Slideshow Creator

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4.8 (26K)
75.9 MB
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Current version
Animoto Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slideshow Creator

4.76 out of 5
26K Ratings
4 years ago, Gray Goer
Visual Blast
I am not a tech maven, but I do capture lots of images in my travels. This app is an easy way to capture a bunch of pictures and video clips into a brief cinematic cohesive. There are many thematic options that are easy to audition. Very easy to swap out and in images in the editing process. Plus many music options to choose. Easily add titles and text, if you wish. The free version permits up to 20 images, including a five second video clip. Pay options will allow you to include more. Share the one minute creations to Facebook, friends or your website. A fun way to make yourself appear to be a video editing expert, in the most painfree way.
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4 years ago, Goldenphoenix10
Pretty Good
I’ve used this app to make movie trailers, projects for school, and even memorabilias of my life. (Ex. parties, trips, etc.) It is really great for all those things, but what I don’t like about it is that you have to wait 30 seconds to preview your video if you don’t want to publish it yet. I know most people would say, “Why is that a problem? It’s only 30 seconds, so it’s not that long!” But, if you’re previewing it after every change you make to it, (like me,) you’re going to get annoyed fast. Another thing I don’t like about it is the music. They don’t have very good options to pick from, and if you want to use let’s say Havana as your song, or Star Wars music or something, you have to have it in iTunes which costs $$$. 🙁 Some people might already have the songs that they want to use in iTunes, good for them, but it might be hard to find the music you’re looking for in iTunes if you’re looking for this song from a video game that most people have never even heard of before (for example). I hope this review was helpful for you to decide wether or not you should get this app!
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5 years ago, Sallee7
Great concept but very frustrating
I love the idea of making slideshows both for personal use, ie. special occasions and for Business use, displaying my art line. I took the time to make eight different slide shows each with 20 photos which is the maximum. I emailed some of them to potential clients and posted my personal ones to Facebook. Within 24 hours, all the videos were automatically deleted. I reached out to Animoto customer service and was told “it looks like you are using our legacy mobile app“. My question is, “why is this even available on the App Store NOW if it is old and useless?” I downloaded this version from the App Store on November 8, 2019 and my videos were deleted the next day on November 9. I spent quite a few hours making these slideshows just to have them disappear the next day. Frustrating! Before they were all deleted however, I really enjoyed the app. So much potential!
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5 years ago, adawnthompson
Love it!
It’s an excellent app to make videos with BOTH photos and video clips. Thank you for giving so many free options. It makes you want to purchase add ons or upgrade when applications give you enough free selections to play around with app long enough to see whether you like it or not. I do wish there was a way to purchase more music, instead of uploading it from your library. I also wish you could have the option to play video clips shorter or longer than 5 seconds. Anyone, on the fence about whether or not you should download it - I highly recommend downloading it! Have fun!
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6 years ago, Domination52
Worth the money
This is 100% worth the money. I was trying to make a little music video of pictures and videos I’ve taken with my girlfriend over the last 2 years and wanted a nice song in the video while our memories were playing. I downloaded 6 different video maker apps, all let downs. Tried the free version of this for like a small video, and it was perfect. I paid the money for the premium, and made the 5 minute video and it turned out absolutely perfect. So perfect I almost tear up every time I watch it and I’m so excited for her to see it. GREAT APP! Definitely download!!!
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5 years ago, 20-250ai
Wonderful, easy to use app with very nice free trial version!
I love the app as it’s not only wonderful but also super easy to use for making videos! The free version is already very nice with maximum 20 photos and plenty of background and musical songs to choose or buy your own favorite song! Also love the caption option with 50 characters for body and 40 characters! Once you are done and happy with your video, the app also offers all the options to share via social media, text messaging, email or save in your camera! How awesome and convenient! Thank you so much!!
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6 years ago, Awesomegirl123-
Animoto is the best
You don’t even have to pay anything! They let you choose out of million kinds of slide shows, then million kinds of songs. It’s all free! If there was such thing as more than 5 stars I would give them a million! Because that is how much songs and slides. You can choose up to 20 photos and videos! Not like those stupid other slide show apps who only let you put 2 or 3. Don’t listen to those other apps. Instead of paying like 20 bucks for a pic, Animoto lets you have 20 for FREE!!!!!!
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3 years ago, DuaneAndersonPhotog
Still my go to for slideshows for over 10 years
I’ve been using Animoto for as long as I can remember. As a photographer it gives me a way to showcase my work in a way that people love to share. The best part is that It’s user friendly and easy. There are great free templates ( my favorite is memory cloud which is free) and great professional templates as well. And it’s not just for photographers. Every small businesses needs this service if you want to set yourself apart from the competition on social media.
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2 years ago, The Giant Rumblebuffin
Cool themes, little control, no option for music free slideshow
This program has some great themes and templates and can make a great video in a very short amount of time. However, within the themes there are no controls for duration for the video, the speed of the slides, and no option to make a slideshow without selecting a track from their library ( you have the option to integrate the Apple Music library but you can’t use any DRM tracks…) has great potential with more controls. Would gladly pay a little more per month if there were more options and robust controls.
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6 years ago, Muhanna elhout
More than awesome
I have downloaded a lot of video maker apps but once i try them i figure out that most of them are the same. Today i was opening safari to search for some apps and i saw this. I downloaded it and once it was done it was really really nice. It is now 1 of my favorite apps for videos. You can guys add a lot of free styles and free music I downloaded it from around 10 minutes and I edited 2 videos. I also advised my friends to download this app. I will end by an advice for you: (don't scroll down without downloading this app please) Joudi El Hariri
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6 years ago, California Teaqueen
Best Video Program Online
If you want a video that is user friendly and looks great Animoto is for you! I have used Animoto for almost 5 years and have made nearly 200 videos! Why have I made so many? Cause it's so easy and quick! Usually doesn't take me more than 30 minutes to make a 2-3 minute video. Animoto does all the "heavy lifting" and I just add photos and video clips. Friend and family think I've slaved for hours! Do yourself a favor and do the free trial. You'll see how easy it is.
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3 years ago, Barbs toy
I’m livid
I have had Animoto for several years and created a large library of videos that suddenly disappeared. I pay for the professional version and they could have warned me so I could get copies of my family videos now gone forever I’m sooo upset I pay nearly $200 every year for at least ten years of videos and they even deleted them from my iPad this is theft I paid for those videos Barbara slade Irate customer
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6 years ago, cm crandall
Love Animoto
Have used for five years and have a running family video diary It’s the easiest video making program I’ve ever encountered. I do it in less than two minutes. I’m at an event, put it together sometimes in less than a minute, and send to several friends so they have it to review that evening: they love it! Have recommended to every friend.
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6 years ago, Pschaeghe
Free Edition
It allowed me to select from my own music and everything was a breeze. Using their production template and not “interfering” it was kind of the luck of the draw how it all comes out, which is fine for now. The first video I “produced was 54 seconds long, not a time I chose, no the length of the song I chose, but it was a good first try. I suppose if I get into it a little more I may spend a few bucks and try my hand at actually “producing” something better, but for now, for was Marine-proof and turned out great.
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6 years ago,
Don’t pay for an upgrade!
I could only load so many photos in a show. If you want more, you have to pay (that’s fine). $4.99. Okay. But then it maxes out again and tells me the next level is $9.99. Okay, fine. $9.99 instead of $4.99. It maxed out at 300 photos and makes it super complicated to unselect the ones I don’t want. Get charges from the bank. It’s both charges. Contact customer service they say only Apple can refund me. Apple doesn’t refund purchases! Developer should present clearly what you get for each price and lay out options at the same time. So disappointing!
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4 years ago, nA me eeE
Good Video, hard to use music
I got basic to use more photos, but no song was long enough for the length of the slideshow. This would be fine, except I am only able to use one song. They should allow us to use multiple songs in a row because few songs are long enough for a longer slideshow. The videos look very good and it easily makes a wonderful slideshow. 5 stars if I could use multiple music pieces.
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4 years ago, Dkskskanaksnsn
Crashes way too much
I don’t know if you guys do the update since the last time I use this app but it used to work perfectly. It crashes every single time I try to use it. Whether to my iPad or my iPhone it doesn’t matter it crashes. Very frustrating. Does not recommend
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5 years ago, Bonnie Prancer
Mobile Creativity
Update: the Memories platform still creates on mobile. I love that I can create videos anywhere on my iPhone, iPad, or computer and I am not limited to just my computer. There are more features on the computer but this works great when on the go. Seize the moment when it happens!
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5 years ago, EDB's iTunes
Almost complete useless
I’m not a geek but I hold my own and I’ve successfully used a lot of photo editing and album-creating apps. Animoto is so bizarrely useless I’m wondering if the premium version I have is somehow corrupted. Among the many problems, I cannot use my IOS iTunes music. I can’t slow the video speed down. I can’t get photos to properly display in the provided templates, and on and on. Nothing about the app looks anything like the features as shown in the App Store. Weirdest app experience of my life. I’m totally astounded by the positive reviews. I’d like a refund on the time I’ve wasted on it.
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5 years ago, barb2 u
Something’s not quite right with the mobile app
I’ve used and loved Animoto for several years on the upgraded “ plus” plan but lately I’ve had repeated issues uploading short video clips to make my video. I don’t know if they’ve taken features away from that plan ( because now they are telling me I can “do more” for more money, or if they are just having glitches, but it’s taken me all afternoon and still I can’t finish this video
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6 years ago, Jane's opinion
Tried many. This one is the best
You need to pay for making your video the best but whatever is available for free also is quite decent and you will be satisfied with your slide show. I used this app to make a slide show presentation for my husband on occasion of our first Wedding Anniversary for free and I loved it.
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6 years ago, klfc09
I made a slideshow from camera roll photos, but the pace was too fast. I followed instructions and went to desktop version, but changing the pace shortened the slideshow and excluded 50% of the photos. I signed for the free trial to try and eliminate the problem, but then an obtrusive watermark appeared on the slideshow. And Purchasing the $5.00 monthly subscription did not solve the problem. I also could not use music from my library, only selected tunes from the developer. For friends and family slideshows, this app was disappointing.
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7 years ago, Finder360
Thank You videos for Celebrity Crews
My wife and I use Animoto to produce Thank You videos for Celebrity Crews on our various cruises around the world. It is a great way for us to THANK the crew and remember our awesome cruises. Thank you Animoto for an easy to use app that goes a long way to making a great statement to those crew members who make our cruise vacations so relaxing!
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6 years ago, MarshallCosmetique
LOVE Animoto
I can’t begin to explain how much I love this app. I feel like a professional videographer even though I have no experience in the field! The app is extremely well designed, user-friendly, and puts out a great product. Thank you very much for producing this app!
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5 years ago, MMMM1989.
Do not download this app unless you want your information compromised and sold on the dark web! I am a member of Experian’s IDnotify and I continuously get notified that my email address is compromised and it always goes back to this app. I have tried emailing the company and they denied it and took no responsibility what so ever. I even paid for the premium version of this app. The email I used I NEVER use for anything else and since using this app, I have noticed a large amount of junk mail and other issues with my email.
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5 years ago, Worlds best Grandma Dee Dee
Very disappointed
I don’t get it! Why are there so many good reviews and how much do you have to pay to get a good version? The standard app is unacceptable. You can only use 20 photos and they are blurry and distorted and cut off peoples heads and such. I would gladly pay more to get a decent app but there are too many options and no way to tell what features are included. I don’t want a subscription but I would pay a substantial one time fee if I knew what I was getting. Very disappointed in this app.
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6 years ago, Dina Bee
Hi hum for free, upgrade is not worth anything
The free app is average at best, with the time limit, logo at the end, and small character limits on the text slides. To be a subscription app is just plain silliness. There aren't many perks, and the majority of the updates are just squashing bugs. The subscription price is hefty for all the bugs they need to squash, and there are so many free apps out there that perform so much better.
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5 years ago, Sarah Fenlon Falk
Perfect for book trailers!
I am technologically challenged and Animoto is so easy to use I was literally blown away at how easy it was to create an excellent book trailer. Thank you so much! This has become one of my essential tools as an independent author and I will be sharing this with my community!
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2 years ago, taliag7352920263926191
Use friendly and engaging slideshows!
This app is such a helpful tool to use a teacher! I can take the slides I already use when teaching and make them look more jazzy. It’s engaging and fun for my students!
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4 years ago, vgobel
I have been using this app for a few years now and no app compares with this one. It offered so many great templates, I think I’ve used all of them too. I couldn’t be happier with the results of my finished slideshows.
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1 month ago, Lightfoot843
This app is a scam
I downloaded this app. After several attempts the app kept telling me that it couldn’t make my slide show. I then bought a subscription, but still no luck. When I contacted Animoto support, they said that this app is a legacy app. They suggested that I download a different app, which I did. It doesn’t work either. Avoid this app and Animoto’s other apps. Scam. I gave it one star because there’s no option for a lesser rating.
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5 years ago, Salty girl
Animoto Breach- DO not download!!
I had no problem with my Animoto app for years ...until the words Animoto showed up at my banking institution as the app that had a data breach and my email, passwords and personal information was compromised. I thought I would reach out to the company first for there comments and they were less than helpful or accommodating. They said they had informed everyone who information was stolen. Guess that was everyone but me. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU VALUE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION
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6 years ago, Kuta_Kowboy
Videos can only be 10 seconds long...
I bought the subscription to make a video slideshow, but once I bought it the videos couldn’t be longer then 10 seconds... That’s pretty short especially if you’re making a video with personalized messages in them. Pretty disappointed.
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1 year ago, Israel-Mom
Marry him
I love this app. I don’t care to pay the extra money, but it makes the most beautiful memories. Thank you so much for allowing us to have this app to make our videos.
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7 years ago, Pönsî
Video editing made simple and fun.
Love Love Love 💕 I've been testing the free version and sharing my clips to get feedback. Wow! What an awesome response from my friends and family as well as my clients. I'm loving the new updates. Thank you for making me a Prosumer Producer💚❤️💚 THANK YOU ANIMOTO TEAM 🙏🏽
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5 years ago, AmnBus
Love it...
It’s perfect for what I need. Love everything of it, but if you could only do one thing to it, will be highly appreciated. I need to control speed between one picture and the other. Sometimes the transition it’s too slow or way too fast. 😬Please! Thank you!☺️
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5 years ago, idontknowwhattocallnyself
I LOVE THIS APP!!! It’s so much fun and so easy to use. My fourth grade teacher made us use it for a project and I loved it so much that I still use it. And I am now in 7th grade! I totally recommend it. It’s something fun to do when you are board! I give it a A+ because it’s amazing!!
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7 years ago, jdwhite166
Love it!
I've used it a couple of times to commemorate anniversaries and it's fairly simple to use. Videos turned out great! I just wish I could change the speed of the photos and choose what part of the song to play from the app
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6 years ago, babygirl 💘💘
I’m been looking for a long time an app that allows you to make videos using pictures and your own music from iTunes. I have finally found it!! Best part: 100% FREE! The whole app itself is great. Definitely worth a try!
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6 years ago, kdburk
Speed of video
This is a great site to publish photos. I wish I could control the speed however they scroll through too quickly.
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7 years ago, grant0004
Editing capabilities
I cannot change the order of photos when exiting. That’s very bad. I added $5 hoping to be able to switch around photos but the app only let me increase the number of photo to post. Also, once I saved that’s it. No more editing either. For some one like me who changes mind a lot this app is not good enough.
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3 years ago, Tintininpa
When I try to add new photos it wouldn’t let me
I really didn’t like when I had to try so many times just to get new photos please help
Show more
6 years ago, TheLadyMay
Really bad experience
With the mobile app there is no way to look up your account information. You have to go to their website. I don’t remember the email address I used though so can’t log in on the website. I’ve contacted their support team numerous times with no response. The free version is fine, but stay away from the paid. With customer service like theirs it’s not worth the money.
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2 years ago, DAncer97*
App of Slideshow Creator
I enjoyed using the app. It is user-friendly and allows me to create videos using pictures and text. One area I feel the app could improve is I wish it had the option to add more than one slide to a video to enhance storytelling.
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4 years ago, dfcooke
Hard to change passwords
Easy to use, total control of editing, professional quality, uses my photos
Show more
6 years ago, sgbkighkf
Make your own music video
Fun & easy to make viewing your photos a lot more interesting. Pick your photos pick your music and they do the rest- super easy & lots of great memories
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6 years ago, Jessie cookie
Love Animoto but app wasn’t super user friendly
I used the online version everyday. Tried to use the app today and felt it could have been easier to go back and change the style or add photos without hitting the back button over and over. Other than that it’s great.
Show more
4 years ago, ThomTed
Problems loading videos
I have used this app for years and have love it. Since recently renewing and paying for an upgrade, I have had problems with videos taking days to load despite being connected to high speed internet.
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6 years ago, KawaiiKiss22
So Helpful
I needed a photo slideshow app for a school project and this app worked wonders. It was easy and everything I needed was in the app. One downside is that you need to purchase to add more than 20 pictures in a normal sideshow and more than 7 in an Instagram style slideshow.
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3 years ago, JulieS320
Phone App doesn’t work
I pay annually for Animoto to use for business on my desktop. Disappointed I can’t use it for personal use from my phone. I keep getting errors that photos won’t load and to try again. By time I’m done deleting everything it won’t load, photo and small clips of video (2-5 seconds) I don’t have a video left.
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