Slidebox - Photo Manager

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Slidebox LLC
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12 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slidebox - Photo Manager

4.82 out of 5
11K Ratings
3 years ago, Summer meh
Best thing I’ve used in years
I always had a cluttered photo album for years. Thousands of pictures and videos and it took me days and sometimes weeks to fully finish it (sometimes I just gave up on it since it was overwhelming) for the first time I’ve managed to delete/organize my pics/videos in 2 days. The app makes it so much faster and it automatically makes different “albums” for you to sort your pics/videos into different categories (you can make as many albums as you want) I went from almost 5,000 pictures and 775 videos to 1,996 pictures and 407 videos in only 2 days and I plan on deleting even more in the next few days (I’ve had as much as 10,000 pictures and that was pain to do before this app.) I wasn’t paid to say any of this or make this review, I’m making this on my own accord. But I will say that there is a “premium” version that has “all the features” and you aren’t required to buy it but I noticed ads were coming along, premium is only $8 and it is available to you forever if you decide to pay that (it’s not a monthly thing, only one time payment. I find the premium thing kinda dumb but 🤷🏻‍♀️) but you don’t have to pay for it, you just watch a lot of ads. Other than that, this app was TREMENDOUSLY helpful because I’ve had this issue since my first 4s (basically for the last 9 years) and I will definitely be using it more in the future.
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3 years ago, Rachel Felker
Wish i known about the hidden feature below, but this app is exactly what i’ve always needed
It took me 9 total hours spread over 2 days to organize 21,000 photos down to 6,000 in near albums. Some of that time was spent in nostalgia, which made it a sweet process (unlike manual camera roll purges in the past that made me want to bang my head into the wall). I’m so pleased with the $10 investment to get the premium version of this app. My thumb sure hurts now from all the swiping but the app is pleasant to use and super intuitive, although a quick training highlight that covered the more nuanced features would have been nice, for example: i’m probably going to go back through all my albums and delete another few hundred, because you couldn’t swipe to trash anything in the app that was already in your camera roll’s favorites (which is a thoughtful security feature, but i had a lot of irrelevant stuff favorited from past editing & didn’t want to stop and “unheart” them manually). i discovered after i was totally done organizing however, that the app could actually override/remove the heart from the favorite photos in one tap, which i really which i had done to begin with! This app has given me the gift of actually using & referencing my photos, and I thank you for that- I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the user experience.
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2 years ago, HapticFeedback
I’ve slid 5 photos around and it’s asking me to review
Liking my experience so far, will come back once I’ve actually used the app at all. Edit: I’m back and 85 photos in, then I tapped the wrong thing and the review screen deleted what I’d written (oops). So redoing my review with bullet points: Premium version: Con: 10 dollars is kinda steep, and without it you have to watch an ad every 10 photos you sort Pro: App has been intuitive and nice enough to use that I didn’t mind at all, and it’s a 1 time purchase Ease of use: SO so so so so easy to use, I love how intuitive swiping is Only thing that would make it better is a “2 finger to undo delete” option, as I get so into the groove that I’ll accidentally delete things I don’t mean to. Love the folders and albums system, god tier. My need to organize and organize that organization is extremely appeased. EDIT 2 wow apparently review formatting doesn’t save, that’s great. A couple more cons I’m noticing: no way to edit photos in the app, it’s strictly for organizing, and the share button does not work.
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10 months ago, Thangyen
Simple yet brilliant photo organizer only missing the videos
This app is truly brilliant for organizing photos. I’ve categorized my albums into four folders: personal, professional, educational, and financial. The app recognizes photos not assigned to albums and prompts the user to sort them. I hope Apple recognizes this amazing feature. I’ve always organize my photos into albums, but it’s been difficult to track them in the photo libraries. The app’s idea closely resembles that of an email application: similar to moving an email to a mailbox to clear it from the inbox, Slidebox guarantees a meticulously organized media library, simplifying photo retrieval. I’ve been searching for something like this for years. Apple should consider integrating this feature across all their apps, like Files, iBooks, Photos, Notes, and Freeform. The app’s drawback is its focus solely on photo sorting. My disappointment arose after meticulously organizing my library, only to discover that videos remained unsorted. I even searched for “Slidebox for videos” on Google, but found no results. In conclusion, this app is both simple and brilliant. It deserves a 5-star rating if it expands its sorting capabilities to include videos.
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5 years ago, Electriccandle
Fantastic App
This is a really basic app without a ton of bells and whistles, but it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Sorting photos into albums in the native Photos app on iOS was really irritating and time-consuming. This app makes it super easy—it shows you all of your unsorted photos one by one and you simply click the name of the album you want to put them in. Want to delete it? Just swipe up? Can’t figure out what to do with it yet? Just swipe left and it’ll hang out in unsorted photos until you do. You can also pin albums you use most frequently to the top of the list. You can also view and edit your albums on a different screen, allowing you to easily move photos into different albums or file one photo into multiple albums at the same time. For mass deletion of photos, I still use the iOS app. Unless there’s a feature I’m missing, which is entirely possible, deleting more than one photo in this app is a bit tedious. At any rate, I sometimes have to take hundreds of pictures in a day and was absolutely losing my mind until I found this app. Thank you!
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6 years ago, MA2332
Totally Satisfied.
Was originally worried about the privacy of my data the app was accessing - but the privacy policy showed that wouldn't be a problem. With over 10,000 photos of screenshots and pictures to go through - and the photos app in iPhone and Mac don't make it easy - this solved that 10,000 without a problem. All you have to do is swipe up to add it to a delete pile - you make your own albums and simply tap them to add the photo you're on to it. I haven't been asked to purchase anything yet and even if it does I'll buy it. I go through 200 photos easy when I have nothing to do or I'm waiting around. All of those 200 add up and I get to choose what happens to the photos. It's pain free, simple, easy to use, and is eye pleasing to look at. I generally dislike photo apps because they all try to throw in features you don't want or need which just complicates it. This app is simple and hassle free, and I'm incredibly glad it showed up first in the result for photo organizer. I'm seeing there is a reason for it too.
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1 month ago, the dog forever
The best app I’ve ever used
I’ve been using this for an hour (it’s a surprisingly nice way to shut your brain off for a bit, plus the reward of knowing it’s productive), and I’m 15% through (I have a loooooot of photos), but I love this app. It’s one of the few apps I’ve ever used that has a premium version, but treats that as an add on- you can use this app perfectly without paying, with some extra nice to have but not essential features if you choose to pay. Unfortunately, far too many apps are the other way around, where if you don’t pay there’s no use. I love the sleek, simple user interface that makes it easy to get stuff done, and how it makes such a daunting task (organizing…thousands of photos. Maybe more) seem easier to approach and do at your own pace. My only little thing is that I wish there was a way to put one photo in multiple albums from the organizing tab. Regardless, I still love this app and will probably never delete it. Thank you!
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1 month ago, Ventedabde
Meh, not what i was hoping for
Paid for the premium features. I had about 10,000 pictures to sort through, hoping to remove blurry photos, duplicates, and outdated pictures or screenshots that i had taken for reference or notes that are no longer relevant. Here’s what it ultimately boiled down to. I had to sort through each photo, one by one. The app streamlines this, swipe left to keep, swipe up to delete. But it fails to take the legwork out of this, and i still took the better part of a week getting through all my photos. So i’m not too happy about that outcome. With that being said, as i was swiping i was able to quickly sort photos into albums as i was going through. So you can delete, pass over, or sort photos with a streamlined interface, but you have to do this ONE PHOTO AT A TIME. There is a convenient function to quickly create and name an album for photos as you go, so you can easily organize them if you’re okay with sifting through your photos like i had to. It’s as if they took tinder’s swiping interface and used it for photo management. 3/5 stars.
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1 year ago, bluebug16
An absolute LIFE-SAVER
This app has been a life-saver for me. I've never really liked Apple's native photo app, having been in the Apple ecosystem for 13+ years now. Everything mashed together in the camera roll & not remembering what has or hasn't been organized into a folder, amongst other reasons, is very annoying, even on a good day. This app lets you use folders you've already made to count as "organized", you only have to tap 1 simple setting to enable this. Also, it's very easy to MOVE photos from one folder to another. Slidebox is the only app I've found that closely mimics Android's native Gallery (photos) app in moving photos from one folder to another & organizing with relative ease. It's also easy to make new folders from within Slidebox & you can alphabetize folders by name!! Any & all changes you make within Slidebox are mirrored in the native Apple photo app.
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3 years ago, Smiledaydream
Sorts into normal iPhone folders
A lot of these programs make you copy the photos into a different database. This works on top of your iPhone database but lets you create new albums and sort the unsorted into albums. What iPhone albums does not do is let you see your photos that are not yet in an album. It works so well for that I gave it five stars BUT once folders are in albums they are not as easy to work with with this app. The great interface for the no-album photos goes away and there is a series of steps to sort photos. And strangely the photos that you move somewhere else stay where they are so it’s rather confusing. This would be perfect if they would have the same interface in all albums that they have for the files not in albums. So I still have a lot of photos now in the wrong album and this app does not help me move them.
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2 years ago, Fūjin-dō
Revolutionized My Organization
I would like to start off and say that I have three separate hobbies that involve a different type of photography and imagery, so I take a ton of photos. I also hate being unorganized, so this app has been a game changer. In a decently short amount of time, I was able to organize my 10,000 photos into around 110 separate albums. My absolute only complaint would be for the organize tab, I wish that when I selected another album for me to organize besides just default that I would be able to organize those photos into other albums without it removing it from the album that it’s it. Because from what I can tell the only want to do that is by going into the album tab, and going to that photo and clicking sort and adding it to whatever one I need. But otherwise, phenomenal app.
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2 years ago, fabuuulyss
I genuinely never write reviews, but this app deserves all of the 5 stars & more!! I'm the type of person who takes a ton of pictures but never goes back through them because I just get overwhelmed to say the least. I started with a little over 14,000 pictures & I now have just a little over 5,000 & I am SO proud of that. I went through and was able to delete pictures that I had multiples of or those that I didn't need anymore. Every time I had some down time, I went through 2-3 months worth of pictures at a time so I didn't overwhelm myself. I got to the point where I was excited to organize more!! Not only cab you sort the pictures into albums on this app, but it makes the albums into your photos app as well. I was surprised by that but it made me ever more excited. I will recommend this to everyone!!
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1 year ago, b00tang
I looooove slidebox
You think what you are getting is a way to organize your photos and trash the random images that pile over time. And yes. You are. But what you probably don’t know or how much you will enjoy the process. When you are sorting through old photos you will inevitably see things you forgot about and be happy you are seeing them again. This is inevitable because you thought that cat / burger / friend was worth taking a picture of in the first place. Honestly it is worth using slidebox when someone is nearby because I just had to turn to my wife and say “oh remember this ramen that they made look like a crab smily face!” Anyway. The interface is well designed for speed and otherwise getting out of the way. You aren’t going to find another app this good, especially for a one time purchase.
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9 months ago, Kass Johns
Slide Box
So simple to use. Even *I* figured this out! It is the closest I’ve come to organizing on “speed mode!” My biggest prob is creating too many albums for scrolling through while deciding which album to place the image in. I would love a single level hierarchy drop to sub-sort my albums but then I know that complicates the coding. I’d also love a small screen list of my album names so I can quick scan and then actually scroll to the one I want… “now, what did I name it again?” Or give me the ability to scroll through a VERTICAL actual list of album names so I can see more than three or four onscreen as I tag unassigned images. My favorite part of this app is that it remembers where you left off tagging images so I don’t have to make a note of where I left off. That is the very best feature!
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5 years ago, Kaitibug526
Ok app, just a couple issues
There should be a way in the main photo view to sort the photos from oldest to newest. I would prefer to go through my oldest photos first so that when they’re added to folders in my iOS folders they are in there oldest to newest (like when you sort them normally in iOS photos). I tried scrolling all the way down to my last photo and going from there, but then it defaults back to a picture I already passed (instead of the next photo to sort from oldest to newest) and would just randomly change all the way back to the newest photo causing me to have to scroll all the way back down to the oldest again, which was frustrating. Also wish there was a way to add each photo to multiple albums without adding it to one album and then going in to that one photo and adding it to the other albums from there. As someone with 50,000+ photos on their iphone, this is a handy little app, but I probably won’t really use it much more because of the issues listed above...
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1 year ago, Chris reviewing stuff
First ever review
This is my first time reviewing an application for mobile devices. This is a stellar one that shouldn’t be missed. The shortcoming of the standard photos app is its inability to tell you which pictures and videos you have already put into different albums and which you have not. Slidebox allows you to easily keep track of which files are in which album. And any new photos or videos you put on your phone is just as easily recognized and categorized in whichever way you please. Furthermore, it syncs with your photos app and iCloud so that any albums you make is also created on your default photos app. And anything you delete is likewise also deleted from your photos. It just plays the role of a useful middleman basically. As I said, great product. I have no complaints
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4 months ago, Hoodie424
I love this app
I’ve only been using it for a week or so but so far it’s been amazing! I have so many photos, videos, and just random screenshots in my iPhone and trying to sort and delete them was becoming exhausting 😭 I never felt like I got anywhere. This app gives you the option to make as many different album/ folders as you want and then with a swipe of your finger you can separate them very quickly, trashing the ones you don’t want. I’ve went thru almost 1500 pictures already and can stop at any time and when I go back I’m right where I left off. Thank you for providing a free app that works so well. You can also pay for the premium version if you want which does a lot of other useful things. If I could give it 10 stars I would
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6 years ago, ☀️Midnightsun☀️
Blown away
Ive had an IPhone with an the same account that is my apple ID for a minimum of 6 years. I have never really been that fascinated on any app that i am choosing for myself even if they have been great, except this one. I have been going through different photo/video storage app’s to find one that gets me and there has been a couple of goods ones I have come across. I honestly was relieve coming across this one because it is “manageable” and smooth for me that going through which pictures go in what album became fun. In the moment i feel like an “ah” sound came out and calmed me down, when it isn’t even close to hard how i am making it sound. It sure gets five stars from me. How funny would it be if this comment made it to the app page as the first review you see when you are scrolling down?
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3 years ago, badboychronic
Love it
It’s simple. First let me say I don’t like how Apple handles pictures. If you move a pic to another folder it should not stay in the main ? This causes confusion . I don’t know what pics I moved to a folder this app fixes that. After you move it don’t bring that pic back up so you know . Make your own main folder then stuff your not ready to file will be there and just never use apples main. I just don’t like it being there so I use another app to move some to for good. Apple knows people don’t like this yet they do it. I hope this app stays around Utiful is also good and I use that also but it’s not free. Do one time payments because I’m sick of monthly subscriptions. Just to many love the app and keep it up. Maybe add a donation page
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3 years ago, sammadog
Good idea, but some terribly annoying quirks
First, why does the sorting start from scratch when I move away from the app? That’s not good. I don’t want to add *every* pic to an album. Some can just stay uncategorized in the photo roll. The problem is, I have to swipe through all of the uncategorized pics (that I’ve already swiped through and determined they should remain uncategorized) to get back to where I left off. Massively annoying. Why can I only see one pic at a time? I should be able to scroll through to find a starting point. Second, your ad implementation is terrible. I get having an ad every now and then. But there’s no way to dismiss the freaking ads! Why??? I have to quit the app, and restart, which brings me back to point #1 above. I need to re-swipe my way back through all the pics I’ve already left uncategorized. This could be such a great app, but man, these are two big issues.
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6 years ago, jds5215
Organizational Lifesaver
This is the app that I dreamed could exist, that allows me to quickly and easily organize my photos WITHIN my existing iPhone/iCloud storage ecosystem. I take photos or screenshots and I can quickly swipe to sort them into folders which automatically appear in my iCloud account. It is a genius app that solves a very real problem for those of us with thousands of photos that are difficult to sift through when you need a specific picture. So far the app has been very solid and integrates very will with iCloud. Thank you! My only suggestion would be the ability to swipe tags/keywords onto photos instead of putting them in separate folders. Alternately, the ability to easily add a photo to multiple folders (which then essentially work like tags).
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2 years ago, Catina526
Surprisingly awesome
If you have had the problem of wanting to sort your apple photos app into folders/albums but it is impossible because you don’t know which ones have or have not yet been organized??? This the app you are looking for. Fixes it all! You sort within this app and everything syncs perfectly. Easy to use and start sorting immediately. I love the swipe up for delete. This really makes everything snappy. I never spend money on apps and I was ready to purchase the upgraded version within 15mins since it includes video sort as well. Now I can not only sort all my photos and videos but all my crappy saved tiktoks can be sorted into albums as well. I love this app and I bet you will too.
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4 months ago, rovingdan
Just use Photos albums and sub folders instead
I wanted to sort some photos together to put on a yearbook page. I had 14 slots to fill and wanted to first choose a bunch of photos then sort them into slots 1-14. So there could be more than one photo per slot. I created these in Slidebox but quickly discovered that if I had 4 photo’s in folder 1 and wanted to remove 3 I COULDN’T - instead it wanted to delete the photo from my icloud account (luckily confirmation box came up). In Apple Photos app if you do this you are only assigning the photos to the album and deleting just REMOVES them from the album (or sub folder). I also needed to move them between slots but when you resort from one to another it just creates a copy in the target and leaves the photo in the current album. I guess my use case isn’t covered by this tool but it’s unusual that a dedicated app is not as functional as Apples Stock app right?
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4 years ago, loving summer with Sirius app
Best app !
I am a professional photographer and when I don’t wish to carry all my gear I use my phone to take pictures and videos. I upgraded to the version and have just flown through about 4,000 pictures and videos and sorted them in the albums I named for very easy access. Slidebox is a fantastic app and I’ve seen a countless number of photography apps and software. Slidebox is far and above any other that I’ve used for sorting my iPhone pictures! Don’t hesitate to try it and I highly recommend their $4.99 upgrade. You’ll be amazed and thrilled with its performance! Update June 1,2020: have used this incredible, user friendly app . I am now using it to sort pictures into folders for easy access. Don’t hesitate to try this app and soon after you’ll be thrilled!
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2 years ago, Zulu Child
Can you reverse the order of ‘Unsorted’ folder?
Hi Slidebox, I love the app. I’ve begun using it to organize the last 12 years worth of photos; over 100,000. I was wondering if there was a way to reverse the order of the photos so that as I swipe up or throw photos into new respective folders that the next photo that pops up is the next most recent photo instead of the other way around? That feature would be great as I would like to start at the beginning of my photo collecting journey and work my way up to present day without having to swipe-right each time to get to the next photo to be organized. Hope this makes sense and hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Joshua M.
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6 years ago, lover of honey buns
i fell in love at first, but then noticed some kind of major set backs along the way.
i think this app is great! way better than trying to individually sort photos in the original gallery app on ios. it was easy to get the hang of and i really enjoyed it at first. but then i realized it kind of got messy as i got to sorting, no problem though... i thought, i can just select the ones i want to move in a bundle.. but when i went into my first album i realized half of them needed to go into another album, and tried to select them like i normally would in ios- hold down on one, then select the others, then move... but that wasn’t the case. i had to go to each individual photo and not only chose to sort it in a different album, but i also had to make sure i unsorted it from the current album as well. and now i’m not really sure how to fix the whole album situation in the ios app because now i have like 30 albums. and just one more nit-picky thing... when i’m in the unsorted section, i’d prefer the albums not so spaced out where i have to scroll back and forth and back and forth because i keep passing the one i’m looking for... like i said, the app could use some work, but over all a great idea, and a very sophisticated set up.
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5 years ago, PWood2
I am pleased with this app!
I saw this had good reviews and filled a need of mine. Today is the first time I have used it and I was up and running in no time. Now I can find new homes for all those poor lost orphan photos hiding in my camera roll. BTW, an earlier reviewer expressed a need to sort a photo into multiple albums. I don't know if this is an update, but I found that selecting a photo from within an album allows you to assign it to multiple albums. People? Pets? People AND Pets! My own wish is for integration with Google Photos. One catch: if you want to go on a search and destroy mission looking for doppelgangers, this app is not what you need, although you probably need it anyway. The only way to do that is if they are adjacent or nearly so.
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5 years ago, bioluminescent13
Works Perfectly and No Distractions
As a student who works from home and also has a tiny online business, my photos stack up very quickly. I was constantly frustrated with how cumbersome it was to make albums on the iphone. Having a good wifi connection to use Google Photos was a roundabout, but good-enough solution until I found this app. Finally, my photos are organized and none are cluttering up the phone uselessly. It works great for helping me separate work, school, and photos for fun in everyday life. I feel so much more organized. An added plus is that the price is fair (actually still free for my number of photos so far) and it helps to delete duplicates without messing anything up. Perfect! Thanks SO much, developers! ♥️♥️♥️
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11 months ago, Its a bad app.
Way faster to delete photos in mass quantities
I didn’t know what to expect. I downloaded this app to organize my photos because when I was airdropped photos, the were not in order by date. While this is only a premium feature for $9.99, the rest of the app that I was able to test is fantastic. Instead of manually tapping trash and the delete on every photo, you can just simply swipe up to delete your photo. You can easily favorite photos by swiping down as well. I deleted 600 vacation photos in way less time using this app than I would have if I would have just deleted those photos in my camera roll.
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3 years ago, graydaisyfilms
DECIEVING: “Compare Similar Photos”
As far as basic sorting goes, it seems like a good app—faster than going through the default Photos app. However, I downloaded this app, then purchased the 9.99 premium add-on, because of the third screenshot on the store page, “Compare Similar Photos.” I assumed that the app had a feature built in to detect duplicates, which is the main reason I wanted the app in the first place. Safe to say, after purchasing the premium, there is no feature for detecting this. As far as I can tell, that screenshot is literally just telling you that, while organzing, you the user will likely find yourself comparing similar photos, just as you would if you were organizing the old fashioned way. So in short, there is no feature for this. As far as I can tell, there’s very few features. It just seems to be a slightly more streamlined process of organizing the photos the same way as you would on the Photos app. In general, no particular features exclusive to this app stood out to me at all, and I am a premium user (which was 10 dollars mind you). Maybe I read too fast, but I think that particular image on the store page is very deceptive and I can’t help but think they know that it implies some sort of more intuitive design feature for detecting duplicates.
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4 years ago, Kacchan (Spiritwolfash)
I love this app, but as a person with over 35k photos, it can be rough trying to organize everything. I suggest adding a feature where you can skip right to the number a photo is ranked at, like a search bar. It’ll make things a lot easier for those with a lot of photos like me so all you have to do is memorize the number you left off at. I organize by folder, which means I make a folder and go through the entirety of my photos, sorting until I reach the end then starting over again with a new folder. Things would be much easier if I could skip right to where I left off instead of scrolling until I reach it. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Adeliaaaaa
Best app for organizing!
I just had a baby and knew I was going to be taking hundreds of pictures of him! I also knew I had almost 4,000 pictures in my phone. This app makes it super easy and quick to go through all your pictures and organize them into albums or simply toss them in the trash. In under 10 minutes I got through all the photos and deleted over 1,500. Afterwards you keep the app and any pictures you take after will pop up on the app. So once a week I go on the app and only have a few pics to organize which takes like 30 seconds. Unfortunately there is a downside, this app does not take care of videos 😩 other than that it’s amazing
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4 years ago, kt1415412
I currently have an issue with my cloud account which means I need to back up all of my photos externally. I thought it would take me months to go through all of it (I have over 16k photos and videos) but it’s literally taken me less than a week. This app is perfect for sorting all of your photos. I will now go back in and take a look at all of my individual albums and trim them down further. I’ve been putting this off for almost a year, and I’m so glad I found an easy and effortless way to organize my photos. This app makes the process fast and less daunting then going through your camera roll photo by photo. Really happy with this app.
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5 years ago, transwanderlustgrrrl
Reliable, secure and easy to use
This was a very secure and reliable app for me to use on both my iPad and on my Samsung Galaxy phone, and it was easy to sort it all out so that I can even take it to my local Walgreens and print out any photos I want/need too! Good for professional photography use too, especially when on the road and building a physical portfolio that you want printed out. The only issue I had was the login info when I wanted to merge it onto my new phone, so hopefully that’ll be resolved if they can make it easier for us to find and remember our email address that we used when we originally sign up for Slidebox. Other than that, top notch app!
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2 years ago, whitneyawesome
Would be perfect if…
I like this app and it helps me keep my photos organized. The user experience is very intuitive. It would be perfect if there was a way to watch live photos in the app, because sometimes that’s makes a difference in which photos I decide to keep or not, and if it would remove photos that you’ve already swiped past from unsorted even if you choose not to put them in an album. I don’t want to put every single photo I have into an album, but it’s annoying when I’ve sort of a bunch of photos and then come back later and have to swipe through photos i’ve already looked at because I didn’t put them in an album.
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7 months ago, fruit.l00ps
This app is AMAZING
I swear i’m not being paid. (The ppl who wrote bad reviews are review bombing for sure.) Anyways! This app is so good for clearing storage. When you have an iOS, in order to delete an app you have to click the trash icon, delete, then confirm, and swipe. I saved so much time by just scrolling a little bit every day :). There are ads but they are SUPER short and usually after 1-3 ads it says ‘there are no ads’ or something along the lines of that. I recommend this app SO MUCH and I don’t usually review, so that’s how you know it’s good. Tried to keep this short for y’all reading this. Have a great rest of your day <3
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4 years ago, MountainGirl27
Just what I was looking for
I am SO glad I found this app. I just wish I had found it before now! I was super frustrated with not knowing if I had put my photos into a folder or not, just using the iOS app. This is a million times better. Easily swipe to delete. Easily one click to organize into a folder. Once you have put into a folder, the photo disappears from those you still need to organize - basically removing them from your “photo inbox”. But the best part is how fast I can now find the pictures I need. No scrolling through thousands of photos! They are so nice and neat in one or more folders. I tell everyone about this app!
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3 years ago, cosmoFried
So far I have went thru and organized all my photos on this app. I didn’t have to pay for anything, tho there is a paid trial. I didn’t feel the need as only once in a while a 5 second ad would pop up. But it was awesome. I feel like my phone should just be able to do this. But it doesn’t. Not without a lot of extra work. This made it so much easier. I feel like it’ll be my go to now. Especially as I save way too many memes and now I have them all organized in different categories so I can actually find them and send them to people.
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6 years ago, TxSage17
Works Well
This app does what it says it will do. The only thing that would make it a lot better is if you could select multiple pictures at a time. It would be so much easier if you could select them this way from your photos & again once you want to make extra or sub folders or change photos from where you originally put them. It is tedious to do it one photo at a time. And also if you could then select multiples or an album to print. Otherwise this is a great app & very useful. No glitches it does not freeze & works smoothly. Now if I can just figure out how to transfer it With all the data to my new phone. 🙂 I am not finding anywhere to sign in & retrieve the albums??
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5 months ago, springyleaves
Great app but please fix!
This app is really helpful for sorting though my camera roll, I have like 15,000+ pictures and videos that I need to clean up. I even got the premium for $10 so I can sort my videos, and the features are great! The only thing is that the audio glitches when I watch videos on the app- the audio has an echo and is distorted if I click the play button too quickly? Please fix this issue :(( Additionally, it would make the sorting process much faster if videos can be watched by pressing play instead of having to click once to “open” the video and then click it again and press play.
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5 years ago, David Popoola
Incredible App - Makes Sorting Images less Intimidating
I don’t usually review apps, but this app is absolutely incredible. Upgrading to premium was an absolute no-brainer: this app allows you to gradually organize your photos in a non-intimidating way. If you’re like me and have thousands of pictures on your phone with no organization whatever, this app makes it actually feasible to sort those images into more manageable albums. Have a few free minutes of free time on the train? Sort 50 images. Sitting on the toilet? You can probably sort like 200. This app makes it so easy to sort and it deserves 10 stars really
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7 months ago, Emerald Skies
I always stress about my unorganized photo library and wish I was one of those people that organized their photos as they took them but that simply isn’t me. This allowed me to organize my whole photo library in a few hours. I can create new albums and sub albums and it connects with the photo library app to put my newly created albums there. The best part is it’s 100% free with ads but showed very little amount of ads for me!! Thank you so much for such an awesome app and allowing full access without a stupid subscription model. Life changing!!
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6 days ago, Msashcake
So good, would love one change
Love this app so much. Would love it a little more if there were a way to hide albums when organizing. I organize by month/year and when I’ve finished with a month, I would really like to be able to hide that album as I won’t have anything else to add to it. Would keep the albums bar at the bottom much less chaotic and manageable when you’ve been using the app for years like I have. As it is now, I’m having to rearrange albums I’m done with to the end or scroll endlessly. (I don’t mean hide it in photos app, just specifically within this app for organization purposes)
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1 year ago, aubieone55
I just very recently got the Slide-box app. It is absolutely the answer to my photo organization needs! I’m, temporarily, still using the unpaid version but that is about to change. This is one of the few apps that I personally think is well worth the price! It’s just so easy to use that I had many photos organized into folders quickly just from watching the beginning tutorial which took all of a minute. I can certainly see why it is rated so highly! Beginner or pro I highly recommend that you give Slide-box a try!
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3 years ago, Yearoftheox
Incredibly Helpful for a Hoarder
I hoard photos and I’ve constantly been trying to figure out a reliable and realistic way to help me sort them. I’ve tried so many things for the past 10 or so years and nothing has worked till now. I just finished sorting about 33,000 photos with a lot of them being deleted. This app was completely worth the in-app purchase and I’m so grateful that I discovered it! There are few bugs and it enables me to live a less stressed life when I can make the photo hoarding manageable. Thank you to the developers!!
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3 years ago, Eleshia1
My ADHD brain is so happy
I’m so happy to be able to organize my photos so easily into albums & folders!!! Which I didn’t know was possible with iPhone. It has truly helped me to organize my brain.. which is basically all of my photos in my gallery . I do wish that there was an easier way to sort photos. Instead of sliding a bar of all the topics back and forth, I would prefer if the view looked more like the organizational feature to scroll up and down instead. It would also be nice to be able to add photos to multiple albums at once while doing the original photo sorting .
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7 years ago, Alejandroysea
This is how the photos app is suposed to be
I’ve been trying for SO long, to find and app just like this one, one thing i’ve never got used to is the MESS on camera roll, it always takes me SO long to find what im really looking for.. this is very important for me as a ios user, so MY RESPECT to the developers, this issue makes me missing my old fashion blackberry where you could use it as a File Manager and move photos where you want, and create folders and subfolders, this is a HUGE step! My only sugest: please explore the posibility to allow users to create sub folders! 5 stars for you!!🙌🏼
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8 months ago, hhhjj KM bc dssyi
Absolutely fantastic!
The only con I can think off is the inability to trash favorites. When you’re on a roll, swiping like a madman, it’s it’s somewhat irritating when all progress halts bc you’ve decided to trash something you’ve marked as a “favorite.” Granted, it’s easy to unfavorite directly from the app it stills kill the vibe lol. Otherwise it does exactly what it claims to do.. I’ve “organized” over 50k photos,videos, etc. (Don’t judge me) it’s def worth the steep one time charge. Disregard the facetiousness. It really is a good app aside from those two minor setbacks..
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5 months ago, UmboJ
Needed an app like this
Free version is everything i been wanting to find in an app for ever. Needed one to easily organize my photos but no other one i tried had the simplicity and intuition of slide box. Like tinder for photo albums. Been using free version about 6 months & finally got all 7,000 organized. Often the little ads that play here and there on free version dont even play and u get to continue without an ad. Hopefully soon i can put 10 bucks in to support the creators & unlock video organizing. 5+ stars.
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3 years ago, Erich Bargar
Difficult to Organize
It is easy to create albums for your photos, but organizing your albums into folders is difficult and not at all intuitive. I still can’t figure out how to put all of my individual hiking photo albums into one hiking folder. Once several albums are created (I currently have 89 photo albums), the ability to move a new individual photo into an album is cumbersome because to find the album you want you have to scroll through all the albums one by one as opposed to picking the album, for example, out of an organized list. A good product if you have very few albums to sort through.
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