4.6 (232)
26.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sean O'Connor
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slay

4.61 out of 5
232 Ratings
3 years ago, Born-of-Ashes
Perfect timekiller
I've been playing Slay since before the iPhone, it stands the test of time. Just like Minesweeper, it is a light, casual game that is sorta puzzley, but in a way that you are never really challenged long enough that you need to put it down. The gameplay is world domination, but really you can just make the computer surrender by breaking its territories up. The challenge comes in balancing growing your territory with defending while also making sure not to level up too quickly or else you won't be able to pay your troops (+1/space, -2/lvl1, -6/lvl2, -18/lvl3, -54/lvl4) Almost never buy the lvl4 dude unless you need to squash a lvl3, but usually you can starve them out. The game comes with enough maps for you to play one a day for over a year and you can buy more interesting shapes if you like it, no nagging, just available. Lots of cool looks/themes, all included. They just added a fourth row of maps that are all symmetrical. These maps are the toughest ones yet! Well worth the price if you enjoy the game.
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2 years ago, gibson424
Buy it, learn it, never stop playing it
It takes a little bit of trial and error to learn the strategy, but once you get the hang of it, this is one of the greatest games ever made. I absolutely love how approachable it is on iOS and iPadOS. I reach for this game multiple times a day when I need to clear my head or just waste a few minutes. Just buy it and take a little time to figure it out. You won’t be sorry. My ONLY complaint…I wish it used iCloud sync so that I could pick it up on any device. I have 3 iPads, iPhone, and 2 Macs, but I’ve had to stick to one device as I tear through each map in order on Expert (not quite good enough for Master yet). Not a huge deal because it’s really great to play on an iPad mini…it would just be nice if I could choose any device and keep my progress.
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2 years ago, nto11
Great game for 10+ years
Great, simple, "it just works" game that can kill 10-20 minutes very quickly. My only complaint after like 10 years of having this game and playing it every now and then, is that AI blindly yolo at the user player. Sure, I'm on expert, but when myself and another AI have small territories like 25% and the other AI has 50%, why is the other 25% doing literally nothing fighting the actual threat, and going for me instead? Makes for some frustrating scenarios, where they give up cutting the larger AI territory to take your tiles instead... -Even animals understand the basic concept of the larger threat, even if we don't work together specifically we still need to leave each other alone or else the larger will just swamp both of us.
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5 years ago, Horse da pu$$y fills
Seriously thank you for the last update! Being able to build my own map is fun and absolutely amazing. I’ve been playing slay for a long time and back when I could play it on PC, and now that it’s been in the App Store I’ve been playing it for years. I beaten Almost every level multiple times in different difficulties. Now to be able to build my own maps and play them is fantastic. Games come and go in my life but slay gets played almost daily. If I were to add if you could add much much much bigger levels, ones that are 3-6 times bigger than the ones that are available. It’s just something I’d personally like to try out. Or if there was a feature so I can do that myself. Thank you again for this fantastic game!
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3 years ago, J** S
Fun game
I have played this for years. I like how simple it is to learn yet challenging to master. For added challenge I like to give myself a few extra criteria for winning. For example I consider it to be harder to win if I can get the AI to surrender to my dominance while keeping each starting color alive. Or I like to have my territory touch each shoreline of the four cardinal directions and each lake as well before the first surrender is offered. Although I give this game a 5 star rating I don’t like that the recent update seems to color the whole map my color when I accept surrender. I might be weird but I liked looking at how the island looked with each color after accepting surrender. I also think it would be cool if I were able to choose my color to play with (Like it was available on PC). I think another fun challenge is to beat the same map with each of the six color options as it is a different experience for each color even while playing on the same map. Another plus would be the option of choosing how many opponents to play against from 1 to 5
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3 years ago, Mcgreer135797531
My suggestion
Great game, I have a suggestion. Often I find myself counting all the hexagons of a large enemy territory, then adding up their costs to see if a move would kill them. Seems like it could be intuitive to click on a territory of 8 or more and the calculations would appear, “32 Income, 28 Cost”. I do love to play on the Master level, but some maps appear to be impossible to beat on that level. Not a big deal. Some of these maps are incredibly fun and if I could mark favorites maybe? Finally, in your game, Mother of all battles, a replay summary of each turn is replayed. It would be cool to see that on some of the tough victories.
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6 years ago, Keptani
It’s time for more maps!
I need to leave a review because I’ve finally played through every map available and want the developer to know its time to add another row to the available maps. And by “played through” I need to clarify that I’ve played them twice: once to just win and a second pass through to get as low of a score as possible (fewest turns). This is an excellent game, possibly the one I’ve spent the most time with over the years. After much thought, the best feature is that every map is “solvable,” meaning that the AI is not random, but instead reacts to your moves the same every play through. Some plays are only better in how they make the AI react a turn or two from when you play them. If I can make one suggestion: add another difficulty level where the human player goes last. Having the benefit of first-play is huge...I bet this will make some maps unsolvable, but I’d love to try. Thank you for this game. I can’t express just how much I’ve relied on it over the years.
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6 years ago, FrustratedAtZynga
Update 4.4.1 much better!
I love this game and was willing to pay for the extra maps (developers deserve to earn something for their hard work!). I really love how quickly they addressed the most recent bug created by update 4.4. The game play is excellent again. While the new graphics are taking some adjustment, I appreciate the simple fact that the developers have taken a great creation of theirs and responded to consumer feedback for improvements. You can’t please everyone, but at least they care and take pride in their work!
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7 years ago, Charleston Cheetah
Great game
I've been playing this game for about nine years, starting with a desktop version. Definitely a a great way to pass the time. One suggestion: all the pieces dying from loss of land "starvation" could be changed to 'starvation first for the lowliest pieces'. For example, if a territory has a spearman and a peasant and has 8 hexes, then the hut hex is captured taking the total down to 7 hexes, the peasant would die, but the spearman would survive. Alternatively, if the number of hexes were reduced to 5, the spearman would perish, but the peasant could survive. Either method makes more sense from a thematic point of view than everyone dies. It could be an optional play mode.
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2 years ago, Drawgood
Very Good Classic Strategy/Logic Game
This game first appeared in its original form for PC more than 10 years ago. There are copycats but this is THE original so you know this is the best. In some way it’s a cult classic because many people really love it. Even if you don’t spend hours playing it you’ll still enjoy it. It’s visually simple but under it is very clever strategy mechanic which always has multiple solutions and multiple strategy styles. Slay is a very unique game but has some elements of Go, Catan, even Civ.
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6 years ago, MEJHarrison
Great game, 1 flaw
I have to give it 5 stars. I've been playing for years. I love this game. And the new look is fantastic. But why, after all this time, is there not an option to turn off surrenders? There is nothing more frustrating than clicking in the wrong place and seeing your game end. I like to crush them. Annihilate them! I'd love an option to turn surrendering off completely. Give it a trial run. Or just save yourself the time and buy it now. A very addictive game.
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3 months ago, semperfi25
Worth every penny!
I had this on pocket pc and I don't feel bad having to buy it again. Not liking having to buy the rest of the maps but it supports a great dev. *edit* Crashes on iOS 13. Emailed the Dev who was quick to respond. No need to apologize, Murphy’s Law is a bugger. Wish I could buy you a pint, here’s to buying a couple more maps.*edit*Every bit if this game is amazing and worth every penny.
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6 years ago, Dave in Carlsbad
Great game
I’ve been playing this game for probably fifteen years on desktop, handheld and now mobile. It plays quickly, with zero luck so if you lose it was because you made a mistake and can try the map again. Highly recommended for when you want to kill several minutes but still want to exercise your brain.
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3 years ago, Quesote1
Great concept but...
I have played this game for years and I used to love it. It does not appear that the developer has put much effort into improving it for a few years now. The AI is not that smart. I am stomping through Master level and I have done some interesting experiments and the game logic breaks down if you run a map too many turns. This is a great, simple game, but you would think the developer would have learned how to improve it after all these years. So much potential here. Please make it better. 😀
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2 years ago, Headgamerz
6 stars, for a great long running game.
On mobile I’ve come to accept games come and go. In many games the content is short lived. Even if you find a game you continue to enjoy, games often disappear without warning when developers stop updating. Even expensive $50 games can disappear without a trace (I’m looking at you EA). But not Slay has been around FOREVER and is still kicking. Still just as fun. Still plenty of content. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any mobile game as consistently and for as long as Slay. So if the Dev reads this thank you so much because that matters. Buy the game.
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3 years ago, dougc84
Latest version is (still) buggy
Great game, and the last update fixed some bad bugs, but if you scroll around when zoomed out (which you need to do on large maps), it will still not zoom back in. This is a great game but even an option or button to zoom back in to default would make it 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Kmart Security
Awesome game. Needs fixing.
Too many bugs. Resources don't add up correctly on many levels. Your resources often return to zero even if your capital isn't destroyed. AI needs fewer territories to create new peasants or sustain Spearmen. AI Spearmen cost 6 but can be sustained with only 3 spaces(after destroying the Capital). Super frustrating. Many levels you cannot even move until the AI is too powerful. When the level is balanced and you can actually use strategy this game is awesome. But too many levels that you have to make perfect moves that make no sense or the AI will gang up on you.
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7 years ago, Indeedanickname
Great tactical/strategy game
I have been playing this game for 8 + years. If you are interested in a solid thinking game not unlike chess this is it. The graphics are simple and so is the game for that matter. But, as you play you realize that the game has nuances of complexity as you move up the levels of difficulty. If you like chess you will love Slay.
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6 years ago, Novbirovsk
Unique, strategy board game style. Used to play this on old PCs, it has adapted well to mobile. It could use a few minor UI upgrades(show prices of units like in PC), but the gameplay is solid. I think it could still be recommended to board gamers that never played it on PC in its original time.
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2 years ago, Fl1pped
Great game
Great game. Been playing it for a long time. It zooms out between turns, which makes sense. A while back you changed it so that if you accidentally bump it or scroll between turns you have to manually zoom back in every time. Please make this optional or just go back to the old way. Super annoying.
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6 years ago, ciege99
Great game, not a fan of update for iPhone X
I’ve been a longtime fan of this game and have put many hours into it, but am i satisfied with the update for the iPhone X. While the vertical stretch seems like a good thing, the map and unit displays have not been scaled larger properly and leave you stretching very far to reach and makes it more difficult to read the map. Overall still a great game, but some things are left to be desired.
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3 years ago, Palmsiepoo
Update has a bug
Great game, thanks for such a fun app. Latest version has a bug where, after your turn, the screen zooms out, computer players do their turns, and then when the players turn begins, the map does not zoom back in. So every turn you need to re-adjust the zoom.
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5 years ago, JimmyRayban
My absolute favorite game, tons of replay value. This is the one game i've kept coming back to, challenging and fun. Please, please add in a fresh batch of new maps sometime soon! I’ve already beaten all of the current ones several times, and the game has gotten a little stale without new content.
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5 years ago, chrishawn
The one game that has always stayed on my phone
Something about the gameplay for this is just pleasing. My one ask is that it should allow for background sound to keep playing, so I can listen to podcasts and slay.
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5 years ago, Jakeman21co
Still playing this after all these years
I have been playing this since it came out on iPhone. The simplicity of it doesn’t keep it from being challenging.
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3 years ago, Scott111234
Amazing game, add a leaderboard please!!
Nothing but good things to say, except it would be nice to have a leaderboard so there could be the additional element of competition of beating a map in less turns than others. Please implement!
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1 year ago, Cbasstian
One of the simplest test best games
Playing it for years, Never gets old. Don’t like the sound so always play on mute, but have been playing 10+ years now.
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1 month ago, Pdx-CPA
Great game
One of my all time favorites! Play this a couple times a week at least. Still can’t figure out a few maps. Favorite game on my iPhone
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6 years ago, Jakemay
I love this game so much but in the recent update I feel as if the graphics were slightly ruined. If there was a way to fix that small problem than this game would get the 5 star rating it previously had.
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6 years ago, vp9333
My top travel game.
I have been playing this game for years across several platforms and it’s many maps are still challenging. It’s an amazing strategy game that looks deceptively simple but hold a great deal of depth.
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3 years ago, Mazeppa
I might as well delete other games on my phone!
I just picked this up a week ago and it has become my go-to passtime on my phone.
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3 years ago, Saspencer
A masterpiece
Hands down one of the best games I’ve ever played. If you like strategy games you need to play this! Also the replay ability is so great.
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6 years ago, T1 Mat
Recent iPad update
Great game, super fun to play, play every day. The new update made the graphics worse on iPad, it's now hard to play, the spaces are hard to see, graphics hurt my eyes, it's hurting my ability to play the game. Recommend fixing this for all us so we can play again. New map adds would also be great.
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1 year ago, Alice Dogsbody
Been playing for years. Challenging, relaxing, evergreen. Never gets old. Not that it's necessary but purchased all content. Delighted to support this indie developer.
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2 years ago, gnarre
Puzzling problem.
Been playing this for years. Just logged into the app and can’t restore my pervious purchase. I’m being told I have to rebuy the game again basically, and I will because I love this game, but was hoping I don’t have too.
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6 years ago, Nick none
Graphics in 4.4.x updates are awful
Nice game, lots of fun, but now painful to look at with very poor quality graphics in latest 4.4 updates on my iPad. The screenshots in the App Store actually show the higher graphics from the previous releases. As App Store won't let me downgrade I'll probably stop playing, because the poor graphics are painful to look at, which is a shame.
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5 years ago, wubwub
Great lightweight boardgame
Simple area control with unit promotion. The ai is challenging enough to keep the many many levels fresh. Really enjoying working through the levels.
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6 years ago, Ridersnipes
Great game!
Super fun game with difficulties for people half asleep to the best of strategist. Really would love to see a multiplayer aspect even as a pass and play but other than that awesome game; highly recommended to all!
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1 year ago, DL500
Fun puzzle game that I don’t get tired of
Pretty fun boardgame-like puzzle game with lots of maps. The difficulty options have a good variety.
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3 years ago, mediamarine
Slay game
This game is extremely easy to play and great for beginners. I would definitely share this for others to play. The game is tactile ❤️
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7 years ago, Nickbergeron
Best app in the store.
I have been in love with this app for months. I played over 200 hours easily, and it will never get old. But I would LOVE to see any update whatsoever.
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3 years ago, Add 75ut2
We want a sequel
this game is fantastic; I’d love to see a sequel with a little more depth; maybe siege units or naval units or something or some more unique maps like in conquest
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5 years ago, ChristopherHale
Great Quick Games
There are so many maps, the difficulty scales well and I still enjoy playing it.
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7 years ago, WDM32
Love this game
When I play Slay my mind just shuts out the rest of the world. I even play this while on the exercise bike. Exercise is over in no time.
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5 years ago, Medina.bear
First Every Review
Hey, I want to thank you for adding the local play, I can finally play against my friends. I have a few suggestions. 1. If you can make it iPhone X compatible. 2. Improve the design of the game and make it more Fantasy and a little Modern. Thanks really all and I hope to see this improve. The game will never die if one persons enjoys it and spreads it.
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6 years ago, FrustratedEG1
Still can’t put it down.
Love the game. Slowed down for a bit but the update fixed it.
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2 months ago, Nika333
My favorite game
I play this game to relax. I also use this game as a way to shut down my ADHD brain so I can fall asleep. I love this game!
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1 year ago, Krolart
Good game
Easy but good time killing games. Wish there were more maps.
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2 years ago, Eriptron
Fun game.
Graphics is better on my old iPad than on my iPhone 12. It’s slightly blurred when zoomed large enough to see.
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2 years ago, QgjhkrhdtojE5788
Fun game, no ads.
Good strategy game. Comes with 100+ levels. Buy more if needed. Turn based. No adds every few mins, or at all.
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