pics & videos immediately right from my phone/iPad all by myself! I love all of the features the skylight frame offers right now, but my favorite is being able to privately share pics/videos with my family & friends who also have skylight digital frames! I love this frame so much that I recently bought 3 of them, 1 for a family member & 2 of my friends! Like me, they are hooked & love it as much as I do! Thank you so much, skylight team! I’m looking forward to the new features that I have read about that are coming soon. However, if possible, please don’t make them an added expense on/for the customer to get them & add to the frame.
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3 years ago, violetrae1
Awesome and so easy to use
I’m super skeptical of products that I see in my IG feed that look too good to be true...this one wasn’t. It’s awesome. When I had a question about shipping/ arrival date, they got back to me within hours and addressed my concerns (getting it there by Xmas). The app is literally idiot proof, it’s so easy to upload video and pics. Plus my favorite feature is that anyone who has the email address of your frame can also use the app or email and send pics. My siblings and I use it to help make our parents feel included in our daily lives since they’re so far away and we haven’t been able to see them this year. The frame has a sleek, simple look and great resolution. I’m actually annoyed I didn’t take advantage of their buy 2 and save promo because I want one for myself now! Haha. Anyway, awesome purchase, high quality, and intuitive, easy to use interface. Love it!
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3 years ago, 'Ssica
So when I first saw this advertised, my first thought was “I would be hilarious to be able to send random memes and funny pics to someone”…so I told my mom about it because she would have found that funny too. Well, she immediately contacted her siblings and they pitched in for a Skylight for their mom. My grandma is in a nursing home several states away, and our family is really scattered around the country. It has been so nice for all of us to easily send her pictures of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and various pets. The app is really cool because we all get to see what other people are sending to G-ma! Some of my cousins have children I have never met, and being able to open this app and see birthday parties or silly moments is something I treasure! I would recommend Skylight to everyone!
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3 years ago, VCG Esq.
Needs improvements
I think this has the potential to be awesome but it was marketed too soon. The app is lacking many basic calendar functions. There is no option for a yearly repeat so you can’t set birthdays. It doesn’t auto generate the title of events that happen more than once so you have to retype it each time. When you set a start time for an event on a future date, the end time doesn’t automatically go to the future date but stays on the current date. There also isn’t a month view function in the app. Also, listing our unique cal email as an intended has never worked to transfer events from my iPhone calendar to the app; so I have to enter every event in two places. It could also use a notification to other family members when someone enters a new event. These are just basic things that would take less time when making a quick calendar entry and seem like common sense for good UE.
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1 year ago, jmoh79
Skylight App and Frame
I was given this for my birthday. When I opened the shipping box and saw the name, I thought it was something that displayed the cosmos on the ceiling (ouch! My neck!). But it was better. It is extremely easy to set up and use, although something of a ‘rabbit hole’ for the owner—where do you stop adding, captioning, editing, grouping into albums, all of which are very easy with Skylight. Easy, too, to invite others to share photos. It has very good resolution, is well designed and programmed, and really is a fine device for sharing photos with anyone who has one of these. Support is excellent, prompt, and effective. The app is free unless one wishes the additional capability of captions, albums, and videos. Everything seems to work effortlessly and impressively.
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9 months ago, Raider Nation 3
Quick and simple
What the Skylight calendar does, it does well. There are some limitations when attempting to manage multiple chores at once to reassign them to an existing category, for example. Another example is making modifications to reoccurring events. I’ve only been able to change one event at a time from the unit. The screen is very bright and clear, slight delay but it doesn’t distract. Pressure sensitivity is decent but if you’re looking for something more robust, this probably isn’t the solution for you. This displays your calendar in a few different views, chores are easy to create and assign. I haven’t seen any “smart” functionality that would be nice to connect to a smart ecosystem i.e. Alexa, Google assistant or Siri (among others). Overall, build quality feels great, this accomplishes the main goals of displaying your calendars, chore charts and lists.
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3 years ago, Kjadr
Okay frame, app is a constant up-sale
For the price of this frame, the free side of the app is almost useless and is constantly trying to get you to purchase the subscription service. My siblings and I bought it for my mom who is 92 years old to be able to to share pictures. Yes, you can send pictures to it, but they take a while to come through and there is no managing of the pictures remotely without buying the $40 annual subscription (for one person). In the app, can also only see just a few of the most recently uploaded pictures, the rest are blurred out, unless of course, you purchase the subscription. You can’t even change the order of the pictures. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the non-disclosure that is is a subscription based device for managing pictures remotely. I can’t speak to how well the subscription service works because I’m NOT buying it. For the price of this device, it should include a full service app.
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2 years ago, alyssa0721
It’s Good, But Could Be Better
I am a mom of 5 (blended family)and have struggled with a chore system that works with our crazy schedules. This is literally the best system/app I have found so far that actually works for our family! I love that I can update things from my phone when I am away and they can see the changes at home when they get home from school. The peace of mind/organization that comes with this is is already so worth the money and I am really loving it so far… it’s a moms dream come true! Overall I am very happy and can already see the difference this calendar has made in our household. There are some features in the app that I would like to have that aren’t currently available, which is why I only gave it 3 stars. I will update my review if there are ever updates. Things I would like to see are monthly calendar views and the ability to edit chores.
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9 months ago, natcatty
Glitchy software
The idea is great, but the execution is not ready for prime time. Only had it for a few days and already: - There’s an erroneous “color # e1e1e1” category that shows up in chores view and will NOT allow me to delete it. After back and forth with service email they want to do a hard reset which will delete all the settings and all the chores that it took me 40 minutes to painstakingly add one by one. So frustrating! -You can’t reorder how the chores appear in view to make the kid chores visible first. -You can’t select the days for chores (just recurring by x days) so it’s a nightmare to add a chore that’s only done on M-W-F for example. - you can’t pull photos in from Google and if you select them off your phone it only allows 50 at a time - checking off chores is laggy. You press the check and have to wait for the spinning icon for a few seconds - calendar view defaults to the early am so you have to manually scroll it down to actually see what you’re doing that day in the afternoon/evening when most events are scheduled - there’s no Split View where you can see your calendar and also a photo gallery on the side— it’s all or nothing - no whiteboard or “notes” feature to just let you hand-write a memo or drawing Great concept and families need something like this, but this one is buggy and doesn’t have enough useful features.
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6 months ago, Uhm Ash
Love this! But would deduct a half star if I could.
I love this frame! We gifted it to my in-laws and my MIL has been standing in the kitchen staring at it for the last 10 minutes. My siblings-in-law’s and I uploaded a ton of photos before Christmas so it was ready to go this morning. It’s such a wonderful gift and I know it’s something they will love for years! However, I would deduct a half star if I could, simply because the app is constantly nudging me to upgrade. Apparently you can pay a monthly subscription for ‘premium’ features that I think are simple and should be included. It’s both clever and annoying. We paid over $100 for this frame, which was well worth the cost, but it’s tacky and annoying to be bombarded with advertisements to upgrade.
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6 months ago, lady_vogue
Easy for the whole family!
This App makes the Skylight frame so easy to access. It’s nice to be able to connect to multiple frames. I keep buying the frames as gifts for my family, so I really love being able to connect and easily add photos to each of their frames. It’s also super helpful to be able to see what’s already on a frame. I get to see what my brother sends to my mom’s frame, and I can download all the adorable pictures of my niece and nephew! This also helps me keep track of what I’ve already sent to a frame & avoid accidentally spamming with duplicate images. My technologically inept parents are able to navigate this app without any issue, which speaks volumes about how accessible and user-friendly it is. I love it!
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9 months ago, kjensenmoore
Could not love it more!
Our Skylight sits in our kitchen and I sometimes will stop and just watch the pictures shuffle. It keeps those precious memories part of our life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My parents, brother, and kids have one and feel the same. It’s so easy to send a picture to my elderly parents, and it brings them joy to receive a new picture and feel connected to what is going on in their loved one’s lives. The Skylight itself and the app is very user friendly. The frame is a great size and attractive. We’ve had it for years and never had an issue. You can elect to view pictures chronologically or shuffle them randomly. Uploading the pictures from my iPhone and ipad to Skylight is straightforward.
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2 years ago, urthcreature
The Skylight frame has been great for my mom.
This has been a wonderful way to share pictures with my Mom, cellphone had gotten too confusing for her. With the skylight she can have so many photos in one place, easier for her than photo albums and we can send instantly to her from anywhere, she can easily swipe forward or backward on the screen but not have to deal with other navigation. Perfect for her and I’m glad we chose the Skylight. (Only improvement would be for me as manager to be able to see the entire photo collection, it only lets you see the latest handful of photos and you can delete any of those as needed, have to pay for a subscription to be able to see and manage the entire collection.)
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10 months ago, 07014x26
So practical! And a little fun too.
I had been looking for a tool like this to take me out of the driver seat as the keeper of the calendar/mom/Siri. I love how easy this is to use. I love how attractive it looks on our counter. I have the subscription service yearly that allows me to dragon drop and send screenshots and emails to Skylight to auto populate. This was a really important feature for me. Seems like that would be reasonable to include in a $300 price tag but I am paying it nonetheless. In the meantime, I have a great grasp on what all of our family needs are as a family of three with a dog and a special needs family member, whose care I am responsible for. and when the day is done, it turns into a great digital photo frame. I highly recommend this.
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2 months ago, JazzyWard15
Easy to Use, Needs Widgits
The app itself is pretty straightforward and easy to use. I was able to sync up our calendar without any issues and even the updates and sinking from my Apple calendar to the Skylight calendar does work pretty seamlessly. However, I have noticed that if I add an event to my calendar changes the colors for everyone’s events on the Skylight calendar to match mine. So I do wish either that integration was a little cleaner or it would be amazing if Skylight created a widget where I could just see their calendar on my home screen and use that exclusively. Then I would be able to see everyone’s calendar right from my home screen, which would be fantastic. Overall, recommend the app happy with his functionality. I just wish that it could fully replace my Apple calendar rather than having two on my phone
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4 years ago, gwendyl
COVID friendly
My mother’s birthday was in August and she turned 89. She has felt very isolated from our large family due to the scare of Covid and all of us keeping our distance especially those of us working in the health field. I bought this virtual frame for her and now all of us are sending pictures pretty much daily and it has made a world of difference! We are sharing our lives with her daily and she looks forward to our daily visits never knowing who is going to drop in (on her frame). Next best thing almost to being there! The heart feature on the frame is priceless where she can just touch the heart on any new pictures and it automatically sends an email to the sender that she got and loved the picture. Perfect gift for her during this trying time.
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6 months ago, Sammy12/-
Great product
I can’t say enough about this frame. I purchased it for myself, and my entire family fell in love with how easy it is for us to share photos. Hardly anyone takes hard copy photos now. I have photos in frames and the people in them are adults with their own children, but because they either never gave me an updated photo, they are forever frozen at the age they were in the photo. However, now I receive photos all the time. I love that I rarely miss anything due to how fast the photos show on the skylight once it’s sent to the frame. This year I purchased my entire family a skylight for their home, can’t wait to see the memories they capture on their skylight.
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3 years ago, Ole faithful!!!
Very nice
My children gave this to me for Christmas with the promise to share more photos with me. It is enjoyable to watch but at the same time I could see some improvements could be added. Fading pictures in and out or other options would be wonderful, also a timer of turning on and off. In addition as it randomly switches pictures I see a few very often but not all of them. Another problem I noticed is the sound for videos. No matter how many times I turn the sound off it continues to come on with every showing of a video. It was necessary to remove the videos altogether. The Skylight does not have a battery therefore it must be plugged in at all times. It was a wonderful gift but not really very different from the Digital ones we used to put an SD card in with the exception of using WiFi.
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1 year ago, ooort
Sharing memories and experiences.
Skylight has made it so easy to share photos of past and present with my family members. Being able to share photos with multiple user’s screens at once makes my life easy when it comes to keeping family members that are all over the country feeling connected and sharing in the joy and experiences. As a traveling professional photographer, Skylight has made it very easy for me to share photos from adventures with my family and it doesn’t clog up my own personal cloud or web-based storage. I love that I can also download photos from family members screens via the app, allowing me to save photos my family has added of nieces and nephews.
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7 months ago, CSarah2016
10 in frame and the app.
We got one of these for my grandma. She is loosing her hearing and has something wrong with her eyes that causes her to not see certian sections and colors. We got her a white frame (white for some reason helps her see the other colors) if she sits directly in front of it she can see it! It has been a blessing! She loves that she can be apart of the grandkids and great grandkids lives through pictures. The app is easy to navigate. Only down side I can think of right now is… It did take me awhile to firgure out, I had to approve senders via an email sent to my personal email. I was trying to find the email address I set up for my grandma’s frame. Once we got that ironed out it went smoothly.
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7 months ago, MB0192837465
Just a few issues
I have really enjoyed having this calendar and that our family all knows what is going on. Recently, events have been erasing on their own. This started to happen after the most recent calendar update. Luckily, I have remembered what was on there if it something that is coming up more recently, but I also have stuff on there a few months out. This is a big part of my brain and can’t lose these important dates. Also, I wish that the app really did send you push notifications of events. I have the reminders turned on both the calendar and the app but the app does not notify me. It would be nice if there was a widget to put on your Home Screen if push notifications aren’t going to work.
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3 years ago, Hunna L
Great Frame, Great App
I don’t have a Skylight frame myself, but three of my relatives do. They all bought them as gifts for each other. They said I could download the app and send pictures to their frames. My husband and I are on our honeymoon now, and it’s so nice to send our pictures straight to the frame instead of texting them to everyone. Plus it’s a nice surprise for them to see the cool places we’ve visited. I may even get a Skylight frame for myself soon. The app is very user-friendly and sends my pictures to the frame almost instantly. I get notifications for any activity, such as when someone “likes” my pictures. I also get notified when others send pictures to the frames. It’s so fun.
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1 year ago, Tennismom3
Love my Skylight
I received my skylight frame 1 1/2 years ago. It’s been so nice and easy to use and I love the surprise of new pictures from our family! I do feel some improvement could be done as far as sending pics to the skylight. It does best sending one at a time and would be nice to be able to send more at one time. Also adding a caption isn’t as simple to do. Can’t add when sending a photo from photos to skylight only when you go onto the app. Regardless I gave it 5 stars because I love the concept and love seeing pics of my family scrolling by on my kitchen counter! All of my adult kids now have one and some of their extended families as well. Thank you for all the smiles! Elaina
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2 years ago, R50J
Best gift ever!
My parents are in their 80’s. My Mom is visually impaired. I bought the Skylight Frame and had it mailed to my parents home. While visiting them, I was able to set the frame up in 5 minutes! We live in FL and my parents are in PA. I can send pics directly to the frame. It is such a joy to send pics of our teens in “real time”. No more checking email for pics we send! And, my Mom can see the pictures quite well (I ordered the 8 x 10 size, which sits quite nicely on her night stand.) My younger friends at work were pondering what to send their parents/grandparents. I suggested Skylight. The three who ordered it were delighted that their recipients were so thrilled to receive and enjoy the Skylight Frame!
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1 year ago, DelawareGrammy
Grammy’s Kitchen Window
I love the Skylight that was given to me by our adult children and their spouses. I feel like they gave me a window into their lives right here on my kitchen counter. It’s been easy to use, and thankfully, our family sends us pictures! It’s so easy to send pictures that even this almost 70-year-old Grammy sends pictures that I take to it! One of the things that is especially nice is that I can turn the sound off or on. So sometimes when I get homesick for the voices of my family, I can turn it on and hear those familiar voices, popping up with the videos as I go about my day. And always, always, sound or not, there are the 17 faces of our beloved family!
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4 years ago, Al-719
No sorting allowed
As far as this app goes, it’s pretty slick! One star knocked off for no way to change the upload order. I only use as a digital frame so the calendar is never used and I can’t review. As far as skylight as a company. You can upload to the frame all day long but you must purchase a subscription to remotely remove content. If you’re ok with that, after all the money you already invested in the frame, then I recommend the product. Otherwise I’d keep shopping around. One final note, this app only comes in a mobile/iOS version. Most of our pictures are on the desktop and the only way to load to the frame from the desktop is through email.
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4 years ago, Lover of Endoxi
Amazing Gift!
This frame is not only stylish it’s also very easy to use. I bought this for my parents during the beginning of the stay at home orders here in San Diego. I wanted a way for me, my 5 siblings as well as extended family to be able to send pictures to a central location. This way my parents wouldn’t have to sort through pictures received by phone, send to email, download to computer, save to a micro card, etc. etc. You get the picture? (Pun intended). My parents love it! The family loves it! I would’ve rated this 5 stars but I also purchased the app access, which should be free, and I am not at all happy with how clunky and poorly put together it is. I hope skylight is on top of making the app shine as much as the frame does. Oh, and the video with sound feature rocks as well!
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4 months ago, Murf Hull
Amazing Photo Frame!
I love this photo frame! It is so easy to add photos from your phone, if you get the app!! You can also email them to the frame, but I haven’t tried that yet. I love it so much, because I take a lot of pictures and no one ever sees them but me, but with this photo frame that rotates them all of the time, everyone that visits our home gets to enjoy them! My husband and my granddaughter love it! even if I leave photo albums out on the table, no one picks them up and looks at them. This way they are right in front of us on the entertainment center. They are visible anytime! Soon, I will try emailing them soon, as I have a lot on my computer, also. I love, love, love it!❤️❤️❤️
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7 months ago, Abby097
I love my Skylight calendar! But 1 thing… or 2.
I bought this calendar due to our household never seeming to be on the same page. The kids are constantly asking me when appointments, games, etc are. And my husband does the same. This is a great way for us all to be synced under one calendar. The frame was easy to set up, the app is easy to use, the pictures are beautiful, I love the chore feature also (much better attitudes about chores). The onnnnnnly thing I wish was an option was a notification when you or someone else in the family adds or modifys an event. They also need an IPhone widget!! If half stars were an option I’d give 4.5, but I can’t so I’ll round up.
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2 years ago, Bigdaddy of four
From around the USA
I have a family that has not always been together since we are spread out over many states and with large pieces of time where we and our kids have grown up without my wife’s mom able to see each important moment. Well this made for the perfect Christmas gift. You can upload photos in the app or get a dedicated email address and as we and the rest of the siblings have life events happen they can instantly be dropped into her picture frame so she’ll never miss another moment. In addition just catching up on pictures that she’s never seen. This is an amazing gift made better by a simple process for transferring pictures! AMAZING!
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4 years ago, Charlie Seattle
Nope. Refund Requested.
Maybe wait for Version 5.0 of the Skylight Calendar? Brilliant idea and yet such a D+ execution in this iteration. Current product and app must have barely passed the Minimum Viable Product. - Syncing our calendars with the Skylight App is NOT simple for a family with multiple / complex schedules (isn’t that why we bought this?) - App should allow you to change calendar layout orientation. It’s a total miss that you cannot choose a vertical layout. - Perhaps most relevant, there are just so many options that a thoughtful version of the Skylight App should facilitate e.g. access Photos to choose your family picture, add a screen saver, icon, etc Corresponding Skylight product feedback - because you won’t find this anywhere on their site: - Wall hanging is actually NOT workable: the weight of cord pulls down the right side. (?!) Additionally, it’s a white product with a black cord. How does that work on anything but a black wall? - The “desk stand” is actually a plastic stick that screws into the back. Cheeeeap. - Cannot edit an event on the device if you want to quickly adjust the time (#life). You need to delete event and re-enter new time. - Cannot choose an “all day” option from the device. Like, you know, BIRTHDAYS or HOLIDAYS. All told, if I’d paid $25 for this product, I might be OK. This barely functional piece of plastic is NOT worth $150. Refund Requested.
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3 years ago, mada716
Loved at first, disappointed with the upswell
I purchased this frame back in the fall. It was easy for my mildly tech savvy parents to set it up. It worked instantly and easily. I took a break from sending photos since they had done a long-term visit. When I started uploading photos again, I was disappointed to find that viewing the history was now considered a Plus feature that required a subscription. Really? Changing the terms of use after purchase doesn’t sit well with me. The upload process also changed a bit and isn’t as seamless as it used to be. I used to add photos to a “skylight” album from my phone but it doesn’t intuitively sync photos from that album anymore. Perhaps it’s just buggy? Either way, not loving the sneaky ways of up selling features I didn’t have to pay for in the past.
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1 year ago, csparks351
What a gift!
I recently bought the large frame for myself (and my family). We Have lost 3 of our children in the last 3 years- so to be able to put all of our memories into this and easily see them all at anytime is priceless… especially being able to upload videos and hear their voices,( I upgraded my account). ! ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 It is worth the cost to us a hundredfold! I am so glad i spent the money on this brand and the larger frame-plus is so simple to set up and add pictures to. Its a precious gift! My children love sitting in front of it and would watch them all day if they could. 💗 I can’t wait to get more of these. I want one in every room!
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2 years ago, Rebekia Krum
Great for families with older parents!
This device and app is perfect for us to be able to show our mom photos of the day, the vacation, the dinner we made or video we did to say hi without mom getting confused how to open the iPad and get to her social media account. The frame just stays on and rotates Thru the photos we all three login to show her. We clean out older photos daily and upload new things so she’s constantly getting new images and videos from us thru the day! Course I also just live with her but hey this helps my sisters be able to share more directly to her instead of going thru dads Fb account to see things. Highly recommend for families
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3 years ago, K. Wiegand
We love this frame!!
We got our grandmother this frame during the pandemic and it has helped bring her so much joy seeing her family, especially all the little great grandchildren. She watches her frame EVERYDAY and gets so excited when new pictures arrive. The frame and sending pictures is so user friendly. It’s also great that videos can be sent as well. We did recently run into an issue with the frame not working; however, skylight support immediately responded and helped troubleshoot/fix the problem after a few emails. We are so grateful the frame is back up and running. We highly recommend this frame to keep loved ones close!
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3 years ago, Sherm22602
Account Management features are terrible
We access two skylight frames, one of which we own. When my wife opened the app this morning she was prompted to log in again. This process required us to click a link in an email that she does not have access to on her phone, which creates a problem because the link wants to open the app to continue the verification process. Once we worked around this issue and finally logged back in the account which we own did not show up by default so I had to try to add it back. Because I fat fingered the skylight email address I am now locked out from searching for frames until tomorrow. I shouldn’t have to search for and add a frame I already own and have paid for. The concept is great and we’ve enjoyed sharing photos with our family. Account management features are non existent making administration impossible.
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2 years ago, Ntgerh64
Absolutely a great frame and app!
I love this Skylight frame and app. My husband and I received this as a birthday gift earlier this year from our daughter and son in law. This has been such an enjoyable gift. Easy to set up and use. Our kids and grandkids send us photos all the time. Great way to keep track of how they are doing and to watch those grandkids grow. Whether they are near or far it is so nice to keep current and connected with our family. Great gift. We love it. One side note- we would like to have a longer cord. I’ve researched this and they don’t sell any that are longer. This is a small negative for us. Our connections are limited.
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3 years ago, AOMCLCDM
Beware the up sell: trapped
The frame is expensive but we got one because the novelty of it armed with it. But my older parent is not able to manage and organize the pictures himself. Fine. So I put the app on my phone. But turns out that if you even want to SEE the pictures that are on the frame you need to upgrade to the monthly or annual payment. Otherwise you have zero idea what images are there. So I had to pay in Order to manage my dad’s account. Then after I paid, the app didn’t work - still can’t use the functionality. So I contacted customer support; they said they couldn’t help me gain functionality and that they could not offer a refund. What!? So consider a different product where they are more up front about what you get, and where you are paying for something you can’t use.
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