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User Reviews for Sleep Fan

4.79 out of 5
27K Ratings
9 months ago, RuxpinRob
A must for fan sleepers!!
I have used this app for probably 4-5 years now. I used to sleep with a real fan on for the noise and would turn it away from me. Now I use this app instead! My favorite is the box fan. I also you to bring a small fan with me when I would road trip or fly somewhere, but with this app I don’t have to! If you have headphones and you need to catch a nap, it’s perfect as well to drown out everything else. I’ve been a truck driver for years and with this app it’s also easier to sleep during the day after driving all night! I close all my curtains to block out the daylight and put it on loudest box fan mode and I’m able to sleep through all the daytime noise! I’d be lost for sleeping if I didn’t have it! My wife has even liked it when I’m home from being in the road and use it on my nightstand to sleep at night. I don’t like quiet, I can’t sleep! It drowns out traffic and barking neighborhood dogs! Anyways, get it and try it! It’s awesome!
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5 years ago, TheOriginalWriter
I’ve been using this thing for at least 4+ years
I’m pretty sure it’s been this long. If not longer. I cannot use any other fan app after using this one for so long(got an Alexa and tried using their fan app - just could not do it). I love this thing. I use it every single night I go to sleep, have been for years. It almost seconds as an alarm because the moment it stops running my brain is like “hey get up your fan just turned off after running it for 8 hours”. And it almost is used for a way for me to be able to tell how long I slept if I’ve just kept it on the 12 hour run cycle. So if I wake up and there is two hours left for it to run I know I got 10 hours of sleep and I need to get up and moving. Anyway, I felt the need to write a review because I’ve been using this app for forever and will continue to use it for an eternity.
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2 years ago, Ellie usinxnckdis
I use this everyday
I am an absolute wus and have to sleep with some sort of white noise. As someone who travels a lot I don't always have access to my noise machine in my room. I've had this app for all of high school and used it still in college. I use it when my roommates are too loud and I need to block out their noise, when the birds are chirping too loud, when I'm at the library trying to study, when I'm trying to sleep without my noise machine, and so many other times. This app saved me even if it's a silly fan noise. So easy to use too I just set it for the amount of time I'm going to sleep and then I don't hear anything else all night. Shoutout sleep fan I love you so much!
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7 years ago, Dragonraver
Pros and Cons
Normally I would say I love this ap, I use it every single night. Lately however, unfortunately the advertisements they force you to click through before you can use the ap are purposely designed to keep you from being able to quickly click through them. They've made it so that the X icons to close them don't actually work the first 9 or 10 times you try to press it, which is an obvious ploy to make sure poeple are actually looking at the advertisements before it lets you close them. But they don't seem to realize that this is the worse ap to "f" with people like that because by the time you're ready to turn the ap on, you're dead tired and irritable and barely able to keep your eyes open, and the last thing you have patience for is incredibly annoying and persistent advertisements that won't let you close them. If they can fix that issue, I'll revise my rating to 5 stars.
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3 years ago, SusieQ1812
The best sleep aid!
I’ve always had a hard time sleeping without a fan running in the background, I burned through more fans then I can count though the years and traveling was horrible because I couldn’t take a fan with me and there are plenty of times there isn’t anything to be used. One night I was traveling and I was desperate for sleep so I tried several apps but none worked as I could pick up the repeating sound over and over. I found this one and it’s been working so great! I have no problem keeping my iPhone or iPad plugged in all night and letting this app run. It really is the best sleep aid!!
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7 years ago, Akid27
This app changed my life
That sounds ridiculous but it's true. I hate being cold, I don't need a fan for at least 9 months out of the year as long as I continue to find myself in a situation financially stable enough to have AC during the summer.. this app has the box fan noise I grew up with during my childhood. It's wonderful and you can set it for a timer. Im so used to it that I immediately wake up when it stops. I also recently added a stream noise with another app and this one still plays in the background.. so now I feel like I'm sleeping in a cabin with a fan with a stream out back. IT IS MAGICAL.
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7 years ago, Bob,a,booey
This app is the only way I can fall asleep within minutes. I can even take a quick nap and fall asleep by listening to this. You don't need an actual fan to hear the noise, and I like that because fans sometimes dry the air out really bad. Another cool thing is once you're used to sleeping with it you can use it as an alarm. I wake up when the fan stops. So time it to when you need to wake up and it's more gentle than an alarm. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because sometimes the app won't open, or run or whatever, and it freezes. I've even had to delete it and download it again. This always seems to happen when I am exhausted too. All in all a fantastic sleep aid.
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4 years ago, Sugabeets
Use every single night
I love this app!! 6+ years finally time to rate and review..give respect, pay it forward, appreciate the small things!! This FREE app is so worth the few seconds of advertising, sleep is essential and this app helps to facilitate slumber. Also, the people who are complaining are somehow missing out on the fact that a lot of people spent a lot of time developing this app and that in order for progression to occur, people should be compensated for their valuable time... So yeah, this is the absolute best app to drown out city / roommate noise, and it’s multi faceted. Thanks for lulling my to sleep every night! (Priceless)
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3 years ago, SoCuteBleh1345
This app has been awesome, when I got over to my friends house a lot of them don’t have fans so I search for fan apps and I look at the reviews and a lot of them are bad reviews or horrible sounds. I tried this app because I was tired and ready to go to sleep and my friends had no fan so I was searching all the reviews are good and this app is the best I will use it every time I got to a friends house even if they have a fan! 😂😂 This app is amazing though I will use this forever I can finally go to sleep now hallelujah!! 😴🙏✨⭐️🌙
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4 years ago, emma899151
Why must the app be open for the fan to be running?
Absolutely have loved this app for years and for the longest time the fan noise has continued whether you locked your phone or went to another app. I just experienced for the first time the app not working if you lock your phone and just used the noise anyways but woke up and my phone was at a crazy high temperature from being unlocked and used all night... has anyone else experienced this problem?
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3 years ago, Runamokqt
Thank You!
For longer than I can remember I’ve been mostly getting 4-5 hours sleep a night. I’ve tried those nature sounds apps, melatonin, meditation, and breathing exercises they all worked but it generally took an hour or two. I’ve consistently slept over 7 hrs each night for the last 2 weeks since using this app, and I’m asleep in minutes. Seriously thank you I finally feel rested in the morning, my mood has improved, and my energy level has increased.
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3 years ago, sivory&sweet
Forget to bring your sleep fan on vacation? NO WORRIES!!!
This app absolutely saved my husband and I on our week long vacation. We forgot our box fan that we sleep with every night, as I was on the way to Walmart to buy another fan, my brother in law told us about this app and we were able to keep some extra spending money in our pocket! I am not kidding, if you have gotten into the addictive habit of using white noise to sleep at night, this app is the perfect travel happy version.
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7 years ago, Anamg21
Must download
This app is fantastic and puts me (and anyone that’s around me- friends or bf) right to bed. I’ve tried other apps with all the fancy noises, but they never seem to work out for me. They also have those dumb packages you can buy for certain noise types- also annoying. I like that I don’t have to buy anything on here and the sounds are spot on. I normally use a fan for spring and summer, but this app is perfect for colder weather. I don’t mind the ad issue, everyone’s got to make their money somehow. Great job guys. ☺️
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5 years ago, josephsaenz
works well, but even so, eh.
works well for while noise. can make sound, even after you press the sleep button, which is nice if u need it to be absolutely dark when you sleep. the reason I give them a 1-star review is the ads. I don’t mind the ads existing (I mean I use it while I sleep), but as of late, the ads have not been so much full-size ads with just a picture, like one would expect, but lately they’ve been videos and they are LOUD. If the app is meant to be used while you’re sleeping, or getting ready to sleep, why the HECK would they have ads loud enough that they literally startle me at night and get my heart racing. I can’t help but feel like this is absolutely deliberate. 1 star until this goes away. I don’t like this at all.
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4 months ago, SamanthaLeeAnne
Saves me when I travel!
What I appreciate more than anything is that the app is FREE. No tricks to get you buy some bogus subscription. There is an ad before you can press play but I’m completely fine with it in the developers use that income to avoid doing subscriptions! I am a girly that NEEDs a lot of sleep and I can’t fall asleep without a fan. I use this when I travel and sometimes I’ll use it on planes to help me fall asleep too. Please never change this app!!
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2 years ago, TarHeelSandy
Ads turn off fan noise
Absolutely loved this app for years. It’s helped me sleep on flights across US and Europe but now they serve ads with videos imbedded that turn off the fan. Totally interrupts the white noise, the very reason I’m using the fan. Please only serve static banner ads. The videos totally ruin the user experience. Have to give a low rating that would be a 5 star otherwise.
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4 years ago, BelliRex
New update
Love the app, thanks for helping me sleep. However, with the new update the sound will stop if I lock my phone or minimize the app and it didn’t do that before. Can you revert it back so that it keeps making sound even after locking phone? Also, when I scroll to 11 hours to set the time I have to wait until it rests on 11 before selecting done or it won’t register. Can you fix it so I can just scroll to the end and hit done without waiting for it to finish resting on 11?
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7 years ago, Lightning Lisa
Simple fan noise
Pretty cool app. Saving me right now because I'm traveling without my white noise machine. I used to have a different app I liked better where you could combine noises but this one is OK. I don't like that you have to set timer each time, it could be an option but it's a hassle when going through fans to see which one you like. In general I would prefer to pay a couple dollars for an app I really like then to see the advertising. Actually the only fan noise I even like is the first one.
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7 years ago, #ohheykt
Perfect - highly recommend
I tried a bunch of different fan apps and this one is the best one. Different kinds of fans to find your perfect sound to fall asleep too, all really high quality. It has a timer so I guess you could use it to wake up if you wanted to/could. We love it, it's a must have when we travel. The ads are not a problem at all. Make your money Sleep Fan, thanks for the free service!
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4 years ago, KLKetch
I’ve been using this app for about 4-5 years. Every. Single. Night. But the past few days, when I minimize the app or my phone screen shuts off, the app/fan stops working and silences. It’s becoming quite frustrating because I’d like to get to sleep and now I have to keep trying it over and over again. And tonight’s it’s not working for me :(
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5 years ago, MargeuriteWallace
Great app - perfect for light sleepers
You would think I’m a heavy sleeper the way I can sleep through the night without waking up to small noises, but it’s the way this app can drown out background noises so well. I like that there’s 4 different options of fan sounds and you can set a timer on them. Each one to me has a smoothing sound as I just generally like the white noise from fans. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, meissammy177
Good when traveling or taking a nap somewhere
I usually sleep with a fan on so this is great when there’s no fan around. I’ve been using this fan app since I was 13 now I’m almost 20 and still use it. It’s great when ur away or at someone’s house and just want to sleep. This app has really helped in many ways and if you’re someone who needs a fan to sleep like me, I suggest highly to download it.
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7 years ago, Kayla80108010
I house sit for family friends, and ideally try not to waste their electricity. In the quiet of their home at night this keeps my mind at bay with "what goes bump in the night". I also use it to drown out sounds like geese and low-flying single airplanes at my boyfriends(lives by a private airport). Perfect app and have been using it for a few years now. Don't mind the ads either, thank you for having it be free!
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3 years ago, Bee Smith 🐝🐝🐝
I really love this app
I’ve tried a lot of apps, some with subscriptions. This one is free, and it has a great timer feature. It helps when the hubby is up still and moving around and overall helps me settle down. I have a nonverbal learning disability and this app really helps soothe me when I get overstimulated. 10/10 recommend. Going to try their meditation noise one for meditating too.
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6 years ago, Tanjaputman
Best fan sound app
I have to have noise when I go to sleep and usually I run a fan but in the winter my husband doesn’t want the fan on.. after I found this app I thought I would try it... works perfect! And it’s free!!! Yeah you have to click the ads closed but they only come up when you turn it on... I set the app for 2 hours (so I can fall asleep) and the ads do not interrupt it.
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3 years ago, k3eP_on3_RolL3D
I love this app, I have been using it for years. Hasn’t failed me. I love you Sleep Fan.
I can't believe I haven't written a review for this app yet. It's so easy to use and the fan sounds help go to sleep instantly. I've been using this app for a long time and never had a problem with it. I recommend this app to anyone looking for fan sounds to help sleep. Thanks for the app!
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4 years ago, isabelleusaga
Disappointed recently.
I have been a user of this app for years, recommended it to my family and friends. Recently, very time I click out of the app or lock my phone, the fan noise stops. I don’t know why and it’s driving me kind of nuts. And I tried to just have my phone open while playing the fan, but since I play it all night my phone literally overheated and I couldn’t use it( my phone is an iPhone 11). Please help fix this issue! I would be more than happy to change my review once the change is made!
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7 years ago, BrandyBonin
This is the only fan app you'll EVER need!
This app is amazing! I use it every single night. I have a horrible time falling asleep because of my husband's constant snoring. I put this fan on, put my headphones 🎧 in and I'm off to sleep almost instantly! If you're having trouble falling asleep, give this app a go. It's free! It'll give you a good night sleep and it just might save your marriage. 💝
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2 years ago, Brittany Guiardelli
Stops playing
I used to love this app, it was the best to fall asleep to;however, every time I use it now it stops playing which wakes me up. I don’t know if it’s the ad cue that makes it stop playing but within 20 minutes or so of having it on, even with the longest set timer it will stop having sound. The timer will still be going but no sound comes out. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app with no success. Really bummed. It was great when it worked!
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5 years ago, Pig snatcher
Good app, but needs some improvements
I love this app, in fact, I use it every night. However, recently some of the ads have had sound or music, which is disturbing and disruptive right before bed. This app helps calm me down, but recently has been getting me worked up at bedtime. Please remove ads with sound. I don’t mind watching an ad, but the sounds are loud and make the purpose of this app irrelevant.
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4 years ago, KG5JVL
Years of Great Sleep
This app is still as fantastic as ever! It got me through that summer in high school that I worked overnights. It got me through that semester in college where my roommate would watch tv until 6am. It got me through housing transitions and creepy house noises leaving college. I still use it multiple times a week. Stick with the classics, you won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, Han-Banana01234567
This has been a great fan app that I have used for a long time and has helped me sleep but cannot hear the noise when I turn off my phone. This only happens sometimes but recently I can’t use the app because of this. I can hear the noise when I turn on my ringer but even with that when I turn off my phone it also turns off the noise. This annoying when I’m tired and want to go to bed and can’t get it to work properly. Any suggestions on how to fix this or is it a glitch??
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2 years ago, H.McDaniel
Years later, still love it!
I’ve been using this app for over 5 years. I mainly used it for my son when he was a baby. He loved it! I use it every night to help myself sleep. I also use it for my daughter who’s only a few months old and she finds it calming too. Absolutely love this app!
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4 years ago, stefuhkneeeee92
Cannot get the app to work on when my phone is on silent mode, on another app, or on locked mode, which is annoying because I’ve used this app for years. Completely annoyed that I could be woken up by a call/text/notification due to app changes.
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3 years ago, Be aware of hackers of roblox.
Amazing! ❤️😁⭐️
This app doesn’t take up too much room and sounds exactly like a fan. I can’t sleep without a fan and this app is perfect for camping! Good if you get cold in the night but like to hear something. I usually use the first fan but have tried them all and they are all excellent! ⭐️🤍❤️😀😁
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4 years ago, dwoodjazz
I would pay $$
Last night the AirBnB neighbors had an all out party ironically just hours after we had a conversation about sleep aid apps. I cracked open the sleep fan app and slept like a baby thereafter. I would could totally see a pro version with a gazillion options. Sign me up!!
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1 year ago, Cassamillion
Odd sound coming through
I have been using this app for months without an issue. Yesterday and today, I have noticed a sound through the fan noise. Almost like an ad or something is playing in the background but I can only hear certain keys over the fan sound. I’m sad about it because I’ve tried multiple fan types and can hear it still. I don’t know if my brain is doing it or if it’s actually a thing. I haven’t seen any other comments about it yet.
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4 years ago, Arrow&@4
Overheats phone
I used this app for a few days and noticed my phone was getting hot and actually vibrating while the app was running. After a few days I started getting concerned with how hot my phone AND charging cord were getting while app was running. It worried me that it could be a fire hazard so I stopped using. I’ve never had an app do this to my phone and this only occurs when running this app. I wish I could use it because it is the best sounding fan I have found in a sleep app so far.
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3 years ago, Dolly Mollett
A must have 💜
This is great sound for fan lovers if you love the sound of a fan but don’t want to be cold this is the app for you I can’t sleep without it I love love love it I have had it for like 4 years now I set it for the time I want when it shuts off I automatically wake up no alarm needed
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1 year ago, madmouser801
Fan app working out well
I use iPhone alarm clock, but don’t like the abrupt awakening. Use timer on the fan app to turn off fan five minutes before alarm goes off. Fan sound stopping is usually enough to wake me in time to turn off annoying alarm.
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4 years ago, tori0243
So user friendly and won’t bombard you with adds!
This app is amazing and really doesn’t show adds that often which makes it super used friendly. It also has a timer feature that makes it really easy to track how long you sleep! By far the best fan app:)!
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5 years ago, Alaskan3456754
I use it everynight
I loveee this app, I use it everynight before I go to bed and have been for a good 5 years! I even use it when I go out camping when I have enough battery. The only down side is that sometimes it will close out on its own. I would be sleepless without it!!
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4 years ago, Jcat43452
Good sound but obnoxious ads
App recently added different ad types that are the super sleezy, full-screen takeovers with no visual exit. The kind you have to click in all corners and around the screen to get it to close, and then you’ve got 14 tabs of the worst spam open. It’s happened a few times now. Got about 2 tries left and I’ll move to another app. Fan sound is good tho. Nice variety. Simple interface.
Show more
7 years ago, Rayne2Day
Tried other apps, this is the best!
I tried other free fan apps but always come back to this one. Love that you have 4 options of different fan sounds and you can set the timer to shut off after different times so you don't kill your battery all night.
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3 years ago, Seubert1229
Use it every night, all night!
Only complaint is, I would like a “no timer” option... 12hrs sometimes isn’t long enough lol tends to wake us up on those days we’re it’s nice to either stay in bed all day or just simply listen to the noise longer than 12 hrs. Thanks 😀
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4 years ago, DRL's Mommy
I’ve had this app fir a few years now and it is fantastic! But here lately it shuts itself off after a few minutes. I keep restarting it and eventually it works but it quite annoying when I’m trying to
Show more
3 years ago, kraf516
Good nights sleep
I’ve always grown up with fans for sleeping. So, as an adult I cant sleep without a fan in the background to sleep. It’s my “White noise”. I’ve used the sleep fan app for every time I traveled away from home . Whether I’m in Rome , Ireland or Washington DC my fan app assures a good nights sleep!
Show more
2 years ago, ColeKody
How great the app is
Me and my family all have to have the fan sound without it it is very hard to sleep would recommend this to anyone who prefers to have a fan noise with great audio. Do yourself a favor and use this freakin app!!
Show more
6 years ago, ChanceTheCracker
Great for sleep
I’ve used this app for several months now, and it works like a charm! The axial fan in particular sounds just like a regular fan, and the timer is very convenient. Ads only pop up on first opening, and can be immediately exited from, so no worries there. Five stars!
Show more
3 years ago, Timbers75
Used for 6 years.
Overall have been very happy. This last month or so the app has not played the audio for longer that a second. I’ve had many friends and family as about what happened.. they got the app because I told them about it.. very dissatisfied. The other apps are nothing like this app when it actually worked correctly
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