SLFCU Mobile

4.9 (13K)
111.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for SLFCU Mobile

4.86 out of 5
13K Ratings
6 years ago, DonDavis
Feedback for developers
After I installed the app, entered my info, and pressed login, there’s a long delay before anything happens. Finally the password field will show, or maybe the PIN number entry will show. After I enter a password I usually see a message that says: We’re unable to log you in because our system is experiencing difficulties. One time I finally got through to an account summary page, but that was 1 out of 10 tries, and I’ve not been able to get that far since. UPDATE: it’s working much better now. I haven’t tested everything but the basic functions I use every day are working fast and reliably, and it it looks nice. I know how hard it is to get things working on the first few days, good job, just trying to help. I’ll add any details I might find that I think might be useful. Changing the rating to 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Cb_1
Missing features
Old app had the ability to show me which card the transactions were being made from. As a family with multiple cards it was helpful to know which card was making the purchase, especially with online purchases. This is important to me in this day in age with all the fraud and theft. Without this feature it is a lot more difficult and to keep track if someone has stole my card info and making bad purchases without my knowledge. Please add this feature back to the app!!
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6 years ago, z_28
Some frustrating elements
I really like the app for its details and responsiveness when using it, however In the past week the SLFCU app has twice given me the message “it’s been a while since you last logged in.” It then makes me do a full log in instead of allowing me to use my Touch ID. I had logged in with id and password no more than 3 days earlier, this seems to go against the idea of allowing Touch ID. Also, now as soon and I switch to another app (without signing out or closing the SLFCU app) I am automatically timed out. This is very frustrating as I sometimes need to switch to other apps when paying bills or other doing financial activity. Having to sign back in and get back to where I was is not convenient at all. It seems that a timer of even a few minutes before logging you out would be secure and still allow members to do what they need to do.
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6 years ago, Q-Man19
Amazing sleek new design.
The old app was a 3.5 star it looked pretty bad but it always worked flawlessly. This new design is amazing and sleek. Looks good and works just as well. There are amazing options for paying on loans now. Showing everything you need to know like the due date and gives you different payment options all in the app. Depositing checks is even more refined and simple. There is no reason you shouldn’t use this app if you bank here.
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2 years ago, Jmortley
New Transfers UI clunky
The new changes to the Transfers page are confusing and I find myself having to scroll for miles just to get a good look at my previous transfers. Stretching the UI out isn’t very mobile-friendly. Making a payment on the credit card and having to tap on the drop down to select the payment option for the credit card means there’s more tapping I have to do to accomplish the task than I did before. So much of the text is a light gray against a white background making it generally tough to read.
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5 years ago, Not into games but...
Can’t make a mobile deposit
Until about 4 months ago, I used to love this app for all my banking needs. I do not live near a SLFCU location, and I had been able to make a mobile deposit. However, now when I try to make a deposit, there is an error message that comes up stating that the numbers on the bottom of the check (front) cannot be read. But this is happening with every check not just one or two checks. I have been using an iPad Pro when this message comes up. The iPhone 6 is also not able to make mobile deposits.
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5 years ago, bntlnhstep
Used to be the best app ever
This app used to be amazing. SLFCU closed down for some system update and now I cannot even get the app to open on my phone without an error message!! It went from the best app ever to the worst. I have tried deleting it and nothing has helped. I am just going to delete and never use it again. Seriously before I could t say enough good things for this app now I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!
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6 years ago, Bigstingman
Looks great. Performs well. Couple improvement ideas.
It looks much nicer. It’s snappy. I didn’t have launch day issues like some other reviewers. My main gripe is the annoying “ad” like banner on the home screen. Just ditch it. I don’t want to see that when I log in. Makes the entire dashboard look trashy. I don’t care about “teen banking” or “tax help”. Especially not thrown in my face every time I login. When you are on the left menu, the only way to exit is by hitting the X in the top right corner. It should intuitively be able to be swiped away or just tap the background and go back to whatever I was doing. Lastly, the transactions. I recommend making withdrawals a different color than deposits. Green for deposits and withdrawals makes it difficult to tell the difference at a glance on my transactions. Fix these few things and this app would be fantastic.
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6 years ago, Associate101
Maintenance & pending
Some of my pending purchases show up twice and sometimes some of my purchase history disappear and then reappear after days. Maintenance takes so long. Some days they choose the worse times to do maintenance. Why not do everything overnight. Very inconvenient. Other than that I like the app it has improved so much. Very easy to deposit checks just by taking a picture.
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4 years ago, TimMacAlpine
Easy and powerful to use
I have enjoyed banking with my credit union and this mobile app has only added to my pleasant experience. It has evolved over time and always in ways I find helpful. The ease of access to my accounts, check deposits, transfers, everything works well for me.
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2 years ago, Mimdoc
SLFCU rocks
I love my credit union and would not change for anything. They have always been at the forefront of banking! Did online and mobile before any of the major vanks. And their services are always friendly and customer oriented. But the online banking has always been my fave! Love this business.
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6 years ago, hollyholm
Updates make the app slow
I feel like every time I try to log into this app it is either very slow, requires an update, or is down for maintenance. The same goes for the new online platform. This is frustrating when you quickly would like to log on and check your account.
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4 years ago, johnny gloom
Love it but could use minor tweaks
I use this app all the time for banking with SLFCU. However it could use some improvements in terms of remembering logins and some of the interfaces for things beyond basic banking, such as their interface with applying for a credit card!
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6 years ago, Mikki Ska
New version
The new version of the app doesn’t show any difference between deposits and withdrawals (for example by color, green and red respectively). The descriptions for each transaction are too long and get cut off by “...” before you actually figure out where transfers were going or coming from. I was also really hoping to access direct deposit distributions from the app instead of having to be on the full site still.
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6 years ago, Itsbbb
New app seems even worse than the old one
Tech support is non-existent, I keep being told that things “should” work. No one can point out how to turn on touch-id for logging in. No easy way to transfer $ to other accounts. Nothing about it seems easier or faster.
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4 years ago, a. posy
Account balances
I don’t like the fact that your account balances are shown when you open up the app. That information should only be shown after you log in.
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8 months ago, ON - FIRE !!!
Screen Orientation Changed
The app has been performing as expected. Great design, simple and easy to use. However with the latest update, the screen orientation has become relegated to Portrait mode only. Please look into adjusting so that both landscape and portrait mode are available. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Rferguson95
New update broke my app
The new features are worthless if I can no longer get in. After installing the update it immediately claimed I hadn’t logged on in awhile so it wouldn’t allow my fingerprint login and insisted on me entering my password. Since I don’t enter my password usually I don’t have it memorized and had to go look it up. Ok fine. The very next time it demanded I enter my password again. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, Up2over5
Easy to use
I like the fact you can do a quick glance at your balances. The nice thing is I can do most things I need to, from the app, without having to log on to the computer.
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6 years ago, Noise 2 Go
Latest Version
Since the last major change I’ve noticed a couple of quirks using this on an iPad. It only permits use in landscape mode, which may be the intent. But it won’t flip to my preferred side. Also I noticed some screens are one way and others are 180 out. So I have to rotate the pad as I go back and forth. In my particular case, this was when depositing a check.
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4 years ago, vpinhas 45
Love this app!
I live out of state and I don’t know how I would have been able keep this bank without it! I literally do everything on here and it is so easy to use. Also tells you where the branch locations are in case I ever need to go to a physical bank 🤗.
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2 years ago, RudyVinny
Easy app
SLFCU been keeping up with the ever-changing how we bank today and always on top of the update with security enhancement software to keep your account secure yet easy to navigate with this, been with SLFCU for almost 30 yrs!
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12 months ago, CartoonzAngel
A+++++ all-around with SLFCU!!
I’ve never been dissatisfied with the services that are provided with them. User-friendly, apps, and exceptional customer service inside the bank offices. Thank you for all you do for your members.
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3 years ago, Sunnymae
Great service
SLFCU has been my bank for over 30 years. They have helped me with so many things over those years and always with a can-do attitude. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
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4 years ago, Prangeman
Responsive, convenient and generally superior to traditional banking. Their personalized service has served me well on numerous occasions. I’ve just had great experiences with them at both the branch level and with the home office. High marks. Smart people.
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3 years ago, Guru Carole
Handy App for Accessing My Account
It is so quick and easy to check bank balances and send money. It is so easy to deposit checks that are automatically placed in my account!
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6 years ago, bibliophile6109
No longer allows mobile deposits
New update no longer allows mobile deposits, because it cannot connect to the camera. Ok app other than that
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6 years ago, R9854
Unable to deposit checks
Used to have to have no problems with this app. Now 9 out of 10 times I can’t deposit my checks. It either shuts down after I take a picture of the front, or says an unexpected error occurred. I even tried reinstalling. Would love for this feature to work again.
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6 years ago, AbqSlim1
App is better than last version but would be much better if deposits and debits were of different colors on line items to make it easy to differentiate between the two basic types of transactions. Thanks for your considerations.
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6 years ago, Archer Dougherty
I got this app to be able to deposit mobile checks and I keep getting an error message every time I open the menu. Now when I simply open the app I get an error message.
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1 year ago, godhead HD fhg
Works good
This app is pretty good. My only complaint is I wish all accounts could be loaded on one app, personal and business. Or provide two different app so I don’t have to constantly log in and out of the same app.
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10 months ago, SkyeRiosOnline
Best bank app
Makes it easy to make transfers to and from savings. Never had a savings until I started using this app, and it’s helped my money management significantly.
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4 years ago, annoyed annoyed and annoyed
Great people and service
We have purchased four or five vehicles through this credit union and have her credit cards to be there they are awesome
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2 years ago, BestandBrightestHAHA
Get Kicked Out A Lot
Heaven forbid you use the bill pay portion, trying to add new payees is near impossible. I’m trying to add the SNL corp travel card and have been booted out at least 10 times in the past 20 minutes. Sometimes you get an ‘oops, something went wrong message, try again’, but mostly it just kicks you completely out. This isn’t the first time this has happened.
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1 year ago, UniqueMe
I needed help signing in
I needed help signing into my business account and called customer service got great fast help from Lindolfo! Very nice and professional. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
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2 years ago, Jacquedooley
Great Feature
SLFCU online banking is a terrific feature to our credit union banking. It saves time, is very efficient and works so well. It is easy and great for shut-ins. I appreciate having it. Thank you SLFCU.
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4 years ago, Sq659Py
Mark Richardson
I am a member of this credit union, it’s a great organization!!!!! The personnel are way above the average, incredible people!!!!!! I highly recommend Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union to anyone who can join. Sincerely, Mark Richardson
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5 years ago, xxfivefiresxx
Amazing app
Always super easy to use. Great for checking banking and balances. Anyone who has issues with this app, it’s user error and not the app itself. Never had any issues whatsoever.
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3 years ago, dmbulli-yahoo
I love how easy to access my account and my husband’s, make transfers between them and pay bills. However for other tasks which are not obvious, the help faqs are limited and unhelpful. When you converted to the new layout I waited for faq updates but they haven’t improved. Please consider focusing someone to review customer use and provide more guidance on how to do the less obvious tasks. Thank you
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4 years ago, 12MFleming
Love it!
Been with them for years! Been super helpful for a long time and they respond super quick. Planning on being with them for a long time in the future! Thank youuuu!!
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3 years ago, Happy Long Term Member
Long term member
SLFCU is the only bank for me. The Representatives at the Los Lunas branch are professional, knowledgeable and pleasant; Always willing to help. My favorites at that branch are Shelby, Patty and Sheila. They always seem to go out of their way to help.
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4 years ago, basesoxstros
Nice App
Overall the app works well but wish it was able to show account information that included interest rate being earned
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2 years ago, AshB111111
App Shuts Down When Logging In
I’ve used this app for a year now. Recently when I try to login to my account instead of logging me in when entering my account info, it does a force close. I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app 5X times and still have the issue. I’ve restarted my phone and not sure why this app doesn’t work for me.
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3 years ago, patticakesnyr
Been banking here for over 30 years. Always helpful and respectful. Most of the time, they look out for the customer.
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4 years ago, Do,ourvBgjrsgdk,hgc
Love the Mobile App
The mobile is a quick method I use to make transfers and conform other transactions throughout my day.
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3 years ago, PeppyPeg
Highly Recommended
Easy to use, with great customer service…
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6 years ago, slfcuUser
Account balance text size
I don’t know why the account balance text needs to be so large. People could read that from across the room! Okay when your balance is $2, but not cool if you have a large balance displayed.
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9 months ago, 311AFtw
Info for Customers & Developers
Since, software upgrade in early Sept. 2023, they have terminated the “Landscrape Mode”! If you have a tablet or IPad/Pad Pro, & have keyboard attached, you will have to detach the Keyboard & flip tablet upright to use this not so great APP. It is unfortunate , that in. 2023 almost 2024, SLFCU is willing to terminate Landscrape mode for all customers of this App!
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6 years ago, mgmitch
The old app was just as good
The new app is ok but the contrast of the text against the background needs to be greater. It's harder to read the new app in the dark. The text could be bigger too. There's lot of empty space so it should be a problem to incense size. Also just noticed that it doesn't seem to work via the sandia wifi. Maybe the web proxy is in the way?
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6 years ago, Christina&Alex
It’s nice when it’s working...
It’s always convenient to have your mobile banking at your fingertips, but this app is constantly crashing and down for maintenance. Please fix the bugs and make it more accessible to the user!
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