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Alan Cushway
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3 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Slideshow Maker Video & Photo

4.8 out of 5
12.9K Ratings
1 year ago, Reviewed by DD
Would recommend
It did what I needed done, not as well as the program on my Mac desktop which is not working. It would be nice to have instructions. Like after you pick your pictures, you have to select them in the order you want as you go. This is not bad if you have 20-30 pictures but I had 500. Also, not being able to adjust each individual frame size was frustrating, I had to make do. You cannot move the pics within the frame at all, so if you have a tightly cropped pic, you will probably have a missing head or someone’s sleeve only. However, wedding is in a few days and I needed to complete my project. I’m going with two stars simply because of the editing options. However if you consider all of these things before you start your project, it may help and it is a nice video now that it is complete. I also added my own music.
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6 months ago, Kwalt6
Slide show
It’s pretty simple but there could be options to make it more user friendly. I’d like to be able to put my photos in a different order more easily then it allows - I don’t like having to delete the photo and adding it back into the slide show somewhere else . You should be able to manage all photos in the slide show and change order simple. I would like more options to control the photo between each slide and the times between each slide and not have it apply to the entire slide show. The music selection that comes with the full paid version is very limited and very weak none of it is any good in my opinion and I used my own. I also would like to have the option to use the full size version of my images not just for fb or social media. I’m using my slide show for family wedding and I don’t like being forced to crop into the specs of social networking sizes. The app is basic but it’s workable for the price it needs some fine tuning. I only used it because my Mac desktop is currently down I needed a slideshow and didn’t want to pay 40-50 like some of the other apps out there since I have better ones on my desktop that hopefully I’ll be able to use soon.
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1 year ago, CharKachSkin
This app is extremely easy to use. Just click “new project” upload your media (photos and videos!) and it compiles them into a slideshow. There is options to add music, rotate pictures that are sideways, clip videos to make them shorter, and to increase or decrease the speed at which it moves through the slideshow. You can also have the app place the photos in chronological order or put them into the slideshow at random. This is literally everything I was hoping for in an easy to use format! The cost is 7.99 per year. They were very up front about that. No gimmicks or tricks. My only critique: when you’re editing a video clip and you’ve made the change it takes you back tot he beginning of the slideshow instead of starting where you left off. With pictures it doesn’t do the is. A little annoying but not a deal breaker.
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4 years ago, Meep 😝😟😉💩
Absolutely amazing
Thank you so much for this app it was entirely free no gimmicks no paying a substirction without me knowing, I searched for an app for a day and a half that I could play a song to a bunch of pictures for my mom and dads anniversary, the video turned out great I have no complaints. All I did was used a song from iTunes (though they did also have free songs to use just in case you didn’t want to pay for a song from iTunes) and added my photos that easy! I will totally recommend this app to my friends and family when it comes time they need a slideshow. Again thank you . Xoxo
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4 years ago, Em Eng
Liked using it and was easy
I love how it lets me put as many pictures and videos I want. I downloaded and deleted 2 other apps before finding this one. The other 2 only let me put 12 pictures on before making me buy the upgrade. The 1 thing I would change about this app is to have a save button, so you can save in the middle of working on it and go back to continue. I had my slideshow almost completely done when I had to do other things. I came back an hour or 2 later and it was all gone. I had to start over. Overall I would use this app again, just make sure you have the time to make your whole slideshow in one sitting or be willing to leave it open on your phone until you are done.
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4 months ago, thenana61
Your app looked really good so I downloaded it and first off I had to agree to subscribe before I could even try it out to see if I liked it. Then it didn’t really have directions on how to use it. I figured it out and started choosing my pictures. The app said “tap the photo to edit” but it wouldn’t work. So I had to go back and edit them and then reload them. Finally I got them done and was going to put music but your app would not let me download my own music and you had a very limited selection but I just picked one that kind of went with my pics. So I’m finally finished and going to post it for my granddaughter’s birthday and it took a while and I thought it was finished so I look to see it posted. NOTHING!! After all of that it wouldn’t even post it. It just saved it in my photos! I will DEFINITELY delete this app!!
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1 year ago, eastlaker
Very basic slide show creator
If you’re looking for a super basic slide show creator, this does the job. Three things I’m fairly disappointed by: 1) I realize the target audience for this is sharing on one of the social networks, so it makes sense that there are templates for a lot of those aspect ratios. But there’s no way to use the original aspect ratio of the photos — they’re always resized/cropped to fit. 2) there’s no way to add simple text! A title, captions under some of the photos, etc. Sure, other apps do this, but it would be so easy to have it all in one place. 3) the transitions between photos are quite jarring — no options like fade through black, etc.
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2 years ago, aqwerthfjfhxndhdhrndhdndh
This app is the absolute best app in the world! You should really consider this app!! I think that even as a kid I’d love to make so many videos and I make videos with me and my friends I make videos of my sister and I make videos for birthdays I make videos just for fun I make videos of me! It’s so much fun to just make videos without paying where you can do 15 photos but that’s still a lot and I don’t pay for it because I feel like I can just use 15 photos but if I start using it more I might start pay for it so I can do more you should definitely get this app love it!!!
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2 years ago, Ngombe75
Great Video-Making App
I enjoy this app. It’s easy to use. I am able to quickly add music, photos and videos in order to make content for social media. There are a couple of different styles to apply to your videos and the music that comes with the app is the best I’ve ever experienced using these kinds of apps. This doesn’t have a lot of frills like being able to add text or effects, but for what it offers, it does a great job with. No technical issues and I’m able to save my videos in the app so that I can return, duplicate and make new videos. Good job!!!
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4 years ago, Paparazzi Grandma
Love it
I would give this a 10 if I could! Very easy to use I only have a few thing I would really like it more if when you put photos on with music playing happy Birthday day and then add a video singing happy birthday it plays the music in the back still, not sure if I just haven’t figured it out yet. And would like to put title or text in the slide show! I’m very happy with this app so many don’t give you a chance to see if you like it, and want to to upgrade! I Don’t care if I like it and know if it’s one time price or week or month, so I get a little nervous when checking out some apps.
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12 months ago, Jai19755
No glitch in a pinch!
Tried for 2 days to make my grand daughter a video thru Vixer. Failed to upload. Kept quitting unexpectedly and would t open. Audio would t load “unexpected error occurred” now it’s 10pm the night of her bday and I decided to jump ship to this app. So glad I did! Video was done start to finish in 30 minutes! Wish it had a few more options like fading of music etc, but won’t complain since it got me out of a frustrating jam!!
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4 years ago, Can I remain unnamed
It was easy to use but I had to keep remaking it because you can’t save it.
I’m making a slideshow of everyone during this time period. Like how we are all handling the corona outbreak. I’m from New Orleans and it is the fastest growing here, so it’s challenging here as well as other places. I asked family members to send pictures of what they’ve been doing to keep them busy during the stay at home act. I made about 6 slide shows thought I saved them but when I opened the app they were no where to be found. SUPER easy to use, BEST app yet. Just wish I could’ve saved my originals.
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9 months ago, Nettieloo
I have been trying to find a good but simple slide show maker that i can use to just share pics and videos with music to my family I’m not a big social media person I just want to share via text or email with my family when we have a fun event or Holiday and it’s been tough to find one that works well without being ridiculously expensive and also lot have a bunch of extra stuff I do t need just simple fun easy to use and this one so far has hit the mark it’s great
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1 year ago, Smashingcupcakes
Been using for years
I’ve used this very app for 7 years. I’ve made a birthday video for my kids every year using this app. 5 star for sure but would definitely like more music selections as you can only make so many videos with the same songs. You can always use your own music for the videos but some apps will block you if they suspect you haven’t paid for the song even if you have plus the app.
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2 years ago, hey hey but
It’s not the best you can only get 15 photos or videos per slide plus the music that can get added sometimes glitches and you can’t hear the other song that you choose because the other one is still playingBut if you refresh it a few times it does sometimes work and it’s not the best but it’s pretty nice because you can still make really good slideshows and the songs that you are provided with OK as well I mean they could be better but they’re not too bad but in the end I would say it’s a pretty goodApp aside from the VIP stuff like that’s not really fair three days free of a trial that stupid At least four days if not a week at least but yeah in the end it’s pretty OK
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4 years ago, ♡︎♥︎𓆉𝙺𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚕𝚕𓆉♥︎♡︎
4 stars
I really love this app! I was looking for a free slideshow maker and stumbled upon this. The only reason I gave it a 4 was because you can’t change the transition. (Or maybe I just don’t know how lol.) Anyway I really recommend this app it’s great and free!! It’s also lots of fun to use and easy! This would be a great thing to make with your friends! (When you’re out of quarantine that is.) Overall I definitely recommend this amazing app!
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3 years ago, krnnnpk
Cannot do anything similar to slideshow on my iPhone
I was trying to find a program that would allow me to do a slideshow similar to what my iPhone does but will not let me share. I was hoping that this app would merge together pictures into collages rather than constantly going from one picture to the next picture. In order to fit the pictures in the music that I had chosen, I had to make them one second long and I was getting dizzy! Using the same music on my iPhone, the photos program automatically merged photos together into collages and it was beautiful. I wish so badly that I could export the one on my iPhone photos, but I don’t think I can do that.
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3 years ago, Tim_J65
Really nice app
I really enjoy using the app and happy I found it. It make some great videos and the fact you can personalize using your own songs is great. Also being able to manage the length and adjust the size of pictures is really helpful. One drawback is once the pictures are uploaded you can’t put them in the order you may want them in, so if not uploaded in that order you have to delete and reload the pictures in the order you may want.
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4 years ago, AYWDETROIT
❤️LOVE, LOVE... and LOVE❤️
🎉🎉Oh my gosh... I am about to loose my mind over excitement of this app. I have never found an app that has EXACTLY what I was looking for in a short period of time. Needed an app for a 2020’ Virtual HS Celebration... didn’t want my face on this one..(already did one)... that added photos of any sort, music, special effects... the whole “sha-bang!!” I downloaded over 30+ apps, looking and searching.... PERFECT FOR ME👍🏽😀!! WOW.... you all out did yourself on this one.... my talents and love for creativity is shining away!! Thanks bunches!!
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4 months ago, SMSuor
Just getting started. Love it. Having trouble deleting images.. I tap on the pic and then the cut icon but it doesn’t remove the image. Played with this today. Not quite sure how to get the music to play. Just finished my fourth video! I’m recovering from surgery and finding, learning and creating with this app has been a Godsend. Still poking around and figuring things out. Friends and family love the videos❤️
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4 months ago, Destiny (Oahu)
Awesome app for saving memories
I love using this app to create slideshows of our best pics and videos, with favorite songs, everytime family or friends visit us in Hawaii. Our guests always appreciate the slideshows so much. The only thing I can find that I don’t love, is how when I go to select my media, it scrambles the order of my albums…. And there’s no option to sort. But it’s a minor set back for all the positives!
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2 years ago, rhaya papaya
WOW AWSOME app I Recommend
This app is awesome for slide showing I made lots of cool videos with it I made fun events and camping videos and there’s music and you can put it together I wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff without this app this app is great and awesome I totally recommend it to all of the people out there who want to make super cool videos to show their parents I absolutely love it!!!!!!! Love your cool friend -strawberry the 🦙llama 🍓
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2 years ago, Skittles@90
Won’t Stop Repeating
I was really enjoying this app. The simplicity of it is just what I need for the level of slideshows that I create. The problem started when I added my own music. Once it gets to the end of my slideshow, it starts over and it repeats the slideshow even after I’ve downloaded it. Another drawback is that when I add my music, I can only add it at the beginning. There are no options as to where you can cue your music and you cannot fade it out to end it either. Again, it’s still a bad app…
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4 years ago, hopefloats68
Needed a free app to do a slideshow for a friend who died
I tried several apps and only found ones that required credit cards. Then I found this one and I was able to do a slideshow and add music. I had a friend that was killed in a car accident by texting and driving and this let me make a beautiful slideshow for her. I enjoyed using it. I just wish I could figure out how to end the slideshow after the photos I used.
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2 years ago, Radiant_Energy
I created a video of my students from snapshots taken during a prior class period. It took just a few moments to make, with nice transition effects and energetic background music. Seeing it pop up in the middle of a PowerPoint lecture a few weeks later in the term, the class broke up laughing, and I had their attention for the rest of the period. Lots of fun, easy to use.
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2 months ago, annelenox
Perfect for teacher
This is exactly what I wanted to make an end of year slideshow for my students. I made it on my phone and uploaded it to a google drive to play on our interactive white board. It was very fast and easy. I used zero features or editing tools. I uploaded my pictures and selected the music and it was done. Such a time saver!
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4 months ago, Melbegel
Great App except how do I add more music?
Love this app but can’t figure out how to upload another song. I have one song I was able to upload without a problem. It’s from my music library on my iPhone but I can’t upload any others even though they are all in my library. It’s very frustrating. I tried force closing both music app and the slideshow app but no such luck. Please advise!!
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6 months ago, FlVanillaBean81
Easy to use
User friendly. I love that I can add my own music and customize the slideshow. The only feature I wish it had that the old program I used on the computer had was you could select a specific face for each photo that it would center around so as to make sure it didn’t accidentally crop the featured person from the frame during transitions.
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2 weeks ago, Tampa on the Road
Finally, a slideshow creator that is easy to use!!
I’ve spent half of today trying to figure out how to make a slideshow that can be shared for a friend’s birthday. I spent a while in iPhone photos but looks like those slideshows can not be shared which is insane. This is about the 6th app I’ve tried and the first one that worked for me!! Thank you!!
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5 months ago, KKS Reviews
Simple and effective
If you don’t want to overthink it but you want some control over filters, effects and transitions, this app is a perfect fit. I’ve made a few wedding and celebration of life videos and they came out great. Otherwise I use the Photos slideshow feature but that’s much more time consuming and frustrating. So if works for your project it’s brilliant. And fast. I subscribed a few months ago and have been very pleased with the updates. It’s getting easier and smoother. Not more complicated. More templates would be great but not a trillion user created … that’s already elsewhere and getting obnoxious. Forrest v trees. Keep it up!
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12 months ago, Donna Holland
Wedding Slideshow with Music
Excellent app, easy to use for developing slideshow of our wedding celebration. This unique app allows a large number of photos to be used, up to 100! Our professional photographer had over 380 photos of our wedding, very grateful for enough slideshow space to showcase everyone. My music beautifully aligned with slideshow. Best app to purchase.
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2 months ago, Dbsaintgeo
THANK YOU! For making it EASY!!
I have been working for 4+ hours today trying to make a slideshow to honor my beautiful daughter we lost to 11 years ago today. Needless to say this is not my first slideshow definitely not my first rodeo. I was able to do it on yours less than 20 minutes. Do you have a loyal customer in me!!!!
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3 years ago, Blackgirlredlips
Good so far, a few suggestions
I just downloaded this app like 20 minutes ago. I purchased the annual subscription for $8. Overall the app is very simple and easy to use. I like that you can choose pictures and videos and that you can choose quite a bit of content. Suggestions would be: • Add ability to reorder or change photos from the edit screen • Or be able to swap photos at all • I know you will need licensing for this and it would probably increase the cost of the app, but it would be awesome if we could choose commercial music versus the stock music you currently offer (as far as stock music goes you have good offerings) I’ll come back to update after I’ve been using it for a while longer.
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2 years ago, Kayla LC M
Thank you!
I tried really hard to create the perfect slideshow that incorporated everything I needed (videos, music, etc.) I tried about 6 different apps and ran into so many problems until I found this app that gave me no problems whatsoever and my slideshow video turned out absolutely perfect.
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4 years ago, todoroki 😌
App review? Idk 😂
I like this app a lot.. you can put a giant amount of pictures in at a time for a slide show... and that comes in handy when your making gacha videos 😂... the only thing I would add is more choices for music.. yes there are a lot of choices.. but it’s pretty hard to find one that fits with the story I’m making.... I still rated this 5 stars 👌
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1 week ago, M60CATM
Love this app!!!
It’s comparable to the old flipogram . You can put in your own photos or videos you can use their music or add your own. It’s just fun to toy with and it’s inexpensive all things considered. Hoping they do not raise the price. As a grandmother, I love to make videos of my grandchildren, starting with day one till they grown.
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5 months ago, RW: Garden Queen
Works great! It makes a lovely slideshow out of my photos. The free app is a bit annoying because of all of the commercials and interruptions. Since I use it a lot, I just purchased the one year subscription which amounts to just slightly more than a dollar a month. Worth it!
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2 months ago, speediereedie
Straightforward Easy to Use
I wanted to create a tribute slideshow for my dog who recently passed away, I tried several apps and found this one by far the most user friendly. It was very easy to create a slideshow and add music and adjust the duration. Highly recommend. No gimmicks attached either
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2 years ago, Marie114
Easy Process
This app has been the easiest app to use for me to edit the videos/photos. Other than adding the music from my library I downloaded a song and tried to add it but it wouldn’t let me. It said it wasn’t found. But still give it a 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Fe-Nom
Love this app
For one who is somewhat technically challenged this app was very easy to use. I had fun experimenting and playing with the different selections that they offer and it was easy to select my own photos, videos and music. I will be using this quite often for all of my websites
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4 years ago, Caitiicait
Best I’ve found
I’ve downloaded many slideshow apps and all you have to pay to upload more than 5 photos. I added over 100 photos on this app and used my own song from iTunes and it turned out wonderful! Easy to use with great options on editing! Very impressed! Thank you!
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4 years ago, cghmhgcjfhcjthckktyctckuyjcf
I finally found a awesome app
I have had lots of these type of games and I never really liked them but I love this one it is one of the best apps no adds really not to slow when loading the video and they have good music choices for once I have a game and I have no complaints. so get the slide show app it’s awesome!!!!
Show more
3 weeks ago, BDennis838
Nice and easy
Just get your pictures/scans in a row and choose a presentation format. Easy to add music from your own collection, or use the apps choice. Sometimes I go back and adjust individual photo cropping for better presentation interaction with the app template.
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1 year ago, SaraBLane
Easy to make quick videos
I’ve been making lots of videos for every event that I attend. With so many photos on my phone, it’s so easy to quickly select the photos then add the music. Then I share with my friends. Very easy and lots of fun.
Show more
1 year ago, Sam1995Trav
Easy to use to make quick slide shows
Doesn’t try to upsell you in order to use it. You have the option for more features if you choose, but still usable without spending money. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Thoughtfulman
Such an easy to use and affordable app
Very easy to use. You can arrange the order you want your pics but you must adjust videos to the length you want them in your photos before starting the project. No biggie. Great app and very affordable for just 7.99 a yr.
Show more
5 months ago, Hannah1333
The reason I put four stars was because you have to pay for some things but another then that it’s great!There’s no ads or glitches for the most part and you don’t have to pay for most of the stuff. I think it’s really cool to be able to create a slide show with MUSIC!
Show more
7 months ago, PAK2017
Omg! I love this App!
I have been looking all day for a good app. I have downloaded two apps and they sucked. This was super easy to use and manage and got my baby girl who passed away, video done smoothly. I am so satisfied how it turned out! I will continue to use this app!! I love it
Show more
3 weeks ago, Bananaramajanna
Very easy to use
Really liked this app, made a slide show very quickly and could even add my own music! The only thing I don’t love is there is no great way to have pictures not cut off if you use landscape and portrait photos
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4 months ago, Battlemaster21
Very easy to use
I thought this app was very user friendly. Was able to use my photos, videos and music to create and modify my slideshow. Customer service was really responsive when I did have a question.
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