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Skylink Group
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3 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for SkylinkNet

2.55 out of 5
29 Ratings
1 year ago, iTunes-Chum
Camera display is buggy
I like the app overall. However, since a recent software update, expand the camera image to full screen is broken. Previously, expand would rotate the image to landscape and expand to full screen. Now, the image expands to fill the screen, but the display is just a stretched version of the smaller image, displayed in portrait mode, so everything is distorted. Other than that, the system works well. I contacted support and they blamed portrait lock. I understand how portraits lock works, and have toggled it several times, to no avail. No further response, after several months.
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6 years ago, CambyPat
Unstable app - update
They have fixed the instability issue and I want to update my review. This system is now reliable. We have the equipment in our barn and use Wi-Fi signal to monitor. The camera, siren, and door sensors work unfailingly in the extreme winter and summer temps. We have disconnected the motion sensors due to insects setting them off. I upgraded my review to four stars therefore. Every other day I have to delete and reload the app. I was supposed to get call back from tech customer service but never did. I like it when it works. But hate it otherwise.
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6 years ago, Joemama_5_0
I like this system
Works properly as an alarm system should. I had their old system that would dial phone numbers when the alarm was activated and there was no phone app. The old system worked great and so does this newer one with the app. I like how you can remotely turn off the motion sensor (ceiling fan was tripping it when turned on). Alarm notifications on phone arrive within 5 seconds.
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6 years ago, Dekinho
Good choice for connected alarm without subscription
The system is good and reliable. As with any alarm system, motion detector is prone to false alarms. Other than that, I always receive notification when there is a security breach, and I can check which alarm was trigger remotely using the iPhone app. Only wished the the sensitivity of the motion sensor could be reduced. My cats made it unusable. Without the presence of animals, it works great though.
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4 years ago, macmancpb
Core functionality works pretty well
There is some room for a few more features to be added, but the core functionality works very well. I had a system up and running in a few minutes. Programming is crazy easy, as is use to manage and control your alarm system. I LOVE how granular the control is over the various components to the alarm system for push notifications, chimes, and alarm modes. Input fields are basically impossible to read if your phone is in dark mode - switch back to light mode in iPhone settings before trying to use the app. Outside of that, this app works really well.
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6 years ago, TrueFamilyMan
Good Option
Skylink is an excellent option for home security. The system has a slight delay in connectivity based on your own network but it’s a good reliable system. Stop paying these huge companies money every month to monitor when you can do it yourself.
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2 years ago, Bobby2019abc
Oretty great
Works great for months now, connected to 20 sensors and outside siren only reason for 4 not 5 stars is I wish I could move the devices around in my profile in the app. If there is a way of doing it, I would love to give this app 5⭐️
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7 years ago, Cinderblock1775
Pretty cool
It works as advertised but I'd like to see more features, the if...then...settings are a joke, you can't even make you camera start recording automatically when a sensor is activated. So while I'm at work away from my phone I won't be able to get a recording of the intruder for the police. Make this happen Skylink group!
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4 years ago, ET:
Absolutely solid
I love the stability of this system. I love it. And you won’t find a better system for the price especially when it comes to the wide array of sensors. Please update the app though!
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3 years ago, jbones100
App is unstable
About 50% of the time I use this app it crashes. It didn’t used to be this unstable but with recent updates it has gone down hill. I have to force close the app and then restart it for it to work which eats up time when I am just trying to lock up.
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6 years ago, kik83&$;
Nothing but problems
Works when it wants to. Lately I’m resetting my router daily to get the hub back online and get my push notifications again. Too many glitches. Not worth the effort. I’m going to start shopping for an alternative. Great idea, poor execution. Save your money. I’ve only had this 3 months
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3 years ago, Courtney R B
Error! 40
I have the SK-250 model. Suddenly, I am unable to log in to the app, update the password, or create a new account. I just keep getting an “Error! 40” message. Nothing in the manual or online to troubleshoot this and chat is offline midday on a Monday.
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7 years ago, MariusInMD
Not recommend
Much better security products out there. Stuck with this for now. Easily defeated security, poor interface, poor integration with other internet of things products.
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3 years ago, Michael92649
Hub keeps losing internet connection. App hasn’t been updated in more than seven months. Unable to add garage door sensors now. Simply too unreliable for a security system.
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6 years ago, Big TZeus
App is too buggy
The app needs updating to keep up with IOS updates. The manufacturer refuses to admit that their app is faulty. Also the “hub control unit” has issues with power failures and reconnecting to the internet. Thumbs down!
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4 years ago, odearrr
Currently Not functional
How do you set up a hub if the app is non-functional? Maybe it an update issue?
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6 years ago, Sepehr sh
It’s good but .... 😤
Why don’t support iPhone x size after several months and face ID ? 😡😤
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6 years ago, Not bady
Doesnt work
The app never worked
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8 years ago, Bro Dan B. from CA💼
😀No fees & complete control👍
I really like the app and the alarm system. I do not like the fact that you have to check event log to see if someone else has arm the alarm and if you were the one armed it, you have to arm it and then unarm it just to get it to unarm. But the event log shows if it's armed or unarmed properly so it needs to be able to refresh. I'm using iPhone 6 on AT&T and it works great. I wish you could add timed arming and automatic video recording. Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, Mikeruhlin
Can't pair with my garage door opener
Hard to review an app like this without reviewing the whole service package, so here goes: - Adding a garage door opener doesn't work. That feature was literally the deciding factor when I picked this brand. - Their support people don't respond to emails. I guess you have to call them between 9 and 5. Go ahead and take a day off work since you'll need to be in your garage... - The app doesn't really have enough configurability around notifications etc. I planned to use IFTTT for that, but... - IFTTT recipes for door sensors don't act fast enough. Sorry, I shouldn't have to wait an hour to be notified that burglars are in my house. - Their hub has to connect to your router via Ethernet, so if you want to use it for a door chime, you'll be limited on where you can put it and which rooms you can hear it in. - Adding various sensors (when it works) is a pretty easy process though. You just tell it what kind of device, then activate it.
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7 years ago, rjava01
Great App, please add cameras to if...then...
Excellent app but could be better, would be great to be able to record video o take pictures when an event occurs e.g motion sensor or alarm triggered. Please add cameras to the if...then... function.
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8 years ago, Jlpfu2
Stopped sending push notifications!
It's a great product that up until the hub update worked perfectly. After hub update I no longer get push notifications. The system still tracks all events correctly in the event log just doesn't send push notifications. No longer works as intended.
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8 years ago, MysticKnights
Buyer Beware
One of the main reasons I bought this system was to use my iPhone to arm and disarm it as needed. Unfortunately, it doesn't work as advertised. The app allows one family member to arm it, but it doesn't update everyone else's apps to show its armed. That means those family members have no way to disarm it. The manufacturer, who answered questions when I was buying system add ons, has gone silent instead of addressing this issue. I'll update this review when it's fixed, but if you're reading this, that means it's still a problem.
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9 years ago, David G Lax
Broken update
Everything worked beautifully for three months. With this update the alarm has been going off continuously even when the screen says disabled. It is a non-functional unit at this point
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7 years ago, 123True review123
Has potential but a long way to go
Issues: 1) system unexpectedly goes offline, making it inaccessible 2) if-then rules need to be enhanced to utilize the camera functionality 3) needs a universal control system so that multiple sensors can be activated or deactivated Overall, good idea but currently has too many issues to recommend buying if you don't already have one. If the above issues are resolved, I'll revise my review and star rating.
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7 years ago, 3rich
Force close and wifi camera will not work
IPhone 6s iOS 10. When you connect the wifi camera to the network it doesn't remember and resets all over again.
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9 years ago, Matthew0311
Keeps crashing
App keeps crashing and causing my phone to freeze. The only way I can get back in the app is to uninstall and then reinstall. The system works great, but the app needs work ASAP! Please please fix.
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9 years ago, Daonlyillwiz
New version crashes when I go to zone menu
Crashes everytime I go into the zone menu.
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8 years ago, Maine-iak
Love it
I have been using the app for about 5 months and I think it works great. Amazon has good reviews on this too. I have two suggestions though. 1) Allow scheduling times for the alarm to be enabled and disabled. 2) Allow for setting camera to record based on an sensor trigger or alarm. These two additions would make this security system/app much better.
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