Slideshow Maker (SlidePlus)

Photo & Video
4.7 (2.1K)
131.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
QuVideo Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slideshow Maker (SlidePlus)

4.66 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Matthheww
Highly Recommended!!!
I only installed this Unique App yesterday and already in love with their operating system. They took their time to beautify everything about this App, it’s mouth opening with the premium version plus it’s cheap. I don’t normally write feedbacks whether I got what I expect or not... So Whoever reading this feedback, I want you to know this app is highly recommended. Quality not Quantity!!!!
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5 years ago, Zoix11
Soo fun and easy
I had literally downloaded about 15 apps similar and this is by far the easiest and fun of all. Especially the ease of adding music and the ability of the app to get the timing a precise that it looks like the animals and or people are performing it. BTW: i’m 56 so if i say it’s easy then it will be cake for you.
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4 years ago, Harper grace virden
This app is the best photo editing app
This app is very good great videos that I’m making I have not spent any money and I love it!!! Thanks for this app I am addicted to just edit a lot of my bad selfies! Thanks again and please make the songs longer
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10 months ago, Jorge39
First time.
I’ve downloaded the app and it seems to be doing what I expected,create videos with music to share on any media or messages app!!!😊👍
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2 years ago, guest5952259
AMAZING but needs update
Doesn’t work on my new iPhone 13 unless I turn off the Wi-Fi.. weird
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4 years ago, Cute Mei
May I asked you question: why someone music only 1:25 or short minutes? It is inconvenient to make entire video. Could you make much more longer music next time PLEASE!🙏Thanks
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4 years ago, ;) :) its great
It’s geqart
When I started to download this appp I felt like it was gonna be great but when I downloaded i trued it out and I was right it is great :)
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4 years ago, 123&/):&(!
Best App
I love this App!!! I can change my background easily❤️❤️💗thanks developers
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1 year ago, Re999999
Couldn’t even login
Seemed great and easy to use, but it failed consistently on login after subscribed. That’s as basic a function fail as I can imagine. It also pre-sets the duration of the video and I didn’t see a way to make it longer.
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5 years ago, Nina❤️❤️☺️☺️
anything that shines is this app
i am in love with this app and i make lot of "edits" from it TRY IT ❤️♥️ you won't regret it
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4 years ago, Hate this up
I love this app and u r probably wondering abt the mula 💵 no and yes some of the vids that u can edit are for free and tha 1’s for free I love so yea u better download this app!!
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4 years ago, Irene's BS
Very good ...I have more work!!!
Is full ideas
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4 years ago, TheEmeraldCheetah
I can’t use everything.
Some templates did not work when I try to use it..I paid full year for this app..
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5 years ago, noraperry1900
I have a hard time downloading to Facebook, if they could fix it would be a great. Save it to my photo gallery and sharing on Facebook is not working ended up with pictures no music. Bad
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4 years ago, AndrewAlert 🚨🚨🚨🚨❤️❤️💕🍇
Videos game and do edit music
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5 years ago, issa a no
Please respond
I didn’t not purchase for the full year. I am being charged and it’s no where for me to cancel. Please help! It’s charging me $28 I didn’t subscribe to that it said free trail for 3 days, why am I brr err omg charged please cancel that payment
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4 years ago, melinba
Charged for no reason
Downloaded by accident and deleted and the charged me 60$ for just that... I’m very upset and I’m a time like this when we are out of work and under quarantine...
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4 years ago, ozioma1996
Why can’t I use the app after subscribing for yearly,
Why can’t I use the app after one year subscription I paid for, refund my money if you will not all me use the app😡😡😡
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8 months ago, CofeeHouse
The future is here
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5 years ago, Doublej2759
Very unhappy
Cannot get them to stop charging me! I have deleted the app and declined charges but it continues! Stop it already
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4 years ago, ayrin rashidi
This app it have very fun
Ayrin rashidi
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4 years ago, 300000000001000009
I hate the app!😡 don’t download it!
I hate it I can’t make a video without buying stuff what’s wrong with you!?
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4 years ago, Fabr-F
Bad, Bad!
They take 30 dollars from my card and I never accept that
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5 years ago, 64099999
This app is stupid I don’t even have it downloaded and it charged me 5$
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7 years ago, Lizzie G 61
If you don't have this app you are really missing out!
This app if I could give them every star in the galaxy I would! It's a blast!!! You laugh and you cry and there aren't enough fantastic things that I can say about this app. I will say that if you don't get this app you are loosing out on sending people that you care about some awesome video and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to use it!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD GET THIS APP IMMEDIATELY! Lizzie
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5 years ago, @r@F
Really,really bad!! 😠 You can’t save in your phone, and so slow!
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5 years ago, Ryana900$
So I read a response from you guys saying this is free, curiosity killed that 🐈. It’s not free.
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4 years ago, ABCBRandon
This wasn’t free
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7 years ago, parkersjones
Constant Crash Allows No Testing
update - a week later the app is totally working as expected - I paid for all the upgrades - on the iPhone 7 plus - the app can handle anything I want to make 🙂
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6 years ago, feogejdvdyslid
I was shocked how bad it was
It was not good your head was always cut. It was just a terrible app in general you may see so many other good reviews but I’m here to tell that this app is actual crap and I know that is a little overboard but let’s be honest it’s a terrible app I do not suggest getting it is not your storage believe a lot of other wrote amazing reviews i am here to say that the reviews are actual crap so please before wasting your storage please dont consider this app there are a lot of better ones just sayin it’s actual crap don’t get EVER Love-this apps biggest hater💯💩💩💩💩
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7 years ago, Junkin' Jubilee
It's Beginning to look
Awesome app love the ability to edit and use a variety of music as well as the integration of a variety of fun animation. A huge bonus for a small company and great for family events and gifts.
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7 years ago, DP1234321
Fun and easy
It seemed really simple at first so I thought I'd get bored with being limited, but more themes open up, etc. so I use it repeatedly and regularly. Nice video app.
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8 years ago, Great for my video
I need to add words to the pictures.
The only reason that I give this 4 stars is because I need to add words to the pictures. Is a great app to use for like a photo slide. I love the music, but still you need to update this app that you can put words in
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9 years ago, Chime720
I need an option to remove the watermark
...otherwise I can't use this. This is a really good app but I hope we can further customize some things like text in the selected theme, colors. Wish we can also add video clips.
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8 years ago, Loose Lariat
Looks promising
Just started playing. Looking forward to playing with it more.
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8 years ago, Emma Bez
Love the app...
The only reason I give 4 stars, its because there is logo sign on the video... And cant find the way how to remove it...:-/// If it's possible you guys to remove that... 10* no words...;)))!!!!
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7 years ago, latn1229
Excellent App
The best photo video maker by far. It even creates a video from my new pictures automatically. Love it
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8 years ago, Yatibuty
This app is the same creator of VivaVideo and I really enjoyed that app so I checked this one out and it's pretty good! My only complaint is that I cant deselect photos or add some when I already drafted them
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7 years ago, Koko Butta Queen Love Lovely
Best of my TIME
It lets my vlogs become more easier especially because my subscribers and viewers enjoy them more
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7 years ago, beautyfulmess
Super easy app that can produce amazing results
Love the ability to combine photos and videos to create fun and inviting presentations.
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7 years ago, Roney1165
I wish the videos could be longer
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7 years ago, Lari Funk
I love the theme selection although I do wish that there were more to choose from without paying
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8 years ago, ArtistLady1
Keep improving without deducting the quality of video images.
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7 years ago, Sonjay Heatseekerz TV
Thumbs up
New to the vlog scene but it's definitely a good app to use to start off with!
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7 years ago, ChristinaD.
New to App
Can't say much, since I'm new to this app, but it seems to offer a lot of themes to make quick, but good slideshows. I'll have to use more to give a valid review.
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6 years ago, Avie# what
Not that bad🙂
It's fine for like 10 to 13 but for 22 or 18 than fine something better
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8 years ago, Javier Garcia
Look like a good fun app
I just don't want to pay again
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7 years ago, YaGurl!
Like it
I just got the app haven't tried but I know it's going to be good so there's ur five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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7 years ago, imallsmiles
Fun app
Bought this app after seeing a friends awesome video made with SlidePlus. Excited to try it!
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7 years ago, Aaaaaaasap
Poor video quality
Please update to full HD 1080. It's very poor quality compared to now a day video standard. Please improve export quality!!!
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