SlideShow Maker Photo to Video

Photo & Video
4.2 (100.2K)
364.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Easy Tiger Apps, LLC.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for SlideShow Maker Photo to Video

4.23 out of 5
100.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Hgfdhi
Great compared to others
This app is a lot better than the other video/slideshow apps that I tried, was tryna make something for my gf and I went thru 4 apps just to find one that could do what I wanted easily. This app makes everything easy and I made what I wanted within like 5 minutes. One thing I wish the app had was to change the time for each individual picture so I could time certain pictures with the music. That’s really hard when you can only make the time the same for all the pics. Also the subscription, I liked the free trial but cancelled before I had to pay, if it was like a one time payment I woulda just payed it but ion like the subscription thing, Overall awesome app 👌🏻
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3 years ago, virgowineslut
I don’t leave reviews often, especially when the app pops it up. But let me say!!! I’m someone who judges apps on a few things. 1) is it easy to use? I often download apps that say they’re easy to use and then have a bunch of extras tucked in, which clutters the app and makes it hard to use. I can say easily that this app markets itself as easy to use and it’s, in fact, easy to use. I didn’t even have to google how to use it LOL (I’m 23, sometimes these apps really are extra). 2) is it aesthetically pleasing? Apps that have pop ups every few seconds, that are too plain or overbearing, etc. are what I come across a lot. I thought slideshow was going to be tacky at first, but it’s beautifully designed! 3) is it worth it? Apps that cost money make me hesitant, especially when it’s a free app that makes you pay once you’ve downloaded and make an account - normally I would swipe out and delete the app. But I was like “2.99 really isn’t that bad! And it’s a free trial, I can always cancel if I don’t like it” - but I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you, this app made my life so much easier!
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1 year ago, Summer♎️
Do not waste your money on this WEEKLY subscription
It took me over 30-40 tries to create this video. First, 3-4 hours of editing trying to figure out which pictures and/or videos weren’t able to sync up since it wouldn’t let me create a video no matter what combination of media I tried. Then I tried to add music from another app on the video, transferring the song to several apps before I had to just buy it on iTunes. I started making this video almost two weeks ago, got so frustrated I had to keep going back and forth trying and trying to figure out the source of all of these problems. So, I finally got a baseline of a video I could edit and finally got the song I wanted on the video. After that, I tried to use one of the transitions offered on the app between medias. Every. Single. Time. I used a transition, it not only wouldn’t load but also crashed the app so everything froze. Halfway through this process there was an update to “fix bugs” but alas nothing worked any better than before. After 20-30 tries of adding a transition and finally just failing I completely gave up and saved my mediocre video that ended up costing me $6.50, having this app a little over a week for something I should have been able to make for free. 0/10 recommend.
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5 years ago, sols,okskkslak
What a scam
I started a free trial of this app almost a year ago. It was $2.99 after that so I assumed it was per month like most normal apps. I started to notice that it was popping up more frequently in my Apple Account. THIS APP WAS CHARGING ME $2.99 *****A. WEEK.*****that was not the agreement after the "free trial." That could have been food for my kids. Gas money. Anything but this ridiculous app. I am beyond angry and disappointed. I did not see anywhere that they would be charging $2.99 A WEEK. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. these thieves are sitting back making all this money off of innocent people that just wanted to make a quick slide show. WHAT A JOKE! I am so disappointed that I didn't notice this sooner. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be paying $2.99 a week for this poor quality app! I made a few videos earlier in the year. Who in their right mind would be paying $12 a month for this app?!! Definitely not worth $12 a month. I will be contacting someone in regards to this bait and switch situation. What. A. Scam. The sad thing is, when I am looking through all the bad reviews, you give the same standard response. You won't be getting away with this much more. I expect a partial refund. I will be contacting Apple to co sided removing this service from their App Store. ALSO YOU CANNOT LIST THIS AS A FREE APP. IT WAS FREE FOR 2-3 days.
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6 years ago, alainar1234
Difficult to find settings
I am giving this app only two stars for the following reasons. I used this app a few weeks ago to create a slideshow for Instagram. That part was pretty great, I was slightly annoyed that I had to put in my card info for a free trial when I knew all I wanted to do was create one slide show but I figured I could create it and then delete it and cancel my subscription unless I needed to make more at that time. It took me a few days to create the slide show (not because of the app - just searching for images) and before deciding to use this app I tried out a few others. I thought this was the best for a simple flip through slideshow with music. I created it and then tried to cancel my subscription but I could not find a “settings” option anywhere in the app. I then assumed that this was one of the free apps and not one with a free trial. I later realized I was being charged weekly for this - which I did not want. I am writing this review in order to find help on how to cancel my account and get my money refunded if possible since I am unable to cancel my account. The slideshow maker itself was great! I am unhappy about the user experience overall after creating the slideshow - please help. Thanks, Alaina
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4 years ago, jemi.aphrodite
Not at all satisfied
It has taken me about 6 hours to work on a project and it has a lot of flaws. It deleted my project 6 times and I had to restart. I wanted to make a slideshow from my mom to show at her birthday party, but with all The delays I had to give it to her late, and the show wasn’t given. I saw the video of the preview of the app and I thought hey it looks cool and hopefully it works like it shows. I downloaded it and first thing I was asked was for a membership and it said it had a seven day trial and I thought hey maybe I’ll try the seven day trial and if I like it all use the same app for my brothers birthday too. It took me six hours and six different tries to finally come up with a good slideshow that was only three minutes. It takes too much effort for such a simple task, so I don’t like it. But that might just be me who knows. What I do know is that after paying the membership you can’t get out of it because there is no main screen there is no home screen it just shows your gallery and that is it you cannot unsubscribe from this it is basically money being stolen from you every month even after the membership. You can’t and subscribe to it. The seven day free trial is fake and this is all a scam for a cheap knock off flipagram.
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2 years ago, INKED SUPERSTAR
Paid app ONLY useless unless you subscribe
I hate apps like this…that you can’t use at all unless you subscribe free trial which goes into auto subscription or not. Especially when you give access to stuff like this… first thing they ask is to grant access to all your photos, so fine. Then uploads it. Then tells you can’t do anything unless you sign up. Then even reading back the description it says subscribe to get the features they list like it’s an upgrade or something like you can do at least something at all without having to agree and subscribe. Nope. Completely useless unless you do. It’s so deceiving especially the way this one is worded even though didn’t really read until after lol but so isn’t clear you have to do anything. I have no problem signing up for subscriptions or buying apps, i upgrade the ones i use a lot all the time but this is automatic delete not going to be tricked into downloading and then uploading pics to say nope can’t do anything. So deceiving. Deleting immediately. Don’t download unless you have no problem signing up to do anything or will waste your time can’t stand these types so irritating
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6 years ago, 1849472(283994)29100
App took my money for weeks without my knowledge
Downloaded this free app and then deleted it the same day because it wasn’t what I wanted. Imagine my surprise when I found out my card was being charged for a monthly subscription for the paid version of this app. So beware if you even download this app you are apparently agreeing to the paid subscription. To be honest I felt very cheated and scammed. I had the app on my phone for less then an hour, yet I was charged every week $5 for almost 2 months! When I finally figured out what was happening I was livid. The only way to unsubscribe (even though I didn’t technically subscribe, they tricked me) is to go into settings and click on like 10 different things until you finally get to this secret page where your subscriptions are. Very disappointed with the sneaky underhanded way this app steals money. I was not refunded for anything past 30 days so thanks for stealing from a mom of 4! They really need to make the subscription app separate from the free app and stop trying to scam people. Shame on this app! Do not download! Would give 0 stars if I could
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5 years ago, Hojhutreedghiobgggcf
Weekly charges after free trial
I was looking for a slideshow app to recap what an incredible year 2018 was. I had the app for a day and completed my slideshow the same day I downloaded the app. I then noticed that a charge of $2.99 came out of my account and saw that it was from this application. I then deleted the app and not a week later two more transactions of $2.99 came out of my account. I called Apple very upset about all these transactions because I’m on a very tight budget and they walked me through how to unsubscribe the app. I was pleased with the video I created and the simplicity of using the application, I am just very upset about the weekly charges that are not well explained what so ever once you download the application. If you think the app is worth $2.99 a week, go for it! But if you’re on a tight budget and need to watch every penny, make sure you unsubscribe the application. I have yet to find the information that says that they will charge you weekly, I’m sure it’s in the fine print, but very well hidden.
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5 years ago, Luharpoo
Not sure about this app....
I downloaded this app, and when opening the app, a person is presented a screen wanting you to choose a free trial or pay for a very small print it states that after the “free trial period” you will begin to be charged a subscription fee. It immediately made me feel uneasy, because I did not want to pay for a subscription...I deleted the app before even trying it!! May I suggest that you CLEARLY describe this as a “Trial” before people download it... I was totally taken off guard when I opened the app and then had to make a decision....I was expecting and looking forward to a fun, creative experience, and maybe, just maybe, this app could have been the experience I was looking for, but I never got to try it...I am sure that lots of people have that uneasy feeling when presented with that screen that makes you “commit” to pay...I look for no hassle, easy flowing apps when I download something.
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6 years ago, jalimah
I am done with my “free trial”! DO NOT CHARGE ME AS I’M DONE AFTER TWO DAYS OF NOTHING BUT FRUSTRATION! You are falsely advertising this is a free app and it is not! This is bait and switch! The app kept shutting down every time I was in the shuffle or edit photos mode. It never saves anything you do and you have to START AGAIN EVERY TIME IT SHUTS DOWN! I tried for hours to do a birthday video for my friend that took most of the day and I don’t have many days off from work. IT SHUT DOWN EVERY TIME! I Even took the photos from an album I created to make it as easy as possible. Now it is the NEXT day which is the day AFTER her birthday and I tried ONE MORE TIME! It just shut down AGAIN! I won’t ever use this app again. It’s deleted from my phone! I really miss the ease of flipagram. It saved along the way and this shut down and losing everything you did NEVER happened! I’ve now downloaded iMovie which has ZERO PROBLEMS AND IS AS EASY TO USE AS FLIPAGRAM WAS AND IT IS FREE!!! I don’t want to be charged a penny so please make sure my “free trial” covers the two days I tried to use this crappy app! I’m done!
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4 years ago, lanif808
Be careful! It does NOT save slide shows!
I’m so disappointed... I previously loved this app and made a couple slide shows on it in the past. Every time I went back to a slide show I was still working on the app would “save” until I came back work on it again. This time though I waited about 1 week, but continued to pay the weekly $2.99 fee just to keep it in its draft, being assured that it would still be there when I returned to editing my sons graduation pictures & videos which was almost finished...I just opened my app to finish editing right now and the whole time is Gone!!! I’m so sad, I spent hours clipping and editing all the videos we took during my sons graduation to put it all together in this app and now all the work I did is gone!!! Ugh... :( I previously love Slideshow and now I’m worried that if I close the app while still in progress I may come back and its gone again.. Please fix this issue... I dont even know why I’ve been paying every week now, when nothing was saved at all! :(...
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4 years ago, Kamdnskowkqmda,
An absolute scam DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
I don’t even remember ever downloading this app. I’ve certainly never paid or subscribed to an app before in my life as i would never waste my money on something that stupid. For a year now I’ve always checked my bank account statements and noticed $6.46 charged to my account every month. I could never figure out what it was that was charging me $6.46 and thought maybe it was Apple Music. I didn’t even have this app on my phone, maybe i downloaded it once for a day to try out different editors but certainly have never used this app let alone would ever pay for an app. I finally figured out what was charging me $6.46 every month and it was THIS APP! Not only was it charging me $2.99 once, but TWICE a month! I am beyond angry as I’ve literally never used this app and there’s no way for me to get a refund on all the time I’ve been “subscribed” to an app that i don’t have on my phone. This app is NOT FREE! Do yourself a favor and DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP unless you want to be scammed!!!!
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4 years ago, 09sharkboyfan2259
Please Stop The Free Trial 😭
Ok I was looking for apps like Tik Tok because my dad never letted me have Tik Tok so I searched the App Store on my IPad and this was the first thing I saw so I asked my dad if I can have it (because he doesn’t let me have apps without permission so he can check if they are safe for me or not) and I downloaded it and it asked me if I would like it if it accessed my photos and I allowed it because I wanted to edit my photos because my iPad editor isn’t a good one and it doesn’t take videos to edit with Markup only photos and screenshots and I thought this would be a good idea so I can edit my videos but once I accessed the photos on the app I pressed next and it showed me a screen that said Free Trial and I read it and it said cancel Free Trial and I was like I ain’t paying a subscription just to use an app so I deleted the app and a note is PLEASE DELETE THE FREE TRIAL!!!!! Ok I’m just a kid making gacha
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5 years ago, mlyconn
Terrible experience
I got a free trial for 3 days. I worked subtitling over 70 photos and got an e mail that there was a problem w/ my billing. The next thing I knew was my slide show was gone. I spent hours and hours making it. I paid for the app. But my slide show went black 4 more times after nearly finishing sub titling over 70 pictures. It took days of working for 8 hours a day to finish. At almost the last picture, it went black again. Now I have to start all over again. And I am scared it will just happen again. I want to add to this review. I just worked for 6 more hours on my slide show, and for no reason I lost everything again for the 5th time when I only had 2 more pictures out of 70 to subtitle to finish. I just can’t do this again I want a refund. And compensation for the days of work that were wasted using this app. I just can’t try again It’s inevitable that it will happen again. I have to find an app that works. I paid for unlimited photos as well.
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5 years ago, Lafarm
Fairly disappointed
I was looking for a slideshow app to create a tribute to my parents on their 50th anniversary and ended up selecting this app for use. I was glad they offered a 7 day free trial because the price to purchase seems ridiculous. I found the usability to be fairly straight forward. Adding photos and reorganizing them was very easy. The options to exit the slide show are very basic and I wished for better options. It drives me crazy when “moods” slide photos is strange directions and leave no way of editing the direction. My biggest disappointment was after spending all the time creating it and getting it to a satisfactory finish (I wasn’t thrilled w final outcome, but good enough with tools available), was the quality. When I downloaded the slideshow it played nice and clear. But once uploaded to Facebook for sharing, the photo quality was rendered very poorly. I was So disappointed with how it played. I would never buy this app or use the free trial again. Save yourself the time.
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4 years ago, FlexxAlott
Why do I need to purchase to make slideshows ?
I needed an app to make a slideshow for graduation (I’ll only be using the app once) and this popped up as one of the first ones. I downloaded this along with a few others. Once I opened the app, I allowed access to my pictures and microphone and selected the pictures, after that it immediately took me to a prompt to start a free trial that eventually turns into a full time subscription. Why do I need to purchase the app or start a free trial to make a SLIDESHOW. I get it, the developers need to make money, but I refuse to pay for a slideshow app. I gave it two stars because I’m sure the app isn’t horrible, but to make people pay is ridiculous. It also got two stars because if you go through the settings, you can stop the app from charging payments before the trial ends so make sure you do that to avoid those charges. Otherwise, it’s on you. Onto the next one I suppose.
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6 years ago, Queenmommy17
Mad customer!!!!
I downloaded this app that said it was free and now I’m being charged? When I downloaded it said I had a free week trial and I deleted the app before the trial was up, all I wanted to do was make a slide show for my sons first birthday, which by the way I was unable to do. I would the slide show made and then the app wouldn’t load. So not only is this false advertisement, I’m being charged for something I didn’t even get to use. I’d like to speak more you with the app seller, I don’t think I should have to pay the price when this was an unsuccessful purchase. I unsubscribed from my Apple ID already after being charged which I didn’t know was going to do, I also can’t download any new apps until that charge is paid. Which I am not paying, I’d like the charge canceled, due to negligence to give full details on how to delete and unsubscribe to the app, for false advertisement for a “free” app I’m being charge for, and for wasting my time.
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5 years ago, yamileiris
I was really excited to use this app. I wanted to make a slideshow of my boyfriend and me and I first thought this was free as it said it in the name. I signed up for the free trial but as soon as I apparently had purchased, the app did not even let me use it. I could only select the photos and videos I wanted to use but when I pressed the button that said “7 days free/ then 2.99 per week”, the app did not load it told me I could start using it a week after feb 2. So when I came back the app still did not let me use it. Later I found out on my account that the app had charged me. So then I canceled my subscription and it said I could still use the app for a week until Feb.9. So I click on the option “I’ve already purchased” because I still wanted to try it and they had already taken my money. Guess what?-the app still does not let me use it. I wanted this app to work and had high hopes for it but I was lied to. Very disappointing.
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6 years ago, LC Riggs
I had to get a replacement iPhone and with the replacement, when I try to access my music from the app the majority of all my music is missing. It only displays music I have downloaded within the last few months (not years). I’m giving a 1 star rating because when I select app support I am directed to the bending spoon website and once I navigate to the support page there, the url is invalid. I’ve already deleted and removed the app. Also, when adding music, when adjusting the start place, you have to wait each time for the rest of the music clip to play. It’s quite time consuming when you are trying to get the music to start at a certain spot. If you move the start time slightly over you have to wait 30 seconds (or however long your clip is) to see if that worked, if not then you need to repeat. The price is also high for the app but it does what I want (well used to with my old iPhone).
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2 years ago, Not Free- beware
It’s not free- weekly or monthly charge- beware
Yet another “free” app thats “free” to download then hits you with the real cost after you’ve spent 5-10 minutes on your first project. It starts at $4.99 a WEEK- billed to your credit card. I’m sure it’s probably a neat little app but not worth $20 a month for me. No thanks. I’m so fed up with these insidious apps that lure you in with a fake “free” offer to get your credit card info and start charging you repeatedly. This is one of the thousands of similar offerings that will ding your credit card seemingly forever- before you know it you’ve been suckered for $100s for something most of us will use maybe once or twice a year. Who has time to make a slideshow everyday?? On a positive note, this realization made me look into the actual FREE Apple app that’s already on my iPhone and has all the slideshow features I could want. So, I guess it worked in that regard.
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4 years ago, LiLeeT44
Pretty good!
Not too bad of an app. Only complaint is that of conveniency. Which is when I go to upload a photo I can’t do the same photo multiple times unless I have duplicated that photo in my library. Otherwise I have to keep going back and add the same photo over and over again and adjusting it the same way as the original. Reason why I’m doing this in the first place is because I’m an artist and want to put my music over a photo and three dollars a week or day whatever how much it is is the only way for me to do that via my phone🤷🏽‍♂️ other than that it’s pretty user friendly and does have a lot of tools to work with. Don’t really recommend to artist with the same idea as me, but to anyone who just wants imported audio or music from your phone over different pictures I recommend 👌👍
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5 years ago, kate6793
Continuing to be charged
I’m giving this app 1 star not for its performance as a video editing app, but for its lack of control in your subscription. There’s not setting feature in the app or direct link to be able to cancel or change my subscription/trial. Because of this I’ve had the following problem below. I used this app back in March only for one quick video edit that I needed. To be able to do this I had to sign up for the week free trial. I didn’t mind doing this and putting my card information in because I have done this before for other apps. Then I forgot about the app after using it and was charged $4.49 weekly after that. That was my fault! I forgot about the free trial the subscription did what it was supposed to and charge me. However! After I noticed this weekly charge coming out of my bank, I went into my Apple ID settings, to my subscriptions and cancelled my subscription to this app. But I am still getting weekly $4.49 charges coming out of my account! It has been doing this for a month or two now! I have looked through all my apple nilling and recent purchases to make sure it was nothing else ... but I haven’t purchased anything else or signed up for any free trials or subscriptions through any app. I don’t know what to do or how to stop this from charging my bank account weekly!
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4 years ago, jajajajajajajdhhshfhsje
So bad
I’m eight years old about to be nine and I got this app for my birthday my dad said it was OK cause it’s only two dollars a month but when he bought this subscription a week later it charged him another two bucks this made him mad because that money was supposed to be on my birthday supplies but he paid for it another week later he had to pay for another two dollars that made him delete the subscription but that still made him pay two dollars after the weeks I kept on using the app and the more I used it the more money expanded this is what made us both really mad because the money couldn’t have been used on something else so if you want to be scammed buy an app go ahead and do it but on my advice this is a horrible app and a scam and also it didn’t last for seven days it lasted for three days and then we had to pay $10 for another subscription trust me this app is terrible
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4 years ago, jesshunter18
So disappointed!!
I was really enjoying this app except all of a sudden while I was working on my project, my video went black. When I go to the screen where you add pics/videos I can see them all there but when I play the video it’s only black but you can still hear the sound. I spent hours on this and it was ruined. I restarted the app, my phone, waited a day but it stayed black. I had already spent hours on this but loved it so much I decided to start all over. Well, again, just as I was almost finished making it for a second time, the whole video goes black again. I was trying to make this video for my sons first birthday party to show family but have now spent hours making and re-making it only for it to not work in the end. My subscription was still active and no other obvious reasons this would have happened and I’m so sad I can’t show the video now. VERY DISAPPOINTED.
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5 years ago, paris_lover2008
I love this app!!!!
I HIGHLY recommend this app if you like creating things! I made a slideshow for my birthday. It was about me spending time with my friends and so I could edit ANYTHING and it is awesome!! There are nice songs to pick from! My moms birthday is coming up and I just made a slideshow for her. I had A TON of things to choose from when I did it. I am sorry this is soo long but it is an awesome app. I am a lot like my mom. We both have a lot to say! Trust me when I say I have WAY MORE to say about this app! I think it deserves 5 stars! This is my way for birthday presents if I forgot to make one 😂 (not saying this for my moms present though). Whoever created this app, thank you 😊, I really appreciate it!
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4 years ago, sugar2337
Charging me wrongly
I didn’t even know I downloaded this app or maybe I did because it says FREE , I can’t even remember using it. I just kept seeing $3.25 taken out of my bank at least 10 x since March at least. Sometimes the debits were like 2 days apart. 3X in April , May and June. No one else has access to my phone either. How does your charging system work and why was I charged 9-10 times and maybe I did download but never used it before. I am going to dispute these weird charges and look back further to see if anymore charges were made!!! Please tell me why are you billing me 2-3 x a month even if I was using this app????!! Very upset and misleading!
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3 years ago, pinchehaleyloca
I tried out about 4 different apps before downloading this one. I needed to make a slide show for my son’s first birthday and I had a little over 400 pictures which meant I needed to be able to control the slide time so that my slideshow wasn’t 25 minutes long. I couldn’t do this with any other app. This app made it easy to select photos, add music, edit what part of the video you wanted to put each song, change slide time and viewing and saving your slideshow. It may not have a hundred different bells and whistles but for making a simple photo slideshow with music this app is awesome!
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5 years ago, TrinaLynne
Needs a help or support button!!!!
I am giving two stars because after creating a perfect slideshow for my sons birthday, I chose to download and share. I CANNOT find the slideshow/video. There is no help button. There is no “about” screen. There is no app support within the app itself. I couldn’t even find who the developer was to search for help online until I looked here to give a review. Even after going to app support option in App Store, was only to download more of their apps. No help whatsoever. I signed up for the subscription and planned to use it over and over again because it is easy to make and edit. However, I need to be able to find my creations. There is no “open” button, no “recent creations”. Nothing to go back to what I worked so hard to create. I will be cancelling my subscription.
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6 years ago, Vlaskalic.Liz
Continually Crashes
I had a very frustrating experience while attempting to work with the app. I had to re-make the same slide over and over again a total of 12 times before it finally let me save the video I was making. Before being able to save it, the app kept crashing, deleting everything I had edited and worked on, forcing me to re-start my slide all over again. The only reason I continued trying over again was because I wanted to make a nice video for my niece and I couldn’t find anything as easy as the flipagram app used to be. The intentions of the app are great, but it still has a long way to go before it can become great. Seriously, crashing every single time you want to edit something, and not being able to save your work to come back to it in the case of another crash is just hell.
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5 years ago, kencosmo17
Absolute garbage
A free app that won’t even let you get started without signing up for a trial that charges weekly. When trying to add my own music it would not let me use any music that wasn’t downloaded. The second I would go into my iTunes and download it the app would no longer be able to even find the song despite trying multiple ways by typing in the artist, song name, album title, etc. I would see the song I wanted, select it, the app would tell me to download it and then once I did the song became unable to be found. It makes no sense what so ever. I even tried going into playlist which would show empty on the app despite every song in there being downloaded. I was trying to make a sentimental slide show for my family pet who passed away and this just ruined the entire experience for me. Do NOT recommend!!!
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5 years ago, unexpected cozy cottage
This movie maker app is quit user friendly...and that’s saying a lot because, I’m not tech savvy. ***However, I am very upset and Dissatisfied about the way you cancel a subscription. I had a few apps downloaded on my phone trying to see which would make a better video, for my mothers birthday. This app seemed to be the easiest and best way. although, getting a subscription was cheap at only $2.99 a week, I thought it would only take me a week to make the movie. The worst part is once, I made the movie I couldn’t cancel my subscription!!! I tried following the instructions over and over and it was not near as easy as getting the subscription. I was finally able to cancel it once, I went online to read another review about their complaint when they tried to cancel! There I found complete instructions on how to find the cancellation of a subscription! BUT, not before they charged me for a few weeks.... which unfortunately I’m sure adds up when there’s hundreds of people doing the same thing. So, “Slide Show” play fair, place the full CANCELATION instructions in the app it’s self, instead of making customers jump through hoops, just to find out how to cancel. Respectfully, Very Disappointed
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3 years ago, sjbfbes
I download this app, selected all of my photos, then it made me subscribe or I couldn’t move on. Should’ve told me to subscribe in the first place, not after putting together a slideshow. So, I did pay the money and ‘subscribe’ to a monthly (weekly?) fee. Once I was downloading the photos, once again, the app crashed. So I tried once more, I saw the air balloon logo and it said “something went wrong”. I checked all of my other apps just to make sure it wasn’t my phone. I tried the same thing once again. This app is a scam, do not download. I tried giving these folks benefit of the doubt, more than 3 times. Ridiculous. Looks like I’m not the only one they scammed..... will be further looking into terms and conditions to see if everything they’re doing is even legal... from a lawyer myself.
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6 years ago, Mslovelydisposition
Do NOT charge me for my free trial
I’m so frustrated. It took me 2 hours to make a 50 second video for my fiancé’s birthday. All I wanted was a simple slideshow. But now I’m going to be charged for an app that I do not want. It crashes. Doesn’t let you pick up where you left off. ...And there’s NOWHERE in the app that lets me cancel my trial!!! TRASH. Comment a solution to unsubscribe from your services PLEASE and I will change my rating. Thanks. Very Unpleased. I went to your website. I went to your app support. NOWHERE talks about the app itself or how to unsubscribe. I’m so frustrated and upset. This was supposed to be a pleasant experience. A happy moment for me to reminisce on old photos while I create a cute video .. I worked so hard. And it’s all gone. So many times. I don’t know why I kept giving this app a chance. Literally the definition of insanity. DO NOT CHARGE ME FOR MY FREE TRIAL.
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6 years ago, Mink Bowman
Taking my money
I wanted to give it zero stars. I never used it, it wasn’t even on my phone but U was getting charged for it. Not only was it not on my phone but i had to download it, since i was paying for it, and to my surprise I couldn’t get past the screen that said free trial. I kept clicking the “Ive already purchased” link and it still wouldn’t allow me off that screen. So not only have u been taking my money for an app I didn’t have, when I downloaded it I didn’t have access to it. I WANT TO CANCEL THIS!! This is why I hate having my card attached to this phone because I be getting charged for things I dont have. Like how i got charged $9.99 for a year for iTunes when I have spodify and apple refuses to return my money that they took for something I never had. This is my first apple and I hate it just for these reasons
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4 years ago, DonnaHoll
Amazing App!
I have been searching for an app to put together a slide for my mother’s 79th Birthday and came across this one. After searching all day with different apps, I was becoming disappointed because I knew exactly what so wanted. Little did I know I would come across everything I was looking for, which was a slide show, music, different affects and the ability to share it on social media with family and friends. Also, anyone that knows me well, knows that I am a little challenged with technology. However, this was the easiest app and I am so excited that I came across it! Donna H.
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5 years ago, deepblueandorange
Wasn’t bad, but not great.
The only reason I say it wasn’t great was because after I did the slideshow, half the pictures came out blurry, even the the originals weren’t blurry. I made a little anniversary video for my wife, and it would’ve been perfect had all the pictures came out clear. The music options were only limited to the ones already pre-loaded on the app. It gave the option to attach songs from my Apple Music, but it wouldn’t let me click any of them. Idk if that was because I just have a subscription for Apple Music, and i didn’t but then like on itunes? But it just sucked that I couldn’t put my wife’s and my wedding song on it. That would’ve made the video 100x better.
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5 years ago, Funky Eyebrows
Overall not good
I opened the app and it requires payment but gives you an option for a week free trial but a few days later I looked at my email saying I had to pay for it. Not only was that sketchy, but the app itself wasn’t that great. You pick the pictures in your gallery and that’s the order it’s in unless you shuffle it; there’s no way to change the order for specific pictures once you get to making the slideshow. Also, once a slideshow is made it takes 10-15% battery to download to your phone and I couldn’t get it to send via text, messenger, or WhatsApp. Not only was it a drain on battery, but it takes forever to download and if there’s an error it will not tell you until it has completed the full download time and you have to retry and wait that long period of time again.
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4 years ago, vballgerl88
Some difficulty initially
With covid, reinventing classroom tasks has been the norm. And creating my end of the school year slideshow was no different. Doing it all in my phone, my photo and movie apps were not giving me what I was looking for, so I went in search of an additional app to make a slide show. Initially the app kept crashing which was very frustrating. I was about to give up, when finally on the 4th try, my photos uploaded. For the most part the photos looked good. I was able to add my own music, however you can only add on song. I would have preferred to add multiple songs instead of hearing the same song over and over. Not sure if I’ll keep this app. It served its purpose in a crunch.
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6 years ago, Amanda__28_3
Do not download
If there were an option to give 0 stars that’s what I would have given this app. It says you get a free trial but it charges your account as soon as you press ok. I didn’t have any problems making my slide show until I tried to add music, which if you haven’t actually paid for your music then you can’t add the song you would like. Once I paid for the song I wanted and got my slideshow how I wanted it I tried to save it and the app completely shut down and I had to start over only for it to continue to happen. So basically you’re wasting your time since you can’t save any of your work. I then tried to go in and cancel my “free trial” and of course there’s no option for that anywhere. As soon as I am able to cancel I definitely will be deleting this app from my phone.
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3 years ago, dawnmarz
I cannot possibly adequately express the immense joy I have found in creating slideshows from this user friendly app. I have gotten lost for hours in creating thematic storylines with my photos all set to music ( from which there is a generous selection). The ability to edit the size and slant of photos that may have not fit into the original template allows for the project to take on the look you are hoping for. If you have previously danbled on different photoshow apps this one will be-a breeze for you...I LOVE this!!!
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5 years ago, Barbiesmithblah
I’m giving this app a one star as well. I’m not going into detail, because my story is similar to the Alainia person. I’ve been getting charged 2.99 since January not even noticing because of this app, that I used for more than likely less than a week. The app is free, but yet you get siked into a subscription which is absurd. The app hasn’t even been on my phone in months. I had to google why I was being charged 2.99 twice a month ontop of my 9.99 subscription for Apple Music. Please look at my payment history and send me my full refund. I haven’t even used the app and it isn’t on my phone but y’all continually take the money out. This app is a scam and should be ashamed. Do not download this app if your intents is to use it for a day or two for any apparent reason. You might end up like Alaina and myself.
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5 years ago, Mcmuffin04
Would have been 5 stars if...
So I read all the reviews about the subscription and how to cancel it, so I was ready if I didn’t like the app. I chose all my photos to make my fiancé an anniversary video, and I had the perfect song in mind. I went to choose my music, and it said the song I wanted wasn’t downloaded to my phone and to use it I had to do such. So I downloaded it no problem. All of a sudden I can’t use the song! It won’t pop up when I search it at all. I tried closing the app. Remaking the collage. Nothing worked. I’m very upset because I had this all planned out on how it was going to be, and now because the app has some sort of glitch or whatever, I won’t be using it to make my video. I miss flipagram.
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5 years ago, Abc-AllOfaus
Come on? Seriously...
I am not one to hate or typically complain about apps and give bad reviews, but when I downloaded “SlideShow Maker Photo to Video” I was not able to do much before something popped up. I was able to choose my photos and videos, then I clicked the button to move on to the next step. A screen then showed up that told me I had to pay or try a free trial for the app to go on. That is what made me a little frustrated. Other apps a least let you make something before they make that advertisement. Now I don’t want to complain and not give pros about the app, although I did not get that far to be able too. I don’t want to pay for something that is not worth it and in the end delete it. If you disagree it is a difference in opinions. This was my thoughts and my experience.
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4 years ago, 00723
Misleading free trial
I am very disappointed. I needed an app to make one slideshow for school (I am a teacher). I put in all of my pics and it told me only 10 were allowed in the free version. I went ahead and chose a paid version because it said there was a 7 day free trial. I planned on cancelling right after I made the slideshow but it charged me $4.99 right away. I did not read through everything super thoroughly (because I was in a hurry and frustrated that I had spent so much time only to find out that the free version I was using was useless to me and a waste of time). I have now cancelled it but am very frustrated. It made a decent slideshow. I do not recommend unless you are wanting to spend quite a bit of money. Also, a subscription for a slideshow app is ridiculous. It should be a one-time purchase.
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4 years ago, AquaDeMimi
Do not use this app! Scam!
I was looking for a slideshow maker and I downloaded this app and I noticed that you had to pay a monthly subscription so I decided not to bother with it and I canceled the subscription before my free trial ended and just deleted the app but now I got charged and it still showing as active under my subscriptions even though it’s already been deleted and I canceled on the first day I downloaded it. This is ridiculous. SCAM. Do not download and do not use it! You can’t get rid of it. I’m filing a report with Apple remove this app completely and will aggressively do so. So many others complained and they have a big paragraph written about how to stop or cancel subscriptions but they are doing something so that it doesn’t cancel and they are quietly stealing money. Do not use!!!
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5 years ago, Your favorite muppet
Absolutely Infuriating
I downloaded this app to make a slideshow for a friend on her birthday. After the app crashed Everytime I attempted to make the slideshow I deleted it. I was under the impression that I was getting a free trial and after I deleted the app I would not be charged. Recently I’ve started noticing increments of $5 missing from my bank account. I checked to see what was missing and I realized that it was this app! I’ve had this app deleted since July 2018 and since then it has been taking $5 out of my account every week!!! After trying and cancelling my subscription I can’t figure it out even after looking through the directions the manufacturer is commenting on the reviews. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR MONEY TO BE STOLEN. Pathetic the app manufacturers think this app is worth $5 every week.
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4 years ago, All~Nicknames~Are~Taken
“Free Trial” is not a free trial
I was looking to kind of start getting into editing videos a little bit and thought this app looked promising. Upon opening the app, you’re offered a “free trial,” after which the subscription would start. I opted to do this, since I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for yet, and hoped that the app would convince me to purchase. I ultimately made the decision to cancel the trial and subscription the next day, which I promptly did. Imagine my frustration when today I was charged for a week’s subscription. I immediately went into my Apple account and viewed my subscriptions. This app was among them, but there is no option to cancel. I can only assume that there is an obligatory paid subscription after the trial period. This is frustrating, but I suppose I should read better before agreeing to free trials. It’s unsavory of the company, but ultimately my responsibility to read. As there is no option to cancel, I can only assume that it’s already canceled, as per my previous actions. I’ll be far more upset if I end up with another payment after this, as I have no ability to cancel. I hope that this is not the case.
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5 years ago, Nanny Juice
Not able to cancel subscription
I also used this app to make one short video, but The subscription option Is not accessible though the app itself to cancel. I had to read another users complaint to see the steps from the developer on how to cancel the subscription. It is my belief that it is set up this way so that users can’t unsubscribe and they are billed $3.20 a week for an app that is not being used. Overall I was satisfied with the video, but it was very difficult uploading my own music. This app is not as user friendly as other apps, and I recommend putting the subscription management on the main app itself for easy access of managing and the ability of being able to unsubscribe from the app when you want to more easily.
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12 months ago, smartin7404
Did not honor FREE trial
I subscribed on 6/10 and should have received a 7 day free trial (as advertised). On 6/14 I was charged $4.99 + tax. On 6/19 I was charged again and then told I’d be charged again on 6/24. 1. That’s every 5 days instead of every 7. 2. What happened to my FREE trial? I didn’t get one. I tried to contact the app for a refund for one of the charges and I received an automated email stating that I’d have to go thru Apple to receive a refund. Once refunded then it cancels my subscription…meaning I lose the slideshow that I have spent hours creating. So very frustrating that it couldn’t be resolved. The app was pretty cool…but $5 a week is pretty steep…especially when you get charged every 5 days. The free trial was not granted either which is pretty irritating.
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