2.3 (64)
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Current version
SkyOne Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SkyOne

2.27 out of 5
64 Ratings
1 year ago, Chris Cal23
Security Alerts don’t work
Since SkyOne “upgraded” from its previous app, security alerts & notifications of account activity don’t work until you sign into the app. Which defeats the whole point of timely alerts! The previous app worked flawlessly & real-time alerts is not new functionality. I reported this issue to SkyOne in mid-Feb 2023, and it has not yet been fixed. The slower response times & clunky interface is not a huge deal to me, but this security failure is. It forces me to sign in at least once daily to check on my accounts. If it wasn’t for a large multi-year CD I have with them, I would close my account. Terrible outsourced IT team, I’m guessing.
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2 months ago, Untaken Nickname1234
No improvement since last review
This app is frustrating and annoying to use, but it wasn’t always this way. There was a time when I thought my coworkers were crazy for not having a SkyOne account, now I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Not sure how long it’s been since my last review, but it things haven’t gotten any better. I have nothing positive to say about this app. Even opening the details and transactions section of an account can be finicky due to an overzealous desire to register any touch—including when you’re trying to scroll—as a request for transaction details. It’s laggy and by the time you realize what’s happening you’re back out to the main page. It’s really weird that SkyOne has let this go on.
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4 months ago, Gkskak
App is too buggy
The app used to be flawless and perfect. And then they did some big “upgrade” like a year ago and it’s been absolute garbage ever since. I can hardly look through my transaction history because it is so glitchy. A banking app shouldn’t be that difficult to run smoothly, I hate this so much.
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2 years ago, acoffmanatucdavis
The app is non-intuitive and freezes often
The new update changed this mobile banking app from a 5 star and one of the best in the business to a 1 star. It used to have a simple navigation page and responsive app but now the app is either unclear or slow. I press my account and don’t know if it’s not the correct process to open my account or if the app is just slow. So I do it again. And again, and only on the third time does the account open to show me anything. This is just one example but it happens with multiple features consistently throughout the app. I would move back to the old version if I could since that worked much better and was much more intuitive.
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1 year ago, Reasoned987654321
New App Horrible - Moving to another bank
Closed my account and moved banks over this horrible app. How many negative reviews will it take? Someone should be fired over this horrendous app and website. And what’s with the modern trend and obsession with websites putting content in large segmented blocks where you see very limited information per page. Use to be able to see so much per page and now only can see maybe 1-2 transactions per page. Cannot even scroll through transactions without the app thinking I tapped on a transaction to open another page, which serves no purpose to begin with. And no, I don’t want to click 4,821 times to look through transactions. Absolutely dismal.
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4 months ago, anonymous reviewer28
Very inefficient
Prior to Covid, which ever platform they had was great. It was quick and responsive and easy to use. This new platform, is very slow, glitchy and unreliable. There have been many occasions where I can’t do mobile deposits because there is “an error” and says “try again later”. The transactions also show up very sloppy. If you go back and forth between transaction details and the summary, it’s starts you all the way over every time and will look glitchy with transactions overlapping each other. It just feels clunky and cheap honestly. I feel like Skyone can do way better…
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1 year ago, WK006
This app does not deserve one star but that’s the lowest score I’m permitted to give here. I’ve been a member of SkyOne since 1994. It was FAA Western CU back then. They eventually dropped the western then eventually changed the name to SkyOne. The previous app wasn’t perfect, but it was excellent compared to this. It’s just as glitchy today as it was when they rolled it out years ago now. The previous app performed exceptionally compared to this. It is so consistently bad I have lately been asking myself why I continue to use this credit union. Just trying to go back and research a previous transaction is an exercise in pure frustration.
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1 year ago, chroko29
Is Walmart at work here?
I downloaded this app just so I could write this review. Also I saw a guy on utewb recommend this credit union. But it’s easy to read the reviews and see that skyone recently destroyed their app. I wonder if Walmart is involved here. They have a partnership that is buying all the good financial apps and then they purposefully strip them of all their usefulness and take away all the best features. They have done this on at least two separate apps I know of and possibly more. Or maybe it’s even more sinister. Perhaps it’s president bidet that is forcing financial institutions to make money less manageable to peasants, sorry I meant citizens.
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6 months ago, AwesomecrZybky99
Worst app remodel ever
I have never written an App Store review before until now. This is the worst bank app ever. The UI is awful, everything is glitchy and I can’t see my credit card charges without the app absolutely spazzing out. The old app and design was miles better and this new app provides nothing new that I couldn’t do with the old one. I feel like I’m going to have a seizure every time I login and try to use it. If this wasn’t my oldest bank with the longest credit history I would cancel in a second. SkyOne is going downhill and this app is just awful nothing good to say, borderline unusable.
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2 years ago, Dmitri/SLCA
Buggy banking software, buggy app, doesn’t work!
SkyOne online banking platform / software and SkyOne app are both extremely buggy and don’t work well. When you try to view multiple deposit accounts, external accounts get superimposed at some point, then “let go”. When you try to do an external transfer, you get a “confirmation” receipt that the transfer was accepted - only to see the pending transfer no longer show on the list after log-out and re-login. This is ridiculously unreliable, confusing, difficult to use, and makes no sense! Please fix it!!!
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1 year ago, Plane Wrangler
Hot garbage
This update makes this app abysmal to the point of changing banking institutions. The navigation is over complicated via multi level menus and an overly sensitive haptic touch. Half the time it will take a scroll motion and activate a selection motion forcing you to back out of whatever random transaction you “clicked” on. The bill pay function still blocks its own pop up forcing the user to yet again click a tab overriding the block. I’ll give it a couple more months in hopes they actually listen to these reviews. Otherwise it’s time to find a new credit union.
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10 months ago, Dancing Skitz
App needs consistency and Plaid needs to be added back
The app keeps freezing up requiring me to cancel the transaction and start all over again. However, when I go back and look at my account history, the previous transaction went through causing me to reverse a duplicate transaction. I have also repeatedly asked SkyOne to reinitiate Plaid as several of my apps can only connect through Plaid. I was told this fix will take one year to complete. I hope they will work on it sooner as I really need the Plaid connection to work. Please fix these issues.
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11 months ago, EmNatashaT
Improved features
I enjoy the convenience of logging into the app using facial recognition. I use Zelle on a weekly basis so it’s nice that Skyone now has that feature available. When I login I can see all of my different account listed - checking, saving, credit card, IRA and my children’s saving accounts. The interface is not perfect but it’s easy to use.
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1 year ago, Yum :)
Updated & Upgraded
I have simple needs for mobile/online banking, this app is easy to navigate and use. I love how there is current information such as promotions on the top banner of the app. This app feels and looks very modern and new. High Five SkyOne👏🏻!
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12 months ago, CreditUnionEnthusiest
Great amount of functions available
The app has many of the functions you see on the website. I’m able to do most of what I need to do on the app while I’m on the go.
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1 year ago, Guguichi
Worst scrolling feature I’ve ever seen
I HATE this app. In fact, I hate the app so much that I’ll be closing my almost 20 year old account to switch to a credit union that has an app that makes sense. The scrolling on this one is infuriating. You can’t scroll for more than a second or two without the app clicking on a transaction you have no desire to see details on. I just fricking want to scroll. So annoying
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11 months ago, Kellbellely
SkyOne 10/10
I absolutely love the SkyOne app. The layout of the app allows for easy and quick access to any of your financial statements and other details. It is very protected and gives me some peace knowing I am banking with SkyOne.
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12 months ago, barfmaul
App crashing
For whatever reason the app crashes at least bi-weekly. It’s becoming more frequent. It’s happening so much I am considering leaving and going back to Chase. It should be a top priority to get this fixed but it has been going on for awhile now. The details inside the app are bad as well as you can only see 2-3 transactions and the slider keeps going up and down without touching it.
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1 year ago, Tourpro303
Upgraded app made me switch primary banking
As the title said, this “new update” is so difficult to navigate I’ve switched to a different bank for most of my banking. Everything is extremely difficult to navigate, pop ups to find statements, slow to load and glitchy. I am bummed because I have used skyone for years but this app is making me slowly leave altogether.
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11 months ago, Mandoe68
Good App
The new version of this app is way better. Now I can login and see all my accounts, make transfers easily and see what promotions they have with the banner on top.
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2 years ago, DJ R-Tistic
The new app is pointless and terrible
The navigation is difficult, and many features do not work. The mobile check upload feature is currently disabled for some reason. The workflow doesn’t make much sense.
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1 year ago, travelovecoffee
Happy again!
Thank you for adding Zelle makes moving between accounts so much easier!
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12 months ago, ForgetMeNot82
Constant delay
Since the last few updates it’s cause the app to either delay the log in or not log in at all. Please fix this as I am not able to access the mobile banking.
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11 months ago, Yanet21
Love the New APP
This version is better and more user friendly. Love that I can do my transactions with one sign in.
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2 years ago, rja52
New app is terrible
This is one of the worst app upgrades (should call it a downgrade) I've ever seen. Every aspect is non-intuitive. Each operation requires several button pushes and in many cases results in a message saying "Oops - unable to complete this operation. Please try again later." I would give it Zero stars if I could.
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9 months ago, JJR27!
Love the app, easy to use and very convenient. Would definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, Sparks
App is Useless
This version replaced a fully functional app that was very easy and intuitive to use. It is a chore to open and try to use this version. Many features such as bill pay just don’t work. Sky One needs to fix this before members give up and leave.
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5 years ago, PlattsAnomaly
App keeps crashing & volatile mobile deposit feature
The app keeps crashing at login and will not let me enter password. I usually have to move to desktop platform in order to login to account. The mobile deposit feature often doesn't recognize "for mobile deposit at SkyOne" language written on check even if printed clearly - it often takes several attempts to get the check deposited.
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2 years ago, ihackedlife
ATM location gone
The new app design was a welcome change from the 20 year old design of the old one but clearly no one at SkyOne tested it for functionality before launch. The atm location tab is completely gone once logged in and for a small bank like this that’s a critical flaw
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1 year ago, Doxie_gal
Cannot perform a Mobile Deposit
The latest update from February 24, 2023 has broken the mobile deposit. I am unable to take picture of check. The app locks up. SkyOne needs to fix this. Please update mobile deposit to be like it was prior to the redesign.
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2 years ago, Shitstick1
Newer doesn’t mean better.
Had no issues with the old app. Worked on all my devices. Can’t say that about this “update”. I get error messages. App freezes. Is SkyOne gonna pay my late fees if a payment goes missing? Please fix this app.
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1 year ago, npx23
This app is junk
Did anybody at Sky One test this app before rollout? Doesn’t appear so. So many critical banking functions don’t work. What were they thinking? This version has been in the App Store for six months with no fix in sight. Response from Sky One is nil.
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2 years ago, BenjiBagODonuts
New app is horrible
I miss the old app. It was extremely easy to get to bill pay and to view balances. Not anymore. I can’t even tell which account I’m paying bills from. Not very user friendly and very slow.
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2 years ago, WadePDX
Bring back the old version
This new version is not good. Very slow to load and most of the screen taken up by an ad to use Zelle that never moves. I get half a screen worth of app to use due to the Zelle ad.
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1 year ago, GR8GIFT
APP not working.
The changes have eliminated the ability to make mobile deposits. Funky interface as it is at present it’s only useful to check balances nothing else. A great APP had been ruined.
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2 years ago, ffcffffcvggbg
What was wrong with the old SkyOne app that this one needed to replace it??!!! This “new” app is cumbersome, can’t make mobile deposits, and is VERY slow! Bring back the previous version!!
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2 years ago, jsam2217
New App Downgrade
The new app is definitely a downgrade from the previous one. Not sure what they were thinking but it is way less user friendly.
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2 years ago, FizzWhizbee
Bad Update
This new update is terrible! I can’t even use bill pay from my phone. Please bring back the old version.
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2 years ago, Drizzal_365
Since the app update, logging in is EXTREMELY slow. And no-longer has quick glance.
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4 months ago, Horatio Gladwell
Buggy nightmare
Almost impossible to go back and look at charged
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2 years ago, Panda Bro13
Please revert back to the previous version or release a new one.
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11 months ago, OropezaB
Good look on the app
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1 year ago, Krispa.cookie
App is terrible
My husband and I switched to SkyOne early 2022 before they did their app update. We were switching from our previous local credit union after having to move to a new state. Our last credit union had a great app, so when we switched to SkyOne we were a little disappointed by their app and how dumbed down it was comparatively. Shortly after switching, we learned they were working on a new app. We were excited about the potential improvements, and I personally know someone who helped with the beta testing. Then they released their new version… My word, it is terrible! It is not very intuitive, your transactions all get scrunched together when viewing so you can’t read them, and you can’t scroll without clicking into details on a transaction on accident (it truly doesn’t matter how careful you are). You can’t add notes for transfers, something you could previously do which honestly helped me. They made the app about a million times worse than what they had before, which wasn’t great. They still haven’t fixed issues my friend noted in the beta testing period either. Oh, they also stopped integrating with Plaid which is a service that communicates between banks and other apps securely. We were using a budgeting app that we really loved, and naturally they use Plaid so the app can no longer sync with our banking info, rendering it useless. 🙄 We tried talking to customer service about it many times, and they would “escalate” the issue and then we would never hear from them about it again. We waited several months to see if they would make improvements. Nothing has changed or improved, and there has been zero communication from them regarding the app at all since it launched. Since we bank almost entirely online, we finally decided to switch credit unions, entirely due to how awful this app is and the overall experience we’ve had because of it.
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10 months ago, Sherman oaks,ca
Great APP
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11 years ago, WILCOroger
I like the new app so much better. The only thing I found so far that I don't like is that the nicknames from the full online site does not transfer to this app. I have multiple accounts for my whole family including minor children and its harder to keep track of who's is who's. Another thing would be nice is to be able to hide accounts. I don't need to see my kids savings accounts in the app.
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9 years ago, Dvalmusic
Great app!
I love being able to do mobile deposits right on my phone! The functionality of this app has gone up over the last couple of upgrades. Bill pay is a godsend for me. Wish list: I'd like to be able to do a transfer to another member's account like I can on the website. It should also remember accounts that I have transferred to before if I tell it to. No fee, of course, since paypal is not involved. I would like the ability for overdrafts to first come out of savings and then if the total amount isn't there, it comes out of the Visa and I get charged the $2. It's a small thing, but there's no need to pull from my card if I have it in savings. It should be an option. Thanks!
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8 years ago, RW PRIME
Good and getting better
The actual credit union has been great throughout my 25 year membership. The app was good / functional since it was created, but the recent updates have delivered a far more user friendly experience and it's now as a good or better with the national banks that I also utilize.
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8 years ago, Dos Equis
Excellent to manage acct!
This app is easy to use and you can manage just about all if not all aspects of your account. Well laid out, would definitely recommend! Wish however I could see my investment accts like I can logging in from a browser. Thus 4 stars!
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9 years ago, josemorbid
Uninstall and download
Update: I deleted the app and downloaded it again. Works just fine. App doesn't hasn't been working since the latest update. When opened, screen stays black for about 10 seconds then it crashes. Useless!!!
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8 years ago, Thumper 2
Excellent updates and continual improvements!
Skyone, you've done a fantastic job with this application! I use it frequently which has greatly reduced my need to make telephonic contact or visit your local branch.
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