Slender Rising

4.6 (135)
219.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michael Hegemann
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slender Rising

4.61 out of 5
135 Ratings
5 years ago, never disapointing.
Campaign and multiplayer
What I really like about slendersaurus rex is that he never leaves you alone. But you should make it a multiplayer thing where a group goes camping and they have to make it back to civilization and survive the slendersaurus Rex. And a campaign and every time you pass a level, it gets harder and harder to get out of slendersaurus’ trap. And at the end you have a job to kill ALL of the creepy pastas including Jason, slendersaurus, Freddy cougar, bendy from bendy And the ink machine and five nights at Freddy’s Animatronics. I’m not complaining I’m suggesting that you at least add a multiplayer and a campaign. Over all the game is amazing and addicting. Oh and also, add a feature to have your pick of another creepy pasta so slender isn’t alone.
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8 years ago, It is never not time to fast
Definitely worth the money
This is actually more smooth of a game than The Arrival is on the Xbox 360. It also has more actual content, too. I can't tell if it has more or the same amount of content than I thought it would have. It has four maps. It has two gamemodes. It has four different ambiences to choose for whichever map you chose. So, basically you have dozens of maps, in terms of variety of gameplay. Not only that, but you can also change the type of light; you can choose a normal flashlight, a limited battery light, a lantern, or no flashlight. The only thing I want is another slender rising. Slender rising three. If it happens, I hope there would be a carnival map, a swamp map, a suburb, and a warehouse.
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9 years ago, MzStephFlores
Scariest & Most Thrilling Game!
This game is the best! The creators really understand how to create and manipulate fear. While I do get annoyed by Slender's frequent teleportation, it does add another element of surprise to the game. I played the free version, became obsessed, and had to download the full version. The full version offers additional settings, including the ability to play during a thunderstorm and set the game level to "Insanity" (pretty's insane). If you want to be scared out of your mind in a non-gruesome yet completely terrifying way, then this is the game for you.
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3 years ago, GtGudKid
Used to have this on my old account
Used to have this game on my old account on my iPhone 5s. So I decided to come back and rebuy it to see if I can get the nostalgia of once playing this game. It’s still a great game don’t get me wrong. It’s just the screen size was never updated to fit the new iPhone 12 mini (and I’m guessing all iPhone 10 and up) so I’m forced to play like I was on the iPhone 5s. It’s not a bad purchase though, just wish this was fixed and it’s highly unlikely it will be (last update 5 years ago). 3 stars.
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8 years ago, Master117DIF
Surprisingly not famous!!!
This has got to be the most quality, content filled and chilling slender I've ever played, but for some reason is not on top. More work went into this game then the infamous "Slender the Arrival," i don't understand why the crap slenders are more famous than these games, in my opinion this game is more fun and just all around better than all the slenders I've played and I've played ALL OF THEM!!
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5 years ago, GrimlockTheGamer117
I love it
I wish that u can take control of slender and make a multiplayer matches this will make players want to play this game because it’s fun and scary! Anyways the graphics r amazing and the model of slenderman is realistic i hope the creater doesn’t delete this game because I just bought it.
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1 year ago, Needs to be like PC
Amazing even at Today’s Standards!
Wish the creator would make a remake with the more powerful hardware and software available now! Even an update with new features on Slender Rising and the 2nd one would be so cool! This game is still fun and well-made!
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5 years ago, left xan suzuki method
Constant Crashing
Update - got your response. It’s working now, no worries. Thank you! The moment I start a level, the game crashes entirely. I’ve tried restarting the app, and even my phone several times. I paid money for this app. I expect it to work.
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5 years ago, Bjgjgshisgisgkg
If your the creators/developers of this game please respond
This game is my favorite horror mobile game and it's also very nostalgic to me. I was wondering if I could somehow find the audio of the piano in the title screen because it's so nostalgic to me and I'd love to listen to it on loop
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9 years ago, brando827
Amazing Graphics and Gameplay
This game is so addicting, yet terrifying at the same time. My friend and I play this on the school bus sometimes to awaken ourselves. I highly recommend his app, as it is the best slender game I have gotten so far...
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2 years ago, boioficecreamlol
Awesome game for a quick spook
This game is good for the price. I like the variation of modes and the logic for The lost ward not having storm is cool. This game is awesome for just a quick spook and good for long play sessions! Awesome game 9 years ago, good game in 2022
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8 years ago, Randomsongguylololol
You have a sense...
Whenever I play the game I collect a sign and the game stops then continues and I look behind me and he's there so now I know when to run!
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6 years ago, Dotti35
Best game ever
I have played this game for 3 days and I am already hooked this is one of those thriller games that will really freak you out like I said you should get this game
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4 years ago, njdragonlover
Was not emotionally prepared
10/10 would buy again.
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5 years ago, dead._.Epic
The game doesn’t support iPhone 10’s screen.
it’s a nice game I played the free version but then I thought that maybe the paid version will support iPhone X so I got the paid version but I was wrong please make the game screen support iPhone X thank you.
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6 years ago, cade528
This game is one of my favorite games. Slenderman gets really mad when you find 4 signs. I like the different maps. It’s a very cool game.
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4 years ago, DIMABELARUS
What Update I want
I wish there’s more Game Over Screens and uhh... more maps.. When will that be coming? Or not..
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8 years ago, Higgins6303
Sooooooo much fun to play tons of content to keep you busy you must get no adds or anything just pure genius get it now
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5 years ago, jcm23600
Best scary game xD
This games is the best it’s worth buying it and they should do a multiplayer game too lesta how much can we get the papers xD 📝
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8 years ago, Bbd62
A spooky experience at best!
This game is great. It give me a spook every time I play it!!
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8 years ago, Thurmthurm69931359
Wouldn't even start up and when it did one time it was super glitchy and immediately shut off so I deleted and redone loaded and was the same case I want my money back for a ripoff game like this want my money back
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5 years ago, Evill Kitty Demon
I’m not scared
I like the hanging tree the one that has hang thingy
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8 years ago, George Rodriguez 619
Best horror game
Simply worth it.
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3 weeks ago, Markmark🎃
Slender Man
This is a fun and scary game will their ever be a wide screen option and Bluetooth controller support ??
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5 years ago, Queen_Mila
This game is not that scary. It is a guy with no face after you. There is no action like most horror games .I wasted my money.😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
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11 years ago, Glitchy647
Not Bad. In fact, Pretty Good.
I bought this game almost right after it came out. I still play it and think Its the best slender game out there for IOS. However, (uh oh, here comes the downside) I also bought the official "Slender: The Arrival" by Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios after, a little while ago. My opinion changes a little. First off, I think that it's stupid to swipe at the screen to turn away from slender. It kind if ruins the whole "jump-scare" concept. If you took this out, you'd have a lot more to look towards. The graphics are alright, I don't expect anything too much, but for a very clear difference between the processor on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, there should be settings to change graphics and blah blah blah. And while you're at it, I'd like to be able to look down and up, not just at an angle. I have one more thing I'd like to suggest. Slender's AI is pretty crappy. I know you're using unreal, and the arrival uses unity (rivals!) but that doesn't mean I don't expect to turn around and have slender RIGHT THERE. That's how to game should feel. And make it look like its through a camera as well, or have that as an option. BUT WHAT THIS SLENDER GAME HAS THAT NO OTHER GAME DOES ISSSSSSSS.... Actual Worthwhile Updates! In each update there's always a new place, always something big and new to explore or try, and that's what keeps it interesting! Keep it up! And thanks for making an awesome game!
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5 years ago, ksmit123432
Fix pls
Exits out of game and won’t start, iPhone XR paid for nothing
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7 years ago, Galadina
Stupid, waste of time
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7 years ago, Universal Man 3646
Holy balls this is awesome
Ermagherd download its
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11 years ago, The Purple Iguana
Please make a story mode
The games good, but lacking modes. Story mode would be a great thing to add. Use all 4 of the maps or any other maps you may add in the story mode. You could start out in desolate town, looking for your lost child or friend. Here you would look for evidence for the lost person like clothing, items, or journals of the person. Slender man captures you and you wake up in the forest. there you must collect all 7 pages to escape him. Then you go to the woods where one of the pages told you to go, and you look for some kind of building or structure were the note says the person is hiding. In the woods slender man should be very aggressive while you try to find the building. When you find the building (the building being lost ward) you have to search for keys to open doors , trying to find your friend or kid. Slender man is now insanely aggressive, and it would be really cool to add the proxy or masky chasing you around the building. Once you find the friend or kid, you must escape the building, while slender and the proxy are super aggressive. Then add an ending cinematic. BOOM! I just gave you a complete storyline that you can work with the things you've already made. Now I want to see this happen!
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11 years ago, Naterkix
Updates helped immensely
While the game is still fairly simple (and hard) the updates not only show the maker actually cares about his work but have improved the game a lot. There are now four different control options, two game modes (find as many signs as you can until you die (?) or find seven and win), two different maps, a kind of "sign radar" that will pop up with an arrow pointing in the direction of an arrow when close to a sign (this can be toggled on/off in options) along with technical improvements. The addition of strange whisperings when close to a sign and the ability to turn the flashlight on and off (off helps a avoid the Slenderman somewhat but makes it harder to see) really helps with the atmosphere and remind me a lot of the Playstation 1 & 2 era Silent Hill games. The gameplay isn't terribly deep deep but the execution of mood makes it 10 times as unsettling as nearly every AAA "survival horror" games from the last four or so years. Some unlockables or even achievements would help immensely but as a simple "avoid the monster" kind of game it works and plays well and (from the ones I've played) is the best Slender game currently on the App Store People were offended by a game over screen in a horror game? Seriously? I'm sorry to say but if you're that easily offended maybe survival horror isn't the genre for you..
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11 years ago, eduardo7delgado
EASILY the best Slender Man game I have played. Better than the Pc version if you ask me. Everyone should know that this is definitely the only Slender Man game in the App Store that is legitimately scary, and very very well made. I use an iPhone 5 and I couldn't be happier with how smooth and functional everything is. The only complaint I have is that although the most recent update gave the game some nice tweaks and additions such as the Desolate Town area, the new sounds of crying that play when a page is nearby sounds a lot like moaning and for me, takes away from the fear. Just my opinion. If prefer hearing deeper whispers that are more subtle instead of the loud moaning. It doesn't break the game or anything though. Overall, a fantastic Slender Man game that really delivers on all fronts! 4/5 stars UPDATE: as much as I love the new sound effects and the new environment in this update. I don't like the new visuals when you lose, the game over screen is just much too corny with the bloody eyes. It's trying way too hard if you ask me. And the new slender man model is way too cartoony as well. His tentacles look more like spider legs now. I'd really like to see some changes back to the last slendy. Still a fantastic game though. Just some really unnecessary changes that really take from the overall tone and experience in my opinion. I miss the old slenderman. 3/5 stars.
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12 years ago, I. Suau
Best Slender game for iPod/iPad
Ok so I don't usually write reviews for apps but I just had to do it for this one. I've browsed around searching for games that are just as good as the original Slender game. I tried the on that's entitled Slender but it wasn't that good. I am sooooooooo glad I came across this one. Grafics are beyond amazing, the controls available for the game are just superb. I was gonna review the previews version about how great it was, but after the update I said "wow" it just got better and i never thought it was possible, I thought it was scary before but this is just amazing. The original slender game doesn't scare me as much as this one. This is just as good and if not better than the original game. If you want a Slender game for your iPad get this one. Fans of the Slender games will not be disappointed. it's worth every penny, and more how is this game so cheap for how good it is, it's way too good to be true. I don't see any cons in this. And keep an eye out for updates because the last one was mind blowing, the game's creator knows exactly what the fans want to see, he knows how to scare and knows a lot about horror. I salute you game creator for making one of the best games on the app store, you rock. :-D
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11 years ago, Quinkan96
Top-Notch Terror
Each time I've played this game, I've been scared witless and impressed. The gameplay is amazingly smooth, and the graphics are realistic to a great extent. The version 5 update is outstanding; the Lost Ward map matches Slenderman perfectly; I don't know of any other Slenderman games that have a mental hospital map. The new difficulty levels are a nice touch; different strategies are needed for each. The new Slenderman model is incredibly horrific; I like how he's not proportioned to a Human. I did like how the head was before, with it's skull-like facade, but now, it's just downright INHUMAN. The strange gashes that made Slendy's mouth previously now take up half his head, and I can't compare that new cranial design to anything in my memory. The signs always have unsettling and disturbing messages and images (I take a screenshot of each new sign I come across). The new game over screen is disturbing... I didn't expect to see gouged out eyes. But hey, it adds to the game's haunting fear factor. All in all, this has got to be the best Slenderman game for iOS. Five stars are deserving if this game. Kudos to you.
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12 years ago, Cayfabe
It'll get there... someday...
Slender Rising on iOS had the potential to be something great, but fell flat on the basic aspects of the design and presentation. In this version of the iOS Slender spinoffs, the same basic objectives apply to the core gameplay as the original pc game, along with the addition of "the endless stare" mode which is a mode in which you collect as many pages as you can before the Slender man can get you. This mode is a welcome addition, but does not add much to the actual gameplay itself. The game is good visual, though nothing that will stun you in terms of what these app store games are capable of. The audio is not as immersive as it was in the original, and at times can actually ruin the game and idea. The deep iconic piano hit is found in the game, though it's effect is quite weak since the Slender man is very inconsistent in terms how and when he pops up. This is the deal breaker that separated this game from being ok to being great. The world just feels so disjointed compared to the original on the pc, and could greatly use a revision in terms of delivery on the iOS. I wish I could love this game more, as I did the original, but there are just not enough good reasons to purchase this game even at $1. Very disappointed, but I am optimistic that there will be a mobile Slender game that can hold up to the high standards of the original.
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12 years ago, D MCCreedy
Scary fun!
Usually when I'm watching a scary movie I can tell when something scary is about to happen and it never really surprises me. There's something about playing a scary game tho that draws you in and gets you focusing on one thing and then out of nowhere rahhhhhhh!!!!! That is how slender rising is a great scary game that keeps you on ur guard the whole game but still freaks you out everytime ole slendy jumps outta nowhere. My brother kept telling me to get it and how cool it was so I finally said ok I'll give it a shot, thinking I already know all about the gimmicks so its not gonna get me. I was wrong. This game gets me everytime and I still have to come back for more. YOU SHOULD PLAY WITH HEADPHONES FOR BEST EXPERIENCE. Great game, go buy it and support the best slender app available;) Update:) nice touch controls added and also 2 game modes. Also I failed to mention in my initial review that its a cool touch to have the option to at during a foggy day or pitch black night time with a flashlight. Been playing for a few weeks now and it still scares me haha!!! Great game and thanks for the updates!
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12 years ago, Plumtree23
Im typically not a fan of Slenderman games because they ruined the name of slenderman and they are all exactly the same, but this game is awesome. I didnt expect much, i thought "its gonna look bad, run terrible, and control like crap, i bet it wont even be scary" BOY WAS I WRONG. This game is the exact opposite of what i expected. Unlike the other IOS slender games, this is pretty scary. The foggy atmosphere is awesome, its scary even in daytime mode. The control selection in the options is perfect, i found the exact control scheme i wanted. The game runs very smooth, and it controls very well. The brand new "swipe to escape Slenderman's stare" feature is awesome. This game makes my heart beat like a horror game should, and as a horror game fan, i love it. The levels are well made and look like thought was put into them. Overall, this is the best slenderman game i have ever played, and despite the title being "Slender Rising" (thats what i mean by ruin the name of slenderman) not "Slenderman Rising", this game is perfect. Even if you dont like slenderman, you should get this game. Definetly worth the cash
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10 years ago, Drew9122
So Amazing
As I went through the misty fog two things went through my mind was I crazy,or was I dreaming I knew I wasn't dreaming so I pinched myself just to make sure.i saw a tree in the distance and a piece of paper tapped on the tree I quickly ran to the tree I grabbed the paper off the tree quickly and saw on it run towards the old Cabin I saw the old cabin it looked about a mile a way so I decided to bolt towards the cabin.i finally reached the cabin and walked inside it looked very old the lights looked as if they were about to shut off they did I searched around more inside the cabin and saw a peace of paper it said can't escape I quickly turned around and notice there was a long slender man standing right behind me he had no face that's what terrified me most I said no this can't be I heard about him in the creepy pasta stories in school but never thought he was real after that day nobody knows what else happened to him it was all recorded never to be Hurd by the world that's what inspired me to download this game I'm playing now.
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11 years ago, Andrew8usa
Help plz! Huge bug in game!
I didn't want to hurt its reputation so I gave it a five cuz that's what it deserves except for this huge problem i have. When I started to download the newest update I was like "yay" new update! But it never let me finish the update. It said it could not complete it so i deleted the game and re-downloaded it but it didn't let me do that either. Also some suggestions are to add multiplayer in which up to 4 people work together to find the Signs. Also plz add some new levels and difficulty settings, battery life for the flashlight, and different types of carryable light sources such red flare and others. Also plz some new maps times of day. Otherwise thanks for looking at our comments to help improve your game it really makes you one of the best there is. For anyone wondering wether the game is worth the price or not, it is and will always be. It's the best OS version of slenderman to be released to this date.
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11 years ago, Dero74
Better than the PC version!
This slender app is better than the PC version. The graphics are top notch. The sounds are amazing and freaky. The way slender shows up and disappears is beyond scary. You hear your heart pounding, heavy breaths, you turn the corner and OMG HE'S RIGHT THERE! You turn and run, and discover that you're trapped. You turn back around and he's gone. It dead silent. Its like this app has the little details perfected to make everything as scary as possible! Pros: little details are perfect graphics are amazing sound is amazing options of controls and setting (you can use analog sticks, or a control similar to google maps) (in setting you can pick whether you want to be in the graveyard/nature or the city. everything is very realistic new setting coming soon! WORTH THE PRICE!!! legitimately scary Cons: (I can't find any, but I do wish that they would: add original settings (woods, hospital, elementary school) I hope they read reviews and update this game, but it is already exceeding my standards!!! If you are on the fence at all about this game... Buy it. It is the best slender game you will ever find! WORTH THE PRICE!!! By the way I already submitted this review and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the slender folks for listening in their new update!!! These people listen to reviews!!!!
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11 years ago, Bf3junkie
great game
this game is a great value for 2 bucks. very scary. sometimes you turn to look around for the signs and boom! there he is! the most I've gotten so far is 3 signs. Update: Been with this game since the start, when there was only one map, one mode (endless) and two times of day. it was worth two dollars then because it was so scary. since the updates it's worth at least seven. buy it now. the ambient sounds and music are extremely scary and the slender behavior is ridiculously scary. he won't just appear on your screen, it's almost like he actually thinks and follows you. fantastic game, would give it 7 stars. More: Just finished the desolate town in storm. best weather/time yet. the slender behavior is very scary too. I was walking down the street and some lightning flashed, and slendy was in the distance. I walked the other way and went down a dead end street, turned around and there he was!!! fresh pants please!
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11 years ago, DarkFart9927000
Amazing Game
This is TRULY a definitive Slender game. 10/10 on your graphics 9/10 on making it creepy. The jump scares are really frightening, Slenderman's actions are completely unpredictable, and I have a few suggestions: Make it an actual camcorder view, where the 90 degree angle bars are in the corners, it says REC with a blinking red dot it the top left, and there's a date and time at the bottom right corner. I've read many reviews saying multi-player mode. That would be fun, and give them character skins from Marble Hornets, Tribe Twelve, and EverymanHYBRID. An asylum, mansion, elementary school/high school, carnival, and swamp maps would be nice. Blizzard and Proxy modes, too. In blizzard, it is snowing with a heavy fog, you move slower, and you can see your breath. In Proxy mode, you play as one of three Proxies; Masky, Hoody, and the Proxy from Slender: The Arrival, who I have dubbed The Watcher. They each have special powers: Masky has a cleaver, Hoody has really strong arms, and The Watcher can do a crawl and pounce like the Hunter from Left 4 Dead. The point of Proxy mode is to hunt down and kill a group of people doing a documentary on Slendy. Whoever reaches 3 kills first plays as Slenderman himself. A story mode, we all know everyone wants that. You can choose between three campaigns, MH, T12, and EMH. They are all recreations of they're respective video series, but you make choices and there are different endings.
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11 years ago, Diamond angels
a really long review!
Once you see the reviews its not a game you hesitate from getting, this game gets amazing reviews because it is amazing! I love that you can break away from his "grip" on you. The controls take a bit to get used to, and I dont like that you click your destination rather than walking there yourself, in my opinion it takes away from the scare factor. Its probably as close as they will come to having the realness of the game, it actually might even have better graphics than the computer game. The maps are epic and its easy to want to stand there and take in the detail! (Though its something I don't recommend because HE WILL GET YOU!) It's really easy to find yourself going in circles and the maps are pretty big so its extremely helpful that there's a creepy sort of noise that plays as you get close to a note...but why are you still reading this? DOWNLOAD THE APP!
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11 years ago, Little miss critical
Insanely Fun, not all that scary
Slenderman isn't that scary, but this game is sooooo fun! I'm totally addicted! But, I gotta admit, the signs are pretty creepy. Once I got one that said "he's behind you" and I looked and he was behind me, staring into my soul. It was so creepy and I flung my iPod across the room! Seriously, get it. Update 5 Review- Well, let's start off with the bloody eyes. I'm so disappointed. I hate blood/gore. It's just not so scary to me. It's just disgusting and I hate that this game is going mainstream. Next- New Slendy Model It's sort of... Spider-like. But it's creepy, and I'm scared of spiders so it works ;) Although I would like the old one back. 3rd- Ward Mode I love it! It's creepy, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous. 4th- New Difficulty Levels Well, when I want to freak out my friends, I just put it on insanity. No complaint. I'm keeping it at 5 stars because the page said the bloody eyes will be removed in update 6. So yeah. Still love it! Update 6- Yesss score Bloody eyes were removed! And I can bring back the old model! So much yes Suggestions :)- -maybe an elementary school map? -blizzard mode! -a story mode -maybe proxies on insane difficulty levels -desolate island -maybe an alternate mode where you play as slenderman, or a proxy -a multiplayer mode where one person plays as slenderman, one person plays as the person. I love this game!
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11 years ago, Mr future man
Amazing game and bring back bloody eyes at the ends
First off I want to say if you find the bloody eyes at the end when you die offensive that's just stupid I mean it's a game if you don't like what's in it the dont play it at all I mean srsly... Over all it's a awesome game and I do agree there should be a multiplayer setting to where you can work together to find the pages and maybe even make the pages like the ones on the original slender game like always watches no eyes and no no no no and a bunch of other no's and sometimes this happens but sometimes when he is trying to kill you and you swipe away real quick it will bring it right back and he will get closer and eventually you will die and one last thing change it to where the endless stare to where only collect eight signs then he kills you like In the original slender game just ideas and thoughts
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11 years ago, A GUY 111388831
UPDATE: heck of a lot of props to this guy for GIVING THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. Great content update. I am excited to try the forest level, hopefully it's more faithful to the original PC game. UI: pretty ugly. Could use a revamp. 3/10 Graphics: really good. Great textures, good models. Fog, lightmaps and the night vision thing, all really good. Even slendy himself looks good. 9/10 Gameplay: default gameplay is horrendous, but the control selection screen is a bonus. the sticks are a little awkward and dragging to look slides a little after you let go. Not cool. Gameplay is pretty good, but does not meet iOS fps standards. 6/10. Differences between PC version: I am a fan of the PC version and its unique forest map. The maps in this are cool, new ideas, but do not compare to the original. The pages thing stays, rightfully, and overall, this game will impress fans of the PC version and is worth the money. It is a nice little way to play slender on the go. The graphics are better, but will likely be blown away by the PC's Slender: The Arrival, from the makers of the original, which is coming soon and I am looking forward to it. OVERALL: if you like slender, buy it. If you thought slender had terrible graphics, buy it. If you get really startled easily, and hate it, don't buy. Everyone else, get the free version and see if you like it.
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11 years ago, Nocephalitis
I usually just buy free apps and don't ever think twice about buying a paid one. When I bought the free version I decided it was so good that I HAD to pay for it. Some suggestions~ -A cave map -A carnival map -A port/boat map -Make it an option (switch in settings) for the grotesque eyes at the end of game (I personally thought it gave it a nice spooky twist to make me keep playing) -Add back the old slender model as well as the new one (once again with the switch in settings for new or old) -A new game mode (multiplayer through game enter or over the same wifi network) a 3-5 person group with one person playing as slenderman. Others are trying to find 7 signs for 3 players, 10 signs for 4 players, and 15 signs for 5 players. *note that when there are 3 players or 4 and 5 that one will be slenderman trying to capture them so there are actually only 2,3, and 4 players. Also when a player is captured they go into ghost mode where they can just move around but cannot be seen by anybody else so it's like a first person spectator kind of thing. When a player gets captured all of their acquired signs go back on the map for the other player(s) to find. -A map like in "slender the arrival" That's all I got, it's a great game keep at it!
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11 years ago, Bawiedrich
Best slender game I've ever played
Seriously I can't play this without screaming, I haven't beat it yet but I get so close and then slendy... Anyway I love the new levels and please for the love if god keep adding levels because this Is easily one of the best slender games if not the best for Mobil devices right now. Please just don't stop making levels, I absolutely love and hate this game haha but it will never get old, also I think u should make a multiplayer, no more than 2 ppl running from slender man, that would be so fun, one more thing, I read a lot of comments about the facial features but in my opinion it makes him scarier, I don't know what it is but I gotta hand it to u guys. Adding the removed eyeballs and mouth actually made him easier to run from, thank u for the app and I look forward to new maps and updates in the near future :)
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11 years ago, Douglas Zahn
The best slender game on ios
Out of all the slender ios games, this is the best one. It has an endless mode, 4 different environments and weather choices, difficultly options, and With the recent update, an option to play with the classic slender man, (I think the regular version is scarier but that's me.) and the option to change your light source in night and storm mode to a limited battery flashlight, a lantern, or none at all. The graphics and controls are great. And I really appreciate the ability to escape from slender man's gaze by swiping the screen. It's seems cheap, but its scary when you manage to escape and you run for your life with your heart pounding. Don't waste anymore time, buy the best slender game on ios. The other ones don't even compare with their single environments and clunky controls.
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11 years ago, A51AN N1NJA J3W
The app is great, but i was playing and i checked one corner and no sign was there, but then after i found two signs, there was a sign right where i checked. Just saying all the signs should already be laid out in the map. Another idea is to make a neighboorhood map where you could go inside houses and stuff. Also, the ending was great I thought it was amazing, try to do something more with it thought, since some people found it offending even though it's a 17+ game, the static is kinda plain. Maybe a strobe light so it could flash white and black would be interesting. This might be hard, but I think you should be able to bluetooth devices so it's more exciting!! Or even possibly your slenderman and you try to hunt down the human. Just some thoughts in mind, <3 the game so much!!! Greatest regards, E
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